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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 25, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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our exclusive intervi and response from the justice department. political demands. who i pushing donald trump to make public his tax returns? how mitt romney is getting involved and how trump is fighting back. powerful storms from the tornadoeshat killed several people in the south to the heavy snowstorms that stopped travelers in their tracks. the latest from accuweather. and later inside the oscars from the dazzling stage to the fancy diggs, backstawe. we're getting a look at the academy awards venue even before hollywood's biggest stars are there. it is thursd, february 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone on this thursday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we're going to begin with apple's ceo tim cooke and his reaction to his exclusive interview with abc news. >> cooke says helping the fbi to unlock an iphone used by one of
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would be like creating a master y that could impact hundreds of millions of users, but a senior government official says the fbi wants apple to develop a way into that phone which will be known only inside apple. >> abc's elizabeth hur has more. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: kendis and reena, good morning t# you. right off the bat, tim cooke addressed the victims' f filies of the san bernardino attacks saying that they have his deepest sympathy and no one should go through what they have been through. that said, cooke says this case is more than about jusus one phone. >> safety of our kids safetyf our families is very important. the protection of people's data is incredibly important. >> reporter: apple's ceo tim cooke explaining his decision exclusive to "world news now" tonight with david muir senator apple has cooperated with the fbi fully in this case this they came to us and asked us for all the information we had on this phone and we gave everything that we had.
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california ordered apple to unlock san bernardino terrorist syed farook's iphone and apple has stood firm that's not happening insisting at stake is the data security of millions of law abiding people. >> the only way to get information at least currently the only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort off the software equivalent of cancer. that is what is at stake here. >> reporter: butut in the name of public safety, attorney general loretta lynch is urging apple to comply. >> judges all over the country and on theupreme court have said that those parties must assist if it reasonably win their power to do so. >> reporter: the fight sending thousands across the country to rally in support of apple. even though a new pugh poll finds 51% of americans believe that apple should unlock the phone. >> if we knew a way to do this that would not expose hundreds
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issues, we would obviously do it. but again, this is not about one phone. this is about the future. >> reporter: apple has until tomorrow to file a response to the judge's order and some legal experts say this is a landmark case that could rea the supreme court. kendis and reena? >> ourur thanks to elizabeth there. we're going to hear more from tim cooke and our exclusive interview in our next half hour and all morning long. the latest clash between donald trump and a mainstream republican. just today after trump's landslide victory in nevada, mitt romney called on the billionaire to release his tax returns saying they may contain a bombshell. romney the former gop presidential nominee suggests that either trump is not as wealthy a a he says he is, or he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay. >> i think the last time he was asked about his taxes he said well, it's going to be months. look, people have a right to
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those taxes before they decide. >> trump fired back saying mitt romney who totally blew an election that should have been won and whose tax returns made him look like a fool is now playing tough guy. >> the hillary clinton cbmp is out in force looking to shore up support ahead of super tuesday. former president bill clinton made a couple of campaign stops in virginia to make the case for hissife and accused republicans of demonizing muslims for political gain. hillary clinton spent her day shoring up support from the black community before the south carolina primary addressing the crisis. more than 9,000 people gathering here in tulsa, oklahoma, last night. 2500 of them couldn't getin. bernie sanders told supports he didn't think there there was any way he could lose oklahomaing. > the deadlytorms that have ravaged much of the mid-atlantic are beginning to dissipate. a state o emergency in virirnia
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wind and thunderstorms knocked out power and left motorists stranded by flooding. the farming totn of wavily was especially hard hit after a rnado touched down with almost no warning. >> glad you let t get through the this. >> among those killed were two adult men and a 2-year-old boy whose bodies were found not fa are from a mobile home destroyed by the storm. >> it's a powerful system. you have wet heavy snow slamming much of the midwest especially around the greater chicago area. nearly 1200 flights have been canceled canceled. hundreds of snow pws were deployed but many drivers found themselves trapped. forecasters are warning temperatures are falling overnight creating dangerously icy road conditions s can, as well. the blustery wind that came with all the snow stirred up huge waves on lake michigan prompting
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that those picture takers stay back at least 25 fee from the water's edge. the water is moving east. here's justin povick at accuweather. >> thanks and good morning to you. great news this morning. we are finished with the severe weather. all the tornado reports yesterday and on tuesday, and that storm system is now working its way well to the north and to the east. back behind it it, still some showers over the interior but these are going to much lighter. in fact, the snow showers will not demicrosoft more than an inch or two on the grassy surfaces from detroit to pittsburgh tore charleston. as we jump ahead to the weekend, we're warming things back up. high pressure is in control. cold ker air bottled up to the north streaming all the warm air in. next week, looks like the colder air will make a qui return. reena, kendis, backo you. a new video showing how
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the destruction at palmyra must worse than previously thought including monuments at the valley of the tombs,artt of an ancient roman city. this v veo was splugalled out of syria and obtained by swedish tv. >> a cease-fire is set to go into effect in that country saturday although isis and other groups are now covered by the agreement. there are growing calls to establish a so-called safe zone nep northern syria to protect syrians fleeing their homes. if the cease fire fails. secretary oftate john kerry told top lawmakers would require up to 30,000 u.s. ground troops to maintain. >> in colorado, three sheriff's deputies shot while serving an eviction notice. la night a vigil was held in his honoror south of denver. nate kerrigan was killed when the homeowner opened fire on the
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he homeowner also died in the shoot-out. the oovictions has been considered high risk. a mystery at a federal office in the san francisco bay area. the customsen and border protection office in almeda was evacuated after an employee opened an informing containing white powder. thee people complained of feeling a sick but a search turned up nothing suspicious and the office was d dmed safe. encouraging news from the centers for disease control. this year's flu vaccine is doing better than last year's. it is 59% effective. that's a big improvement from last winter's vaccine, only about 20% effective. our flu season has been mild arer this year but it has not peaked as yet. a judge in new york city clear the way for salt warnings to be placed on many menus. those distinctive warnings must
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restaurants and fast food outlets by next tuesday. if they don't comply, they could be fined up to $600. the national restaurant association challenged the warnings which will appear on items containing more than the recommended daily dose of sodium. >> michelle obama called it a bittersweet event an the white house last night. the final time the obamas were helping honor one of america's greaea musicians. >> the president paying tribute to the late ray charles who he sa matcheds his piano playing with a one-of-a-kind choice. usher raymond was among the artists performing "georgia on my mind." oh georgia, northern peace, no
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keeps georgia on my mind >> i very nice there. demi low ratto, yolanda adams and the band perry also performed. the event will broadcast on pbs tomorrow night. >> nothing like a little ray charles in the morning. president obama calling him having a rare ability to collapse our weightest emotions into a sickle note. so well said. >> so well put ray charles passed away in 2004. still remembered. coming up "the mix," the most attractive jobs for men and women according to tinder. >> our first look at the dazzling stage and luxurious backstage at the oscars of course, getting everything ready for sunday night. and the woman accuses of a murder for hire scheme insists she never planned to have her husband killed. wait until you hear her explanation. >> you've got to check out our behind the scenes picks on
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south dakota's governor has till march 1stt to decide whether to sign a bill requiring students to use batatooms and locker rooms matching their birth gender. advocates for transgender rights rallied athe capitol and met with the governor urging veto. if the bill is signed, south dakota would become the first state to enact such a law.
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pending in at least 22 other states. and indianapolis man has been convicted of blowing up a house for the insurance ney. two next door neighbors were killed. dozens of people were hurt and more than 80 homes destroyed in the explosion and fire as part of the testimony, jurors heard a tape recording as one of the victims begged for help in the last momen of his life. he eventually burned to death. the man found guilty bob leonard faces life in prison with no chance of parole. >> we turn to the dramatic murder for hire playing out in west palm beach, fl. dip lit tote is serving 20 years for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill her husband. >> now she's back in court stifying for the first time what police caught her doing on tape was an act. here's abc's linzie janis. >> dahlia dippolito is facing a retrial for hiring a hit man to kill her husband of six months.
3:16 am
>> her 2011 guilty verdict was overturned due to a tainted jury pool snee threatened to hurt me and hurt my family. head. >> i'm positive. >> she says she was simply acting during this video from a script t tt dahlia, her then husband michael and forr love muhammad had all written for an acting projeje they lan planned to post on social media. >> you can post it onlnle so you can get publicity. >> on social media so we can try to get an acting job from it. >> so this is acting? >> yes. >> reporter: but prosecutors say that was no can the and allege she paid an undercover cop posing as a hit man $3,000 to kill her husband, the real act vestigators say was her reaction to these south fl lie. >> i'm sorry to tell you, ma'am, he's been killed. >> no.
3:17 am
police were setting her up for an appearance on the reality show "cops." whether you like her or not, she's entitled to the same i. this case is about a police department that tossed her under the bus for purposes of getting fame on a cops tv show. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. coming up in our next half hour, the other high profile croom drama playing out in the nashville, tennessee thiss week. the emotional testimony of the father of erin andrews and how his daughter as a staer has devastated her life. >> as the clock ticks down to oscar sunday, preps kicking into high gear. we're getting a first peek behind stage and you're watctcng "world news now."" we had real people make their own pizzas. they chose the ingredients they wanted. i i ke the fresh dough.
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it's getting exciting. three dayay away from hollywood's biggest night of the year. >> so the yards and yards of red carpet are being laid outside the dolby theater in hollywood, but this morning, we're getting our first peek inside of the theater. and backstage. here's abc's george pennacchio. >> it's a bird's eye view of production as crews continually add more finishing touches to the red carpet. that's what's happening outside the dolby theater. but what's going on inside? this is derek mcclala's fourth year as production designer for the oscars. this year the set design celebrates '70s glam and that takes lots of spark. using more than 200,000 swarovski crystals and all the decorative elements. the glittering stage will be eye popping for audiences both at
3:20 am
>> of course, you want it to feel glamorous for the people in the room. this celebrates their night, their celebration but at the samemeime so many more people are seeing it on television that we try to be prett disciplined about really paying attention to what w wre seeing on the tv monitors and not with our naked eyes. >> the production team has a master plan but is not afraid to change things at the last minute. >> there's not a thing we don't look at and go how can we make that better. >> of backstage the green room stars who need a little break from the hub bub can come here to relax and enjoy the laid back atmosphere. >> there may not be any actual windows here but this is still a room with a view. idea of this year's green room was inspired by the look and feel of the late 20th century home high in the hills of hollywood.
3:21 am
reporting for abc news. >> geez, i'd like to move in. >> abc is the place to be on oscar night. live coverage starts sunday 597:00 eastern, 4 pacific. tune in to "world news now" next monday morning for a full and entire wrap-up into do you know who the most nominated person is? >> merril? >> no, the composer of star barpz he's had a few more nominations. you noech who has the most? walt disney. >> oh. >> 59. >> uncle walter senator uncle walt. very ce. well deserved. more coming up. >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through
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apparentlylyt's not an issue for bernie sanders cacaaign. take a look at there paraphernalia stamped with its stoner accessories, marijuana pipes. you can feel the burn in a whole new way. it was created by a man out in portland where obviously smoking up is totally legal. he tells the centerr for public integrity 10% of the proceeds go back to the bernie campaign. i'm not sure how legal it is to steal someone's campaign logo because it's not affiliated with the campaign. apparently he sord $3,000 worth of pipes. get your $300 from the kid. >> i'm sure bernie sanders is just fine with the support. >> he believes in the contributions from the little folks. apparently burn one for bernie. he has his own slogan. >> apparently stoneware >> there you go. anywhere you can make money for the campaign i'm sure bernie would be fine with that. so you know tinder if you swipe
3:26 am
success, you like that person. so they did a survey of the professions that most garner swipes to the right. can you guess what they are for men? >> no. >> pilot. >> pilot. >> you notice that somebody's a pipot. you're more likely to swipe right. other men ones founder entrepreneur, firefighter, doctor, a tv personality. >> oh. this is why you love the tinder. >> number four. the tinder. the tinder. for women, by the way, physical therapist is number one. interior designer. > okay. >> and founder entrepreneur, as well. >> but not tv personality. >> not tv personality. why is that. >> they're a dim a dozen. >> they're a dime a dozen. >> you won't go near them. >> they're not dateable material. >> oh, man, not even for the night. anyway. >> i like you always give me your tinder update. i enjoy that. i feel i know the tinder now. how about moving on to
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apparently some panda bears didn't quite get that. look at this, having a bamboo road snack. the little guy trying to get in on the snack but the big guy sticicng his foot up. trying to block him. from getting in. >> gin me some. i want some. >> what goes up. >> no, no, no. going to smack him away. there you go. not at all. not sharing. this great dayne has a way with cameras. so he's just known for his personality. for all these funny faces he makes when they're taking pictures of him.
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now, >> this morning on "world news now," furious storms, killer tornadoes fromhe gulf coast to virginia and the snowstorm that canceled hundreds of flights in
3:30 am
the human toll and today's clean-up. >> speaking out, apple's ceo tim cooke reveals his side of the story as the justice department orders his company to unlock a terrorist locked iphone. it's an abc news exclusive. >> and new this halff hour, astronaut scott kelly's record-setting year in space. >> what he loves about the space what he sses about earth and the food he cannot wait to eat. and later, adele treated like a queue at britaiais version of the grammy awards. her performance anhonors in "the skinny" on this thursday, february 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> no audio problems as far as we know. >> no audio problems for adele. she was stunning. i was so glad to see her back on the horse agaiai >> she looked stunning, she sounded great. it was a good thing. we'll get to that, of course, a litttt bit later. i was looking for my thunder buddy last night.
3:31 am
through new york city and up and down the east coast. the eastern two-thirds of the nation facing a major clean-up today after those damaging storms. nearly a foot of wet heavy snow pounund the greater chicago area, forcing nearly 1200 flights to be canceled and with temperatures dropping overnight this morning's commute is likely to be dangerous. >> that same system also produced thunderstorms and tornadoes in the mid-atlantic leaving at least four people dead, dozens injured and buildings destroyed. abc's megan hughes begins our coverage. >> reporter: the deadly winter storm system moves north, bringing waves of rain and terrifying twisters. this one captured in north carolina. this time lapse shows the storm moving into charlotte, strong winds toppling trees intnt homes, cars and power lines there. in virginia, a state of emergency in effect. one suspected tornado shredded homes. >> we didn't know it was a tornado but we knew something was going on that wasn't good.
3:32 am
system that spawned more than 30 tornadoes in the last 24 hours. >> god let us be okay and get through this. >> reporter: first tearing across louisiana, destroying this rv park. in pensacola, florida, an ef-3 tornado packing 155-mile-per-hour winds destroyed homes and apartment buildidis. as the front side of this monster system continues triggering tornado warnings and watches an,, the backside is creating blizzard conditions. >> we're asking people who don't need to make the trip, don't make the trip today. >> reporter: in parts of illinois and indiana, conditions are nearly whiteout. the snow coming down faster than plows can clear it or homeowners can n ovel it. >> i'm trying to get some of it now and some of it later. >> reporter: even with school canceled, some kids couldn't get the day off. >> i'm like yeah, no school. i'm gng over to my grandma's house. now i'm out here helping shoveling snow. >> i spent the last 30 years in houston, texas, this is different.t. >> reporter: megan hughes, abc news, washington. incredible images.
3:33 am
winter storm system dumped snow on the eastern great lakes and ohio valleys. heavy rain in new england, the south dries out after the tornado outbreak. mild in the west. >> '30s in minneapolis and detroit, 40s in kansas city and atlanta. 60s in seattle and dallas and 80s in los angeles and phoenix. a new isis video threatens the lives of facebook founder mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey, the head of twitter. the 25-minute video is too disturbing to show showing pictures of the two men covered in bullet hohos. facebook is responding to remove posts that promote terrorism. reactiononoming in now to al ceo tim cooke speaking out in an exclusive interview with abc news cooke tells david muir that his company has cooperated fully with the fbi on the san bernardino shooting investigation. but cooke says apple won't help the bureau break into the iphone
3:34 am
doing so they say would require software that would make huhureds of millions of customers vulnerable. >> the only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer. we think it's bad news to write. we would never write it. we have never written it. and that is what is at stake but a senior government official tellslss the fbi wants apple to develop a way into the phone that will only be known to the company itself. and no one else. in hisiinterview, cooke also suggested the government made a mistake in not contactctg apple before resetting the i cloyd password that's associated with the phone. >> fbi directed the county to reset the i cloud password. when that is done, the phone will no longer back up to the cloud. and so i wish they would have contacted us earlier so that that would not have been the case. . a government official counters that saying whether it was a mistake or not, the fbi would still be asking for access
3:35 am
that's because the i cloud would not have provided accece to all the data on the device. cooke also says he will be addressing the entire matter with president obama and that he's prepared for the case to go all the way to the supreme court apple has till tomorrow to file a legal response to the judge's order to help unlock the phone. the republicans are preparing to face off in houston tonight. their final debate before super tuesday. after winning, nevada, donald trump is now tangling with mitt romney and last night, marco rubio attacked trump by name, accusing him of not taking a strong enough stance on obamacare and the middle east conflict. we g more now from abc's tom llamas. >> reportete fresh off. running the table in nevada, donald trump sounding like the nomination is already his. >> it's going to be an amazing two months. we might not eveveneed the two months, folks, to be honest, all right? will you come out here, pat? look at him. >> reporter: trump in virginia
3:36 am
robertson. >> man, it's good to havavyou here with us. >> reporter: so confident, he's now revealing his priorities for a running mate. apparently t outsider candidate wants an insider v.p., someone able to help him cut deals in washington. >> i do want somebody that's political, because i want to get lots of great legislation that we all want passed, th's just sitting there for years and years and years. >> reporter: in nevada, trump scooping up more votes than his two top rivals combined. >> after a wholo lot of months on the road, it is good to be home. >> reporter: senator ted cruz, in houston, endorsed by the texas governor and lashing out at trump. >> we are not a people whw are impressed by a lot of blustery rhetoric that's not backed up by truth. the time for the clowns and the acrobats and the dancing bears has passed. >> reporter: but right across town, rising rival, senator r marco rubio. >> we cannot have a commander in
3:37 am
first day in office. you can't just say, well, when i get there, i'll hire the smartest people and they're going to tell me what to do. >> reporter: but both senators struggling to compete with the trump show. in a rasa interview, the mogul's what first drew her to the donald. >> his mind. i'm my own person, he's his own person. and i think that's very important. i don't want to change him, he doesn't want to change me. >> and mitt romney callili for donald trump and the other candidates to release their tax returns. romney says he thinks there's a "bombshehe" in trump's tax romney says he thinks trump is not as rich as he claims to be charity as he says he has. trump called romney a fool and saying he's trying to act like a tough guy. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> new developments in the battle over the president's supreme court nominee.
3:38 am
president obama is considering a republican. nevada governor brian sandoval to replace the late justice antonin scalia. sandoval is a former federal judge who supports abortion rights. this is seen as an overture to the gop senators who say they'll refuse any hearings on the president's nominee. >> my hope and expectation is that once there is an actual nominee, once this is no lononr an abstraction, that those on the judiciary committee recognize that theirob is to give this person a hearing. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley both agreed to meet with the president in the coming weeks over the nomination. about a patent application from jetmaker airbus for seats with now it's considering wider seats. take a look. this is what current economy class seats in airbus planes look like. now the company has filed a patent for a reconfigurable passenger bench seat.
3:39 am
>> pretty much. this is a park bench. look at the little people. it could accommodate not only larger passengers but children, as well. detachable seat belts would be used for everyone. no m mter their size. >> is there an inflatable slide that also comes out for the kids? >> kind of seems like a ride. but no more of those extded seat belt things. >> oh, boy. >> just ha the bench. >> all right. >> what, jack? >> he doesn't like that. >> he's applying his filter to that one. a good study here on "wowld news now" and this one ranks right up there with the greatest ever. take some time and concentrate on this headline. pizza, fol, is addictive. >> it is true. pizza is addictive. yes, that's a finding of a study done at the university of michigan. >> theheolverines who did the research say it's addictive because of what it's made of,
3:40 am
with sugar and cheese and an ingredient that acts as an opiate duringdy jegsz jegz. >> cured meats like pepperoni and sausage contain salt which improves the taste. for many, no wonder it's addictive. latephone up big nick's. let's order a pie. >> let's do it. >> let's get on that. >> can you g g on it. >> get a phone on the anchor desk. >> we should have a hot line. we really should have a hot line to big nick's. >> g some hot line bling but it's just for pizza. coming up in "the skinny," the most memorable movie lines of all time. is your favorite on the list? think about it. also ahead, scott kelly's year in space. what a record-setting astronaut loves about his job and what he misses the most on earth. >> pizza probably. >> and erin andrdrs from "dancing with the stars" and her emotional day in court. what her father is saying about a stalker in a case getting widespread attention. you're watching "world news now."talker in a case getting
3:41 am
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a frightening scene caught on camera at a gas station in kentucky. an ecigarette battery exploded in a man's pocket. josh hamilton was shocked when his pants suddenly burst into flames and he ran from the store in a panic. a clerk followed him with a fire extinguisher. he put out the flames. hamilton actually suffered some serious burns on his leg but is expected to be okay. if ever there was a poster board for not smoking, this would be it >> and then some. man. all right. good to know he's goink to be all right after that. that is frightening. so check him out. that ball band that you saw
3:45 am
calling the row gain bandit. he's accused of stealing the hair growth drug from store shelves across the buckeye state. cops say it's likely he's trying to resell the stolen row gain either online or at flea markets and they don't believe he's using it on himself. obviously it's not working. > was that in the police report? >> yeah, they don't believe he's using it himself. >> oh. >> yeah. >> two interesting videos. >> on to serious news, a court battle pitting erin andrews against her stalker and marriott hotels turned emotional yesterday in nashville. that's because andrews' father took the stand and breaking down in tears at times, describing how his daughter's life has be devastated. abc's ryan smith with the latest. >> reporter: the pain of his daughter's humiliation was etched on his face. >> she kept screaming i'm onhe internet. i'm on the internet. i'm naked. >> erin andrews wiping away tears in court as her father
3:46 am
filmed through a peephole at a tennessee marriott by michael david barrett who then posted those videos online in 2008. >> i feared for her life. she wouldn't eat. she wouldn't bathe.. she wouldn't talk. all she would do is cry. >> feelings she talked about on "good morning america." >> i remember my dad saying to me, you may have a stalker. and i just started saying dad, don't say that word. >> reportet: barrett served 2 1/2 years for stalking. andrews now suing him and the owners of that marriott for $75 million. claiming the hotel intentionally placed barrett next door to the tv star. the hotel claims barrett is a criminal who tricked them into gaining access. as for andrews father, he says his daughter hasn't been the same. >> she's a shell of the person she was before this happened. >> reporter: ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> testimony was pretty powerful >> and so many years later. this happened a long time ago. you can still see the emotional toll this is having on aaron
3:47 am
>> you certainly can. next adele's big night in london as she's crowned queen of the brits. >> i got to ask you, what's your favorite movie line? >> my favorite movie line? >> and can you guess what the top five movie lines are? we're going to tell you coming up.
3:48 am
3:49 am
time now for "the skinny," and topping our headlines this morning, another big night for adele. four brit awards in london last night. those included best british female solo artist, album of the year and single of the year for "hello." >> and see if you can figure out and a special hohor, the global success award recognizing her achievement overseas presented to her appropriately enough from the international space station by british astronaut tim peek. >nd congratulations to the incredible adele. she's taken the worlrlby storm and is a true global icon. i really wish i could be there in person to present your award. do rest assured that we're all huge fans up here. so congratulations once again. >> pretty cool. last week's grammy awards pushed adele back to number one on the billboard artist 100 charts.
3:50 am
100 movie quotes of all time. >> so last monththe hollywood insiders andndheir top five. >> starting with the wizard of oz. dorothy's iconic line as she stepped into a world bursting in vibrant technicolor toto, i have a feeling we're not in kansas anymore. >> number four from a galaxy far away, star wars, may t force be with you. >> number three from "jaws," boat. >> and number two from casablanca and who doesn't remember this, here's looking g you kid. >> that brings to us number one. the top movie quote of all time is -- >> rhett, if you go, where shall i go? what shall i do? >> frankly my dear, i don't give a damn. >> i thought it was going to be you had me at hello from jerry mcguire. from "gone with the wind" the last words spoken by clark gable to vivian leigh as she clings to
3:51 am
back. she's still clinging. and not winning. >> next to some big dollars paid for a film that hasn't even been seen yet. >> after shelling out $10 million for "mbnchester by the sea" at sun darngs amazon has secured north america and streaming rights to woody allen's yet untitled film for $15 million. >> that's three times what sony paid for his last movie "irrational man" which barely eked out $4 million at the u. box office. this stars is steve carell, blake lively and kristin stewart. as of now, that's all we know about it. >> see, the internet does pay. >> it does. >> who knew? amazon. >> more news coming up.t does pay. >> it does. >> who knew? amazon. >> more news coming up. can a toothpaste do everytng well? this clean was like pow! it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like...wiped everything clean. 6x cleaning my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x whitening
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3:55 am
rocket men and one in particular who spent more time in space than any other human in known history. >> after more than 300 days aboard the international space station, our own david kerley got the chance to speak to him about everything from missing home to possible travel to mars. >> commander kelly, are you ready to come home? >> you know, i'm ready to come home. it's not like i'm climbi the walls or anything to get out of here. i recognize the importance of what we're doing on the space station and i feel like it's a privilege but at`the same time, i've been up here for a long time and it will be great to get back to earth. >> reporter: long duration flight. this was all about seeing whether humans can go to mars. i know we don't have all the data but can we make it to mars? can you do it? could another human do it? >> from a subjective perspective, i think absolutely. i feel great. but you know, there are challenges especially with radiation between ththearth and mars that we need to work on overcoming but it's something
3:56 am
lifetime. >> reporter: you told me you were going to hit a wall. you knew you wld hit a wall. did you hit that wall? how did you get through it and how did you feel about getti through it? what got you through it? >> i really haven't hit a wall yet. i wanted to get to the end of this with as much energy and enthusiasm t tt i had at the beginning. thth's kind of how i still feel. if i don't hit the wall in the next six, seven days, i think i'm home free. >> lightning round, when you get home, ba feet in grass or sand? but i'll be in kazakhstan. so you know, it might have to be sand. >> or dust. >> pizza or filet mignon? >> obviously filet mignon. you don't really miss foodhat much. at least i miss the experience more of you know, sitting at a table with friends and family than i do actually you know, all the different types of food that i've missed up here. >> cheers, cheers. >> commander kelly, thanks very much. congratulations. look forward to
3:57 am
planet. >> david kerley, abc news, washington. thank you for that, david. that was fun. >> very cool. he tweeted about seven hours ago. countdown six days left and 96 sunsets left. >> oh. >>o it's very cool. >> such a sense of -- oh. he said radiation. i'm not going to mars. i'm telling you now and i love food. >> i iill do it. i will take one for humankind. >> we'll send you upupere. >> that's true. tang, ugh. true. tang, ugh. >> this is abc's "world news now."
3:58 am
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at making news in america this morning, double edge storm. heavy winds and torrential rains in the east leave thousands without power overnight and
4:00 am
stunned by the deadly destruction as the midwest is hit hard by whiteout conditions. we have the latest on the storm track. privacy fight. ceo tim cook telling abc news that apple is standing firm against the government despite that order@to access a terrorist's iphone. >> this is not about one phone. this is about the future. >> the abc news exclusive interview just ahead. fighting the flu in the depths of the season. some encouraging news about this year's vaccine. why you should consider getting one if you haven't. oh, boy, pants on fire. a small explosion in a store caught on security camera and, no, that is not money burning a hole in his pocket. well, good thursday morning. millions of amenicans are reeling from the vicious storms hammering the eastern two-thirds of the country.


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