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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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celebration. good monday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we'll get to our top stories in just a moment. we hope everybody had a good weekend. the weather's changing on us this weekend. >> beautiful this morning. weather authority meteorologist julie durda, how are you? >> good. i'm happy to tell you this morning we're waking up to dry conditions, definitely warmer but with high pressure in place, it looks as though the atmosphere will stay relatively dry. starting this warming trend, temperatures right now in the mid 60s. those 50s, those are a thing of the past, my friends. hope you enjoyed it. 65 in ft. lauderdale as well as pompano beach. 64 in hialeah. down by the keys we have tempatures in the upper 60s in marathon. these temperatures are anywhere between three and six degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterday. highs will be warmer as well. we'll start off the day cloudy as well. highs today will reach the upper 70s which is seasonal for this time of year.
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and it will feel a bit more uncomfortable because of the light winds across the ocean. >> good morning, julie durda. construction concerns is the name of the game at 5:00 in the morning. if you're traveling north at i-75 in miramar parkway you're going to see crews out there. i saw some flashing lights behind the signs but they should be out there untiloughly 5:30 this morning. our northbound lanes not experiencing any slowdowns there. broward county look great up there. if you're traveling eastbound starting at i-75 heading to u.s.-1. at this pot it's going to take you 54 minutes. arrest amber ale arrest, two people behind bars after they say they snatched a to month old baby if her bed and took off. that baby was found
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miles away in orlando. >> we're learning more about the suspects of that kidnapping including a 14-year-old. layron livinton has the latest. >>reporter: we're hearing from the famililmembers of this two month old baby. the two accused of snatching her from her home at gunpoint are also family members, cousins. one of them is stephanie augustine, 23 years old. she is a 14-year-old boy are expected to be in court later today. augustine tapped herer 14-year-old cause tone bust into an apartment friday and take this baby. we were there when two month old taraji kemp was reunited with her mother back home from an orlando hospital last night. i was outside the family's'some early saturday morning when authorities issued a state-wide amber alert. for nearly a day authorities searched not only for the baby but
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saying is responsible for that. stephanie augustine and that 14-year-old cousin were both arrested after augustine's car was spotted on the turnpike. augustine later told troo_ers where are to find the baby, reportedly abandoned at a home outside orlando. >> it hurt us very much. we'll have more from that family member ahead at:30. layron livingston, local 10 news. police searching for the shooter who opened fire on several cars last night. detectives responded to the call of shots fired. that's where they found three cars covered with bullet holes. luckily, no one was injured, but the gunman
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the venetian causeway shut down for months. the project included complete reconstruction of the 730 foot bridge along with reentries and lighting. hang glider ending up right into the backyard of a home along 148th street. the home was not damaged. right now it's not clear what caused that glider to go down. >> the florida presidential primary is two weeks away but many nshine state voters are not waiting as early voting kicks off in several counties this morning. in monroe county early voting begins at 8:30 and w wl last for the next two weeks in miami-dade and under two weeks in monroe. you can vote starting on saturday. the florida primary will be held on march 15th. where you vote@ early may be different than your usual polling place so we have all the information you need to
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sparking outrage from parties. david duke, a former member of the ku klux klan, said earlier that trump is quote treason to your heritage. >> i know nothing about david duke. i know nothing about white supremacists, and so you're asking me a question that i'm supposed to be talking about people that i know nothing about. >> we cannot be a party that nominates someone who refuses to condemn white supremacists and the ku klux klan. hillary clinton was in tennessee revving up support ahead of super tuesday. she continues to dominate as she did in south carolina where she won by a large margin thanks, in large part, to african-american voters. >> about 75% of them said she's our girl. >> that's former president bill clinton.she was on the campaign trail here in south floridan sunday reminding south florida voters her that resounding win on saturday.
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marco rubio will be here awaiting the super tuesday results. donald trump will rally with supporters in west palm beach. new developments surrounding the rookie officer gunned down in virginia. she had ties to florida. now we are hearing from a former professor about her time at the university and the moment he fouou out she had b bn killed just a day after she was sworn in. >> saw her picture.. i immediately recognized her as my student and it took the wind right out of me. >> ronaldham charged with her murder. the officers were shot while@ responding to his home for a domesc disturbance call. recently-released
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aides of rick snyder knew about the water as far back as 10-- 2013. airstrikes continue in syria despite what was supposed to be a cease-fire. both sides are accusinin each other of violating the troops. civilians hope the pause just long enough for humanitarian aid for food and medicine to arrive. a 14-year-old facing charges after he alledly shot and killed his friend by accident. >> an exclusive interview with the accused teen's mother. hear what she says happened. plus a man lucky to be alive after he was stuck in a tree for hours. how he ended up granded high ave the ground. what was ben affleck hiding under his suit. maybe the question should be who. >> all right. we'll find out about that in just a little bit. something you need to know this morning, we
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today the atmosphere is dry. i'll have more details on the back to work and
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coming up.tt2watv# -4 bt@qq
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services in ohio. right after the final prayer is when he fired. he is expected to appear in a dayton courtroom today. police say he has a long criminal history but they are not sure why he went after his brother. one of pope francis's top advisers acknowledged on sunday the church made enormous mistakes in failing to prevent child abuse by priests. that commissioio is tasked with addressing how australian administrations respond to abuse in the church. four people are dead after a plane came crashing down in houston, texas. hihigirlfriend and her two daughters also killed. detectives now investigating the cause of that crash. and another plane crash leaving an 87-year-old man stranded in a tree for hours. herbert reported engine troubles just after take off from a pennsylvania airport. minutes later his plane
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all the branches were there in the way but he is expected to recover. hey there, south florida. it is monday, back to work and back to school. as we take a live look outside, you can see that it's dark and early but t tperatures are much warmer than what we saw on yesterday. midd 60s in miami, ft. lauderdale and the keys. 53 degrees in pembroke pines as well as kendall. 65 in pompano beach. winds moving in from the northwest this morning in the transition of an east breeze later today that's going to heat us up. currently winds are much calmer than what we saw yesterday. these temperatures this morning are four and six degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterday. dry atmosphere thas to high pressure but we do have some clouds in place. blanketing cloud cover will continue but those clouds will not be producing p pcipitation. we're going to stay dry thanks to high pressure. the next cold front just up the road soaking
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and we'll expect to hear from the northeast.. that will impact our forecast by the later half of the workweek and going into the weekend. currently you can see temperatures moderating in the teams and 30s. up and down the east coast in the 50s. as we take a look at high pressur located over the coast of the carolinas, that will prpride for a clockwise wind flow. we'll have that east breeze in place. around the upper 70s is wt we're forecasting by the afternoon. can't rule out a chance of a shower going into tuesday as a bit more moisture will start to move into the atmosphere. warmer with a mix of sun anddlouds tuesday ahead of yet another front that will move in off the east coast. check it out. we increase that rain chances wednesday going into thursday. a slight chance of a shower as well. it won't be a wash-out. you'll noticetemperatures do warm up highs in the mid 80s. it will be muggy
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temperatures start to dip back down into the upper 70s by wednesday. here's a look at the macarthur causeway. looking great vasing towards the beach this morning. i'm showing you this because, guess what, the julia tuttle causeway, the venetian finally reopening. everyone who travels to the beach it's lik thank the lord. that's the good news. we'll have moreetails on that later in the news cast. physical you're traveling west-bound at the dolphin expressway right off to the exit ramp at northwest@ 107th avenue, part of that exit ramp was blocked this morningng we do expect things will be clearing up. not looking too bad there with those speeds at 32 miles per hour. we are still accident-free in both counties. the price of a ticket to disney now depends on which day you go. the company began surge pricing on sunday
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they've split the park into three counties. it will he cost you 95, 105 or 112. >> it's costly. you better start planning. >> wow. posing as a high school student, now talking about it from behind bars. >> what the 23-year-old has to say about the alleged fining life he was living. it's 5:15 and 64 degrees. welcome to your monday. hope you had a great weekend, south florida. let's get going as we start the neweek.
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with a little gold on the outside. dunkin' donuts coffee. cheers to greatness inside and out.
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-year-old ukrainian man behind bars this morning posing as a high school student in pennsylvia. he lived under the alias arthur ashier potts said he came to the u.s. for an oortunity in 2012 but was left with few options when his visa ran out. he saidis host family came with the idea to pose as his son. >> we're going to bump five years of age and we ca adopt you. if you're 20 years old, we cannot adopt you. >> okay. looks like i have no choice. go back to work and do this. >> says the family took advantage of him threatening to call immigration if he didn't do what he asked. he's facing several charges including identity theft and statutory sexual assault for his alleged
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in today's tech bytes, a change to apple's next big event. the company will unveil new products on march 21st, a week later than originally expected. >> a new minin iphone and ipad models will allegedly be unveile you can now get samsung's phones with real gold. the price tag about 2400 bucks. and some ttter history made at last night's oscars. leonardo dicaprio's win generated 440,000 tweets per minute. >> that beats ellen's star-studded oscar selfie, the previous record holder. >> those arere your tech bytes. have a great day. under dog olympic story eddie the eagle
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below risen and kung fu panda three. dead pool has raked in a total of $286 million domestically. going back to the oscars, they are over but chris rock talked diversity and leo finally got his big prize. ahead at 5:30 we havav a recap of all the best moments. but first coming up here a glimpse at the star-studded celebrions. a woman and a teenager facing charges for kidnapping a twomonth old child. their connection to that baby is coming up. and let's take a live look outside. this is interstate 395. you know that as the macarthur causeway right nearar jungle island. looks like smooth
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what makes this the hottest party? >> more than that it, free drinks, free food and there's some oscars floating aroundo you get a chance to hold up a few very happy winners. >> michael strahan speaking the truth. celebrations continue for the stars. thowses thowses rushing right over to parties like the governor's ball. >> he brought jimmy a special but unexpected surprise. >> hey,under you touching me?
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>> that's hysterical. kimmel andmate damon, they have a long-standing feud, so to speak. so affleck was forced to sneakis good friend on to the show. what happens is he always says he's going to have matt damon on but he runs out o time and matt damon's just stuck there, he doesn't get to talk or endorse his movie. >> a couple old school buddies. hey, kimmel, you want apples? how about them apples. >> good quote. our top stories now on this monday morning, a woman and 14-year-old are both due in court today after allegedly kidnapping a two month old from a ft. lauderdale home. the two arrested hours afterrhey say they arrested taraji kemp at gunpoint. the baby is safe at home right now. police are searching for a shooter who shot at several cars. in tote three cars were
5:25 am
no one was injured. also some counties in south florida are kicking off their early voting today. resides in miami-dade and monroe can cast their balts starting today ahead of that march 15th primary. >> we're just knocking on the door super tuesday. vote 2016 ahead as local 10 news at 5:30 rolls on next. we'll volume a look at your forecast and
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n't go anywhere. uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 ananthen our car overheated... what are the chances?
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uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside service is there for you. right now at 5:30 a baby taken from her home. now we learn more about the family members arrested in this glime a 14-year-old facing charges after he allegedly killed his friend while playing with a gun. local 10 is the only station speaking to the suspect's mother.
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florida. julie's forecast coming up next. and hollywood's biggest night is over and we now know who the big winners are. we have your recap of who walked away with their oscar. good mornini, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. it is february 29th. >> leap day. >> we n't get to say that every year. we only get to say that every four years. >> but we can say this every single morning. let's get over to weather authority meteorologist julie durda who will tell us it's a little warmer today. >> we're expecting a little bit of cloudd cover this morning to start off your day with temperatures in the mid 60s. remember the 50s over the weekend? those are a thing of the past. light breeze will be in place as you're picking the kids up from school. we're not expecting precipitation to fall from his clouds as the atmosphere is relatively dry. winds are light anywhere
5:29 am
les per hour but it's the east breeze that's going to take place later today h hping to allow our temperatures to rebound to the upper 70s. now that's seasonal for this time of year. this morning`you're starting off with 63 in pembroke pines. good morning to you kendall and homestead. 67 in marathon. this is anywhere beteten three and six degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterday. there's that cloud cover but no rain associated with it. constance, how are the roads? >> we are still accident-free. a live look at i-95 just south of the glades. these are southbound lanes at i-95 northbound lanes. no accidents and gue what, the construction crews are out of there. we had some closures off the dolphin west-bound. speeds are a little slow at 3 miles per hour but expected obviously there at that ramp. but everythingg else really looking good out there. quickly let's get you back to i-95 and tell you a little bit about
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can we get is there? i-95 southbound there hollywood boulevard heading towards glades this morning going to take you about six minutes. heading into downtown miami your drive time nine minutes. a woman and a teen behind bars for allegedly kidnapping a two month old baby and leaving town. >> that baby is thankfully safe and sound and back with her baby now. >> the two suspects actually related to the baby's mother. layron livingston live in ft. lauderdale. what's the latest on this investigation? >>reporter: now we're waiting to hear back from the situation later on today because both of these suspects are supposed to be in court and we're hearing from those family members there as you mentioned who are relieved this two month old baby is back home but they are sad because they tell us other family members are responsible for this. this is something deputies and neighbors in this community have believe from the beginning. mother and daughter back together after two month
5:31 am
taken at gunpoint late friday night. the armed intruders were the victim's cousins. >> it's two people that are going to sit in jail for a very long time. >>reporter: stephanie augustine sits in the broward county jail for her alleged role in the scheme that triggered a state-wide amber alert.. detectives say augustine planned the whole thing, even solicited the help of a 14-year-old relative to break into another family member's whole a gun. >> i'm not sure what her motives were, why she reacted in such a crazy way. but i guess my other causen was obsessed or something like that with my little cousin's baby. >>reporter: a state troop ter spotted augustine's car on the turnpike in fort pierce. she was alone but told them where to find little taraji abandoned
5:32 am
the family thankful little taraji is back home safe. >> everyone is happy now safe. >> she's safe, she's healthy. >>reporter: and we will definitely be sure to update you on what happens later on today in broward county when both of those individuals, stephanie augustine and that 14-year-old relative appear in court. layron livingston, local 10 news. now to anothereen tragedy, a 14-year-old is killed after a gun went off as he played with it with friends. ben kennedy is live for us in miami gardens w@th all the details. ben? >>reporter: good morning, jacey anan eric. it is still not clear this morning where the teen got the gun. his mom says they quite frankly don't have one in their house. we sat down with her, spoke to hernly on 10 where she says her son is just so sorry for killing his friend.
5:33 am
grieve in miami gardens after 14-year-old tavaris rhodes was shot and killed on saturday. it happened while he played at his grand ma's house with two friends. it's there one of the teens pulled out loaded gun and accidently shot tavaris. >> do you guys have a gun in your house? >> no, i don't. >>reporter: the accused shooter sat down with us to tell their side of the story and that it was an accident. >> he's been crying. he say he's willing to, you know, do whatever to show that he's hurt. >>reporter: the police chief turned to social media saying another life gone too soon. we as parents must protect, guide, train and love our futur without limitations. the alleged shoot surgeon also just 14 years old. he is now charged with manslaughter this morning. reporting live in miami gardens, ben kennedy, local 10 news.
5:34 am
trouble on the water for two fisherman on biscayne bay. fire boat crews responding to that distress call. they were able to pull those men to safety. neither of them were hurt. both say a mechanical failure is to blame. new overnight and investigation into a deadly crash that killed a central florida pizza delivery man on his first day on the job. police say 27-year-old called into cody's car early on sunday while she tried to get away from police. she suffered only minor injuries but the other was killed. >> she was running again and she killed somebody's life and they say she showed no remorse, no remorse. she got a couple scratches and my son is gone. i want her to be in jail for the rest of her life. >he's being held without bond and is expected to face a judge this morning. she's expected to go to
5:35 am
fleeeeg attempt in december. an investigation into a police-involved shooting that l lt a 17-year-old in a coma. it happened in salt lake city. he's holding a broomstickck when police asked him and two other men to drop their weapons. explains mohammed refused. that's when they say she had to open fire. >> what did they think they were going to do. >> that's ridiculous. >> the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. a cyber attack on the irs is muc larger than originally thought. the tax forms of about 720,000 people. last may the irs said only about 104,000 people were targeted. the biggest night turning into a l`te night here on the east cocot. >> don't worry, we have
5:36 am
up next we'll volume a recap on who took home those golden man trophies. the evidence that got some of the arrested out of jail already. we're hearing from school officials after some students were accused of starting a fight club on campus and posting videos of it all
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media. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security stronon (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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"spotlight." the spotlight just wasn't focused on the awards last night. >> diversity at the oscarsrs or lack thereoff were what many were focused on. even amidst that controversy of course the show must go on and it did. >> leonardo dicaprio finally taking home an oscar but it was more of a surprise for another category. lauren lister in hollywood with more. >>reporter: a thoughtful film about a newspaper investigating sex abuse by boston's catholic priests took osc's top prize last night winning best picture. >> if they nominated hosts, i wouldn'n' even get this job. >>reporter: it was host chris rock who really owned the night addressing the controversy right out of the gate. placing black actors in parodies of several nominated films. >> don't woror black austronaut, we will.
5:40 am
hollywood racist. >> hollywood is sorority cist. it's like we like you, rhonda, but you're not a kappa. >>reporter: leonardo dicaprio after five acting nominations, leonardo dicaprio's losing streak finally ended. his gritty performance as a wounded frontiers man. >> climate chain soldier real. it is happening right w. it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. >>reporter: best actress went to brie larson. and the danish girl's alicia vikander took me best supporting actress but the most awarded film of the night, not the sensitive, serious films that dominated the
5:41 am
max, fury road. >>reporter: one moment stuck with viewers. on social media leonardo dicaprio's best actor win generated the most tweeted moment of a telecast. >> that shows you how many people wanted him to win. >> wasn't he nominated like six times before. >> i still haven't seen the revenant yet. >> that's why i like the oscars. it makes you go out and see all these movies that you didn't know were the best out there. we have to talk about julie about that. you'll have plenty of time to watch some movies. >> i don't know, eric. it doesn't sound like i'm going to get m`ch rest. >> put them on your list and you watch them when i do, which will be never. >> we are waking up this morning. we're all in the warm and humid club. definitely a diffefence
5:42 am
over the weekend. this morning from a beautiful north wind over the weekend, now we got temperatures in the 60s. 64 degrees in miami. 65 ft. lauderdale as well as key west. definitely warmer out@ there. 63 in pembroke pines and kendall. 67 in marathon. now with the winds light this morning, that's one transition we're going to have. the other one is the one the winds will have from the east. right now we have temperatures hi where between three and six degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterday. now we are going to have cloud cover. the good news is the clouds are not p pducing any precipitation. there's enough moisture to produce this cloud cover but don't worry we're not expecting wide-spread showers and storms today. all of that will stay to the north of us across the ohio valley up towards the great lakes du to one front. another front moving in from canada to the dakotas. eventually this front will head towards the south and i it won't
5:43 am
south florida. it will start to fizzle out by the end of the workweek. look at these temperatures from coast to coast. moderating to the 50s up and down the east coast. the dakotas, they are waking up to the teens. for us high pressure providing for a seasonal day. highs will warm up to the upper 70s. that ocean breeze will continue to start by this afternoon into this evening and tomorrow. temperatures will just continue to climb through the middle part of the workweek ahead of the weak front that will stall out ahead of the area by thursday. a warm start as we begin march. we are expecting 80 degrees tomorrow as a high. 84 by wednesday. with that slight chance of a shower in the forecast, thursday we'll keep that slight chance as well. friday only a slight chance due to that secondary front. we are expecting our highs to stay above erage. >> julie, thank you. first crash of the morning on the macarthur
5:44 am
i'm going to move out of the way. there are flashing lights behind the palm fronds here. anyone traveling west-bound leaving the bebeh you're going to face some slight congesting there. that's the only accident we're watching for you. that's the good news. this is west-bound lanes. those folkseading into miami this morning. you're going to experience just a slight slowdown. those speeds at 47 miles per hour. looks like there's a single car crash so really not a lot to worry about. just pack some patients if you're traveling there. earlier we talked about the construction concerns on the dolphin. that's since cleared up. we had reports of slowdowns right off of u.s.-1. looks like it was affecting ourur northbound lanes. i'm going to zoom in to see if it's still there. not a lot to talk about this morning at all. let's see. northbound lanes here on u.s.-1, a slight slowdown but i suspect there's probably a traffic light there. broward county we are
5:45 am
>> constance, thank you. five ku klux klan members are out of jail after thehe fought in self-defense. seven of those counter protestors remained in custodthis morning. an investigation is under way in california after videos have surfaced showing high school students runing a fight club. three videos were posted to social media showing students from the school's baseball team fighting in aocker room. some adults knew what was going on and did nothing. >> parents have been aware, coaches have been aware and prior to it being brought to our attention. >> we need to do a little bit more work with the education of our students about the seriousness of potential head injury. >> the school district saysysn investigation is ongoing and appropriate action will be taken once it finishes. one of the students
5:46 am
were never meant to harm anyone. we know all about the oscars but what about our sports oscars combination pack. >> the heat gettlng a special performance and joe johnson's heat debut. good morning, south florida. about a quarter to 6:00. it's 64 degrees. we've got you covered.
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5:49 am
right here on local 10. >>reporter: good mop morning. i'm will manso with your wrap. it's the time for working all of the best picture nominees into the sports wrap. joe johnson making his heat debut against the nicks. veteran joining the heat's roster after being let go by brooklyn. there he is. wearing number two for the heat and starting. this is what you love to see. ing to bury the three-pointer. heat up b b nine. later in the first quarter grorere dragic and hassan whiteside no longer have a magical
5:50 am
heat up 14 and on a run. dwyane wade the alley-oop to josh richardson. that's pretty. how's this for a two-man& game. those two would have loved playing with each her. wade at 26 points led the way. hassan, if he continues to do thihi he will win more awards than mad max, furry road. >> we have great group of guys, veteran guys. it's a great atmosphere and i'm looking forward to it. montoya not getting much room in the net. going to split the fendnds for the panthers. unfortunately, he's going to score.. panthers lose 3-1 the fil. the spotlight was on the capes as they hosted the top-ranked florida gators.
5:51 am
to see figure out the pitchers from gators star. he struck out 12. gators take the serees 7 -3. of course we won't give capes women's basketball the big short. seminoles finished the game on a huge run. if i counted correctly, i got all ten in. >> i'm will manso and that's aour local 10 morning sports wrap. more bad news for spacex. liftoff canceled yet again last night. the company struggled to keep the rocket's fuel source at the ideal temperature. that's what's leading to sose of these delays. the launch was aborted. no word on when the next attempt will take place. it is rocket scien. >> i like how you put that, so true. a georgia cple is getting a surprise four years after throwing a message in a bottle out in the open seat.
5:52 am
it ended up, that's next. and an american student is arrested in north korea. how he's blaming the american government for his arrest. live look right now macarthur causeway, fountain street. we're going to check in with some of these ads. constance has you
5:53 am
5:54 am
away. an american student in north korea appearing in court making a tearful plea for his freedom. trying to steal a political banner. he accused the government of manipulating him to commit the crime at a a pyongyang hotel. north korea has yet to decide on charge or people.
5:55 am
refugees arrived on the greek island of l lesbos. >> crews continue to search through the rubble of and apartment complex that collapsed in china on friday. the top three floors of the sixth story building came down during renovation. believe it or not oprah winfrey is actuly losing money. the media mogul wasbrought in in october as the public face of the brand. the program helped her shed 26 pounds. she also bought a 10% stste in the company but a surprise quarterly loss saw oprah's stake in weight watchers drop more than27 million. >> you were hurting for oprah's wallet. >> i thi so. it was in pain for her. this happened over the weekend froro a stranger who was thousands of miles away. the couple threw a
5:56 am
so four years later they got a text message satuay from a man in france saying he found the bottle, was hoping the number on the note still worked. >> did he put $1 in there too? >> looks like it. don't spend it all in one place. >> maybe they cover the roaming charges on the text message. >> exactly. today is february 29th. it is a leap day. >> iteeps our clocks and our calendars and everything in sync. here are some fun factsts starting with this. there are an estimated 4.1 million people on the world celebrating their birthday today, and if they really celebrate it, they very young. >> every four years. >> both the summer olympics and u.s. presidential election ly happen in leap years. i don't know if you knew that. anddebruary 29th is also rare disease day because i is officially a rare day.
5:57 am
awareness on some disguises we don't talk about all theime. what do you do if you're birthday is on the 29th. >> my girlfriend would do whichever one she wanted. her joke is i'm only six years old are i'm only seven years old and she's like 28. >> keep playing thatgame in your head. as we continue to celebrate leap day, we'll still following that very serious am better alert arrest after the baby was taken from her mother's home. >> now hearing froro the family members from the two people arrested in this kidnapping. that includes a suspect just 14 years old. violating the americans with disability act but they say they've never even
5:58 am
is it (mic playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
5:59 am
a woman stealing a baby heading to court. now we're learning more about her. after the show it's an a aer party. oscars are over, big winners still celebrating. the one and only aking you inside. and it's leap day. your weather authority has the forecast for this extra day of the year still ahead.
6:00 am
south florida. i'm eric yutzy m i'm jacey birch. hope everybody had a great weekend. the weather was perfection. got to get out and enjoy. >> good morning. a little groggy. get going today. weather authority meteorologist juliedurda helping us out with all of that. >> south florida, it is definitely warmer this morning. >> a light breeze and place and more cloud cover. one thing you'll notice more than anything is that breeze moving in from the ocean. temperatures as the kids he to the bus stop will be in the mid 60s. that's right. currently we have 64 degrees in miami as well as ft. lauderdale. 65 in key west. you know those 50s and 40s we had over the weekend, that's a thing of the past all thanks to thehift in the wind direction. we are expecting right now lows in the low 60s, kendall, homestead and pembroke pines. good morning to you all. hialeah as well. these temperatures are anywhere between three and six degrees warmer than yesterday.


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