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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  WPLG  February 25, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EST

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>> they are working together to determine if these shootings are indeed connected. >> anchor: a lot on their plate with police having gunfire in an area plagued by gun4violence. it seems, locals say, they're trying to understand what's broken. >> in the community either they' frightened out of their mind or just don't care. >> detectives responding to two different scenes. the first 15th street and 19th avenue in miami. a man walked up shooting a 16-year-old outside with a friend. the suspect runs off f to an camry. that teen survives. at the same time another teen shot near northwest 71st street and 14th avenue. >> and quickly initiated life-saving efforts and transported to ryder trauma center. >> they believe it's
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something locals fear will consume the area if nothing is done. >> it's like they've become numb to it, if you will. it's the norm and it shouldn't be. >> reporter: and so now here's where you come in. anyone with information encouraged to call crime stoppers and if it's not just because you want to be helpful, you could be eligible for a cash reward. for the right tip you can remain anonymous. live in miami, andrew perez, local 10 news. >> andrew, thanks a lot. >> laurie: team coverage continues with more on the high profile shooting of king carter. >> calvin: 2 teenagers arrested for the 6 year old's murder. carlos suarez live with more on the story. carlos? >>eporter: calvin and laurie, the murder made that much more egregious by saying that child's death was the result of a fight on social media. tonight 2 of the 3 gunmen sit jail and police say there are more arrests.
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leonard adams was booked into il where he'd soon find a familiar face. irwin presley made the same walk on tuesday after police charged the pair in the shooting death of 6-year-old king carter. a murder police say stemmed from a fight on social media. >> right now it appears that there was some type ofbeef between the two rival factions. >> reporter: investigators say the teens headed out for a guy named juju when they pulled into the apartment, spotted him near the stair well and opened fire. carter, walking across the parking lot, shot in the chest. >> you'll live with this guilt for the reststf your days. know that! the most heinous thing you ca do is to kill a child. >> reporter: the guilt too much for one of the teens who called carter's father and said he was sorry. >> he's so sorry. crying, yelling to the top of & his lungs he's so sorry. >> reporter: early police storm the building in opalaka where they found a 9 mm handgun used
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>> we're hurting. they ripped our family apart but we trust in god. >> reporter: presley was wearing a gps monitor on his ankle the day of the shooting. >> the trutu of the matter is yesterday it was little king carter. tomorrow it could be someone else. >> reporter: all right, so police say the intended target, this person named juju did manage to fire back striking one of the teens in the chest. it's unclear whose bullets ultimately enend up striking carter. the teens charged with second degree murder in carter's death as well as first degree murder on the intended target, this juju person. both held tonight without bond. live tonight in west miami-dade. carlos suez, local 10 news. >> we'll stay on it, carlos, thank you. >> calvin: and engine trouble forcing a pilot to put down his plane turning a neighborhood into a runway. >> laurie: an incredible image and while such a close call the
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live in hollywood where where e this plane was taken. >> reporter: it was a maintenance flight gone wrong. miraculously no one was hurt and the house it came down on still in very good shshe. not bad damage at all. that's the fence the plane ca down on and it's standing just fine. it was an unbelievable sight in hollywood. a small plane resting on the fence after the crash landing wednesday afternoon. >> i don't know what happened. i saw the plane through the window, i was very, very discouraged. >> reporter: michael canteras was home at the time.>> it stopped here. >> reporter: he walked us over to e spot where the plane came down. >> right here. it came down right there. >> engine failure. >> roger. >> reporter: the cessna 152 was on a routine maintenance flight. it took off before 4 p.m. and didn't take long for the pilot to report engine trouble.
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to the calls with the tower. the pilot, randall todd shore of pompano beach seen here bandaged up hahato bring the plane down on 76th avenue blocks away from the airport. >> he attempted to land the aircraft on the street and looks like it struck something on the ground and it pirouetted and came to rest in front of the residence. >> you have to give that pilot all kinds of credit. to be walking away from that without a doubt. >> around 6:00 the plane wa removed and taken to the airport. when he checked for damage, he didn't find much. the fence looks like it's in fine shape. >> it's a miracle. >> reporter: when the pilot got out of the plane he said god saved his life. in hollywood, victor, local 10 news.
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exclusive. a hit and run crash. and tonight he ran out of gas near southwest 87th avenue and 112th street in southwest miami-dade. a stranger stopped to help him peck up gas but when he returned to fill up his empty car he was struck and the driver never stopped. >> please bebecareful next time and i think it is. and the next guy won't be so lucky. >> reporter: soseo frtured his neck and suffered several broken bones. police are looking for a white ford crown victoria with heavy damage on the e front end. if you have any information call 305-471-tips. >> laurie: the follow-up file in the mistrial of a person acused of molesting his baby
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the trial for augustine but today they played the portion of the audio recording not to be placed in front of the jury. the defense asked for mistrial which was granted by the dge. the state now has to try it in front of a totalllldifferent jury. that date has not been set. >> calvin: bernie sanders and hillary clinton going head-to-head in the primary this weekend in south carolina but if you believe the polls, it should be a runaway for mrs. clinton. we're joined now live from columbia, south carolina. you're back again, glena. >> reporter: back again to some pretty windy weather here, calvinin this democratic primary on saturday, aside from being the democrats' first primy in the south, has huge significance, especially for bernie sanders, because whatever those results are will tell whether he can compete nationwide for the african american vote specifically. wouldn't it be great? secretary hillary clinton holds
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poll here where more than half of south carolina dedemocrats are african american. clinton has a history working for a civil rights and social justice and a more recent record of personally reaching out to mothers in police shootings. senator bernie sanders has met in south carolina churches and with community leaders highliting race in his signature issues. the income gap. criminal justice reform. >> she speaks for the city poisoned by indifference. >> reporter: both are competing on the air and on the ground with black celebrities and political endorsements. we'll see so many of those as here. sandnrs will be in missouri and oklahoma and other states. hillary clinton is bringing bill and chelsea to south carolina and she will be here, everywhere in the state, until saturday.
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carolina, tonight, local 10 news. >> calvin: okay, glenith. and therer >> and well, it's candy but it's made from canibus and now some people are using the hemp to heal themselves. but does it pass the dea's drug test? local 10 investigates is it pot or not after the break. >> reporter: and dryer air moves in for tomorrow and also a cool breeze. don't miss the tempetature forecast. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. we're just minutes away. >> reporter: and the season for the e ami heat at the american airlines arena. i'm will manso live here at the arena and it's certainly lived up to the hype and so did steph curry putting on the unbelievable performance down the stretch in the thriller. all the highlights and reaction later in sports. >> across e country it's time for america's favorite jackpot game! get ready, everybody.
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good evening, everyone. i'm laura johnson. tonight's powerball jackpot. and that first number up is 67. followed by the number 21. we'll meet monty who won 2 million dollars playing powerball. congratulations, monty! for the rest of the numbers we have 65, 31, rounding it out with the number 64. your powerball number tonight
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multiplier is 3. >> laurie: medical marijuana back on the ballot this fall but some already feeling the benefits from cbd. >> calvin: it comes from
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but is it pot or not? we explain. >> reporter: it's a saturday evening in miami's artsy winwood district. everyone is here to show support for legalizing memecal marijyana. but some are already getting that relief through the secret of cbd. >> cbd coming from hemp is benefiting people. th's a fact. >> reporter: cbcbcomes from hemp. it's a plant like marijuana. but unlike marijuana hemp is high hin cbd, not thc. here are some of the products being sold all across south florida. now at this store in fort lauderdale you won't find big lines out the door and in fact won't even need a prescription to buy these goods but how is this stuff legal? we checked with the dea and they say at the moment it's illegally producuc and the
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>> the feds are investigating. >> reporter: but a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney says there is a loophole in the law. >> because it comes from agricultural hemp which is legal and also because they're selling it as a supplement and not a drug. >> so who is using this stuff? moms like jennifer. >> my older son robby is 11 was born missing the center part of his brain but it looks like autism. >> she started robby on cbd and is already seeing a huge difference. >>t allows robby to function in a much more calm way. >> reporter: cindy also swears by it. >> i'm always up in the night and i'm able to get a good night's sleep when i use it. you don't want to take pills and don't want to be medicated and this and the put you down like you're medicated. >> reporter: of course it's big business. you can eat it, drink it and even wear it.
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>> reporter: prices range from 15 to $100 per product and it only takes about 45 minutes before you start to feel the effects. >> there have been several investigations. >>reporter: but it's not without controversy. >> 100 viles of liquid thc. >> reporter: here in florida just last year investigators busted several smoke shops for selling products labeled cbd that actually contained thc. that's why businesses like holistic hope go the extra step of testing the products themselves. >> we've had it where it hasn't matched and the products never made it to the counters. >> reporter: so if you're considering cbd, make sure you do your homework. research what you're buying. >> reporter: most people don't ow what they're getting so they must shop at reputae places and demand to see lab reports that show what's in the substance. >> customers using cbd are clearly satisfied. >> reporter: i use holistic stuff, too, like from whole
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of anything is whereas here i can clearly read it. >> it just relaxes you, like calms you down. like if you had a glass of wine but without the alcoholic effect. reporter: right now there are several bills being considered by legislative committees in tallahassee that remove canibus from the schedule of controlled substances and allow certain universities to udy hemp product. now we'll continue to follow their prress in the legislature. i'm michael siden, local 10 news. >> calvin: okay, michael, thanks. even in the state and in washington d.c. they allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana. 4 states fully legalized thth drug for recreational use. here in florida the medical marijuana will be on n e ballot as amendment 2. >> laurie: the update to the zika case here in florida. we learned there are 3 new cases in florida, all pregnant women. state health authorities will not reveal where those patients live, but we know the 3 new cases make for a total of 32 across our state. all 32 are travel related.
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somber anniversary in the cuban exile community. 24 years after they shot down two brothers to the rescue planes.0 we'll take you to that sad, sad ceremony coming up. >> laurie: and we do have these live pictures now. 95 northbound at 125th street. a huge backup tonight! give a call to anyone you know if they can avoid this area. 95 north right at 125th street. you can tell from the picture,
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>> a somber a anniversary. it's been 20 years since the brothers to the rescue plan were shot down. family members and
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the 4 men departed to remember the tragedy and to remind everyone that justice has not been served for their deaths. >> and as we remember them today, we must not forgrg that 20 years later this crime unpunished! >> they say they will never disappointed by the obama administration who is set to make a trip it cuba next month and of course local 10 news will be there. >> laurie: as we turn to weather, a wait and see kind of afternoon and luckily that weather spared us. >> calvin: those storms seemed to have weakened. >> we'll take it. a nice surprise for us here on this wednesday night. hope you had a decent day and still a few and there are visuals on the radar and see that line out over the atlantic.
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the bahamas and no longer a concern for us. there are still a few residual showers and all that action works eastbound as we're sleeping tonight so by tomorrow morning it's all about mainly dry weather returning to south florida. it has been quite a weather day. elsewhere in the country, if you have relatives in the carolinas or maybe d.c. or new york city, severe storms are racing across those areas today. more than 200 wind reports coming out of there all because of this frontal system and numerous tornados reported as well. the weather getting a little more quiet for those areas tonight as the front gets ready to clear the coast line. the low pressure, though, cold air wrapping in behind it means some snow trailing all the way down through the southern appalachians and means some cooler air that's going to push into our area, too, we just through. the severe weather for us is over and now focus on the temperatures and currently 70
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considering that we made it into the mid80s this afternoon, those numbers in themselves are a cool down. but once we get a nortrtest wind kicking in, we're expecting even cooler temperatures out there come tomorrow. so this is the deal. northwest winds take hold tomorrow and cool winds all day long with that northwest wind reinforcedon friday and friday is going to be downright chilly with the lows droppqng off into the 50s. for tomorrow morning, we're expecting lows in the 60s forecasting 64 for miami and then highs only reaching lower 70s. we don't want you to be surprised by this ringing the neighbors' doorbell. dingdong! can i borrow your sweater some you'll have your sweater with you as you head off to work tomorrow. so definitely a cool change. we're going to be on the chilly side as we head into the weekend with overnight lows into the lower 50s and on
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and then by monday a little more in the atmosphere. tracker julie durda gets started at 4:30. hey, will. >> reporter: betty, it's good to talk to you and an entertaining game tonight at american airlines arena! i'm will live at the arena where it was a playoff where the world champs were down. steph curry had 40 and d-wade 30 but it was clay thompson that went on the big run in the 4th quarter helping the warriors chip away at the heat lead and win this thing. we'll have all the highlights and the retion in local 10 sports right after this. >> laurie: what a game and here are the cash 3, play 4, fantasy
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good luck! >> reporter: the champs were in town and it's a night the hype get lived up to. the teams have been playing good basketball and the warriors with 550 of the night. heat won 3 straight games and go to the highlight and see what happened tonight and dwayne wade said sure we can! the step and score and heat out to the early lead and d-wade with e huge performance. and it's hassan whiteside with 21 points. 13 rebounds. the throw down there. heat up by 8.
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champs with steph curry and this guy is unbelievable. me winding down and hits the 3 but heat still up 9 in the second quarter and how about josh richardson. the rookie having to play because of injuries and guess what heat up 3 and the third with the steal down to the end and nice bucket move. all of a sudden now tied at 59 because the warriors start hitting serious shots and one of the guys getting it done with clay thompson. hassan, again, those 21 and how about that shot basket there. heat up by 2 but then steph curry doing what steph curry does. the warriors don't look back and heat had 42 points. what a show tonight and e show the heat fallen 112-111.
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and made some great players at the end and then enough to win the ball game and we could play with the way we played tonight and majority of the rest of the season to win these games and gave a chance and hope things go our wain this event and very good for them. >> a couplebeing clay thompson and scott curry hitting all the shots and wade's right. no such thing as moral victories but beat about just about any other nba team and great for the team that won 3 straight games and been playing basketball. oh, so close, laurie and calvin, but a great atmosphere tonight and a lot of fun to watch and it bodes well for the heat with the final 25 games. >> they play well for the competition but itgs so different. they're on a measing! >> and the son was there and talking about it forever! >> he thinks he's seth. hope he makes seth curry money one day!


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