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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> constance: right now at noon plice going back to school after one of their classmates were shot and killed over weekend. the community is coming together calling for an end to the senseless violence. 6-year-old king carter was `killed in a drive-by shooting in northwest miami-dade on saturday. >> kristi: a first-grader at blanton elementary school and erica rakow is live oside the
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a sad day, erica. >> he was a nice kid and se got time. >> reporter:0 remembering in his first grade class, they remember king carter. today won't be a normal day of learning how to count or write, but learning at the ripe age of 6 how to grieve. parent and teachers leaning on each other to stay strong for the boys and girls my niece when she heard about it broke down and started crying because that was her friend. >> he had a smile as wide as a king would have and his name was fitting for his personalitywas fitting for his personality. and that smile and that face will sorely be missed. >> he greeted the principal every single dada he greeted his teacher with a question. why are you always smilinin. why do you wear a jacket. it is hot outside. do off boyfriend. he won't be asking those questions anymore. >> reporter: superinteent
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students back to school where the memorial the spot he was killed one block from blanton elementary. >> we should not make coffins this small. >> reporter: two people open fired and a third drove had him away. king carter was playing outside his apartment when a stray bullet hit him. >> reporter: are you afraid playing outside knowing that a bullet hit him? >> yes. >> reporter: there are counselors inside hoping children cope and grieve a this is how, he is asking them to express themselves through drawing, for making cards for this little boy's family. early this morning we watched these little kids drop their flags put at half-mast. the shooting happened a block fromomhere and she used to watch king carter run home from school with her dad every single day. community leaders, a rabbi,
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increased the reward for anybody that can lead to an arrest and whoever is ressnsible for the little boy's death. now at least $26,000 and urging their congregations to offer up more. if you know absolutely a athing that can help police with this case, give cimz a call. you can remain anonymous. 35-471-tips. live in northwest miami-dade, erika rakow, local 10 news. >> kristi: hope somebody steps forward, thank you, erika. a is dead and d happened right before midnight between sterling and griffininoad and shut down traffic for hours. ben kennedy is live in miami beach where the driver is from. i understand u have new information of why this may have happened, ben? >> reporter: kristi, you are right. we have been reading a lot of facebook posts, that driver who was killed lived right here in miami beach. we saw family and friends in grief after osegrief after losing a loved one. the turnpike was shut down for several hours..
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as troopers continue to investigate.& a 26-year-old driver was killed after he went the wrong way on the turnpike and hit a semi truck head on. >> just sounded really shocked that she was driving into the flrida turnpike and just saw car coming to them. >> reporter: troopers say tzvi ference drove his honda north in the southbound lanes of the turnpike and collided near the exit. >> significant impact and the tractor-ailer knocked him into the guardrail. >> reporter: ference died on scene. two people inside the tractor-trailer did not get hurt. neighbors confirm this is ference's facebook page where posts talk about depression and suicide. as loved ones grieve outside his home, detectives investigate what led up to the fatal crash. >> number one is pay attention and make sure yyou are wearing your seat belt at all times. too early to determine what the
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>> reporter: still not clear where the car got on the wrong side othe road. troopers say that part is still under investigation. reporting liveve on miami beach, ben kennedy, local 10 news >> constance: thank you so much. the search is on foa driver after a hit-and-run crash in northwest miami-dada. a 15-yeaeaold was hit by a car while he s crossing street. local 10's layron livingston is live at jackson memorial hospital where that teen is bei treated right now. layron. >> reporter: that right. we were able to speak with police officers and the& 16-year-old is in critical condition with severe head trauma and undergoing head trauma as wte speak and they are trying to look for the car that hit him. sky 10 above this scene on northwest 79th street and northwest 22nd avenue. officers said this happened around 6:30 this morning around 6:30 this morning. a witness reported seeing this 16-year-old step out into the crosswalk into the driver that hit him.
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ground as police questioned a witness, the victim's shoes, ball pack and backpack and the driver who hit had teenager was heading south on northwest 22ndheading south on northwest 22nd, had the green light but kept on driving after hitting this man. >> if they had remained on the scene they would not have been at fault for the crash. they had the green light, they had the right-of-way, unfortunately once ey leave the scene, it becomes more difficult for ththem as far as what punishment there is. >> reporter: just some information for you, miami-dade police are looking for a ercedes, silver in color based on the paint they found and the emblem they picked up from the they are asking anyone with information to call crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. and detectives say that car will likely have damage to the front end, the hood, possibly even the windshield because they say this young man landed on top of this car, and they says there no way that this driver did not know or realize they had hit someone.
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his youngerbrother. they had just got off of one bus trying to oss the street to get on to another bus on their way to school. thankfully the young brother was not hurt and the family not having to deal with a horrible fatality or tragedy involving both of these men. (anything further we will let you know on local 10 and layron livingston. atm ambush not going as planned for one suspected robber caught on camera. plantation police say a man pulled a gun off at a woman on a drive-thru atm at a bank of america back on december 22. he ordered the woman to hand over $300. the victim intentionally tied to withdraw $800 knowing that her carwas declined. during that time another person off. new information of wan arrested after a crash that happened in the trendy los olas boulevard.
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counts of dui chargesfter reportedly hitting five people on the ft. lauderdale sidewalk earlier mo month. two brothers were among the victims in that crash. christian sebastian. they suffered a number of bruises as you see right thedre, fractured bones and injuries to their ribs. she was arrested at the scene and later bonded out of jail that day. now o@n to vote 2016, the latest for the campaign trail. ted cruz is rallying support in nevada ahead of tomorrow's republican caucus there. marco rubio is there as well. he is picking up another endorsement this time from actor and singer donnie wahlberg. he is expected to have the congressional delegation back him up as well dla cochlea us will eleana ross-lehiten. and donald trump dominates in the polls despite trouble during an event last sight in they were probably sent here to put them in our jails, because
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they didn't pay the electric bill. oh, i like that much better. >> trump's camp later said that a protesters was behind that misha the clinton campaign has a familiar voice. >> stand against the president of those who would undo his achievement just like she has always stood with us, hillary clinton. >> kristi: that ad is narrated by the award-winning actor morgan freeman. focuses on clinton's effort to help african-american. the second ad to be narrated by the actor. person accused of killing six people in kalamazoosix people in kalamazoo, michigan. jason dalton was arrested after that shooting spree. he is an uber driver and police say he picked up passengers in between the murders. >> r rorter: six people dead, two others injured. one suspect icustody.
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>> reporter: according to police, the mayhem in michigan started shortly before 6:00 saturday evenini in this residential complex. a woman was shot several times. ss survived. about four hours later, in this car dealership parking lot, a father and son were kiled. minutes later outside of this cracker barrel restaurt, five people were shot. four of them died including retired tcher mary know nigh. these v ctims apparently selected at random. >> this is your worst nightmare>> this is your worst nightmare. >> reporter: hours later the suspect uber driver jason dalton was taken into custody without incident. police are looking into reports that dalton was working between shootingsn man who asked to remain anonymous said he was one of dalton's customers before the rampage. >> i halfheartedly joked at him and said you are not the shooter are you? he said no. i said are you sure. he said no, i a am just really tired. >> reporter: matt melon rode with him just an hour before
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>> driving through medians. driving throughout lawn. speeding along. d finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> there was nothing in his background to indicate that he was a problem. >> constance: while the mystery hind the motive remains unsolved, police are holding ou hope for the youngest victim. the 14-year-old girl. she was initially believed to be brain dead but gave doctors two thumbs up if they asked her if she could hear them. after losing a last-minute appeal bill cosby's wife will give her deposition in defamation suit against him. women claimed 50 women in all this have made similar allegations against him. cosby is facing separate criminal charges in pennsylvania. the remaining eight supreme court justices are back to work today for the ffirst time after the death of justice antonin
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his empty chair is draped in black and will stay that way until next month. luchler about liquidate luchler ababt liquidator stock is plunging after people exposed to certain types of a company flooring were three times more likely to get ccer than the agency previously predicted. a class action lawsuit against lumber liquidators last year. a check of the stock market because we are talking aboutbecause we are talk stocks. dow up 208 to 16600. nasdaq up to 14400. snp 500 but 23 points. a woman is fighting for her life today as police say she was attacked by a roommate she met on craigslist. >> constance: the signs of strength from the victim after this brutal attack. that is up next at noon. new at noon, a pizza delivery driver targeted by thieves and caught on camera. what they stole from him when he was making his delivery. south florida, get ready for it.
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spring before we start to feel like wintete check out the overnight lows. we are talk can low 70s by wednesday as a cold front moves in dropping our temperatures back down to the 60s. overnight lows by friday and saturday morng. a lot to talk about in the forecast. i got it coming up after the break. and today at 6:00, a virtual neighborho watch. >> more and more people are using the internet, smartphonesusing the internet, smartphones. >> local police are taking social networkibg to a new level. >> connect people who serve in
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>> janine stanwood on how tott2watu# s4 bt@qop< tt2watu# s4 "a@q_\x tt2watu# s4 bm@qtwt tt4watu# s4 " dztq 0 t tt4watu# s4 " entq @$4 tt4watu# s4 " gzt& y#l tt4watu# s4 " hnt& i- tt4watu# s4 " iztq #dx 4watu# s4 " jntq 148 tt4watu# s4 " lzt& )yd caught on camera in broward county, a man attempting to steal cash from a car dealership. you can see a man walking through an unlocked door at benji's auto sales on state road 27 on january 30 and started searching each office there. he then gets interrupted by an for work. the employee then escorts him right out. so caught on camera, two men who allegedly stole a pizza delivery car. the men drove off in a silver four-door nissan gse where a woman who was deliveringpizza at a time at a y's inn was out of the car on new year's of this guy. if you know anything about this
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crimestoppers at 493-tips. new video in of a man attackingis roommate, a person he met on craigslist. brian mitchell was in court charged with attempted mubd. meanwhile the victim is recovering in the hospital after beaten and stabbed and left in a coma over the weekendleft in a coma over the weekend. she did show signs of strength moving around a bit and opening her eyes. >> kristi: the first signs of danielle jones' progress was sese by her mother by her side. >> hey, tammy. hey. >> kristi: police say thahat mitchell only lived with her for one week when the attack happened. the 35-year-old called 911 and said heilled danielle and in all self-defense. >> not only did he admit in the police report of banging her head against the floor and choking her, but the mutilation
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mo of a serial killer. >> kristi: if jones does survive she could be left with serious brain cancer. a woman behind bars after leaving her little girl home alone while her miami home went up in flames. erika was in the hallway of thee versailles apartment complex when a neighbor w smoke coming from the front door. luckily the child was rescued and is going to be okay. rasele was p on $175,000 bond yesterday. a man convicted of killing his best friend inside a middle school bathroom is now headed back to court in less than two hours. the resentencing hearing for michael hernandez will continue today, and the judge is expected to make a decision very soon. now hernandez received a mandatory life sentence for kikiing jamie goff inside a bathroom. the new sentencing hearing was mandated after the supreme court said that juveniles cannot receive juvenile --
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video out of fiji this afternoon showing some of the damage left behind by a deadly cyclone that hit there. in fact 18 people are believed dead. the islands are under a state of epergency. what a mess. the islands have no power and 6,000 people are in shelters following the cyclone called winston. flames are up to 177flames are up to 17 7 miles per hour were recorded making it the very strongest storm ever hit the southern hemisphere. >> constance: wow, that was quite a mess. this weekend was absolutely gorgeous for anybody enjoying tt weather. not t to hot, but hot enough to wear shorts. >> julie: indeed d nd that breeze too that really made it feel very coortable. today the breeze is moving in from a different direction, ladies and you will notice it as you head out the door. feels mugg_ and kind of uncomfortable what we felt over the weekend. a live look outside. a lot of blue skies greeting you. check it out a temperature of 78 degrees in miami.
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an east-southeast breeze. and if you factor in the relative humidity to the air temperature, and it feels like 80 degrees out there. no joke. this is just the beginning of our warm-up throughout the afternoon. currently a temperature of 78. feels like 79 with a relative humidity of 50% in ft. lauuderdale. now down by the keys they have been blanketed with cloud cover, and some of those clouds haveeen producing precipitation and a chance of showers in the forecast a slight chance of the east breeze. otherwise, key west, 75 otherwise, key west, 75. feels like 75 with relative humidity at 76%. everybody is out today which i don't blame as the beach. flocking to the beach with all that sunshine. high risk of rip current for you beachgoers and a small-craft advisory for you boater. the atmosphere, mover and more as high pressure is continuing to push away from us. our low level to the east southeast providing for showers developing near west palm beach and showers near the middle and lower keys started early this
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persist. big pine key heavy to moderate rain. shallow or oo and we have been dry. concentrated shower and thunderstorm activity continue to settle across the south over the gulf coast states. here is what is going on, one area of low pressure throughout what la. that will continue to stream showers all the which throuou the carolinas from this front. alongsideehis secondary front over texas and new mexico another area of low prereure. hang with me. that secondary front is the that one wll increase our rain chances and bring us the responsibility of very strong storms going into wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening and thursday. for today, we are in the clear as you can see the severe weather threat is over southern texas. look at the tempmpatures. the contrast is incredible. the 30s behind this front. ahead of it the 70s and 60s. the clash of those two air massthe clash of those two air masses a i low for the lift in atmomohere triggers those showers and storms possible across the south. we will continue to watch the
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as it dives south, allow for the upper level winds to provide for very strong storms possible going into wednesday. that is wednesday. it is only monday. so today we can enjoy. tomorrow temperatures a bit warmer, and then come wednesday, we are expecting our temperatures to reach the mid-80s, close to records forthat -- before that cold front moves in and we are going to expect that possibility of strong to severe storms wednesday, later half of the day into the evening hours. keep it tuned to local 10. we will keep you posted. don't worry. thursday morning a shower or two and cooler and drier much more comfortable conditions but i would like to say more like wininr as we go into friday and saturday. check out the lows dipping down into the 50s. we w wl need the sweaters and jackets again, ladyjackets again, ladies. constance: thank you so much. look at this guy. look at him, julie. the panda having so much fun in the fresh snow. the toronto zoo posted this video. he woke up and got super excited to see the snow. in the video, th panda emerge
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the snowy hill. he liked it so much he did it again. he climbed up halfway to go down again. oh, my gosh. >> kristi: doesn't look real. he looks like a little stuffed animal. >> constance: he is so cute. the legal fight against apple and the fbi ovr the san bernandino shooter's phone heats up. >> constance: the new plea from the aebing and who is rallying in support of apple. hey, guys, celebrating all hey, guys, celebrating all-time favorite with the "chew"'s hall of fame. karla has challenge weekek with a easy meatloaf. over the top mac d cheese and i am cooking with my goodfriend anthony anderson today on "the chew." tonight at 11:00. >> a silentiller could be inside your body. >> people are afraid. >> kristi krueger puts some people under cardiac arrest. the warning signs that you need
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work har and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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i have an update on the sdmreebinga fearrs as cdc is starting to work on something called the case control study aimed at determining the actual effectsf the zika virus. the team is working with dozens of members of brazil's health ministry to figure fought the virudoes cause babies rather to be born with the birth defect microcephaly. they will determine if the moms had the mosquito-borne virus. in cuba raul castro is assigniing military personnel to keep zika out of that country. they will reinforce to spray neighborhoods for mosquitoes, as well as eliminate breeding spots. cuba has yet to report any case of zika. changing the rewards program. the coffee stain starbucks will
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spent, the dollars spent. the new program will isn't that right april. currently a person earns a sttar for each transaction and get a free item or food item after 12 stars. the leading cause of death between men and women. today's d. oz moment. how to prevent heart disease. >> hi, i am dr. oz. heart disease is more preventable than you think. it starts with knowing there numbers. first, blood pressure is less than 120/80. next, yo ldl cholesterol aka the bad enough shouould come in under 100. finally waist side. should be less than half your height. >> constance: don't miss the dr. oz show every weekday at 3:00 on local 10. today is your last chance to enter to win tickets to the south beach wine and food festival. we want to you go for free, so don't miss out. sign up for our contest on the cover photo of the wplg
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former miaia heat star ray allen is launching a organic fast foodrestaurant called growow and open in the 8200 block of south dixie highway. it will have dine in, carry out and drive-thru options along with affordable prices. it is in response to 9-year-old walker's struggle with tight 1, diabetes. a dream comes true for a woman 106 years old. >> kristi: wow, 106.
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tonight. then join laurie and calvin for local 10 news at 11:00. the fbi continues to battle apple to gain access to an iphone used by one of the s s bernandino shooters. we are told how both sides are weighing in on this legal fightweighing in on this legal fight. >> reporter: a new plea in the iphone battle pitting security against privacy, the fbi against apple. the fbi director writes, we don't want to break anyone's encryption or set a master key loose on the land. i hopefulful people will take the time to understand that.
12:34 pm
agency's demand and apple helped open the iphone belonghelped open the iphone belonging to syed farook. the shooter in san bernandino who along with his wife killed 14 people. the fbi says his phone may have critical additional clues in the investigation including whether others were invotved. we can't look the survivors in the eye or ourselves in the mirror if we don't follow this lead writes comey in a new blog post and press release. apples working to rally public opinion taking to the airwaves. >> no limit to what the government could require apple to do if -- if this appens. >> reporter: attorney ted olson, a former senior justice department official whose wife died in oneof the 9/11 attacks is helping apple fight the court order to open syed farookcourt order to open syed farook's phone.. it will put the privacy of all
12:35 pm
>> this is a pandora's box. we didn't give the terrorists a victory. >> reporter: so of the victims of san bernandino will support the fbi. they will soon file a legal brief with the court. abc news, washington. a judge is set too decide if a lawsuit against gun makers filed b by the familyfiled by the families of those killed in the sandy hook massacre can proceed. the 2014 lawsuit seeks damage from the companies involved making and selling the ar-15 rifle that the gunman used in the 2012 attack that left 20 children and six adults dead. sports reporter erin an draws is set to return to her case against marion hotels. the suit comes from a chase in 208 in which a man rigged hotel peep holes and filmed andrews changing her clothes.andrews accuses the hotel and others to allowim to book room next to hers and enable
12:36 pm
he ple guilty of federal stalking charges. andrews is seekin$75 million. a pom from connecticut is speaking out after a photo announcing her baby's birth was used in an online hoax. how the fake story led to brutal harassment for that mom. >> reporr: a photo showing the joyvt day your first child is born. a moment you will cherish forever, but this morning that very same photo createvery same photo creating a living nightmare for a mother carinna bennett. >> something that i kind of don't believe at always that it happened to me. >> reporter: the photo posted with an article on the milford mirror in january 2013 of bennett's son being thefirst son born in the new year at the milford hospital in connecticutmilford hospital in connecticut. the same photo resurfacing wednesday a very different story. the headline detroit woman gives birth to 14th child from 14 different fathers.
12:37 pm
bennett was tagged on facebook by a former co-worker. >> to be honest i t thought it was a joke. i laughed about it. >> reporter: the article tying bennnnt and her family's image to the fabricated story of a woman named anita sullivan. as the day wore on and the story spread, it began to take an emotion toll on bennett. >> i started getting more and more notifications on my facebook and people are startfacebook and people are starting to make comments about your person -- calling you uglyyour person -- calling you ugly, cacaing you fat. those were the comments that started to hurt me along and that's where i started to break down because comments from 30,000 people. >> reporter: according to experts, all photos o public sites at risk. how can you protect yourself? experts say mark your pages as private or watermark your photoprivate or watermark your photo. >> it wasn't watermarked or copyrighted anyone can grab the photo and do whatever they want with it. unfortunately the law has not
12:38 pm
>> kristi: that is awful. >> constance: happiest momnt and to be bared something horrendous. >> kristi: personal attacks. because you don't see somebody, you type something. >> constance: you and i post>> constance: you and i postings is all t time. >> kristi: questionable comments. >> constance: we do. >> kristi: it rolls right off our back. a couple tie tthe knot 30,000 feet up in the air. >> constance: why they said i do and why it was special for the bride's mother coming up.p. today at 6:00, a virtual neighborhood spspch more and more people are using the internet, smartphone. >> reporter: local police are taking social networking t@ a different level. >> people in the communities.
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get any large pizza up too5-toppings for just $9.99. online only. at thankfully no one was hurt after a bus caught fire on the highway in illinois. take a look at the video. the bus was fully unguilt ofed in flames by the time they
12:42 pm
passengers smelled rubber from the start of e trip in chicago and heard a loud pop. that is when the bus bursted into flames creating a 30-foot plume of sme. >> i heard the first boom, i was in the bathroom and i came out to a lot of smoke and i could hardly get off the bus because full of black smoke. as i got off to catch my breathas i got off to catch my breath, the bus blew up again and fire came from everywhere. >> constance: thank goodness that the driver and the passengers gotpassengers got off that bus in time. no word on the cause. a driver is expected to recover after he was rescued from a car thaburst into flames in tennessee. and one unlikely thing in the car didn't burn up in the fire. >> reporter: a jeep, completely up in flames on the ridgway exit ooff 385. >> going in the car. and said we got to get this man out the car. >> rorter: whichnesses say
12:43 pm
on 385 when he was sideswiped by another car pushing him down hillnd into this pole. moments later, flames can through the hood of the car. >> couldn't find anything but a gallon of water. i tried to wet him if the fire got inside the car wouldn't burn him as bad as kept him as moist as copossibly be. >> reporter: they tried to find a fire extinguisher but were unsuccessful. moments later a man ran over with a jack iron and oke through the window. >> past the seat belts. 3 3. >> and to have been completely trapped in the driver's seat because the steering wheel was pressed up against him and his chest. >> reporter: they dragged the man to safety and moments late, loud popping noises came from the car, a nose they say they won't forget. >> we need to get this man out of here. >> reportet: a noncritical condition, but a sight that brought tears to many that's
12:44 pm
comptely burned up vehicle sitting on the front seat. >> there is a god. if you don't believe, i don't know what to say. >> kristi: that would be so scary to see on the side of the road. wow, they really rushed in and saved his life. a seattle couple still on cloud nine after their wedding was pretty close to cloud nine. >> constance: the @wo loved birds tied the knot 35 feet in the air from an alaska airlines flight. the ceremony was planned to grant the bride's mother a wish who is fighting stage 4 cancer. >> she wanted to see where i was at because she wanted to comee see seattle and see our house here and kind of have a visual of what our life was up here and it really touched me. >> constance: by the time they landed they were overwhelmed to see that their story had been shared byhe plane's passenger everybody who saw her walk down the aisle. it went viral before they even knew it. great story.
12:45 pm
on court. >> constance: that's right. did youer that mama late to? what the woman told him to suck up during the game after the break. but frst, a look at your winning lottery numbers. local 10 news will be right back. and tonight at 11:00, a silent killer can be inside your body. >> people are afraid and they want to delay. >> reporter: local 10's kristi krueger puts some peoplple under cardiac arrest. >> it is an eye opening experience for me.
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you need to did you hear that? lebron james going up against kind of an unlikely foe right there. that woman says he should just suck it up. the fan sitting courtside of the oklahoma city thunder game yelled that out at lebron. the athlete didn't respond
12:49 pm
the video on instagram with a caption that said i guess she told me, hashtag, just suck it up, lebron. tonight an important game for thehe miami heat as well. they host in the battle for a playoff seating. and d. wade may still be on the sidelines. he has not played because of the all-star game. the heat has won both games and could be tough tonight. tip off at the american airlinetip off at the american airlines arena at 7:30. on the racetrack, denny ham on the racetrack, denny haml in celebratehaml in celebrating a big win after the closest finish in daytona 500 history. hamlin in that numbmb 11 car a late move trying to pass martle truex jrjr twoso close. the photos ended up deciding that wner and the first time toyota has won the great american race. a photo finish. well, this weekend, several movies tried to dethrone the box office champ.
12:50 pm
david daniel tells us if any came close. >> reporter: "hohoto be single" fell to fifth place earning $8fell to fifth place earning $8.2 million. the period horror film "the witch" in fourth with $8.7 million. the top new move is "risen." a man searching for the body of jesus dropped to third. "kung fu panda 3 conscious "second with $12 "second with $5 million. >> super hero landing. >> reporter: "dead pool" wwith $55 million for a ten-daay domestic total of $235 million. all right, let's take a live look outside from our ft. lauderdale tower cam. another gorgeous day here in south florida. keeping it at 78 degrees. looking great.
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after the was laid to rest over the weeken. a private funeral rale for "to kill a mockingbird" author. harper lee died friday at the age of 89. a life-long nascar fan was supposed to be the daytona 500 but instead he gave his tickets away after finding out he had lung cancer. >> ron found out just a few days before he won the tickets,
12:54 pm
the local news, a news crew actually decided to console him with a nice surprise. they got a nascar driver actually send him a special message. >> we are sorry you couldn't make it to the daytona 500. we appreciate you being a fan of ours. in the meantime, go beat this cancer and we will see you race time. >> constance: that was driver bradeslowski. one of his favorite, favorite racers. as you can imaginee he was thrilled. taylor swift is showing her support fofor kesha in her current legal battles against producer luke. she has donate $250,000 with any of her financial need. ajudge ruled to reject her from releasing her contract with the record producer. she sued him for allegations of rapingand drugging her a decade ago. kim kkardashian west has
12:55 pm
3-month-old son saint. the reality star posted this on her app and web site today. she said she did it in honor of her late father robert kardashihn and his birthday, of course, is today. 3 3. >> hey! how are you? >> fine. >> so nice to see you. >> oh -- want to say hi to michelle. >> oh! >> constance: i love this story. >> kristi: i jst want to see this video over and over again. it is grea >> constance: an elderly woman said you are never too old to e your dreams come true. s they 106 years old and got to meet her hero the obama family. >> kristi: the video posted online is already going viral. >> i thought i would never get in the white house. >> you are right here. >> i am happy. >> we are happy to have you.
12:56 pm
she stated dancing. virginia started dancing after meeting the obamas. this was all thanks to social media campaign. she actually launched herself more than a year ago. the wte house posted the video around 9:00 last night and as you might imagine, it already has 15 million views. >> constance: oh. good for her. >> jennifer: this weather will -- >> julie: this weather will make you start dancing and then sweating. that's how it is here in south florida. here is what you need to know. warmer, more humid conditions are out there thanks to an eastare out there thanks to an east-southeast breeze. it looks beautifulul you can't see it from this picture but you are going to feel it. 80 in miami. 79 in ft. lauderdale. 76 in key west. a high of 80 degrees. we could get to 81 by 2:00.. what do you do when it is warm and humid? you head to the beach. what a lot of people are doing. off that high risk of rip current for you beachgoers. winds out of@ the east-southeast 10 to 15 miles per hour.
12:57 pm
average with our temperatures andwe will continue to see a big change in the forecast through the middle part of theworkweek as rain chances do increase. a look at yourur monday forecast, ladies. let's get ouide. >> kristi: that does it for>> kristi: that does it for right now. thank you for watching "the chew" is next.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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give us a plan.
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deserve a standing ovation, thenen join us because we're about to induct our favorites into "the chew's" hall of fame. it's "chewer challenge week," and today i'm being puto the test. clinton is joined by one of our favorite viewers to create a fame-worthy cheesy creation. plus, michael's in the kitchen wi the hilarious anthony anderson and ty're stirring things up with a hearty soup that'll keep you warm all winter long. we're going for the gold right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, and welcome to "the chew." you know, we got something special going on today. we are dedicating the show to the people and the foothat make our show what it is. [ applause ] yes, my friends. we're using this hour to celebrate the dishes that make


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