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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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he is live with how everyone is doing. michael. >> michael: good evening. right now bso calling this an ongoing investigation. but as you mentioned this was a horrific crash that injured a mother and her 14-year-old son. in fact, that son is here right no his condition unknown at this hour. sky 10 over the scene of a horrle crash in oakland park. investigators say the driver of this suv lost control, veering off the road, plow going through a utility pole before crashing into two people, a woman and a young boy both standing near the bus stop outside this hospital in the areaf northeast 56th street and dixie highway. witnesses rushed to the scene. is man shaken by what he saw. >> i saw a pole dangling, bouncing. i saw a vehicle go right into the wall and also i see this woman in the street. and i was in shock. >> michael: anthony says he made the call for help and the things of got worse as he heard a young boy screaming for help,
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pole. >> a young kid sitting, pinned upped the vehicle with the polethat hit him. apparently a tenth that of pole got knocked oututnd it must of flew and knocked these two people for a loop munch the crash force can authorities to shut traffic in both directions. town it's unclear why the driver lost contrtr of his vehicle. and we're also being told by authorities that the driver who suffered minor injuries, he was taken here to t ts hospital. again we are still waiting on an update on that mother and herer son. we'll continue to follow this story and let you know as s sn as we get an update. for now we are life in fort uderdale, i'm michael seiden. >> laurie: we'll wear hoping the best for them of coursrse now we want to bring aafety alert. deputies say a man used candy to lure a child. let's get to christina vazquez. >> christina: and this is no doubt every parent's worst nightmare. let's first show you the mug shot of 29-year-old, lamont
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what he is accused of doing is luring, as you said, laurie, a five-year-old little girl into the laundry room of a pompano beach apartment complex, first offering her candy. when she refused, broward sheriff's office is telling us he then asked her to stand near him and then, corning to bso, the child said that he sexually assaulted her. he also told her to keep it a secret, and thank goodness she did not, revealing the information to a family member. here's the most important part, the most interesting and important for all the parents in the pompano beach area. the bso, it's their understanding that perps he's befriend demint neighborhood, both girls and boys, with candy. it's a very delicate conversation to have with your clearly an important one. if you have any information the broward crimestoppers at that time 954-493-tips. again that's 954-493-tips. and, of course, your call will
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>> calvin: four p pple now behind gars ever bars after a mother allegedly kidnaps her toddler over the week. police arrested leydibet hernandez in texas after she disappeared with her 2020onth-old son. this executive surveillance video shows huh man going to a car believed to be hernandez's. he text somethihi out of back seat, then disappears on the other side of the vehicle. the suv was later towed from a miami street. that's when the child was reported missing early sunday morning. those arrested in connection with this case along with horizon far right of the screen include theoy as grandmother, caretaker and hernandez he's boyfriend. they are now facing charges of interfering with custody and making a false police rort. the child is now safe. sky 10 over the scene of this possible robbery in pembroke pines here. police say the suspect ditched a begun along north university drive. here you can see the weapon on t`e side of the road. the man allegedly attempted to rob a store in a nearby shopping center. he waste taken into custody in the pardoning lot of hooter's restaurant at pines boulevard and university drive. 6.
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reagan today. the flag flying atop the white house that was lowered to half-staff in ohrn of the ir iv first lead who died over the weekend.nancy reagan leaves behind a legacy of class and elegance, both during h h husband's time in office and after. and now plans are being finalized for her funeral on friday. it was 12 yearsgo, nancy reagan gave this emotional goodbye to her beloved husband, hugging ronald regas casket. now preparations are underway for the former first lady to be buried next to himfter she died sunday morning of heart failure in her bell air home. >> and she died very peacefully. it was her time. >> laurie: reg' love story spanned more than 50 years from hollywood all the way to the white house. mrs. reagan never leaving her husband's side. outside the ronald reagan presidential library with
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condolences pour in from around the world. former first lady barbara burb saying "we take comfort that they will be reunited once more." >> i know how much she meant not just to president reagan but to the country as a whole. he was lucky to have her, and i'm sure he'd be the first to acknowledge that, so she will be missed. >> laurie: nancy reagan was her husband's nose trust tread adviser and famously launched the "just say no" drug campaign. >> what should you do when someone e fers you drugs? >> no! >> laurie: she later became the president's fierceliy devoted caretaker during his battle with alzheimer's. >> if a death can be peaceful and lovely, that one was. >> laurie: at the nation's capitol flags have now been lower today half-staff in her ohrn. nancy reagan's funeral had been held on friday. the general public is going to ve a chance to pay they are respects before a private
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library with more than 1,000 invited guests, including former presidents and heads of state. the death of nancy reagan has hit home for so many across the country, including our on local10 photojournalist judy. judy was a member of the white house press pool during the reagan years. she captured this amazing photo moments ar iv president reagan announced he was rung for a second term. thanks for sharing this with us,-eyed. >> calvin: now to vote 2016. last night. it was a heated debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders on things such as th water crisis in flint. now both parties looking forward to another tuesday primary where a round of states will wei in on who should be on the november ballot. 150 d@legates are up for babbs for republicans. democrats 156 delegates a stake. >> so if i'm president, i'll take car of the big stuff.
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marco rubio, ted cruz and donald trump are hoping. >> we want to increase our delegate total. >> 'll we'll see what happens but we have some good ones. michigan -- i've been fighting hard for cars. >> calvin: there are 150 gop delegatess at state in mississippi, idaho with hawaii but the biggest prize is mitch with 51 delegates u u for grabs. trump leads with 359. rubio and case itching are far behind. >> this is going to bee a very different kind of primary where the gel gart going to count. >> calvin: lut but can any of trump's chargers dania beach catch him tomorrow? the latest poll those trump has 36% of likely michigan voters, cruz as the 23%, but with weekend wins in kansas and maine he's anger he's the only candidate who can beat frump and ultimately the democratic nominee. >> if we're divided, donald wins, and if donald win then all likely hillary wins ask so we have to come together.
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also have contests with 156 delegates at stake in mississippi and michigan. >> all of you going to be out voting tomorrow? >> calvin: senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton are countries costing mitch. the p pl those sanders has ground to make up. clinton has a 13% levered likely democrat voters in michigan. in florida our primary election is coming up next week on march 15th. >> laurie: after a remarkable 18-year career, legendary nfl quarterback peyton manning is calling it quits. will manso our sports director viteere with peyton's retirement announcement. >> will manso: peyton manning will no doubt be remembered as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the histories nfl. manning was thank by several members of the brokers including john el bay. manning's stats with eye popping over 9,000 passes, more than
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that's not to mention the twosuper bowl rings and five mvp awards. manning's news coffins today was emotional and he tried to euro. >> a week before the super bowl our daughter mosley asked me, dwyane wade is this the last game? yes, mosley, it's tht last game of the season. i sure do want you to win that trophy. i do, too, mosley and that's what we're going to try to do. then she asked, daddy, is ts the last game never and that's when i shook my head in mavs amazement because i was thinking daughter -- >> morton adam schefter, nfl insiders that tends to break news stories. the last word that manning said at his news conchs was "omaha" which he famously said so many times at the line of scrimmage. manning said he's not sure what waste he's going to do next. th next thing is play golf with
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he will be inducted in this pro football hall of famee in 2021. with miami over two weeks away we're learning big news in tennis world. maria sharapova said that she failed a drug test at the australian open. sharapova tested positive for sort of performance enhancing drug. no word yet hor status for the tournament here in south florida. >> calvin: will, thahas a lot. it is big breaking news, too, and also some -- a major breakneaux in medicine. doctors have pformed the first uterus transplant in america. our medical specialist kristi krueger is in you're newsroom with the details for us. >> kristi: that is medina a medical mileston and today queer we are meeting that woman who lived the very first uterus transplant. the 3626-year-old womany lindsey as well as her husba ind jo dorks cleveland clinic today they detailed their surgery. lindsey had functioningovers about the no uterus and says when she was 16 years old doctors told her she would never have children.
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late last month and will allow her to become pregnant use up in vitro fertilization so she can carry her own child. >> i have prayed that god would alalw me the opportunity to experience pregnancy, and here we are today at the beginning of that journey. >> uterus transplant is not just about a surgery and for moving a uterus from here to there. it's about having a healthy baby, and that goal is still a couple of years'. >> kristi: so linds has to& actually wait as you just heard a full year before becoming pregnant and then would have have will have to deliver by c-section. unlike with other organs e uterus transplant is designed to be temporary. after one or two children the organ will be removed. researchers hopop to do ten of these. sweden has roared five successful births so far. calvin. >> calvin: kristi, thanks a lot. coming up at 5:00 heart stopping video showing the dramatic moment a gashing truck fell off
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more of this just released video. >> laurie: first at 4:30 an update eye safety alert out of pompano beach. what's being done to track downthe man who tried to abduct a teenage girl. >> calvin: hulk hogan takes the stand in a $100 million lawit but he didn't hold back. we have his testimony after the break large and all new at 5:00, protecting yourself from check fraud, what you need to know so you don't become a victim to one of the most popular schemes out there.
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christina." >> calvin: hulk hogan on the stand testifying in his privacy trial against website gawker over a sex tape. hogan is suing gawker for $100 million. >> laurie: when he took the stand, you can imagine he didn't hold back. christina vazquez is in the newsroom with the highlights coral springs this is no doubt a high profile case of the fortunately wrestling super star suing gawker, arguing they unvaded his privacy by posting
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gawkeraid hogan regularly discussed his sex life in public prior to the tape's release. hogan hogan testified that the video was during a messiy divorce process when he turned to a radio personality bubba. he said bubby and his wife have have an open marriage and when heent to their house for comfort, they taped the encounter without his permission. >> my gut was telling me this was off, this was wrong, and from the feeling i have, bubba newer not filming this, are you? he slashed intme. what's the wrong with you? i'm jury f-ing best friend. how dare you say that to me? i would never do that, and it froze me in his tracks. that's how i ended up staying in that situation. >> christina: gawker arse it's posting of the tape is protected by the first amendment. >> laurie: christina, thank y y.
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with our betty davisnd what a gorgeous day it was out there. things got a little cloudy out there this afternoon. i'm change complaining, though. >> laurie: it was a great weekend for couldn't have mile. everne was raving. this is heavenly. >> betty: it is, and it continues for the balance of the week. we will be on the breezy side so get used to that, calvin hughes and everyone else out there. that breeze not going anywhere. this is our money shot through the lens of our mallory square camera looking absolely gorgeous out there this afternoon. we are noticing the sunshine getting through. and here's miami 5 we have had a few more clouds than many of you perhaps would le to see, but in the grand scheme of things or weather pretty pleasant ts afternoon. low to mid-70s. miami at 74. pembroke pines, how did you still hanging out in the mid-70s. key west vive right now. pompano beach i hope you had a goodonday, 75 degrees. this is the forecast the rest of the each. mainly dry.
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some of you may see that drop-off into the lower 70s, and our temperatures will generally hold low to mid-70s through the battle of evening all thanks to this swift east breeze, a breeze that's not going to die down. right now we have winds sustained 15 plus miles an hour. at times gusting a little higher than that. we're getting that wind direction around an area of high pressure right along the carolina coast,, clockwise flow around that high, thus we get the east-northeast breeze. also notice we're watching a storm system out to the west, some moisture now starting to return into places like dallas, so the weather gets a little rough there but not here. for us it's a about the flow around the high pressure and that high pressure being in control, keeping our weather relatively nice on tueueay. so for tomorrow it's a brisk breeze, clouds mix with the sunshine. same setup on wedneay. winds become more east-southeasterly, that breeze is still going to be noticeable. people be tracking this frontal system as it starts to bring severe weather into the
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that is not our concern, though, as we're heading through the mil of the week unless we have interests over in that direction. so more of the same on@the way here. we'll start tomorrow morning upper 60s, highs make that climb into the upper 70s, rain chance adjust 10%. if you are making tomorrow a beach day, keep in mind the rip current risk is going to be high with that strong east wind. wednesday, thursday we're heading up into the lower 80s. friday lower 80s. are you on spring break this week? this is the week to be he. by saturday there will be a frontal system moving through. that enhances our chance for rainfall but hopefully behind it we clear out for calle ocho. we won't necessarily cool down but we will get drier weather back in here c the spring beak breakers are all over fort lauderdale. let's get a check on our traffic. >> laurie: 95 has been a bit of a mess the last few days. sanela sabovic how is the monday lookong? it's still a mess. this i-95 northbound lan and
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was a crash right around here. let's get you to our map. again i-95 northbound lanes, northwest 62nd street, speeds clocking in at 18 miles per hour. so it't' not looking too good. further up north on-95, a crash right around 151st street northbod lanes, speeds clocking in at 47 miles@per hour. not too bad there. let's cruise on up to broward county where there was another crash close to deerfield beach around southwest 10th street, southbhbnd lanes you can see delays are stretching all the way north to bocaaton. let's get you to some speeds right there. 9 miles per hour. take us 1 as an alternate if you want to avoid that. >> calvin: still ahead at 4:30 now, a search for a shooter who took aim at a teenager. it ctinues today. we'll tell you how that teen is doing.
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with pro-bowler brent grimes.. uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day ororight,
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>> will: busy, busy, busy news for the miami dolphinsat verge of making a big move, according to mult reports the fins are finalizing a dade trade with the eagles that would bring them cornerback bryon max maxwell, came from seaeale's talented defendants for a lot of money,, struggled last year. it would also keep licenseo. tpa dolphins mauk this official it could be the end of the the dolphins brent grimes. if heoes not take a pay kate, the dolphins will cut hum. marlins' fans holding their breath right now. slugger giancarlo stanton did not flate spring training game for team, and corning to the
4:25 pm
jupiter with soreyness in his right knee, the same knee he had chips removed from in 20 obviously 2. the panthers upped wrap up their road trip out west, the latest loss to the coyotes. the cats will be on home ice tonight be, help face the bruins are. also is necessararand flyers on this three-game home stand. the miami heat he won five straight games after beating the sixers last night. this washe play of the game with the whan blocking and dwyane we on the other seven-day a biggien throwdown. the heat up. they next start a road trip to milwaukee. that was great but maybe the most memorable moment of the game was tt. trying to leap over several other mascots and i think he came up a polit shortr. coming up at 5:00 you're going to@seeee more of this. we're going to break it down, analyze the videotape and let you know how those two mascots doing. >> laurie: you know what they say about payback.
4:26 pm
>> calvin: talk to you in two octaves higher, will. thank k u very much for that. >> laurie: ouch. >> calvin: the rundown is ready for 4:30 now. >> laurie: new details on a safety alert out of pompano beach. a man who tried to object abduct a 13-year-old girl is still on the loose. >> calvin: a search for a shooter who took aim at a teen over the weekend. the victim shot twice. we have an update on his condition. >> laurie: and one arrest brings aa whole crime spree tie stop in
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>> laurie: new details about a safety alent in pompano beach, the search for a suspected kidnapper continues today. police say he was after a 13-year-old girl. >> calvin: and that would be a victim and her family still on edge today. local10 news reporter andrew perez z live now in pompano beach for us with the story. andrew. >> andrew: detective told us a short time ago they've gotten so many tips, so many leads ever since we aired this story firston friday, but they still need that one more piece of information to get them to the guy that they are looking for. i want to show you the surveillance video, get you
4:30 pm
going on, this story captured national headlines over the weekend. a 13-year-old is seen running for her life moments after a man tried to grab her in front of of pompano beach high school. she was walking home from her school when the man we're told in this stretch tries to call her over from his tan suv, possibly an explorer. when she ignores him, though, he allegedly got out, grabbed her. she fought him off and ran. that's where she was running if that surveillance video. that video captured on a surveillance camera that's on a daycare across the street from the high school. this man is believed to be in his late 40s, early 50s. there is a reward up for grabs here. you are end curled to call crimestoppersers, 954-493-tips and remember you can remain anonymous. >> calvin: take another good look at this guy here. police are desperate to get him f the streets. if you recognize him, call
4:31 pm
the phone number 954-493-tips or (954)493-8477. >> laurie: a search for a shooter who took aim a teenager over the weekend continues today. a 16-year-old boy was shot twice nears his home. local10 nene reporter erica rakow has an update. >> erica: police say the teen was standing outside of this on his in miami gardens was shot at least a couple of times. theyp say a truck grove by here, started spraying the house with bullets. you can still see evidence of that. and then drove off at least seven mark on the front of this house and a shattered front window. it's here that gunshots rang out hitting the miami gardens home multiple times yesterday evening. >> we need the public's help to stop this nonsense. >> erica: police say a 16-year-old michael green who lives here was standing outside the h hse when he was shot at least i have twice around 5:00 sunday evening. it was at least three people
4:32 pm
towards the home with corning to investigators. >> right now we're looking for a red pickup truck which is involved with multiple subjects inside the vehicle. >> ma'am. >> erica: no one in the home interested in letting local10 now how the teen is doing today, although he's still in the hospital and defect are trying to track down the people who did this and the truck they took off in. it's actually a red or maroon pickup truck that police are trying to find. they do not have a license plate on that vehicle, so if you know absolutely anything, give crime storms a call. that number in miami-dade county 305-471-tips. in miami gardens with eric yutzy, e erica rakow. >> laurie: a man is in the hospital after losing control of his car and heading into a canal on keen road and davie when he blew past the sto sign near the florida turnpike. it's not clear what condition that driver is in for what cause topped lose control of his vehicle. another car crashing nygaard
4:33 pm
sky 10 was over this scene on northwest 57th avenue. you can see this silver car sustained a lot of damage. two peoplen that car had to be rushed to the hospital. their conditions not known yet. fire recue says the guardrail was recently replaced after another car hit the veryy same spot earlier this year. >> calvin: caught on camera, a man i accused of stealing a credit card and using it. he cas last seen december 30 at a miami publix liquor store with two other men. if you have any information call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. the searcrc continues for a man accused of shooting an idaho pastor outside of his church. the alleged shooter is 30-year-old kyle odom. odom apparently shot tim remington outside the torch's altar sunday. search members say he was shot four times in the back while walking to his car. last night church members held a vigil fore their pastor. >> in jesus' name amen. >> all the people that society
4:34 pm
goes out and he's -- he reaches out to them and says, you know what? you are worth something. >> calvin: remington is expected be okay, but police say they don't believe the shooting was in connection with a ted cruz rally. laurie: a new york crime spree came to an end with the arrest of this man. poce say he is suspected of stang a man to death and even attacking officers. police frantically chasing a murder suspect through the streets of astoria, queens sundays afternoon, then this, several shots fired as@police converge on the suspect at a home. that's where police say they encountered 23-year-old james patrick dillon. they say he was waving this green kitchen knife at them and refused to put it down. in his other hand a beer bottle filled with a flammable chical. the munz the suspect then sprayed the officers with the liquid bunker their hands and face. the officers then discharged their weapons shooting the suspect. >> laurie: the officer had to bee
4:35 pm
but are expectant t be acock hat 3:30 morning dillon allegedly attacked a 39-year-old woman. she was slashed in the face and neck but is expected to be okay. then a few hours at a police say dill op stabbed the owner of liquor store the depth the 54-year-old had his neck sliced. investigators say dill op also slide a un ask-year-old m who was in the store and then set both victims on fire. >> he threatened me. he said "if you talk nigh parent, i'll kill up the." >> laurie: doreen has known dillon whose nickname is soda pop, since he was a child. she said dill on wants always troubled and once attacks her son. >> when he punched my son and knocked him on the floor right in front of me in the living room, that's when i told him thatatas the last straw, did not come back. and i told my son stay away from him. >> laurie: new york police say right now the exact charges against dillon haven't been filed. let's turn to georgia now where a high school teacher was
4:36 pm
student in front of the entire class. shaniaiaunter said he was trying to catch upp ahead of a test what i teacher called herumb. hunter said the even drewattention to her vision problems. she record whole exchange on her ipad. >> i've been around for 37 years, and clearly you are the dumbest girl that i have ever met. >> it really hurt me inside because -- . . >> laurie: can you imagine? an attorney took this case on pro bono after hunter he's mom approached the school district responses >> calvin: philadelphia police are now searching for a gunman on the loose today after a restaurant emplqyee was shot during a fight. police say the brother of the employee intererned in homes of resolving the argument, and that's when the customer pulled t a gun and shot that employee. the 19-year-old was taken to the condition. >> laurie: a california man rescued afr you driving his car nigh flooded area.
4:37 pm
climb out of his window and stand on top of his car and wait there for rescue crews. those crews say all the heavy rain h h the area sunday, causing lots of flooding. look athat. the man is doing okay, and he's not injured. >> caln: coming up, you might call this one a rough rescue. caught on camera, what it took to save a furry friend stuck on the ice. >> kristi: coming up up in our healthcast getting oldlr summit doesn't mean you have to give in this dentures. >> laurie: and all new at 5:00 protecting yourself from check fraud. what you need to know so you didn't become a youictim in one of the major schemes out there.
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christina." (phone ringing) yocan't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> calvin: dramatic rescue of a dog trapped in the ice in improvement you see rescuers reach in and grab that dog out of of the the ice. the dog has been out on the water several days but the dog is now safe and thankfully in good health >> laurie: also caught on camera, this missouri bridge going up in smoke after being of saint louis. a new bridge opened last year rendering this old bridge obsolete. >> and strange situation where near houston, texas.
4:42 pm
naked woman began dancing on top of an 18 wheeler. this happened after a highway crash. after the crash the woman climbed on top of the truck and began dancing. it is unclear if she was involved the in wreck. police eventually arrived and took her into custody. >> laurie: flakka in texas, too. we are learning new detail about wednesday's powerball winner. it's pennsylvania judge who won that nearly $300 million jackpot while his brother won just $7. >> calvin: theyought their ics on have aiation in the keys and now the big winner is starting to think about how he's going to spend all that money. christina christina has the christina vazquez. >> we went in and bought a 20-pound block of ice and lottery ticket. >> christina: ha was monday vacationing in florida. james didn't think about it again until friy while sipping his cup of coffee at the same place he goes every monday morning. >> why you headline was one lottery tickck sold in the florida keys for $281 million.
4:43 pm
minute. i was just the in keys. >> chrisisna: when he looked a his ticket, every number a match. >> i read them and almost fell off the counter. >> christina: he screamed with joy and quick alerted his two friends. but he didn't leave before spending a little bittf that cash. >> i did buy the whole restaurant practically.. yes his next purchase? a ride to florida to claim their prize. >> i cheerleaderrered a private jet. >> christina: his phone was off the hook all day long. >> i realized i have a couple more friends i didn't realized i had. >> christina: looking forward. he issa judge and said she will still work but probably scale back his hours. he doesn't know what his first big purchase will be. >> i really haveo idea. i'm not a guy that wants for a whole lot. >> christina: he's also looking forward to helping his family. >> if you can't help family, who can you help?
4:44 pm
crack a joke about helping the legislators with their budget. >> maybe in wolf and those clowns out there need help they can call us. >> christina: there are also a few charities dear to his heart. >> do you believe this? i don't. >> christina: winning the powerball while on vacation. how asome. you can only watch the powerball uk drawing on local10. the next drawing is wednesday night during the local10 news a 11:00. >> laurie: love it. >> calvin: boomer, what's his name again? coral springs i just love the fact that he is in the keys on vacation and he wins, right? not a native floridan. you know about people in the keys are probably thinking, how can this be? how can it be? >> calvin: boomer, he's his name again? >> christina: james stocklast an he's a pennsylvania trudge judge. >> calvin: tt's what i'm trying to get around to. cousin james. >> laurie: i love that he's already hiring a private jet, going to plate safe and come out a few months later. be okay.
4:45 pm
two private jets he'll still be okay. >> liane: want to see that check biff start spending the money. wow. >> calvin: that's true. >> laurie: betty, you have some prize-winning weather here. >> calvin: we're cashing in on this weather. how is that. there. the palms are swaying, they are rocking on the beat of a really strong east wind right now. east-northeast, that's thera jek friday. 20 miles an hohr. temperatures are oh so mild this mounting mid-70s. key west at 75 and fort lauderdale 74. that east wind is going to stay up through the evening, so if you are out on the beaches, maybe having some dinner outside, paper napkins will be flying everywhere are, paper cups, too, because the breeze is kind of strong. temperatures, though, will tend to hang out in the mid and lower 70s for the rest of the evening. not a drop of rainfall to be found. browardd county, miami-dade, the keys, what a way to step into the night, right? maybe the kids have that baseball game or practice and
4:46 pm
cooperate. we can thank an area of high pressure centered right along the carolina coast. that high is going to go a long way tonight in keeping the weather really, really quiet here. we'll be stuck in the flow around that high from tonight into tomorrow, by the w w. meanwhile, middle of the country quay see some shows and storms starting to erupt near dallas into portions of oklahoma, too. this happening ahead of a frontal system that's going to roll out from the west. and oh, by the way, look at californrn, central and southern california dealing with the frontal system that is bringing some much-needed precipitation. so rain from san francisco to l.a. and some of that rain also rotating in around san diego. keep in mind this is i a part of of the country where drought conditions are still extreme to exceptional, so they want the rainfall that they're indeed seeing and they're essential getting. it our story, though, the high pressure. that will tend to be the theme over the next few days. we'll have our winds flowing in from the east. then eventually that beze becoming more southeasterly.
4:47 pm
clouds mixing with sunshine. the rain chance is going to stay really slim. you'll see that reflect in the seven-day planner. the most rainfall we'll get at least for the work week will come in the form of a shower on the breeze, and right now it doesn't look like the chances of those showers on the breeze being all that widespread o o even all that great. so what i'm saying is if you're in town o maybe you already live here and you have something planned outside this week, you are so good to go. go ahead with that track meet. you're going to mauk that happen. if you're heading to the beaches tomorrow, the rip current risk is high. winds from the east 15 to 20 miles an hour. taking the boats out, small craft advisory. seas running about four to six feet off miami-dade and broward, occasionally getting up to eight feet. east-northeast wind 15 to 20 knots, chop oh those bays. temperatures in the more than,we'll say upper 60s to near 70 if you're up early. highs make that climb toward the early upper 70s lower 80s. we'll track a front on saturday
4:48 pm
and behind that one we're still in the 80s. >> calvin: right now rush hour underway. >> laurie: sanelaabovic has the morning rush hour for you. >> sanela: we're monitoring in nasty accident on northwest 62nd avenue, you can see it's virtually like a parking lot. let's get to youou our traffic map so you can see what i'm talking about. red is ner a good sign. it means traffic is virtually at a standstill. speeds here clicking on 15 miles per hour. again northwest 62nd street. avoid that if you can. let's take you now t t the surin pike. there's not an accident here but there are some stalled cars, some stop-and-go traffic between southwest 120th street and the don shula expresswawa florida turnpike. been speeds here clocking in at 19 miles per hour. this accident just popped up on our traffic data here in broward county. i-95 right at the atlantic boulevard exit on the southbound lanes there's a disabled tractor-trailer, but i doesn't look like it's affecting traic
4:49 pm
speeds clocking in at 63 miles per hour. calvin. >> calvin: sanela, thanks a lot. rch is col only cancer washes month but despite national guidelines many people who should be getting screened for this disease are not. local10 news reporter kristi krueger says a new discreet test my help detect cancers but invasive procedures. really? >> kristi: it is something you can do right at home. national studies show one in three adults over the age of 50 are n getting the colonoscopy screeninin, mainly because they're uneasy about the process and the time it does take.e. the good news is for so many them that that the food and drug administration approved an noninvasive screening test that can redetect dna changes with regard to screening tests. the colostreak test does not require do i tare restrictions.
4:50 pm
normal cells every three too five days, and those cells come with normal dna. when there is a tumor, abnormal dna from the tumor can be detected in the stool. and that is what the dna testing is for. >> kristi: so the doctor said the test will not replace the need for colonoscopy but it will be an easy and accurat pre-screening evident method for you to do at hem. the $600 cities not currently covered by your insurance. also in today's health cast something to really smile about today, advancements in dentistry meaning getting older does not mean you have to get dentures. dental implants are now the gold standard really for loose or missing spieth, replacing the need for bridges that damage perfectly healthy teeth. >> it stands alone. it gets actually osteointegrated it. gets cemented almost is bone contact with the implant itself. and then once that is strong and healal, on top of that you put a crown or a cap, woke we'll
4:51 pm
your perfect. you've left everything else huhn kitchen of oh is dr. david janay said implants should be cared for like your regular teeth, including brushing and flossing every single day. with your health news i'm kristi krueger. >> laurie: the vote for this year's emmy award show has been announced, none other than your favorite late night host jimmy kimmel he is once again going to serve as host after headline the show in 2012. the emmys will be take plala on sunday september 10, and look for nomination to be announced in july. kensington palace has released pictures of prince william and his family during a ski trip. oh, my gosh, what fun. these photos show william, his wife caught. look at the face. and their two small c`ildren. they are cher ubs, aren't they? they were all vacationing in the the french alps and this lease of the pictures is part of a recent media agreement where the royals are granted privacy in exchange for an agreed-upon
4:52 pm
is during school holidays. >> calvin: time truly hasas wings. because you remember when they were just born. ing coming up new at fight of now, a mother and son hurt when they're hit by car, one of them pinned to a pole. details. caught on camera. we h he the heart stopping detail that has a garbage truck falling off i-95. >> calvin: and accused of posing as a parking officer.
4:53 pm
police say, today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. it's easy to turn local produceinto a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from floridalabel when you shop.
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from the palof your hand, you can arm your alarm system, lock your doors, cocorol the temperature of your home, turn on your lights, and get notified ofll events. the slomin's shield is world class security. get a free slomin's shield security system professionally installed. call now and slomin's will include your choice of an indoor camera, thermostat or door lock. shield your hom
4:55 pm
>> calvin: eye joyous reunion for a texas family and their dog after he went missing for several months the husky was found 300 miles away from home in tucson, arizona. the family who found hum said they used a microchip reader but what kept both families
4:56 pm
his way to arizona. >> i couldn't believe it. >> i was like, okay, did she take the bus, walk is there. >> thehe chip safed her. if she hadn't been chipped we would be looking for someone to adopt her. >> the his i kay was missing four mows l a series of fake parking tickeke has several people gecht rick rolled. the tickets of poppe up on parked cars and some people have even tried to pay them. for one thing the fine is with hundred dollars p, tenn times more than it should be and there's also a qr coden tickets that than the woo normally be there. >> it's extra wor causes aggravation and frustration for our citizens, and i really think somebody's doing it for a prank. >> it was kind of surprpring to go to a link for a you tube video and i went to it it was featuring some rock star that i didn't know who it was. >> laurie: talk about a prank. it does bring them to this moose
4:57 pm
give you up co-" >> c cvin: dozens of tattoo artists traveled to oregon this weekend fer to ever green tattoo. organizers say 150 out of of state artists showed up this year. in fact, one booth was set up by biker against child abuse who help empower abused children in that community. check out this photo here from ireland where the nororern lights brightened the sky last night. the photoosted on twitter shows the aurora borealis also known as the northern lights in full force in ireland and parts of the uk. this is a rare sight in this part of the wld. the effect can normally be found further north. that is gorgeous. >> laurie: right now on local10 news at 5:00, we are seeing what it was like for the driver of this garbage truck tt took a frightening fall off celebrate 95. >> calvin: and the@ driver of an suv loses control and plows into a mother and son, balad injuring the boy who was trapped under a hue tilt pole.
4:58 pm
more arrests after they say a mother kidnapped her son later found safe in techs. >> calvin: and peyton manning made it official today he's hanging up his cleats after one of the greatest careers in nfl history realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> laurie: right off the top at five a tragic crash today in oakland pash with, a teenager badly injured after being struck and pinned upppp a u ulity pole. we're still waiting to learn what caused the driver to lose control and crash. he was also injured in this wreck. >alvin: he slammed right into a mother and son walking along that road. local10's michael seiden joins you now with the latest on this investigation. >> michael: the details surrounding this, contract are just horrific. get this. a mother and her 14-year-old son walking detect together down a sidewalk when an out-of-control suv plows into them. tonight that teenage boy is inside this hospital undergoing surgery. tonight a mother and her
4:59 pm
hospital after they were struck by an suv while walking along dixie highwayay in oakland park. the horrific crash happening in front of dozens of witnesses. this man shaken by what he saw. >> saw a pole dangling, bouncing. i saw a vehicle go right into the wall, and also i seen this woman in the street, and i was in shock. >> michael: investigator believe the driverf this suv lost control of his vehicle, veering off the road,rashing into the boy and his mother before slamming into a utility pole. >> i don't want to see anything ever again like that, absolutely not. >> michael: st. anthony anthony says he was one of the first twonessesemake the call for help. >> the kid there, he was just -- you know, his legs were severed and he was -- he was just saying "help me, help me" and he was in shock. i walked away and i couldn't take much more. >> michael: really tough stuff there. again, the big question is what caused this driver to lose control of his suv. we are still working with investigators, trying to figure
5:00 pm
as far as the conditions of the boy and his mother, still unknown. but as you heard in that piece, he looked like he was in critical condition. for now live in fort lauderdale, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> calvin: what a s story. michael, thank you. a very disturbing story from broward now where a man is behind bars after allegedly offering a five-year-old candy and then sexually assaulting her. lament may weather is accused of trying to lure the little girl with candy and touching her in the laundry room of an apartment complex in pop beach. >> laurie: wewre seeing now what it was like for driver of a garbage truck who somehow survived falling off of an overpass i-95 ght down to the street in miami last month. local10's glenna milberg is live for us in miami with more of this frightening video. glenna. >> glenna: split screen shows miami waste truck o orator kassim smith at the wheel


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