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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 530AM  ABC  March 5, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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a better chance for showers even for the inland areas as well. so what's going on in t t atmosphere. well, eventually we'll see a strong east breeze disep vep later on this morning. around this high pressure system that continues to shift over the southeast towards the east and th also there's all this cloud cover right here and this is actually pushing out towards the east as well. so eventually all this cloud cover will be headed our way here in south florida so not ju such a sunny day for today. coastal showers. the best time to see is the first half of today and then we'll remain mostly cloudy and quite warm for later on today. i'll have more details on that coming up. neki. >> neki: thanks jennifer. police are searching for a man who allegedly tried to to kidnap a teen walking home from school in pompano beach. in the surveillance joyed can see the 13-year-old running away from year feer shvment was walking home when the driver of
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when she ignored him he got out of the car and tried to to grab her. students ithe area are now being very cautious. >> that's creepy and scary. >> walk with other people and have something with you at least. >> neki: the sketch of the man is being passed around the neighborhood. any one who thinks they know w w this is, please call broward crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. >> >> todd: well, we knew the winning power ball ticket was bought in the keys. w we know who won the jack povment meets james pictured here with his brother who won a smaller jack povment mr. stock less, a senior judge from pennsylvania took the lum sum payment of more than $191 million. and he bought the winning tickets from this tom thumb in marathon on the month long fishing vacation. he said the group stopped in the rv's to get ice and lot require
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no more word on how many fish they caught but sowbz likehey did well and he will be having lobster for the rest of his life. >> neki: he did well. >> neki: and 26-year-old will spend the next five years in prpron. lorna barton was sentenced yesterday after she plead guilty to child neglect and thrieg police inourt. barton's attorney says because she wasooperative she should only be sentenced to a jeer in county jail. e- the judge disagreed sentencing her to the maximum allow able. >> todd: oo you can't say justice. justice ron si would be with us and justice could be the childl in the arms ave loving family. after moves searching for lonzie barton. the exboyfrie 32-year-old william ebron lead investigators to remains in jafnlt he pled guilty to aggravated man slawt
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for a prison sen teens. he confessed that lonzie died nay bathtub while he and barton were having sex. >> todd: and a knife found on oj simpson's former breant wood estate. and he was acquitted in the brutal stack death of nole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. someone who found the knife gave to t- to an officer 18 years al ago and that officer never turneded it in until now. >> this certainly is very concerning to us that a police officer whetherer retired or active would not know to submit and turn in evidence or what is believed to be evidence. >> todd: the discovery comes after renewed interest in the case thanks tie television mini ries. he the knife is now being tested for foreign ticks >> neki: right now preparations underway for the carnival on the mile celebration. weectend kicks off with carnival on the mile which takes place in
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>> todd: well carnival and calle ocho, both festivals track thousands of people each year. eat convenient going on since 1978 and one of the largest cl tour ral tell sel operations s the country. >> todd: and local 10 sanela sabovic live out there. momo is it looking so far sana? >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning nek and todd n. a few short hours coral gables will be packed with food and music and art lovers. you can see preparations are under way. just a little after 5:30 the stage getting set up. we saw other crew members setting up tables and chairs. it's a success year after year. let's show you what a great party it was last march. a ten degrees were able to eat good food and take in good music with dozens of per for mempletz not only is the festival full of great food and miew music but artist.
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mark the mile. they were here last year oomplet and the ha kiwanis club from little havana. and so much for the family to enjoy. and rs you can also meet our local 10 tall eefnlt noon to 2:00 p.m. christina, shyann malone. will manso and bty davis will also join the team from. 2:30 on you can meet calvin hiewrksz jeff weinsier. michael side enand victor oquendo and hatzel vela and erika va tear ri. >> and if there is always tomorrow. noon to 2:30, neki and todd and clay ferraro and kristi krueger and ericutzy and from 2:30 to five meen meet jennifer correa and liane morejon. a great time. kicks off at 10:00 a.m. last for a good 12 hours of partying until 10:00 p.m. night and it looks like the
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last yeaea a little bit of a washout. so neki and todd, i'll be here. be here all morning longake in the festivities and preparations and we'll see you shortly. reporting live on coral gables. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: and try the food and let us next we're going tomorrow. let us know what to eat. >> neki: so we prioritizi the calories. >> todd: exactly. >> reporter: definitely. ll be here. i'll let you know. >> neki: she got it. >> todd: and aaron andrews trial sm deengd. the jury is expected to be de lib rer rate soon. >> neki: coming up we're hearing from her attorneys in the closing arguments. >> todd: and oo and millions of americans deal with vision problems every year but did you know there is a testthat can detect problems in children as young as six months old.
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up next in the healthast. >> neki: a jury could soon be de libber flaight erin andrews case. crossing argument yesterday. the sports caster is suing the soccer and owners and managers of the marriott for $75 million claiming the hotel is part par shallly to blame for the secretly recorded nude video that went viral.
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without the negligence of the nashville marriott. >> this could of been stopped. >> neki: the video of andrews getting out of shower was viewed by 17 million people.. she says that incident has caused lasting and emotional scars. >> todd: the florida legislature has proposed a 3 billion dloor gambling deal between he seminole triem tribe of florida and rick would have a rawd them to add craps and roulette toot theh casinos as well as slot machines. they promised new jobs and expansion of casinos if the deal was approrod. >> 5:40 now and time to check in with jen. jennifer: hey guys and good morning south florida, dark and early out there. we're tracking showers on radar. not every one is seeing the rain. mainly northeast of miami-dade so far the past hour. but a lot of you may not be heading out the door just yet. if you do you'll notice wet roadways in tse areas. here's a look at your radar and satellites.
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wake up to mostly cloudy skies. especiallyly for northern miami-dade including right along the coast up into broward as well. looks like clear skies though for ntheast broward. and then patches of clouds over the keys as well. so notice there are a few showers offshore but i'm going to zoom right here where we're seeing a couple more showers that are pushing onshore over miami beach. so miami beach you've been seeing most of the rain the past couple of minutes, the past 30 minutes. even down into wynwood. these though you see thehe yellow markings. that means it's ro producing moderate rainfall so. these are a little heavier than the ones earlier which were just light dris drizzle so. far those are the only showers to talk of right now but we can still see a few more later on today once that east breeze is in place. right now we're talking about winds mainly out of the north. as high pressure still in control over the southeast. but just because you have high pressure doesn't mean it's a completely dry day. especially when you do have a
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it helps produce the showers offshore and rolls onshore. also tracking this huge area of cloud cover. it is slowly moving towards the east across the the south. southeastern portion of the gulf of mexico. this will mosos likely impact south florida giving us lots of cloud coverage. especially over the keys. so even if there's no rain there, will be a lot of cloud cover later on today. especially from miami-dade on southward. here's a look at your current temperate. 66 degrees for miami. 62347 key west. area. dy mention we do have a north lir wind right now. anywhere f fm three up to 8 miles per hour. but later on today thrb out of the east. in house model detecting the showers rolling on shore and still a chance as we head into the lir afternoon hours but even sunday early in the morning or over night around:00 a.m. coastal showers still apossibility around 20 to 30% chance. then by sunday afternoon, skies
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and it will end up being a beautiful day for the end of the weekend. today if you're heading out to the beach, still use that sunscreen despite the cloud coverage. your surf at least 2 feet and above that two to 4 feet but no advisories out there. the@bays a moderate chop and winds over the water east northeast ten to 15 knots. all right if you're heading out and joining your one and only local 10 and want to see art and dance to music. head to carnival on the mile. take the umbrellas with you just in case cause of the chance for a few showers early in the day and also a breeze will kick in but will still be warm out there with highs 79. tomorrow's$ highs 81 degrees. rain chance lower as we start offerl next week. todd jie. >> todd: in today's health cast your eyes are the windows to the world sow want to keep them heaeahy but vision problbls are often difficult to de tefnlgt especially in our young children. kristi kreuger shows us a new test that can cause vision impair ments for kids as young
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>> neki: ee just six months old but adorae easter bo is gaight checkup. t- the vision test see how well his eyes communicate with his brain. >> it's the only objective test we have night care industry to functionally tell us how the vision system is work. >> the ces tes can detect this known as am plea o pee a. a stigma tism and even cancer. you hear students finding out they have vision problems and strug nlg school and a don't want them to go there. >> we have the ability to come into the doctor's office and have it schoakd why not. >>? i want to you look straight ahead. dr. dan lieuel says most children are five or six years old before vision problems are detect oovmentd but the earlier kids like anthony are diagnosed, the berer the out come. at test takes less than one nute per. >> jennifer: no die alation needed and no sedation and
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too. test say series of animation and music. ever couple of seconds it will flash a black and white bar tha stip laits the child's neurological system and measure the signals that goes from the front of the eye to the brain. >> for parents the test means peace of mind. hi a sister that wore a patch when she started bpk and they can detect anything wrong with my daughter madeline at an early airnlings the earlier the better. i'm all about preventative care. cost for the test is about $150. only available ate couple locations in south florida right now. head to tower owr web site at local and find out thousand get in touch with the eye care center. >> neki: coming up next in some morning's ports yeah. the heat look to keep the streak laif in phillie >> todd: and they are looking for a new nickname and you could be the one to ge it to him? >>
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>> reporter:
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folks. >> good morning i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sportsrap. dywane wade says he wants to see the heat team win the games they are supposed to win. this three game stretch would qualify and so far so good. they tyke on an awful start.
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start hassan white side. meet heat with 44 points in the first quarter. and throwing that down. phillie had the lead but it's wade to the rescue. take this one in and throws it down to diet ball game up. and later it's wade again and won. big game for wade. miami wins 112 could to 102. and wade says hey, maybe it's time for a new nickname i was trying to find, i'm trying find out what is facing miami. i'm outf my prime but not father time so. whatever the in between. i need everybody to give me a word out there of what that is. you're an optimist prime right now is what it is. first thing that came to mind. you don't have to love. it just embrace. it i'll work on. it we'll leave it up to twitter that's great. golf stick around for n- doral yesterday. a rollercoaster day for phil mickel son. at 1.10 under par
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however we come to the field nay big way and get pass. fivender for the tournament heading into the third rowfnltd e lierd adam scovment a great attempt 79 for eagle right here. he is ten under par after two rounds. and spring training a big day on hand for the mets in st. lucia. pick tupg in the second inning. an absolute blast by destine hood. crushes that one. making a strong case. fish had a fr to one lead in this one. hits that deep to left and actually stay in the ball part park butute still got a home run it out of and inside the park job this ending in a four to four time. the`6th ranked canes team taking on manhattan this. all um. john reeves want rbi sith here. and career high ten strike jowts. crains roll in thihione tone zip. and un wins the team playing fsu. the finals.
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thomas in this one. five, # pointers. the u will take on notre dame in the semis at n nn today. i'm clay ferraro. that is your local 100 morts morning sports wrap. >> a and that is great. >> todd: wait to see this basketball shot. .06 of a second levment the player misses the free throw and the ball is in the hands of t t other team. what do they do? chuck it. the player heaves the shot and nails. it the shot sent it into over time but that wasn't enough because they lost by tief foot. but they will remember that moment forever. >> i. >> neki: i will give them a nes dance for that. >> todd: and i have a nickname. d tween. done and. >> neki: a little girl had
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she did wha any stod letter would do. >> todd: call 911. >> neki: absolutely. >> todd: and we have a look at what the officer said. >> neki: and dark and early. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans s rk hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> todd: welcome back. a police officer responds to an unexpected 911 call from a 2-year-old in south carolina. >> neki: i'll happened in greenville west of columba.
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her parents knowing because she needed help getting dressed. the officer was shocked when the toddler optd door the door opens up and she came running out to the front with half a pant laig leg on. i just ended up sitting down on the stairs and helping her put on the res of her pants and it was almost like a reward. she justwanted a hug. >> her parents taught her how to call 911 in case of an emergency but they were surprised that she did it. >> todd: and just to get her pants on. one leg at a time. >> neki: i was reading more on line on. it she called and said hello, llo a couple times and then she hung up. >> todd:kay. >> neki: so she responded and then they head up. >> and another girl who called 9111 because she knocked something off theelf. >> todd: and it's not malicious but they've been taught to call 911 and now they need to learn when to call. >> neki: that'ss right.
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started here on the weekend news. >> neki: here's what's we're working on for the news starting at 6:00 a.m. still head we are following a safety alert out of pompano beach after a man tried to to kidnap a teenager. >> >> todd: and a correctional officer is behind bars after allegedly extorting inmates she was supposed to be helping. >> neki: and voters in five different states preem prepare to caucus and vote in pry mare rye reez. >> todd: local 10 news at 6:00 is just head. >> neki: a look out of the miami tower cam. dark and early. i try hard to get a great shape. this... i can do easily. benefiber healthy shape` helps curb cravings.
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benefiber >> neki: right now on local 10 news, a safety alert after a girl nearly escapes an abduction and returns to safety jierks and a correctional officer cues fdof extorting cash from inmates. >> n ni: and big day for voters in five states as they prepare to choose their candidates. >> todd: and a big weekend in south florida. they host the carninal celebration. but will the weather be pleasant fo the celebration? jennifer correa has the forecast. >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: good saturday morning every one. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: i'm todd tongen. thank you for wake wups.
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what the weekend forecast looks like and w wre noarpg a good one jen. >> jennifer: good morning every one. good morning south florida. and starting off with a few showers out there. let's get to it zooming in noheast miami-dade county. miami beach dealing with these showers over the area but it slowly suppresses southward. now there is this one shower roll oaferg miami beach and as we speak it was heavier. starting to lighten up a little bit. you get the picture. coastal showers in store for thrning and more on today expected. i'll have more details on that and i'm expecting lots of cloud cover due to this area of clouds. a lot that is push oaferg the southeastern gulf of mexico and pushing towards the east ooncht than that, it will be mostly cloudy throughout the morning hours. we'll still see a litite bit off sunshine which will help to warm things up. temperatures hitting the mid 70s by 10:00 a.m. and again. take the umbrellas with you if you're heading out early. most will have a few showers developing later throughout the day.


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