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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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hehe was hit by miami police officer. >> have you heard anything from miami police? >> no. >> not anything? >> not at all. >> erica: police say the boy ran out beteten two parked trucks making it impossible for the officer to see him. >> he told me that he looked both ways, he didn't see a car- he just heard a loud engine. that was it. everything went black after that. >> erica: the ongoing investigation is on their minds, but mom says in the back of it her priority remains antowain's well-being. >> i just want him to recover. that's my main focus. everything else will fall into place. >> erica: mom says a lot of physical therapy awaits him. he'll have to learn to walk again. the officer who hit him was not charged, has not been charged, and still on the job. the police department is not yet commenting about this investigation that is still going on. we're live in the holtz children's hospital this evening, erica rakow, local10 news.
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now to a story you will see only on local10. an inmate claiming he was roughed up by corrections officers and says there are pictures to prove it. local10 news investigator amy viteri is in the newsroom with the exclusive. >> amy: laurie, this happened while that inmate was being treated at jackson memorial hospitil forte separate health issue but his mother said the doctor treating him was so upset by his injuries, she took pictures. gladys lawno said the doctor gave her these i injuries of her son's injuries after he the was admitted to jacks memorial hospital. >> she said the corrections officers had beaten him up. >> amy: he's ficing felony charges from an alleged drug deal including attempted robber and murder. photos show him with breeding on neck. she says he got these injuries monday and staff moved him to thee trauma unit. nose. he was strangled.
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department tells they're investigating whether their staff committed any wrongdoing but we learned perez is now charard in the incident. the after decided woos belligeren with jmh staff, kicked and punched a officer trying to restrain him. >> he's in a three point handcuffs. he is handcuffed both hands and one of his legs. >> reporter: she took her son to the hospital but wasn't able to see him. >> my concern is that inmates are treated like animals, and they have rights. >> amy: preases mother says he's not been allowed to call her or his attorneys. miami correctioio is notment coulding further until they complete their investigation. we're live in the newsroom, amy viteri, local10 news. >> calvin: now to a safety alert out oakland park. surveillance video caught a man trying to abduct a 21-year-old woman along north andrews avenue on february 7th. police say he asked her if she needed a ride. when she reclined he kept following her arod if his car. he later grabbed her by the arm and tried to pullher inside.
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now cops need jury help tracking to that guy 5'7" with an athletic build and was last seen driving south on andrews avenue in a silr four door vehicle, possibly a ford fusion. a man to who ted to leave the country following the disappearance his son is now out of jail and talking with local10. our shyann malone is joining us now for her conversation now with the father who was very emotional today. shyann. >> shyann: calvin, he tells me that allf this started inside the car. the two were sitting here, they were driving, and they got into a dispute over directions. he tells me he kicked his son out of the car, expected him to walk home but he never made it. >> he knows i love him. >> shyann: bruce jorgensen desperately wants his son aage to come home. the 16-year-old took rauf on argument with dad. >> he was being disrespectful. he was being defiant, contrariy.
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>> thom: the two were in the car and the dispute was over directions. >> if it continues i'm going to pull over and you're going toned up walking home. >> thom: butage never showed up. he is end run away several times in the past and bruce said every time he manages on to find him on his own. >> he initially went missing this time, why didn't you go to police. >> my confidence and concern for my son or confidence in him and concern about him. and i w firmly convinced that doing so would be counterproductive. >> shyann: bruce is referring to his nearly for-week stint behind bars accused of deserting aage ter boarding a one way flight to sue new zealand. >> you have a round trip ticket. >> shyann: a theory his attorneys proved wrong and he was released. >> he had that time back. and pursued, as he was with you suing, things might have come out different. >> shyann: jorgensen tells me
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northwest 136th salve near sawgrass mills road. and again one more look. they're telling me to call the number on this flyer. we have this posted our on website if you happen tospot aage jorgensen, call with information, and this family is stressing they do not want police involved given their last encounter with police. but, of course, it's all about this little b b, so if you do happen to see hum, reach out to someone to get help. report can live, shyann malone, local10 news. >> laurie: and on i-395 it's opened an a highway hazardcalled an all day shut down. a metal bridge joint came loose thth organ the morning on the eeb lanes near downtown. crews were force odd tow shut down the entire are while they made repairs. as a result this is what traffic-ranked looks like most of the day. four cars had flat tires after driving over the gap. the officials say the bridge is spective two years.
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the bridge joint to loosen but officials suspect it's the large trucks heading for miami. we have traffic reporter jenise fernandez now to see how traffic is now. >> jenise: the macarthurcauseway is no longeing a issue. the julia tuttle will still be your best option and you are heading to miami beach but you know what's a problem? the palmetto expressway eastbound. that ramp northwest 57th avenue is still closed at this time. all due to an accident. so as we zoom on in to our maps we are still seeing those delays onon the palmetto expressway this is eastbound right ap northwest 57th avenue. again, that exit ramp is closed, and speeds right nowre clocking in at just 13 miles per hour. calvin. >> calvin: thanks a lot. family and friends are paying their respect to six-year-old king carter today. those who loved the boy say his pepeonality was larger than life appalachia the boy's tragi death has served as a wake-up calling to everyone, and in this community.( and tonight a third teenager has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the tragic shooting. our r cal10 news reporter liane
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king carter is being right behind you. >> liane: that's right, a heartbreaking scene inside of this church. right now a third teenager is charged with king carter's murder. just 16 years old, his name tamar teems. right behind me as a mentioned services are going on. king carter lying in reposes dozens and dozens of family members, community members, family, even leaders in our community are coming into the church to say goodbye. flowers, ninja turtles, even a football field surround the casket of little king carter. the six-year-old lying in repose as dozens of friends and family pour in to say goodbye. miami-dade mayor carlos gimenez arriving a short time ago in support of carty's family. >> childrere in this community deserve to live like the children in all other communities in miami-dade county, they should be able to
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without fear ofome spray llet. >> liane: superintendent alberto carvalho came to pay his respspts and stood beside carter's aunt, a former teacher of year in his district. >> to hear somebody who was not only related to king carter but somebody who devotes her life to teaching children, not to burger kids. >> laurie: this morning 16-year-old tamar inge disciples was charged with his role in carter's death. his appearance was waived. police say toles confessed and now he joins 17-year-old irwen pressley and 18-year-old leonard adams as a co-defendant. cops say a facebook fight prompted saturday's shooting that left king carter dead p puff camera toles' mother said her son had no still to come shooting and that police beat r son to make a confection, a claim the miami-dade police department strongly denies. back out live here as the viewing continues for six-year-old king carter, his
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since the start of this investigation, has requested his privacy for to speak with him, no interviews granted tonight, and we are obliging. live tonight in miami, liane morejon, local10 news. >> laurie: liane, thank you. now to vote 2016 and donald trump getting a major endorsement in the race for the republican nomination. new jery governor chris christie making the surprise announcement today in texas. >> to beat hillary clinton in november. on that stagege last night he's undoubtedly t. donald trump, and so i am thrilled to be here this morning. to lend m support. >> laurie: there's already speculation kristi chris christie-to-could be on the short list for attorney general or homeland s surity secretary in trump wins in november. >> calvin: and democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders crisscrossing the state and rival b%rnaly sanders has arrived today the same. local10's glenna milberg life in
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latest for us. glenna. >> glenna: true, calvin, there is no doubt bernie sanders' attention is on the states to vote this week, the super tuesday states. he is solidly 20 point behind, give or take, hillary clinton here depending on what poll you look at, but remember he used to be 70 behind. he's really closed the gap here and a little ways from here where hillary clinton's going to speak, there are sizable crowds waiting for both candidates. >> bern! >> glenna: bernie sanders crowd is louder, bigger and younger. hillary clinton has generally kept it more intimate. clinton maintains a double digit lead on primary eve but still brought in the big guns. >> instead of building walls, hillary said we should tear down barriers. >> glenna: among the crowd at clinton's rally at akin high school are the students here, why you can voters who some pierce fashion for sanders.
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excited about like t older gentleman who is really passionate about things he beliefs in, and i think people really like that. >> glenna: maybe the most surprising vote in the south's first democratic primary, the 20-somethings raised in conservative south carolina families. >> i still hold true to some of the republican values but socially i am way more liberal. >> we're growing up in a timewhere we're debating gay rights and we're still working on, you know, racial issues, and i think the democrats are doing a better job than the republicans of just kind of like expanding their ideas. >> glenna: interesting to hear these people talk. so the nation is pretty well ics focused on the fireworks in gop. here in south carolina all the focus is on the democrats. polls open at 7:00 tomorrow morning. both candidates are going to b b working it hard until then. and unlike last week, the gop primary where we found people not decided going into the voting bths to decide, here you get the sense that people
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tomorrow know full well for whom they are going to vote. i'm glenna milberg live in columbia, south carolina town, local10 news. >> calvin: glenna, see you tonight, 11:00. glenna will be back with a live update for us on local10 news a 11:00. look for more live reports from the campaign trailoming up on "world news tonight" another 6:30. >> laurie: there's a new prime minister of jamaica tonight. andrew holeness and his labor party upset porsche simpson miller during elections thursday. local10 news spoke exclusively with who willness when we traveled for jamaica for celebrations of the 50th celebration of the independence. holeness has pledged to grow jobs and improving the economy. >> >> calvin: a florida appeals court is end torres first ang state law that requires women to wait 24 hours before having ab abortion. the court blocked the injunction saying there weren't enough facts or evidence to support the block of that law. still to come tonight, just who is the man who went on that
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>> laurie: well, we had ties to south florida. in the end three people were killed, another dozen injured. the latest on world news titan 6:30. >> betty: beautiful and cool tonight and it's going to get downright chill i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. we'll talk temperatures after the break. >> calvin: but first, the coveted burger bash kicks off tonight for the south beach wine and food festival. a live report coming up. oh, yes, right after the break. "scorsese finally wins." "could you double check the envelope?" "best actress, 1984." "and i can't deny the fact that you like me." "life is like a box of chocolates. "you never know what you're gonna get."
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"xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of oscar moments, simply by using your voice."
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>> calvin: there is no doubt one of the more popular events of the soh beach wine and food festival is taking place tonight. >> laurie: right now burger bash, of course, it brings together the food network stars as well as our best local shelves toppling on south beach,and once again andrew perez scored this difficult assignment. >> andrew: two days in a row i'm here. this is the event we've all been waiting for, at least the event i've been waiting for, the burger bash, this is the biggest, the baddest and definitely definitely one of the most popular. i've been hanging out with my new friend chef at the beatrice inn. they're giving out full size burgers over he ever, giant
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all these chefs are great-hoping to walk away with some major bragging rigs tonight. burger bash moves into its tenth year, one of the most popular and mouth-watering events at the south beachine and food festival. better come hungry. >> we won last year. this year we really wanted to highlight our patty and continue to have some fun. >> andrew: he more than two dozen world class chefs are taking on the task of feeding many hungry people and competing with some original dishes. the competition we saw for ourselves is pretty fierce. >> i'm here with one of the judges right now. what does it take to win bururr bash this year? >> the competition is veriyo i think it's going to take a good combination of the right flavors, something very sue unique, and you see all the chefs. they're going to bring nothing but something exciting. >> it's a great time, great people, great chefs. >> andrew: est a a this is celebrity chef rachael ray's event.
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15th year and all the pceeds go to future chefs and hospitality students atp fiuu. you guys are take liven look at this right now. i wish, i wish you guys could just smell what i am smelling. it's absolutely unbelievable. alsoso by the way, laurie and calvin, i want you to make sure you let betty know it's getting preeti chilly on the here but in a goobay way. it's good to have the hot smoke going out and then youe got miami beach. look down. we are literally on the beach here. i'm going to go start trying out some of these burgers. i i'll let i know what i find. we're live. >> calvin: veggie burgers out, my man? >> laurie: betty, you and i will take the big meaty winds. >> calvin: can a brother get a veggie burger? >> laurie: probably sometng out there. betty, how cold is it going to get tonight? >> betty: we're going down to about 50 degrees, on either side of 50, so definitely a chill. andrew, thank you so much for
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i think i may know what i'm doing around here. we're looking outside now through the lens our mallory square camera and we see the people people gathered, probably watching the sun goi down tonight and they may have on a spatter, too, because it is a bit on the cool side. look at that, just enjoy that for a second through the lens of our mount sinai medical center tower camera. the sunshine going down on miami and it looks good out there. 70 right now for the mia. key west already at 67. and pembroke pines 69 degrees. it will definitely stay chilly on there for the evening. by 10:00 tonight a lot of lower 60s before we finally bottom out in the 50s by tomorrow morning or at least around 50 degrees. miami, a northwest wind at 9 miles an hour. northwest winds ruling. that's the flow around ann area of high pressure parkedd over the south central u.s. this high is going to dominate through the west of the weekend, and so with that northwest flow we'll have more chilly air oozing down the peninsula which
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at 50 by tomorrow morning, email, and fort lauderdale. 49 perhaps in pembroke pines. 46 in kendall. so you definitely will have that heater cranking out there, a lots of you i'm sure. it will be a chilly start to our saturday, and then the afternoonon is going to be cool, too. we'll have sunshine but that northerly flow will tend to keep the temperatures on the cooler side. we certainly won't run to 80 degrees tomorrow, not at all. high pressure in control for the weekend. temperatures running below average on sunday as well. but it will be beautiful. so we'll start tomorrow around 50 and then our highlands around 70 during the afternoon. winds northwest to north 10 miles an hour. rain chance at zero percent, and rain chance is going to remain slim t that the entire weekend. sunday morning won't be as chilly but we're sti going to start the day in the 50s, highs in the mid-70s4 and then comfortable by monday, a high of 78 degrees and before you know it it's march the 1st. we see a high around 80 that day. and that's when we see a chance
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will is up next with sports. will: lebron james wanted him. so did several other playoff bound teams but was pat riley and be dwyane wade and did ht who reportedly swooped in and convinced johnson to come to miami. both yahoo! reporting it's a done deal that johnson will sign with the heat. we'll have to officially wait until he clears others waivers tomorrow before making the news
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johnson became availille jetted brooklyn nets cut ois his family he can still shoot the 3. he could make his season debut withiami as early as tuesday at home. the heat visit the celtics tomorrow at 3:00. hassan whiteside will be there and will continue to try that strong play to keep it going. the big fellow 21 point, 13 rebounds in the loss to golden state. whan said he has been playing angry off late after the all-star snub. >> i enjoy it. i enjoy it for sure. how aggressive he goes out to the after the rebounds, how a grie he sets screens. >> i think when he's mad, he's like more, you know, a lot in, d then he's playing unbelievable. >> just trying to be aggressive in a good way, you know, i'm just trying to do it in a positive waive and try to channel that just to help the
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>> will: a huge weekend in coral hose the top-ranked gators. it's ao the 'canes and gators, a rivalry and it's a rematchf last year in omaha which the 'canes hava not forgotten. game with a chip on our shouldern we want to play them good. we want to win. they finisheds off last year, and we have to use that as motivation going into this weekend. >> will: highlights at 11:00. >> calvin: you said lebron
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>> will: everybody text1 italics cc1 test message tonight, right here, the bombshel endorsement. the presidential race turning personal. the new attacks leveled tonight. rubio going after trump. and chris christie tonight, now saying it's time for president trump. > breaking news, the motive in the deadly rampage. the video now discovered, and the notice the gunman got 90 minutes before the shootings. the new head line about the zikaoutbreak, and pregnant women in the u.s. the miscarriages as well. and the sudden explosion. the little girl grabbing her bag when a hoverboard ignites.


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