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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. we start with our developing story. a two -month-old baby girl taken from her home while her mother and she were sleeping. >> this is aoman that the shirts office is eager to catch up with. the 24-year-old has been identified as stephanie augustin. coverage at 5:00, and liana has
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but, we start with derek sure who is life in ft. lauderdale what happened. dear? >> reporter: cacarlos, late this afternoon, deputies to confirm they caught up with a person of interest in this case. they say they are talking to that woman, but at this point, there is ninformation as to where the baby is. as you can see, broward county sheriff deputies are here on the scene for the kidnapping apparently took place late last night. everyone is wondering where is karachi kept. >> take a good look at the little baby nice center of an amber alert. >>i have an eight-year-old in a six-year-old, so it is scary. >> scary and bizarre. neighbors said they did not heararanything, but neighbors tell us that the parents of little terraji set an undisclosed number of
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home here on 14th court and nabbed the baby. >> woman:investigators are actually working very closely with the parents are there talking with the parents that several people in the home. they're talking with all other relevant people to the case. >deputies were also searching for a person of interest, 23-year-old stephanie augustin but they said they haha located her near fort pierce. they say they are speaking with her and it is unclear of her exact connection to the alleged napping. one person who did not want to show her face said the area is normally quiet. >> woman: it is so unusual. nothing like that ever happened over here in my neighborhoho. >> other neighbors are meanwhile convinced that there is more to the story. >> there has to be somebody, a friend of the family or something that is close to the family like that. two months old? a random stranger will not snatch a child, a two-month-old, just like that. >> so i neighbors have
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last night, still no sign of terraji kemp. at this point, the investigation is ongoing, and the person of interest has been located. hopefully she will hold a key as to where the baby is. we are live in unincorporated ft. lauderdale, derek sure, local 10 news. >> anchor: we move now to the woman who investators are calling a person of interest in the case. leeann? >> shyann, that is the breaking nenews. stephanie augustin has been foun we are told in fort pierce, according to broward sheriff's office. they have confirmed that, just within the last f f minutes. let us show you her picture. this is a person to the broward county sheriff's office was to pretty find a connection with all this. it is just before 2:00 this afternoon that they actually released her photo. and asked for people to be on
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connection of the kidnapping of two-month-old terraji kemp. in their pursuit for more information, we were led here.. let us show you some video. this is the last known address for augustine and north miami date county on northeast avenue. the house was clearly vacant, no furniture inside, no cars in the driveway. we did some neighbors who said that they clearly remembered her living next door. she lived there with her parents and older sister for quite some time, and moved up, according to neighbors, about six or seven months ago. when we told these neighbors what has happened, that we were looking for stephanie augustin, that this is the last place she was seen, they're absolutely ststned that the neighborhood the new decently well what in any way be connected with a kidnapping of a little infant. >> woman: i remember her being a very nice girl, courteous and manner bowl, friendly. never had problems. that i know of. if she is involved in this, to come forward.
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back this baby. because otherwise, it will be worse for her. >> right. >> so, come forward and do what you bbdo what you're supposed to do. >> d so, the neighbors also tell me they do not remember stephanie augustin ever being pregnant or ever seen any children at the home. they do, however, remember seeing the nissan that was also on the lookout. they have also found that car as derek mentioned. the car, as well as stephanie auaustin. investigators this point, but the most distressing part of all is no sign of terraji kemp, the little two-month-old. wee hoping that stephanie augustin will hold some of the answers to the questions. for now, we are live in ft. lauderdale, limne morejon. >> anchor: thank you. showed was shot and killed a plane outside of its own.
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those who knew the little boy are so shocked over what happened. . >> a final farewell t ta life gone way too soon. king carter lay to rest, hundredsof people showing up to new birth baptist church, paid respects to a six year old was gunned down outside of his me. his family is still struggling with the fact that their little boy is gone. was a good boy. he didn't d dno harm to anybody. >> king was killed a week ago today. so far, 18-year-old leonard evans, 70-year-old presley, and 17-year-old tell mark teams have been connected in connection to king's death. they were involved in a shoot out as an apartment complex. king was outside, caught in the crossfire. >> woman: this little child and i get a chance to live at his dreams in life, and it is very sad. support the family. community suppt in the outcome from kingsville and
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arrest. still, local leaders say gun viololce is happening far too often. something that they say must come to an in. >> man: i know the community is in factctnited. the parents are united, and doing something about this. >> man: do not do this. if you do this, we will catch you and put your way. >> my dad county police said they a still looking for a fourth suspect a black 1999 lexus gs 300 with tinted windows in connection with king carter's death. if you have any kind information, call crime stoppers. >> now to vote 2016. the democrats get their turn succulent with voters casting the part mary election ballots. this could give democrats a record of whether they turned out like they did in record mbers like a different president obama. glenna milberg is live in columbia with more. >> reporter: at last check, the election commissions, they are calling the turnout moderate.
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records night, for sure. those kind of numbers certainly bode well for hillary clinton. for bernie sanders though, south carolina, the first southern primary, has other gnificance. and really, he just needs a good showing. >> woman: good morning, how are you? >> i'm good. >> wewelcome. >> reporter: within hours of voting, some 300 voters are volted in the south's first primary election. >> very steady. it is more than half of republican primary here last week. a check of other precincts seems to reflect what polls show, the size of the africacaamerican electorate is critical to a win here. and, it is a reliable, historical vote for hillary clinton. >> man: w i knew her husband, and she did pretty good things. >> did you do anything to learn about sanders?
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i haven't really gotten into the ball the political l type of aspects of it. >> man: so you thought it was easier just to do which are posted? >> right. >> senator bernie sanders is still about 20 points behind. he did work to get known here, and he did significantly closing numbers. >> man: the issue with hillary for me is the issue with the emails and the veterans overseas and what caused that kind of services. >> man: i think his message is the best of a lot of people are pretty tired of the way the political climate has gone in this country. so we are looking for change. >> woman: i would say i made my decision strategically. >> i of arcata, but i really just want someone at this point win. >> we were here a week ago saturday. the republican primary was here on saturday. so the people last week were going to the polls, ready to
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idea of who they would vote for at that moment. find that at all today. everyone we spoke @to at the polls in columbia went to the polls ready to vote for a up already. i am glenna milberg, live in columbia south carolina tonight, local 10 news. >> anchor: republicans are chris crossing the@country. donald trump held a rally in arkansas, and the presumed front runner joined by chris christie who on friday endorsed told her. the donaldlds hoping to walk away with the majority of delegates up to grab with more than one dozen states hold primaries and caucuses next week. made a stop in georgia. he came in at kennesaw and it was so big that oregon has had to move it from a high school gym to a ballfield. he spent the past couple of days! after trump. the republican hopeful called the donald a connors and suggested that he wet himself during the debate on thursday in houston.
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was too much before mocking him with a bottle of water. and cruz has staked his campaign on super tuesday, including a strong showowg in texas. he hopes to do well in the south and push them ahead of rubio in the delegate count. in ohio, john kasich is making the rounds in tennessee. he held a town hall in nashville before moving on to a rally in knoxville. if he does not win his home state of ohio, he is done. a make or break moment comes as he faces increased pressure to
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utterson ohio had to the hello, south florida. i am memeteorologist trent aric. as we look at the hollywood beach cam, boy, was this the place to be this afternoon. all sunshine, temperatures in n the 70s across south florida. you can see the cruise ships leaving out of port everglades. so let's take a little time to break it. at the beach oh, and looks good. you can see the boats going by well.
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or of the day as things that pretty good. one last check down in ft. lauderdale as we continue to look here at the tower cams. things are looking pretty good, and as far as key west goes, plenty of sunshine. see those varies gone bad out there for the sunset cruises here tonight. they will continue to be a very nice night tonight down in the florida keys. right now, 63 key west, winds out of the north, northwest at 15. humidity at 56 percent. so, right now, the raters are quite across down for the rain chance will stay low here for thnext couple of days. on the satellite view, just a few clouds sitting offshore from ft. lauderdale all the way up. some high pressure is in place, and what that w@ll do for us over the next couple of days is keeper rain chance low. as the wind swings back over the water near 10 miles per hour, we will see our
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your over the next day or so with temperatures reaching near 80 by tuesday afternoon. you can see this currently y7 degrees in kendall, a nice crisp, clear, cool night. as we go through the overnight hours, we will fall wn to about 57 in hialeah, 56 in pembroke pines, a little warmer in the florida keys. we will only fall a degree or two. here is the area of high pressure giving us the northeast went off the coast line. next day or so, the area of high pressure will shift off the shore. the calinas will get an onshore flow, and eventually, the humidity comes back up and so to the temperatures. over the next few days, we started 75 tomorrow, and notice the trend is upward. 83 for tuesday, 30 percent for a shower, no major storefronts in the forecast as we go through the next couple of days. just a very quiet weather pattern. at most, we will see a 30 percent chance of an honor off shower through the middle parts of the week. as far as the beach tomorrow, it is the place to be, onc again.
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1 to 2 feet. the rip current chances low, and beyond the forecaststthere is a small craft caution caesar to do for, and bay water has a moderate shop as well as north, northeast at 2 to 3 feet. also, small craft caution in the florida keys with ebay water is choppy. 46 feet inside the reef, and 2 to 4. over the next three days, beautiful tomorrow. a great way to wrap up the weekend. as we go through monday and tuesday, the temperatures climb up and so did the ovovnight lows. mid-50s to upper 60s by tuesday. we will keep a 30 percent chance of a shower for wednesday ananthursday. the next cold front is set to arrive friday night into saturday, and for carnival on the mile of the big walk for the animals, it looks like a fantastic weatatr. we will send it back over to carlos for now. >> anchor: we have breaking news we're following. we have just been alerted that maybe terraji kemp has been found alive in orlando. she is)in the hospital, and we are getting that information
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broward sheriff's office. they are waiting on a positive id. there was an amber alert issued for her, but she seems b it appears she is in good hands in the hospital in orlando. i know they were questioning a person of interest just moments ago, so possibly that is what led them to baby terraji kemp. but once again, she has been found in orlando. >> and we are county down to the oscars. there is just one day left into the biggest stars of e last year walk away with holly was true golden boy. chris rock i` hosting the big night as he gets underway at 7:00 right here on local 10. we're gonna go ahead and go to brk. >> monday at six, giving chris the open door policy. >> man: these can be accessed. you do not need a keeper justst ago. >> smart locks are not so smart. >> new homes, same technology, same recommendation. >> they have information on how to outsmart your e locks. monday at 6:00. d monday at 11:00, you drop your car off to a a repair shop hoping for this. you say, you get this.
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going on. my car was taken out for lunch. out? we investigate this repair
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and now, local10 sports. >> you did not see too many afternoons like this in south florida's sports. yet the heat, panthers, all plan b games is a jockey for postseason positions. look at warn, doing a little work inside with a rebound attempt, tipping it back in. he had a six point lead at thth point. later on, how about this lock by tucson white tie? he was a monster on the defensive anand. a box to go along with 15 points and 15 rebounds.
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whiteside connected the dunk to go. they could've tied it up, but way. tyler zeller will put it up in and to get them up by four. this is how this one will go down the stretch. boston. senior day for the hurricanes basketball team taken on louisville in a clash of top 12 squads. they trail this one of the second half, and there is angel rodriguez. he will be huge down the stretch, picking this on with a steel, taken at the other way for 17 points.- fellow senior sheldon mcclellan will follow with a hoop. what a fast-break he had, 13. he takes the lele on free throws and tell von read for the you, they celebrate with a field-goal. what is up? 53 to 65, a huge victory. for ncaa seating somehow by the baseball team getting ready for a big one of the diamond tonight. mark light, the second of a three-game series against the sixth-ranked baseball team and the number one florida gators.
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night. first pitch tonight is set for 7:00. and on the ice, the panthers are hitting the road for five straight, starting off today in columbus. the cats bluff a couple of trays for a little help for the stretch run. this was scoress in the first period. a perfect pass to a standard markup, and it is not scoreless anymore. one to nothing at the panthers have the same score in the second. major scores to make it through to do nothing, but columbus has stormed back with three from goal. then only this one 3 to 2 in n the third. cruz carlos? we are following breaking news i two -month-old baby, terraji kemp has been found. we're hearing reports from the sheriff's office that she is a life and in the hospital in orlando. they are just waiting to confirm a positive id. as we know, a person at the top of the hour was taken into help to
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>> in an amber alert was issued on friday night because the received reports of a man was broken into a home on the 2700 block of northwest 1414 court. it is at that point that they decided that this child's well-being may have been put at risk. so since that time, they had been looking for this person of intetest. learned not too long ago that they not only spoken to this woman but they had a currently beenenble to f (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection
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it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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>> a crew braves boiling hot lava to rappel into an africa volcano. why it takes some kind of guts to get these kind of shocks. a woman whwhs nearly blind has -- >> just been able to see her family and her grandchildren. >> the simple phone innovation that's a game changer. it's a close call that could have bn. why it didn't bother mr. cool one bit. and telling guys -- >> they have small feet. >> the pra that proves size does matter.


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