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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 7AM  ABC  February 27, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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night a. a 2-month-old baby leagued whri kidnapped grey fort lauderdale home. we'll have the latest on the search for the missing child. >> todd: and an emotional farewell as loved wups poured in to say goodbye to king carter. police have now made three arrests and still on the hunt for more suspects. >> neki: and in 2016. democrats made their last push heads last night. head of today's primary in south carolina. we'll tell who you has the advantage this morning as voters there head toto the polls. >> todd: and in today's health cast, a real reason to say cheese. how tag care of your teeth couldl have a positive effect open your emotional state. here's our health specialist kristi crew ger with more. >> live can the one a a only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: good morning sunshine. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: thank you. how did you know my name was sunshine? good guess i guess. and i'm todd tongen actually.
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on this saturday february 27 ooblg. >> neki: good jennifer, give us these people a good day. >> jennifer: i will. >> todd: the sun is up already. >> jennifer: the sun is up in key west. cloud cover over the keys. different view for fort lauderdale and miami. it is much sunnini. but either way it it is a nice and chilly start for key west. still at 59 degrees. it has cooled down even more@ for marathon at 55 currently. and in the the 40s. upper 40s for southwest miami-dade. western and northern broward as well. and now winds have been out of north and northwest this morning anywhere between five to up to 13 uiles per hour no. rain open the radar and you can see a few clouds out there. especially over the water. some of those impacting key west a showed you. high pressure in control today. that will provide with us a nice dry day. it will be clly and cool. more on that coming up. neki. >> neki: thank a lot jennifer. we turn to a story breaking over
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the search continues for a 2-month-old baby that was allegedly kidnapped in fort lauderdale. police just received a picture from the baby. police originally responded to a robbery at the apartment complex but quickly turned into a huntfor the missing child. local 10 news rorrer layron livingston has the latest live on the scene from fort lauderdale. layron. >> reporter: that's right and as you said, we've been here since last night and deputies have started too complete the investigation. they are still on scene here now. and keeping close tabs on not just this neighborhood but on the scene and as you said this 2-month-old baby was unfortunately taken some timim last night. we're hearing it might possibly lnvolve family members. we have video to show from you last night when deputies started going door to door as part of this vaismghts i just want to clear up confusion. this was northwest 14th court in fort lauderdale. i got a little tongue tied
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northwest 144h court where this situation is unfolding and unfolding here. they set up a little perimetet heemple the police tape is brocking several yards of this street here and this call came in originally a a robbery f2fm where the 2-month-old was taken. deputies say it's possible family members maybe involved. i just spoke with a maybe a few minutes ago who liv next to where this police tape is next to her fce line. here's what she had to say about all of this this morning. i couldn't imagine whose child would be taken and nobody say anything about it. it's just so unusual. nonoing like that has ever happened over here in my neighborhood. >> reporter: and back live like you said this morning we now learned that this amber alert hassen issued for ta ra gee kim.
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of here fort lauderdale and broward cououy. looks like this situation is an evolving situation. we heard yerl that this involved a black nissan. this is what the amber art sevmentd possibly traveling in a dark nissan sedan, the individual that have this child. so if have you any information about this situation. you're encouraged to contact the fort lauderdale police or sheriff's office which is still here on scene. anything farther we learn we'll bring to you here on low will ca tep and local for now reporting live in fort lauderdale. layron livinton. >> neki: and we just received information about the 2-month-old ta r r gee kim. and 22 inches long. a birth mark on her chest. they believe she is in the company of two unidentified male. one of the male they say is a black male. as layron mention thed are
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>> todd: a miami police officer arrested on grand theft charges is now on id leave. detective armando sa kara responned to a narcotic vaismghts more than $17,000 was seized. however only 16,000 do lard reported. sa car as admitted to keeping a thousand dollar personal gain joo oo. >> neki: and we're now seeing surveillance video of a police officer trying get to safe tiflt theriver started shooting during that traffic stop yesterday morning. forcing the officer to retreatment the car left the scene. the the officers team ted to pursue the gun man, hi car gave out as a result of gunshots. other officers able to track down the vehicle. four people in the car taken into custody. the officer who was fired on thankfully was not hit. >> now to vote 2016, donald trump earning another critical endorsement yesterday. >> neki: new jersey govenor and presidential hopeful chris
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backing trump and he wasted time in going after trump's opponents. >> l l me tell something to mark. >> rubio. president of the united statas is not a no-show job like you treated the united states senate. >> and he call in chris christie. i respeckle. that i have more than my fair share of supporters. >> todd: and many were surprised that chris tee chose to endorse trump considering he had statement before saying he was not suited to be president. >> neki: and the latest polls show clinton is favored by a size able margin, more than 20 points with you that a major improvement for sanders who has in flew nens young voters climbing in the polls. >> today's vote could prove he has the support to compete against clinton. >> pretty sure his name recognition was very low before he started running. >> i'm very hopeful. think it will be a turning point. >> i know a lot of people who
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string with the younger crowds and i thinke is making a big impact. >> todd: local 10 glenna milberg is 2308g the campaign trail many south carolina. lookout for her live reports as the primary results come in. >> neki: a man accused of abandoning hi son is now out of jail. his name is bruce juror goneson and he says the last time he spoke to his son was in an argument in the car that ended with his son and he told him to walk home ee was being disrespectful. contrary as 16-year-old rcht if it continue, i'm going to pull over and you'll end up walking home. he is probably concerned. and maybe frightened.d. he nosy love him. >> neki: the last he saw hi n was northwest second avenue in sunrise. five now dollar reward for information o about the 16-year-old's location. >> neki: now to the one and only exclusive fbi agents raided a fort lauderdale home in connection with a child
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authorities in and out of home on northeast 578g terrace. they were click evidence from that home. two men in connection with the the home were questioned. neighbors there are shocked and concerned. >> they seem like very nice gentlemen and everything. real polite and respectful and everything but like i said, hey, some people are like jeblg and hyde. >> i'm concerned about my daughter and nieces and nephews column here all the time. it's very shock me. >>. >> neki: authorities aren't saying much. so far no arrests have been made on the case. >> todd: and now to the latest on el faro hearing. the captain knew about hurricane joaquin. that's according an engineer the day before the shipank the captain wrote about the storm in the daily report. the company that owned el faro never performed necessary maintenance on that shi yesterday was last day of that ten day hearing. el faro o of course sank near the bahamas on october 1st killing
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official say a second hear lk scheduled after a search for the ship's data reporter is complete. >> neki: after a massive corruption scacadhal rocked the national federation. fifa has aew president. his name is guillen nay. p and he raked in 115 of the 207 possible votes of yesterday's election. say 45-year-old lawyer and replaces fellow swift bladder. bladder was the enster of a nationalnvestigation into fee tax he issued a statement con great laight him. and. >> todd: and the first majaj truce in the country's five year civil war has come into effect. the cease fire was brokered by the united states and rushnd mainly dpowtiond on getting desperately needed humanitarian aid to the people trapped inn cities under siege. and the remember bels agreed to the cease fire but isis wa not included. >> neki: coming up after the
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>> todd: a pilot forced fo make an emergency land bug half of the landing gear not working. all it of it caught on camera. >> neki: and a infant in need of a liver transplant was separated by that transplant by a massive blizzard. the heart warming story sthafd her life. >> jennifer: and good morning south florida. it is a chilly one. right now temperatures in t t low 40s and 50s. by noon we'll hitting the mid 60 eaflts mostly support any skies. a few clouds by 4:00. temperature staying cool this afternoon. highs barely in the 70s all
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seven day whehe we return. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (dkey noise)
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>> neki: a potential disaster averted in guam where a pilot was forced to land without half of his landing imeemple the tense moments all caught on crasm the landing gear under the noafts plane, you can see it coming down failed to deploy a the pilot approached the airport. so the flight crew had to land the plane with only theack wheesms you you can seat front of the plane dip down and slide across the tarmac. luckily no injuries reported. also caught on camera, a
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california has left three dead and several others injured. at least one semi truck and multiple cars were involved. the semi truck b bt into flame after the initial wreck. firefighters worked for hour to contain the blaze. no word yet on an exact cause of the crash or the ensuing fire. >> todd: a blizzard almost prevented a baby from receiving alive saving transplant. her name is wrook brooklyn and she wa born way fatal live r liver disse shech was waiting for a wheer when her a adoptive parents got that call. they were given 24 hour to get from memphis to chis chis. but road closure and sght cancellations during that blizzard almost made it up possible. >> could we get there through atlanta or dallas. we looked into fly nothing madison and rent age car and driving down. >> todd: when fed ex heard the family's story they stepped in and flew the family to their corporate jet. brooklyn is new recovering from surgery and doing well and word
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never sp anything by ups. fed ex only. >> neki: what's the point of having a corporate jet? >> todd: what a terrific idea. that's probably the the best use that thing has been used for. >> neki: that's rye. >> todd: taking a peek at the weather. >> neki: a lot of people flying here south beach wine and food festival. >> todd: yes, why wouldn't they be? a great event. >> jennifer: and peopleltrying to getaway from the cold up north. not too warm mere in south florida but it will be slowly warming up in the next coming day. we're staying cool for the next two to three days. we'll get too to that any second. let's take in a beau bought view the out of miami tower cam. nice blue skies temperatureef is clear out there and this is a similar view will all the way into at least portions of the upper key and up 23450 broward county. there are a few cloud still draping over the lower keys. speaking of the lower keys and keyshemself. temperatures in the 50s and we're still hanging on to the
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southwest miami-dade and pembroke pine at 49 and pompano beef at 48. 50 degrees for bh miami and fort lauderdale currently. on the radar, no rain and on the satellite, a few clouds as a just mentioned. high pressure in control. you can notice that. look at this. clear skiki across the south. the central plains into the mid mississippi. tennessee valley as well. southeast. so high pressure has extended itself and it will continue to push on towards the east. a chilly morning now but don't put those sweaters way because ititill stay cool later this afternoon. high pressure expected to stay with us at least as we start early next week so. today and sunday. very nice out there to head out and enjoy the weather if you head out to the beach, you're brave to withstand that chilly temperature. i can'to that but use the sun screen. no advisories for boater. the seas are two to 4 feet. also small craft operators, exercise with caution for water surrounding the keys.
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will lient up a bit and become light to moderate later on today of the all right. highs today only 70 degrees. well below average. we stay below the the average sunday. then we hit close to normal on monday and start to warm thing up tuesday and wednesday. a as weet et 80's. tuesday and wednesday. a better chaps and overall a nice and quiet weather pattern tting up over south florida. neki. >> neki: thank a lot jennifer. todd: coming up after the break. local 10 health specialist kristi kreuger he shows us how taking care of those pearlly whites could help with with your hel other health. >> neki: and yoo could ohno and her health care after the break. >> todd: but first the winning lottery numbers. good luck. >> yoko on no.
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always track, all watching. >> todd: we come back. february is kids wearness dental me health. not just to lert parents for the health ever their mouth but the the whole body. and kristi kreuger o shows us how oral health can have an effect on kids emotional. >> and she wasn't horsing rrn arn when she told her mom she was embarrassed by her teaming. >> they were yellow. i think it's from soda and thal stuff that they drink that really stains. >> along with what kids eat or drink fort lauderdale dentistpatterson says other causes of
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be based on genetet where they have yellow teeth or a medical issue, maybe medication or their mother had while they were in the the wound. these factors lead it to white and brown spots and teeth yl loag a. and there are cleaner clear stiens it to affect their well-being. are your children smiling when every up with h getting together and taking a photograph. snap chat, do you find your children are smierlg purse xheirir lip to smile. this a big one. discolorations can be use raised with similar treatments for dawssments but with with caution. the potential for increas sensitive tie in children. the product was tested on his children when he made his pro dufnlgt the end result has leah smiling again. i feel prettier. i feel like my teeth are whiter and fresh and i like it much
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>> well aurk child's first visit to the dentist should happen when thaha first tooth appears. one more note. be careful wit the toothpaste products imeerd towards kids. some have a lot of sugar added so. >> read the labels carefully. >> neki: you can celebrate the last weekend of black history month at an event today. museum hosting black heritage celebration day. live music, dapsing and parade. the event from 10:00 in the morning 'til 6:00 and it's free. and st. sophia's church is having a greek festival in miami today. events starts at 11:00 mr. this morning and end at 9:00. tickets five bucks for adults and free for kids under 12. >> todd: new this morning the widow of john len nor yoko ono is hospitalized in new york city. she reportedly experienced flew like symptoms ch yerl reports that she had a stoke but publicists says that's not true. she will likely be released late
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>> neki: and the six rocky film duke has died. he trained both rocky ball bo and apollo for the six rocky movies. they took to social media to express their condo ren@s ooze. and sylvester stallone who played duke brilliantly in all six rockyove says rest in peace. >> apollo tweeted out sad news. rest in peace. his intensity in talent helped me to the rocky movies success. >> todd: still to come on local 10 news.breaking news. just got an amber later on my phone for the 2-month-old baby missing in fort lauderdale. ta ra gee kemp. two months old wearing a pink one sivment the amber later sent o out a few moments ago. >> ni: and loved ones
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carter who was killed outside his home last weekend. he is being laid to rest as police continue to hunt for more responsible for his death. >> jennifer: and good morning s. happy weekend toll a. it's beau bought out there. plenty of sunshine but w- with a light breeze. it's chilly t there. wear the sweaters. we're stage cool all weekend
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timeow 7:28. we're still in the 50s this morning. >> todd: we certainly are and we'll leave it right there. >> neki: 729 and 50 degrees. >> todd: will it get down lower? that's the question. >> neki: beautiful sunrise. >> jennifer: in fort lauderdale not so much. we got not 40s in people pompano beach and pembroke pines. and to answer todd's quest, it's a maybe that maybe fort lauderdale can still dip if the winds lighten up a little bit. we had the clear sky. yeah, the sun is rying with you we're not warming up just yet. also keyey west at 59 degrees. it say crips and clly morning too our disacht winds out of the north and northwest. breezy down in the keys. right now ten to 12 miles per hour and a few clouds over the lower keys as with well. but high pressure is in gear and it is in control. that will keepep us nice and dry
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more on the forecast may few n. kick neki. >> neki: thank you jenfer. we continue to monitor a breaking tore i have over night a. a 2-month-old baby kidnapped from a home. the@ kidnapped reported to them a robbery. >> todd: now detective are going door to door talking to witness as they hunt for a suspicious vehicle. >> layron livingston is live in loud ud with all the breaking details including an amber laterer that has just been issued. right layron? >> reporter: just in theheast few minute. we want to get to the tbraf of this 2-month-old baby girl that authorories are look for. according that amber alert. 2-month-old ta ra gee kemp. ta ra gee is a black female. in a pink one si and has a birth mark ophir chest according to the ambmb alert note cage. with we originally heard she was
7:31 am
they m m be traffing i a dark colored nissan. we have video from the s#ene as this started late last night. and deputy started their investigation going door to door as you said todd. trying to get information here. we talked to neighbors who arted to wake up and moved around. one had to be walked all the way down under the police tape to meet their car. they say the police came knocking on their door looking for any information about this situation involving this young lady. we also spoke with another neighbor who was aloud out. they were escorted by a deputy drive waig thought of crime scene because this is a pretty extensive crime scene. chef ral yards a this home is in the the middle of of the where the police tape is here. we talked to the neighbors and they can't believe this happened pretty much right across the street from them. >> in this neighborhood? >> why would someone come into
7:32 am
for what? >> >> reporter: again, the picture of the baby. ta ra gee cem pt. 2-month-old last seen in west 4th court here this.s. is the little baby thatt police authorities are looking for what that amber later was i#yued for. you mentioned an later going out on your phone ch we have the same alert here on this sceefnl if you've seen this child, seen this dark colored nissan that she may be driving in or any of the individuals ch the two men police are work to tied ie identify who she may be. with you're encouraged to coon taght the authorities here in fort lauderdale as well as broward county. this originally came in a a home invasion situation an now we have a missing child that authorities would grad lir appreciate all your help i i trying to track down. i'm sure the family would appreciate your help. if you recognize that information and know who is involved in, this contact broward county. for now reporting live. lay von livingson.
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>> todd:n emotional day yesterday for family and loved ones of king carter ch they gathered to say goodbye one last time a. the 6-year-old boy caught in the crossfire. leb laid to rest today. police have three suspects in custody and are still on the lookout for more. local 10 sa 234e8 a sa sanela sabovic has more on the the case. >> reporter: good morning todd. it's been one weeng week since 6-year-old king carter with was caught in the crossfire. and this as the family gage towards pay respects to the child they so deeply loved. >> a sad goodbye toyhild that left a lasting impression. hundreds of mourners gager to see cipg c cter one last time. during the viewng friday king's tiny casket was surrounded by the thing he loves. from ninja turtles to fat boom.
7:34 am
of it all. >> i want to rern to hold your children a little tighter and kiss them a little longer. i find myself holding my grand daughter now more than ever. king's parents sat quietly in the front row. king will all be a brilliant bull dog. we are the the bull dog ouch and in attendance showing support carlos jimenez and alberto carvalho. we'll awls treasure the mem or rif king carter this is a crisis, a trickle of terror. >> it has been aeek since king was killed. since then miami police worked tirelessly to make an arrest in the child's death and taken three teen in custody 18-year-old adam. 17-year-old presley and just yesterday police arrested teerntion only 16 years old. therio accused off driving to an apartment complex in northwest miami-dade where king lived to confront a person they facebook.
7:35 am
group was exchanging gun fire. carvalho believes the community has had enough of this gun violence i know the community is united and the payne parents are united about doing something about this. >> the message is don't do this. if you do this we'll catch you and put you way. >> a the funeral set to begin behind met at 2:00 this afternoon. reporting live in southwest miami-dade. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> neki: a 6-year-old boy out of the hospital after being hit by a police car earlier this mosm antoine lawson ridinhi scooter in between two parked cars when he was suddenly hit by a police car. lawson was taken to ryder trauma center where he was treated for broken bones and other injuries. his mother spoke to erika rakow. >> reporter: have you heard anything from miami police? >> no. >> reporter: not anything. >> reporter: >> not at all. >> i just want him to recover.
7:36 am
everything else will fall into place. >> neki: saw lawson remain nay body cast ch the officer who struck lawson remains on the job. >> todd: and an inmate who says he was roughed up by correctional officer and he says he has the pictures to prove perez says he wa being treated at jackson hospital for a separate issue. and the mother says the doctor that was upset bit injuries. he was bleeding from his nose. he said take pictures. the l- he said the correctional officer beat him up. my concern is that inmates are being treated like animal.l. however perez has been now charged. th say he attacked td officer. miami-dade is not commenting until they complete their investigation. >> neki:)and ordering the statement of the state law that requires women to wait 24 hours before having an abortion. the court lifted an injunction
7:37 am
they say there wasn't enough evidence o to support the blocking law. >> a. >> and now to the latest o in kansas that left four people dead. the exgirl friend said the man who carried out that shooting has been charged with giving hip the gun. 28-year-old s sa hopkins face up to ten year in pririn if convicted. pros cawers say she knew kree drik ford wa a convicted felon and not ah lod to have firearm. he shot 14 and killed four in the the rampage jed. he was originally from south florida. >> it's terrifying. it's scary. >> and it's so close to home. you know, you hear it every where else but when it's right here at the door, it's really surprising. >> neki: those up ter views with with were w- neighbors perfect his original ighborhood in homestead. >> ford has a criminal history
7:38 am
he is charged with grafntd theft in 2000 and charged with eluding police in 2004. in 97 he was caught with burglary tools while >> joo. >> td: and iranians lined up for hours to cast their are vote for the parliament andssembly expert. stht first election since the controversial. >> nuclear deal last year. it pitd conservatives with those in the west. since the sanctions were lifted everything wl change. i know we can't expect changeover night but wegll have a good future. >> todd: results from the assembly experts which is made up of muslims cleric is expected this weekend but the result could take much longer to tally. >> neki: and coming up next. the oscars a day way and the anticipation building. >> todd: sure is, we have your academy award preview coming up
7:39 am
>> neki: and favorites. reel in veterans scorer joe johnson. what that could mete meep for
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season >> neki: our count down to the oscars continue. the 88th@ annual academy awards is one day away. and anticipation build as we inch closer to the the big show. will dicaprio win? who will wearhe dress every one will be talk about on monday? for bettet or worse. >> and what will chris rock say? that's what i'm waiting on especially about the diversity controversy. >> neki: and the red carpet sought for hollywood's biggestest nigig the 88th 88th april you all acamy awards. >> i feel so lucky. >> this year eight film are
7:43 am
the ref va nant leads the pack with leonardo di caprio with his 5th nominion. >> i'm just a fan of film. and kate plan shet is competing about fer sa r r nan and. >> and many anticipating what hole wod leading ladies will be wearing. >> a great way to express what is happening on the inside. and celebrity chef wol p of gang puck's team is preparing differences for the guests including a new donut recipe. >> a little bit of raspberry lick oar or here and then we flame them, see. >> and preparation underway for host chris rock. >> i think he will do a a great job. ce it brcht i imagine he will discuss the the diversity con tro ver says see. for the second year in a row all 20 acting nominee are white. the spotlight shining brighten who
7:44 am
the red carpet. >> our red carpet coverage begins tomorrow with chris rock hosting and calvin and laurie will be here with you for the late news ooflt we'll have a look at the dresses and everything else. hope you join us. >> todd: and rumors swirring that leo dicaprio's phone was hacke was he videoing a practice acceptance speechhat has now been leak oovmentd you be the judge. >> hey everybody. it's leeeex i want to thank the academy. i want to thank todd tongen. i learned everything i know from him. >> >> neki: you know leonardo di caprio. >> todd: i jess guess he watch. he is a big fan. >> neki: i think he had more to say before he was played off. >> can i delete that app from your phone. >> todd: i don't know what you're talking about.
7:45 am
durda. >> todd: julie's race horse wa the big winner yesterday at gulf stream nancht a big deal. that horse in the front with no. 5 is arco; he came out on top yesterday in the big race. julie joined in the winner circle by a bunch of her loi ease out there celebrating the wip ooflt congratulation. that's their big pet project. they love that horse. julie goes over all the time and give him carrots and pepper ments and everything. congratulations. >> neki: the name. horse is arcos. >> todd: yes i said that. >> neki: and the trainer is march see o. not possible without the trainer. >> todd: yeser it ter train jer. >> neki: and the name the company is called rad race. >> todd: and yes. >> neki: it way beautiful day.
7:46 am
>> todd: you were out there ririt? >> jennifer: yes, good day to go. similar set up for toy. no doubt about. it a chilly one today gs and south florida also gorgeous out there. high pressure is providing for the dry weather this weekend. here a live look out of mallory square cam. clouds pususng over the keys but they are fair weather clouds. no worries with with these and it's beautiful out there. bs ls a bit breezy for key west. currently 59 degrees so you guys than. that so wear the sweaters this morning. miami, fort lauderdale. right at the 50 degree mark. almost get together upper 40's. pembroke pine you did get into the upper 40s and hanging on to 49 degrees this morning. a look at temperature across the state in florida. 34 degrees for gainesville and jacksonville. tallahassee freezing at 32 and so this was a strong push of of coldir. no doubt about it and it will
7:47 am
average even as we head into this afternoon. on radar no rain. just say few clouds that i showed you over the keys. high pressure has pushed over parts of louisiana and the gulf of mexico. but it's imraip draping acrosos a huge section of the use from the south to the southeast. so really quiet conditions almost nionwide. and for us here in south florida t will be a beaututul sunny afternoon but also a cool one.temperatures or the daytime high only getting to 70 de. that below average for this time of year. with we should be hitti at least 79. no adviser raze for boater out thrsm bays with a moderate chop. temperature right now five # defor miami. cooler than that for the western areas by. 3:00 i would say more 2:00, we'll hit the hive seven o degrees. 73 at 3:00. 74 tomorrow and rain chance going up tuesday and wednesday.
7:48 am
neki: thanks a lot jennifer. >> todd: and the heat looking to add power by adding waivers. >> neki: aipped showdown betwten the canes and gator. we have it all four next in sports (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between mang noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
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when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> todd: welcome back. time now f f sports todd and neki style. when veteran joeohnson reached a buy out why the nets this week the jep consensus is he would be heading to cleveland for a run at an nba title but that consensus shaz changed and multiple outlets say johnson is expected to sign with thehe miami heat later today. and in the words of cuba img junior, show me the the money. >> the heat will have to wait 'til 5:00 p.m. when it is official. he is good friend with wade and want spho goo to a team where he could start. in brooklyn i wa a closinger and above average three-point shooter something the heat could use. >> neki: he had me at hello. >> todd: park the car. the heat in bean town. heat will try to vied two strairt loses when they visit
7:52 am
the team hand td the heat the lost after the all-star game. and he is bouncing back quickly. >> we're thinking playoffs off just you now not a focus on okay. wetwant to get this seed to miss them th teamer we're not at that point right now. we want to put ourself in potion to play good basketball. we knew the importance of this game and the indiana game and what i i means to make sure they don't beat us three to one in the ser reevment and the no. 6 canes baseball team hosting gator. rocky start for c ces thomas wood free. top of the first outs. peter hits a two run home run. it's two in the 478. and then in the 5th, four fo zero and he take that one deep to left and it is gone. uf the gators chomping at wilt. control the came. five and zero.
7:53 am
complete game shut diswrowtout. canes get blarchgd five to zero. >> todd: i like the special effects. >> nek thank. >> todd: and don't go anywhere. we have what's cocong up next on good morning america. >> neki: and that's sports
7:54 am
>> todd: a bring it inin (music playing) i feel prerey (west side story) not everercake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorator layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection
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it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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>> neki: coming up next on good morning merge. former republican press depp shall candidate govenor chris christie encourse donald trump and registered democrats hit the polls today in south carolina. we'll have it all for you. d a new zika warping for any one making their way down to brazil for the olympic and jenner imar ner opening up for the first time about her divorce to ben afflick. >> jennifer: good morning.
7:57 am
but we're sieg light warm up. kendall from the 52 degrees right now. warm up in key west. 61. now at 50 degrees. but still a cold enough kr chilly enough to wear a sweater and check out this beautiful view out of loud tower cam. lots of sunshine today. high pressure in control croots gulf pushingowards the southeastern region of the u.s. and that's going deeeeus nice and dry today, tomorrow. lightly warmer tomorrow but still chilly in the morning and even warmer starting next week. rain chances don't com back 'til next tuesday. >> todd: can i get a whoo hoo? >> jennifer: whoo hoo. >> neki: thank you joirning us and we'll be back in 30 minutes with a clool news update. >> todd: and now our coverage continues withood morning news traffic and weather any
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ten-point com or our weather a. good morning, america. playing the trump card. the presidential candidate's foe signing on. >> there is no better fighter than donald trump. >> now double-teaming marco rubio. >> he was putting on makeup with a trowel. >> rubio, meanwhile, taking his own ipes. >> he was having a meltdown. >> the latest twists and turns and the predictions for today's democratic primary in south carolina as we head into a crucial super tuesday. zika alert. the cdc's startling report. the american pregnant women n o visited countries with zika outbreaks. what happened? plus, the new travel advice from health officials. our dr. besser tells you what you need to know. opening up, the superstar jennifer garner talking for the first time about her breakup


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