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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  February 22, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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captions provided by: real-time closos captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. live local ten news starts right now. anger and anguish over the shooting death of a six-year old boy -- killed while playi outside his home. the boy's loved ones remembeber his life and call for change. a $25,000 reward is bng offered in the case. >> the child's mother pleading
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afraid to come forward. >>reporter: that case is in the kands of investigators. they cannot do it alone. they need the public's help in what is being called "a crisis." urban rrorism, they say. a march, shortened distance, but packed with symbolism in a neighborhood tired of violence. >> (unintelligible) a six-year old? a community didn't see anything? in broad open daylight? >>reporter: in this very same spot he died exactly 24 hours later, the family of king carterer let it out. >> i ran out the house. i ran everywhere around. i had to find my son in the corner with his eyes open. >>reporter: a aer and outrage that a six-year old boy was gunned down at his apartment complex. the little boy only in first grade, already a lover
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>> really shocked. very upset. the teachers are upset. >> dennis phillips brought his seven-year old son, one of many young kids in the crowd. >> we know somebody saw something. we know. >> our childn must be abling to play in the parking lot and the backyards. this has got to stop, for god's sake. >> 60 over 12 months. >>reporter: staggering figures from the school@ superintendent. more than0 kids shot, 24 killed in the last 12 months. >> last saturday we lost a 15-year old. that sunday we lost a 16-year old. >>reporter: luther campbell said someone was the target and someone knows the triggerman.
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these flyers. the reward is up to $25,000. they're asking for anybody that knows someoeo to come forward. if you know anything, call miami-dade crime stoppers at this number. live tonight, local ten news. also at 11:00, signs of strain from a woman who police say was beat, stabbed and left for dead. all of it at the hands of her roommate, who she just met on craig's list. michael? >>reporter: what happened to this young lady is absolutely horrific. her attacker tried to cut off her lips and eyelids. when she arrived, no one could recognize her. her mother is sharing this piece of video. they say it shows -- >> >>reporter: she is starting to show signs of improvement.
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>>reporter: the 23-year old is opening her eyes, even blinking while her mort whisperers and waits for her daughter to respond. >> i thinkhe's uncomfortable. she starts to move her hand. >>reporter: d diel's family shared this photo of her loved one --. that't' how they describe her. it was her kindness that led to her becoming the victim in this chilling and stunning crime. that roommama is this man, 35-year old byron mitchell. mitchell had been living with daniel only a ek, even sippepe wine with her on her birthday. on lentine's day, he snapped. >> not only did he admit in the original police report to banging her head gaevens the floor and choking r, but (unintelligible) >>reporter: now he's charged with attempted murder. in fact, he made t 911 call for
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attaed by daniel and killed her in self-defense inside their downtown miami department. >> self-defense would be a black eye and broken nose. >>reporter: doctors be@ieve she may have serious brain damage. family and friends are staying positive, raising money and awareness, hopeful she'll survive. >> maybe it can help the next person. (unintelligible) >>reporter: tonight police calling this an on-going investigation. as far as that gofundme page, we put a link on our page. life in miami, local ten news. police in michigan have their suspect tonight, but no motive in saturday's shooting spree that left six people dead. a teenage girl remains in criticall condition. the man in custody has no criminal record and apparently didn't
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know he was an uber drive a a was on the job hours before his rampage. >> (singing) amazing grac >>reporter: a community in mourning, offering prayers not only for the victims, but also the alleged gunman now in jail. >> very relieved that we have someone in custody. >>reporter: the shooting spree started after five: 40 saturday evening. the first, a parking lot where a womanalking to her car was shot several times. the second four hours later at a car dealership. a father and son killed. the third outside a cracker barrel restaurant where fou^ people were killed in their cars, slding mar joe -- a retired teacher. >> we have no reason to believe there was more than one person involved in any of these incidents. >>reporter: the driver taken in to custody hours after the final shooting. he said he was one of his customers saturday
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frightening he called 911. >> he was driving through the lawn,, speeding along and finally once he came to a stop i jumped out of the car and ran away. >porter: in a statement the company said "our hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this devastating crime. it's a crime not just heartbreaking, but bafling for police and dalton's neighbors." >> it was veryunexpected. he's a quiet guy. never really had any problems. >>reporter: uber said the 45-year old passed a background check d he has no criminal history. he could be in court as early as tomorrow. a water rescue caught on camera. a video posted shows the crew pulling a woman out of the water. seconds later, a man is seen making it on to a boat. the pair is first--time boaters.
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slammed in to a metal sewer pipe placed on a median. the impact was strong enough that the car split in half. all of this happened -- the driver has been identified as 21-year old mqchael -- a stressful save at sea. surfers struggling to stay afloat when something goes wrong on the water. the race to rescue them is caught on camera. a home is blown to bits. what may have been behind this. i sit down with new marlin's manager for a one-on-one interview that is later on sports sunday. we're out on the boat for a day of diving for lobsters, but i'm not going in the water. she is.
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don't want to miss. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works the comes over and asks
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and he was s shappy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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a rare bird was rescued today. the miami-dade fire rescue pulled the bird from a tree, tangled in a fishing line. that bird is classified as a threatened species. it is recovering at in miami. it is going to be just fine. fishing, diving, snorkeling and swimming are a few things we get to enjoy because we live in south florida. what about your petaking part in all that fun? >> we found a few dogs that do. check them out. you have to see these bster-loving lab rodoors that probably put your human skills to shame. >>reporter: he is ready for a day on the water with his dogs. >> they absolutely love it. they're constantly on the boat. they are ready to go. >>rerter: while cruising out
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obvious who is boss on this boat. >> she(s just looking. she's ready to dive. she's looking for any contrast and anything in the water. >>reporter: she's the alph a. just a desire to dive. as the anchor -- these pickups are panting. >> watch out for me. >>reporter: and itching to do much more than doggy patdz. >> hold. hold. mark. >>reporter: in she goes, diving to@ a depth of 15 feet to retrieve her toy. ait a second. let's see that again. this time with the dorgy cam strapped to her back. this is just the warm 46 up round, playing a little underwater fetch. cht to see what this
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>> you're seeing a dog dive down deep, grab a lobster and bring it back to the boat. >> it took me two years to train h h fully. the hardest part was to train them t t use their back legs and get their momentum to go down. >>reporter: now they are proing at picking up critterssff the ocean floor. >> she knows to holdd her breath, dive down and go for it and brings the dinner home. that's how it goes. >>repopoer: as she shakes off a few laps, big brothermaverick, the shock lat lab, is right on her tail. >> maverick, heal. hold. hold. mark. >>reporter: a little sibling rivalry keeps these pickups on their paws. the labrador breed is well known as water dogs. these six-years old are no different. they live to work. whether it's duck hunting or
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>> you guys are making my dogs look bad. that's for sure. >>reporter: this isn't all just fun. in fact, these two are mascots for ocean conservation. >> this is our sea turtle rehabilitation facility. >>reporter: alex built a business named "devotion." as in devotion tohe ocean. that's saving these sea turtles. >> we donate 20 percent of our profits to the conservation program. >>reporter: thousands upon thousands of projected and endangered sea turtles are rescued, rehabbed and released back to our local waters. while watching dogs dive for lobsters is quite the impressive pet trick, the next time you take your own dive in our ocean, the real treat will be to seize the sea turtles that maverick helped swim their
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advocate for local ten news. >> if you're interested in training your dog to dive like that or want to find out more, weweave the links posted for you at >> talk about putting every single o o of our dogs to shame. i can't get my dog to jump on the couch, let alone swimming. >> i think the battle we have given our two rug rats baths, let alone swim down and bri me a lobster. >> one loves water and the other onedoesn't. one is really obedient and one is not. >> i thi the difficulty i've had trying to go getting my own lobster. those dogs me it look so easy. one thing is looking good is the forecast. 73 right now as we look live at the towercam. on the radar we ate tracking a few showers. we've got an easterly bree that's been on shore throughout the day. we picked up a few
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hour or so. the concentration has been along the overseas highway. you can see they are passing in to the florida bay. a little bit of wet weather in the past hour for the florida keys. the clcud cover is still an issue. we have a low-level deck that has been pushing in all day long. we did see breaks in that this afternoon. today was more sunny than what we saw on saturday. tomorrow we'll be fighting the same battle. lighter in right now outside the coolest spot is kindal at 70. ft. lauderdale and miaia you're at 73. key west, 71. later on tonight just a few more degrees. we'll fall in the midkeys. we'll w we up in the
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parts of dad. tonight we've got coldld rain from new york all the way through washington. you can see the cloud lining back towards dallas and houston. over the n nt couple of days we'll watch several areas of low pressure develop and eventually there will be enough shift to allow a cold front to slide through our neck of the woods. that should happen wednesday night in to thursday. for tomorrow, what we're really watching is this on-shore flow. your morning commuteooks good. it's dry. tomorrow afternoon a scattered shower or two. you see clouds more out of the southeast. by tuesday morning out of the south. by tuesday afternoon a 40 pereent chance to see wet weather across south florida. that r in chance shoots up wednesday night in to thursday. tuesday an increased chance of rain. look at these afternoon highs. 83 bywednesday. it will be warm across south florida. when that front comes
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changes. ahead of it,@ breezy and warmo wednesday. there comes the nice weather. after showers and possible thunderstorms on thursday we'll be back to nice weather. julie will be back tomorrow morning at 4:30. trouble on the campaign trail. this time the donald and hisp supporters were left in the dark. monday morning at 6:00... icloud dilemma. >> it struck me as a service that would project -- >> is your information in danger of disappearing. >> i received nothing short of a run around. monday at 6:00 a.m. on local ten news. if you're traveling up the dolphin expressway westbound thth exit ramp 72nd will be closed. delays in place until 5:00 a.m. you can get your
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right here on local ten. "scorsese finally wins." "could you double check the envelope?" "best actress, 1984." "and i can't deny the fact that you le me." "life is like a box of chocolates." "you never know what you're gonna get."
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"xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of oscar moments, simply by using your voice. live oscar sunday, february 28th on abc." a day at sea for surfers in washington state ending with a call for help this. is video of the coast guard hoisting three people to safety. officials say the two women were surfing off the coast of seattle when they encountered rough waters. a good samaritan rushed in to help, but he was pulled away by the current. all were taken from the hospital but are expected to make a full recovery. to oklahoma city, w wre a home was blown to bits. the house was under construction in a new development when it exploded. it damaged five surrounding homes. the culprit? natural gas likely caused by atolen oven ripped out of the water. >> as it pulledway from the
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piping that comom in to the appliance and basically fills the house up with gas. >> amazingly no one was hurt. the damage is estimated at $650,000. to vote 2015. republican presidentialopeful donald trump is used to be being in the spotlight. a snafu left a frontrunner in the dark, literally. >> they were probably sent here so we put them in our jails. to put them in our jails they didn't pay the electric bill. i like that much better. >> trump went on to lead supporters in a chant to leave the lights off after organizers com mri ply com mried. south florida's congressional delegion will
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on monday. they are endorsing marco rub i don't. the congresswoman is switching her support from jeb bush, who suspended his campaign on saturday. ted cruz had choice words for him after finishing behind him in the primary. >> you weren't able to win in iowa. you weren't able to win in new hampshire or south carolina. when can you win a state? the answer he gave is well, i think we could win florida on march 15th. >> onhe democratic side, hillary clinton made a campaign stop in texas. it would give her thehe largest share of delegates tuesday. clinton has a double-digit lead over sanders. as for -- we spent sunday in south carolina. the democrats spoke in greenville to a crowd of 5,000 s sporters. sanders is hoping to squeeze out a win in the state. olls show a tight race. as we move on to sports, we haven't seen dwyane wade --
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now local ten sports. >> the miami heat return to action tomorrow to host the
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back for the showdown? he hasn't played because of a sore left knee. the heat have won both games without him. he is listed as "questionable" for tomorrow night's ame. he showed there was nothing structurally wrong with his knee. magic make a late run. remember him? a little bit too late for that. 105-102. pacers have won two in a row as they ce to town for the visit against the heat. the baseball team was looking for a sep today. two-run single. canes up two-nothing. the runner gets thrown out at third. miami on top. delivers another rbi
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get that sweep. the starting pitcher gets a win. happy birthday danny, on his 22nd birthday. the women's basketbalal team hosting. this would go in to overtime. gets it in. canes take it 67-56 the final. this should give rest and celebration. let's celebrate some more. another major milestone. scored twice in the game in the win. giving him 742 career goals. celebte that. t third off-time. >> you know when i get the birthday cake for 44 birthday, you get the wish and i said, i wish i gonna be -- maybe i gonna catch him. you know? (laughter)


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