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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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next to miami nororwestern senior high. in this latest shooting david and a friend, 16-year-old daquan gordon, were walkikg together tuesday evening when a gunman targeted the two. daquan was shot in the leg, david ran at least a mile before the shooter cornered and killed him in the courtyard of the liberty city apartment compl where he lived. >> we need to get him off the street, bad. i know the gentleman who done it. he have a couple of murders under his belt. >> terrell: today that surviving teen's family has been at the bed side of this teenage boy at the hospital helping him endure a rough surgery after a bullet shatter a bone in his leg while also learning the beef behind the shooting may have been born on social media. >> i mean, i'm still feeling it right now because i really don't know, w w don't know what to do, move. we really don't know. >> i just thank god that he's alive. ihank god for that. >> terrell: and so the relatives of that surviving victim will be
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well as the relatives of the 17-year-old who was killed. again, this was scheduled to start at about 5:00. we anticipate it starting within the next 30 minutes or so. but on this side we also see some law enforcement officers here as well including the assistant director for the miami-dade police department here in support of this protest that is expected to happen some time over the next half hour. we are here. we are covering it. and we'll have the latest developments for you as it happens. for now that's the latest here in liberty city, i'm terrell forney. >> calvin: the two teenagers arrested in connection with the murder of a six-year-old ai boy made t tir first appearance in court today and the two were denied bond. leonard adams and irwen pressley are facing first degree murder and second degree murder for alalgedly killing king carter. police arrested the teens yesterday. in fact just days after the deadly shooting at the blue lake village apartment complex along northwest 12th avenue and
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>> laurie: miami beach police barefoot burglar. he is accused of breaking into a home while the family was sound asleep inside, and cops say this is not the only time he is done this. lets get to liane morejen live in miami beach to explain. >> liane: lalaie, you are absolutely right, this is not the first time that he's done this, according to police. he is faced charges in other cities of burglar in fact he was currently on probation for burglary when he allegedly committed this crime, putting an endto a spree of burglaries overnight, say cops. at just 19 years old, this this young man has already made a name for himself. john carlos cairo is better known tas barefoot burglar, several burglaries and caught shoeless. >> he apparently has no shame in this. he clearly indicated and gave himself the title of barefoot burglar and advises that he would be receiving media attention. >> liane: miami beach police arrested cairo early this
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to that in home where a family slept inside. >> the subject we have learned first entered the parked bentley that what is in the driveway, stole a few items whit frustrate, and then walked the perimeter of the home, entered through an unlocked window. once upstairs, he was actually standing over the mother and father in this family and the father woke to the criminal >> laurie: cairo was chased out of the house but left his size family couch. cops caught up to him on pine tree drive putting an end to ablaze night of burglaries. >> we've already been able to link him to three other burglaries which occurred last night, two residential typeburglaries and another auto burglary. >> liane: old habits seem h hd to break for cairo. he's faced burglary charges in the past. cairo is homeless and was arrested two days ago on drug charges in hialeah. in and so cairo faces charges of car burglary as well as burglary
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he is expected to face a judge tomorrow. his size 13 nike jordan's have been taken in as evidence. reporting live in miami beach, liane morejon, local10 news. >> calvin: thanks a lot. now to vote 2016, and a new poll showing donald trump way out in front of his republican rivals in florida. the quinnipiac university poll finds trump with 44% support followed by senator marco rubio with 28%. ted cruz 12%. john kasich only 7%. the florida primary set for march 15th. meanwhile, democrats are out on the campaign trail today. hillararclinton stumping for votes in south carolina, where the democratic primary will take place in a couple of days. local10's glenna milberg live& now in florence, south carolina with much more on this. glenna. >> glenna: calvin, hello. right, hillary clinton absolutely just wrapped up the gathering she had at this church here in florence, and this was actually the second event in
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carolina midlands,nd this is a really solid base of african-american support for hillary clinton, and for her bill clinton as out here today, too. it was all aboutementing that support for saturday. >> as america can't live up to its potential unless we remove th barriers to let every american have the chance to live up to his or her potential. >> glenna: hillary clinton calls the events corners of opportuity, the audiences at today's town halls the key demographic in saturday's democratic primary. >> what are your big issues? >> i work with the center and low wages for a hard job. >> is that a racial issue to you? >> no, not really. >> glenna: african-americans are not quite one in three south carolina residents but they are more than half the state's democratic voters. language, affordable health
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playing field in schooling and gun violence. >> got to get guns out of hands of people who shouldn't have them, criminals, felons, fugitives, stalkers, danrously mentally ill people. >> a lot of the other ones, they stand for a lot of this things i believe in, buto me they just supposed to. >> and she does. >> yes. >> glenna: senator sanders shows chose to campaign in ohio and michigan thursday morning. bigger primary votes next month with a bigger chance for his numbers. churches are a gathering place all ovov the midlands here, and that is where bernie sanders earlier this week actually visited when he what is in south carolina. he met with pastors. he's trying to remind african-american voters that some of his signature issues like the wage gap and criminal justice reform are actually
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to them as well, framing it more in racial terms. it's very interesting to hear him do that. he is, as wagons up north today but he does plan to be back in carolina tomorrow and will use the last 24 hours before the primary on saturday to do exactly what hillary clinton is doing today. i'm glenna milberg in florence, south carolina today, local10 news. >> calvin: glenna, on another wende day. the republican candidates are debating tonight again in houston and here's time lapse video of showing how much work goes into preparing for tonight's big showdown. don't forget to stay with local10 for moro live reports from glennan south carolina as we get closer to primary day. >> laurie: and the same system that's glowing glenna around in south carolina is making for our chill in the air right now as you look live from our hollywood beach camera where people are out there enjoying t ts beautiful but cool day. look at the jackets, a little light layer there. everyone has something on. >> calvin: you may be wondering how long will this cool change stick around. >> laurie: and only our chief
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what do you think, betty? >> betty: it's going to last for a few days, there through the weekend. temperatures will be running below normal, normal being 79 for the high, miami. where near there this afternoon, everybody checking into the upper 60 right now w l thanks to that northwest breeze, difference. by tomorrow morning we are expecting to see lows in the 50s in many of your neighborhoods, including miami 53. this model suggesting kendall could drop to 49. so d sweater weaer, maybe even ape couple of laser. i'll beack in a a little while lay lot more on this cool change. >> laurie: dramatic video from a harrowing rescue at sea off rock a waugh beech in new york. this fishing boat ran aground early this morning. what a scene. the coast guard swung into action literally hoisting this rescuers down from a helicopter and hoisting a victim back up. here you can see a member of the
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state of onshore. all seven crew members were rescued from that grounded vessel and no one was injured. the rough waters did cause a big problefor the coast guard, one of the boats sent to assist the ip flipped from the pounding waves. the five coast guard members on that boat, they were trained for this so they safely made it back totthe beach. >> calvin: at least three people were killed in virginia when a tornado hit their mobile home in waverly, virginia. take a look at the damage. the youngest victim two years old, a two-year-old boy. in all if the storm system spawned more than a dozen tornadoes in florida, georgia and north carolina with severe damage as far north aspennsylvania. here's an area. look at the widespread construction cawed by that storm, the same severe weather system was responsible for the deaths of three people on tuesday. a tornado hit lancaster county, pennsylvania yesterday, an ef-2 with winds of at least 100 miles an hour, left behind a path of destruction of about
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250 builds weree damaged. trees and power lines were also pulled down. luckily, though, no reports of new jersey or deaths. >> laurie: coming up on ten minutes after 5:00 eats a good time to get a check on the afternoon rush. >> jenise: how about we start of off with good news. that car fire on t palmetto expressway no longer an issue. this is northbound right at northwest 163rd street.t. you can see all lanes are open and moving, but we are still seeing some delays as a result of that, some r%sidual delays. again, that car fire has cleared out, palmetto heaeang north at northwest 163rd street so speeders at 16 miles per hour, although they do start to pick up right at the big curve, so speeds picking up at 38 miles per hour. checking out i-95 northbound, this is northwest 62nd street we do have a broken-down car that is blocking a left lane and seeing some pretty slow feeds speeds here, 13 miles per hour. and browowd county, haven't forgotten about you. we are watching this accident also on i-95 northbound. this is right around sterling road. this accident is blocking a right lane. looks like we're seeing those
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with speeds at 27 miles per calvin. >> calvin: thanks a lot. world is says it had did in fact send a worker to spy to an animal rights group which opposed the theme park. world is san diego worker paul mccomb was suspended last summer after peta officials said that he tried to insight violence among peaceful protesters while serving as an activist. mm comb is still employed by world is. ceo of world is seaworld is hiring an outfirm to review its security procedures. three more zika cases have now been reported in florida. two of the igs patients are in miami-dade county and one in orange county. all of the cases are travel-relayed including three pbegnant patients who were reported yesterday. so a total of 35 cases have been reported across the state but only four are still s swing symptoms. >> laurie: he was one of the biggs stars to ever live in south florida, and now his home is going on the market. we're goingo take on you a one
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gleason's former digs. >> calvin: plus, the south beach pine wound and food festival. up next hoey it's helping
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goes into making wine. >> calvin: it's a big weekend on south beach as the annuawine
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>> laurie: you can just tasteit, so many celebrity chefs and delicious dishes to try. our andrew perez somehow got the toh assignment to cover this one. how did you do that? >> andrew: iffou guys want toby a little bitonnest, i think you're cruel. you send me out had to world class event, smelling off this food and i can't even touch it. it's been two hours. i tnk i have another 45 minutes to go because she is chefs, they are great, working on all of this right now. the south beach wine and food festival is in its 15th year. we've got more than 30 world class chefs out here tonight. it's all about italian bites. the beauty of this event wants my colleague jenise fernandez learned is that all the the proceeds goes to our future hospitality industry, all the proceedings going to fiu. take a look at her report. >> jenise: from delicious bites, drinks to go afternoon and watching celebrity chefs in action, the south beach wine and food festival is an event many look forward to year after year.
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of the most well-known and largest festivals of its kind the in country. and behind all the fun the proceeds from the festival go directly back here, on the chaplain school of hospitality and tourism at florida international university. to date, the festival has raised $22 million for the school. >> we're very fortunate that we've been able to build out facilities and provide resources that enable students to learn in an environment that's by far one the besthat exists anywhere. >> jenise: but what exactly is that money used for? it's used for state-of-the-art facilities that give students a true hands-on experience in the classroom. the school completed construction of a 140-seat drawn restaurant lab. the lab is complete with a full service kitchen and a two-story wine tower. >> we have a lot of technology, and in the lab itself not a lot of peoplpl have this opportunity to actually be in this kiten, experiencing how the restaurant industry is truly are. >> jenise: thehe there's a brewing science lab where the
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making wine, beer and spits why t. we have have ingredients like water with hops,east and barrel. >> jenise: the festival continues to bring the chaplain school to new heights and it's something students enj participating in. all receive scholarships, not to mention an experience that is invaluable when going out into the work field. jens jeb, local10 news. >> andrew: this event gets bigger and bigger every year. if you don't have a ticket for tonight or tomorrow -- tomorrow is all about burrs, i want to be here for that -- just letting you know it's going to be a little hard to come by those tickets. you u n go to to find out more. we'll have more at 6:00. for now we're live literally on miami beach here on the sand. i'm andrewy perez, local10 news. >> laurie: rub it in. what are you going to go for first when you get off d%ty, andrew? >> andrew: off duty? i thought i could start eating
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i don't incriminate. i won't be drinking because i'm'm working. i'm a responsible guy. so i think i'm going to go for the raviolis. see if they're ready right now. see you guys later. >> calvin: in other words,asy on the vino. >> laurie: food, food. italian bites. he's got u hungry now, betty. >> betty: sounds like he's getting his wkend started early, and who can blame him? this weather is just phenononal. everywhere you look from mallory square to miami, the camera shaking a bit because it's so breezy out but tha breeze shas brought had a nice change our way. we only made to it 70 degrees this afternoon in key west, miami, and fort lauderdale be, almost 7 to@ 10 degrees below average for this time of the year, so definitely a cool change. right now everyone sitting in the upper 60s, and the numbers will continue to fall of off tonight as we stay that northerly flow. so grab a sweater if you're heading out maybe taking the kids to soccer practice or maybe a baseball game. my 9:00 tonight we're the in
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the 50s come comer morning. so it's all about this that northwest wind, that breeze sustained 10 to 15 miles ann hour. we're getting that flow behind a cold front that we pushed through last night. high pressure over the gulf of mexico, clockwi flow around that. so that will be our wind direction for tomorrow and theday that follows. it's all about the flow around the high. it means a cool breeze for us friday into saturday, too. saturday's going to be a chilly morning as well but during the afternoon we'll have sunshine, but it's still going to be a touch on the cool side. so the bottom line on the forecast for tomorrow with plan on bringing a sweater to the bus stop or maybe some longer eeves, a couple layers for the kids.we're forecasting 53 in miami. kendall, you may flirt with the upper 40s. and then high temperatures move up toward the lower 70s. winds from the northwest 10 to 15 miles an hour. lots of sunshine friday and saturday. saturday morning could be even chillier, forecasting a low of 50 for miami, and then a igh of 70.
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70s, and then my monday, the last day of february getting a little closer to what's normal for the time of the year. looks like a nice start to march. calvin. >> calvi betty, thanks a lot. it is. we are seeing incredible video of the dangers firefighters face every single diet job. >> laurie: this is unique video, eye it's helmet cam video as a firefighter battles flames and smoke to rescue people today. we'll have a live report at 6:00. >> todod i'm todd tongen in laududhill. student because i'm going to give you an exclusive dur of this 6,000 square foot home that was once owned by jackie eason. he lived in it until he died. and everything inside has been
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one lived here.
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there's a big difference beeen making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need mire than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. >> clay: heat will the pat riley has a saying, in the nba cherries winning and there's missry. the heaea didn't win last night
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felt miserable after losing a thriller, however, we may have seen a version of this team that could turn misery into some winning down the stretch. >> just so good. he is so good,d, man. >> clay: even dwyane wade left the heat's loss to the warriors in awe of stephan curry and it started the first time the mvp took a shot. >> first 3 of the game, he just comep, catch it. i'm right there. raised and it hit it. started off. gave me a little smishing. >> clay: it was a sig of things to come, whether it was drilling one near half court to end the first quarter or the daggers that buried the heat late in the game, curry was too much for miami. >> that's greatness. when you can transcend schemes, you can transcend talent, transcend competition. >> one thing about him, he's a great pret for. he has a great personality on the basketball court, you know, and you lov to compete against a guy like that, so this was a very fun game.
5:25 pm
ininood spirits considering it was a loss, maybe there's a reason for that. sureas it was a heart breaker and the heat don't do moral victory but wade played one of his best games of the year and, more importantly, the heat proved they can play with the best in the league with this new line-up and new faster-paced style of play. >> we did enough to win the ballgame. we just do not come out with it. but the way he played tonight, the majority of rest of the season, we can win most of those games. >> clay: this heat sounded encouraged, not deflated. after all, when guys are hitting shots like this, what can you do do? >> the official tip of the hat. >> clay: but tip your cap. as big as that game was, the heat actually have a more important game on saturday in boston against the celtics who right now are a half game ahead of miami for the three seed in the eastern conference playoff. how the heat bounced back in that game, that could say a lot about the rest of this season. >> laurie: so nice to see. >> calvin: short memories in
5:26 pm
steph who? curry who? >> laurie: when did you win last, right? >> clay: there you go. >> calvin: we're following a developing story now from pompano beach where there was a deadly shooting todayay >> laurie: victor and janine are working that and more at 5:30. >> janine: that call came in a little earlier this afternoon. shots were fired, and now one person is dead. the broward sheriff's office is on the scene. minutes. >> victor: a legal setback todod for a broward sheriffs deputy charged with manslaughter for shooting and killing a man who was carrying an unloaded air rifle. >> janine: plus all new at at 6:00 we have dramatic video of a firefighr in action, dodging
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famimi from their burning home. >> victor: right now 4:30 sky 10 above the kind of deadly shooting in pompano beach today. the call to bso went out just this afternoon. >> janine: and we are still gathering information on this developing story. local10's shyann malone is live on the scene. >> shyann: i just talked with deputies on the scene here. this is indeed a homicide investigation.
5:30 pm
there is actually still a body inside that home. let me step out o the way so i can set the scene for you. you can seeee a command unit, several deputies outside of the home. they cannot get inside the home right now because they need to obtain a search warrant but they do tell me this again is a homicide investigation. sky 10 was above t t scene when everything started to happen. deputies were called out just after 2:00 responding to a shots fired call. when they arrived, that's when they discovered a man dead inside. right now we do not he an identity but this is the scene that neighbors say they just aren't used to seeing so close by. >> i mean, we live across the street from the get tow so it's not@ the safest place on the planet but all the neighbors are nice people. we've never had a lot of problems if in the street that i know of. you know, everybody works. evererody goes to work, comes home and get in their house. it's not really something you
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>> shyann: again, no identity on that man. we do know other people were inside thihi home. we know that man did not live here, but they are telling us, deputies say that they are cooperating at this time. but again, they don't know, there's lots of questions around this case because they don't know if this could have been a self-inflicted wound or gununot. they initially got a shots fired call. again, this is a homicide investigation. reporting live in pompano beach, shyann malone,ocal10 news. >> victor: more to come. a legal setback for a bso charge. depupu peter peraza claims that he was in the rate when he shot and killed a man carrying an unload air rifle. local10's amy viteri joins uslive now to explain what happened in court today. amy. >> amy: well, victor, what happened inside a courtroom here today is just one game plan by peter peraza's teams of to either we get this entire case rown out or use the stand your ground defense to show is that heas defending himself or others test t tt deadly
5:32 pm
deputy peter perazaat quilted in court sound by his bso colleagues in a show of support. >> was this a fai shake. >> i have no opportunity to respond when he gifts here and s ma these grandiose statements. >> amy: a judge side weded the state thursday ruling peraza dangers of not question a member the grand jury but peraza attorney head he wants to know if that grand jor helped diet oppressed a in the shooting of jermaine mcbean.n. >> was there a grand juror who is daughter was arrested for dui and then asked to termetermine the fate of my client who is a bso deputy. >> amy: that incident could createias but for now the judge disagrees. >> this case is not likely to rise and fall on procedural difficulties in the grand jury. >> amy: peraza shot mcbean as oakland park apartment complex after reports of a man carrying a gun.
5:33 pm
didn't respond to orders to drop the rifle. family said he had earbuds in and they ever heardhose commands. a father of four is now without -- >> it's note being convicted of a felony. necessity p look him up and see he's got an open manslaughter charge. >> amy: peraza's attorney and also alleging prosecucorial misconduct. he said state attorneys before the indictment shared private private attorney. as for that one grand juror and whether or not they deliberated on peraza's indictment, that is an issue that will b e taken up at another hearing next week. live inside t broward county courthouse, amy viteri. >> janine: choosing a demanded presidential primary isn't the only question for voters in the march primary. not if you live in miami beach. voters there will decide whether to lease a city-owned parking lot for an 800-room hotel adjacent to the convention center. our senior political reporter michael putney has more.
5:34 pm
is sleek and big, 28 stories, 800 rooms to be filled by convention-goers. >> we went out and we sought a developer that would actually build a fabulous hotel at zero cost to taxpayers. >> michael: portland holdings of a atlanta an experienced and respected developer wands to build the $400 miion moment the convention center hotel would be built in the chef owned parking lot r rht behind the jackie gleason theater. there is the convention center right over there. the hotel would involve the use of no taxyer dollars. >> the hotel will be 1% privately funded. that means that miami beach tax cares pass won't pay one cent for the hotel project, but ourur residents will get the benefits. >> michael: the parking lot generates $266,000 a year. the hotel would bring in an estimated $24 million, according to the developer. >> i'm not opposed to a convention center hotel. i am opposed to this location
5:35 pm
it's just too big. >> michael: a shadowy politicalaction committee opposed to the hotel is sending out misleading flyers and making robocalls, but most tourism and business leaders support the hotel. >> it is absolutely necessary, important that we build this convention center hotel to make sure that art basel is part of the future of this community. >> michael: michael putney, local10 news. >> janine: and it will take at latest a 60% yes vote for that hotel to be built.. the graffiti artist meansell sex tow who was jaid for mods for controversial political art in cuba is in south florida set to debut his first exhibit in the united states since being freed on south beach. >> victor: and local10 news reporter hatzel vela caught up with him before tonight's opening and he as a sneak peek. [ speaking in spanish ]
5:36 pm
means el sexto or the six shows us a piece of art he created in holld that arrived just in time. his extinction titled "pork" is set to debut at the market gallery on south beach. [ speaking in spanish ] the well-known cuban graffiti art tis and activist became international news when he was arrested in nevada two years ago for his controversial art that included the names of fidel and raulastro painted on live pigs. el sexto spent ten months in jail without trialh for formal charges. his exhibit will include paintings of those inphenomena pigs and art he created from his jail cell. thdrawings full of political and religious messages. i asked him what he thought about president obama's upcoming
5:37 pm
[ speaking in spanish ] el sexto continues to rite fight fore rume it's marching a`ongside the ladies in white and getting arrested time and time again. [ speaking in spanish ] but for now he hopes to let his art work do all the talking. [ speaking in spanish ] in miami beach, hatzel vela, local10 news. strategies and el sexto's hibit at the market gallery is by information only. it had head next to guatemala before returning to cuba. >> janine: right now it's time fours to get a check on the afternoon rush with traffic >> jenise: hey, there. we're watching this accident on i-95 southbound but traffic is moving just fine. this is at northwest 119th street so it doesn't look like that accident really impacting
5:38 pm
issues in the northbound lanes. we zoom on in that accident southbound at northwest 119th street, looks like traffic is moving at 21 miles per hour. but on i-95 northboununthis is right around northwest 62nd street there is a broken-down car that is blocking a left lane and as you can see a lot of red here with speeds at 11 miles per hour. and as we were cruise up on to broward county we're still watching this accident o os i-95 northbound. this one is right around sterling road and there is a right lane blocked. seeing some delays here with speedslocking in at 21 miles per hour. victor, janine. >> victor: and we're taking you inside a burning house thank to the fort lauderdale fire department. take a look at these intense helmet cam videos as a fire fight of gears up and heads right into the line of fire. we'll show you more of this all new at 6:00. >> janine: first, we'll till why this picture is now going viral, a little boy's love for soccer super starr is getting him a very special gift. >> victor: and taking care of your teeth is important for your overall health, and that's why
5:39 pm
children about oral care early. details are up next in our health cast. in >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00. office building or brothel? >> i wonder if i could talk to you about what goes on here. n i talk to you about what happens here? >> a aouncer: women putting the "strip" in strip mall. >> you see people coming in every 30 minutes, every hour there is somebody. >> announcer: legit businesses heading for the exit. a building manager and police looking the other way. >> why don't you ask some questions? you know about the prostitution. >> announcer: local10's investigator jeff weinsier exposes this x-rated office
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local10 news. >> janine: february is kids dental health awareness month, a time to remind parents of importance of oral health not just for their child's mouth but for the entire body. todays health cast local10's dical specialist kristi krueger explains how oral health can even affect kids emotionally. corn sic an accomplished equestrian but she wasn't horsing around when she told her mom she was embarrassed by the appearance of her teeth. >> they were like yellow, like whenever i looked in the mirror they were like gross. >> i think it's all those sodas and all that stuff, the drink, whichs really stains. >> kristi: along with what kids eat or drink fort lauderdale dentist said there are other
5:44 pm
>> sometimes it can be based on genetic where they have yellow teeth or sometimes it can be a developmental issue, maybe it could be related tie medication that they had in their younger age or even that t tir motr had when they were in the womb consistently these factors lead to brown or black spots and yellowing andd doctors say there are clear signs it could be affecting y yr child as emotional well-being. >> your children smiling when everybody is getting together and taking a ptograph. snapchat or social media two they smile or purse their lips to smile? this is a big one. >> kristi: discolorations can be erased with similar treatments usededor adults but caution for increased sensitivity in children. >> the product that i use here at dr. pet's boutique, the product was hefted on his children when he made this product. >> kristi: the end result has leah filing smiling again. >> i feel prettier.
5:45 pm
and fresh and i like it much better. >> kristi: your filed first visit to the dentist should happen when that very first tooth appears. and be careful with those toothpas products geared toward children some of them have a lot of sugar added. read those label carefully. >> victor: parents of players on one california high school basketball team are outraged after student supporters of opposing team held up racist signs taunting their players during a recent game. here's how tooach describes it. >> all of a sudden we see tse kids with posted posters. sigh beans in big presidents iff you learn how to make a bean just ask these beeners. >> armando bautista said the signs were not taken from the students until halftime but the fans were chanting racist remarks which they kept up during the game. >> they kept yelling "child support."
5:46 pm
these guys are immigrants." >> victor: despite the racist taunts that game went on. the school has sent an apology letter. >> janine: a peruvian weems life is drastically changing hereafter a major operation. this you can why woman might look pregnant but that is actually a 35-pound tumor that has been growing in her abdomen for the last eight years. a team of doctors in lima successful removed it yesterday in a three-hour operation. the 22-year-old, error told, is now recovering. she said she'll be happy to be able to fulfill herry dreams of studying accounting. and this young afghan boy who became an internet sensation when he was filmed showing a plas tig bag with linguistically mess, i as name on it has been given twoutographed shirts and a signed ball from the identical iconic playar. the european southern observatory has released these new images showing the entire milky way galaxy. the datas was gathered by a
5:47 pm
the image shows light at sub millimeter wave lengths between infrared and radio waves to create an image of the full area of our galaxy as seen from the earth southern h%misphere. >> victor: doesn't even look real. >> janine: beautiful. >> victo so we had a little bit of rain last night but we had the payoff today. >> janine: oh, we did. >> betty: cha-ching. bigime. upper 60 out there right now. sunshine, blue sky, it has been a phenomenal weather day for south florida but -- you know what? -- i'm seeing the sweaters, the long sleeves back out on the broad what you can. us.. today and tomorrow and the day that follows. this change is gng to stick around for a little while. evening. skieie winds from the northwest around 5 to 10 miles an hour. and by 10:00 tonight we'll start that drop off in the 50s. so it is going to aet really chilly by tomorrow morning. we're getting that northwest wind ushering in that cooler air
5:48 pm
brought the rain yesterday, and that wind direction around an area of high pressure over the gulf of mexico. that flow means the cool weather will be with us as a mentioned next 24 to 48 hours as it's not just here. the morning lows on the cool side, too, for a lot of your favorite getaway cities like atlanta where friday and saturday morning near t freezing mark, checking out charlotte, the queen city friday and saturday morning around the freezing mark to start there as well. i in the northeast, buffalo teens friday morning. so if you are traveling into that territory,y i don't have to tell you that you need a big coat, but if you're staying put here at home you at least need a sweater because we're going to be starting our mornings in the that is in the forast plan for the weekend. if you're going on make tomorrow a beach day though we getff to a chilly start we are expecting afternoon highs to reach the lower 70s, winds from the northwest 10 to 15 miles an hour, and enough sunshine to go the rip current risk moderate.
5:49 pm
morning, winds northwest 10 to 20 knots off miami-dade and broward. moderate chop on the bays and seas running about five to seven feet. so our recap on our temperatures. we're forecasting a low in the morning of 53 for miami, some inland areas getting a little chillier than that likely, and we may see some upper 40s, we'll see, either way you slice it, though, it's going to be chilly. the numbers running about 10 degrees below normal, and then the afternoon highs make that climb toward the lower 70 with that northwest breeze. we're going to stay in that northerly flow for saturday as well, so saturday morning is going to be chilly, too, we'll start the day afternoon 50 and get a high near s degrees. with all that sunshine we'll be able to soak in a lot of vitamin d. that's a good thing. sunday 55 to start, a high around 74. before you know it, t month of february is going to be over. we end on a nice weather note. march 1st we could see a high around 80. so quite the comeback in the temperatures. janine. >> janine: did you know that two
5:50 pm
cities in the united states are right here in florida. according to a survey by health ways, naples has the highest well-being in the country. naples has the lowest levels of stress and depression as well as the most people who eat healthily. salinas, california ranks connected second on the list. the sarasota metro area is number three followed by fort collins, colorado and barn stable town, massachusetts. >> reporter: are we on the wrong coast? i'm good here. there are hundreds of animals in need of loving homes in south florida and today our animal advocate jacey birch has a couple of dobermans who would love to hang out with you. >> jasey: show hauf that face. come on, mattie. show them the beautiful girl you are. you're so full of campuses i am talk them all day long, thank you. hi, guys. i'm jasey birch. we are having a blast a a doberman rescue league. this beautifully girl is in desperate need of a new home and she's like the alpha dog so she will run the sheet your house put sometimes you need that i'm here with you kim. who do you have?
5:51 pm
he's around three. dumped on a horse farm in the redlands area. he's in foster right now. he is amazing with little kitt is especially even the blind ones. very docile, very sweet. >> his dem temperament is so relackck sometimes people don't realize these are big couch potatoes that want to give you love all day. >> big time. >> you're leaning into me right now. can i find you a new home? okay. check out both mattie and memorial on just scroll down until you see the pets. you can lock at dobermans until your heart's contentnt that's it. model, pose, strike a pose. there you go. that's how i'm going to find you a new home, showing off those good looks. make sure you check out allots dobermans with doberman regular cue >> janine: coming up at 6:00, w have dramatic helmet cam video from an intense fire fite v more
5:52 pm
florida teens. >> janine: and w wwill tell you what happened in court today when those two teens arrested in the shooting death of six-year-old king carter faced a
5:53 pm
(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americanwork hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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5:55 pm
>> janine: today we are getting a one and only tour the former south florida estate of combedd legend jackie gleason. >> victor: now it's going on the market. local10 eats todd attacks us inside. >> todd: for a near $299,000 you
5:56 pm
> how sweet it is. >> todd: jackiee gleason's 14 room 6,000 square footakeside home in lauderhill is for sale. >> he built in house in the '70s. this used to be a party house. >> todd: better known as glee manor the home has been provide. gleason side in the home in 1987 and later his wife million dollar violated to a connecticut sinessman. >> one of the conditions she had was to keep it intact. >> todd: the pool payable is gone but this billiard room was designed especially for gleason by willie must capone touring the home is like stepping back in time. it has a massive library with impressive law and reference books gleason never read. the home is chalk full of gleason's personal furnish like a billfish he caught, vhs tapes of his most famous show, even a meat slicer he used for hisome-cooked hams. gleason loved to drink.
5:57 pm
this is the main one. it is a sunken bar, and we even found a custom bottle of george dickel tennessee whiskey especially made for jacky. the party house dining room looks like a restaurant and has entertained many of jackie's famous friends. >> president gerald ford was here as well as frank sinatra. >> todd: just off gleason's massive master bedrorm is his personal sawna. while the asking surprise less than what thereat one paid for it, the hoa fee is over $1,800 because it sits on three lots. the home has garnered a lot of attntion but the hope is whoever buys it will retain some of its a and jackie's charm. >> we're looking for a buyer with a very unique taste with one who can appreciate the historical value of this house. >> todd: inside the hills of inver rare alberta todd tongen. >> victor: tomorrow would have been yacky gleason's 100th
5:58 pm
much on the m msion at five bars. janine: a meat slicer. that's a party right there. that's going to do it for local10 local10 news at 5:30. >> laurie: we'll be there. thanks. >> calvin: routine 6:00, teens under fire, another shot and killed. was this, too, parked interview a social media bf? >> laurie: the family of king carter prepares to say goodbye as the six-year-old's alleged killers face a judge. >> calvin: in the line of fire just released video showing what it's like to fight the fierce flames. >> laurie: a so-called barefoot burglar accused of targeti a ritzy beach neighborhood. hoho he was caught in the act candlelight vigil south florida is chilling out. how low are the temperatures going dog? >> laurie: plus, via itallia. live at the wine and food feststal. the news at 5:00 starts right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> laurie: lives shattered by gunfire. a little boy killed. >> secondet degree murder, n/ bond.
5:59 pm
no bond. >> laurie: his teenage accused killers in adult jails. >> he didn't do nothing to nobody. >> laurie: now another murder, a young shooter is on the run. tonight team coverage teens under fire. for a second day we're hearing facebook posed are to blame for deadly shooting. >> calvin: now another family is mourning the death of a loved one. local10 news reporter terrell forney leads our coverage from liberty city tonight. >> trent: calvin and laurie, this latest incident involves a pair of shooting targeting two different teachers teenagers, the outcomes very different for both families. right now a demonstration is underway, family members from both of those victims are here. the group just wrapped up a prayer circle, but y can see they are here with signs but they are certainly calling an end to all of the gun violence. >> i just thank god that he's alive. >> terrell: while one family breathes a sigh of relief after their 16-year-old was shot, another is enduring pure heart take. >> he didn't do nothing for
6:00 pm
his life like that. >> terrell: family members hit by the tragic murder of 17-year-old david goulbourn have felt this time of pain before. >> we just wan@ justice, i mean, like there's nothing else our family can do. we just took a loss in january. i mean, we can't lose no more family. >> terrell: that loss was david's5-year-old cousin aulder hill shot execution style last month while riding his bike next to miami northwestern senior high. in this latest shooting david and a friend, 16-year-old daquan gordon, were walk can together wednesday evening when a gunman targeted the two. daquan was shot in the leg. david ran at least a mile before the soter cornered and killed him in the courtyard of the liberty city apartment complex where he lived. >> they not even 19. i'm 53 years old. and they not even gonna make it to be that age. you know what i'm saying? and it'sad. >> terrell: today that surviving teen's family learned the beef behind the bullets maybe born on facebook. right now friends, family of


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