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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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land the aircraft they at the airport. unfortunately, due to engine trouble, he couldn't make it. he did makak a valiant attempt to try to mauk sure that nobody on the ground was injured. obviously, by all accounts he actually did a pretty decent job it looks like in makina sure that he landed the aircraft as best he could without injuring anybody on the ground. >> derek: as we take a look at some video of crews trying to get that plane out of that front yard, that is something really to commend this pilot for. he did not hit anyone or any of the houses in this area. we are told one person was actually inside that home where that plane landed in their front yard, so this could have been a lot worse. the pilot again not transported to the hospital. the investigation now underway as to what happened. that lawn now on its way back to north perry airport to be looked at, and trying to see what happened, why that engine went out. that's the latest now from hollywood. i'm derek shore, local10 news. >> i'm sorry it happened up to
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but you identity all people. >> calvin: a father's pain days after his little boy is gunned down. >> twoubjects were ap brended in connection with this heinousous, violent act. >> calvin: now cops making an arrest a an impassioned plea. >> to the young people, stop this foolishness,on't pick up guns to solve your beefs. your life will be ruined forever. >> calvin: tonight team covege into the arrests into the murder king carter. and thatittle boy was just walking in front of his home to get candy like any other six-year-old boy would do. >> laurie: but he got caught up in the middle of gunfire and now two teenagers are behind bars for hir murder. let's to go local10 news reporter hatzel vela. >> hatzel: laurie, one of those teens 17-year-old irwen pressley who police say had had a gun o o him when he was arrested, a gun he told police was used in the scene of the screenings now we're learning why there was a shtout. a beef thattarted on social
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18-year-old leonard adams and adriana-year-old irwen pressley. the two allegedly had it out for a guy named juju ju j. so they get in a car, drive over at the time blue lake village apartmen in northwest miami-dade with find the guy, and allegedly start shooting at him. dung the shoot ott six-year-old king carter who was walking through the parking lot to buy candy was hit in the chest. pressley and adams got in the car and took off. >> every shwoting we're going to track you down. >> hatzel: cyberbullying more and more has been what sparks these fights, and investigators say guns are used to solve differences. >> to uses their terminology, they're punching each other on the on facebook. >> hatzel: for hours cops surrounded this two-storyapartment building in opa-locka. foolishness neighbors say dozens of evidenc bags were confiscated from unity 3 wherere pressley list of. among those items a handgun that pressley allegedly told defect he used in the child's murder. 17-year-old pressley is already on probation for strongarmed robbery a aggravated battery
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state attorney's office says pulling their files to figure out how these two fell through the criminal adjust system. >> in some -- justice system. >> in some cases we understood the victim died. it never cou get to court. >> hatzel: both men are c crged with attempted murder and are expected in court tomorrow. >> calvin: news of the arrests has brought some court of family of little king carter. local10 news reporter neki mohan continues our team coverage right now. nekiki >> neki: calvin and laurie, this mother and father still hurting from the losos of their son. they say they're also distraught at the arrest of the teenagers, people so young who had guns in their handsn here at the community, they're playing a little music, they have gathered with friends and family, blowing off some steam after what they say has been many sleepless nights. >> it won't bring him back. >> neki: monica smith reacting solemnly to the news that
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the murder of her six-year-old son king cararr. carter was killed last saturday playing outside his northwest mild home at 2:00 in the afternoon. king's father getting a call from one of the young men being questioned in his son's murr. >> he's so sar. he was crying, yelling to the top of his lungs. he's so sorry. >> and that he was turning himself in. >> you a nice guy, all i hear is nothinbut good about you. i know you help. you do nothing but help other people's kids. i'm sorry it happened to you. >> we hurting. they have really ripped my farmer apart. but we've got god. we trust in god. >> neki: the child's death sparking community-up outrage and marches, a movement that the family of a littlt boy hope will continue. monica smith says that king's spirit will live on, a kind, compassionate child who she will miss dearly. >> he had a big personality, a real big personality.
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but i just hope that they get what they deserve. >> nekek as you can see, many family's home. they are happy to hear the news caught. but again, they are preparing to bury that little boy this coming weekend. live in northwest miami-dade, neki mohan, local10 news. >> laurie: so many thoughts are with t tm. now to a one and only exclusive, a hit-and-run crasas sending a man in the hospital in critical condition. that man had just run out of gas. local10 news reporter michael signed is live in southwest miami-dade with did exclusive. >> michael: you know, state troopers say it's getting ridiculous.they call it an epidemic. we're talking about hit-and-run crashes. last year alone nearly 30,000 in miami-dade county, and this 27-year-old tonight, he tells us that his car ran out of gas on the side of the road. he was filling up when another vehicle plowed into him. >> i was in so much pain. but thank god i'm still here.
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>> thank god i'm still here. >> michael: fernando rossello is eye 75, the 27-year-old was critically injured sunday hit-and-run crash. fernando said he was driving to work arorod 2:00 a.m. when his intersection in of the with miami-dade. a complete stranger drove him he filled up. >> i topped the gas tank and i was going to get ready to go in my car. all of a sudden, boom. >> michael: just rock at his first injuries. neck is fractured, bones broken. the car that plowed into him never stop ohed to help. no fernando and his family are hoping that driver will surrender. >> the doctor say he e ing to be able to walk so i'm happy. >> please be careful next time. >> easy, easy, easy. [ speaking in spanish ] >> you have to take it easy.
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your blood pressure is going up. take it easy. >> the next guy won't be so lucky. >> michael: you really feel for fernando and his family. witnesses believe this car was a white ford crown victoria like the one you see on your screen, they think it has severe damage on the front end. if you have any infortion, you are asked to call miami-dade crimestoppers. thatumber right there on your screen, 305471 tip. wives in southwest miami-dade, michael seiden. >> calaln: now to fight at a ritzy south beach condo involving a valet driver and guest that ended with the the pair smashing through the lobby's frond window. oulocal10 news reporter andrew from this whiled scene. andrew. >> andrew: that's right, calvin. we caught up with the guest who was involved in all of this. here at the va hospital where he was getting some tests done earlier today.
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never thought something like this would happen in south beach. >> where is security in a building with the prices that they have? this is south beach. >> andrew: yapped in bandages with his attorney, edward dangerfield leaves the hospital with pretty bad cuts and bruises. >> i have multiple lacerations on my hands, my legs, i have nerve damage on my foot. >> andrew: he said he rececved these injuries at the mr. dor in south b bch after a fight with the valet quickly escalated. he pulledp to drop off a check for for his defender girlfriend when he came out, he says his car was blocked in and he reresed to pay. so he says he called police, and they started staring each other down. >> the brews are grabs nee around my neck and i never threw a punch. >> before i knew it like in slow motion we're going into the glass door into the mir door's lobby. >> if you look at the pictures
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wrongful death case. >> andrew: his attorney said he's fortunately alive but this army veteran isn't happy with the way things go down. he said witness stories d differ but all of it was caught on building vanes cameras. and police did also mention in the report that it was hard to tell exactly who started this be all butted, of course, the attorney said he has several witnesses that prove his client was not theggressor. of course, tre are two sides over the store. i went to the mirrador. so far no comment. i'm andrew perez. >> laurie: coming up on ten minutes after 6:00 so we'd better check the evening rush for you frying to get home. local10 traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: we have two broken down cars causing problems. i-95 northbound at northwest 54th street where you can see the heavy congestion there. there is a broken-down car rightht around 62nd street and we are seeing red on our maps. speeds right now clocking in at
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we've also`got a broken-down cooter palmetto expressway. this is northbound at northwest 74th street. there is a left lane blocked here, and speeds there are clocking in at 25 miles per hour. and ass we cruise on to broward county we do have one accident on i-95 northbound. this accident right around sterling road. it is blocking a left lane. speeds are starting toping right at 29 miles per hour. >> laurie: jenise, thank you. >> calvin: we have been warned by betty wild weather is moving into south florida. >> laurie: it is wait and see, and take a look at what a florida viewer caught on camera. we'll tell you where, coming up. >> betty: scattered showers showing up out there right now. but how does that severe weather threat look at this point? we're watching it minute by minute. we'll talk about it after the break. >> calvin: is president t ama preparing for another possible mayor yellow boatlift? the proclamation he issued today. laurie: targeted or sheer mischief? a man is seen vandalizing a parked car in a miramar neighborhood >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00, pot or not? >> this has no side effects.
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seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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hey candidates, answer the call already. >> calvin: throwing abair white honda civic this morning become a man apparently threw a paver at the home on southwest 84th way in miramar. if you recognize this guy here call police. a big bust at port everglades, u.s. customs and border protections seizing more than 150 pounds of cociine with an estimated street value of $2 million. the stash was fopped hidden in a container aboard a ship arriving from ecuador last week. no word on any arrests. president obama soph end a presidential proclamation on cuba today saying relations have improved significantly. >> lauri also he stayed firm not allowing americans to take thei boats to the island. our michael hike has more mitchell the public saiai
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improved but americans s sll mosquito take their boats into cuban waters if there should be another mass migration. here's what president obama wants to avoid, another mariel. the 1980 boatlift was quoteddic and dangerous. when president jimmy part k ky said he opened cubans with open arms and fidel castro pushed the mal contents out the door, along with criminals did and the mentally ill. today president oma issued a proclamation on cuba describing a better relationship between waington and havana but declaring americans cannot take theiei boats into cuban waters should raul castro throw openn the doors again. the unauthorized entry of united states registered vessels into company territorial waters is detrimental to the forei policy of the united states, the politicalmation says. >> president barack obama to
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another offense to us, especially to these four why you can men. it's going to be a slap in the face. >> michael: ironically, today is the 20th anniversary of the brothers to the rescue shootdowns which killed four miami men. that led to president clinton issuing a first stern cuban proclamation in 1986. so here we are 2016, 20 years passed, relations are better, and yet americans still cannot take their boats into cuban waters without prior special permission and not during a masas migration. we're live in the video port, michael putney, local10 news. >> calvin: and local10 news will be there when president obama visits cuba next month. a team of reporters will join me for our live coverage of the president's historic trip in just a matter of days. >> laurie: turning to weather, severe weather hitting parts of florida and take a look at this video a funnel cloud a viewer sprints vero beach elier this afternoon. not what you want to see as your
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betty, you've given us plenty of warning. >> betty: so far the weatheras not been giving south florida too many problems, so hopefully we can keep this trend going, and simply get through with mere showers. instead of severe weather. we're not ready to rule out the possibility of a stray strong storm altogether, but it looks like things are looking a little better on our end. not looking so great elsewhere, though. this is such a vigorous low pressure system working over the eastern popoion of the u.s. now. the tornado threat, it is out there for the carolinas and the mid-atlantic. storms rotating as we speak. we're on the tail end of this, the cold front associated with it ahead that of front, this is where showers are starting to creep into our neighborhoods. so the bottom line, if we get nigh severe weather we'll be right back looks like our main threat would be for some strong winds, maybe 40 to 8 a a miles an hour. the tornado risk is dough, 40 to 60 mobles. let me so you right now on the
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scattered showers in a around broward county and the main line retching from the west side florida peninsula out toward the gulf of mexico. look at that on the doppler radar. doesn't look very impressive but its still has to the work east. out ahead of that a few showers starting to pop up. watching act of rebate springing up we'll say near pompano beach at the very least and certainly seeing some rain showers out there on this cell around north lauderdale. at this point it's just rain. no severe thunderstorm warning, no lightning strikes with that but some wet weather around power line row. little row showers we're watching out for, and then that band off in the distance extending toward the gulf of mexico. this, too, sill has to travel toward the east so it's all a matter of how much this holds together, if it picks up some seem. so far that has not wean the case but we do see pass can showers or a line of showers approaching the keys tonight. we'll keep an eye on that. i know you'll be checking in to see if the kaiser changing out
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the skies are changing. between now and 8:00 showers in the area. by 10:00 any showers that we do have should be ending, at least@ that is the suggestion of the forecast models, including this one, which does shoah broken line of showers coming across around 8 00 tonight, and then around tex that line pushing out over the atlantic and troyer air starts to work in. that air is going to be cooler as well so tomorrow we're only dog going to see our high temperatures reaching the lower 70s. you will need ray sweater as we're rounding out the week. we're doing away with the 80s by this weekend. we'll be wondering what are we going to wear? it's cool out here again. will. >> will: the forecast is for fun here, betty. will manso at the american airlines arena. the champs are in town and that means steph curry is in town, the golden state warriors, beas team in the up nba.
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tt2watv# -4 bt@qq> will: there is no doubt about it, this is the biggest regular season game for the miami heat this seasok as the golden state warriors are in town. the defending champs led by steph curry. i'm going to step out of the way and show you the court is clear, just a couple of players still around but the stars were out earlier, d-wade, and then curry as i just mentioned. his pre-game work is the stuff of legends. we got to watch the pre-game dribbling. he shoots left-handed, right-hand wed layups from half court, you name. it curry puts on quite a show,
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puts on a show with the warriors. d-wade knows the challenge ahead against the best team in the nba. >> you can't take everything away, you know, one thing that's hard to take away is 3s. especially when you got a guy like steph curry, the way he handles the ball with the way he's able to shoot over domin. your game plan is what's your future conwrol. >> will: quick update on chris bosh. last night we got to see work for the first time out in public since he started missing action with the another health scare related to blood clots. last night he was at a beer release party, a beer that he's putting out and looked pretty good. but yahoo! reporting tonight some time over the next 24 hours the heat hope to release a statement and have clarity witit c.b. on whether he will be back this season or not. that's something certainly to watch.
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tonight, calvin and laurie 7:30 tip-time. the warriors, and a lot of points. we'll have the highlights at 11:00. >> calvin: show time. we'll be looking for your tweets. so weeee tweeting out there. >> will: a lot of them. >> laurie: thank you, will. i think the three of us should you jump in the car and kick our way into the came. >> calvin: traffic is going to be an issue. it will be each more chaotic. >> betty: we still have a few showers. we're watching between 7:00 and 9:00 this evening. so far it looks like we may avoioi severe weather but our fingers are red cross crossed on that one. we know what happened in pensacola. we're getting the tail end that of line. so far we're good but we are going to have a few passing showers out there so be ready for that. >> laurie: the poor folks in pompano beach are being nailed with rain and wind and already had a tornado.
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breaking news tonight. we're on the scene of a deadly tornado outbreak. severa states, homes destroyed. a dangerous night ahead from
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through new york. also breaking tonighgh the race for president, and donald trump, now marching to super tuesday. his landslide win in nevada. and the major republican now predicting a trump surprise. the abc news exclusive tonight. my one-on-one interview with apple's ceo, tim cook. for the first time, cook on why apple is refusing to help the fbi break into the iphone used by the san bernardino killer. new details tonight on the pilot in that ddly chopper crash. what he was trying to do. and the famous sports reporter, the "dancing with the stars" host, erin andrews, suing her stalker and a major hotel tonight. did they put the staer right next door? her father tonight, breaking down. good evening tonight from sasafrancisco. and we are here for our exclusive interview with apple ceo tim cook. for the first time, answering


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