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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 23, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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>> he brings his enthusiasm to las vegas for today's caucuses while hillary clinton sets her sights on super tuesday. the intensifying campaigns for all remaining candidates. security showdown. growing dispute over the san bernardino gunman's locked iphone. demands on apple and the emotional development today. consumer alert. sirius new cancer warnings bush administration flooring sold by lumber liquidators. the chemical that poses a major health risk. >> and later seeing double again and again. the identical sisters who have delivered two sets of twins themselves. oh, baby, what a family. it's tuesday, february 23rd. >> announcer: from abc nene, this is "world news now." >> something in the water in utah. good morning, erybody. it is tuesday. i'm kendis gibson. >> there's nothing in the w wer here. >> yes, exactly. >> i'm reena ninan. >> we'll get to t tt story later talking about the twins, of
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we'll get started with the front-runners on a roll. donald trump, hillary clinton, they'rexpected to sweep the next round of votes. >> and trump made a final pitch to thousands of supporters in s vegas last night before they had a caucus today. he bragged about his victories and lashed out at tid cruz for dirty tricks. >> and former president bill clinton hit the campaign trail for his wife in dallas telling voters hillary clinton can bring the country together. abc's ba zi kanani with the latest >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump are barreling toward next week's crucial super tuesday contest with solid wins. >> you better get out tomorrow. youot to vote, vote, vote. >> trump with a ring double digit victory in the south carolina victory. >> we're incredibly grateful to you because we're in this together.
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of the african-american vote. and heads into the south carolina primary with nearly a 30-point lead. >> donald trump takes a big lead into tuesday's gop negative caucuses. that leaves rubio and cruz to scrap for second place. >> it's every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> on monday cruz dismissed his communications director over a mistaken that rubio. >> bernie sanders now the clear underdog hoped to win over some of clinton's black supporters with some star power from hollywood's danny glover. >> don't you feel the burn? >> reporter: asked if he still has a chance for an upset, he was emphatic. >> the short three-letter answer is y-e-s. >> the latest polls show clinton and trump heading into their
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and nevada with double digit leads. reena, kendis? >> thank you so much. john kasich is apologizing for coming under fire for comments about women supporters. he told a crowd that earliern his career, women left their kitchens to campaign for them. hehe later said he was sorry to anyone who was offended and added hisis remarks were not intended to be offensive. megyn kelly is losting a republican campaign forum totorrow but one candidate will be noticeably missing. donald tru will not take part in the event. but fox executives insist it has nothing to do with his feud with kelly. they say trump had scheduling issues but is expected to appear at the cable network's debate next week. >> new developments in a showdown between apple and the fbi. a survey finds more than half of americans say apple should unlock that iphone but supporters will demonstrate at more than 40 applestores today.
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thomas. >> reporter: the families of those fatally shot and wounded in san bernardino are preparing to enter the legal fight to force apple to help the fbi open a killer's phone. >> this is a very emotional issue for the victims in this case. the pain is still very palpable. it is critical that they get this information. that they get these answers. >> reporter:he families weighing in as rallies in support of apple are planned across the n nion tomorrow, and the war of words escalates between apple's ceo and the fbi director. "we can't look the survivors in the eye, or ourselves in the mirror, if we don't follow this lead," fbi director james comey wrote. he added, "we don't want to break anyone's encryption or set a master key loose on the land." apple's ceo tim cooke in an e-mail to employees rejected the fbi's reasoning. he called on the fbi to "withdraw its demands," seek legislation in congress, and set up a special commission to sort through these difficult issues. cook writing, "at stake is the data security of hundreds of
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and setting a dangerous precedent that threatens everyone's civil liberties." >> thehe's no limit to what the government could require apple to do, if it succeeds this way. this is a pandora's box. >> reporter: but the fbi says it remains urgent to get inside that phone. the reason why? the fbi thinks there may be seven weeks of data leading up to the attacks on that phone, potentially photos, e-mails and text communications with the other kill ker, his wife. pierre thomom, abc news, washington. >> now to michigan where police say they still have no idea why a man shot eight people in kalamazoo this weekend killing six of them. investigatoror say jason ballotton admits he took people's lives but during h h arraignment yesterday, the uber driver said he would prefer 0 0 remain silent. hundreds of people attended another prayer judge jill overnight. many thought kalamazoo was insulated from mass shootings.
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anything can happen. in any community. every community deals wh the challenges of violence and the challenges of ignorance and the challenges of pain. >> the family of 45-year-old married father of two has issued a statement saying this type of violence has no place in our society. formula one of the victims had any known connection to dalton. >> camille cosby spent about two hours testifying under oath about the allegations facing her husband. the deposition took place at a ho tells the in springfield, maksachusetts. it's believed it's the first time she's answered questions about the allegations. >> the head coaches of 15 sport teams at the university of tennessee are holding a joint conference this morning. it is believed they would address allegations in a new federal lawsuit which say the school has created a hostile environment for women.
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against peyton manning who played quarterback at tennessee was cited in the lawsuit against the school. speb reports the accuser calle a sexual assault crisis center and the incident was cataloged as a sexual assault or abuse. manning was never a subject of a criminal -- >> it's a case you have perfect timing in the rescue of a northehe california girl. 10-year-old samantha white suddenly fell into this ten-foot hole you see right there while snowshoeing with her family in the sierer. a marin county search and rescue team happened to be hiking down the sameraining. they hoisted the terrified girl out before hypothermia could set in. >> we turn to the weather front. there's a strong system sweeping across the south.
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from texas to the gulf coast and could threaten millions in the east. here's is paul williams at accuweather. >> good morning to you, reena, kendis. an ugly storm is going to pose serious problems throughout the deep south for louisiana, mississippi,i, alabama, into georgia just shy of atlanta. we're talking about damaging winds between 65 to 70 or more miles per hour. damaging hail. we're looking for multiple opportunities for tornadoes. that same system by wnesday will shift towards the east coast from d.c. down to tampa. >> thank you so much. good news for chocolate lovers. eing chocolate regularly c improve brain function. rearchers found those hose eta chocolate, got to do it at least once a week. did better at mental skills than those who often eight it less that were they're thinking the flavonoids might be partially responsible for the boost.
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i take cocoa powderr and i sort of sprinkle it will on top when i want to. >> so you're saying that's why you're a genius. >> i will takeit. >> you see the good and the bad. >> there is no dad. >> there is no bad. wiltill me get to commercial break. >> now that we're feeling smart about eating chocolate, let's dumb things down a little bit some doughnuts. and beer. we had he jack. a couple of businekses in kentucky have team add up to create a new brew that he combines the two. >> attention fans after the simpsons, the beer is called mn doh. it's a creation of the against the grain brewery. did that work? >> that was good. >> he was coaching me through our meeting. >> they had actual doughnuts and glaze during the brewing process.
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sweet like root beer. with 6.7%, that's not that bad. >> you would then say thank you, come again. >> is that the guy from. >> that's the india guy from the grocery store. >> that was a little stereotyping. > stereotyping? >> the indian young lady. >> all right. >> type casting. >> doh. >> i'll be doing the black history month story lext nont month. that's trueue >> don't you remember me doing it at the next block. so you know. coming up, the most popular canine breed in the country. is it your favorite kind of dodo >> also ahead, identical within sisters and two sets of twins they're raising so many bundles of joy and w wt are the odds. >> the new warnings about a cancer c csing chemical found in a popular type of flooring.
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of a wild scene caught by this truck'ss dashcam. the truck had been hit by a car running a stop sign sending it off the road slamming right here into a house nea raleigh, north carolina. no one was in the home at the time. the truck driver has injury odd but should be okay. the house, not so lucky there.
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>> there's a reason we call that wow. a u.n. agency agreed to ban lithium i battery slipments on passenger planes. those can catch fire. the decision is not binding but most countries folw the panel's standards and the u.s. department of transportbtion supports the move. since 2006, three cargo jets have been destroyed and four pilots killed by inflight fires batteries. and here on land, t government is sounding an alarm over a health@ hazard posed by something found in thousands of american mes. >> the cdc is warning the chemicals used in many laminate floors can cause cancer. rebecca jarvis with the risks. >> reporter: the cdc says the cancer risk associated with some lumber liquidators flooring are now three times greater than their original estimates. health officials now predicting those made in china laminate floors, in as many as 100,000 homes, could cause 6 to 30 cases of cancer per 100,000 people.
3:16 am
has the potential to make me very sick. >> reporter: terry thompson installed the floors in her north carolina home less than three years ago. >> i'm very concerned about the long-term cumulative effect. >> reporter: she says tests in her ho found she's getting three and a half times the government recommended exposure to formaldehyde. she's now part of a class action lawsuit. but those floors still in her home. lumber liquidators telling abc news they believe the cdc has overstated potential health risks. the company halted sales of the questionable flooring whether he the problems came to light last march and says it has already "significantly strengthened our quality assurance procedures and has offered customers free air quality tests." and as for those free air quality tests, 10% hane come back showing concentrations of
3:17 am
organization. senator the formaldehyde is in the sealant on the floors, that's part of the danger. it can cause asthma, ear nose throat issues. a whole host of problems. >> a lot of concernor a lot of peoplele coming up, why the v.a. health care system is coming under fresh fire. the video that millions have seen of one veteran's struggle just to make an appointment only to find himself stuck inside phone menu hell. >> talk about beating the odds. one family, two generations andnd five sets of twins. the quadrupling of one uta family. that's a lot of math. >> what's in the water there?
3:18 am
3:19 am
no >> justin bieber. >> one family in utah is considering itself twice blessed. identical twin sisters have each given birth to sets of twins. >> unbelievably, this is the second timet's happened. for a second day in a row we go to utah. ali mon son from our salt lake city station has the story. >> reporter: identical twin sisterselli wall and kerry bunker have a lot in common. >> we think a lot the same. we sound, our voices are quite a bit the same. >> reporter: their bond. kelly gave birth to her first set of fraternal set of twins. >> watching her go thrhrgh labor reminded me of how miserable it can be. i'm like i have to go through this too. >> reporr: less than a year
3:20 am
twins into the world. singleton next. fast forward a few years. >> and pure shock. kelly learned she's pregnant with fraternal twins again. >> that afternoon i got this harebrained idea that what if i wawa pregnant. >> reporter: spiritual prompting motherly instinct, call it what you, either way her premonition matched up with the pregnancy test. twins for her, too. >> we weren't doing any fertility treatments of any kind. >> reporter: you can imagine the surprise and once again the sters stuck side by side the whole way through. >> we happened to be sick about the same time. she was a few weeks behind me. >> reporter: it was at 31 weeks that kelly gave birth to kilar anan kennedy weighing just more than 4 pounds each. one month later, kerry goes into labor at 34 weeks and shows up at the hospital. >> i'm like we're already here.
3:21 am
>> reporter: preemies cash and jake bunker make two sets of twins in two generations. they plan on keeping the cousins together. >> she's building a hou next to me so we'll be neighbors. >> rorter: both anticipate a future full of quadruple the trouble and the love. >> after spending six weeks here in the nick cue, the twins are finally home. the bunker twins are doing well. they should be heading home within the next coup of weeks. reporting from regional hospital, allie mon son, good 4 utah. >> i love that. and they're smart because they knew to live next to each other so they can put them all together. >> you can havingbuilt-in baby-sitter. >> they're destined to live similar lives. they're both teachers and both mamaied best friends. >> oh. and man, they're up rht now.
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topping off the mix" is something freaky that happened friday night in champaign, illinois. so this kid walker had a great game. he had ten points. he scored. game ending three-pointer. but it's this moment captured that has everybod_ believing. >> what? >> that he might be the second or third coming. > is this real? >> so he goes up for a rebound. and then in the glimpse when the photographer captures him, he has his hands down. at one point he had his hands up trying to get the rebound. it seems as if he's levitating right there. >> what a great shot. itit looks like he can really jump. >> yes, yes. so there you have it. >> you can do it, too. you do this sometimes during commercial break. you've got master powers, too. >> man, look at that tie is extra long. >> what kd of coffee are you drinking? that is what? i love that. >> so the american kennel club
3:26 am
take a look at this list. apparently america's favorite dog, look at how can you not love a labrador retriever. ranked the most popular purebred for 25 years. inin a row. they're known for being easy going, multitalented. friendly. and can you believe that labs have actually held the top spot for longer than any other breed since had he started counting. and they started counting in the 180s. that is just so cute. >> understandably so. i'd say the golden retriever. >> you're right. number one is the labrador, number two german help shepherd, golden retriever, then bulldog and beagle. >> we'll go from dogs cats because really cool video here out of scandinavia in norway. this is yes per, the cat. it's adventurous ginger cat here who likes to guess cross-country
3:27 am
similar to we had like aspen the ski resort dog that did something similar. jesper enjoys this. this is ththr normal walk every day. >> very cute. oh. >> here's something that's going to make you sweat in dubai. it's the tallest residential building. this and this man, james kingston hey, i'm going to climb it to the top. it is 101 stories at all. so james kingston decides to walk out on a crane. >> is he wearing a harness? >> i don't know but he keeps describing it as being very greaea. >> come on, dude. >> we're talking 1400 feet high. >> does this have a good ending? >>. >> i should warn folks,s, this is illegal.
3:28 am
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trump soars into nevada, there's a new battle between ted cruz and marco rubio. the imimct it could have on today's caucuses. >> michigan murders. the gunman accused of killing at least six people in lamazoo faces a judge. what he said and how the communy is confronting grief. >> and new this half hour, dozens of college students under arrest. >> ^he house party so rowdy and so destructive, the property was condemned. what police and neighbors are saying. and later, the bachelor's adventure into four contestants' hometowns. the surprises along the way and which young woman ended up heart brokok. our exclusive analysis in "the skinny" on this tuesday, february 23rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i do have to admit something on this tuesday morning, everybody. that i did tear up a little bit
3:31 am
end of "the bachelor." >> it was that sad? >> it was a little touching. i got a little verklempt. >> what was the part that got you so upset? >> it was when the woman went off into the limousine. somebody went away as happens in the bachelor". >> it was touchi, right, jack. >> it was touching all right. >> jack is going to join us with the highlights. >> we'll have in-depth analysis. i just hope i can make it through without getting a little choked up. >> how about some in-depth analysis about the battle for the white house? >> that's a tear jerker. >> it's playing out in nevada with super tuesday just a week away. >> it will be a tear jerker for somebody at the end. donald trump addressed a huge crowd in las v vas last night, urging them to get out and vote today as the ted cruz camp struggles to bounce back from a tumultuous day. trump is entering the contest with a huge lead, expected to score his third victory in a row. abc's tom llamas is there on the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump feeling so confident about the primaries, he's talking about
3:32 am
>> you're going to say please, please, mr. president. we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning. we can't stand it. and i'i'going to say i don't care. we're going to keep winning. we're going to make america great again. >> repepter: the billionaire not just winning south carolina but winning big. >> we won with highly educated, pretty well educated and poorly educat. but we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people, just won. >> reporter: the republican party facing facts that if trump wins nevada and romps on super tuesday, he may be unstoppable. several party leaders s w rallying around senator marco rubio as the best chance to takakhim out. >> after tonight, this has become a three-person race and we will win. >> reporter: but rubio now splitting the anti-trump vote with ted cruz, and the tension between the two senators boiling over. >> it's every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive ana untrue. >> reporter: rubio furious after
3:33 am
rick tyler, spread a false report that in this video, rubio disparages the bible telling a young cruz staffer, ththe are not many answers in it. rubio says that's an absolute lie. >> i know exactly what i said to that young man. i said, the answer to every question you'll ever have is in that book. >> reporter: tyler apologized, but for rubio, it's not enough. >> who's going to be fired when ted cruz is president? because this campaign now has repeatedly done things that they have to apologize for and no one's ever held accountable. >> i asked for rick tyler's resignation. i had made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards of integrity. >> rubio lashing out at cruz and at trump. >> i don't care how much you may think they're funny or how interesting they may sound. if we nominate someone that 40%, 50% of our party can't stand, we are going to lose. >> several prominent republicans endorsing senator marco rubio, including bob dole, the
3:34 am
around rubio and not ready to give up just yet. this as senator ted cruz for the first time acknowledged that the attacks on his character could weaken his chances against donald trump. tom llamas, abc nene, las vegas. >> super tuesday in one week. now to the democrats and hillary clinton looking for a big win. in south carolina on saturday, after pulling had of bernie sanders 51-51 in the race for delegas, clinton hosted three fund-raisers in california and former president bl clinton was on the stump in dallas, texas. he tried to make the case for his wife and took a swipe at donald trump's immigration policy in the meantime. in the meantime, bernie sanders is on the other side of the country rallying supporters in massachusetts, a super tuesday state. more than 7,000 people waited in line to see him at the university omassachusetts in amherst as the democrats battle for the black vote. abc has learned that sanders picked up another celebrity endorsement. he'll start running radio ads today featuring director spike
3:35 am
the u.s. and russia agreed to a cease-fire in syria set to begin saturday following two isis bombings this weekend that left more than 100 dead. more than a quarter million people have died in five years of civil war.. the cease-fire covers does not cover terror groups. the white house is already downplaying expectations. americans are choosing sides in the apple fbi security showdown. there will be rallies today in support of the tech company in stores in more than 40 cities and at fbi headquarters in washingtgt. but a pugh survey finds that 51% of americansns that apple should help the fbi and break the encryption on an iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. only 38% agree with apple. this morning, the city of kalamazoo, michigan is confronting grief after the shooting rampage over the weekend. a second candlelight vigil last night for the six people who died. it began indoors at a church but
3:36 am
park. more from abc's alex perez in kalamazoo. >> reporter: that 45-year-old uber driver chchged with six counts of murder. >> you understand the charges being made against you and the maximum sentences i just stated? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: appearing in court via video from jail, stone-faced. >> i would prefer just to remain silent. >> reporter: but investigators in court say dalton admitted he took people's lives. >> no one understands why it happened. >> reporter: dalton allegedly going on a shooting spree in between his shuttling uber passengers around town. saturday afternoon, matt mellen says dalton picks him up at home. after dalton takes a phone call, thgs get frightening. mellen calls 911. his fiance posts a warning on facebook. >> shots fired. we have one confirmed right now. >> an hour later, a woman is shot several times in the parking lot of this residential complex. she survives. then just past 10:00 in this car dealership parking lot, a father and his 17-year-old son killed.
3:37 am
opens fire outsisi this cracker barrel restaurant, killing four women returning from a play. as word gets out a killer is on the loose, thr more passengers call for an uber to go to a bar. nwticing the driver is in a chevy like the gunman. guy, are you? >> reporter: just after midnight, police take him into custody. uber in a statement saying we are horrified and heartbroken. atting they are helping investigators. two remain hospitalized including 14-year-old girl clinging to life. police say she was pronounced brain dead at the hospital but then squeezed her mother's hand and responded to a doctor's question by giving two thumbs up. and the suspect's family issuing a statement saying they are in shock and offering condolences and prayers to the victims. alex perez, abc news, kalamazoo, michigan. >> two people seriously injured in a tour bus crash east of kansas city. investigators say that theheus
3:38 am
intersta 70 when it was sideswiped by a tractor-trailer. the driver of that truck claimed he was choking oa piece of gum when he swerved out of his lane and into the bus. >> that's a strange one. this is really a wild one. 418 young people have been arrested after police say they heheed trash a house during a weekend party. the rented house was just blocks from bridgewater state university, massachusetts. the damage was s@vere. out $270,000 worth. neighbors upset. >> they're only here in college but they don't have any respect for the neighborhood, for the other people in the neighborhood. >> you're in college. you know, you're young, like get it? don't do stupid stuff like this while you're yng. you don't want to ruin the rest of your life. >> good advice. the house was later condemned due to a number of violations
3:39 am
smoke detectors, structural issues and a variety of fire hazards. >> someone's mama was very upset about that. >> quite a bender over the weekend for those guys. >> no one ask blame astronaut scott kelly for going a little bananas up there on the international space station. he's been aboard since last march and isn't coming home for another week. >> we say bananas becaushis family recently sent him as part of a care package -- >> i love it. >> a costume. you could say he's gone ape with it. that's kelly floating around in the gorilla suit chasing a colleague. >> the benny hill music is perfect for the whole thing because the video was first shared by kelly's twin brother, by the way, mark. very cute. he's back march 1st. >> benny hill. coming up in "the skinny," the bachelor's love adventure as only three young women remain. our senior analyst is here with exclusive insight. >> also ahead, rihanna has just done something special that michael jackson never did.
3:40 am
difficult it is to get a doctor's appointment at the v.a. the point he's making with the viral video after today's forecast map showing storm warnings in the deep south. and it's banana bread day. >> didn't know that. >> yep. bread day. >> didn't know that. >> yep. (ugh.) does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it, resolve it. our formula wi a special conditioning ingredient, softens your carpet with every use. it's resolve, so you know it cleans and freshens. but it also softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. and to clean pet messes, try resolve pet expert. choose to move freely. move free ultra has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on.
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> there are 11 million automobile accidents a year in the u.s. and two-thirds of them were caused by distractions. researchers put video cameras in 3500 cars to see what the drivers were doing right before accidents. aprently using a mobile device increased the risk of a crash by
3:44 am
but emotional distress was even worse increasing the risk tenfold. >> public health directors from around the country are asking the fda for a stronger warning about the combination of painkillers and tranquilizers. the officials want a so-called black box warning on the drugs which can cause fatal overses when taken together. they say it's a growing and dangerous problem. 44,000 americans died in 2014 of an overdose. the embattttd veterans affairs health care system is facing a fresh public relations >> as if waiting months for an appointment wasn't bad enough, impossible to get anyone on the phone. here's abc's david wright. >> please hold while you are being transferred. >> reporter: if you've ever had this experience, press one. >> please enter your social security number. >> reporter: the frustrated consumer here, dennis magnasco,
3:45 am
afghanistan, docenting himself trying to get an appointment at the v.a. >> hello. welcome to the -- >> i spent two days in the office, my colleagues watched me try and call and schedule an appointment. >> reporter: a lot of vets have had similar problems, so the video wentiral. his boss, congressman seth moulton, is also a veteran. >> i believe veterans deserve the best health care in the world, hands down. that's what we should get after putting our lives on the line for the country. >> reporter: moulton wrote a bill to reform the v.a., the faster care for vets act. the v.a. insists, "the technical issue that was described in the video was corrected." but the v.a. has had problems before, including a suicide hot line that sent callers to voice mail and then didn't return some of the calls. >> so, let's get the word out. >> reporter: and you certainly did. david wright, abc news, boston. >>he number of vets actually waiting for treatment is he 50% higher than last yr. it's unbelievable. >> it's amazing it's still increasing. >> oh. >> when we come back, a thinning of the ranks you might say of the eligible ladies "the
3:46 am
>> and what rihanna has
3:47 am
"the skinny" next. skinny, so skinny welcome back. skinny time. we'll start with a further thinning of the ranks on abc's "the bachelor."
3:48 am
itappened after ben's visits to the hometowns of his favorite four ladies. here to talk about it, our senior bachelor analyst, jack sheehan. >> i brought the rose as sort of a peace offering. > yes. >> hometowns "the bachelor." may, as well get started on the beach. laguna beach, california. roll that beautiful "bachelor" footage. there is amanda and her daughters. that's kinsley and charlie. >> cute. >> amanda said like a lot during the whole thing as she's been known to say. >> she did. >> eventually they got to -- it really went well with the kids. ben got along reallylyell at that point. ultimately they got to amanda's parents' house. her, amanda's father winds up at telling ben, you know what? if she's happy, dude, i'm happy. at this point, you're thinking good things for amanda. it's looking pretty good. >> all good. >> oh, that's cute.
3:49 am
with our girl lauren b. they're eating at food trucks. ben's got something for feeding each other. b.'s family house. they're calling her lolo, but for our purposes she's goi to all right? lauren b. was telling her family members, you know what, i want to tell this guy i love you. i want to tell this guy i love you. she's working herself up for it. >> oh. visit. >> oh. >> off to hudson, ohio. the industrial heartland of america. kayla is saying i can see a future with ben. she's telling her dad, i know this is it. she's telling her mom, i'm in love with him. >> oh, wow. >> you get the idea. it's really going. >> yeah. >> she's going to go where lauren b. did not. until she didn't. >> what?
3:50 am
ben either. then it's off to dallas. things got a little uncomfortable in dallas because those roses, they didn't come from ben. that jojo's got. they came from her ex, chad. so she calls chad. then ben arrives. ben's like i'm a little uncomfmftable. they talk it out. we, if ben was uncomfortable sitting there on the couch with jojo, who knows what happens when they finally got to jojo's parents' house because the brothers were there. and theyeyave ben a little bit of a rough ride. they're saying stuff like, ben's not as invested in this whole thing as you are. >> wow. >> yeah. ben is -- he says you know what, i'm more than a little confused at thihiwhole thing. there was one weird scene where the mother was chugging champagne to try to deal with these people. ben winds up leaving dallas unsettled. anyway, rose ceremony. lauren b. gets the rose.
3:51 am
>> this wawaa touching part. >> jojo gets the rose. you know what that means? it was all looking good for amanda until it wasn't. grab the tissues. amanda's on the way out ththdoor so three left, our girl lauren b., kayla and jojo. they're off to jamaica where ben just can't stop telling women that he loves them. >> awesome. jack, we got to move you out. let's get to rihanna quickly. >> out. >> next up, rihanna setting the music charts on fire. >> the singer/songwriter who just turned 2 on saturday has skyrocoeted past michael jackson for the third most number one hits of all times with her 14th "work" featuring former flame drake. >> play us out. in a world that's trying to turn you into someone new... ...oneneair color wants to help you keep on being you.
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skinny, so skinny welcome back to a special bonus round of the "skinny." >> we're starting with a quiz. whose back is this? take a look. here's a hint. he's already well-known for his body art. >> wow, that could be anybody. >> here's another hint, it's adam levine. the second hint, it's adam levine. yes, that's ririt. that's a giant mermaid with wings cradling a skull and wearing a frown. >he 36-year-old maroon 5 frontman got the tattoo in november but it's actually the first time he's sharing it with his more than 5 million followers on instagram and now we're sharing it with our 1500 gazillion, i said gazillion with a "g" viewers on "wor news now." >> you're welcome, adam. you're welcome. and next up, the big return to the las vegas stage that all of us can watch from anywhere. >> the five-time grammy award winning celine dion will return
3:56 am
at caesars palace. tonight t will be her first show since the death of her husband rene last month. >> she will kick off the show with a special tribute to rene. and that part of the show will be live streed. so fans all over the world can logon to and watch at show starting at 8:30 p.m. eastern standard time. senator finally, the moment the world has been waiting for. >> kim kardashian has finally posted a photo of her 3-month-old son saint. we've been waiting for this. look at this. how cute is he? is he saying yeezy in this one? last month we got just a tease. the photo we saw was of a tiny hand gripping the finger of his older sisterorth. for the first time yesterday, this is what she posted, marking the birthday of her late fatr. >> apparently yesterday would have been robert kardashian's 72nd birthday. it was 12 years ago the former o.j. simpson attorney died of esophageal cancer at the age of 59.
3:57 am
kim posted happy birthday dad. i love you and miss you so much. it's always hard when you've lost a parent and you have a child. you think of them. what a sweet gesture to her. >> it is a beautiful gesture. you know, their daughter's pretty beautiful, as well. i was looking at some of her photos. >> and quite the fashionista. >> yes. >> it was her and the beckhams' daughter, two big fashion nis taz. >> yes. all right. >> don't miss our updates on facebook at coming up, more news from
3:58 am
abc. we had r`al people make their own pizzas. they chose the ingredients they wanted. i like the fresh dough. at's bha? what are fillers? you guys just made your pizza the way i make my pizza.
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morning, voting day, all eye on nevada as caucusgoers make their picks for the r@publican nominee. donald trump turning out huge crowds as hillary clinton looks to hollywood for a boost. we're live with the latest. new details in the case of that deadly shooting, the uber driver admitting to his rampage and the family of a teenage victim clinging to life speaks out, crash landing a plane caught on camera going down in the middle of a cityy street. the pilot being credited as a hero this moing. and sir air up there. this imagine of a gravity-defying high school basketball player going viral. looks like he's levitating more than leaping. what he says he was doing in that moment. well, good tuesday morning. we begin with the battle for votes in nevada as donond trump looks to score victory three.


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