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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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breaking news out of southwest ranches where a school bus has >> calvin: let's get right to our victor oquendo in the us. >> victor: first things first. we just heard fromavie fire rescue and they tell us no students were ht if this crash, p it was only the driver who was onboard. this all afghanistan between griffin road and southwest 1 fifth terrace and there you see thatiel school bus well into the bushes and trees right off the street. they tell us that this bus driver was involved in a minor accident with three other vehicles. thankfully, though, no injuries, the driver is doing okay, and again the driver was the only person onboard at the time so no students were on or hurur in one. laurie and calvin i'll send it back to you. >> calvin: a teenager accused of accidental shooting and killing his 14-year-old friend out on bond today. the teenager is now facin manslaughter charges. >> laurie: and local10 news reporter hatzel vela, he's live in miami gardens working this teen tragedy hatzel.
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i justpoke with the stepmother and if aunt of the victim in this case, 14-year-old travers rhodes. this is where we're told he was living under the custody his grandmother. thiss where that shooting took place. you can see a memial has now been set up in his honor. let's talk abo the accused shooter in this case, his friend15-year-old who we're not saying his name because he's a minor. at this point police saying the whole thing was an accident. you can understand why this grandmother is sobbing, telling us sheost her baby, junior as they called him. this is the mem alley set up outside where it happened, memorial where 14-year-old troffers rhodes lost his life to gunfire. his mother and aunt came out to speak on the family's behalf. >> he just was the light of party. thaws that's all you can say about junior.
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school where friends say both attended griri counselors were made available to students. rhodes killed satury afternoon in miami gardens. police say he was at his groomers house playing with two friends when one of the boys pulled out a loaded gun accidental firing off a shot, hittininproposed our michael seiden spoke exclusively to the shooter's mother and their attorney. >> do you have aniy reason to believe that this 14s-year-old was trying to hurtrt his friendsome. >> absolutely not. absolutely 100% not. >> hatzel: we're not identifying the 15-year-old accused shooter because he's a minor. >> he's been crying. he say he's willing to, you know, do whatever to show that he's hurt by that. my heart goess out to them, you know, i am praying. i want toome by and pay my respects, but i d d't know how to. >> hatzel: and we'rere told that she did indeed come here to the house of the vicicm's grandmother and was able to pay
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as for her son,e're told he's out on bond, 15 year'sld charged with manslaughter and possession of a firearm by a minor. we checked his record and he comes back up clean. for now r rorting live in miami gardens, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> calvin: so sad. hatzel, thank you. >> laurie: sky 10 over the scene earlier when a driver slammed into a tree tree in coral springs. police say that driver was heading westbound on sample road when he got cut off by another car causing hum to spin you out and crash into a tree. look at what's left of this white sedan. crews had to use the jaws of life to get the victim out of the hospital. the driver was taken to the hospital we're told in serious 1 but that person is expected to survive. >> calvin: a man is behind bars after a bomb scare square scare at a plant in riviera beach. workers were evacuated earlier today. a former employee is accused of telling a colleague that he was going to blow blow up the facility and ellington allegedly
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plant in rest west palm beach and say the car on fire. >> laurie: a come accused of change family's two-month-old baby was arrested this afternoon. it sparked an amber alert over the window. >> calvin: what is so frightening for many. local10 news reporter terrell forney life now in fort lauderdale with exactly what happened today. >> terrell: that armed home invasion and kidnapping happened on friday night. the baby was found safe and sound in orlando on saturday. but that family is certainly relieved because that baby is back home, and the person accused of orchestrating it all is a relative, a kunz who was in a d. a cousin who was in a courtroom today. facing a judge and a slew of serious charges, stephanie augustin struggled to hold back tears. the 23-year-old's family piled into the courtroom today, following stephanie's arrest, accused of kidnapping a two-month-old baby girl at gunpoint. sparking a statewide amber alert r. amber alert. >> oh, my god.
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baby was united with her mom last night. >> we are very ecstatic last night when she came home, we're very happy she's here, and it t like a blessing to have her around. terrell: today has been all about family time for the child's aunt and the infant's own mother who we spotted arriving back home late this afternn. the mystery, though, deepens in trying to unravel the motive behind the kidnapping. stephane is a cousin. they thought they knew well. >> we just parafor her as a family member. pray for her a a family member. she made her mistake and she has to go through it. trent and so stephanie augustin this afternoon is being held without bond. as for that 14-year-old male relative, he has already appeared before a judge, and he is being held any juvenile detention facility until further notice. we're live in fort lauderdale, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> laurie: and voting is now underway at miami-dade county
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this is video of people casting their fatally steven p. clark building in downtown miami. early voting will last for the next two wks in miami-dade and just under two weeks in monroe county. if you liviv in broward on palm beach counties you can start voting on saturday. the florida primary, keep in mind, that's on march 15th, and for any information about where to go, what to bring, just head to our website, >> calvin: and basedn a new poll donald trump is making a strong case that he will be the republican nominee for president in the new cnn orc poll released today. 49% of voters say they back trump for the nomination. flrida senator marco rubio 16% fofoowed by ted cruz 15%. it comes a a we're one day away from super tuesday, the super bowl of the election season so far. >> laurie: you rally can call that it because 12 states arere going to it's both or caucus tomorrow, and also today there's developing news. chaos unfolding at a trump rally, and this involves a time
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let's get to janine stanwood in the newsroom now with the details on that. >> janine: things getting heated. chris morris is a time magazine photo urnal jist covering the donald trump rally in radford, virginia, but take a look at this video. it shows morris on the ground. he is still clutching his camera, swinging his legs, and some kind of a tussle with a secret service participating take a look. you're going to see he then gets and it louks he touches the agent in the throat. morris telling a local reporter after this all happened he was briefly detained. >> i never touched him. >> you touched him. >> at the very end i -- i tried to say -- what he did to mand i said he choked me so i. my hand on him, and that's when i was arrested. >> janine: the secret service has not yet commented on the incident which was in the middle of a very raucous rally for donald trump. this were dozens of protests there as well some of them linking arms and chanting "black lives matter." all of this ahead of a fierce competitionor delegates ahead
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a day before super tuesday marco rubio is giving donald trump a taste of his own medicine cacaing hum a con man with a spray tan and small hands. >> we are $ wewere not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> janine: put the mudslinging may be all for nothing. a new c invitationalnln orc poll those trump is running away with the race with 41% among republicans. rubio is not even close. looking to close t t gap, rubio's schedule is packed today five events in four states. donald trumpmp only has two. >> donald trump is poised to do something that neither mitt romney nor john mccain could do. he is poise odd win on both sides of the republicans' geographic and demographic divide. >> janine: and hillary clinton looks all but unstoppable catching up a big win in south carolina, coming into the super tuesday contest with clint's popularity among african-american voters is expected help her in the southern states.
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shot in minnesota, colorado, massachusetts, oklahoma, and vermont. >> i think you're dog to see us doing, and i think they polls indicate it, much better within the african-american community outside of the deep south. >> janine: but nationally you the will be an uphill battle for sanders. clinton leads sanders 55% to 38%, according to the poll. regardless of the super tuesday result, sanders insis he still has a path to the nomination. back so at tussle at the trump acknowledge the incidenttut they declined to share any additional details. more toome. calvin. >> calvin: thanks a lot, janine. governor rick scott may be on donald trump's short list for possible running mates. the speculation was sparked last month when governor scott wrote a column supporting trump the in newspaper usa today, and today we asked the governor about being on the short list of vice presidential candidates. >> i've got a great job already. this is a great job to be governor. there's no opening in 2018. i've got three more years left
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we have added 25 million jobs but i'm going to make sure this is the number one state or jobs, number one state for education, the number one state to stay safe. >> calvin: trust local10 news be this election season. find everything you need to know on, and we have a voter information guide. you can also find your early voting locations throughout south florida and we will have live reports from all ove the country coming up on super tuesday tomorrow. and kint routine rush hour getting started. let's get a check on traffic. >> laurie: jenise fernandez is right here with how the monday roaders looking. there they are, jenise. take it away. >> jenise: i was trying to show you this accident on northbound i-knife in broward county that may cause headaches. i-95 northbound at oakland park boulevard with a left lane blocked. we are seeing a lot of red, heavy delays with speeds a 17 miles pererour. as we zoom on out those delays starting at davie boulevard, and it looks like they're going to stretch for about five miles, so bebeware have that if you're heading in that direction. checking out dade county we have this accident i-95 southbound.
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now, that accident is actually on the off-ramp and there is a center lane blocked. speeds right now are clocking in at around 31 miles per hour. and a broken-down cooter dolphin expressway that is causing some problems. this is as you're heading east, approaching i-95, although it looks like that car not really impacting your commute too much. speeds there 33 miles per hour. calvin. >> calvin: jenise, thanks a lot. caught on camera here, thr suspects have been caught after a police chase ends with them slamming int a tractor-trailer. you can see here the get's way car smash. >> a coca-cola truck before the three suspects get out and start of republican just outside of detroit, michigan. one of the suspects was trying to hide under a trampoline. the other two were brought in a short time later. >> laurie: maybe youaught it today, president obama awarding the nation's highest military honor the medal of honor to edward by wies a navy seal who rescued a u.s. hostage in afghanistan. byers and his fellow seals engineered a danger rescue of an
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hostage buyer the taliban. he is the 11th livivg service member to receive the medal of honor for action in afghanistan. >> calvin: elects take a look at wall street, dow closing out 123 at 16,516 nasdaq down to the 32 at 4567 and s&p 500 down nearly 16 points. a 14-year-old is in custody after two students were shot at at a wisconsin high school. investigators say the teenager began shooting inside the school's kaufert two students were injured while another two were injured while shrapnel or trying to exit the building. non-life-threatening. police say the teenage suspect ran from school and dropped the weapon but was later caught. >> laurie: still ahead at 4:30 what an emotional day in court as a a man accused beating his female roommate faced a judge an the victim's mother emotional but right there. >> calvin: cameras rolling as a dump truck blasts through a red light. oh, my. and smashing into cars.
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dramatic wreck coming up. >> laurie: and you watched the oscars right here on local10. coming up, a big win for longtime actor, and we have some of the othth big moments at last night's academy award. >> calvin: all new at 5:00 surveillance video just released of two men robbed brandsmart delivery workers. >> announcer: and today starting at 5:00. >> it was a scam, trying to exploit small business owners. >> announcer: are serial filers abusing the law costing you 7 thousands of dollars? is it ann enforcement or extortion? >> the thirty of the law is get the compliance, not to get other people's money. >> announcer: christina vazquez shows you how to avoid being a victim, today starting at 5:00. today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. it's easy to turn local produceinto a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from floridalabel when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. we had real people make their own pizzas. they chose the ingngdients they wanted. i like the fresh dough.
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>> laurie: we have an update on that breaking news we brght you off the top of the show, a school bus crashing in southwest ranches. >> calvin: let's get to janine stanwood w wh an update. >> janine: calvin and laurie, what a scary situation for kids onboar this bus. weends there were 18 students
4:17 pm
they were on t ts school bus when some hoyt crashed with at least another car. you can see crewswsn the scene. six kids were actually hurt. five students had minor injuries. they were treated on the scene. but one discount, we under, did have to be transported to memorial hospital west. we can see right now an investigation is underway. crews are deciding whether they will have to send another bus to get the rest of these students home. as soon as we get more, calvin and laurie, we will let you know. >> calvin: that is frightening. thanks a lot. >> laurie: let take a live look from our fort lauderdale tower cam, not too far from there just heading east, and that water looks heavenly. >> christina: rely does, and today was heavenly as well. what a great way to begin our week after a wonderful weekend. betty, let's keep this string going. >> betty: do you hear that you? do not hear anything, right. >> laurie: oscar winning weather. >> betty: we're putting a wrap on the month of february with rerely quiet weather and we're going to step into march with similar conditions.
4:18 pm
lens of our mount sinai medical center tower camera, just a glorious way to close out the day. temperatures in the mid-70s. fort lauderdale 75. fort lauderdale 76. we've been close to what's normal for this time of the yeaf and normal is going to be the word, the theme running through thisiseek. here's a look at the forecast for the rest of the evening. if the kids have a baseball game tonight or maybe it's practice, mainly dry weaeaer between now and 6:00, winds are light from the east-sosoheast around 8 miles an hour in miami. partly cloudy skies around 8:00 tonight, and the temperatures in the lower 70s. so thesese numbers will definitely be tolerable, nothing extremely cold about our forecast for the evening. winds up and down on the east side of the coast from the east-southeast, not a drop of infall showing up on the doppler radar. broward, miami-dade, k west looking nice and dry, even though we do have a few clouds out tre. so high pressure is going to dominate as we head into tomorrow as well. our morning low temperatures will be in the mid-60s.
4:19 pm
then the high climbs to about 80 as i mentioned. that's about normal. winds from the east-southeast 5 to 10 miles an hour tomorrow. and check this descended extended forecast. every day looks about the same, highs in the lower 80s and overnight lows in the mid to upper 60s, so it looks like i wont have a lot to talk with this week, but i'll still show up for work. calvin. >> calvin: all right. thanks a lot, betty. you saw the right here on local10 news last night. very late last night. the 88th annual academy awards, they were hd last night in hollywood. oscar'host chris rock, he went in, he did not hold back over the controversy about the lack of diversity i i nominees this year. >> laurie: and we saw one hollywood super star finally get that sought after oscar. victor oququdo is in the video port with that and severally other big moments. >> victor: it was a longtime coming. we're talking about, of course, leonardo dicaprio and he finally got a oscar win for his role in
4:20 pm
>> and the oscar goes to leonardo dicaprio. >> victor: six nominationsover 22 years and finally leonardo dicaprio is an oscar winner. >> i have to thank everyone from the onset of my career. >> victor: bri larson won best actress, her first oscar for her roll in could room. and chris rock made a nod to the oscars white movement. >> if they nominated host, i wouldn't even get this job p so ya'll would be watching neill patrick harris right now. >> victor: alejaro picked up a trophy for best director bringing his career trophy cou to four. he also won the award last we are p. ensemble film took the best picture. >> this oscar amplifies that voice which we hope will become a acquire choir that is resonate
4:21 pm
>> victor: and best support can actor role for a role in bridge of spice. mad max fur road picked up six squashes the most of any film nominated this year. though she didn't win an oscar, lady gaga stole the show with her impassioned rendition of "till it happens to you" laurie and calvin, you guys were here late last night. i need to see the rev nant now. it's still on my list, it just jumped up to the top spot now. >> laurie: all e. you need to know if there's a bear scene. how did they shoot that. >> calvin: so deserving. i'm a bigley oh fan, too, and i would have liked to have seen sylvester stallone. >> laurie: and matt damon. there were so many good actors nominated that you want them all to have that year. >> victor: calvin, i'm with you. i had to loved compromised thought it was so good, and i thought stallone was going to
4:22 pm
>> laurie: it was leo's night. victor, ththk you. >> calvin: ahead at 4:30 now a mother emotional after she faced a man acccced of beating her daughter during a court appearance today. e victim and her alleged attacker were roommates. >> laurie: drivers stop at a red light when a dump truck driver suddenly causes chaos going through the exploit slamming into carsnow, and tonight, you drop your car off to the repair shop hoping for this. instead you get this. >> i'm not leap with what's going on. my car was just taken out for somebody to go to lunch. >> announcer: has your ride been taken on i ride?e? local10's jeff weinsier
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tonight at 11:00. seem to be. d-wade had 26 to lead the way p. johnson played 29 minutes with 12 points, look very comfortable that starting role as the heat won 98-81. next up, johnson's home debut tomorrow night against the chicago bulls. miami hurricanes continue to rise up the polls after bb-8 louisville over the weekend. 'canes all the way up to number seven in both the coaches and ap polls. 'canes travel to notre de on wednesday and then virginia tech on saturday. they keep on winning because the latest projections a have the 'canes hig as the number two seed in the ncaa tournament. the miami dolphins will have to deal with this guy for a a least two more years because did new england patriots extended
4:27 pm
it's going to be longer than two years because he has just signed through the 2019 season. halloween while a south florida lawyer is making big name for himself on twitter by calling out bad sports predictions. we'll tell you all about old takes exposed coming up at at 5:00. >> calvin: look forward to that. >> laurie: that'll do it for us today at 4:00. >> calvin: let's check in now with victor and janine with what's happening at the bottom of the hour. >> janine: here's what's coming up all new at 4:30. >> victor: a man accused of beating a roommate that he met oh craigslist face aid judge today and the victim's mother was also in court. >> victor: coming up, a man charged with sex crimes against a family member. his alleged victims date back five addictsut one woman is standing by his side, his ex-wife. the one and only exclusive. >> victor: and wild video as a dump truck d dver goes through a red light, hitting cars. this was all caught on camera. we're also following breaking news of a school bus crash in southwest airlines. we will keep you posted on that. those stories and much more
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>> victor: right now on local10 news at 4:30, a man accused of brutally beating a roommate that he met on craigslist went before a judge today. prosecutors in our refiling charges against him because of a christians in the police report. >> janine: local10 news reporter michael seiden has the story from miami. >> michael: talking about an emotional day inside the courtroom. for the first time the victim's family got to come face to face with a man accused of brutally beating their daughter. >> my heart was beating really, really fast, and i felt very, very, very upset, and i just, you know, all of a sudden i just got this really, really numb feeling. >> michael: it's the chilling feeling that this mother got when she first laid eyes on bryon mitchell, the 35-year-oldwho is accused going on the attack trying to cut the lips and eyelids off of her 23-year-old daughter danielle jones. >> right now is day 16 she's still in a coma, she's still in
4:32 pm
we're looking for any little immer of hope. >> michael: bryon mitchell stood in court this morning hoping to bond out of jail but prosecutors say they're preparing to filil macaques against him. at least one count of attempted first degree murder. mitchell moved in with jones after she posted an ad on craigslist looking for a roommate. they lived together for about a week before investigators say something went terribly wro. >> this is by far the one that physically sickens me. i can't sleep night. >ichael: the attack happened the on morning of valentine's day. police telling us mitchell snapped, brutally beating his roommate before making the call for help, claiming he attacked her in self-defense. >> it's a joke. about it. he took a shower. he says, what am i going to do? what story can i goal to come up with? he called 911 and that's the best he could giviv >> michael: the byron mitchell will be back in the courtroom us
4:33 pm
count of attempted murder. >> janine: a plea for help of a woman was killed outside of her home in august of last year. precious jackson was volleyed in northwest miami-dade. >> victor:r:ut the shooter still hasn't been caught. neki mohans light of haveive outside of the northwest miami-dade with the plea for precious. >> neki: victor and janine it's been six months since precious jackson was gunned downsides her home outside miami-dade and this mother hoping that the community will come forward now they have added $1,000 thought $3,000 crimestoppers reward. >> no onon have stepped up in behalf of of her murderer, and i really would like to find out who killed my daughter. i'm not going to rest until that happens. >> neki: tesha green hopes an toolings $1,000 reward money will help find whoever shot her daughter precious jacon in offing last year. >> i cry all the time. i'm not going to sit here and say i don't. i do. >> neki: jackson was killed
4:34 pm
24th street on august 15, 2015. surveillance videohows a car leaving the scene shortly after the shooting and people running after sho were fired. green says the bullets were meant forte foster child she was taking and after a notot for her daughter. >> on her way through life, managing her job, doing the right thing, you know, everything that her mother taught her, that was precious. >> neki: now green is working with other mothers who lost children to violent crime to help stop the k klings. people in the community are putting together in money to add to rewards becau they believe that that could inspire someonewho knows something to come forward. i'm live in northwest miami-dade, neki mohan, local10 news. >> victor: we have a couple of ashes to talk about this afternoon. sky 10 was above the scene of a crash on the mcarthur causeway earlier this morning. three westbound lanes were locked between fountain street and palm island. is there a that the driver was not hurt. >> janine: nobody was hururof a a
4:35 pm
the westbound lanes of hollywood boulevard near i-95. a child seat denied up in the street after that crash but the good news is fire rescue tellings us there was no child actually involved. >> victor: t venetian causeway shut down for months. ivers are now able to use that west bridge again. that stretch had been closese for $12 million renovation to celebrate the the on time completion of the project. there was a ribbon cutting ceremony in morning. drivers have had to seek alternate routes. as for the old bridge, parts of it are being submerged to cate an artificial reef. >> janine: you are loving the venetian being open. >> victor: i am. as someone who lives down the street this morning, that is huge. i ran to it to video, photo. i was celebrating. >> janine: although some people on the roads are not celebrating, jenise fernandez is here with a look at how the rest of our roads are looking. >> jenise: that's right, there were a lot of people happy when that bridge reopened, but we've stilll got accidents.
4:36 pm
i-95 northbound at oakland park boulevard. speeds are at 35 miles per hour. the god news sass you pass that crash, speeds start to pick up at 54 miles per hour. but we're looking at a delay of about 13 minutes, and those delays are starting from state road 84, and it lock they're going to last for about five miles. i wouldn't go and take an alternate just yet. again you're looking at a day delay of 13 minutes. also a crash at griffin road i-knife northbound and steeds speeds there are clicking on in at 24 mis per hour. as we cruise on to dade county there is an extent on thehe palmetto expressway heading north at northwest 103rd street. good us newsy is no roadblocks but we are seeing delays with speeds clocking in at 29 miles per hour. but look at your southbound lanes, all green which is always good to see on the palmetto expressway s eeds there are at 60 miles per hour. janine. >> janine: not bad. thank you. we a learning more about a rookie police officer who was gunned down in virginia and her ties to florida.
4:37 pm
of the aeronautical university in day daytona beach and now we're hearing from a former professor about her time at the university and that moment that he found out he said been killed a day after she was sworn in. >> i saw her picture and her name, and i immediately recognized articic as one of my students, and i -- ashley as one of my students, and it took the wind right out of me. >> janine: two other officers werep hospitalizeddized with injuries. their expected to rexavier pentagon employee army staff sergeant ronald hamilton is charged with her murder. the officers who were shot responding to hihi home for a domestic disturbance call. >> victor: now to organ crown beret pizza deliver man was also killed on his first day. cody was just finishing up his first day delivering for dominoes when he was struck by a won police say was fleeing a deputy. police say that 27-year-old sur drove off after officers stopped
4:38 pm
red light and hitting him. >> janine: coming up a one and only exclusive, a man charged with sex crimes against an alleged f fily member. but one woman standing by his side, h h ex-wife. >> carlos: and coming up in our health cast you've probably been told to shop around for those low-fat foods, right? but now experts say the right kind of fat can actually be good for you. i'll explaini just ahead. >> victor: and caught on camera a dump trug e. truck going through a red light and hitting several cars >> announcer: and today starting at 5:00. >> it was a scam, trying to exploit small b5siness owners. >> announcer: are serial filers abusing the law costing you thousands of dollars? >> $7,850. >> is itn enforcement or extortion? >> the spirit the law is get the compliance, not to get other people's money. >> announcer: christina vazquez shows you how to avoid being a viviim, today starting at 5:00. >> and today at 6:00 giving crooks the open door policy. >> these are locks that can be accessed. you don't need a key. you justeed a code.
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>> janine: we've been following ranches where a school bus has crashed. >> victor oqoqndo: let's get to local10's carlos suarez. he is live on the scene with the latest. >> carlos: victor and janine, quite the scare for students onboard a broward county school bus. it was involved in a crash with another car. the bus ended up in landscapingout of nursery. sky 10 was over the scene earlier this afternoon. the school district teles me 18 students from west broward high were on that school bus.five of them, we're told, were hurt and one of them was taken to the hospital, but we believe should be okay. all of this happened on griffin road just east of us-27. now, the driver of the other car that was involved in this crash,
4:43 pm
not hurt, though it's unclear at this hour just who was at fauau. the m mute we get any more information we'll of course pass it long. for now live in southwest ranches website carlos suarez. >> victor: we're also following more breaking news now be, the aaron andrews self suit beans an accused stalker. >> janinin this stemming from a 2008 stay in a nashville, tennessee hotel. a man altered a peephole to look at her. let's listen in. >> it was very hard as a freshman becau freshmen don't get to go to football practice and see the microphone in steve spurrier's face. you can to soccer praraice, which was awesome because our soccer team was amazing, abby wambach played on our team and heather mint. but as a freshman working may way up i went to softball games, i went to baseball games. i didn't really get to go to football practice, which as you guys in the south is the end all, be all of your junior/jeer.
4:44 pm
>> yes. >> very famous coach. >> in the south. yes, he is. the head ball coach. >> the old ball coach. >> no, he doesn't like that. >> okay. >> objection. [ laughter ] >> the head ball coach. >> i'll sustain my own objectionon that. >> victor: we're going to keep listening into erin andrews as she gives her testimony. right now it appears she's in pretty good spirits. she's onhe stand crank a joke, talking about old florida gators head coach steve spurrier. again, we will keep following and you keep you posted on the latest. >> janine: now to a one and only exclclive. louis cully is a wealthy developer who stands accused of horrific sexual abuse involving a 12-year-old family member and other allegations involving young girls datin back 50 years but one woman is standing in support of him, his yes, wife
4:45 pm
>> and prosecutors think she may be privy to his disturbance behavior and may have seen evidence-is crimes.bob norman has the report you'll only see on local10 news. >> bob: how is about an cully is charged with sex crimes against his own stepdaughter. >> he duct-taped her to a table. he would use a plastic bag on her head. >> it's about power. it's about control. >> bob: and then secretly recorded audio tapes, the kaine-year-old bianculli made damning admissions. >> she was always asleep. she has no idea what what is going on. >> bob: he called it had an addiction and some victims just nine are or ten years old date back five decades. but despite it all one woman still supports him, his ex-wife kim b bianculli who i living in
4:46 pm
awaits trial in jail. >> bob: prosecutors want kim bianculli to tell what she knows. >> this is a fishingxpedition. >> bob: but defense lawyers witness. when i tried to talk with her crowds outside the troom she hid her face. >> we have witnesses who say you saw videotapes of child molestation. >> bob: that according to one of bianculli's shore victims. >> my innocence was taken. >> bob: a neighbor said he lured her into his hom chloroformed her and sequelae abused her at the age of ten a continued for tevin more years always with a video camera rolling. >> i k kw that a witness has seen those videos, and she told me w wt happened on those tapes. >> b: the wons: kim bianculli who olson said came to h%r in the late 19 acts and told her she had found incriminating videotapes bianculli and his victims.
4:47 pm
i asked her what did he do? he has this fetis for the dead, and he likes to pretend he is bring us back t life. he would be slamming me and trying to give me cpr and shaking me and trying to revive me. >> bob: olson said kim bianculli who married louis bianculli in 1985 when she was 19 and he was almost 40 also recognized someone else in those tapes. >> to her surprise, she saw herself in those videos. he would chloroform her while she was already asleep because she had doled him she didn't want to participate in that because it made her sick. she woke up in the morning in complete pain, didn't understand why. he ended up breaking a couple of her ribs. >> bob: she said they spoke of going to the police but then louis bianculli learned his wife
4:48 pm
>> he threatened by grabbing her by her throat and threatened to kill her and her family if she did not return these tapes. so out of fear she hanand them back to a pedophile. >> bob: louis bianculli was arrested for domestic violence against kim in 1994, kim bianculli later waived prosecution. longtime divorce she is living nis mansion and in a woman is statement said he said navarre ben submitted to is sexual interviews that he wasn't a danger to the community. we know he did these things. he did it to us. >> why are you still with mr. bianculli? >> bob: bob norman, local10 news. >> and bob tolls us kim bianculli is expected to be deposed this week by prosecutors. she has not been charged with any crimes related to additional allegations made by olison and
4:49 pm
>> janine: caught on camera this is just shockg, a dump truck plowing through an intersection and then you're going to see it hitting several cars in texas. that dash cam video shows drivers waiting at the light when that dump truck moments later plows right through and hits a concrete barrier if truck driver and fourthers, they were taken to the hospital. isn't it known what caused the driver to lose control. right now taking a live look outside from our miami tower cam, oh, boy, looking good out there, 75 degrees, just a few puffy clouds. >> victor: it is way too nice to be inside right now. long. it was a great weekend, too. how long can we keep this up, betty davis? >> betty: for the for the first several days of march the nice. seasonable. hi temperatures in the upper 70s all around, and now look at this, hollywood beach is l lking good. it's a great beach day fours. temperatures in the mid-70s. winds from the east-southeast around 10 miles an hour. the forecast for the evening, our sky cast model showing just
4:50 pm
not expecting rainfall. we'll call temperatures comfortable. by 10:00 tonight some of you may find your thermometers dropping off into the upper 60. high pressure still has had a handle on the weather for florida, so from pensacola to tampa, jacksonville, everybody getting into some mainly dry conditions, and those kinds of conditions carry on i io tomorrow. carry over into march 1st as well. so for tomorrow winds out at the beaches east-southeast 5 to 10 miles an hour. we'll see our high temperatures climbi to near 80 after we start the innate mid-60s. thatat pretty close to normal for this time of the year. there will be a couple of cold fronts headed toward south florida but they are simply going to weaken before they can really come in and transform our weather. therefore, more of the same this week. overnight t ws in the 60s. afternoon highs in the lower 80s. victor. >> victor: sounds good to me. for decade we have been told to avoid fat or use low-fat products but that mindset is changing. our local10 medical specialist
4:51 pm
can go out and eat a bunch chocolate. experts say it's time to jump off the low fat baund wagon because the right kind of phat can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. how aboutut that? turns out sugar and refined carbohydrates like pasta are the real enemies when it comes to your health p they store you fat and make you hung are you, slow down your metabolism and they lead to heart disease. >> weight loss is not a math problem. it's a hormone and a metabolic problem. when you eat fats you turn on the right hormones. sugar and creates wrong hormones. >> kristi: butut city away from transfats which are linked to diabetes, commen shaw and even cancer. limit your refined sugars and fat. but the good parts omega 3s and you can find those in fish, nuts, seeds and certain olive oils. and n that you know
4:52 pm
to help control your weight, let's talk about how often you should be checking your weight, getting on that and i am recent stud published by ri so muchers suggested that frequent weighing in actually can help weight loss effos for overweight adults, but be warned your weight can fluctuate as much as six pounds every day which can become disscourging. >> is this scale self- had a bad barometer of behavior change. you can do absolutely everything right and then you get on the scale and you're up two pounds. >> kristi: that's not fun. the doctor says your best bet is to weigh yourself a couple of times a week first thing in the morning beforeou eat anything or drink that cup of coffee. and be sure to use a tape measure, too, because losing inches by replacing fat with muscle is as important a measure of your overall health as nuggets. victor. >> victor: i always a sroid the scale on a monday. with march less than a day away, you know what that means. march madness is almost here,
4:53 pm
announced any employee of his companies are eligible to $1,1,000 and potentially much more in an office bracket contest.>> they go through two, two bracket tests. >> you can get them all. >> they get to the sweet sixteen they get $1 million a year for the r@st of their life. >> whoa! whoa! wow! >> are you okay today, warren? > yeah. >> victor: mr. buffet has set up a website to allow all of his employees to fill out their brackets for free. the winner will be the person to correctly picks the most number of games in a row and in a tie the winners will split the $100,000 prize. all new at at 5:00 surveillance video just released of a pair of men robbed a brants and smart delivery workers and michael syped is on the story. >> janine: and caught on camera a dramamic rest curfew a man
4:54 pm
how this all happened. >> announcer: and tonight, you drop your car off to the repair shop hoping for this. instead you get this. >> i'm not happy with what's going on. my car was just taken out for somebody to go to lunch. >> announcer: has your ride been taken on a ride?
4:55 pm
4:57 pm
investigates >> victor: eye dramatic rescue in san diego after a man fell off the edge of a cliff. rescuers say the man was flying a toy aircraft when it crashed below him, and they say when he tried to retrieve the he lost his foooong and fell about 20 feet. the 31-year-old suffered a fractured leg but he's expected to be okay. >> jine: a group of skydivers entertainment leap day by taking a 5,000 leap out of a helicopter. the group of extreme skydivers took to the air in kansas city with some high performance parachutes showing off their moves to the crowd bow. that's one way to do it.
4:58 pm
i was worried about that for a second. >> janine: what's a high performance parachute? we'll have to look it up. that's it for us at 4:30. >> laurie: maybe has threecords, not just one. >> calvin: right now on local10 news at 5:00 teen tragedy. wear hearing from the family of a 14-year-old who accidental shot and killed exist friend. >> laurie: the woman accused o kidnapping her cousin's baby makes herirst appearance before a judge. >> calvin: could governor rick scott be on the possible republic runving mate for donald trump? >> laurie: plus, everyone is still buzzing about h h chris rock handled the oscars so white controversy last night. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvi a small memorial resting on the sidewalk outside a miami gardens homehere a 14-year-old boy lost his life in an accidental shooting over the weekend. the victim was visiting with friendat a his grandmother's home when one of them pulled out a loaded gun. >> laurie: the boy who
4:59 pm
said to be beside himself with grief but no one can explain where he got that gun, and he's now facing a manslaughter charge. local10's hatzel vela joins us live with the latest. >> hatatl: laurie, i can tell you investigators are telling us that this is still being ruled as an accident, and this is where the accident happened. this is the home of tropical waves odes' grandmother. we understand he had been in her -- travers rhodes' gorm. he had been the her custody the past 14 months and now she and other family members are devastated. you can understand why this grandmother is sobbing, telling us she lost her baby, junior as they called h'm. for the last 18 months we're told she had custody him. >> my mom take him back and forth to school. my mom feeds h'm. my mom take him to the doctor. >> hatzel: thish is the memorial set up outside where it happened where 14-year-old that savers rhodes lost his life to gunfire. his aunt and stepmother moments
5:00 pm
>> he just was the life of the party. that's all i can say about junior. junior as the life of thearty. >> hatzel: at dorothy i north-day middle school where friends say both teens attend. rhodes killed saturday afternoon in miami gardens. police say he was at his grandmother's house playing with two friends when one of the boys pulled out a loaded gun, accidental firing off a shot, hitting rhodes. we're not identifying the 15-year-old accused shooter because he's a minor. but his mother spoke with us. >>e's been crying. he say he's willing to, you know, do whatever to show that he's hurt by that. >>atzel: two families brokenhearted, finding ways to cope with this loss. >> routine we praying for my american and hoping that everything gets better. >> hatzel: -- my mother-in-law. >> hatzel: that5-year-old alleged shooting will be back in court tomorrow facing charges of manslaughter and possession of a


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