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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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about two to three lanes of traffic shut down at miami lakes drive. our c cera at 163rd facing south so you can see these are our northbound lanes. at this point looks like one lane getting by. that's kind of difficult to see obviously with all those lights flasasng but an injury crash here causing heavy delays for anyone traveling north on the palmetto expressway. let me break down the traffic ststy for you again. that crash happening at 154th street. those speeds at three miles per hour.$& obviously taking a closer look in right here. you see all of those colors indicating what the slowdowns are in place for about a mile and a half. hey, if you have to take the palmetto expressway add another ten to 15 minutes on your commute. instead travel north off of ludlam road or red road instead this morning. everything else looking pretty clear out there, looking pretty good. if you're traveling in the area of the turn pike, we do see slowdowns in the
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also a little slow-going. broward county we're accident-free. julie? >> thank you, constance jones. get it together. this is the calm before the storm. we don't have any rain on the radar. we're waking up to cloudy skies but dry conditio. it's going to be later today we're going to need to be prepared on the roadway. we will see strong to severe storms possible all because of what's going on. a warm, humid start to your wednesday. we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast and that sunshine will continue to heat us up. highs today will rapidly be warming up to the mid 80s. feels-like temperatures could be well into the upper 80s and low 80s before the clouds start to build and the storms start to roll in. dark and early, temperatures in the mid 70s. south, southeast breeze at0 miles per hour. we're dry for now but rain will be moving in. i'll have those details coming up. we begin with two
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teen recovering after being shot in the arm. the teen was standing outside with several other people last night when he was approached by three men with bicycles and then was shot. no word yet if the gunman had been caught but we'll keep you posted. an argument leading to an officer firing as the suspect took off from that scene. police say 36-year-old michael guzman got into an argument with his wife, pulled her into a minivan and tried to take off. the woman tried to jump out of the minivan.neither the van nor guzman were hit. he was eventually found several blocks from the mall. he was taken to the hospital with chest pains. a man accused in a hit and run crash that left a teenager in critical condition is behind bars. there he is right there. he turned himself in on tuesday after we showed you this surveillance video of the driver leaving the scene of that accident. local 10 news reporter
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the jail where he's currently being held and then this guy finally stepping forward really at the urgency of his family. >>reporter: jacey, you're right. the suspect's family says he does have a suspended license, got scared and took off. he did turn himself in and as a result is locked up this morning and is now set to face a judge. here is that man, simien boykin, turnene himself in for a hit and run crash that left a teen in the e.r. javier valde was running to catch a pulse on monday when he was struck by a car. boykin's cousin is city of miami commissioner hardemon who tried to make amements with the family to just wants justice for their loved one. back to miami-dade this morning. boykin is set to be in bond court some time today.
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bones and a collapsed lung and is at the hospital at this hour. news. we weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning, >> and soon the country is going to start winning. >> new overnight donond trump celebrating another victory in the race for the republican mination. not all the votes are in but trump the clear winner from early on in nevada. here's the currently caucus results. donald trump declared the w winner. this is with 96% of the precincts reporting. ben carson, almost 50 per age points, john kasich, the governor of ohio less than 4%. the democrats' candidates missions this week, bernie sanders and hillary clinton answered questions at the tall
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the candidates had an hour each to answer anything from guns to racece relations in the u.s. >> would i be supportive of peoplpl taking guns into houses of worship? no, i would not. >> there are barriers that people are encountering that i think we need to be honest about. >> local 10 news reporter glenna millberg is following the candidates on the campaign trail in south carolina. tune in for her live reports starting later this week. >> hillary clinton says she's tacking efforts to close guantanamo bay prison. she mentioned her support for the move during a forum in south carolina. the president wants to trancer about a third of gitmo d detainees. president obama says the cuban facility is counter pro durktive. the gitmo prison costs nearly $460 million to
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35 are considered safe enough to be transferred to third countries and ten are awaiting trial before military commissions. president obama the first president to visit cuba in nearly nine decades. look for our live coverage of the president's historic visit to havana in march. the older brother of fidel and raul castro has died. raran was not interested in politics and instead tended to crops and livestock on farms. ramon castro died at 11 years old. an actor who had faked it and he was on the episode and he gave us the idea on how to d it. >> dalia dipolito testifying in her new retrial hearing yesterday. dipolito says mohammed, a police informant and a former lover, pressured her into this crime. she claims she was acting because she thought it was being
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she was sentenced to 20 years in prison but that conviction was thrown out after an apell enter court ruled the first jury was tainted by all the media attention. a six-year-old girl is now in the custody of her grandmother. police say she ran out of the apartment when it was on fire on friday leaving her daughter behind.her mother says the 32-year-old suffers from severe depression. she is charged with child neglect. at it again. how he's bringing more good to gainesville. and six suspects, the medical scare thaha has several inmates rushed into treatment before being booked into jail. south florida, while all is quiet in our weather pattern, things are going to deteriorate as we get in the afternoon. wind gusts up to 50, mae even 60 miles an hour embedded in strong thunderstorms. we could see hail embedded in t updraft
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and can't rule outn isolated tornado. i'll have all the details coming up. thousands without power across several states. all of that a part of the system headed our way we have for you next. and palmetto problems. here's a live look at the palmetto expressway at 154th street. at this point traffic at a crawl this morning. i'll have details about
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this in a few minutes. our big traffic story of the morning. take a look at these delays stretching for several miles here after
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we just got an update with all of this and nowit's down to one lane of traffic on the palmetto expressway northbound. thth picture never looks good for your commute early in the mornini. looks like a few folks little bit earlier to avoid all of this mess. we do see tow trucks there which is obviously a good thing. hopefullyt will start to clear up in just a little bit. down to one lane at 154th street. here's our traffic camera showings that accident scene and showing us that one lane getting by here. what that means for you in our commute, obviously the palmetto is going to be a slow-go this morning. our speeds and when we zoom just a littlefurther in for the one lane that is getting by, very slow-going. we're seeing two miles of delays. we know the speeds were clocking in at about three miles per hour. julie? this morning two people dead after a tornado tore through a trailer park in louisiana. new video here into our
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the saint james parish sheriff says the twister left several people with critical injuries. >> that same system spawning severe storms that injured several people in pennsylvania. the national weather service does confirm that a tornado hit the town. this new video into our news room overnight shows how powerful the wind and rain really was as even doors flew open in that area. the twister also brought down trees and power lines leaving thousands without power. officials say the same system is the system that spawned several other tornadoes across the gulf states. >> we have recent history to be very careful about what may be coming. >> last tuesday was the day we had to deal with those three tornado in south florida. we are expecting the ingredients to be there for the possibility of some strong to severe weather again today because of how strong that cold front in that has brought all of the construction across the south east and since it
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very warm, humid air mass, all of the ingredients are there. currently we have a temperature of 75 muggy degrees out there in ft. lauderdale. south, southeast wind anywhere between nine and ten miles per hour. pembroke pines waking up to 75. hey, kendall, you've got 73. that south breeze again will help fuel for the hehe and humidity to continue to destabilize our atmosphere into the morning and afternoon. check out the temperatures behind this front,t, very impressive. we have the 20s and 30 s as far south and east as missouri into parts of mississippi, new orleans. spilling in with some very warm, humid conditions and that's why we already are dealing with severe the panhandle. for us here in south florida we're waking up to mostly dry conditions. just dotted showers over portions of the western atlantic. our rain chances don't increase to the later
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into the afternoon all because of the leading edge of this front. the worst right now moving inowards jacksonville, northern florida. there's a tornado watch box in effect for this area until 10:00 a.m. a veryy large system we're dealing with. you see that could you pleaser clockwise spin bringing the snow from missouri in towards portions of tennessee and memphis. that system itself is going to push towards the northeast. as it does so, the tail-end of the front will be moving in to south flflida and that will be the trigger mechanism. for us we can't rule out a chance of some damaging winds embedded in the severe thunderstorms. could see the possibility of hail and we can't rule out that ance of a tornado because of everything we've been through here in south florida. we just want you to be prepared. rain starting to move in around 2:00 and the worst of the weather hanging around for the evening commute until the overnight hours and then once this front
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will be in the forecast. we deserve it going into friday and the weekend. lego doing its best to keep up with the times. a stay at home dad figure set to be released later this year. the guy has a beard along#with pushing a baby stroller and also has a mom dressed in work clothes. last month the company unveiled its first ever figure of a little boy in a wheelchair and servjce dog to go along with that. i love it. >> it's about time. >> we love legos. as a parents you always look for these organic ways to have these conversations, let them bring it up. >> men or women can be the bread winner so thank you, lego. finally. >> sweet flannel. you ever order something and realize it's just wrong, it didn't even come close to getting it right. >> that's what happened
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when he got his golf cart but he's not the only one complaining about the company. that's right, he called christina.
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that's next. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a south florida man says the golf cart he got was not what he ordered so he called christina. >> what they found may actually surprise you. here's christina's report. >> what he sold us was not actually what he sold us. >>reporter: of gary of key west
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a golf cart, his contract stated it would be street legal, meaning it's capable of going up to 25 miles per hour. >> it barely goes 16. one of the thing that i purchased and paid extra for was a black plastic top. he took a tan top and just spray paint it had black. >> and when it arrived. >> you're listening to the fender well rub on the rear tires. >>reporter: take a look. >> you can see where the plastic melted on the tire wellesley melted on the fender. >>reporter: went what went through your mind? >> that this guy is ripping me off. >>reporter: other consumers have complained about the company to state regulators. this person said the headlights would not work, brake lights lock up and front tire shakes, a rip in the tan seats and a broken windshield. three different consumers said their carts had trouble minutes after use. the call christina team
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headquarters west of tampa. we were told the owner was out of town. this 2006 mug shot of company owner courtesy of the pinellas county sheriff's office. this guy has a rap sheet dating back to 1999. he served time oj charges ranging from cocaine possession and grand left to unlicensed roofing contracting. he pled no contest. this blog post labeled him the palm harbor con man and complains for non-delivery and poorcustomer service. by e-mail he accused gary of wanting free parts. gary who is spending more money to fit his golf cart, i want what i bought. >> the company's owner stated in an e-mail it has been inspected by dot and passed inspection. we checked. the dot or department of transportation tells us they don't inspect golf
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of highway and motor vehicles does but they explainehow the insection process involves the owner, self certifying that everything is in working order as part of the application process for registering and titling a low-speedehicle. the year on the model is not the year of the golf cart. knowing the differenc is very important so you know exactly what you are getting. that's why w good into detail on that on the call christina page of christina vazquez, local 10 news. >> the best wayo contact her. >> a domestic dispute whene dadeland mall, no laughing matter. it led to an officer firing guns in the parkrng lot. >> the mall mayhem spending two people in the hospital. we have a live report coming up. remember the officer who played a simple game
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>> now he's providing teens with a new place to play.
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this story next. i know you remember this video of the police officer that went viral of playing basketball with the kids, even shaquille o'neal showed up. >> the court actually built by local
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the kid's backyards. he offered life advice. >> you have to pay it forward no matter how successful you become. >> thrown it down. you're not going to be throwing it down here. you're going to be upset if you're stuck on the palmetto expressway. these are our northbound lanes at 154th street. we're down to one lane of traffic, guys. yeah, major delays in
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in a few minutes. developing now, a dangerous dispute leading to gunfire the dadeland mall. right now hit and run arrest, man turning himself in after he allegedly hit a teen and left him in the street.
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isis fearing his connections could protect him. burned out, families forced from their homes. we are seeing video from inside the damage. caught on camera, out of control at chuck e. cheese. how a child's bthday party led to an adultbrawl. good wednesday morning, south florida. i'm jacey birch. >> i'm eric yutzy. we have to get right to constance jones. what you need to know before you head out on the palmetto. >> the pmetto is down to one lane of traffic, you guys. this is the palmetto expressway northbound on the approach to the big curve.this is 154th street, miami lakes drive. the picture tells it all, you never like it when the palmetto is one lane but that's the case. the only good news with this, most of our congestion is typically in our southbod lanes. obviously traffic's slow getting by. looks like they just opened another lane of
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we're still seeing some dela. this is where that accident scene is. it's affecting our northbound and southbound lanes. i'm going to zoom in just a little bit so you can see exactly what those drive times are coming in at, nine miles per hour. stretching all the way towards the big curve. if you typically take this spot, another ten to 15 minutes on your commute. remember we want to let you know when there's a bad accident out there so just download our app in the app store to get thos notifications. >> you're definitely going to need to follow us on-line. your weather authority's got you covered w@th strong to severe storms that will be approaching the area, deteriorating our forecast by the afternoon. currently we do have some%cloudy skies out there, first light or the who horizon. it does look nice and calm, all is quiet. the wind direction is pumping in the heat and humidity.
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this is 13 degrees above where we should bethis time of year. warm and humid throughout the morning, into the afternoon. highs will rapidly warm up into the mid 80s. feels-like temperatures in the mid 80s, possibly 90s. stro to severe storms are expected in the forecast. i'll have those details coming up. let's get you back to that developing story this afternoon. an officer firing his gun in the dadeland mall. >> erica rakow this morning in kendall with the story. >>reporter: this situation involved several peopoe, all family members, police say. it started with an argument right here outside the dadeland mall, continued with a woman being forced into a car and a police officer en opening fire. everyone okay but this investigation far from over. >> the moment i walked outsidel i saw these officers and the police cars.
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i was just like whoa. >> there was a lot going on. miami-dade police say shoppers and diners stuck at the mall longer than expected. their car is inside a crime scene when theycame out. >> i was told they are looking for someone. it's in the emergency meter of the mall. so yeah, they held it down for 10 or 15 whine when i left. >>reporter: police say a married couple having dinner with their family started arguing. the husband pulled his wife by her arms from the table. as someone tried to help, they say he pushed her into that person's car and drove off. police say she jumped out of the moving car and that guzman continued to drive away towards detectives so an officer opened fire. not long after investigators tracked him down and took him into custody. >> i came from the doral area to come here to the
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this would happen in this area. >>reporter: police sayaynce they finally caught up with the man, he wasomplaining of chest pains. he was taken tohe hospital. the woman also taken to the hospital but she is expected to be okay. live from the dadeland mall this morning, erica rakow, local 10 news. a southwest miami-dade teen is recoveriri after being shot in the arm. police say this keep was standing outside with several people last night when he was approached by three men on bicycles and was ot. no word yet on if those gunman have been caught. and questions still remain this morning about the murder of six-year-old kingg carter. his family and activists are calling on the community to stop the violence and really come forward with any information about the gunman responsible. a witness protection pill stalled in the state season but it's needed now more than ever. >> it will be another tool in the toolbox. it's not the solution. but, you know, citizens
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becausehey have this fear of retaliation. this will add a little them that measure would protect witnesses of major crimes by - -- their names from the public. there's a reward of up to $26,000 beimg offered for information leading to king carter's killer. 4>> new this morning a first look at the new mug shot of a man arrested for hit and run. boykin booked into jail. ben kennedy has more. ben, police say he wasn't at fault. now his family is explaining why he did not stay? >>reporter: you're right. his family says he has a suspended driver's license, got scared and took off but did later turn himself in. as a result he is locked
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northwest miami-dade. boykin turned himself into police on uesday for a hit and run crash that left a keep in the e.r. >> my nephew made a critical mistake in judgment. instead of staying there, he fled the scene, and we do feel bad for the young kid. >>reporter: the 15 valdez. he was running to catch a bus on monday along the 7900 block and northwhwt 22nd avenue when he was struck by a car. >> i think because his license suspepeed. >>reporter: a little more than an hour after the crashsh simien posted on facebook i really expletive up. his cousin is a city commissioner who tried to make amends. >> we tried to do the right thing.
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turned himself into police. >> if they are going to be treated differently because he's related to a commissioner, is he going to pay the consequences of his actions? >>reporter: and he could face those consequences very soon. boykin is set to face a judge some time today. as for the teen he suffered broken bonesand collapsed lung and does remain at the hospital at this hour. ben kennedy, local 10 news. prisoner believed to be high on flakka rushed to jackson memori hospital on tuesday. four others who also appeared to be high on a drug at the pretrial detention cente in miami were treat bid medical staff at the jail. it's not clear if the group was being processed or was in the same area. a woman who'sly kicked out the window of a miami-dade police car
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police say she kicked out the cruiser's window on the palmetto expressway. sky 10 was over that scene at the time. this was yesterday morning and she was moved to another vehicle to be taken to jail. and a would-be carjacker is recovering in the hospital this morning after his intended targets fought back. that crook only 13 years old. the teen under went surgery after he was shot during the attempted carjacking. police say the teenager will be charged with attempted carjacking. donald trump was projected as the winner of the n nada caucuses. wasserman schultz left a quote, say field of mean candidatesesut of touch with the americann people. an apartment firir in lauderhill is being
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fire officials say an unintended iron sparked these flames right here and then it got out of control. we brought y this as breaking news yesterday morning. people at the sce says they woke up to frantic knocks at the front door and they had no time to gather their belongings. the trial for a weston doctor accused of molesting his 15 yearly baby-sitter will stand trial this morning. she told investigators he offered her a $300 bribe not to tell her family. >> that $300, where is it now? >> my mom has it. >> so you haven't spend that money? >> no. >> if convicted he could face up to 15 years in prison. new this morning a
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details on a crash that killed a cash max worker anan who is facing charges for it. beautiful conditions live outside. sunrise in about 15 minutes from our mallory square cam. what are we expecting it to be likee later today? we have a lot to talk about. tornado turning deadly overnight in louisiana. we have the video as the storm's hit hard in the panhandle.e. we'll have the latest
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break. it appears the plane fl right into a mountain during bad weather.
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the smoldering wreckage near a mall village. officials say the plane was flying from a resort do you know west of kathmandu when contact was lost+ new video of a suspected gunman in a kalamazoo plane. he reportedly bought a tactical jacket which is designed to hide a gun but the store owner said he did not buy any weapons. three hours later the uber driver began the shooting spree that killed six people and wounded others. officers going door to door toheck on those living in the area. that same system causing destruction in louisiana. cell phone video showing the destruction left behind by a tornado touchdown. the roof of this gym completely torn off. a good reminder that this afternoon coming
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weather similar f that. >> normally we would say okay, julie but after the last couple of tornado touchdowns in south florida, i think we're all on high alert. >> not to scare anybody by all means but just for you to be prepared. that's my job. i'm here to prepare you for your day. this morningng you're going to run into the warm and humid conditions. this morning no threat for severe weather. you're going to see a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. you don't believe how badhe weather is going to turn by waking up to a temperaturere of 75 degrees and some sunshine breaking through low-lying clouds. our relative humidity at 9090 thanks to this south southeast wind at 10 miles per hour. it still feels like 75 degrees as you walk out the door b b the concern as a meteorologist is it's about 13 degrees above where it should be this time of year. these are all the ingredients ahead of a very strong cold front. that will be the
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us the possibility of triggeringtrong to severe storms overnight 75, a bit more of a break in the cloud cover. feels like 75 and beautiful right now in the keys and mallory square cam we showed this to you moments ago. boy that humidity is up #eu%. as we go to the north i want to show you why our friends across the southeast had to deal with it because the temperatures behind this front are chilly. it feels like the 20s and 30s behind the system. aheaeaof the system temperatures are in the 60s and 70s. rememeer the clash of the two air masses provides for the possibility of strong to severe storms. this morning we are rain-free. we are seeing some clouds around but we won't seat showers start to move intoo our forecast until the lunchtime and going on into the evening hours. remember these showers and storms are associated with the leading edge of the storm.
6:44 am
this front is attached to an elongated area. providing for snow in missouri and over parts of mexico and the tennessee valley will have to deal with these showers and storms for the next two hours before the threat heads eastward towards the carolinas. embedded in the severe thunderstorms there will be enough lift, the updraft to allow for some hail and the possibility of a tornado will not be ruled out. here comes the storm. wide-spread showers and storms starting for the eveng commute and continuing into the overnight hours. going into thursday wel keep the slight the forecast in the morning time. by the afternoon you'll notice a big cnge direction. friday morning we're talking lows in the 50s. consnce? oaks road near state road 7, we have a really bad crash here. policelocking off part
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we have a reporter heading to this location, check thisout. oaks road near state road 7, a bad crash a a you can see that car banged up there. this is i-95 southbound at 10rd street. we had reports of a broken down car blocking our center lanes of traffic. they had moved over, all the way over the median there. the shoulder not really affecting us this morning but we are seeing a little bit of stop and go traffic just because it is the i. those speeds between 24 and 18 miles per hour. that crash on the palmetto northbound completely cleared up at 1454th street. we have reports of a police-involved crash right off of northeast 13th street. >> constance, thanks for that. the basketball fate short-term and lock-term for chris bosh still up in the area. here he is with the found her dog fish head brewery.
6:46 am
this photo unveiling bosh's beer, daddy jack, at an event last night. >> beer? i wouldn't. >> -- he's an athlete. i would think a green drin or energy drink. a weekend of foodie events begins today. an event tonight for the first time in ft. lauderdale. >> tomorrow the fun heads south to south beach. you can see a lot of tents set up for dozens events featuring celebrity chefs and bar tndersrs as well. >> miami beachch rolled out bright new lifeguard stand. the four new stands were designed by architect william lane. they feature impact windows and aluminum hardware. very colorful and artsy but they are meant to be functional by giving lifeguar a better view of swimmers. >> you say only here in south florida.
6:47 am
>> speaking of bodyguards, bay watch heading back to the television screen and the movie screen. >> yeah, there's no better place to film it than in our own backyard. we have a look at the stars taking over our sands just ahead. we do want to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day, eileen. >> i know eileen. happy wednesday, girl. and chuck e. cheese chaos, you're not going to believehis. adult out of control and caught on camera. and coming up hit and run arrest, a relative of a commissioner booked into jail for a crash that
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condition. 6:50. newwhis morning a california car max employee is dead andnd the driver under arrest after a very dangerous test drive. lice say he was speeding during the test drive on tuesday and hit a tree. he and the car max employeeere taken to the hospital where he died if when i injuries. >> this test drive is something that we do. it's a normal thing. so when i heard it, i had to come to pay my respects because had it been me, warren would be right here on the scene. >> the driver is charged wiwi vehicular homicide and felony driving under the influence of drugs.. protests popping up all across the country yesterday in a show of support for apple in
6:51 am
with the fbi. take apple's side in what has been become known adds the great encryption debate. 28 other locations across the u.s. also protesting. they are protesting over a federal judge's order that apple help the fbi breaking into the iphone, opening the phone of one of the san bernadino shooters. where do you stand? an expert tells us about whetetr or not unlocking one phone could put your phone at risk. tune in tonight at 6:00.0. caught on camera a brawl breaksut at a chuck e. cheese restaurant. two young children even suffered minor injies. bybyhe time police arrived the people involved in the fight had taken offff chuck e. cheese says they will have a security guard there at the place from now on. it's a kids' place. >> come on, folks. get it together. a bun head coach hollywood stars on the sands of south florida.
6:52 am
of the big stars in the film. zac efron is involved in the movie based on one of the biggest tv shows from back in the '90s. remember the red swim suits? you're going to see them around here because it's being shot in dania beach and boca raton. the movie expected to be released some time in 2017. >> red swim suits, of course. >> i'm going to be look for them filming, that's for sure. >> hollywood's biggest night is just four days away. >> head to the entertainment section of to take our oscars challenge. you can check out this year's carpet coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. in the maantime we're still following a developing story this morning. a dangerous dispute at the dadeland mall. >> why an officer says he was forced to fire his weapon into the
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new details next. hi, south florida, on this wednesday morning. the time is 6:55. we have low-lying stratus clouds. we are rain-free this morning but we are warm and humid. temperatures are in the mid 70s miami-dade and broward and the keys. southeast wind anywhere between nine and ten miles per hour. pay attention because we'll be leaving the house to dry conditions but by the afternoon as yoyore picking up the kids from school, the evening comte will become stormy. these storms will be sticking around for the evening hours, dinner time. thetorms will move in from the north west to the couple east so they will start in broward, head towards miami and the skis. traffic alert here. this is oaks road. just west of state road 7. a really bad crash. obviously you see with that picture there, that car babaed up. still trying to figure out the details on this
6:56 am
lives in davie, expect those delays. i-95 we go, part of the exit ramp was shut down after an earlier crash. it's still off to the shoulder. if you are traveling down at the turnpike down south, we have a crash to get to. this one expecting our northbound lanes. speeds at 12 miles per hour. >> our top stories on this wednesday morning beginning with an argument between a couple at dadeland mall that led to an officer firing his gun. officers say the husband sped towards detectives with his minivan. it's still unclear what charges that man will face. and a suspectedded hit and run driver turning himself into to police. boykin struck javier valdez monday morning while the teen was trying to catch a bus. a 16-year-old is recovering at homestead hospital after being shot in the arm. police say the teen was approached by three men on bikes on douglas ive and then shot.
6:57 am
gunman had been doubt. donald trump called the winner of the nevada caucus, almost 46 of the te. marco rubio and ted cruz still fighting for second and third place. all of the votes have not been counted yet. we'll keep you post and that this weekend. glenna millberg will be there. check in with us all week long. >8 96% of the precincts voting so 4% left for you. severe weather threat over northern florida will be heading our way. 4:00 until 8:00, possibly into 9:00 tonight. keep it tuned no your weather authority. out chief meteorologist betty daifsz will be here all weekend long. >> gives you some time to think of a plan. you never know what can happen so be r%ady for this afternoon and evening. >> "good morning america" continues next. we'll be back just
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live, local news good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump's huge win in nevada. >> now we're winning, winning, winning the country.
7:00 am
trump relishes his victory. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> marco rubio second and less than a week from the superer tuesday showdown, donald trump and marco rubio are here this morning. oh, my goodness. holy cow. deadly storms tear through the south. 27 reported tornadoes across the gulf states ripping roofs off buildings, destroying hundreds of homes, flipping over trucks. now new warnings are out this morning as severe storms move east. erin andrews' emotional day in court, the reporter and "dancing with the stars" favorite takes on a hotel and a stalker with a 7$75 million lawsuit over invasion of privacy. did the hotel make it too easy for her stalker to spy on her? >> celine dion's triumphant return, the superstar singer proving her heart will go on taking the coliseum stage in las vegas for the first time since her beloved husband passed away.


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