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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> kristi: i am kristi live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> kristi: new at noon. the woman accused of kidnapping her cousin's 2-month-old baby in ft. lauderdale is in judge today. and sparking a amber alert. >> constance: ben kennedy is live outside the courthouse
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first appearance and layron livingston is outside the home of the mother whose child was taken. start with ben. >> reporter: amanda augustin got no bond. she cried several times during her bond hearing. her family incredibly concerned for her and asked the judge to order a mental health evaluation which he did grant. >> reporter: 23-year-old amanda augustin faced a judge for allegedly kidnapping her cousinallegedly kidnapping her cousin's bear. >> your sister is here with -->> your sister is here with --her mom, uncle, cuss sunshine and friend. >> reporter: stephanie's family packed a broward court room asking a judge to give her a mental health evaluation after deputies say she took 2 deputies say she took 2-monthdeputies say she took 2-month-old tar aji kemp from her home setting up a an amber alert. she fled her 14-year-old cousin to help take e baby that.
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abuse, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed burk larry of a dwelling, contributing to the delinquency and dependency of a child and kidnapping. >> everybody is in shock. everybody is in shock because. they are just in shock. >> reporter: that was stephanie>> reporter: that was stephanie's cousin. she said the entire family is very, very close. if convicted she could face life in prison. constance, kristi? >> kristi: thank you, ben, so much. as we mentioned earlier this 2-month-old is back with her mother this afternoon. >> constance: local 10's lay>> constance: local 10's layron livingston pick up team coverage outside of the mom's home in ft. lauderdale. layron? >> reporter: that is right. the cliche "back to normal" does not fit here. a huge orange arrow on the pavement. another one on the walk leading up to the front door where this little girl -- this 2 little girl -- this 2-month-old live. neighbors are still on edge and
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just this mother and child and helping them but helping the other relatives accused of snatching the child at gunpoint and the knife. >> she's safe. she's healthy. >> reporter: that confirmation will not come number hours after 2 after 2-month-old taraj i temp. >> relative spoke with local 10 before mother and daughter were finally reunited. >> this is tragic. she could have went stand something else to her. she left her in an abandoned home. that was crazy. >> it was on edge. >> reporter: that's how ronnie jackson describes the neighborhood following a weekend of worry. our mainn concern was the baby. when it came back, thank god. >> reporter: jackson tells me he was outside the night of 46 stephanie augustin's dark blue car pulled on the street. >> just like any other car, and left with no lights and burned rubber and nobody knew anything was going on. >> reporter: as deputitis knocked on his door, and that
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something was wrong. >> no one scream, yell. because if they were, the would have had a beat down on their hands. talking about a baby. he would have been -- >> neighbors would have come running. >> would have come a running. i mean that -- got to save the village, you know. >> hurt us very much. >> reporter: said family will forgive. >> could you have talked to someone. you have another family. you can tell us what yor issues are and maybe this would have never gone this far. >> reporter: thing is the biggest question that most of us have right now including this family, what was the motive behind tis.. something that we are continue to bring to youon local 10 and reporting live, layron >> thank you so much. the teen accused of accidentally shooting and killing his 14-year-old friend in miami g gardens is out on bond this afternoon. meantime the victim's famimi might understand. local 10 news reporter hatzel vela is live in miami gardens
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so sad for both of these familyso sad for both of these families. >> reporter: yeah, you can imagine what we are going through, kristi. have no qualms of saying that was unintentiona, and police agree with us saying this was an accident and this boy nevertheless is being charged with seous charges. [yelling] >> my grandson! >> reporter: you can understand why this grandmother is sobbing telling us she lost her baby, junior, as they called him. this is the memorial set up outswrid it happened where 14-year-old tavaris rhodes lost his life to gunfire. rhodes killed yesterday afternoon. in miami gardens, he was at his grandmother's use playing with two friends when one of the boys pulled out a loaded gun, accidently firing off a shot hitting rhodes. our micel seiden spoke exclusively to the shooter's mother and her attorney. >> do you have any reason to believe that this 14-year-old was trying to hurt his friend? >> absolutely not.
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>> reporter: we are not identifying the 14-year-old accused shooter because he is a minor. >> they say he is willing to, you k kw, to do whatever, you know to show that he is hurtingknow to show that he is hurting. my heart goes out to them, you know. i am praying. i want to come by and pay my respects, but i on't know how to. >> reporter: just a touugh situation all around. the teen is now being charged wi manslaughter and possession of a firearm by a minin. we are told he is out on bond. for now reporting live in mimii gardens, hatzel vela, local 10 news. >> constance: thank you so much. breaking news out of coral springs. pictures -- live pictures of a wreck off of sample road. a car slamming into a tree forcing cews to actually use the jaws of life. we have a picture of that car as well. take a look at this. wow, we are told the victims are actually awake and talking to rescuers. he was taken to the hoospital in
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expected to survive thanksfullyexpected to survive thanksfully. more breaking news at noon. an arrest has been made following a bomb scare at a plant in rivera beach. officials say a former employee douglas ellington allegedly told a current employee thieves going to bomb the facility. and a bomb threat was also called to a water plant in west palm beach. the two threats appear to be connected. early voting is now under that by miami-dade county with the primary about two weeks away. video of people casting their ballots at the c & c clark building in downtown miami. early voting will last for the next two weeks in miami-dade and just under two weeks in monroe county as well. if you live in broward or palm beach counties, you can vote starting on seattle. before the primary -- the florida primary will be held march 15. for more information on where to go and what you need to bring, head to our web site at wewehave you covered. all that information. and also new at noon,
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his widest national lead in the presidential race thus far. we are talking about 49% of republican voters say they back nomination. in a new cnn poll released today. florida senator marco rubio earned 16% followed by senator ted cruz at 15%. >> meanwhile, we are just a day away from super tuesdsd, of course. the biggest day of competition in the race except for election by a of course. we have the latest for the campaign trail. >> reporter: super tuesday is tomorrow, and this could be it. 595 delegates are up for grabs for the republicans and 1015 for mocrats in 12 states including right here in virginia. when all is said and done, boxes checked, ballots clos, the front runners could be on their way to being the nominee ininoth parties or not. it will provide a strong argument for those whoho pick the most sell gates that they
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party and the rhetoric has intensified especially because of republicans. >> multiple media reports of donald'ss business dealings with the mafia. >> you know what they say about>> you know what they say about men with small hands -- [ laughter ] -- you can't trust them. >> reporter: after losing iowa, donald trumphas seen his numbers in the polls keep growing as he appears unbeatable, , but a day before super tuesday, trump went on nbc rushing to clear up his views about the kkk and its former grand wizard donald dukeformer grand wizard donald duke. >> i don't mind disavowing everybody and i disavow david duke and i disavowed him the day before at a major news conference. >> reporter: trump's poll numbers still unphased. in a new c tin a new c nn poll, he banks a new high w with the widest lead, 49% of republican voters back him up. the candidates are now
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states as they can. the top candidates making stops in virginia. trump, rubio and hillary clinton. >> i need your hope it go and vote tomorrow to bring people to v ote with you. >> reporter: right here in virginia, a super tuesday with donald trump ad hillary clinton lead in the latest poll and that seems the case in many states growing tomorrow. steph steph, local 10 news. >> kristi: of course trust local 10 news election season. find everything you need on we have a voter information guide right there at your fingertips. your early voti locations across south florida and live reports from all over the country. guess what, there is speculation that governor rick scott could be on donald trumpscott could be on donald trump's short lest for possible runng mate if trump wins the nomination. the speculation was spark last month when scott wrote a favorable colmn for trump in "usa today." we caught up with the governor earlier today to ask him about it.
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this is a great job being governor. i have three more years left in this job. a lot left to do. we added 25,000 jobs and i am going to work forward to we have more jobs and mber one state in education andsafe stte. >> constance: the speculation all started when cott was put on a short list of possible running mates that trump might be contemplating as he continues to roll through the republican miami and caucus calendar. a quick check on the stock market. we are up -- dow up -- i know a round of applause, 57 points to 16,696. nasdaq up 22 points to 4316. p up about six points. new for you at noon, president obama is awarding the nation's highest military honor, the medal of honor. moments ago in washington d.c.,
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a navy saelz to rescued a fellow stoleier in afghanistan. engineered the rescue of an american doctor being held by the taliban. the 11th you living sur streiffer receive the award for action in afghanistan. traffic moving on the venetian. >> constance: finally. just the last few hours. tht changes made to it. hollywood's biggest night is now over. the recap of t academy awards that aired right here on local 10 coming up. and south florida, after a beautiful weekend with belowbeautiful weekend with below-average temperatures. that is all a thing of the pastthat is all a thing of the past. heating us up and the wind direction also providing for more humidity. i will have a lot more in the forecast. you don't want to miss on this monday morning -- monday afternoon. >> today at 6:00 were giving crooks the open door policy. >> they can be accessed. you don't need a ke. >> smart locks, not so smart. >> new home, same old technology.
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>> reporter: janine stanwood
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yourtt2watv#v#4 bt@qq
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promotional card with this great offer! only from at&t. call an at&t expert to switch today. a crash on mcarthur cause a crash on mcarthur causeway. three westbound lanes that were blocked between fountain street and palm island. police say the driver was not
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those lanes are now back open. and no one was hurt after a crash this morning in hollywoodcrash this morning in hollywood. it happened in the westbound lanes of hollywood boule\ard. right underneath i-95. if you take a look at the footage. a car seat that end up in the street after the crash, but child rescue said there was no child involved with the crash. police are searching for the shooter o open fired on a number cars last night. responded to shots being fired at northwest 50 at northwest 50th street and 22nd avenue. they found three cars riddled with bullet holes. no one was hurt and the gunman managed to get away. if you know big in that crime, why it happened, do call police. we are learning more of the rookie police officer gunned down in virginia and her ties to florida. ashley guindon was a graduate of emory aeronautical university in daytona beach, and now we are hearing from a former professor and the time and the moment he found out she was killed the day after she
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>> i saw her picture and her name and immediately recognized ashley as one of my students, and i -- it took -- it took the wind right out of me. >> kristi: two other officers were hospitalized with injuries are expected to recover. a pentagon employee army staff sergeant ronald hamilton is charged with that murder. the officers were shpot responding to his home for a domestic violence charge. a weekend for julie's horse a weekend for julie's horse. arco. on top, julie, congratulations tyou. >> kristi: the happy mom and dad. winner's circle at lcal 10. congratulations, julie. >> julie: thank you.. aid blast. >> kristi: you would little bit of money too. >> julie: i put in the win on arcos the number 5 horse in the
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boom, biscuit made some money! >> kristi: that is wonderful. >> constance: i was her lucky charm. >> between you, julie, everyo from local 10 that came and represented us. it was such a grea day and i can't thank you all so much. our trainer that did a wonderful job with our baby arcos. and we have a filly racin next week. constance, we will look at your schedule so you can come on outschedule so you can come on out. we are embracewe are embracing this beautiful weather. high and mid-level sunshine. relative humidity at 45%. east southeast wind at 11 miles per hour. you will notice the shift in the wind direction playing a huge part in our forecast. it feels a bit warmer to the skin. a feels-like temperature of 78 in miami. in ft. lauderdale, 75. relative humidity 48%. that east breeze in ace at 7 miles per hour. beautiful down by the keys.75 degrees.
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east wind at 11 miles per hour. feels like 75. the temperatures are climbing. anywhere between 3 degrees and 6 degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday at this time. that east breeze, we can't rue out the chance of a stray shower even though the atmosphere is relatively dry thanks to our high pressure. dominant weather feature to the north. showers popping up over the western atlantic. they are starting to dive before they come closer to shore. keep that in mind because of the eet breeze. the wind direction plays a huge part in our temperatures. the east southeast breeze brings us warm humid conditionsbrings us warm humid conditions. what we had over the weekend was a strong north-northwest breeze that was and kept the cool air connection, and unfortunately that is the thing of the past. a couple of cool fronts but nothing that limb pact south flo^ida at least until we get into the weekend. the only thing we ill notice over the past few days high pressure being the dominant weather feature thad will continue to push toward the east keeping us under an east, southeast breeze and a
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toward t rockies moves into south florida by the end of the workweek and into the weekend. lots of time for that. conditions mild across parts of th south. look at that the 60s ahead of this secondary front moving out of the dakotas. temperatures behind the dakotas in the teens and 20s and deal with severe weather threat for the overnight hours. for us seasonable forecast with wiwis off the ocean. temperatures rise to the upper 0 70s. we are used to seeing the low s and 50s and 60s going into the overnight hour since we had the nice cool weekend. that will all be a thing of the past. the warmth will continue. high pressure will continue to push toward the east. a warm east-southeast breeze going into tuesday. a slight chance of a shower off that breeze. if you want to head to the beach, today will be a great die do i boater no, sir advisoryboater no, sir advisories as the bays will be at a light chop. watch what happens with high pressure. our fair-weathered friends and provides for the heat. 85 degrees with a slight chance
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wednesday into thursday and fray a chance of a shower as well due that next front that will be moving in psibly florida. you can see for the weend, high also be in the lower 80s saturday and upper 70s come sunday. ladyladieses. chief meteorologist betty davis will be back with more. >> constance: thanks, julie. new at noon a m man accused of brutally beating his roommate he met on craigslist was in court. the hearing was supposed to be on bond but it was on his charges. michael seiden tells us in miami why those charges have to be refiled? >> reporter: constance, simply put, the judge did not see the evidence in the affidavit to hold this defendant in jail without a bond. prosecutors are going back to the drawing board. they are expected to file new charges later this afternoon or possibly tomorrow morning that will keep him behind bars. in the meantime, though, this is a very emotional morning
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the victim's family got to lay eyes on the guy who is accused of brutally beating their loved one. >> my heart was beating really, really fast. and i -- i felt very, very, veve upset. and i just you know -- all of a sudden i got it really, really numb feeling. >> reporter: chilling kneeling this mother got when se first laid eyes on byron mitchell. the 35-year-old is accused of going on an attack. trying to cut the lips and eyelids off of her 23-year-old daughter danielle jones. >> right now day 16 and she is still in a coma. still in critical condition. we -- we are looking for any little glimmer of hope. >> reporter: byron mitchell stood in court this morning hoping to bond out of jail, but prosecutors say they are preparing to file new charges against him. at least one count of attempted first-degree murder. milchell moved in with jones after she posted an ad @n craigslist looking for a roomcraigslist looking for a roommate.
12:24 pm
week before investigators say something went terribly wrong. >> this is by far the one that physically sickens me. i can't sleep at night. >> reporter: the attack hapns on the morning of valentine's day. police tellinus that mitchell snapped, brutally beating his roommate before making the call for help claiming he attacked herin self-defense. >> joke. he obviously had time to think about itit he took a shower. he say what is am i go going to dodo what story am i going to come up with. he calls 911 and that is the best they can give. >> reporter: tough stuff. will be back in court tomorrow morning and prosecutors are expected to file a chae of attempted first-degree murder and tried reaching out to byron mitchell's attorney and told us no comment. michael seidede, local 10 news. the venetian causeway is hour. >> kristi: that stretch has been closed for nine months for
12:25 pm
local 10 reporter jenise fernandez is live in miami to tell us all about the changes made to the causeway. hi, jenise. >> reporter: that ribbon-cutting ceremony wrapped up, leading bicyclists along the new venetian causeway. we are obviously seeing people walking and bicyclist. a lot of people excited after nine months, construction is gone don. the venetian causeway is under need of major construction. it was really showing its age, the bridge. it was worn out and construction started back in june where they ended up taking off portions of that 730-foot stretch. the western part of the bridge. they took off portions of that bridge and replaced it. along with that the road that leets up to the venetian causeleets up to the venetian causeway was redone, and they also installed new lights. all of that cost being 12.4 million dollars, but the good news here, they were able to
12:26 pm
project was completed on time. so a very exciting day for a lot of bicyclists out there for the ribbon cutting. the she nearby shan known to be a route. drivers were forced to take the mcarthur causeway that they say is a dangerous route for them. they want to see the bridge back open and with all the changes done, they hope to last for another 50 yeas. ing live from miami jenise fernandez, local 10 news. >> and the oscar goes to "spot>> and the oscar goes to "spotlight." >> constance: the newspaper drama "spolight" got best picture. leonardo dicaprio got his first oscar for best actor. brie larson for best actress
12:27 pm
rock who talked about the backrock who talked about the backlash and lack of diversity in the nominees. >> "spotlight." >> reporter: a thoughtful film of a newspaper researching sexual abuse by boston priests gogo best picture. >> if they nononated hosts, i wouldn't even get this job. >> reporter: oscar host chris rock owned the night addressing the diversity out of the break. >> i am a danish girl. >> reporter: placing black actors in parody. >> don't worry, black actor, we will. raceist. racist. it is like we like you, rhonda, but you are not a kappa. [ laughter ] >> leonardo dicaprio. >> reporter: after five acting nominations leonardo dicaprio's losing streak finally ended. his gritty performance as a
12:28 pm
retribution earning him gold in "revenant." >> climate change is real. it is happening now. the most urgent threat. >> reporter: best actress went to "the room" 'brie larson. supporting actor to bridges of spy, mark ryan in a category full of heavy hitters. the danish girl's best supportthe danish girl's best supporting actress. the best film not the serious films but instead "mad max: haul. >> constance: on social media leonardo dicaprio his 'win minute. bow. the most tweeted moment at a oscars telecast beating the previous record by ellen degeneres that tweeted the star-studded selfie when she was the e host.
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the newscast, a look at the best-dressed stars on the red carpet. >> kristi: pretty dresses. our boss warren buffett is raising the stake when it comes to march madneses. >> constance: the bracket challllge that can earn someone up to a million dollars. details after the break. hey, guys are hey, guy s are, delicious treats with a twist. michael has a twist on a classic burger. mario showing his favorite
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less than a day away. you know what that means, folks. we are talking march madness and our own warren bufuffett has announced that any employee of any of his companies are eleligible to win $100,000 and potentially even more in an office bracket contest.
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>> go from two brackets -- and they get to dthe sweet 16. they have a million dollars for the rest of hair life. >warren -- >> i love thahat man. mr. buffett has set up a website to allow emplplees to fill out their brackets for free. the winner will then be the person who correctly picks the most number of games in a row. in a tie, the winner also split $100,000 prizize. how about that. >> constance: that is a great add. well, you don't have to go to a spa to get a great facial. dr. oz tetes us you can do one yourself at home. >> i am dr. oz. gym memberships are on a rise for older adults. here are tips. to avoid stressing your joints, try aerobic exercise in the pool. builds muscle mass. muscle drops after age 30. remember to stretch.
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age because muscles get shorterage because muscles get short. >> constance: don't miss the dr. oz show every day at 3:00 here on local 10. >risti: talking about stretching, not facials. we will tlk about facials tomorrow. >> constance: this year is a leap year. >> kristi: those celebrate>> kristi: those celebrating a birthday on this leap day, a lot of deals for you. you can get a free dessert, a sam mrer at olive garden and a special deal for a dozen doughnuts at krispy kreme. at pizza hut all personal pan pizza. all require a photo id proving that it is your birthday. >> constance: that's nice. >> kristi: doughnuts, pizza. we will bbe sitting right here. a major mix-up.
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a backlash after mistaken people are dead after the plane came crashing down. here it is right here. texas. that pilot was reportedly
12:38 pm
small plane when it crashed. his girlfriend and her two daughters were also killed. detectives are investigating the cause of the crash. another plane crashleft a 87-year-old man stranded in a tree for hours. police say that herbert bartel reported engine trouble after taking off from a pennsylvania airport. minutes later his plane crashed right into a tree. took four hours for rescuers to figure out how to get h him down because of all the branches in the way. he is expectededo be okay. a cruise ship that made headlines earlier this month is now cutttg another trip short. earlier today royal c caribbean -- royal caribbean tweeted out that its anthem of the seas is heading back to its new jersey home to avoid another severe weather situation like the one that injured several papassengers early in february. there are also reports of norovirus outbreak on that same ship. we, of coursee, a will keep you updated. fiveklu klux klan members were arrested after a brutal
12:39 pm
of jail after evidence showed they actually acteed in self-defense. that fight was in the streets of anaheim on saturda it was ignited by anti-immigration rally that was planned by the kkk. several counterprotesters showed up leading pooh people into stabbing and stomping on those protesters. seven of the counterprotesters were arrested. michael barrett pled guilty of stalkin in 2010 after regarding andrews when she was changing through peephole in a online. he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison after admitadmit stalking andrews in three different cities. jurors will hear testimony from andrews and barrett later today. a u.s. student that was detained in north korea breaks down in court. [inaudible]
12:40 pm
>> kristi: more of this emotional testimony and what he nfessed to doing after the break. monday at 11:00. you drop your car off to the repair shop hoping for this. instead you got this. >> i am not happy with what was going on. my car was taken out so someone could go to lunch.
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an american student designed in north core ye and in court making a tearful plea for his freedom. he was arresested late in january after allegedly trying to steal a political banner whih is considered an anti-state crime. he is accusing the american government though of that nip lateing him t commit that
12:44 pm
>> p please, i made the worst mistake of my life. >> spun clear if he was coerced into saying that. they have yet to decide on the charges or the punishment. a 30-year-old ukrainian man is behind bars for posing as a high school student in pennsylvania. guess what, we are hearinhis side of the story as he speaks out to jail. arthur samaria in who evidence under the ail yacht of arthur pott s came to america for a better opportunity and left with few options when the host family came up with the idea for him to pose as their son. >> and it definitely came up with thedea. that we are going to -- to adopt you -- i said okay. looks like i had no choice. i really no choice. either go back to wr or do this. >> constance: he said the family took advantage of him, threaten to call immigration if he didn't do what they asked.
12:45 pm
including identity theft and stutory sexual assault for his relationships with teenaged girls. many stars dazzled e red carpet at the oscars kris kruger. >> kristi: who was dressed the
12:46 pm
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> with the oscar fashion is a huge part of the night. everybody was gorgeous out there. "good morning america" lara spencetells us who was the best dressed. >> reporter: shining bright at the 8 8th academy awards sunda night. gorgeous gowns were center stage on the red carpet. best actress brie lson looking royal in gucci.
12:49 pm
and glimmering in green giving a nod to her home country of island. >> calvin klein mamade it for me and i didn't want to think what i was s aring to the oscars before i was nominated or i would have been very superstitious husband. >> reporter: "spotlight" rachel mcadams. aring a gone by august mcgiddy. her sister picked it out for her. >> stylish and doesn't mince words. >> reporter: and louis vuitton. >> i tut it on >> reporter: and classic black trend. kate winslet custom ralph lauren and jennifer garner was a show stopper in a one shoulder ve rsace. and in sheik custom chanel. >> you look absolutely
12:50 pm
>> reporter: wow, lady gaga mixing it up with a jump suit with a full train. olivia wilde in white valentin that. and we can't forget the men who all look dashing including kevin hart. >> reporter: who are you wearing? >> dolce and gabanna. >> kristi: he was shine>> kristi: he was shining. an embarrassing mix-up to tell you about on the oscar's red carpet. take a look at this. after a la-based media group said comedian and actress whoopi goldberg was oprah winfreyoprah winfrey. treated out that we hav no idea that oprah was tatted and we love it. the media roup posted an apology to opah and whoopi. >> kristi: oops.
12:51 pm
her "shark tank" star beyonce -- actually stepped up for the first time as an engaged couple. they attended the elton john oscar viewing and the they were couples partners on kation dancing with the stars." they talked aboutt their engagement on the red carpet. >> ititas>> it was sweet and romantic. after he proposed to me we wentback to his house and my family were there and my friends and we had a big prty. so it was -- >> we had a big swan in the pool and the ring was on the swan, and she brought the swan in and there was a package in it. and she opened it and i said, ashley, that is for me. took the ring out and i said, will you marry me. >> constance: well, he popped the question with a huge ring. i think it is huge, 6.5 carats. the couple have been dating for ten months. season 22 of "dancing with the
12:52 pm
>> kristi: offerere it pick her hand up when she is dancing. >> constance: that big ol' ring. >> kristi: a look the miami
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
and warming up too. we already told you who won an oscar, right. >> constance: awards were given out for the worst in films and "50 shades of grey" was the big winner at tthe razzies. they received five razzies
12:55 pm
dakota johnson was named worst actress. jamie dorn, worst actor. other razzies include johnny de . adam sandler got one for his roles in "pixel@" and "cobbler." sorry, guys >> kristi: you are our winner. julie julie winner with the weather, right. look how beautiful it is outside. with all that sunshine it will cost us that heat and humidity that you are going to feel when you walk out the door. with the palm trees blowing in thwind, the type of weather that we do like if you head to the beach and there are no advisoryadvisories. the east breeze will continue wind speed between 8 and 11 miles per hour already warming us up to the mid-70s. we will warm up a few more degrees. beautiful bright blue skies over ft. lauderdale and a little cloud cover byiami that is. again, we can't rule out a chance of a stray shower off that breeze. high will reach the upper 70s where we should be this time of year and see our temperatures into the 80s turning into the forecast by the middle part of the workweek. you know who will have more on
12:56 pm
our chief certified mettrologist betty davis. she will be back at 4:00. kristi. >> kristi: thank u so much for watching. "the chew" is next. >> conance: we will see you back at 4:00. you can get the latest ws and weather by checking out our web site at have a great day. this is a local 10 editorial with wplg president bert medina. >> it's time to hear your voice. time to cast your vote. florida's primary election day is march 15. if you are registered, there is no excuse not to vote. it can't be any easyit can't be any easier. you can vote on election day or you can take advantage of early voting which is already under way in miami-dade and monroe counties and becoincidence saturday in broward. the florida primary is shaping upo be more important than ever. the presidential field is narrowing, and your vote can have a huge impact on the future of our country. people have fought and died for our right to vote.
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there are many early voting locations a across each of our countries. for a full list, visit and, of course, this is just th beginning of the conversation. let's continue it on >>announcer: this has been a local 10 editorial. we encourage the presentation thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated
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well you've come to the righgh place. great, mind if i have another tatae? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
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