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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 6AM  ABC  February 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lauderdale tower >> neki: right nowow on low ca ten morning news. we're following breaks niewsm a 2-month-old baby leamg lid cpped kidnapped from a aort lauderdale home.. police now on the lookout. >> todd: and family and friend gathering to remember a 6-year-old boy killed by gun violence and as they prepare to lay him to resms police making another reas in the killing. >> neki: and democratic voter head to the poll in south carolina. >> todd: and temperature have taken a dip. will the school weather last all weekend long?
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>> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: good morning every one. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: i'm be on todd tongen. thank you for waking up with us on this chil saturday morning. february 27th. glad you're here. >> neki: yeah, it's a beautiful morning. a lot of the peoeoe up north here for the food and wine festival calling us wimps. >> todd: we'll keep you warm. nicki is radiating on the heat this morning. >> jennifer: neki s. she is radiating open the heat. not so much in south florida this morning. temperatures have dropped to the 50s and upper 40's. 48 degrees in pop pompano beac now pembroke pines cooled down the past few minute. 49 currently and also 49 degrees in homestead. 48 in ken cavment&the 50s down into the keys. yes, it's a chilly one. wear the sweaters and keep the light sweaters with youoday. temperatures are expected to stay below average once again. winds currently out of north and northwest anywhere between fivi to up to 12 miles per hour.
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no rape open the radar as far as cloud coul of vencht a few middle clouds butut fair skies all day or all morning long at least. high pressure in control that will keep us nice and dry this saturday as temperature stay in the 50s for the rest of the morning. by the late m mning closer to noon hour we'll finally get back into the 60's. todd. >> all right general, thank you. breaking over night police are investigating the pairpt kidnapping of a 2-month-old baby in fort lauderdale. police say the kidnapping was reported to them as a robbery. now detectives are going door to door talk to witnesses as they hunt for a spobles suspicious vehicle. all mysterious and unfolding right before our reporter layron livingston who is live in fort lauderdale with the breaking detail. good morning layron. >> reporter: good morning todd and neki. i'm going to show you the sun starting to come up here theessments deputies have been he since late last night. still here early this morning working this investigation. the crime scene tape is still up
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lookout was issued late last night and as far as we know it's still in effect after this 2-month-old baby from what we're hearing was taken from this area. we want to show you vidid from last night. we were here on northwest 14-78g court here i i the fort lauderdale area as those deputies started going door to door, even setting up this large perimeter pushing our crew back eernlg even farther as they started this investigation and the call o originally came in as a robbery from where the 2-month-old was taken and from what we were able to lerp on scene here late last night. deputies say it's possibly involving family members, other family members that@ were connected to this child. but as far as suspects are involved. we are hearing, what we're hearing is very vague, all with we know is this a man, possibly a woman involved. and possibly in a black nissan and we're still waiting to get information about. that in fact i spoke with one of the deputy on scene and he said he would radio tohe supervisor
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trying to get information as to what's going on here. whoo they are looking for wecht don't know if this child sigh boy or girl. so we're hoping that the deputies in the broward county sheriff's office will be able top up about this situation p opt the weekend. if they are looking for the child helped find this child and whoever is responsible for taking this child. we're also trying to see if any amber alert were issued.d. something i looked into. not wear of any but not a situation that we'll continue to monitor here and bring you the latest as soon as we have it and pass a along to you. reporting live. layron living stofnlt low death news. >> neki: thank you layron. >> and a miami police officer is now on paid leave. detective armando sa car taz rorred to a narcotic investigation where more than $17,000 was seeds. uf however roughly $16,000 was reported.
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more than a grand personal gain. >> todd: and we're seeing video of a miami officer trying to getaway to safe time. the shooting started forcing the of officer to retreatment that car left the scene and the officer team ted to make chase but the gunman got aways a the police car gave out a a result of the other gunshots however, officers able to track down that other car ch four people inside taken into custody. thankfully the officer who was fired at was not injured. >> neki: now to vote 2016, donald trump has the backing of former presidential candidate new jersey govenor chris christie. govenor wasted no time going after rubio after rubio hammered trump in thursday's debate. >> let me tell america something about rubio. president of the united states is not a no-show jobike treated the senate. >> and i respect. that have more of my fair share. >> chris tee's endorsement is
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comment that trump isn't stiewbtd president. >> neki: meantime today is the big day for voting in south carolina. last night the candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders did last minute campaigning. local ten news reporter glenna milberg is in columbia south carolina. >> reporter: the final push, bernie sanders rally had laif music, a bar and a lot of optimism. >> it is just too late forest stab blishment politic and establishment economic. >> hillary clinton brought the family and the swag swagger of a solid double digit lead. >> i want to thank the people of south carolina. >> and clinton's soiled support among african american voter especiallyomen give her a 20-point plus edge in the polls.
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sanders started withere closed by influx of people rallying for his promise. a freed education and spreading the with wealth. >> reporter: sander is counting on south carolona to show he can be competitive nationwide. >> pretty sure his name recognition is very low before he started rung. >> i'm hopeful. very hopeful. >> definitely. think it will be a turning point. >> i know he is hitting g string with a lot of younger crowds and people in the past and he is making a big impact. >> reporter: last night right through today it's all about getting out the vote for both candidates. this is an open primary in south carolina so it's about getting out the democratic vote but any registered voter can vote today as long as thth did not choose to vote in the republican primary lasteek. >> i'm glenna milberg in column bee o south carolina ch local 10 news. >> todd: a man accused of abandoning hi son is now outf
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bruce juror goneson spoke to local 10 and said the last time he spoke to his son was in the car when he wa got out of the car ee was disrehe speckle full and as other 16 yeempletd i said if it continues i'm going to pull over and you're going to walk home. he might be concerned or frightened. he nosy love him. he last saw his son ah gee on sunrise. a five how dollar reward is being offered for information open the 16-year-old's location. >> neki: and surveillance video caught a man trying to abduct a 20 year-old woman on north an dpriewz avenue on friday february 7th. police say he asked her if he she needed a ride and she said no. he kept following her around in the car and he later grabbed her by the arm and pulled her inside. he man toongd break flee and now policeeed your help tracking down this man in the sketch. he is described as 5-foot seven with an athletic build and last
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avenue in a silvefour door vehicle, possibly a four fusion. >> todd: and fbi agents raid age home in connection with a child pornography investigation. authorities in and out of that thoam home collecting ef. two men in connection with the home were questioned fl neighbors are in shock and concerned. >> they seemed like very nice gentlemen and everything. real polite and respectful and erything. but like said, some people like jekel and hyde. >> i'm concerned about my daughter and nice knees and nephews come here all the type. very shock to me. >> todd: sthorts not saying nuvment so far no reas have been made. >> neki: now to the latest on historic change in the u.s. cuban relation. we're just weeks way from president barack obama's historic stroits havana. they met at the casa dell press so. which translates to the house of prisoners in little havana to
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will be watching when he goes to cuba. they say they will work together to call for less preappreciation visit. we're going to ma mobilize this community and show that we stand as one for change for true change in cuba. >> pro democracy activist from havana and miami say they are demanding the relieves all cuban political prisoners and the end of of the what vastment of the activist. they say they are skeptical the president's change visit rather will change anything in cuba but they will wait and see. >> todd: and a state law that requires woman to wait 24 hours before having an a bompletion the dort lifted an injunction that blocked the waiting period from taking effect saying there weren't enough facts or toaf support the law. >> neki: a texas tradition turning scary after a horse gets spooked during hay parade. >> todd: more on this dramatic joyed and an update of the victim's condition.
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investigation that lead the attorney general to take action. >> todd: oo you're watching local 10 news with with todd
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>> todd: welcome back. caughtht on camera a rodeo trail rierd injured in a violent accident in houston. the rider fell off her horse after they were struck by a spooked horse pulling a wagon. witness say she was then run over bit wagon.
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suffered a broken leg and jaw and still evaluate ad at the hospital for possible internal injuries. the horse did get up shortly after the crash and limped away. >> neki: a blizzard also prevent aid baby from gaight life saving organ trans plan. her name is brook whrand and born in china way fatal liver condition. she was waiting for a liver for more than a year. when the parents got the call they were given 24 hours to get from memphis to chick chig. but road closures and flight cancellations during the blizzard almost made that impossible. >> could we get there through atlanta or dallas. we looked into flying into madison and rent age car and driving down. >> neki: when fed ex heard the store rism they slaid quart ners memphis. they stepped in and flew the family to chicago with the corporate jet. >> todd: that's one high
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>> neki: that's right. precious cargo good. >> neki: good for them. >> todd: and it's could. every one excite btd forecast. lots to do. >> neki: i'm going outside today. it's nice. >> jennifer: yes, it's gob going to be absolutely beautiful bu the only thing is temperature will be cool. right now a chilly one out there. fort lauderdale here's the sunrise. sun beginning to peek over the hor rise open. no doubt 50 degrees in fort lauderdale. 51 in miami and five # in key we. by the way this does not showw temperature that are farther inland. and those temperatures are in the upper 40s. like pompano beach. pembroke pine. down into southwest miami-dade. on the radar no rain and as far as cloud cover barely any out there. a few clouds drairpg over the keys ch that's about. it high pressure has take oarch the south and over the gulf of mexico. stretching across the big part of the nation. all acrosshe eastern u.s. and
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the northernly wind today. but also for the quiet and stable weather pattern pt and quiet across the nation right now expect for the northwest. a new system is pulling through a cold front with with rain on the northern coast of california and down into the southwest and then a little bit of some snow across ohio into pennsylvavaa as we speak. and the higher elevations but overall it is nice. and here the temperatures across the nation. we're seeing a lot of 30s and 20s from northern plains up to the northeast. but new england, portland. 14 degrees. that's where the core of the cold s. meanwhile it's mild down into california in the the sowmg west. for us today. highs only getting to the 70 degree mark. so this is well below the average. key west you probably won't get to 70 degrees because of that breeze. temperatures will stay in t t mid to upper 60s along the keys. and then by tomorrow slightly
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our average for this time of year s suld be the upper 70s for the daytime high around 79 de. if you're heading out to the beach use that sunscreen. it will be a cool one and we're stayayg nice and cool for the rest of the weekend. i'll have the seven day coming up. neki. >> neki: thanks a lot jennifer. a big update tie call christina investigation. they took mp for an alumni book and this never delivered. attorney general's office has banned that company f fm sell ago lum into a director reez. christina has mororfrom the news room. >> this investigation started with a call into the christina hot line. >> because youou always get thing done. >> as we began to ep dig deep ear i don't want pool guys, justmy money back. >> we found companies acrcrs the country posting warnings about the company. you may remember, we went to their office, it's located outside tampa to get a refund for our viewer and get
6:18 am
you know this san on good investation i have no comeefnlt the allegation gaps the company and leaping is are for the violations of unra trade fair practicing act and florida tell marketing action. they are ah coofd taking money from tens of thousands of people acro the country for director reez that we never published m thefl are now banned fromel sght ok. earlier this month we went out to the business to see if they were still at it. the doors are locked and nearby business owners told us the locks were changed bit land lord. and they filed for bankrupt tivment while we were able to he is viewr a refund for our viewer. unsure if any one else in the country will see a refound. the company is what disabled the web site and phone numbers. in the news room. christina vasquez. local 10 news. >> neki: police still searching for a missing 2-month-old in fort lauderdale. the baby reportedly taken from a home on northwest 14th court.
6:19 am
searching for a black nissan. if have you any informaon please call police. we have a reporter on the scene that scoff verge latest on that story. >> todd: the star studded academy waras are are just a day way. coming up a pview of what to expect at this year's big show. >> todd: and a live look outside our fort lauderdale tower cam. what a gorgeous sunrise about to occur before our very eyes. look like a pleasant day as jen told us and how cool will it remain? for how long? she has the answers coming up. >> neki: but first a look at the winning lottery numbers. hope you have a winner. good luck. >> >> and monday morning at 6:00. >> it was a a scam trying to exploited business owners. >> are they costing you several hundred dollars of the. >> is it ep force m or extortion. >> exper qulaifnts is to get
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whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready.y. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. >> todd: welcome back. to celebrate the last week jeched of plack history month with 'convenience happening today. miami children's museum host ankle event today. live music dancing and parade. the event from 10:00 a.m. to of p.m. and it's free. and jungle.
6:23 am
health education. tickets are 20 do lamp and st. sophia church is having a greek festival in miami today. >> >> neki: opah. >> todd: opam. it starts at 11:00 this morning and ends at # thflt leb breaking plates. tickets $11 for adults and free for kids under 12. >> neki: and at cad my is one day way. film up for best picture. many eager to see what the host chris rock will say especially about oscar's diverse still. the red carpet sought and final preparation underway for hollywood's biggest night. the 88th annual academymy award. >> wra, i feel so lucky. >> this year eight films are nominated for best picture the ref va nant leads td pack with 12 oscar nodss including dicaprio with his 5th acting nomination. >> i'm just a tap of film. >> for best actress cate blanchette is completing against
6:24 am
charlotte lar ens and fear sa ro nan. many an 'tis p paiting what hollywood's leading ladies will be wear oog a great way to express what is happening on the inside. >> inside the govenor's ball of gang puck is preparing 75 dishes for ot guest including a new donut recipe. >> a l)ttle bit of raspberry liquor on here and then we plame them. see. >> and two time host chris prok i think he do a great job. heaz done it before. it's any one guess what he will say. i would imagine he would discuss the diversity issue. >> and all 20 nominees for actors are white. and the spotlight on who will be and won't be walking the reded carpet. >> our red carpet coverage begin at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow with chris rock hosting and calvin and betty will be with you after the
6:25 am
we'll talk wininr, dresses and all thing oscars. hope you can join us. >> todd: police investigating the leadged kidnap offing of a 2-month-old baby in fort lauderdale. >> neki: head 5:69, we have the late breaking details way crew live at the scene. >> todd: and family and friends remembering king car templet the 6-year-old will be laid to rest today. >> jennifer: and a chill across the area temperatures dropping into the 40s out west. pembroke pines 49 degrees. elsewhere in the 50s. temperatures stage cool for twheengd j. i'll have the detail on that when we come back. >> and sun sunday after the oscars. a man described as a monster. i was hungry for some kd ave physical touching thing and she was right there. >> accused of drugging, molesting and then performing surgery on the in no september. and. >> and now a shock twist. >> did you know about the abuse? was someone hiding dark secrets? i know a witness has seen those
6:26 am
happened on those tape.
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the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. >> local 10 niewz fusus starts right now. >> neki: time now 6:29. 51 degrees. taking a look out of our hollywood d ach cam. looking hazy but probably because the mixture of now. the distance. there's beautiful light off in
6:30 am
jennifer and that's the sunrise. >> jennifer: yes the sun thriechts a view out of fort lauderdale. fort lauderdale seems to win the suise pictures for the morning and it is absolutely gorgeous. no doubt about. it but this as the sun doins rise, we continue to stay very clil chilly out there. temperatur dropped into the upper 40s this morning for some of us. pompano beach at 48 degrees. pembroke pines at 49. 48 in kendall. 49 in homestead. elsewhere in the low to upper 50s. so yes t sayay chilly one. will it stay like this the whole day? well, it will warm up but not too much. it will be cool with a north early wind today. ten to 15 miles per hour. now, temperature expected to hit the low 60 eachts some time by 10:00 a.m. but it's not a quick warm up by all mean. i'll have more detail with the seven day forecast nay few minutes ouch neki and todd. >> thank a lot jennifer. braiginglnews over night. police searching for a missing 2-month-old baby who was leamg lid kidnapped in fort
6:31 am
police say the kidnapping was reported to them as a robbery. now detectives are going door to door trying talk to witness as they hunt for a possible suspicious vehicle. local 10 news reporter layron livingston is live in fort lauderdale with the breakingg detail. layron. >> reporter:r:odd and neki. we actually watched an interesting situation a pieie moment before we went live here. a whom came out and went ov to talk 201 of the deputies who was out here. looked like she was on her way to work. search the car with flashlights and opened the truck and then st was thriewd pull way from here. very serious and tense situation here ashey still have the street blocked off her orr on northwest 14th court excuse me northeast 4th court where they have been all night long and still here this morning investigating this situation. we got video last night as they were here on scene here at northwest 14th court. in fort lauderdale going door to door. even set up a large perer vim rim
6:32 am
quite a ways as they got this investigation underway and the call originally came in as a robbery as you mentioned earlier from where this 2-month-old was taken. and from what we were able to learn and still try og learn from the scene, pos depp i tease say it's possible other family members maybe involved inn this situation. as far as suspects we're hearing very, very vague. a man and woman possibly seen leaving this areaaay black nissan. wee see back off in the distance. deputies getting into that crime scene investigation van parked in the middldl of the street. and deputies have not comment ond whether or not this is a boy or girl, this 2-month-old child that they are looking for as az and as far as we know, no amber laters have been issued with this situation wsm we spoke to a neighbor and hope to sha what she said with us a little while ago. came outde and sought tape was across the street atutside her home along the fence.
6:33 am
ever happened in this 2345eub hood. if there's a child mission, she will frierg the child and this family. we'll let you know what we learn from the scene as soon as we report it it. layron livingston. local 10 news. >> neki: and a 6-year-old boy shot and killed while laying outside his home last weekend. >> todd: the funeral for king tar carter will be held today as police continue to make arrest ooze. >> neki: and loved ones try to cope with the tragedy. >> todd: let's go now to sanela sabovic who has details about this very sad day. good morning sanela. >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. one week since this senseless tragedy happened. since then police have worked hard to make several arrests all while a heartroken family gets ready to pay final respects and say final goodbyes tie child they love so much. >> a sad goodbye tie child who has lt a lasting im presmghts
6:34 am
remember and see 6-year-old king carter with one last time. during the viewing on friday, king's tiny casket was surrounded by some of the things he loved from anyone ga gentleman turtles to football. >> for some st it wa just too much. his family trying make sense of it all. you wantnto learn to hold your children a little tighter. kiss them a little longer. i find myself holding my grand daughter now more than ever. >> reporter: king's principal speak together parents who sat quietly in theront row. >> king will always be a brilliant bull dog because we're the bull dogs. > and showing support carlos a gimenez and alberto car evaluate low. >> this is a vie cyst. a trickle of terror. >> reporter: it has been a week since king was killed. since then miami police worked tirelessly to make an arrest in the child's death and t ten
6:35 am
1-year-old adams and 17-year-old presley and yesterday police arrested march teen. only 16-year-old. the trio a you coofd driving to an apartment complex in mii-dade where king lived to confront someone they were fiewgd with on facebook. king caught in the middle as the criewp was excomaik can gufn fire. car evaluate low believes carvalho believes thehe community has had enough this of this violence. the message is don't do this baw if you do t we'll catch you and put you away. >> reporter: and the funeral ll be at the baptist church be hyped me at 2:00 this afternoon. rrting live in miami-dade. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: a 6-year-old boy out of hospital after being hit by a police car earlier this movement larson was riding his scooter between two parked cars when he was hit by a police car. he was taken to ryder trauma center where he he was treated
6:36 am
injuries ch his mother spoke to local 10 erika rakow. >> >> reporter: have you heard anything from miami police? >> no. >> reporter: nothing at all? >> no. i just want him to recf ver. that's my main focus. everything else will fall into place. >> todd: the officer who struck lawson remains on the jobn >> neki: and now tie story on local 10. an inmate claiming he was roughed up by correctional of officers and he says he has the pictures to prove. it he says this happened while he was being streetd at jackson memorial for a separate hedge issues. the mother sayshe doctors were upset bit injuries. he was bleeding from the nose and stranged will. he said the correctional officer beat him up. my concern is inmates are treated like animals and they are rites. >> neki: perez has now bn charged. the arrest ave cave vit says teakd the officer. miami-dade correction's not commenting farther until they
6:37 am
>> todd: the man dubbed the barefoot burglar facing a new charge after he alledgedly tried to to escape while in custody at the miami police department head quarter. 19-year-old john cairo appeared before a judge yesterday and given a 68,000-dollar bond. police arrested cairo early thursday morning after they say he burglarized four homes including one whe a family was still sleeping inside. police explained that cairo earned the nickname barefoot burglar because he committed similar crimes and always removes his shoes once inside the home. cairo facing several charges of burglary grand theft and a. >> >> neki: new this morning yoko own no has been hospitalled in new york city. the 83-year-old widow of john lennon hadeen experiencing flu like symptoms. earlier reports that she suffered a stoke but the publicists says this is not true. she is expected to be released from hospital later today. >> todd: and now to the latest on the workplace rampage in kansas that left four people
6:38 am
ext girlfriend of the man who care ride out the shooting has been charged with giving hip the gun. 38-year-old sarah hopkins faces up to eight years in prison if con vick oovmentd police say she knew he wawa a convicted felon and not ah lod to have fire arpz. ford killed three and wounded 13 others in the the ram paim on thsday. it started when he was served way retraining order from the workplace. he was from south florida. it's terrifying. it's scary. surprising to see it's so close at home. you know, you hear it every where else but when it's right here at the door, it is really surprising. >> todd: those were neighbors of his mother and sister that live in homestead. fo has a criminal history here in s. he committed burglary and grand theftn 2004. in 2000 he was charged with eluding and fleeing police back in 1997 he was caught with burglary tools while prowling. >> neki: a mother outraged after her son is suspended for recording a school fight. >> todd: coming up next the
6:39 am
the hot water and why the mother is braimg the scood school's administration. >> neki: and a boy gets a big surprise from athletes after a picture of him wearing a blast tick jersey goes viral.
6:40 am
>> todd tongen (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> todd: caught on cram, a high school brawl in north carolina and now the student who record the fight is suspended. 15-year-old says started recording one of the school administrators assist pinned the girl to the ground. that administration ordered the student stopped recording the and when he didn't the administrator grabs pi him bit shirt and tosses him to the ground. the mother is outraged and wants the school to take action. >> i cry. i still cry when i see it and i get upset eyeye didn't even hear him. he pointed at me and said something and i didn't hear what he said and then he came up and grabbed my arm. >> todd: now the student was suspended for breaking rules about videotaping incidents like this on campus. he suffer scratches on his chest
6:43 am
the police are now investigatingthe incident. >> neki: and cuba with a multi year effort to bring the countries today. a vessle will wring cuban and american youth on board from marine science sailing projects in the cuban water for five months ery year for the next few years. ganizers say the the boat will be base fld a coastal city some with 100 miles way from of of havana and sail to the cuban southern coaoaal waters. >> todd: 6:43. good morning. and it's a nice one joo yao. >> neki:, yeah, it is a nice one and jennifer not a bad day to be on the water. as long as it's cool, stay in the boat. >> jennife and bundle up and use the sunscreen. todd and neki, lots of sunshine. even if it's too cold to head in the water at the beach and you want to stay on the sand, use the sunscreen. plenty of sunshine peeking over the ho horizon of the sunrise going on right now. but absolutely gorgeous. clear skies over south florida. and temperatures are still
6:44 am
in southwest miami-dade as with well as a wh western broward and even northeastern sections of broward in the 40's. pompano beach at 48 degrees. 50 degrees in fort lauderdale. and miami at 51. by the way, marathon, key west. you're also in the 50aches the upper 50s at this hour. so it is a chilly one for this saturday morning. temperature are well below the average and even the highs later on today will stay below average as well. no rain on the radar. and as you just saw out of the lines of the miami tower cam. not a cloud over us. just over the water. over the gulf of mexico.high pressure has taken over across the south but spreading over thehe southeast and including hehe at the sunshine state. also very quiet conditions across the nation as well. there is rain and even some snow in the highest@elevations in the past is over oregon. but it's all due to this right here. other than that nice and quiet for the nation so far. temperatures across the sunshine
6:45 am
when you head northward. gainesville. tallahassee. 31 degrees. 45 in pensacola. 45 in orland tampa. a comilly one all of us. cool afternoon as the highs get into 70 degrees. right at 70 degree mark this. a cool one for us. normally a hive 79. we're getting closer to the the normal being 83. so if you're heheing out to the beach today, it will be a cool up with. you're braich but again as a mentioned use sun screen. slight r current risk. and the advisories should be lifted ch the bays choppy this morning but it will lighten up later on today. so 74 tomorrow and by the way, temperatureses dropping again into the 50 eaches then we start to gradually warm up as the rain comes back. better chance for showers tuesday and wednesday. neki. >> neki: thank a lot jennifer. we tip to fololw this developing story where police vemping for a 2-month-old baby in fort lauderdale.
6:46 am
investigators say they are searching for a black nissan. we'll have more from the scene. we have a live reporter there. if have you any information call police. >> todd: it isis a very big basketball and baseball weekend in coral gables but got tof a kiss mall start for the canes. >> neki: oh know. 4> todd: yes. >> neki: plus, the addition of johnson and what it could mean for the miami heat. we'll have it four coming up in the sports wrap. >> todd: and a little bit boy gets a special gift from a
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
update to >> good saturday morning. i'm will manso with with the local 10 morning sports wrap ch the heat expected to make the signing of free guard joe johnson official today as according to yahoo and the associated press. how sweet it will be for pat riley and dywane wade who recruded him way from lebron james and other team that were interested many him.
6:50 am
over cleveland and the other play off bound team of he became available when the brooklyn nets bought out his could be tract. a and he had close shots and three-pointers. something the heat need. >> the heat also need a win later today to avoid a warriers hang offer when they visit boston. tip time at 3:00. warrers hand the heat t t first ross a will couple nights ago. wade says he is focusing bouncing back quickly. >> we're thinking playoffs. no focused on with we want to get this seed to miss this team. we're not that the point right now. we want to put ourself in position to ib play good basketball and make the play off ch with we know the porps of certainame and importance of indiana games wesm know quha that mean and make surehe don't beat us three to one in a series like that. no. 6 hurricanes base ba team. hosted no. 1 florida this week and play glan greater today. rocky start for canes top mass
6:51 am
then in the 5th, four to nothing with jy sharts. and starting pitcher logan. he need more than one run. pitch aid shutout. they win five to nothing by the the no. 1 team m the nation. and louisville clashingg top 15 team that. game at 2:00 today. canes and cardinals tie for second place in the a crrgs c. the battle contenders and. >> and florida panthers back in action of this afternoon in columbus. and put on the sweat shirt thuray night after scoring two goals. after hi return from a concussion. and i'm will manso. that's your l lal 10 morning sports wrap. >> neki: this is my favorite story of the morning. >> todd: yep. >> neki: this five rear yoo old afghan boy got a huge surprise from his favorite soccer star ave picture of the
6:52 am
>> todd: he became famous after he showed off his improvised mess see shirt made from plastic bag. >> neki: that's a sign of a striew fan. >> now he received a jersey from the star himself. >> and they plan to set up a meeting with him and his hero messy. >> neki: he has a little game going on. >> todd:es. >> neki: eventually he will be abling to grow to maneuver the ball and fit into the jersey. >> todd: yes fit in the jersey. >> neki: and this play ser not playing farmer. he is taking a unique way to tell us who he is not voting for. >> todd: coming up next a smellly way about to post about one candidate. >> neki: and 51 de.. light of sunshine flan planned for you today. it will be a gorgeous up with. we'll be right back with the forecast. >> and monday at 11:00. you drop your car off to the repair shop hoping for this.
6:53 am
i'm not happy with what is going on. my car just taken out for someone to go to lunch.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
monday at 11:00. >> neki: people are very passionate about this presidential race. i'll leave it at that. >> >> todd: yes. >> neki: and one ohio farmer wants every one to know swhoa not voting for. >> todd: he wanted the mess amg to be big enonoh for every one to see and smell i. he believes the world should turn way from donald trum to. make them stick he wrote them in cow manurer. in four hours he roat the wordsno trump on his field and it's as big as a fooooall field. >> his granddaughters put the picture on facebook and it is
6:57 am
>> neki: he is full of it. >> todd: we i have million of them. >> neki: we're just getting started here on local ten news. >> todd: and we're not done yet. we have serious news to follow. >> neki: and we have reporters live on the scene. first off a 2-month-old kidnapped of we're following latest on this sit nation fort lauderdale. we have reporter layron living stofnlt le bring the latest detail. >> todd: also a 6-year-old boy who was shot anan killed outside his home last weekend will now be laid to rest later today. >> neki: also today is another south carolina pry me rism this time for the democrats. we'll have the latest from columbia south carolina. >> todd: local 10 news at 7:00 is coming up next. >> neki: of course taking a live look out of our hollywood beach cavment doesn't get much better than that. >> todd: nope.
6:58 am
6:59 am
we'll be right >> neki: right now on local 10
7:00 am
night a. a 2-month-old baby leagued whri kidnapped grey fort lauderdale home. we'll have the latest on the search for the missing child. >> todd: and an emotional farewell as loved wups poured in to say goodbye to king carter. police have now made three arrests and still on the hunt for more suspects. >> neki: and in 2016. democrats made their last push heads last night. head of today's primary in south carolina. we'll tell who you has the advantage this morning as voters there head toto the polls. >> todd: and in today's health cast, a real reason to say cheese. how tag care of your teeth couldl have a positive effect open your emotional state. here's our health specialist kristi crew ger with more. >> live can the one a a only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: good morning sunshine. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: thank you. how did you know my name was sunshine? good guess i guess. and i'm todd tongen actually.


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