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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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[music] real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> >> todd: right now on local 10 news, breaking news off the the to. a # month-old baby kidnapped from a fort lauderdale home. police now on the lookout for thee alleged kidnapper. >> neki: family and friends gathering t t remember a 6-year-old boy killed by violence. as t ty prepare to be laid to rest, police make another arrt in the killing. >> todd: and democrats making final pushes to sway voter as they head to the poll in the south carolina. >> neki: and taking a look outside. dark and early a a we like to say. 52 degrees. temperatures taking a divment how long will the cool weather last? jennifer correa has the forecast. live,xhe one and only local 10 news starts right now. >>odd: did you just call me a dip. >> neki: wouldn't be the first or last time. good morning every one it's saturday, february 27 can.
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>> i'm neki mohan. >> todd: and good morning todd gofnlt we want to get to jennifer core a ra for a check of of the weather. >> neki: and it what been gorgeous this morning. > jennifer: >> todd: breaking knew over night police are investititing the parent kidnapping of a 2-month-old babyy in fort lauderdale. >> neki: police say the kidnapping was originally reported to them as a robbery. >> todd: now detective are going door to door talking to witnesses as they hunt for a vehicle and layron livingston is live in fort lauderdale with breaking detail. snie. >> reporter: todd, at last check a county wide alert has wake enafter this 2-month-old was mentioned.
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crime scene tapis still up and investigators are still on the scene here as an investigation is underway. we're still waiting for deputies to open up imt investigation. we were here last night when all this started as they work the scene on north west court here in fort lauderdale going door to door ah said and set up a large peririter pushing our crew back far to investigate this a. >> and the call originally came in as a robber fry where the it 2-month-old was taken and from what we were able to lp on the scene here, it is possible other family member maybe involved in this situation. back live here, there's a crime scene van unit back there on the street parked a few yards way from here and of course a couple of broward county deputy cruisers here on scene and as far as suspects, what we're hearing is fairly vague. a man, a woman and possibly a black nissan. depp tie have not commented on the again cefer the 2-month-old
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as far as we know, and we checked this morning, no amber alert. te'll stick with with this and anything farther we learn we'll bring it to you on local 10 and local for now reporting live, layron living stofnl local 10 news. >> neki: and a miami-dade officer is now on paid leave. detective ar map do sar ca ta responded to a narcotics investigation where more than 17 grand was seeds. roughly roughly $16,000 was ror oovmentd ca rar as admitted to keeping more than a thousand dollars for hi personal gain. >> todd: we're now seeing dramatic video of a police officer trying to getaway while under fire for hi safety. >> and the officer attempt he ted to chase the gunman with with you his car gave out. as a result of the gunshots other officers able to track down that car.
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cuss dix the officer who was fired at was not hit or iured. >> neki: now to vote 2016, donald trump now has the backing of another former presidential candidate. chris christie, new jersey govenor, weasd no time going after marco rubio after rubio hammered trump in thursday's debate. >> let me tell u- something to mark a rubio, the president of the united states is not a no-show 'do job like you treated the senate. >> i he calls in chris christie. i respect. that i have m me of my hare fair hair. >> christy's ep dorsment is interested after his previous statement that trump isn't suited to be president. and the democrats in south carolina day's is finally hear. last night democratic contenders hillary clinton and bernie sanders did last p minute campaign.
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mill werg was there. >> reporter: the final push bernie sanders rally had live music, a bar and a lot of optimism. >> it is just too late forest stab blishment politic and establishment economics. >> >> reporter: hillary clint bought the family and the swagger of a double digit lead. >> i want to thank the people of south carolina. >> reporter: and clinton's solid support among after ra want american voters especially women give her a 20-point plus in the poll. a far tighter spread than sanders started with here. and influx of younger voadz votes with with the education and spreading the wealth comments. >> reporter: sanders shoting he can be competitive nationwide.
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recognition low before this i know a lot of people are will be active and he has been hitting the string with the younger crowd. and a think he is making a big impact. >> reporter: last night right through today it's about getting out the vote for both candidates. this is an open primary in south carolina ch about getting out the democratic vote but any registered vote cer vote today as long that he did not choose to vote in the republican primary last week. >> i'm glenna billberg in south carolina ch local 10 news. >> todd: a man accused of ban kong his son is now out of jail. bruce juror goneson is now out of jail and said the last time he saw his son was after he got out of the car when after an argument. 'was defiant and i said if it contjnues i'm going to pull over and you will walk home.
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probably frightened. he nosy love him. >> and he last saw his son in sun price. five how dollars reward for information on hi location. >> neki: and now surveillance video capturing a man trying to abduct a 20-year-old woman along north andrews avenue on february 7th. police say he asked her if she needed a ridend com when she declined he kept following her in the car. he later grabbed her bit arm and tried to to pull her inside. he managed to break free. she managed to break free rather and now police need your help tragging down this person. 5-foot seven with with an athletic build and last seen driving south on north andrews avenue nay silver four door vehicle possibly a ford fusion. >> todd: and fbi ants raided a home in connection with a child pornography investigation. authorities in and out of home collect ef.
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home were also questioned. neighbors are in shock and concern. >> he seemed like very nice gentlemen and everyrhing and like i said, some people are like jekel and hide. >> i'm concerned because my daughter and niece and nephews come here all the type. ve shocking to me. >> todd: authorities are not saying much. so far no reases have been made. >> neki: now the latest on 8e- far o hear ootionz. and they knew about joaquin. the captain wrote about the storm in his daily reports and he also he is at the company he that owns el faro never performed necessary maintenance on the ship. yesterday was last date of ten day hearing. el faro nk near the bahamas on october 31 killing 33 people on board. a second hearing will be
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the ship's data record sd finished. >> todd: a horse gets spooked during a parade and thing turn scary. >> neki: nor more on this dramatic diswroid and an update on the victim's condition. >> todd: and a call christina getting results. more on what lead the attorney general to take action. >> jennifer: and good morning south florida. if you're wake upper lerks heading out the door early. grab the sweartz. temperature have dropped into the upper 40s for southwest miami-dade. pompano beach with 4849 degrees. elsewhere in the 50s. how cool will it be later on today and how long does it last? all the detail when we come ck. >> you're watching local 10 news with todd tongen and neki mohan. >> and monday at 6:00, giving crooks the open door policy. >> these are lock that can be accessed. you don't neetd need a key. jais code. >> todd: smashing ls not so smart.
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to out lock your smart loa >> neki: caught on camera a rode rodeo trait trailer. the rider a a horse fell after they were sporked by horse. official sal say she was run over by the wagon and may have suffered a broken leg and jaw. w being evaluated the thehospital for pin internal injuries. the horse got up after the crash and limped away. >> todd: and kirk kelly wa wanted on probation violation after six month o the run he wa finally found in ohio but k kly allegedly tried to to lie about who he was when he over heard police say they were going to get a fingerprint scan nempt he tried to to bite off his finger tip. >> neki: a bli ard almost ro prevented a bababy from getting
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little brooklyn was born in china with a liver disease. she was waiting for more sthan a year for the transplant. they were given 24 hours to get from memphis chicago. but with road closuresnd flight cancellations during a blizzard almost madehat im possible. >> could we get there through add la atlanta and dallas and flying madison and rent age car driving dowp. when fed ex heard the family's story they said no problem. they flew them to ccago on the corporate jet. brooklyn is now recovering from surgery and doing well. >> >> todd: well, after the rain came the floosmed the county in vermont was hit hard because of the rain. and the river and stream add up to the problem. roads werere closed. thankfully no reports of any injury. look at that. an icy river. >> neki: and you're complaining about putting on
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>> todd: i wasn't complaining. it's when you first get in and have hot lernlg. you get a little goose. >> neki: jennifer, ce canan afford leather. >> todd: oh stop. i think my might be p leaguer. >> and we need that during summer knox summertime weather for us here this morning ch temperatures have dropped to the 40 eachts upper 40s in pompano beach. kendall and homestead. eermrmg 48, 49 degrees elsewhere. on the 50s. even open the way down to key with west. 59 denork. much coldeas you head up north. now, we did have a very weak cold front that passed through sterday. a secondary front and reinforced that cold air we're feeling right now. and open the radar and satellite. no clouds and no rape. we done have to worry about any rainfall food today as high pressure will be developed. tip to develop april push o off to the east. itit is right now right over the gulf coast and it will continue
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here's a look at current temperature across the sunshine state in the 30s from tallahassee count to gainesville. 40s in central florida. 40 keys in fort myers so clly no doubt about it but we stay cool. is afternoon well below the average as high pressure remain in control for the rest of the weekend. if you're headed out to the ach, we'll have lots of sun shiech. we'll be cool out there. the north winds in place. ten to 15 miles per hour. no advisories for voters out there. beautiful day to head out open the water. seas two to 4 feet ch the bays with a moderate chop. and here a loo at this weekend's highs. only in the low 70s today. again tomorrow closer to the mid 70s tomorrow and of course we gradually warm thing up and yes, we are back into the 80s by tuesday. tuesday, wednesday, we have a better chance for a few showers out there. but relatively quiet for much of the rest of the couple of days here on that seven day forecast
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>> neki: big updates with the call christina investigation. but a company told christina they took the money for an alumni book and never delivered. the attorney's office has tbhand company from selling the director reez. >> this scart startded with a call to the call christina holt line.. >> because you get thing done. i don't want any more pool geez or excuses. we found alumni groups across the country posting warning about the pinellas county based alumni research incorporated. you remember we went to their office outside tampa to get a refund from our viewer and apses for c@o rob lert levee. anani have no comment. it's an on going viesmghts for violation of the florida deceptive and unfair trade practices act and the florida tell marketing afnlgt they are accused of taking money from ten
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the country for director reez that were never published. they are now banded from marketing or selling the book. earlier this month we went back out to the business to see if they were still at it. the doors were locked and nearby business owner told us the landlord had recently changed the locks. a alumni research filed for bank wrup sivment wile while we were able to secure a refound for our viewer. unsure if any one else in the country will get a refawnd. and close bank accounts and kiss connect any advertises phone number n. news room. christina vasquez. local 10 news. >> neki: still to come this morning police still searching for that missing 2-month-old baby in fort lauderdale ch the baby reportedly taken from a home on northwest 14-78g court. investigators say they vemping for a black nissan. if have you any information,, please call police. >> todd: the star studded academy awards are one day way. >> neki: coming up we have apreview of what you can expect
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>> todd: and a live lo outside our miami tower cam. dark and early as we like to say. that's actually fort lauderdale with but it's doork dark too. >> neki: we can't tell where. >> todd: 5:19. 51 de. stick around. we're here for the rest of the morning. >> all watching. always tracking. meteorologist jennifer correa on the one and only local 10 news. your weather authority. and monday morning at 6:00. >> it was a scam trying to exploit small business owners. is are serial abusers costing you the law. is it extortion or enforcement. >> spirit of law is to get compliance.
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>> christina tells you how (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference tween making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates.enough talk.
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>> todd: celebrate the last
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at an event happening today. the museum is hosting a cell are operation today. music and dancing and a parade. starts at 10:00 p.m. tapped is free. an the jungle island is a fun in the 5th family event. features food, fitness and education. >> starts at 5:00. tickets are 20-dollar. and sophia church is having a greek festival today. >> opah. >> todd: o p pah. tickets are $12 for dults and free for kids under 12. >> neki: i get goose bump when i hear the music. way. # film up for best picture this ar and many are ee car to see what host chris rock will say especially about the oscars diversity cop tro ver si ooflt the the red carpet sought and preparations underway for
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the 88th annual cad my award. >> i feel so lucky. >> neki: this year eight fill p ms are nominated for o for best picture. the ref revenant leads the pack with dicaprio with hi 5th 5th nomination. i'm just a fan of film. and kate plan scet battling against fear sao nan and bree and many anticipating whwh hollywood's leading ladies will be wearing. >> a great way for me to express what wa is happening on the t t inside. >> inside the ball, chef wolflfng pulling it preparing dishes including a new donut recipe. >> a little bit of raspberry liquor and we flame them. see. >> and two time host chris rock prep are underway i think he will do a great job a he has before.
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>> for the second year in a roarks all 20 of the act nominees are white. thepotlight shining brighten who will be and won't be walking the red war karr pet. carpet. >> our coverage begin at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow with chris rock hosting. ben,n,alvin and betty will be knew. we'll talk winner, dresses and al all things oscars. this will be the first year i've nominated. >> todd: you usually see mof mofs most of them. >> neki: and we'll put in our pick tomorrow. >> todd: we won't tease with you that. and police are investigating the a alleged kidnapping ave 2-month-old baby in fort uderdale. >> neki: we have a crew at scene bring you the late braing breaking detail. >> todd: and family and friends gathering to remember king car temple the six year-old boy killed by gun violence. le be lead to rest today. >> jennifer: aipped chilly
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here in south florida, miami we're at 52 degrees but you it feels like the low 40's. some of us actual temperature in the upper 40s. i'll take a look at all that and the rest of your weekend forecast when we com back. >> take local 10 on line with you wherever you're head. like us on facebook and follow us on twitter for the latest social media news and interaction. and sunday, after the oscar, main described a monster. >> i was hungry for some kind of a physical touching thing and she was right there. >> accused of drugging, molest innocent. >> now, a shocking twist. >> and did you know about the abuse? >> was someone hiding darar secrets? >> i know that i a witness what seen those videos and she told me what happened on those tapes. >> investigate or bob norman with a one and only local 10
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sunday after the oscars >> local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: time now 5:30. taking a live look out of our miami tower cam. 51 degrees ch crips and cool on this beautiful saturday morning but it mean it will be nice later today. >> todd: yes it was yesterday, you i had to work. >> you had the day off. >> neki: i did and it was gorgeous. >> todd: i was telling people i think this could be the nicest day so far this year. but now today could beat it it out. >> jennifer: i know. but today you know what, today is colder todd and neki as compared to yeched we're already seeing that this morning because temperature haveropped into the 40's. 49 degrees in pompano beach as well as in kendall and 48 in homestead and the keys, you're also in the the 50s. so yes t say cold one. and it isalso going to be a dry one. we haven't had muchry days this winter so far ch our dry season has been abnormally less and so we will enjoy this weather and it is so great that


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