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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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carolina back in march of 2015. they even seized and towed his fishing boat with twin outboards named the grunt master to fbi headquarters in miramar. >> i heard it but you didn't know what was going on. >> what did you hear? >> a aot of gold. a lot of commotion. i don't wanto talking about it. thank you. >> did you know the neighbor? >> yes, i do and they've been good neighbors. to the fbi said perez was involved in the heist in wilson, north carolina a tractor-trailer carrying nearly $5 million in bold bars was held headed to boston when police say it was held up by two spanish speaking men calling themselves police. miguel bovear has been sentenced three years in federal prison for trying to fence wont stolen gold bars but the fbi doesn't believe he was behind the heist. perez has a lengthy criminal record, aggravated battery with
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trying to sell a stolen vehicle weapon but his sister-in-law doesn't believe this.s. >> if all this were true i don't think we would be living here owning the type of vehicle he owns. two and two. doesn't add up. >> todd: nearly two hours later federal agents aretill here on the scene processing evidence. they towed away a silver pickup truck as well. the fbi says there is a $25,000 reward for anyone leading to information and an arrest in this case. in opa-locka, todd tongen, local10 news. >> laurie: and we do not follow that breaking news out off bboward county. sky 10 over the scene of this overturned dump truck along u-27 and i-75 right near the palm beach county line. the driver ended up pinned underneath his truck. all lanes were blocked while crews worked tow free him. that victim had to be cut out of the wrecked truck, and authorities say he was alert and conscious, though, when they airlifted him to broward health. still not clear what caused that at dump truck to overturn. >> calvin: a west palm beach county teenager accused of
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love-robinson is facing several charge, including grand theft for alleged will you stealing from an 86-year-old woman during a, quote, house call. police say the 18-year-old turned himself in tuesdayfter allegedly stealing more than $34,000 by using the woman's checks to pay for multiple car loans and two credit card. he has since bonded out of jail. love-robinson was first arrested, you might recall, for practicing medicine without a license. >> laurie: a major vick-up in the race for the white house. ben car some says she doesn't see a political path forward after super tuesday, he did stop short of ending his complain. meanwhile hillary clinton donald trump are coming off big winds. let's get to jan gen with this day after super tuesday. >> janine: the frontrunners basking in the glow of last night arrest win. senator marco rubio, though, is looking ahead to his home state of florida. today he was here casting his ballot in west florida.
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is showing signsf fading away. a one-time frond runner, now thefirst casualty of super tuesday. dr. ben carson tells supporters he sees no path forward in his campaign and will not amp participate in tomorrow night's gop debate. but donald trump and hillary clinton fortifyingheir positions as frontrunners in the race for their party's nomination. each winning seven states and now expanding their leads in delegate count. political analysts say clinton changed her campaign game this time around. >> hillary clinton discovered in 2008 that barack obama got so far ahead of her in delegates that she could never catchp. >> janine: her competition bernie sanders back on the trail today. >> you are our super pac. >> janine: winning winning four states saying he's not going ywhere regardless of super tuesday results. >> when a candidate has aroused this kind of excitement, it's very hard for them to think it's
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>> janine: on the gop sided t cruz takes home three states while marco rubio only one but he's looking ahead to the primary in less than two weeks in his home state of florida. >> a lot of delegates and we feel great about what the map hokies moving forward. >> janine: overall a triumphant night for trump. >> we've done something that almost nobody thought to be could be done. >> janine: but the race isn't in the bag jusus yet. >> he has not red cross that 50% threshold in delegate count. >> janine: and a major statement is expected tomorrow from the last republican proposal nominee mitt r rney. he's expected to lay out a case for very republicans should not vote for donald trump. >> calvin: should be interesting. thanks a lot there is anger and outrage in kendall today after police arrested the mager of a popular restaurant, a camera was found in women's restroom. local10's liane morejon live now with more for us today. liane. >> liane: calvin, imagine going to the bathroom and seeing a camera right next to the toilet.
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comfortable, feel as though they're in a private space, that's exactly what allegedly happened here at will perla restaurant dash la feral a, a per uefaian restaurant. the manager now undereats now out to bail after on legendly tampering with evidence. hajime maruyana is out on bond, the 42-year-old facing criminal charges after police say a customer found a camera hidden inside the bathroom of restaurant he manages, news that shocked visitors of this shopping center. >> that would be horrifying. that's an invasion of privacy. >> that's a violation. >> liane: the device was found in the women's bathroom at la perla a popular local spot off southwest 152nd street and one length of avenue. the police report says a customer took her daughter to the bathroom when she noticed a small camera mounted uer the sink facing the toilet. she took it apart and brought it to the attention of employees as
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according to arrest form he, quote, became very nervous and began to walk around and pace the restaurant as if attempting to get away from or avoid victim o. when that customer sod to see what was on the camera he walked to the back room. later they noticed the camera's mem are you card was missing. maruyana claimed it was never there. police were called to investigate and arrested maruyana for evidence tampering and resisting arrest. we couldn't find maruyana for comment and no one at the restaurant wanted to talk. folks familiar with the restaurant are repulsed by the discovery. >> disgusting. it's really disgusting. >> you got to be a sick puppy to do that. >> liane: as part of their investigation police on take a look at surveillance video inside of the restaurant. they say that the video corroborated what the victim said, and so that is why they placed that manager under arrest for evidence tampering. we've also learned that maruyana lawyered up and did not cooperate with police. reportrtg in southwest
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local10 news. >> laurie: thank you. let's take a look at now at this home in alaba. it hath roof completely torn off by a tornado last night. the national weather s svice now confirming an ef-2 touched down, and crews are still out there surveying damage across the south. victor's in the n nsroom now to show us more of these images. >> victor: that storm that spawned that tornado and possibly two others is nowheaded to the northeast, and it's bringing snow and rain. communities in alabama left in ruins. >> and welooked up and the top of the trailer torn completely off. >> victor: with homeowners spending the day val vagging what they can and some learning they lost everything they zoned. >> we don't have any water. tweet have any gas. >> victor: so grabbed grant sims is counting his blessings. >> but we do have electricity, so we feel real fortunate. we really do. >> victor: grateful 40 little things after a confirmed tornado packing winds of up to 125 miles per hour ripped across jefferson county, injuring at least four
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>> i just couldn't say anything. i was just so shocked at what had happened top to the house. >> victor: in nebraska, the same storm system is being blamed for this powerful microburst forcici drivers off the road. in the midwest it was heavy snow. in wisconsin only police responded to nearly 100 accidedes. the conditions in michigan equally messy. planes didn't fare enough better in chicago sliding off the runways. the situation so treacherous one american airlines jet had tbe towed back to the terminal. again they storm is now expected to pound the northeast, replying snow and rain. that bad weather shouldn't last too long. i see here that the temperatures should be in the 60s next week. elenayou might want to ask the professional, betty davis, she what she says about all this.p >> calvin: let's find out where that storm system is headed rebate. >> laue: weather authority
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>> betty: it's a quick mover. the tail end othis system, the cold front is really weak not bringing a whole lot of weather to florida whatsoever. we're now tracking the next system that's going to roll out over the plains tomorrow. that delivers 1 to 2 inches of noe? in chicago. we are well ahead of that and we have more fabulous weather in the forecast here. we're expecting our temperatures to rise intnt the lower 80s again, k kd of look today. we are expecting more of what you see right here. it's in the forecast. i'll meet you back here in a few minutes with more. >> calvin: va man has avoid a a possible death sentence by pleading guilty to first degree murder and kidnapping charges for the killings of two college students.. jesse matthew, jr. was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences. he was already serving three lifeentences for a 2005 sexual assault in northern virgiginia. matthew pleaded guilty for killing hanna graham a uva students and killing morgan herrington a 20-year-old virginia tech student who
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>> laurie: we e ve some breaking news to warn about. there's traffic t tuble on i-595 and broward. let's check inith jenn traffic reporter jenise fernandez? >> jenise: yes. we are watching this car fire on 595 eastbound as you're approaching the turnpike. while they work to sort of clean up this scene that ramp to the turnpike is actually closed, and as you see there, there is a bit of a backup. all traffic is being directed t us-441 northbound, and just check out that backup. again this is 595 eastbound. as you're trying to ramp on the turnpike that exit ramp to turnpike is closed while they work that. as we look at our maps it doesn't look like w are seeing any delays as a result of that, at least from our traffic data but we do have a crash also to report on 595 eastbound right on i-95. there is a right lane exit ramp blocked a result of that accident, and speeds right now are at 6 miles per hour.
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county we are still watching this accident on i-95 southbound, this is u-441. there is a showered blocked here with speeds clocking in at 19 miles per hour. >> laurie: take it slow, everybody. >> calvin: her story made head headline across the nation, her baby taken from her at gunpoint, and now we're speaking exclusively with the mother that of kidnapped little girl. it's all new and only at 6:00. >> laurie: applause, hoverboard safety. we're showing you how they can catch fire and explode. now we're leaing from the experts p. who is creating the safe standards? and is your hoverboard up to code? don't miss today's "call christina" all new at 5:30. >> calvin: put first, we have the heartwarming story of a brave little girl battling
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make her uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a a ee. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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>> laurie: when most chairin battling cancer get a chance to make a wish, they ask to meet one of they are sport idols or be a superhero for the day, right? not this little girl in the pink hat in kansas city. she asked for it was the chance to pick up litter and make her hometown a cleaner place. running across a field, playing with friends, enjoying rare february sunshine. for amelia my are it's another day in the park. >> she's always been that kid. i cannot get supplied. >> laurie: what you can't see under the pink hat and bright blue highs is is an
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>> i know a lotl of kids want to go to disney world or meet famous people but i feel like i want to pick up trash. >> last night i asked her. i said are you excited about tomorrow? she sd, i am so excited. i said, why? she sai because i get to pick up trash. >> laubie: make-a-wish gave amelia the chance to wish for anything. all she wanted was to pick up trash. >> well, it doesn't look nice, and another reason is because it can stay dirty and doesn't look nice and it can get animals sick. >> laurie: while she pulled up to a site in kansas city's swope park, fit for a queen -- >> i thought there was just going to be some people, not this much. >> rea to pick up some trash? let's go! as long as. >> laurie: she seemed most comfortable in her own elementsurrounded by her best friends. >> i've known her since pre-school and she has been my very best friend. she's been really nice@ to me, really supportive me when i have rough times.
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wise beyd her years, her wish come true. an eight-year-old girl giving back to the outdoors she loves so much. >> that's what i wand for her. i want her to be a kid. >> and there's poopp over here! >> laurie: so inspiring. amelia's story touched so many people who came out to help her clean up that park. the mayor was so impressed he named last saturday amelia meyer take care of your world day. >> calvin: hopefully this is part of a movement. >> laurie: how wonderful fororll her friends to learn from her. >> calvin: absolutely. let's check in now with our periods. this weather is inspirational. you do not feel like doing anything? just step outside. >> laurie: have dinner outside, get a barbecue. y those kids had the right idea, right, betty. >> betty: you definitely want to be out there. temperatures he just been so delicious this afternoon. a little bit above average but that's okay because the humidity
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83 degrees in miami and fort lauderdale, it felt all right. key west made it up to 81 this afteoon. this is what it looks like right now in miami. we can take it, right? maybe heading out to miami beach right after this newscast to have dinner outside. right now still a lot of lower 80s out there from miami to hialeah, pembroke pines, homestead and kendall, twenty three see you down there checking in at 81 and marathon is now at 76 degrees. the evening should be pretty nice and quiet ab mainly dry, winds will be lighted, temperatures in the mid-70s by 9:00 tonight. on theespite and radar imagery for the south, high pressure still in control, but look at this, we are tracking a weak cold front sliding on down the peninsula. not a lot of noise with his one whatsoever, a few high clouds streaming in but no rainfall so we're barely going to notice that this is entering into air our area because it's so very weak, and by thursday we're right back to the same old story, more warm weather on the way as we track the next weather
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to move toward north florida bringing someain in a few areas there. and then by friday here comes that front sliding down the peninsula. it's going to be really weak, too, so it feels like spring today. it's going to feel le spring tomorrow. and guess what? it's going to feel like spring onriday as well, no big changes, temperature changes for us, just subtle. tomorrow morning we'll start in the 60s, highs climbingoward the lower 80s, winds light from the east-southeast. friday more lower 80s in the forecast. by saturday, sunday i am forecasting highs in the upper 70s. that, though, is seasoble, and i think we can tolerate it. next monday, tuesday, wednesday, i don't know, maybe we should plan a little vacation. calvin? >> calvin: sounds like a plan to me. >> laurie: you don't have to ask us twice. >> calvin: the annual carnaval miami festival kicks off this weekend and some of the local10 news team will be at the carnaval on the mile. >> laurie: that's our vacation meeting off the you. come stop by the local10 boothon saturday from noon to 2:30. you'll get to meet christina
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suarez and shyann malone. max mayfield, betty davis and will manso will also injo them at that time. >> calvin: from 2:30 i'll be manning the booth along with jeff weinsier and, hatzel va, amy viteri and victor will letters be joining us. >> laurie: saturday from noon to 2:30 you can meet clay delay, neki mohan, todd tongen, kristi krueger and eric yutzy and then the at 2:30 i'm i'll be out there along with jeffrey correa, liane morejon. >> calvin: should be a lot of fun. >> laurie: and we're going to be right in the by the barnes & noble there. come out. >> calvin: still to come, police are using new technology to track down car thieves and that new tag technology led to this wild chase in oakland park earlier this week. we'll show you how the system works coming up a bit later in this hour. >> reporter: first we'll hear the from delivery driver that
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>> clay: good evening. lebron james taking his talents back to south florida for a workout with dwyane wade. what exactly was lebron doing here in the middle of the season? that's next in sports. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health
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>> clay: this was the picture that had nba fans around t t world buzzing on social media today. lebron james and dwyane wade working out together in south florida this morning. what make this so strange that they're together. it's the timing of it. and what else is going on. lebron james just called out his cavaliers for a lack of mental toughness. their other star kyrie irving is reportedly unhappy, and the team had a few days off. so where did lebron said. his last couple o o days? down here in south florida with dwyane wade. >> we worked out this morning together, and that was it. >> clay: it hats been known that wade and lebron work out with the same trainer but you add
5:24 pm
fact that lebron just released a series o o tweets saying that it's okay to know you made a mistake and be ready to live with what comes with it and the whole thing was certainly a topic of conversation with wade after praraice. >> he's one of my best friends so it's not odd for me to wok out with one of my friends. if it was somebody i didn't know we'll be right back would be a little different, but obviously lebron takes his time, it's a nini way to come to get away for a couple of days when your ganization and your coach allow to you get away and clear you're mind soiami is a great place to do that. >> clay: this also comes at a when the heat rolling. they racked up the best shooting percentage in the nba in nearly 20 years on wednesday night and a lot of it is thanks the one of wade's other friends newly acquired joe johnson who wade recruited to south florida. just how long had wade ben recruiting johnson? let's just say with nba rules about tampering being clear wade didn't want to say too much.
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i can't say. i don't remember. okay? i've been in court before. i can't recall. >> i feel rejuvenatat. i mean, i love this fresh start, obviously. like i say, man, i just want to continue to improve and help these guys out. >> clay: so while one of wade's friends that doesn't play here anymore is getting a lot of the attention, it's one of the ones that now does that could mean the difference between this team just making the playoffs and making a lot more noise once thth get there. now, calvin and laurie, in fairness to lebron, the alternative this afternoon in cleveland 27 -- the temperature this afternoon in cleveland 27 degrees. calvin: i was going to go there as the reason why but he loves controversy. for are some reason he seeps to drift in that direction. >> laurie: they didn't have to post thank picture. >> clay: it makes all the sense in the world for dwyane wade do work out with a friend. forr lebron to come down here in the middle of the season no one can figure out right now
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sportscast. >> laurie: clay, thanks a lot. >> calvin: it was a deadly day on the streets of south florida today. >> laurie: victor and jajane have that and so much more at 5:30. >> victor: a man shot in the street this afternoon, but by the time police and emergency workers arrived, the v vtim was dead. we'll have a live report straight ahead at 5:30. janine: and we'll tell you how police were alerted to this stolen car which led a daughters high-speed pursuit thanks to tag technology. >> victor: all new at 6:00 we have a one of exclusive with the mother who is baby daughter was
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'll be right back after this. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> janine: we are now to verdict watch in the trial of a man accused of kidnapping and trying to rape a young woman as she sat in her car. >> reporter: and this isn't the only violent crime he's accused of. local10's michael signed has more outside of the courthouse in miami. >> michael: another day of compelling testimony, a heated exchange between prosecutors and the defendant. now, the jury has gone home for the day but they're now deliberating his fate.
5:30 pm
raped or possibly shot. we just take her word for it. >> michael: tonight the fate of a six-time convict felon is in the hands of a jury. the defendant terrance jefferson is accused of kidnapping and attempted rape of an 18-year-old. prosecutors alleged the 36-year-old was on the prowl, desperate for sex when he spotted the teen walking home in the rain, offering her a ride that she accepted. >> she has to relive the horror that she faced at the hands of this defendant with when all she wanted i was ride. >> michael: jefferson took the stand wednesday testifying in his own defense, claiming the teenager was a prostitute. he also accused her of stealing his car. >> when i seen her walking, i und the window down and i say, i know this person. so we sit in the car. we talking. so she like, oh, my time is money.
5:31 pm
so i pulled the money out. >> michael: but prosecutors claim that was a complete lie pointing to this video interrogation where jefferson never made any comments to defect about the teen posing as a prostitute. >> i felt like if i would have said that i was a coward and i was snitching. >> michael: throughout the trial jefferson appeared calm and confident, at times laughing while on the stand, but the charges against the 36-year-old are no joke. if convicted, he could spend the est of his life in prison. and jeeves' charged in two other violent cases. again, the jury will be back here tomorrow morning continuing deliberations. we are live in miami, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> victor: a disturbing discovery in oakland park. detective confirmed human remains have found in an empty field earlier today. bso said a man found thesksketal remains shortly after 7:30 a.m. near northwest 27th street and 21st avenue. the remains will now be tested to determine the person's identity. should a hotel be built on
5:32 pm
that is the question that beach vorst are being asked to died is on the march 15th primary. it seems straightforward but the question has been fogged up by an intense misinformation campaign. our senior political reporter may be michael has the story. >> michael: host supporters say the miami beach convention center, now undergoing a $500 million upgrade, can't succeed without an adjacent hotel. but critic say not this hotel. >> an 800-room hotel in the center and the heart of our island? it's just too risky. it's too big. it's too much. >> michael: miami beach voters have been inundated with campaign flyers from a shadowy political action committee opposed to the hotel. and n n above distorting facts, for example, the hotel wouldn't look like this and wouldn't be built on top of the convention center. >> this is what you would consider misinformation campaign. does you the make you mad? >> yes, very mad because it's absolutely not true and it's not good for the city of miami
5:33 pm
i love the city of miami beach. i want it to be succeful. >> michael: paterno holds atlanta is the hotel developer ready to spend $400 million of its own money and pay the city at least $2.5 million a year to lease the land. >> it might seem luck a lot but in a ste our size to turn over a -- city of our size to turn over a public asset to become the first high-rise around the liliolroad area, it's not enough money. >> michael: this parking lot just south of convention center is where the hotel would be built, a $400 million facility, no tax dollars involved. it sneezed 60% voter approvml. in miami beach, michael putney, local10 news. >> janine: alsoat 5:30 police on the scene to a killing. the victim shot in the street as he was riding his scooter. >> victor: now we're learning that a witness to today's shooting is also coacted touted recent incident of deadly gun vincent. >> janine: local10's derek shore is live to explain.
5:34 pm
family of a six-year-old who was recently killed nearby actually lives not far from where this all happened. as you c c see, the coroner's van just arrived, investigators looking into this. we understand that victim was going town the street on scooter when he was gunned down in front of neighbors. it came ouster nowhere. >> i heard about four or five, bang, bang, bang, bang, and i starard dung. i said, oh, lord. >> derek: that shooting claiming the life of one person. neighbors like annie atkins stunned, it happened in middle of the afternoon assembly could have been caught up in that gunfire if i wouldn't hesitated on the other side, but you hesitated on the oth side, but after i heard the shots, i tried ke it to my house. >> derek: in fact, this family knows about begun violee all too well. akins is the great-grandmother of sixear-old king carter who was shot and killed just two weeks ago nearby. lesean akins is king's aunt. >> it's no one, no one by yourself, no, never, because i don't know ifhey're going to
5:35 pm
didn't return he, just to go get some candy. >> derek: as for this killing,it appears the victim was riding a scooter or possibly a bicycle when he was gunned down here hat northwest 61st street and 24th avenue. nearby at northwest 51st street and 22nd avenue officers could be seen investigating a red minivan that may be connected to this trime. witnesses tell me a red minivan was seen fleeing this area. >> it's real frustrating. it hurt moi heart. i'm so tired of these children losing their live, i don't know what in the world to do. it hurt my heart. >> derek: again, still unclear tonight whether or not that red minivan had anything to do with this exemption we are not being told of any arrested at this point or anything about the victim. if you happen to have any information call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-ts. in northwest miami, derek shore, local10 ns. >> janine: we have been reporting on the dangers of
5:36 pm
last mon federal regulator warned-ers and retailers if they didn't meet voluntary safety standards they could tase a recall. >> victor: a company called underwriters laboratories is cing those safety standards the ul mark is the gold seal of consumer product safety approval. consumer advocates christina vazquez has tips for those who already have hoverboards. >> none of of them meet the safe starred sooners. >> christina: ul safety director john, refererd to as mr. safety, has been with the company since 1966. 50 years ago he was testing radios. now he's testing hoverboards which have c ce under scrutiny after some gang catching fire. >> certainly we know thatne of the leading causes of fires most likely iss the battery pack, a fault in any one of those cells could transfer itself look a domino effect to the other cells, and that could be where the fires are starting. >> christina: in charge of setting a new safety standard
5:37 pm
looking at the bat russ, circuitry and assembly, and they are doing that through ray series of tests that includes heating up a battery cell to test for exploding projectiles. >> one small part penetrates the katrina screen it's a failure meaning there's too much energy, too much of a chance nor this cell to cause other cells cells in the battery pack to malfunction and cause a major fire. >> christina: watch what happens when they short circuit the battery cell by puncturing it with a melt pin. the lithium ion cell explodes. now consider a standard hoverboard comes with at least 20 cells in the batatry pack. >> what we're looking for is to make sure that the battery is designed such that it will vent properly that it won't explode. >> christina: the terrace comprehensive, and there's a lot of at stake for manufacturers who don't meet the voluntary new safety standard. retail valentines like target,
5:38 pm
stopped selling hoverboards a nid safety concerns are and offering refunds flights important that everybody understandshat there is no you will certified hoverboard on the market right now. >> calvin: clinics these tests designed to keep you safe might also help the hoverboard from retail extinction. his advice, use the challenger supplied by the manufacturer, don't overchanger, and keep it away from combust i will be materials. for example, don't it. under your bed or in a closet. >> make sure you keep it away from bedding, from curtains, from drapes and plush furniture. that could easily catch fire with the hoverboard caught on fire. >> christina: you can learn more about though retails offering hoverboard refund and watch thaha testing video in full on the "call christina" page of in the newsroom with christina vazquez, local10 news. >> janine: police in texas mourning the death of acolleague who was killed the in line of duty.
5:39 pm
died in a gunshst fight with a suspect. officer hofer died during surgery. the shootout happened in a car park in a cindrella area. police say that man opened fire as soon as is officers approached him. >> roanoke county police officers are defending the officers action after a deadly shooting involving a teenager who was carrying a bb begun last friday, and officers sayay they thought the year-round was carrying a real gunun police say spencer refused orders to drop the weapon and goes when tasers didn't sop stop him the officersit fired their guns hitting spencer in the collararne and the hip. >> victor: right now it' time to get a check our afternoon track of with traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: how about good news? that ramp from 595 eastbound tote turnpike has reopened but we still have this accident on 595 eastbound trying to ramp onto 595 northbound p. things are starting to pick up 19 miles per hour.
5:40 pm
do have a few accidents to talk about here sequel, i5 southbound around ives dairy road a crash there were speeds at 22 miles per hour. checking out the dolphin expressway as you're heading east trying to ramp onto i-knife, a crash there with two lanes blocked. speeds here looking 24 miles per hour. >> janine: the south florida woman whose infant daughter was taken from her is now speaking out, and she can speaking exclively with local10. her one and only interview saul new at 6:00. >> victor: sled at 5:30 dramatic video of a which you can wagon race ending in disaster for uncompetitor. >> janine: plus, we are talking with leap year mom whose newborn son shares her very special day. (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators
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like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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>> janine: we are following someme breaking news right now involving the shooting death of a six-year-old boy. >> victor: let's get right to calvin with they latest. >> calvin:olice of-time found the lexus involved in that shooting that sparked such `outrage in the community, the shooting death of six-year-old king carter. apparently that lexus was found in power lock. it is now in a sure -- in opa-locka. police trying to list-finger prints and other evidence in connection with this crime. she suspects have been already been ready.
5:45 pm
17-year-old. you might wrawl they were going after someone named ju ju and drove to an apartment complex and went after ju ju exchanging gunfire and that's when king cacaer was walking through the parking lot to buy candy and was struck the in chest and he layered died. once again, that car involved in shooting in that shooting death. it is in a secure location for processing. police likely lifting fingerprints and other evidence in connection with this crime. we'll have a lot more at the top of the hour. >> janine: a critical clueue thank you. here is u. fru from houston where a drive competing in the chuck wagon races during the opoping night of the rodeo is going to take a really bad fall during a turn as the wagons mass the finish line and turn the curve, you can see that man flying off the wagon, hitting the ground, and he does not move. the yode i don't mical team got him to the -- the rodeo medical team got d'm to the hospital. he was awake and alert for that
5:46 pm
the team of horses was not hooter hurt. jaw-dropping surveillance video from louisiana where a delivery driver somehow survived being outside had when a tornado struck. the owner of a hardware store was checking his camera after the storm. he saw that poor woman run up to doors only to find they were locked. second layered later you see what appears to be an explosion. that's the tornado tearing apart the building. >> i just braced myself between the coke machine. was to brace myself. >> janine: with winds of 140 miles an hour that fedex driver somehow managed to hold on despite that coke machine being blown over by the twister. she and the owner of that hardware store say they now of a bond that cannot be broken. >> victor: she was hiding behind thatachine. meanwhile here -- >> janine: errwhere all of our cameras, betty. betty is stepping out. ta a look at the hollywood camera. she's stepping out so that we can look at tt camera. look that the gorgeous view. >> betty: that was my spring
5:47 pm
>> victor: how was it? >> will: looks great out. trip i had a good time, lots of fun, maybe you did, too, if you spent moments on on the hollywood broadwalk today or maybe you were sitting on the sand soaking in some socom rays. the breeze is right and temperatures are just right in the lower 80s still around fort lauderdale and miami. key west at 78 degrees, a light north wind thereat 5 miles an hour. winds tonight will be light and variable. and temperatures will be comfortable,@ told rab by 10:00. 74 degrees if you're takin a stroll along miami beach. we are tracking a we'll weak cold front, not a lot of weather with this. it's essentially fizzling out on its journey. we are seeing high clouds streaming in the gulf of mexico so from time to time we'll of some of those mid and high level clouds over our skies but we're not expecting those clouds to bring rain to the area so we can continue to focus on temperatures. the air behind that cold front, it's a little calmer to the rth.
5:48 pm
pensacola at 67 degrees and even other areas of the south, cooler than we are at this point. there's new orleans at 68 degrees. dallas at 70. comfortable air in place over the southern plains. but guess what? this weekend is numbers through the middle, especially the plains are going to shoot up so there's big warm-up in the forecast as the jet stream moves up to the north. itill be closer to canada so no cold air intrusion for these areas. instead southerly winds will help drive temperatures 15 to 25 degreqs above average. if you're traveling into this territity this weekend be rdy for some warmer weather there as well, and if you're stuck p close to home this weekend or just staying home for tomorrow the weather is going to be just as nice as today. if you're heading to t t beaches, the rip current risk is low. temperatures mauk that march toward 80 degrees. the water temperature at 73. taking t boats out, no advisories on the waters. winds loit from the east-southeast about 5 to 10 knots, just a loit chop on the bays.
5:49 pm
with temperatures in t 60s and then we get that delightful climb into the lower 80s and more lower 80s in forecast on friday. we'll shave off a few degrees for the weekend, forecasting highs in the upper 70s saturday, sunday, a saturday morning maybe slslhtly on the cool side as well. but certainly no terrible chill in t air. the next several days looking pretty quiet and mainln dry. janine. >> janine: betty, thank you. track o trouble on a brand new bridge in portland as crews had to bring in heavy machinery to remove a truck that was wedged tender a guardrail and a concrete barrier on the sidewalk. the driver was gone, so were the keys. pless were a ae to track down the driver, though, who told them she got stuck after following the wrong path.incredibly cops say she will not be cited as long as you may no somebody who-time got to celebrate their birthday for the first time in four years yesterday on leap day. one woman in illinois celebrated hers and her newborn son shares
5:50 pm
as newborn levi whitmyer sleeps peacefully he doesn't realize his birth is more unique than others. he was born on a leap day where the chances are 1 in 1400. ma what makes this moment even more mind biology edge,is mom tryst shares the same birthday, one in 2 million. >> myusband this year said "i want this year to be special because you@ have an actual birthday this year but we weren't planning on this. >> victor: she and her husband welcomed levi at a healthy 6 pounds, 8 ounces. christi turns seven in leap years and knows all too well special birthday. >> it had will probably be interesting explaining to him how he on has a birthtby every four years, and explaining how that works when he gets older, but i went through the same experience. it's kind of fun. it's unique. >> victor: nathaniel never thought his growing family would be different than most.
5:51 pm
anybody born on a leap day and let alone t t have a kid born on leap day. it does feel prett pretty unique. >> victor: although levee i will be in pre-k when he official turns one, the couple says heal come first over upcoming birthday. >> in the future it will probably be more about him than about my birthday but it will be fun to celebrate both together. >> janine: fun times. we have a leap year baby at channel 10, rile newman. technically he's only 12 years old. our engineer. >> victor: he looks like 12. next he doesn't. >> janine: a lot more news happening today. here is more to come. weave ap exclusive interview with the mother whose baby was taken from her at gunpoint. and we'll tell you how tag technology alerted police to a stolen car leading to a dangerous high-speed pursuit >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00.
5:52 pm
100 deaths in florida last end in sight, until now.
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>> victor: this wild chase in oakland park earlier this week was set off by a license plate reader pinging.. four giuliani in that car were eventually caught and arrrrted js we want to know about that plate reading technology and even got to sht in action
5:56 pm
local10's jenise fernandez shows us. >> jenise: 30 min of chaos in broward county. teenagers in a stolen car caught and arrested. last month a police chase involving a stolen quash, there time in hollywood, the driver caught and arrested, police able to catch t tse bad guys all thank to license plate readers. >> it is another set of eyes and ears on the treat is that provides us investigation leads. >> jenise: hollywood police havehad this technology hins 2008. this is how it works. cameras on police cars and around the city scan license plates as cast drive by. once scalped, the information is sent to an online system that autismly autism automatically cousin truss dag. police are notified meld if the car is stolen. >> every officer with their alert on gets an alert in three seconds. >> jenise: when we were were with police a stolen car came in. that ping came in at 11:41 a.m. by the time the officer with it was around
5:57 pm
had that person in custody. we went out to thecene. us-441 and buchanan. already several police ors cast and the driver in the back of the patrol car. >> that camera takes hundreds of photographs per second, so if a a vehicle were to drive by it's continual sly shooting, shooting, shooting. >> janine: hins hollywood police started using this technogy they have seen a 48% increase in number auto theft arrests and these readers are helping police solve homicides, burglaries and even allows them to spot driver's driving with a suspended license or expired tag. >> it's an incredible tool that we can use to make the streets safer and also reduce crime. >> jenise: jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> janine: and hollywood police say in the next six months they hope to have 50 cameras running throughout the city. >> victor: the goal is to have cameras at every entry and exit point throughout the city. >> janine: that's going to do it for local10 news at at 5:30. >> victor: here are laurie and calvin back for the for the news at 6:00. >> laurie: right now onn:00
5:58 pm
sound, and for the first tomb a momotalks aboutt the day her baby was stolen right from her crib. >> calvin: arrested and bonded out of jail again. what a bogus teen doctor did tow get arrested this time. d-wade and lebron together again in miami in the instagram post ha that has the basketball world talking. >> laurie: more stars on sand. this phenomena lady joining for the bunch bay watch. >> calvin: must an art lesn given by a south florida legend. the news at 6:00 starts now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company right up at sitting a the one d only exclusive. we're hearing from mother of a newborn who was kidnapped atgunpoint. that two-month-old girl was later foundafe in orlando l and her alleged kidnapper is the mother's cousin. local10 news reporter glenna milberg live in the newsroom with the exclusive video.
5:59 pm
interview for melinda kemp to do and if you're parent you will instantly know why, to endure this profound ls and then find out that someone close to you may be responsible. >> danger is seconds away. it's second away. you we never know. >> glenna: baby triagei is back are so fresh. >> i didn't know, man. shadows. >> glenn melinda kemp was volted awake late friday by intruders who wanted to take what was most appreciate and her seven-year-old son was there to see. >> thenly thing he seen was the 14-year-old boy putting a gun aty head, you know, telling me not to move. >> someone kidnapped your baby? >> i don't know. they came. ey put a gun to my pace and they took my baby. >> glenna: friday as nighthtre
6:00 pm
over the weekend as kemp's cousin stephanie augustin was arrested for the armed kidnapping along with augustin's 14-year-old relative. it's a cousin that melinda took in as a friend who claimed to have recently miscared. >> i used to tell her, stephanie, i'm proud of you. you're going to school. no kids. you're beautiful. you go, g gl. it broke me to find it was her. >>lenna: augustin is in jail, no bond and will undergo mental health evaluations. that much to kemp mak sense. >> she said sorry and wanted to talk to me blount i backed up, and i told the defect no. i don't want to cry right now. i'm happy my baby is here. >> glenna: melinda said she wants her cousin to help but shealso wants the consequences, too, and for the kidnapping and arm kidnapping and burglary, all the charges involved, tha could well mean life in prison. i'm glenna milberg reporting live in the newsroom today, local10 news.


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