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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  February 27, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EST

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>> anchor: getting towed is never a good experience, we know, but in the city of miami, they are adding insult to injury, after an audit uncovers a company, over charging customers. >> anchor: and the charges in the thousands of dlars and the company, failing to pay, tens of thousands in fees andtill not changing policies. amy explains why customers are still owed a big refund. >> they are charge rg whatever they want to charge and they are
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>> customers ripped o by towing companies who had no idea until we told them. we looked through an audit from miami, indedendent, auditor general that reviewed the companies contracted by the city, in the one month, period, they found the companies over charged customers moreover than $8,000. >> it is like a highway robbery >> disbelief fro this customer, named mary. her grandson should have paid, $68? stead they charged $130. >> i think that everyone has to make a living but you don't have to rob me to make money. >> five months after the rerert, we visited the towing companies to see w wt has changed. >> can you talk to me about the rates here on the signs? what is the $134? >> reporter: at kings, record the worst offender, we saw this sign, still posted with illegal rates. >> do you charge people that? >> reporter: the same issue at
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about this sign outside an employee said this. >> you got this one, and -- >> the audit found at ted and stanz, that each case they stored the car for more several hours, but the problem is no paperwork showing if the cars were there that long. >> actually according to the city, for the first six hours, there is no charge. >> so who checks on these businesses? that is the miami police department, record detail, but they found that the personnel did mot monitor the towing company operations. >> did the miami police, drop the ball on towing enforcement. >> i think that dropping the ball is a harsh assessment. but i think that the department could have done better. >> they have made changes, beefing up from 2 officers to six, and workink to get more for the records, the officers have been doing random checks. >> if you want to do the business with the city,, have you to do it right. >> reporter: over the one month
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fees, fees they were charging customers. >> we could be talking tentially, if you add the months up, millions of dollars that were never paid to the city. >> obviously the tax payers are on the hook for a lot of things and we don't want them to be on the hook for things like this. >> and everyone is out to make money. and some of them don't care how you get t. and early in january, i requested a copy of any documentation of checks mp d has done on towing companies has done since the audit so far we have not received the paperwork. i also learned that the city law, requires that they refund the customers three times the amount of an over charge. if you need help, file the complaint with the record detail and that information is on our website, local local ten news >> anchor: this was the first ti towing companies were audited in elevenears, they have paid back most of the city they owed the city from the period the audit reviewed. >> anchor: tonight, a man
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and bail out of jail and talking with local ten, bruce said that the last time that he saw his son was during an argument in the car which ended when he told his son to walk home. >> being disrespectful and he was being defiant and contrary, and a 16-year-olds are. andd if it continues, you know, i am going to pull over, and going to walk home and he is concerned and he is frightened and he knows that i i love him. >> he last saw his son, on northwest, 136 avenue on sunrise, a $5,000 reward for information about the 16-year-old's location. >> anchor: about a weekend, tonight, was a bit on the chilly side? >> reporter: it was gorgeous, yes, as long as you stay in the son, is it going to be a gorgeous weekend? >> reporter: it will be, what do we do first tomorrow? do we get our hair done? do we get the car washed or tch a little baseball or little league out there? it is a great weekend for all of the above and we got to get
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61 right now in miami, and we have a northwest wind at 8 miles an hour and look at how dry the air is, 36 the dew point temperature and we are on the way to losing a few more degrees out there tonight. if you are wondering what the temperature is right now, well, it is 59 and kein. dall at 56 and meantime we are seeing the 60s over the overseas highway and marathon at 62, and by tomorrow morning, we do expect the lows to drop off to around, 50 in miami, and fort la, and pem brook pines you are one of those areas that may just touch the upper 40s, we are forecasting 49 and we will see if we hit that 46 in kendall either way if you are up really early in the morning, you are going to want the jacket or if your blood is thin, you may actually walk out of the door in a big coat, but you will be shedding that coat by the afternoon. >> winds in tonight, by the northwest and we are getting that flow around an area of high pressure, and centered over the south.
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stable, everywhere we look, from atlanta, to memphis, a central, and alabama, and mississippi, and over towards, louisiana and dallas and houston, and looking clear tonight. and so a lot of dry air in play across the south, and with the flow around the high, we are expecting as i mentioned a chilly start to our saturday and we are going to warm up the afternoon but the temperatures will run, almost ten degrees, boo he low normal for this time of the year and with the northerly, component to the winds it is going to be a cool afternoon, but we can take it because we are going to have a lot of sunshine to go around and even with a few clouds in the mix and then sunday, more of the same, another beautiful day and not quite as cool. so here is the wrap it your weekend. high pressure in control, the temperatures running below frmg, but beautiful over all, if you are heading to the beaches, the rip current, and the water temperature, around 73 degrees, and so we start tomorrow, around 50, and we land around 70, during the afternoon and the rain chances remain low over the next few days.
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by the way, the upper 70s and in the first day of march we could hit, 80 degrees and we will be back with the showers in the middle of next week too and your weather authority is here for you, meteorologist jennifer gets started at 5:00 a.m. with the rest of the gang, guys? >> anchor: thank you. >> anchor: a workplace, rampage in the heart land and the shooter wi south florida ties >> anchor: we are learning more about his criminal past in broward county as the neighbors
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>> anchor: now, the latest on a rkplace, rampage in kansas that left four people, including the shooter dede.
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out that shooting yesterdrd at excel trees, ford had been served arotection order at work, that was requested by a former girlfriend. he left the work, ang ril before returning with two guns, 14 people were also injured. ford was from south florida, and s mother and sister still live in homestead,heir neighbors say they were shocked to hear this news. >> it is terrifying, it is scarey. >> you know, to see that it is so close at home. you know, you hear it everywhere else. buthen it is right here at the door, it is really surprising. >> anchor: ford also had criminal history here in south florida, he committed burglar and grand theft in 2004, and in 200 he was charged with fleeing and alluding police >> >> anchor: a man is recovoring in a massachusetts hospital afafr the police say that he fell flat on his face during a sobriety test. >> he crashed his car and struck a pedestrian on the sidewalk,
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sobriety test, the man he struck was in the hospit. he could barely make it through his abc before his fall, he is now being charged with dui. >> reporter: up next in sports, the start of a very big, baseball and basketball weekend, and gege off to a dismal start for the hurricane, and plus, what the addition of joe johnson could really mean for the miami heat, and we will have the latest information, coming up >> anchor: first, cash three, and play four, and fantasy five
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>> and now local t sports with will >> reporter: it was a foregone conclusion to many thax joe johnson would be going to cleveland after reaching his buy ou with the nets. but those people may have under timated the power of pat lely, and dwyane wade, reporting tonight that i don't know son will be signing with miami tomorrow. now the heat have to wait until tomorrow, because that is when johnson clears the waiver at 5:00 p.m. and then it becomes official, jon son is good friends with wade and importantly wants to go to a team where he can start that opportunity, would be here for him. johnson a closer at time, in brooklyn with the gluch shots and a good, three point shooter, something that the heat designately need. and the heat could get a win, if
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the hang over and hope that they won't have it for the 3:00 start, and the first loss since the all-star break, and wade is focused on bouncing back quickly. >> you know, we are thinknkg playoffs, and you know, just focus on okay, we want t to be at this seed to miss this team and we are not at that point right now.w. you know, we want to put ourself in position to be place good basketball and make the playoffs, and we know that the importance of certain games and we knew the importance of the indiana game and try to make sure that they don't beat us three to one in a series. >> anchor: and we will have a play off field, hurricanes hosting number one florida, rocky start for the canes, thomas, and two outs in the first but peter, two on the home run and two in the nothing in florida. in t 5th, and it is four, nothing, and jj and the solo home run, and 5-nothing, and gator starter, shore didn't need any runs really, and one would have been enough, and the canes get blank, and five nothing for


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