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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the window, it went out, and i saw six, seven police cars, and a guy lying in the street. >> michael: poce believe the child was shot in self-defense. >> he was afraid for his life. he waste protecting himself and his girlfriend. >> michael: now, late this afternoon we have lrned that on february 20th, the parents of this 13-year-old who is accused of this carjacking actually ran away from home and so the parents filed a missing person's report. obviously, he is now in the hospital recovering. but if you have any information about those three teens who fled from this scene, you are asked to call miami-dade crimestoppers. that number right there on your screen, 305-471-tips.for no we are live in north miami beach i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> laurie: a man is under arrest after that hit-and-run crash in northwest miami-dade. simeon boykins' father and uncle both say that he was driving someone else's car with a suspended license and that he
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1s say boykins had the right-of-way monday y en he alleged will you struck 15-year-old javier valdes. police say he wouldn't have been at fault for the crash itself but now he's tase facing charges including leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspended license p this is surveillance video from monday morning's accident. valdes was struck while trying to cross the street on his thay to school. he's now recovering after suffering head injuries. >> calvin: now tie track of lert alert, a box truck turned up on the median. this is north of sun life stadium and it's blocking the northbound and southbound d nes. here's a photo of that truck draped across the median. no word on what caused the accident. here it is from another angle. you can see the truck breaking apart around that pole. traffic reporter jenise fernandez has m me on how this is affecting traffic judges of like you mentioned, this is affecting northbound and southbound on the turnpike right april sununife stadium so right your southbound speeds are at 32 you have miles per hour. it is starting to pick up.
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so those delays if you're heading north on the furn pike are starting from the golden glades and it looks like they're going toast for about three miles. southbound delays, though, we're seeing those delays start griffin road, and they're going to plas for about seven mil. so if you have some errands to run this evening, stick to us-441 ore university drive as your alternates. >> calvin: now to a dramatic trial happening in fort lauderdale. a noted weston doctor accused ofsex charges and his alleged victim took the stand today. local10 news investigator amy viteri live to break it all down for us. amy. >> amy: well, calvin, that girl was jpst 15 when this alleged molestation took place. today she is 19 years old and she took the stand for several hours, telling her side of the story. in a broward county courtroom we ard from the now 19-year-old woman about the day she says this man, dr. augustine bollo, sexually molested her insidi his weston home when she was just 15.
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with his hands? bollo, a well of-known foot and ankle, to do showed no testimony during her testimony which lasted several hours p she described the alleged molestation happening while she was working as a apart-time babysitter for family friend bollo's urs children. after work she told investigators he offered her $300 not to tell her family about what happened. >> that $300, where is it is now? >> my mom has it somewhere safe as evidence. >> so you haven't spent that money, then. >> no. >> amy: defense attorneys question why the money was never turned in and why she accepted the payment. bollo later apologized to the girl and her mother. bollo's attorney said that apology not what it seemed. >> instead of saying i need an
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you never really told him what you were expecting him to be sorry for or to apologize for. >> he said he was sorry for the whole situation. >> amy: and bollo is charged with lewd and lascivious foulings molestation. now, testimony wrapped up here today just before 5:00, and tortious will begin calling more witnesses tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. we're live the broward county courthouse, amy viteri, local10 news. >> laurie: amy, thank you. fierce flames displacing families tonight in lauderhill after this townhouse building caught fire. the view from sky 10 shows flames and smoke spore morning out of several builds. you can also see a huge hole in the roof of one of those buildings. fire officials say the flames why accidental, it was all cause bide an iron left unattend. residents say they woke up to frantic knocks on their doors. they hado time to gather their belong. crews work for hours to extinguish the flames, even using's drone to help them
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15 feel have been dispoliced but their noturt and the red cross is helping them tonight. >> calvin: t trful testimony in didiolito. she was caught on camera allegedly ordering her husband a death. today she took the stand in her own defense. local10 news reporter hatzel vela live in west palm beach with it is all for us today. >> hatzel: i can tell with you dippolito was on the stand for most of the afternoon and here he is alongside her attorney giving the media an update as to what happened in this hearing.. her attorneys hoping charges are dismissed based on the argument that shes was set up, is that she was trapped, but the state says otherwise. they say the recording give you a different story. in this video dalia dippolitosays she was acting for a tv show, not aeal murder for-for-hire plot. dippolito back on the stand sobbed, telling the court prosecutors are only telling part of the story.y. >> i just didn't want to do this anymore, and at that point he lifted his shirt and showed me
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threatened to hurt me, he talented to hurt my family. >> hatzel: diplito talk about the police informant and her iv lover whos was pressure, her to go forward with an acting project. the state making the as a case it wasn't an acting project but a murder-for-hire plot proven by these recordings. >> it was an actor who had fed it, and he was on the episode, and he gave us the idea on how to do it. >> hatzel: she said she gave the informant money for tacting project. the state says the money was for the killing. in 2014 the court threw out dippolito's conviction and 20-year sentence because jurors d been tainted. she remains as the house arrest, accused of paying an undercover boynton beach cop posing as a at a a hitman to kill her husband. this is video from offing 2009 where police officers tell dippolito at a staged murder scene her husbands was dead. the video went viral. defense attorneys say this shows the you police departmentt only
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time they were working with the show "cops." and the bounty police department, boynton bea police department telling us this and i quote here "we stand behind our principled work our defect did on this investigation. we vows trust in our state attorney to successfully prosecute this case, and we are confident we have been given his office sufficient evidence to meet the state's burden." back o live, you can see dippolito's attorney still talking to theedia about the hearing this afternoon. the judge is not expected to decide anything on this hearing, to dismiss those charles. we under dippolito's retrial is expected to take place on may 23rd. reporting live this afternoon in west palm beach, hatzel vela. back to you. >> laurie: caught on camera, a woman using a credit card that was stolen from a girl scouts employee. a wallet was stolen from an oakland park girl scouts location. surveillance armies cameras at a target in hollywood later captured the woman wearing in
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$400 worth of charges auction one of those stolen cards p if you know@ anything about her please call police. >> calvin: no to a continuingbob norman investigation into the police shooting death of a homestead man. >> laurie: it's been several months since edward foster was shot and killed but foster's family says at the department continues to stonewall. so bob wasn't links answers in homestead today. did. >> bob: the homestead city council meeting came to an abrupt halt. with mayor jeff porter and councilman jimmy williams exiting the dais before coming back later to apologize. >> we just needed to take a little breath. >> we hiding things? >> bob: it all started with family members of edward foster iii demanding answers. foster was gunned down by police officer antntny green as he walked home from a store back in july. sisters crystal and an dena foster spoke with local10 today. >> we're not antipolice.
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>> he shot him four times. >> bob: this witness said foster was downed with his hands in the air before the s soting. >> we saw hum fall but i don't know if he had a gun or not. >> bob: police said that a 911 caller had complained of a gunman and that a handgun was recoved mere the body of foster who had criminal charges in his background including attempted murder and armed robbery. >> my brother's hands were up on his knees. >> bob: the foam family points out that officer green has been involved in a high number of shootings and deaths in h h 20-year career. >> my brother never killed anyone. officer anthony green has killed. >> bob: police confirmed green had been involved in six ootings and three deaths while on duty bc but w w cleared of wrongdoing in all cases. the family is calling for body cameras for all homestead officers. >> you have one officer with so many kills. why doesn't they have any protection? it's not just protecting us. it's protecting thehe officer as well. >> bob: in homestead, bob norman, local10 news. >> laurie: the family has also alleged that the police department hasn't released
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green's past. the police department disputes ha. shooting sunday investigation by the miami-dade police department. another day, another historic change coming in u.s.-cuba plemented president obama unveiling his planned to corn to shut down the u.s. prpron for terrorists a guantanamo bay. let's get to hotter than senior political reporter michael putney in n e newsroom to lay out the president's plan. >> michael: the president's plan calls for some get it mo detainees to be released brood, but most would be brought u.s. andeld in maximum security prisons. e president says the gitmo detention center is basically un-american. >> keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in the world. it is viewed as a stain onur broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law. >> michael: the gitmo prison is
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it costs $445 million to run it last year. now, it holds just 91 detaine. 46 are considered dangerous wartime detainees, 35 are safe enough to be transferred to third countries, ten are awaiting trial before military commissions. >> for many years it's been clear that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. it undermines it. >> michael: but republican members of congress see it as a necessity. today congressman mario diaz-balart warn that closing the detention facility is the first step toward yet another major unwarranted concession to a dictatorship, the castro government has said relations with the u.s. cannot be normalized until guantanamo is returned. >> i really don't think that the obama administration is going to move forward and just turn over guantanamo to the cubans.
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be in cuba a month from now, in fact, a month from today. he has said that giving back gitmo to cuba is off the the table. >> calvin: we state on cut of cuba. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is returning to cuba ahead of the. president's historic trip next month. kerry said he's goingack to the communist island to discuss hun rights. he was there for the opening of the us embassy ihavana last august. local10 news will have live coverage of cuba for the president's trip next month along with our local10 news team. i will be there to cover that trip in cuba. >> laurie: frump rest of republicans are squaring off tonight in sinise. >> calvin: & why the civil state is so important in the race for the white house. >> betty: hi. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis tracking severe storms along the gulf coast tonight, tornado threat climbed let you know what south florida could be in store for tomorrow.
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is back to beach for a baywatch remake right here in south florida with loads famous faces. >> calvin: but first, they are the newest jewels of south beach, and they're getting worldwide attention.
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>> calvin: tonight, a bunch of big hollywood stars on stands south beach? >> laurie: they are filming a remake of baywatch and the rock just wont big stars. our big star andrew perez is life on deerfield beach to show us >> andrew: the rock is one of the big stars. they will not biv ev give me a speaking role. they will not give me an extra role. i have already tried. butted they are giving us great access behindd the scenes. you've got some of the jet skis. there are big names working on this project right here in our own backyard. lights, camera, action, all along deerfield beach some familiar faces hitting our local beaches, like dwayne "the rock" johnson, all for his latest flick "baywatch" u. >> are you totally girl crcrhing right now? >> yes. >> i thought it was an accident. a shark bit somebody. >> turned out to be baywatch.
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be no one as emerald nate movie and many flocked to see stars like zacker ephron, and the rock johnson doing what baywatch folks do best. of course, some of the younger spectatorsrseally didn't know anything other than zac efron was around shooting a movie. >> do you each know what baywatch is? >> no. >> i never watchch it before. true a little google, a little sightseeing, watching have catching up on one of the biggest shows from b bk in the day, the movie being being filmed in boca raton. release expected in 2017. so crews recently put all the extras on a bus, moved them somewhere else so they can shoot another scene. we have been going around seeing, i know next thing everody is going to ask is where can i catch this. we know they're going to be many full all the way through wednesday so they've got until tomorrow. the it's going to be tear at the dania beach pier and also in
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in deerfield beach. >> laurie: was what a thrill for everyone. and staying on the beach just like in baywatch mine is fops for its colorful lifeguard stands, and the city opened a few new ones. pictures of these new artistic huts on the sand are being shared world on social media. >> calvin: love it. >> laurie: another reason for everybody to go to the miami beach. >> calvin: and watching andrew run slow motion in the story there. seriously? >> laurie: doesn't quite work, not quite up to pamela anderson standards with betty. >> betty: i thought it was great. i enjoyed it. >> calvin: he looked just like hasselhoff without the blond hair. >> betty: absolutely. we're taking you back out to the beach now. this is hollywood beach. has been a breezy afternoon out there. not necessarily the best beach day ever. we didn't have wall-to-wall sunshine but it sure was warm with temperatures climbing toward 80 this afternoon. right now miami is at 76 degrees. it's going to be on the warmer
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temperatures hanging out in the mid-70, breezy, clouds in the mix, and we won't rule out a passing shower. the rain is not widespread but i do see one shower right here. this is coming in from the south and heading up toward the northeast. so just clipping, say, the northern extent of hollywood beach and i think around fort lauderdale beach we're going to catch a little bit of rainfall as well. so the showers are isolated for broward and miami-dade, rains not widespread. but we won't rule out a passing shower for the evening with that south breeze hoping to steer some of that wet weather into our neighborhoods. here's a nice gang of showers crossing over the lower keys rebate. marathon it looks like a little rain is in the near future for you. the main event, though, is happening right now along the gulf coast. weigh talking louisiana, toward the panhandle of florida, a lot of rainfall, and the potential for storms that producetornadoes. this storm system is really working over this area. it's going to track toward the east-northeast, and as the tail
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associated with it gets closer to us, we see a better chance for storms in our forecast for tomorrow. right now forecast models seem to be hinting that the best chance for severe weather may actually be up into north-central areas of florida, but we don't want to rule it out here. northwest miami-dade and broward county on the edge of that marginal risk, so we won't rule out a damaging wind, tornado, maybe even some hail in a few spots, but i'll give you the timing on this per this forecast model showing the day gets off quiet, most of the afternoon quiet, and then around 6:00 tomorrow there may be a broken line of gusty showers or storms moving through, so between 6:00 and 9:00 that's the time frame i want you to be aware of for tomorrow. most of the day's quiet. we'll be here tracking any storms late. behind this weather system we dry out and we cool down thursday into friday.
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we'll be r >> will: that is a wrap for day one here in jupiter on marlins spring training, full squad workout is complete. this team coming together for the first time under new manager don mattingly, and there's a real excitement with this team with mattingly leading the way as the manager. first crack to see all these guys,ncluding super star giancarlo stanton. mattingly says when it comes down to it, payroll, expectations, past achievementsor failure doesn't pear matter. what he cares about is bng here in the spring week taking advantage of the time, and being a teacher. >> my chance to teach. it a chance to continue to develop with your eyes wide open and understanding it's a little different here than some other
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but the talent in that room is really what is brings you saying this this is a good opportunity. >> m me than anything, i like the way that chem entry industry is in here and to have a really good team you've got to gel, work together as a team, and i i felt that coming on last season. >> will: you know who's gelling right now, the miami heat. they have won three straight games but they have a challenge tomorrow night at the american airlines arena. the defending nba champs the golden state warriors comes to down, with team with the best record in the league. miami is third in the eastern conference. i think everyone is talking about this game, laurie and calvin. i was in the clubhouse and i reminded dee gordon about the game. i know see a big, big back fan. he went over and put his arm angel manager michael hell and said, anyway you can get me
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one who beg you for tickets. >> calvin: will, thank you. >> betty: does he have the hookup like that?
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, st text1 italics cc1 test message ? breaking news tonight. the state of emergency this
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multiple tornadoes reported already. the devastati damage. we're on the scene. about to power right up the east% coast, 45 million in the path. also breaking, the new surveillance images of the alleged uber gunman. wheree was in the hours before the rampage. the race for t white house, and tonight, the showdown in nevada. donald trump lashingut at ted cruz. and what trump saidhen asked why he's not taking on marco rube roe. breaking news on the zika outbreak, right here in the u.s. tonight. authoritieie now confirming more than a dozen new cases of the disease sexually y ansmitted. late details coming in now. and the reporter on the field, the "dancing with the stars" favoritete tonight, suing a major hotel. did they allow an alled stalker to get the room next door to spy on her? good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we begin with the massive and deadly storm system slamming the south, and about to move


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