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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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carty lie in repose. carter's open casket surrounded by flowers, ninja turtles, even his own football field, a sight too much for some loved ones to bear. meanwhile 16-year-old tamar teemis now the let's teen charged in the shooting death of six-year-old. teems appearance was waived in juvenile court this afternoon by hisourt-appointed lawyer. his mother and two family members present in the courtroom. teems was taken into custody early this morning fromis miami home. police say teems provided a detailed confession to the crime. teems now faces charges along with two other teenagers arrested earlier this week, 17-year-old irwen pressley and 18-year-rld leonard adams. cops say a facebook fight withsomeone named ju ju prompted if trio to drive to a northwest miami-dade apartment complex to look for him. king carter was caught in a shootout between the group and died at ryder tuma center. off-camera, teems' mother says
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in the shooting and was visiting a friend when king was killed. in fact, she says police beat her son to force a confession, a claim that miami-dade police strongly deny. and back out live here to the church where the viewing continues for this little boy, his family in the church today, they have been very vocal throughout this investigation. today, though, they have requested their privacy so they can grieve. reporting in miami, liane moreren, local10 news. >> calvin: a sad day for the entire community. >> laurie: and what proprietor news for another six-year-old boy in our community. this little guy is out of the hospital aftft being hit by a miami miss car earlier inonth. antowain lawson was riding his scooter between two parked cars when he was suddenly hit about a eyes plus cruiser. he was taken tow jackson's ryder trauma center wheree was treated for broken phones and other gips if yea,a rakow has
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and what as gorgeous afternoon. that's a postcard on hollywood beach after a chilly start to this day. it's warmed up nicely and that broadwalk looks nice. >> calvin: it's nothat far from our tv station what a cool change may be in store for the weekend. >> laue: our chief certified meteorologist betty davis right here to bring us the details. what do you think with betty? >> betty: hi, everyone. temperatures will be running below normal this weekend but it's'soing to be so beautiful out there, you won't even mind. today we only de to it 71 in miami. that's below normal for this time of the year. the normal high being 79. keke west only managed to such 70 degrees. this is the view through the lens of our miami tower camera staring out toward miami beach. it really does take your breath away. miami has nowallen off to 69 degrees, and we're going to lose more degrees tonight so that by tomorrow morning we'll wake up to around 50 between miami and fort lauderdale, and some inland areas could very
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so we're forecasting a low around 49 for pembroke pines. we get the sunshine going tomorrow afternoon, and then temperatures spring back up to out 70 degrees. and, oh, by the way, the rain chance is going to stay low as well, hardly a raindrop in this forecast. just a spectacular weekend. i'll meet you back here in a few minutes. we'l'l talk more about the forecast and bring into the month of march as well. >> laurie: and the glass from the deter ex kell zell industries in cans remains shattered like home e. soany lives after yesterday's deadly rampage. four people killed including thehe shooter who used to live right here in south florida. todd tongen has been working the local connection all day and he's joining us live in the newsroom. >> todd: we know two hours before cedric ford won't that deadly mass shooting deputies actually served a protection order to him at work and he left the plant extremely upset p. we also know he was from south florida and he was noo stranger to police. police say it all began with
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fire from his car in two different locations wounding two drivers. they say he then e. then drove to his works place just north of wichita,ansas. driving one of the victim's cars, police say ford wars armed with an assault rifle and a handgun. about. >> did gun was strapped to him help he was ready to go. >> todd: investigators say he shot one person in the parking lot and then entered the business. before a deputy could take ford out, he killed three people and injured 14 others. >> t only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> todd: hundreds of employees ran from the bid escaping the rampage, thierry family and friends anxiously waiting outside. >> oh, my god. >> i finally got to see him ip was just -- i want didn't want to let him go. >> todd: months ago ford posted a picture on facebook firing an ak-style rifle. he is from south florida and he has an extensive criminal history here in broward county. e in 2004 he committed burglary and grand theft. in 2000 he was charged with
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and in then 9797 he was caught with burglary tools while prowling. ford's mother and siste live in this apartment complex in homestead. >> do you have anything you'd like to say? >> no, not at this time. >> it's terrifying. it's scary. >> todd: her neighbors were shocked to hear of a south florida to the killings. >> it's surprising to see that it's so clolo at home. you know, you hear it everywhere else, but when it's right here at the door, it is really surprising. >> todd: ford also has an older brother that lives in plantation but it's in a gated apartment complex, and we couldn't reach him for comment. the 14 injured survivors meanwhile at the area hospitals range from serious to critical with one in surgery was we speak. police also say ford appeared to firing randomly and not targeting specific people. >> calvin: you may have been stuck in this earlier today. drivers are still feeling the fractures from a broken bridge on i-395 on the way to miami beach. it appears a broken joint on the
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pavement and led to several cars getting flat tires before it was finally fixed. local10's hatzel vela has more. >> hatzel: for hours this is what commuters have been waiting for. you can see traffic now flowing here at the off-ramp of 395 in touchdown miami. this is spepefically good for the folks trying to get to the beach for the wine and food festival. >> traffic was horrendous. >> hatzel: this morning's commute was not easy. >> it was horrible.horrible. >> hatzel: 836 eastbound known for being slow was extra slow. and this is to blame. >> it's that metal piece, that large metal piece w wch they call a bridge joint. >> hatzel: several cars got flat tires. others had damage to the undercarriage and rims. >> we had one vehicle with four flat tires. >> hatzel: at that point engineers decide shut down the website causing backups at one point that reached all the way to 87th avenue,ast the palmetto. sky 10 above 395 eastbound near
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crews frantically trying to get this fixed. our cameras down on the ground, feet away from the men clearing th damage, and filling it with what they call flexible concrete. i want to show you something up close here because crews tell me it is the deterioration of the concrete where it meets the metal that caused this bridge joint to go loose. the bridge, built in 1970, gets inspected every two years. state highway officials say this rarely happens. a at this point they d d't know what cause this had joint come loose but they speculate trucks headed to the port are part of the problem. >> we sat in track of for like an hour and a half. i was actually glad i took the wrong exit because they detoured me errant. >> meteorologist: despite the fact that this is no open, 395 is now flowing, folks, especially highway patrol telling people take it easy out there because traffic is still going to be pretty bad. reportingin downtown miami, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> calvin: talking about a lot
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beach this weekend, especially on south beach, the wine and food festival. so let's talk about some of the ways to get around all that mess and toet to south beach withing traffic reporter jenise fermandez. >> janine: ites a bit of a mix because you've got the festival and obviously it is rush hour so we are seeing those delays. the good news everything is is back open. the dolphin expressway eastbound between i-95 and the macarthur causeway. but we're still seeing delays. speeds are at 17 miles per hour. so a good alternate if you're tryizg to get to the beach would be the julia tuttle which is green, which is what we love to see. speeds there are clocking in at 61 miles per hour. can't forget about this accident going on in the palmetto expressway ohio this is as you're heading east at northwest 57th avenue. that exit ramenta northwest 57th avenue is still closed wle they work to end contract up that accident so we are still seeing dels for those of you heading in that direction. again this is the palmetto eastbound at northwest 57th avenue. that exit ramp is still closed. so speeds right now are clocking
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calvin. >> calvin: jenise, thanks a lot. republican presidential frontrunner donald trump picking up a big endorsement today from one of his former foes outspoken new jersey governor chris christie standing by his forr rival in fort worth, texas. >> thehe single most important thing for the republican party to nominate the person who getty gives us the best chance to beat hillary clinton. i can guarantee that that the one person hillary and bill clinton do not want to see on thatat stata come next september is donald trump. >> laurie: and there you have it. meanwhile, marco rubio responded to then endorsement by going on aggressive attack against trump labeling him a con man. >> i think it's time to unmask i'm him for what he is. he's trying to take over the conservative movement even though he's not a conservative more important, he is a con. he's a con maintaining advantage of people's fears and anxieties about the future, portraying himself as some sort of strong guy. he's not a strong guy. >> calvin: meanwhihe democrats
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primary, of course, in south carolina. >> laurie: glenna milberg has been following hillary clinton and bernie sanders as they meet with so many voters. she's joining us live from columbia, south carolina with more on their day. glenna. >> glenna: and, you know, todada started for both of them not even here but they're here now, and in fact a bernie sanders rally just t eat-to start. you missed the crowds. they just opened the doors. everyone filed in. and just literally a new blocks from here, hillary clinton is readying for her rally, too. the two of them were out of state this morning but spending primary eve soaking up the last possible votes here. hillary clinton caffeinating inatlanta, georgia. bernie sanders hit a high school in minnesota. both are super tuesday states. when in south carolinat's primary eve. >> every election is about the future. what do you do nowo can we recover broad-based prosperity?
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yes, we can. >> glenna: former president and first band want you bee bill klumpp. in the the south's first voter primary in all demographics. less though so, though, with the young people. bernie sanders has merged into a movement. >> i really do like the idea of free college, and i really like his stuff on climate change. >> glenna: with young people, the sanrs base and south carolina's african-american vote solidly behind clinton, where does a young african-americann voter's allegiance lie? >> i would like hillary clinton in there because wnever had a be new. >> these last few years it's gotten bigger as far as the issue of race andverything that is been going on in the world. it's about change. >> glenna: and change is coming sop howe, we know. this is the democratic primary, the first for this party in south carolina, of course, republican primary here last saturday. primary. you do not have to be a
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anyone who is a registered voter can accept anyone who decided to vote last can can't. so it will be interesting to see if. >> i've party crossers thihi weekend. i'm glenna milberg reporting live from columbia, south carolina tonight. local10 news. >> laurie: we know you're saying right there for us, glenna, because tomorrow is the democratic primary in south carolina, and you can count could glenna to bring you lives reports as those returns come in. >> calvin: zika fears are still growing in florida. there are now two more cases of this mosquito-borne disease one each in broward and miami-de, and that makes for a total of five patients in broward and 14 in miami-dade. there are a total of 37 zika cases across the state, all travel-related. only four patients are still showing symptoms, though. >> laurie: an inmate claims to that he was assaulted by corrections officers while in the hospital. something certainly happened to give hum this bloody nose. we'll have both sides of the story in a one and only exclusive all new at 6:00. >> calvin: and keeping unsafee products off store shelves is a full-time job.
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rist christina vazquez gets an inside look at the work federal officers perform.
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of the hour. , all right. the countdown to the oscars continues. the 88th annual academy awards are just two days away, and there's so much buzz leading into oscars sunday. >> calvin: a lot of people talking about it and can't wait to hear what host chris rock is
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with the oscars diversity debate. our brandi hitt has more from hollywood. >> brandi: the red carpet is out and finalal preparations underway for hollywood's biggest night. the 88th annual academy awards. >> yeah, i feel so lucky. >> brandi: this year eight films are nominated for best picture. the rev nant leads the pack 212 oscar nods inclulung leonardo nomination. >> i'm just a fan of film. >> brandi: for best actress cate blanchette is competing. many anticipating what hollywood's leading ladies will be wearing. >> it's a great way for me to inside. >> brandi: inside the governor's ball celebrity chef wolfgang puck's team is preparing more than 15 dishes for 1600 guests including a new doughnut recipe. >> a little bit of raspberry liquor on here and then we flame them. >> brandi: while backstage,
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for two-time host chris rock. >> i think that's he's going to do a great job p pits anybody's guess what he will say. i imagine he will discuss the diversity controversy. >> brandi: for the second year in a row all 20f acting nominees are white with, the spotlight shining bright on who will be and won't be walking the oscar red carpet. and when it comes to oscars fashion week you can expect some wow moments from some of the representers including c crlize they areon, lady garrish garrish. >> and sofia ver garra. brandi hitt, abc news, hollywywd. >> calvin: and our red carpet coverage begins at 7:00 this sunday with chris rock hosting. then calvin, betty and i will be here. we'll talk all things oscars. hope you can join us. it will be a late night but we'll be here. >> calvin: the forecast today, let's royalty to red carpet for our betty davis. ththe you go. >> laurie: bring it on. >> betty: well, thank you. we're heading out to fort lauderdale right now. lots of blue sky. we areo in love with our
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it is just fantastic out theje. a little on the cool side, though, miami already at 69 degrees. but hanging out in the lower 70s from hialeah to kendall. pembroke pines, happy friday to you. maybe you have something special planned for tonight. you'll want to grab a sweater, especially if yo have to sit outside because it will be cool. dry, chilly by 9 90 tonight. by that our lower 60. those will probably be in the abundance to the temperature map. winds are flowing in from the northwest and with that northerly component some of that cooler air still will have the tendency to move on down the peninsula. high pressure is in charge of the weather situation over the south as we take a look at the cloud and radar imagery for the entire south. so not a drop of rainfall to be found, dry air in play, a a that dry air is going to continue to move in and cooler air as i mentioned and that's going to mean that temperature tomorrow morning will be even cooler than this morning, so we're fofecasting a low of 50 degrees
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potentially drop off to about 46. 49 in pembroke pines. all around we're going to be feeling the chill even down the overseas highway where marathon and key west could see lows in the mid to upper 50s. so needing something extra on your arms tomorrow morning, and maybe for the afternoon, too because even though we'll have sunshine out there, temperatures will stay on the cooler side, meaning that the numbers will run below average. not just saturday but also sunday, although saturday is going to be the coolest of the two days. so here's the bottom line for our weekend forecast. high pressure is in control. temperatures will be below average. and it will be miami starts tomorrow at 50. we end the day around 70 during the afternoon. and then sunday mid-50s to start, highs in the mid-70s. by march the 1st maybe a high around 80 degrees. that's closer to normal but we will also have a little better chance for showers and thundershowers in the forecast. wrapping up the month of february on a quiet innocent calvin. >> calvin: a big day for a
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injured when he was hit by a police car. doctors released an dajuan lawson from the hospital today but he still has a long road to recovery. we'll have that forou at 6:00. >> laurie: and coming up at 5:30, seekers ak-stylea fears fueling a business boom for one contractor who claims he can mosquito proof your home. >> will: next in sports, one of the greatest athletes of all time in south florida but it actually has nothing to do with sports. everyone knows bo, but did you know that bo knows burgers?
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the legend, bo jackson >> will: bo jackson. the name alonehould make you think about one of the most electric players to ever play any sport. jajason won a heisman trophy, i was force in his brief nfl career, and in all-star major league baseball. thesies that, though, he hays different passion, a shill you probably didn't know he had. >> don't i know you?
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and according to his famous commercials of over 20 years ago, bo knows everything. >> bo knows baseball. >> w wl: but not bo jackson wants you to something else. >> bo doesnow burgers, correct? >> bo does know burgers. >> and was burgers that that is bo in south florida this weekend. >> i have been a foody all my life. i started cooking my older brothers and sisters, they paid me to cook. i was six, seven years old, and bread. >> will: he has taken that passion into a business with his own line of burgers and other food. bo would rather talk cooking these days. >> most people would say, wow, did you watch the game the other day? did you see this on tv? i say, no, but i watched the cooking show. >> i think a lot of pple are thinking he was such a great athlete, he probably still eats,
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>> no, n no. actually sports was never the center of my universe. i loved it. i was good bor the sport. but sport was great for bo jackson which meant it has allowed me to open doors that i would have never gotten the opportunity to open. >> will: that doesn't mean bo won't talking about his days of being arguably the best pro athlete ever, but you just better know that bo knows those days, too. >> people walk upnd say, hey, do you remember when you did this? duh, hell, i did it. of course, i remember. would you like to know about it is what you're trying to ask me. doesn't err bother me at all. >> will: brought back some pretty memories. and he does get that, everyone wanting to hear old stories. he currently lives in chicago was has lived there over 20 years. keeps very busy with his business adventures. he is working with the title sponsor of the burger bash tonight where he will shy of h h cooking skills firsthand. bo does know everything.
5:26 pm
knows food. he's a really charming, good guy. all these years greater still looks great. >> laurie: and a good businessman you said. >> will: he is smart. he said for all of theseears i could have just let someone use my name andnd made money. he said i've controlled my name and i have done just fine. >> calvin: and he's in shape, too. >> will manso: when he stands, when he's next to you, he's still the same imposing bo jackson. >> laurie: crackhat bat. >> calvin: i love bo jackson. >> laurie: what a great day. thankk you, will. and what a terrifying advertisement ti at work for one miami police officer. he was ambushed at work early this morning. >> calvin: victor and janine with some of the stories we're working for you at 5:30. >> victor: that officer had just pulled over the car the when driver suddenly got out and started shooting. we have the surveillancee video showing his desperate attempts to get away. we'll tell you how the officer is now doing. >> janine: we have's the one and only exclusive about a federal raid in fort lauderdale possibly
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>> victor: and an inmate claiming he was attacked bee corrections offirs while he was under restraint in the hospital. loca (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates
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>> janine: right now at 5:30 we are now seeing dramatic video games vio of a police officer upped fire trying to get a way to safety. >> victor: a driver started shooti at that officer during a traffic stop early this morning and local10's jeff weinsier ask live to tell us what happened and how that officer is doing. jeff. >> jeff: he is doing well, not physically injured, but it was such a close call this morning for this officer. an officer who has only been on the miami misinforms for less than twowo years. police force. it is hafford to see but from this surveillance camera you can clearly see the officer pull up, then abruptly back up. at the same time, a car he tried to stop flees. it was just after 4:00 this morning. the unidentified miami police officer had spotted the hundai in the area of southwest fifth terrace and 43rd avenue in an area known for prostitution.
5:31 pm
the vehicle with his lights and sirens, and as soon as the suspect vehicle stopped, the driver exited and began firing. officer was not able to get out of his car to return fire. >> jeff: the driver fled. the officer followed for about five blocks before his car stalled out after being hit by bullets. the tactical robbery unit did spot the vehicle again att lejeune road and ninth terrace. >> and was able to apprehend the driver and the other three passengers of that vehicle without incident. the gun is still in the car. we haven't recovered it yet. >> jeff: four are in custody, two men andwo women. the chief says some are cooperating, some aren't. the officer ambushed has been on the force less than two years. >> there are no physical injuries on him but he's obviously shaken. >> jeff: police have not yet identified that officer. they have identified the suspects. we can tell you right now charges are pending, and the charge for the driver of that
5:32 pm
murder of a police officer. we're live in m mmi, i'm jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> victor: and south carolina sheriffs deputy was shot during a traffic stop early this morning. the deputy stopped a suspicious vehicle and had placed a passenger in a patrol car. when she tried to take the driver in custody, a scuffle broke out and that deputy was shot twice under her body armor. she is in stable condition at the hospital. the suspect#went tie home in north charleston where he was later found defend an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> janine: also at 5:3:3 exclusive video of federal agents raiding a hoe in fort lauderdale today and only local10 was there as fbi agents d police officers surrounded the home walk,locking off a street. >> victor: the raid was in connection with a child pornography investigation but authorities isn't saying much more. local10'sy derek shore has more. >> derek: very concerning for neighbor_ out here. this home is situated between a high school and a park here on fifth terrace, and just a little bit earlier whenn we returned to
5:33 pm
the hope homey, to see if they wanted a comment, but before we could get the camera rolling, someone came out, told us to get the bleep away. >> to me it was very shocking this morning. >> derek: a worrisome sight for neighbors with especially parents who woke up tow this scene, federal and local agents raiding this quaint pink house on the 1400 block of northeast fifth terrace in connection to a child pornography investigation. >> it seemed like very nice gentlemen and everythingin', you know, real polite, real respectful and everything, but like i say some em people are like jekel and hyde. >> dek: agents could be seen ushering two men apparently connected to the house into a side yard, questioning them. in the meantime we saw investigators with the south florida internet crimes against children task f fce, fort lauderdale police and broward countiy deputies in and out of the house collecting and logging evidence, including what appeared to be computer hard drives.
5:34 pm
daughter and my nieces and nephew come here all the time. it is very shocking to me. >> derek: so far no arrests have been made public but it doesn't make parents in this area feel any better. >> definitely going to make sure i watch them more carefully than i have been. >> derek: and it is important to reiterate here no arrests have been made public it. fort lauderdale police tell me they will be analyzing that evidence that they seized and determine whether or not any arrests are needed in the coming days and weeks. we are live in fort lauderdale, derek shore, local10 news. >> victor: a man dubbed the barefoot burglar is facing a new charge after he allegedly tried to escape while in custodyt the miami beach police department. 19-year-old john kyre, on appeared before a judge today and was given a $68,000 blond. police arrested cairo early thursday morning after theyay he burglarized at least four homes including one where a family was still sleeping inside. police say kyreo earned that
5:35 pm
removes his ses once he's inside a home. cairo faces several charges of burglary, grand theft and escape. before a product makes it to a store shelf, it must go through a port of entry, and to the "call christina" team takes to you than the portmiami. >> janine: consumer reportrr christina vazquez gives a rare look at the work federal officers perform to make sure unsafe and dangerous products don't make it to a store near you. >> christina: who this stormy afternoon, while being pelted by rain, customs and border protection officers at miami's seaport are scanning incoming argo. >> you open? all of these have been opened. we verify the seal. they'll verify the structure of the door th it hasn't been tampered with. >> christina: checking tha what's in these containers matches the manifeses >> and we look for inconsistencies. >> you can quickly spot check to
5:36 pm
>> wev several types that they look for. they'll also look at t t floor. >> christina: using multiple screening techniques like x-ray imaging and radiation detection. they target high-risk shipments for chemical, biological, radiological weapons, guns and explosives. >> we're looking for narcotics. we're looking for thinking that's terrorist related. >> christina: and specialists are looking for counterfeit and dangerous products. >>ou have officers that specialize in that. >> christina: keeping unsafe products from every reaching a store near you starts right here. >> we inspect all cargo vessels arring in the united states. >> christina: last month fieie operations in miami seizeze hundreds hoverboards that arrived here from china containingng batteries that were deemed unauthorized and therefore counterfeit. the federal regulators believe the batteries could be why some are catching fire, and they're keeping a close eye on imports of the popular product. and last summer cdp miami seized more than $11 million in high fashion counterfeit h hdbags. knock offense that looked so
5:37 pm
dollar thinking you were getting the real thing only to learn later you've been rippid off. and during the holidays cdp partners with the consumer product safety commission to make sure dangerousoys don't end up under the christmas tree. >> this is the last, the last tine line of defense. so winters goes through us, it etty much hits the market. it's on the road. >> christina: at portmtami, christina, local10 news. >> janine: now to the latest on the historic change in u.s.-cuba premises we're just weeks a ay from president obama's historic visit to havana about the today cuban dissidents, outpouring of critics castro government, they're in miami. senior political reporter michael putney spoke to them today. >> michael: the activists from haan and cuban exiles met here at the casa del presso, the howes prisoners, to remind the president they will be watching when he goes to cuba. >> we're going to mobilize this community and to show that we stand as one for change, w., for true change in cuba.
5:38 pm
miami met today with some of cuba's most fous human rights activists and si they will work together to c cl for less repression there ahead of the president's visit. >> but we want a clear message for him. we want him to repudiate the viololions of human rights. >> michael: berta soler is the president of of the ladies in white who march every sunday in havana and who are regularly harassed, shoved around, beaten and detained. >> we have seen you on video with your face beate in, you have suffered retaliation for your views. are you afraid when you go back to havana this will happen again? >> we know always that we are taking a risk, but we are conscious that we need to take that risk. >> michael: the miami exiles and the cuban activists are demanding the release of all company political prisoners and an end to the harassment of pro-democracy activists. >> these pro-democracy activists
5:39 pm
they're skeptical the president's visit will change anythingngn cuba, but they say we'll wait and see. in little havana, michael putney, local10 news. >> victor: right now it's almost 5:40. time for us to get a quick check on thehe afternoon rush with traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: i want to take to you that emergency road work that was going on earlier today on the macarthur causeway. it's reopened. but we are still seeing those delays for those of you heading nee miami beach. speeds five miles per hour. so if you're heading to the beach for the south beach wine and food fell you might want to consider taking the julia tuttle. speeds there are clocking in at that time 55 miles per hour. can't forget about this accident on the palmetto expressway. the and it evident northwest 57thth avenue has been closed for a little more than an hour now. this is as you're heading east on the palmetto expressway. look at that, really heavy congestion going on. so weise zoom on in closer we are starting on to see those delays for miles and miles. this is the palmetto heading east, northwest 57th avenue,
5:40 pm
speeds right now at just 10 miles an hour u. miles per hour. j neen. >> jenise: local10 is investigating after an inmate claims that they was assaulted in the hospital. the pictures of his injuries look bad, but wait until you hear what corrections guards are saying. it's one and only exclusive all new at 6:00. >> victor: zika fears leading to a business boom for one entrepreneur. he claims that they can mosquito-proof your home. we'll show you how his system works coming up. >> jenise: but first, we have the magical tale of a little girl and her unicorn who decide take an unscheduled tour of the neighborhood. don't worry we'll be right back has a fairytale ending. >> victor: and is finally frio and our mount sinai medical center tower am ca never looked so good. cam never looked so goooo
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5:43 pm
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the weekend? >> janine: today we have ap adorable story about a little girl and her unicorn. peal a pone that's plays the part andnd her dramatic escape, and, of course, this story has a fairytale ending. this is juliette. she looks more like something you'd find in a fairytale than on a f fm. shy belongs to five-year-old tatumowes. >> i love my pone ep. she likes apples and carrots.
5:45 pm
julyette's head makes a child's dreams come true. she appears to be a real life unicorn that makes a living posing for pictures, but on wednesday she had other ideas. >> she got afraid and then she pulled it outf the guy's hand and then she runed away. >> janine: drivers called 911 and an unlikely story. >> that the calls were coming in as a unicorn running around outthere on the roadway. >> janine: unicorns are mythical creatutes, people don't see them. julyette lived up to the legend, leading the california highway patrol and area residents on a chase that lasted more than three hours. >> since she was running amuck in a couple of orchards with white blooms, she kind of blended in with the scenery and she's not real tall, so she turned out to be stealthier than we would have imagined. >> janine: a bizarre scene and parted heart breaking for juliette's best friend. >> i was afraid, and then we had
5:46 pm
>> janine: with a chp helicopter shining its spotlight, i neighbor rode in on her horse who knows juliette and they were able to get the wayward unicorn back in custody. with nobody hurt it's a fairytale ending for this pony about the coping to tatum she had some explaining to do. >> she got a timeout because she was being a bad pony. >> janine: a timeout. who is cuter? the little girl or the unicorn. >> calvin: ever. >> victor: the little girl. she eatsapples. adorable. >> janine: happy ending, too. >> victor: now to a close call for unhighway patrol trooper. this is all cacaht on camera. this guy's patrol car was sideswed by a tractor-trailer. take a look. a piece of light rattling around the hood of that patrol car. luckily that trooper wasn't hurt but his vehicle wasotaled. >> as he was just seated in his vehicle, his patrol vehicle was
5:47 pm
tractor-trailer truck which had failed to move over. have caused a collision with the truck and the car itself. >> victor: and the driver of the tractor-trailer was cited cited for failing for failing to m me over for an emergency vehicle. more dramatic video. pilots an asia pacific airways cargo jet made an incredible landing today in guam. the nose gear of the plane failed to deploy so the crew had to usehe rear wheels only to touchdown, so as you saw the front of the plane actually hit the ground as it landed.d. only three people were on this flight. >> janine: stunning new images from space, nasa releasing this new image of polluteo's north pole. the horizon spacecraft took this photo. while the earth's north pole iss known for its frozen temperatures, polluteo's north pole is known for friends canyons. canyons run vertically across the poll a. areand the widest
5:48 pm
to polluteo's north pole. now that we have science, let's bring ourselves back down to earth. >> victor: we like it. betty, we'd like two more days of exactly what we had today, please. >> betty: done and done. that's how we're rolling for if weekend, staring outside through the lens of our mallory square camera and people gardening around mallory square. just a aeautiful evening through the lower keys. going to be a great night to watch the sun go down. hollywood beach, if you're planning on heading in this direction tonight, check it out, looking good out there. there are plenty of people strolling the broadwalk as the teaching approaches. the weather just so nice, so very, very nice and it will stay that wayor the rest of the evening. a touch on the cool side, though, miami 69 degrs, key west at 68, a north window at such miles an hour, so onef those nights where you definitely want to have a sweater, maybe a jacket if you're heading out. winds, from the west-northwest but more cool air is going to
5:49 pm
so after the 10:00 hour we're likely seeing our temperatus head from the upper 50s down into the lower 50s, and then by tomorrow m mning some of you could bottom out in the upper 40s, maybe starting saturday around 49 degrees in plantation pembroke pines, too. weston we won't rule owl 47 nearly morning. miami, coral gables it will be more like 50 degrees, and then mid to upper 50s up and down the keys. so it's going to be a cool one, that's for sure. the cloud and radar imagery painting a mainly clear night for the entire s sshine state. tampa, tax javille, maybe mom lis in pensacola, great looking for weather occurring here and probably cleanup going on in pensacola after the tornado that came across earlier in week, perhaps you remember that story in the news. the air mass over us, it's pretty dry, dry air in the lower level of the atmosphere. we know that because when we look at these d dpoint temperatures, that measure of moisture in the lower levels, we see 30 in fort miers, we see miami at 46, when we see that number 65 or greater, we know
5:50 pm
hair is going to frizz immediately but when it's below 55, that's really comfortable, beyond comfortable, outright planets and planetary is in our -- pleasantry is in our plan for the weekend. as far as how it feels, not going to be sticky at all. nice weather for yourr beach going but a bit on the cool side. the air temperature makes it u to about 70 degrees tomorrow and that's it. if you're taking the boats out, there are no advisories on the waters. inds 1 off miami-dade and broward tomorrow afternoon -- winds becoming north-rtheasterly 10 to 15 knots. again we'll start the day around 50 and then highs land around 70 degrees. yes, that is below normal but absolutely beautiful weather in this forecast. we will start to warm up, though, as we're rounding out the month. ctor. >> victor: betty, thank you. the insults were flying fast and furious at last night's republican presidential debate in houston, and just in case you missed it here are 20 of best zingers in just 60 seconds. >> you know anything about business. >> i don't know anything about bankrupting.
5:51 pm
he was firing dennis rodman on "celebrity apprentice. >> you should ab shamed of hosers ever yourself. >> if he builds toile using the way he built trump towers heal -- if you inherited $200 million do you know where donald trump would be right now? >> no, no, no. >> this is another area on which donald agrees with hillary clinton. >> i think bush did a hell of a bad job. >> people listen to your radio show. that's the good news. >> when you za crazy zealot are you talking about you? >> you may not be aware of this donald because you don't follow this stuff very closely. >> i know you're embarrassed but keep swinging 1 swing for the effects. >> i watched him melt down, and i'll tell you it was one of the saddest things i've ever en. i have had a lot of fun up here tonight, i have to tell you. thank you for the book. >> donald, relax. >> i'm relaxed. you're the basket case. >> victor: so many grere lines. tomorrow is the democratic primary in south carolina, and local10 he's glenna mberg is there. you can look for her live reports. >> janine: one of the rarest of
5:52 pm
auctioned off next month. this disk is described as the holy grail. it was the band's first to be pressed and actually helped them get a record scray contract. hates two songs, hello little girl on one side, until there was you on the flip. it's expected to sell for more than $14,000 when it's auctioned off next month. >> victor: ized busy friday. an inmate claims he was attacked by corrections officers while under restraint in the hospital. we're hearing from both sides. >> janine: a little boy who was badly injured when he was hit about a police car gets out of of the hospital but he still has a long road to recovery. >> victor: plus, a hialeah
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:56 pm
passing funny money in the keys. >> janine: zika virusa fears fueling a business boom for one contractor who claims ex he can mosquito proof your home. >> victor: and as jenise fernandez explains he can barely keep up with demand. >> jenise:ne, two, three pest control has been hard at work. mosquito-proofing homes in south florida. this isn't something unusual. many people do this, especially during the hotter months, but with zika fears more and more people are choo to take prevent measures. general manager said since december they've seen a 40% increase in the number of calls. that's about 15 to 20 more calls a day. >> right now just the zika has caused a lot of our customers
5:57 pm
until march, april, when the season for mosquitoes are active, they've actually it has caused them to call the end of december. >> jenise: mon teal shows u what they do to keep homes mosquito-free. they spray around the outside of the home targeting areas where mosquitoes tend to live and breathe. then use a fog-like mist around the home. the treatment should last about five weeks but off the that depends on weather conditions. >> we don't know determine how many rainfall is going to happen through the rainy season. if there's a lot more rain, it will probably last a little bit less than four, three weeks. >> victor: altugh there are people in florida with the zika virus it's not coming from mosquitoes here bop he said it's important to be vigilant as mosquitoes carry a number diseases. >> the zika is on the news but there's the west nile, malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya. >> jenise: gins gins.
5:58 pm
it for local10 news at 5:30. >> victor: here are coastal carolina back for the news a sic. >> calvin: a little boy out at the hospital but with a long road ahead of him. >> laurie: wund. we could feel the 40s tonight. >> calvin: tears flow as a family says guy bye to little king carty while police make another arrest 4 the bill boy as murderer. >> laurie: in custody and under attack. what this man claims officers did toto him. >> calvin: ask a customer under arrest because of funny money. can you spot the fakes? >> laurie: plus, the world's best chefs, they're squaring off on the beach. we're live at the burger bash.the news at 6:00 starts right now. realtime closed captioiong performed by u.s. captioning company >> reporter: a little b struck in the street. run over by a cop. >> we're still taking it one, day at a time. >> calvin: now out of the hospital, but with a long road
5:59 pm
and that little boy you saw there remains in a body casas >> laurie: but his family, they are celebrating because haysbeen released fromomhe hospital after more than three weeks. whether or not erica rakow was at the hospital when he was released. she's live with our top story at 6:00. >> erica: little antwaan lawson was wheeled out a little while ago. he's home but that recovery includes nur, a broken pelvis and broken femur. it's hard to see his face through auto of the balloonon >> what do you want to say to everybody who came to visit and you broht all these balloons? >> thank you. >> erica: six-year-old antwaan lawson is home leaving holtz children's which hospital. >> what was it like staying here? >> boring. >> erica: this video taken on february 3rd, it showing paic and chaos following he crash that put antowain in the hospital. he was riding as a scooter on northwest 5th avenue just west
6:00 pm
hehe was hit by miami police officer. >> have you heard anything from miami police? >> no. >> not anything? >> not at all. >> erica: police say the boy ran out beteten two parked trucks making it impossible for the officer to see him. >> he told me that he looked both ways, he didn't see a car- he just heard a loud engine. that was it. everything went black after that. >> erica: the ongoing investigation is on their minds, but mom says in the back of it her priority remains antowain's well-being. >> i just want him to recover. that's my main focus. everything else will fall into place. >> erica: mom says a lot of physical therapy awaits him. he'll have to learn to walk again. the officer who hit him was not charged, has not been charged, and still on the job. the police department is not yet commenting about this investigation that is still going on. we're live in the holtz children's hospital this evening, erica rakow, local10 news.


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