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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 7AM  ABC  February 28, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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house paid final respects to the little boy. >> todd: meanwhile hillary clinton way resounding win in south carolina last night. whathat means for her and her opponent bernie sanders heading into super tuesday. >> live, the the one and only local ten news starts right now. >> >> neki: good morning every one. sunday february 28 nl. also known as todd tongen's girnlg day i'm neki mohan.. >> todd: i'm todd tongen. >> neki: happy birthday. >> todd: thank iewvment a sunday morning. >> neki: a nice birthday for him right jen. >> todd: they wouldn't give me the day off. >> neki: why would you want the day of off when you can come in to be with us. >> todd: sure. i really wanted to wake up at 3:00 a.m. and come in instead of being with myamily and work. >> jennifer: and a view from the mallory square tower cam and gorgeous and peaceful color over
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it is gorgeous. not only in key west but all across of s. a little more clouds though draisd cross. that coastal parts of broward and miami-dade county.. meanwhile the temperatures in the the low 60's. some of us still in the upper 50s. so not as chilly as yesterday morning but still tool cool enough for a slight sweater early in the day. by of this niewn may not need the temperature. winds out of north between five to 12 miles per hour currently and if you want to head out on the water today for boater and in the keys. small craft advisory is in effect. the bays s ll be choppy. seas two to 4 feet inside the reef. higher than that beyond the reef. also here's a look a the radar and satellite. see no rain but you can see a couple clouds i just mentioned. also high pressure stilling in control. that will keep us nice and dry today for the forecast. in a few minutes. todd >> thank you jen. we begin way developing story this morning. two teens playing with way gun when it suddenly fires and one of those t tns is dead. the other one now behind bars and police say this appearsrso
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those young teenager is already facing criminal charges. >> >> neki: low ca tell sanela sabovic is live in miami gardens with the late e. good morning sane. >> reporter: good morning dmik and todd. another young life takak way too soon. the victim in this case only 14 years old. police tell us a second teenager responsible for bring a weapon inside a miami gardens home is facing serious charges and waking up behind bars this morning. let's get you now to video from that scene of the shooting happened shortly before 00 p.m. state home located on the 2800 block of northwest 172 terrace. police tell thawts teenagege victim had been stage at the home owned by a family friend. they say another 14-year-old showed up to the house armed way gu showing it to two teenagers that were up side that house. somehow the gun went off striking the tnager who was a guest at the hope. boit was airlifted to rierd traumaenter where he died from his injuries. wack out live now, the teenager
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a manslaughter charge and alsopossession of a firearm by a minor. we'll bring you any late breaking details as the story rather is still develop this morning. for now reporting live in miami gardens. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: we he breaking news this morning out of russia. officials say at lea 36 people are believed dead after a series of explosions inside a coal mine. 110 miners were underground at the time. blast. 80 of whom were rescued. a methane gas leak was to blame for that explosion. they added that all the missing miners are presumed dead. >> neki: an emotional goodbye for friends and family that sep celebrated 6-year-old king carter. the boy laid to rest yesterday after hundreds gathered at neral to pay respects to king and show his family their support.t. his parents are grieving yet they say they are celebrating his young life. friends of the first grade also paid their respects.
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as ninja turtles. king was a good boy. he he didn't do no harm to anybody. he was my best friend. >> neki: police have been n the hunt for shooter since king was killed last weekend. as of right now three teens have been arrested in connection to hi death. police say they are still looking for a 4th suspect in a black 1999 lexus gs300 with tinted windows. >> hillary. hillary. hillary. >> todd: south carolina has spoken. hillary clinn earns the resounding runway win in the states primary on saturdayment taking a look at the results ch here's the numbers. clinton with a landslide victory. 70% of the vote to sanders just 26%. that's a margin of victor rif roughly 1 107,000 roats.
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herself as the front one runner with yesterday's victory. >eki: and with the super tuesday just days a waicht clinton won among african american voters. sanders has shifted his focus to super tueay. >> a icon great late secretary clinton on her strong victory tuesday ch over 800 delegates are atsteak and we intend to win many, many of them. >> todd: on the republican side another bigig endorsement for donald trump np former arizona govenor jan brewer. that announcement coming days after chris christie pledged his support to trum. marco rubio spent time yesterday to mean post by donald trump. >> here's one i saw. a picture of me for having make up applied to my face. how can it be, how can aerson
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america attack me for wearing, a tk me onon stwitter for wearing make up. >> >> todd: more than a dozen states will weigh in on tuesday. >> neki: funerals head yesterday for the victim of last week's shooting rampage in kalamazoo michigan.former uber driver dalton shot and killed six people at ran do. he opened fire at three different locations in the same area. one man said he found out about his wife's death on the news. >> my wife was supposed to come home friday night or saturday night and before she left call ma disoorks she was supse to call which is sop for us. and about an hour after she could of called she hadn't soy started to try to call her and trying and trying and trying. >> >> neki: two other people hurt in the shooting. daltonned with six counts of murder.
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locations a kia car dealership where a father and son were gunned down. family and friends released balloons from the dealership while the cars driving by honked in approval. florida's annual python hunt is over and the winners announced thcht year's challenge brought out more than a thousand hunters from across country. but in total only 106 captured. the largest coming in at 15 feet just over 125-pound ch the goaflt eveve is to reduce the population of the bernies pythons where they are a endangered species. and they allededly put red pepper plaiks into their teacher's soda. police say one of the 12-year-old girl was upset abo being disciplined by her teacher. one student distracted the teacher. another grabbed the so daind third dumped theepper nch the teacher choked and experienced shortness of breathe. the the girls arrested friday
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>> neki: turning now to a controversy in zimbabwe. he is celebrating his 92 birthday in style while many are dealing in hunger and poverty. and he is bsting the president for spending $800,000 on his birthday party during the severe drought and one of the worse economic lapses in the history. and ma go wee who has held power for many years says he is working to fix the problem. >> neki: and biker and runners are off. >> todd: it's that time of year again. >> neki: it s. many people getting out there this morning. >> todd: and n- coming up next kristi kreuger showss all the benefits of this ride and run. >> neki: and in california. several people stabbed at a kkk rally. have it all caught on camera for you.
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>> jennifer: and a cool start. temperature right now 64 in fort lauderdale and miami. we'll be warming things up and hitting highs in the low 70s still below average but today is the last day we'll see the cocl temperatures. i'll have all the details on that when we come back.
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with with todd tongen >> todd: it's that time of year again when south florideans get out and walk, run or ride to help raise money for pediatric cancer care. it's the tour de broward. it is happening today. kristi kreuger has details in today's health cast you know, what children's hospitals are vital to the health care of our children. often the first start to a long journey of young ones who are could nick illness of thafs why this weak jepped's 7th annual tour de broward is so important. >>. for the past six year on a sunday morning in february, thousands of people have gathered at miramar regionana
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to support joe dimaggio's children's hospital and the annual tour de broward even. this year john snyder will be participating for the first time. >> jennifer: want to give back and get out there and do something for the children. >> go head and give it a shot. john lost his leg following a motorcycle accident in 20 14. through at dap tiff sports program at miramar rehabilitation institute he found out about the tour de broward event. >> this is our third year for a category for those with disability teecht ray and john, those that are disbail tease are using hand cycle wsm very some being sais ted in their chairs we a wrun runner. >> john and other competitors are look forward tow shog the public that people with if i call chal epgs are still able to compete with a their body. >> and it gives people the chance to see how brave people
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able bodyyclist there. looking for ward to that. >> don't find an a excuse for yourself. go out and do. it not an excuse. >> todd: how inspiring ie. andristi says in six years the tour de broward has raised 6 million for the hospital. and more than 5000 people expected to teend the annual evenenthis morning. >>. get out there. >> neki: i have he friendd out there lmple and great day out there. and you will workup a sweat there jen. >> todd: terrific morning for a ride, right? >> jennifer: terrific. it feels nice and cool. maybe you'll need a long sleeve or sweart. but if you're heading out for a bicycle ride or walk or run. you'll probably wake up to a sweat. but we're waking up to cloudy skies out there today or at least this morning compared to yesterday. still beautiful ah can see the rays peek through those clowchedz absolutely peaceful this morng croos stsm is nice and quite as high pressure
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here's another live look. this one out of hollywood beach. even the sur south florida down and only a slight rip current risk out there. also temperatures starting off warmer than they did yesterday morning but still cool out there. 60 degrees in fort lauderdale and miami. 26 in key west. winds right now out of the northwest. that is expected to change later thon afternoon. meanwhile here's a look at the current temperature across the sunshine state. 32 dies again in tall what seesm the second day in a row. tallahassee dip down to freezing rk. 48 in tampa. 46 in fort myers ch we're not too far away from the 40's. but it is warmer here in southeast florida. and that's because we are dealing with more cloud cover and that always acts a blanket. esn't loose to dip much in the morning hours. either way it is nice. it will remain nice and dry for the rest of today as i mentionhigh pressure in control. located over the pan handleel today and it will slide to the south but i i will keep us nice and quite. even into tomorrow.
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east wind as this high slides a little bit to the south. but also that east wind will help to warm thing up. now, today it is warmer compared to yesterday with with a hive 74. but this is still below the average. average high should be 79 degrees by this time of year and we'll hit that on point tomorrow so. hiing normal by tomorrow. tuesday not far from normal with with a hive 80 degrees but then above average on wednesday way better chance of showers rushing. especially on thursday. thursday looks like it will be the cloudiest and wettest day with the chance for scattered showers at 40%. still some left over showers in store on friday. neki diswrie thanks a lot jennifer. new development this morning in the flint w wer vie crisis. a survey shows that last year flint t s deemed the most expensive water pro snrierd the country. out of top 500 with water community system flint ranked no. 1 with people paying an average $864 a year. the national average is three
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the price tag was dialed back in flint in august of last year after the water contaminati was found. >> todd: caught on cravmen two people stabbed and 13 others a arrested at a kkk rally in anaheim ealifornia. and a rally and 30 other counter protesters shod up. police say the brawl started after one clans man was stabbed with a flagpole. >> we came here for peaceful protest, white lives matter and we get jumped by i think you had to e eect something. >> todd: police made several reas but still searching for one man in particular ch the stack victim expected to recover. >> neki: and caught on camera. a dangerous wreck caught on camera in austin texas. wait for. it you can see the dump truck crash into a car waiting at a red light and tn run across a busy intersection hitting other cars before make it's way off a bring.
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hospital with non life-threatening injuries. cause of the crash is still unknown. >> todd: a pilot is lucky to be laif after his plane came down in massachusets. the witnesses say the pilot appeared to be practicing turns when the small plane crashed. he was rushed to the hot. police say he was thenly one on board. >> >> todd: and coming up after the break. a handful of dogs getting a second chance. >> butut not how you might think. >> neki: and how the pups arar helping out at a dennis court in brazil. >> and how a group of of young people people turned smells into beautiful works of arm. and. >> todd: and here's a look at the winning lottery number. good luck. >> always watching. always track. meteorologist jennifer correa on the the one and only local 10
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your weather authority. >> and monday at 11:00. you drop your car off to the repair shee shop hoping for this. instead you get this. >> i'm not happy with what is going on. my car was just taken out by someone going to lunch.
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ride? (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and makingense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next presidentneeds a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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eye and loo for something to take your family to today? we have great events ch the orange blossom festival para and concert. music, arts and crafts. from 9:00 in the morning 'til 5:00. free to a defnltd another event. self appreciation day with the family. atlas o las sundy market in fort lauderdale. swat team and k9's a so much more. free to attend as well. loing for something to do with your friends or significant other. something g re grown-up. drink house fire and ice is
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chocolate and cocktails. the two go great together i hear. >> event from 2:00 'til 5:00. tickets for this one are 40 bucks oof we all like good smell. food, flowers and good food. but you have you ever thought of scent as ard. i. >> i thought its was a crazy idea. i never thought of scent as an art form sna christian sanchez is an art stew dead in homestead. hi challenge to interpret the scent of the new white fragrance into art. >> when i kept smelling it because i wanted in spir raismtion i got a headache. so that became his in spir raismtion on drywall he put an exploded clay head with scented
7:24 am
50 students attend the miami hearts charter and the wide variety of in terp paitionz taition of white velvet displayed on brickell last week. folks at dr. aroma were thrilled. >> they are happy with the results and hope this will loose to support and go farther. the winner. emily beret a also of miami arts charter in homestead. her rendition of white develop development a raised photograph of her face surrounded by scented floir. it. >> it made me feel more peaceful and kind of just calming so he i created this soy could have a sense of of serenity. winning students got scholarship money for college. their art work displayed at bridge center. pretty cool huh? yeah, but i see the story and w i want to smell time. want to know what it smells like. so i guess it work. and they sent themem to hotels and business and homes. when i was sprayininit for the story.
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good stuff. well t turns out you can teach an old dog new strict. you fetch. >> todd: yes i do diswrie these dogs do too. >> todd: i'm trying to learn. >> neki: they were trained to retrieve the ball and get them when they go out of bounce ch they were supposed give them back to the players when which they didn't like doosmght hey, my ball, finders keepers, loser weeps eemptz and the wearness with the initiative. today they take part in the awards cerimony. don't know whether or not they will give the wards back. they say they are entertaining. they say they had a vob prob lem. the serves werelobber ri coming up over the net. >> and coming up on the news serious news to talk about. a baby back home safe and sound after she was kidnapped yesterday. >> >> neki: that's right. we hey lot of amber later on our foafnl how she was tracked down hundreds of miles waind who
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>> todd: >> jennifer: and good morning to you in s. good morning hollywood beach. a few clouds over us. mottesly cloudy. a nice cool start. temperature currently at 60 keys. we're warming things up more
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the dail coming up.tt0w!ti"hz! %4@-4=l tt0w!ti"hz! el@->: tt0w!ti"hz! ed@-88d tt0w!ti"hz% )8h-xf8 tt0w!ti"hz% kzh-e)d tt0w!ti"hz% n-h-0@h tt0w!ti"hz% % h-.'p tt0w!ti"hz% s"h->u0 tt0w!ti"hz% ueh-=7@ tt0w!ti"hz% 7hh-!54 >> local 10 news starts right ow. >> todd: 7:29. a peek out the window from our miami tower cam. a few more clouds than yesterday. also warmer than yesterday. so we're beginning to see i think a warm up right jen? just the start of it. >> jennifer: just the start of it ch that's right todd. not too warm. if you're headed out early this morning take the light sweater with you but already we'll feel the warm air returning today. however, comfortable conditions no doubt about that. temperatures right now 60 dein miami as well as in fort lauderdale. you head to pembroke pines and it is in the upper 50s as well as southwest miami-dade and
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homestead at 58. 62 in marathon and key west. now, this afternoon how warm will it get. not too bafltd it is still below average. highs expected 74 degrees. so that is about five to seven degrees across south florida below the average. the average this time of year 79. we'll be hitting those normals and getting even warmer throughout the week. i'll have the seven day in a knew minute. todd. >> todd: all right. thank you jen. developing norping a ten too tragedyy in miami gardens when a n miss fires dentally. one teen dead and ot other teeee facing criminal charge. police calling this a tragic accident but that one teen is be i behind bars. local ten knew reporter sanela sabovic joining us live from miami gardens. sanela. >> reporter: good morning todd. another teen tragedy happening this week. ami bar dens telling us the victim in this case soanl 14 years old and they say it's
7:31 am
bringing a gun inside a home ch that teenager is nowacing criminal charges and waking up behind bars this morning. >> miami gardens police worked throughout the night saturury following a shooting that left a 14-year-old deasmed the tragedy hahaened shortly before 4:00 p.m. at a home located on northwest 1722errace. the teenage victim stage ate home owned by a family friend. ey say another 14-year-old shopped to the house armed way gun and showing that gun to the victim and another teen at the house. somehow the gun went off and hit i boy staying at the home. was air lifted to ryryr trauma center where he died from riz nirs. now that teenagag who is wake up be hyped bars this morning is facing serious charge. a manslaughter charge and also possession of a firearm by a minor. reporting live in miami gardens. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> neki: a 2-month-old child
7:32 am
kidnapping launched a massive such serve. >> todd: little taraji kemp vanished from her home yesterday to beound in orlando. >> neki: her parents relieved this morning while the police estion a person of interest. layron livingston thereive this morning. lay vorntion could they snri idea why that woman took her. >> reporter: no we're waiting for that information. but in the meantime the baby spent a night at orlando hospital for observation. just 2-month-old and taken from her homo and missing for 18 hours. i'm glad the baby? good health. what is it for? ransom? >> why would you kidnap a baby. eight week old taraji parents called police. they say two masked men cameinto their home and scooped up the baby and took off@.
7:33 am
>> and they say this woman is the person of interest. they later find ah guess teen in fort pierce and we learned they found taraji in orlando. i want my daughter back. they took my daughter. that's what they were saying. the neighbor lives across the patd yo from the two month eald's apartment and said she heard nothing until deputies showed iewvment i prayed for her and her family. very disappointing and sad that some one would do that. >> some neighbor bors struggle to add it all up. i'm glad the baby sphiefnlt there much be more to the story. i'm glad the baby isine. >> reporter: and i think that's what we're all thinking here in the south florida area thankful this baby is okay meantime no's are have been made. we're trying to figure out exactly who took this child and how that person of of interest is connected to this. anything new, we'll pass it on to you as we learn i here on local 10.
7:34 am
layron livingston. local l n news. >> neki: and twist any and orlando in and all call will tickets. the calendar will be set eigig to 11 months in the future and ititill lieu o guest to see how much rest, and peek times and you will pay more forr the peek time. and an off sore sworn in a day before is dead after a shooting ach police say ashley giewn done and two other arrive to the scene twhre found a woman dead and sund enlit violence es ca ride unfortunately we don't't have much information as far as what transpired during that domestic incident. we received communication that one of of ou officers had been shot at the scene and we have now confirmed that three officers have been shot. >> todd: police are still investigating what lead up to those three officers being shot. the leadged gunman meanwhile is in custody.
7:35 am
a raid in spain where police say they broke up a large smuggling ring that was bringing chinese labor ors into europe illegally. >> police say more than 100 chinese nationals had been detained in this operation. the smugglers using fake pass forts bring migrants intoeurope. the investigation into the smuggling ring took two years and involved law enforcement agencies in four countries. >> totd: a partial cease fire in syria has brought peace to the country for the first time in many years. children lewd to come out and play for a while on saturday. the cease fire the most significant a em temperature yet to reduce violence that has killed a quarter million people. >> neki: a shocker in eye rafnt 90% of the votes counted. they say the canidates will take all 30 parliamentary seessments the first election in iran since
7:36 am
millions of people furnd out yesterday to cast their vote. laind slide victory for the moderate and hope to improve future relation with the west. >> todd: and head the home safe home report yie and janine stanwood will show us how to keep your home safe. >> and with with the o oscars an hohos way. we'll have the best but first we'll take a look at worse. it's a tradition. a recap of the ras disi awards. >> todd: razzie.
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>> >> todd: social media has completely revamped how we interact and connect with one another but now police in south florida are relying on social
7:40 am
safe ch janine stanwood has all the de tai in this morning's home safe home report. >> it's a place where people post about missing dog. local business and report break in it. >> it is help pull because there have been concerns. >> it make you feel bet thear your neighbors are watching out r you. >> it's called next door. it's been around for a couple of yeara but unlike other social med me networks it's made up of private groups based on location so you can connect with your neighbors. and now south florida police departments are getting in on it. >> more@ and more people are iewg the internet. smart phones. miami-dade police launched it's ne account where officers in different districts post about about events and missing people and of course the crime. and the resource officers have their own accounts and they connect with people that they serve in comiewn tea and crime rach wach groups. >> soy joined next door myself to see what i iwas about. because i live in miami-dade county, not only do i see post
7:41 am
post from miami-dade police and a lot of people are connect. a see the die looking back and forth and a think it's a positive too. any time we can communicate bet we are our community. that is good. >> and this was from 020 minute ago. constance who live in wilton manners and said when there was a rash of burglaries in her neighborhood. next door kept her in the loop. >> they used next door to a he let police know what wa going on and alert neighbor. nothing to know if you stop something. it doesn't hurt. next door is private so while you can see what police are posting. they cannot see what are you posting unless you're replying or engaging with them directly. the major we spoke to said he thinks that is good for people to feel like they can ak talk freely among their neighbor. with their home safe home reporti'm jajane stanwood. local 10 news o. our down the
7:42 am
over less than a day. the awards showw in fact 11 hours tilt stars start wk waig with the much coveted hardware. >> todd: who is counting? >> >> neki: we r. we have our oscar ballots on line at chris rockcis hosting the wig event tonight. gets started here on local 100 avmentz we prepare to celebrate hollywood's best tonight. last night was the time to recognize the worse at the golden ras zee awards. 50 shades of gray and fantastic four were the biggest winner or losers depending on how you see toocht and fantastic four lost worse director and worse remake. but as you know both movies made wig bucks at the box office. >> so they proant probably don't care. 7:42 and 60 still. ed cold and steady. >> and it is neki and todd. the temperatures are warm another. we'll take a look at that in a
7:43 am
our miami tower cam. nice and quiet for us. also winds have been out of northwest there. will be a change in the nd directions coming up at soon as this after noofnl now, as you can see temperatures are slightly warmer compared to yesterday morning. it was chilly. today a cool start. 62 degrees from key west to march thoofnt head into southwest miami-dade and still holding on to the upper 50's. homestead you do have clear skies and the temperature is at 58 degrees. 57 kendall. mostly cloudy in miami as well as fort lauderdale and temperatures in the 60s degrees. temperature in the 50s. no rain on the radar. weweave those clouds mainly long the southeast coast and eventually those clouds will open up to more sunshine. also stage nice and dry across the south and the southeast. hi pressure situated right here over the panhandle right along the gulf coast and on the west side of the high pressure system we're seeing those winds out of south. thut's pumping in the moisture
7:44 am
across the central portions of the united states. and you can actuallyee this currently. with the current temperatures across central portions of our nation. see, 50s. 55 degrees right now in kansas city. dallas 54. 48 in houston. but then you check out the temperature. either sides it's cooler rmt and then that warm pocket over south west of the united states. for us back here atome. it will be whield mied by this of afternoon. temperatures still below average though. tomorrow warming up even more as we continue with that east wind. today temperature out there for the beach 27 degrees. the surf one to 2 feet. slight rip current risk. use the sun screen. no adviser raze for boaters out on water today. seas two to 3 feet and also small craftdvisory in effect for the keys. let's talk about the seven day forecast. today's high. 74 degrees. 75 tomorrow. that normal for this time of year and then back into the
7:45 am
todd. >> todd: thank you jen. >> and two coast guard cruise ship picked iewsm the ship that left miami was a leg gefnedz pittsburgh crew with several famous a athletes and musicians on board. and it was posted by james harrison. theamg tion read we just stopped for this boat with 16 people in the middle of the ocean. waiting for the coast guard now. >> neki: a right. still to come sphoafnlings big day in sports. and. >> todd: and the shock around the world. steph curry continue to amaze every one. >> take local 10 with you wherever you're headed. like us on facebook and follow us on twitter for the latest social media news and interaction. and tonighthtfter the oscar. main described as a monster.i was hungry for some kind of a physical touching thing andnd she was right there. >> accused of drugging,
7:46 am
on the innocent. and she was on the table. >> and now a shocking twist. >> did you know about the abuse? i know that i witness had seen those videos and tolde what happened on those tapes. >> reporter: investigator bob norman with a (phone ringing) you can't de with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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time now for sports todd and neki style. a day for big gamesp around south florida but heat made the news with the off court deal they made. it turned out pob bigger than thought. >> neki: that's right. the team of reached a deal with seven time all-star joe johnson who immediately became the
7:50 am
we can use it and give assist to signing wade who recruited johnson. >> todd: yeah, like his agent. >> and we are putting someone on the floor like a super bowl can score from different areas maingd plays. obviously losing chris right now is another play maker. another score. open arm in mie for him. >> todd: meanwhile the heat could of used the heat taking on the celtic. and the put back. he finished with 21 points. later on hassan white sideays no way to eye isaiah thomas. in the 4th. a he month member tum shift with the h%at. white side misses the dunk and in the other end for the slam. boom. the heat fall in this one. the heat play next at the.
7:51 am
>> >> neki: and a clash of top 12 teams the canes trailing in the second half.f. senior angel rodriguez ain't no angel and gets the steal. hits the top lay o. he 17 points. the canes go on to win. 73 to 65. the bench celebrating by kick imaginary field goals and why not? the canes are now @ide for the a crrgs c lead. on the ice, the panthers kicked off a five day road trip yesterday in could o lum bus. fresh face on the team after the the cats pull off three trades to add real power this. goes to a a shootout. brandon way shot over the the glove from low ber to. the grandma keeps the cookies that. would be the exper yefnls cats lose four to three. >> todd: and your moment of the night warrierss and thunder stied in over time. steph tur ri gs the ball with seconds left. i blows up from inside the half court and nails it for the win. if that wasn't enough. this was his 13ther on the night. and earlier in the game hee hit three-pointer no. 2823489
7:52 am
that the most in one season in the nba history breaking the report record set by guess who, steph curry. >> neki: to say that steph curry broke twitter is an under statement. >> wade saying curry sun real. and lebron james saying curry needs to stop it man. he is ridiculous. never seen some with one in the history of ball. and dirk who is knowns a the quiet guy lives up with a simple no way. >> and if you go early from the gagas out there. he practices shooting from the stand and ke them. he is steph curry and we're not. that's right. todd and neki style. don't go away coming up on "good rning america" is n lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth.
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>> neki: comingg up next on "good morning america." big win for inn hillary clinton by beating sanders by nearly 50 points innhe democratic primary. what this means for sanders
7:56 am
and nba star steph c cry. we just showed you that. he continues to maicheses the formal title contender. and that day is heemp we're talking about few moments way from the oscars ch gma has the latest from the red carpet. >> jennifer: good sunday morning south florida. a bit warm another ch here's a live look out of miami tower cam. cloud starting to break apartment. we woke up to mostly cloudy skies. sunnier though at mallory square tower cam. beautiful. key west 62 de. meanwhilil in miami 63. 61 in fort laudeale there. there we go. we're warping things up and not too much. we'll also be comfortable by the noon. winds out of north and turning out of the east. ten to 15 miles per hour. all right so. highs today 74 degrees. yes, warmer than yesterday's high which by the way yesterday was 71. however, it is still below the average. but we will hit that average high tomorrow on monday and even warmer by the middle of the week with a better chance for
7:57 am
you. >> neki: you didn't sign todd's card. >> jennifer: i did. >> neki: you did. >> jennifer: i did. >> neki: happy birthday. rob carrera made this. >> todd: and that's what i wore for may halloween cost couple. >> neki: and we do have a daik caik but producer julie bring the cake. it's todd's birthda\. >> todd: i'm the man. >> neki: happy birthday. >> todd: wish you could smell it in here. neki is make waffles and hopefully we'll i have nice breakfast. >> neki: hope you have a nice breakfast. >> todd: >> okay. >> neki: he we have more stutu coming up. >> todd: no, police no more. >> neki: we have to celebrate you. >> todd: when it's neki. >> neki: we'll be back in 30 minutes with a low canoes update@ i.
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>> todd: all right joo don't good morning, america. hillary's huge victory. >> thank you so`much, south carolina. >> she's now got major momentum heading into super tuesday. can bernie bounce back? as the republican mudslinging gets even nastier. >> he's flying around on hair force one. >> little mouth on him, bing, bingbing. bing, bing, bing. >> all the headlines from an amazing race. breaking overnight -- in the line of duty, a police officer in virginia shot and killed on her first day on the job. two other officers wounded. what went wrong on that seemingly routine call? fantastic finish. >> bang, bang, oh, what a shot from curry! >> steph curry's night for the record books, shrugging off an injured ankle, sinking 12 three-pointers, including an amazing buzzer beater. is this the best game of the season? and countdown to oscar.


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