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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 6AM  ABC  March 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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as you can see wind speeds a tad breezy. fort lauderdale key west with winds topping at 16 miles per hour out to the east. if you want to head to the beach laterton today, it will be a beach day for sure, use the sunscreen. keep in mind high rip current risk is in effect. however, this could change. winds could subside but that will be at a moderate resting. stay safe out there. operators exexeise with wawtion cawtion. bays with a moderate chop and more on the forecast in a few. todd. >> todd: jenenfer thank you. donald trump saking up about not stopping hisrally do to the protest and the reas. >> the video sho the police officer injured in that chaos hit in the head way bottle. he needed stirchls but should be okay another officer and two civilians were injured. >> here's what trump had to say over night i think we have a very dividedountry and it's been that way for a long time
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divide add among many different groups and frankly it's terrible. >> i don't take one has been hurt at our rallies. more than. that we had one the other day 25,000 in flcrida and we've never had anybody hurt. >> todd: chicago police say they did not request that the event be called off and they assured trump and his campaign they would be safe. we'll h he much more on the attention in chicago and other sites. reaction head 5:69:30. >> neki: a ao this morning a father and daughter waking up safe at home after being saved from the stranger at this scene. the car crashing into a canal. they barely made it out. laon livingston is live with more on this rescue that was only here on local 10. good morning layron. >> reporter: good morning dmik and of course every one loves when every win walks way safely situations.
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is no hero just doing what any one would do as he was pass ago long this canal and soughtan in the water and made sure to get the people inside that van out to a late night call. >> i just told him thank you. >> beceuse of a close call were it not for a perfect strange once i busted the window opt littleirl jumped on to my neck and 10-year-old is laif thanks to that man. she ended up with a a gash to the head after the family van dook a took a dangerous drive. and i knew god would be witit us. she and her dad on the way toschool when the brakes got stuck and dad lost control. they ended up crashing into the canallon west sunrise in plantation. with the water rising dad and daughter were trapped. dad waited in the wack seat to hold his daughter boft water. >> he was pushing me up because he thought i was buckled.
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come our way. don't worry, god with l- come our way. >> oh yes. >> three times and then t t good samaritan came and got us out. >> he hit the window and pulled her out. >> r`porter: this family grateful for the man who flungd after then them. the stranger turned life long threat friend. >> and you sought dad and daughter there. they can not stress enough how grateful they are to that man for coming just in the nick of time. they were rung out of air in the water when the man showed up. >> and reporting live out, layron living stofnlt local 10 news. >> todd: and this is a view from the ground shows the car went up that tree before knock itown. miami-dade fire rescue says the driver was alert but pinned under the steering wheel. crews had to go to the back seat to pull him out no. word on his condition yet. crews working to contain the brush fire that has burned
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it happened west of the turn tyke piek at west 6th street no. homes or buildings near by. the home burned 705 acres. it is 30% contained. >> neki: a brazen burglar caught on camera. surveillance video shows a man and black shirt scoapg out the home in kendall on southwest 12th street. he then pried open a side door to the home and snatched power toosms the man took off with nine grand worth of stolen goods. if you have any information call miami-dade crime stoppers, the number 305-471-tips. and a teen shot and killed by a home owner after being uuspected of break nooght home in west miami-dade. goan lynn janette shot and killed trayvon johnson after detectives say she saw him leaving through a side door. that's when some there was some sort of all tra indication and shots were fired.
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>> todd: family and friends gathering for a private funeral service to celebrate the life of nancy regular again. the thousand he gathered at reagan lie rare b air ri on friday. the guests including michelle obama and hillary clinton and george and laura bush. and prime minister ma ro knee read a love lel letter from ronald reagan to his wife. i love the whole gang of you, mommy, first lady, the sentimental you, the fun you and the pee wee power house you. >> todd: after the funeral mrs. reagan was laid to rest next to her husband. she died of congestive heart failure at her bellair home on sunday at age of 94. >> neki: and nown the one eefnltd a broward deputy caught on camera rufg up an inmate. the video shoho chris ten con naly grabbing the inmate august dri west and jerking her out of a chairn chair and forcing her
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they say the incident beg when con naly refused to give her a tam upon. >> she punch punched me in the face several times. my face was swollen. my i was swollenhut. >> con naly was not arrested but she is expected to appear in court april 28th. she is being charged with miss de mean more battery. opa locka is facing sur beau lent times after the mayor of miami-dade county is asking the state to intervene in the operation. opa lockaayor taylor and her husband are under an investigation for an alledged kick wack scheme related to a sewer project, they are accused of taking $150,000 from the city to support their own finance ooze miami-dade county identififi possible miss spending of transit funds and realized over the course of several months. as of today the city of opa locka owes miami-dade county roughly $1.4 million. >> todd: carlos what menness
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federal worke day served a ser are ch war. hulk hogan's attorneys rested their case in the million dollar sex taim tape against gawker. they say gairk enjoyed a huge web traffic and user boost through that sex taik tape. but attorney tried to to push the expert over when whre was talking about the video itself or a post about the video. >> the prem mits about your opinion is that, average number of monthly users increased following the hulk hogan tape right? >> it did yes. >> andour calculation was based on the fact that the hogan post had 5.3 or 5.4 million views right?>> correct. >> neki: hogan is suing gawk thear a sex tape @hst ond the web site was filmed withoutpermission. >> todd: and it's almost time to spring forward. that dread day when we lose an
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daylight saving timim is tough on our bodies but means we'll enjoy the sunor an extra hour. don't forget to change your clocks to vietd confusion tomorrow. and officials recommend doing a seasonal safety check as you change the clocks, you change your smoke alarms that are older than ten years old should be replaced. and carbon monoxide larms should be reflaisd they are five years or older. and checkck if your family's emergency prepairedness or first aid kit needs to be restocked. >> >> neki: time for little sports. the caifnltz their fight to stay in the acc championship going late into last night. >> todd: but t battle against the cavaliers was not easy. we'll have the results and what it means for march madness head ier. >> jennifer: and good morning south florida. starting off at 70 degrees in miemplet i want to remind you, we springorward.
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automatic. make sure you set your clocks forward before you fall a sleep. if not f havyou plans on sunday, lub late. we lose that hour of sleep. i'll have the seven day forecast when we come back. >> todd: and also a disturbing video ave little boy being tbheant public. weel his parents were arrested. we'll haveore on the charges exclusive.
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>> todd: the rain is causing major flooding in texas near houston. pier is submerged and boating prohibited. unknown if the lake will open in time forpring break eempletz and in louisiana rescuers rescued 250 people there. and they forced 3500 people to leave their homes. that rain is now moving into alabama causing flood waters to rise on the coast. >> neki: over the weekend el nino is expected to dump more snow in northern california. the sierra nevada mountains will see asuch as 4 feet of snow in some areas. the state which h been in a drought for five years gets a 3rd water from the see area snow pack and it will also wring braing to the sacramento areas. >> todd: and that sounds good.
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for spring break. >> todd: pray for powder. >> neki: he takes a break at this time of yr because all the spring breakers are here jen. >> todd: i get out of town. >> jennifer: meanwhile the spring brairkz that are up noh and in the cold, they want to come down here to sunny south florida. but yeah, always greener on the other side. well, todd i hope and i'll pray r snow out there in wyoming. meanwhile back here in sout florida what we're hoping for is basically sunshine and here's a live view out of hollywood beach cak cam. absolutely gorgeous. a few clouds but other than that along the coast waking up to clear skies. there's that breeze. you can tell by the way the leaves on the p pm trees are swaying. we expect small craft operate towards exercise with caution. ri current risk is still high for today. now as far as the sea, they should be aund two to 4 feet. lightning up a bit but also we
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basically remain in control as it continues to push offff towards the east over the atlantic and that is going to help too bring us some nice weather for today. we'll be warm out there. temperatures warming up into the w 80s for this afternoon. now, as far as the nexteveral days, we do expect even warmer temperatures. now, as far as t t rainfall, we're expecting a higher chance for rain returning tomorrow. at 40%. butthis doesn't mean a complete washout for sunday. what it means is the daytime heating plus the sea breeze taken into efct could help to produce a few showers along that sea breeze on the inland areas and to the north of broward county. now, if we were going to get a shower inn miami-dade t would be isolated. the coverage is not wide spread. don't forget spring forward night calle o ho. wake towpght low 80s. if we don't get the rain we'll seat sun and clouds. and 30% chance of rain on monday. otherwise we're drying things
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above average through next week. todd. >> todd: thank you jen. now toy couple of events happen toogd. you might want to celebrate smart and sexy day. join south florida entrauma pa niers to host national womb women's history movement held hooltly cross christian school at 10:00 a.m. event set to inspire women and girls of all ages to achieve personal career goals. and the village in pinecrest is celebrating it's anniversasy if w- a parade and pick naik today. begins at palmetto elementary school and 74th avenue. that parade will feature entertainment and floats by local schools and community groups. the picnic begins at 11:00 ate nearby park joo and jie and going green in honor of st. patrick's day. thfort lauderdale st. patrick's day parade and festival ting place this afternoon and mayor jack siler
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>> and the event begins at 9:00 a.m. at huizenga plaza and the parade starts at noon from las olas to river front eat convenient is free. >> todd: well-knn car enthrough site of jerry seinfeld faced a tough crowd while putting up 18 cars for auction. he held the sales at the going and company auction on friday. but with prize seeming to exceed the top value, the porch shaild faild to sell at $5.7 million. seinfeld says he buys cars to drive and enjoy them and wanted to share with other collectors as well. andde has his own garage in new york city. >> todd: he has an internet show called comedians and cars. and he takes comedians for rides in one of his many, many cars like jaylen no. there must be a lirng between comedians and cars. >> neki: nice that he let's us live vicariously.
6:17 am
two men installing a device to steal your information. >> todd: and the thing is how quickly they could do. it the important warning signs to look out yore faux heard. >> neki: and remember this lady moving and groving through the white house. she got a very special surprise. we'll tell you how she celebrated another birthday next. >> todd: but f fst a look at the winning lottery numbers. good luck. a always watching. always tracking. meteorologist jennifer correa on
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your weather authority. >> if you've been strowlg keep that new year's resolution to lose weavment math maybe the problem. >> neki: math? that's my problem. and kristi kreuger explains in our health cast. >> well, you know, most of us know in order to lose weight we need to eat fewer calories and exercise more but did you know your body needs to shed 500 calories every d too bliewses liewz one pownt pound per week. and trying cut out 500 calories at one once mayeem tough but experts say it's not that hard if you start off slowly. >> cutting back on the calories cocong in the portion sizes should be able to accountor 200 to 300 calories for most
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of activities e@xpenditure and see about waking that 1 mile or riding a bicycle. dr. black bern says if you just burn 100 calories more every day without increasing your ca lor ik intake, could you lose 10 pounds in one yeyr. the more intense the activity, the fast thear burn will be. but exercise isn't just about burning calories. it's also about producing the endor fins or feeee good hormones in our bodies. those things help us mentally and emotionally feel better and that's espially important for people battling cancer. ann andy was die ago floased with kidney cancer nine years ago and exercise is one of the things he believes heppedzdz him beat the disease. and he and his wife love biking. and cancer research shows those who like p some type of exercise handle their treatments better ysically and emotionally.
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soy began cycling. cycling provide med a lot of opportunity for fitness and exercise before my cancer and provide me with the opportunity to recover after my cancernd gave met opportunity to become fit again and to feel normal again. >> well, this sunday morning joininndy and me for the ride for relay as we raise money for the american cancer society. it's a 30-mile ride. that's what i'm doing. and a 45-mile ride from the park in pembroke pines through weston and back quan. lots of food and fun at the end of the race. for more information on and how to register for the ride for relate. go to local 1com. i certainly hope to see you there. >> neki: you may remember this 106-year-old woman after the video of her dancing with the first couple went viral last month. well virginia's dream came true that day when shehe met president obama and first lady michelleobama during hervis toit white house.
6:23 am
and to celebrate she got a special surprise from the community. >> neki: the community celebrated the a birthday we dance party. her home got a make overcome pleet way new living room and dining room. >> happy birthday to you. how are you? >> i'm fine. how are you feeling today? >> fine. you know i feel better sinin i see all these nice people. >> neki: she was born in south carolina in 1909. moved to dy crrks in 1941. she has lived through 18 presidents. >> >> neki: what do you got to complain about? >> todd: she doesn't look a day over 89. >> neki: no she doesn't. >> todd: and strange spring breakers and kay on on miami beach. >> neki: road closures and arrest all because of this partying caught on cravment we'll have morehead. >> good morning i'm sanela sabovic.
6:24 am
rally in chicago. hear what trump and his vie valvesnly both sides vague about the brawl. >> jennifer: and good morning s. nightht spring forward and next week march 20thre, astronomical spring and easter sunday march 27th and before you know it, we're in april. there.
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your forecast when (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidides. enough talk.
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no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. >> local 10 news starts right
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>> neki: time now 6:28. taking a live look at our hollywood beach cavment early beachgoers out there looking at the water as you can see. the winds are whipping the palm trees, the water, the rip currents are in full effect. but still a beautiful morning out there. a great way to start your saturday. >> jennifer: a great way todd and neki and it is breezy. but you'll notice not as windy whuvment step outside youou door later on today, it won't be as windy as the past couplef days. here's another live look out of miami'y tower cam. a few puffy clouds out there. mostly cloudy through the over night hours. now the clouds are starting to break apartment. we're seeing sunshine. nice and quiet for us here in south florida. you want to make it a beach day. you can, because rain chance is down to 10%. we'll see sun and clouds but use the sun screen. apply. that also keep in mind high rip current risk will still nb effect but it will lesson to amoderate rip current risk but still mot mo moderate you wanan to be careful out there.
6:29 am
lifeard on duty or stay out of water. and boaters, small craft operator exercise with caution. winds out of southeast ten to 15 knots. ten todd. >> neki: all right jen thank you. a deloping story. railly rage in chicago forcing a donald trump event to be called off after a clash of protesters at the board ears some injured as well and some arrested. >> neki: over night the candidate weigh navmentd and sanela sabovicollowi this from the news room. sanela. >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. another trump rally getting out of hand. trump blaming protesters for this latest round of violence and his rivals say his rhetoric may have something to do with the clashes. >> and the protest really some of them are really vient. i'm not even sure they can control themselves. >> reporter: tensions flaring. utter chaos erupting and supporters and protesters
6:30 am
forsing the tmp p campaign to cancel a rally on friday. and mr. trump arrived in chicago and met with law enforcements and decided for the safety of the people gathered around the arena tonights rally will be postponed until another day. >> chicago police contradict donald trump saying they had adequate resources to control crowd. >> we were informed the event was being canceled. the chicago police departmentt had no role. >> the man himself speaking cnn by phone i'm not a person that wants to see violence. i'm not a person that wants to see people hurt. >> >> reporter: his gop rivals quickly weighing in. >> the responsibility lies with protesters who took violence into their own hands but at any campaign the responsibility starts at stop i think mr. trump needs to own up to the fact that the rhetotoc he has used is has lead to the climate in other
6:31 am
>> reporter: this isn't the first time violence e epted in a trump rally. in st. louis one protestor outside was hurt and more inside hurt. trump leaving them with par ty parting words. go home to mommy. get them out. troublblmakekeemplet and hillary clinton releasing a statement no all of nows matter what party we belong to or what views we hold should say that violence has no place in our politics. we should use our words indeed to bring americans together. five peoplple arrested following the protest and two officers nurt scuff well and we're hearing a report ave cbs reporter de tains taind while he was covering raltly. meanwhile donald trump sp considering rescheduling the rally in chum chicago. reporting from the news room. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: and we're oy three days way from florida's primary election. you c vote early.
6:32 am
mon crow county. early sloaght indications open today, tomorrow and broward and palm beach as well. and more than 63,000 have cast bat olg in the last two week in miami-dade. and 40,000 ballots cast in palm beach county. and we have everything you need to know about voting early, where to go, what to bring. st go to local >> neki: the spring break crowds are here and this morning morning several spring breakers behind bars after getting a little out of control. you can see videos from instagram showing the partying on the beach yesterday. they wer dancing and sing and another shows police cars on the beach ee evacuate you eight them. another shows a crowd surrounding offfcers and a woman who seemed really upset in front of this red car on ocean drive. police are out in full force stage on high alert.
6:33 am
exclusive disturbing video of a father disa pling his terrified little boy and the child's mother seeming to dodoothing about it to stop it. >> witnesses say the parents were angry because the son was homework. the video from february shows the father whipping the child and the boy's mother encourage him. anna and geraldo herrera were neglect. we went by their trailer on friday night to get their side of the story but someone else came to the door. the coup out on a combined a 5500-dollar bond. >> neki: and allegations of sexual misconduct against the coacht team marlin cminn. buthe school says they fired him for another reason. and title nine allegations made against chin bit student athlete will continue. officials have a nationwide search for a new head coach begins immediately. >> todd: and n n tie safe thrairt after hawaii's most wanted fugives was spotted
6:34 am
he was recently spotted steeling from a target and michael's store in miami. he also goes by lieu es ma nettie is wanted for skipping out on a ten year sentence for mejjrafficking. a 10,000-dollar reward for arrest. >> neki: and today is your chance to turn in u.wanted weapons or guns. and you can get gift cards in exchange. a miami-dade county wide effort to make our streets safaf. turn oaferg a working gun can get you a 100-dollar gift cremplet nonworking guns are worth 50 bucks. >> head to the baptist church in liberty city from 10:00 a.m. 'til 1:00 p.m. today. this is your chance to safely get rid of any guns. >> todd: a bank robber who has struck the same bank this week is still on the run this morning mog. the fbi says the robber walked into the td bank branch in fort lauderdale on friday. he told the clerk knead had a
6:35 am
fbfb believes this guy throobd same banch bank branch on tuesday. if you know anything about the robberies call crime stopppers at 954-493-tips. a skimming scheme caught on camera. wait 'til you see how quickly they can hook up a card reader. and surveillance video o os at a chevron gas station shows the man talking to the clerk to distract her the man behind him quickly reach nuys bag and puts a skimmer on the top of the counter. if you know either of these men wru your urged to c cl police. >> neki: we're one day way from the calle ocho celebration. miami's biggest block party is tomorrow. >> todd: and you know if there's a party, we'll be there. come out from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 and hang out with shyann malone a and eric yut ti and neki and i. lots of f. >> neki: janine stanwood. christina vasquez a a ben kennedy will be there. a lot of fun. >> todd: glenna milberg, liane
6:36 am
join the party at pun 30:00 to 4:00. >> and hatzel vela and kristi kreuger shutting it down 'til 4:00. >> and if you can't make to 8th street for the fun tune in to our company o cho special. we'll bring the fun here on your tv and it starts at seven p. the thing about calle ocho has been ee evolving. >> it will be like bridge in a few years. brickell is all built up oof. >> todd: flying drones is a lot of fun but if you don't do it right, it can be dangerous. >> neki: that's right a new proposal for no drone zones and how they aim to keeps all safe. >> todd: and a rip current risk t`at are extremely high. what you need to know before you head to the beach today. could save your life. >> and i'm michelle bernstein. this week on tasting time on soflo this week. >> neki: and a reason to
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mudslides and flooding in brazil killing at least 16 people. areal footage shows entire neighborhoods and streets submerged near apollo. a foition shalsz say a 4-year-old boy was among the victims. >> and a 16th century church resurfaces during the droughth in mexico. it was flooded with a whole town to make way for a dam in 1962. now since then the church has only been seen three different times. local fisherman says the town hasn't seen rainfall this year and that's why the church is reappearing. the dam benefits4247 cities in the region. >> neki: if you're planning to hit the beach this weekend, swrai ter twoorng tell buvment a rip current warning in effect in fort lauderdale do to high winds. lifeguards have already had to save several swimmers getting caught up in the rip current i believe we had five today. five yesterday and if you go back to last wednesday i think we're looking at maybe a dozen or so. >> >> neki: rip currents are no joke folks.
6:41 am
on duty if the beach is safe for swimming. you know we're seeing this in fort lauderdale. folks in miami-dade want to know how is the water for us? >> jennifer: the water will be right wat same along the atlantic coast from broward to miami-dade todd and neki. high rip current risk. i will say this. winds are subsiding already today. we feel it out there and that will lower the viks of rip currents down tie moderate. but still bare out there and just use caution. be safe. also a beaiful live look out of mallory square cavment now just a few minutes ago it was really orange and pink.i tweeted that out so it quickly changed but that's because the sun is stillising and we're waking up to mostly sunny skies out there with the temperature 74 degrees in key west. winds out of east stheast at 16 miles per hour so. it is pret pretty breezy. here's a look at the rest of the temperatures in cities of miami and fort lauderdale. 73, 72. 73 in pembroke pines.
6:42 am
lows this morning which by the way is above average this time of year and we're expecting it should stay like that the next couple of days. on radar, no rain to speak of but plenty of cloud cover especially on west and southwest coast of florida. now high pressure is still allowing for a stable air mass over us. meanwhile where the rain is occurring is actually across missouri as you can see there back down into kentucky and then rit along the gulf coast between new orleans and the florida panhandle. now, this is improvementcompared to yesterday. more wide spread. so there's some relief coming their way for our friends in the south. now, here's a look nationwide. wack out west, another system bringgringing in that river of moisture into the west c@ast much needed rain for california. no doubt about it but wit@h that comes the flood throaferg as well. bu this is good news as they've been in a five year drought. >> back here at home in house mold depicting saturday with a
6:43 am
a better chancef a few showers. winds turn out of south as height breaks part and pulls farther way from us. now, you see this right here. that's where we had the best chance for a few inland showers. so inland is the key word. now the chance is stim at 40% but again this is isolated event to so still head out and meet us at calle och where there will be plenty of food and music to dance to. highs 83 degrees. temperatures today getting to 83 and now what t is staying warm for the next several days. even warmer as we get into monday when temperatures hit the mid 80 theassments will be around five degrees above thehe normal so. we're heading into that time of year where temperatures start t heat up here in south florida. todd ienchts allright. thank you jen. aviation and politicians come together to talk about new measure to keep drones way from airports. mayor car log ha gimenez says
6:44 am
through miami every year and they are creating no drone zone for safety reasons. >> miami is the 4th in the nation in drown incidents withaircraft in the past year. >> our message will be clear. don't fly a drone within a miefl the airport. >> todd: the faa tells nuts mow most recent statistic. they have had more than 700 sightings in the last ten months nation. >> neki: and the canes acc championship dream dashed. >> todd: sorry fans.
6:45 am
is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso.
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you're ready. get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee?
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>> good saturday plorng everybody. i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap. one of the most enjoy able parts ever watching the heat is watching new young stars emerge and play ate high level as this team makes the play offush. case and point.
6:48 am
dywane wade would play despite a deep thigh brue. he a rough night u. can telewasn'timself. and the young guy stepped up bik big. how about richardson taking it down. richardson and the young guys would keep throwing it back. and richardson noadges knocks down a three and hassan white side with the loop right there. they woin win this one and the brk out performance from richardson and his wag of trips and 29 points from dra imish oomplet to be a contributor to this steam and success is big. the coach told me play with confidence. you're in the gym too much not play with confidence toy same out and let it all show. >> meanwhile the heat have no time table for a potential return for chris bosh. on thursday the heat all-star released a statement saying he hopes to play some point this season. er spo spo ser said right now they are just happy he is happy.
6:49 am
when we get back we'll do some -- more than anything else he is in a good place mentally and we don't have any kind of time table or anything like that. >> college basketball. the hurricanes in virginia in the acc tournament. second half angel rodriguez knocks down a three to cut down the lead of uva to three. but malcom scoring right there and hurricanes fall in this 173 to 68. the game day yesterday uconn&in cincinnati. triple over time. johnson of the bearcats noj knocks down three. this game is over right? >> keep watching. garntion less than a second to go, jay lynn adams of uconn. >> off the glass and in. the 4th over time and the huskies go on to win it 104 to 97. >> to football now where the goal fins keep looking to add to
6:50 am
she the hosted johnson on a free visit yesterday and hosting quarterback brandon weed en. brent dwriems haze new team.he signed on with the tampa bay buck a neempletz the fins releas grimes on wednesday. his wife who has stirred up quite a bit of controversy on social media in the past has since dre leeted her twitter cool. and jagr will be bacack to work after taking a stick to the mouth and chip age tooth during the win with the senators tuesday. and he cooms back in the game and afterwards show off the partial tooth. give us a wink. tus out jagr had four teeth knocked out by the seam team in november. i just got to check the schedule if we play against them again. did you chip? it's five total now. did you chip the fake t tth. this one is tough for me because it's still mine so nerves are sore. >> i'm clay ferraro. that's your local 10 morning sportsrap.
6:51 am
morning on local 10 news. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> neki: nasa says as tra newt scott kelly will retire in april after spending 352 days in space. he holds the record for the most spspe. a total of 520 days kelly who joined the as fra knot core in 1996 will toin participate in ongoing research surrounding his one year mission. that's one way to go out on top. >> todd: i smell a book deal. >> yeah. >> todd: i would read it. >> neki: sounds like an interesting deal. >> todd: an oregon man was denied a drivers license after wearing a bizarre hat in his id photo. >> nekeki: what some think might
6:55 am
religious symbol for him. >> and he says he wears this hat with the fox on it for his spirit animal and he says the dmv violated his religious freedom. >> it shouldn't matter if it's a yeah macaw or hajab or the sil ti fox hat as the man at the dmv wants to call it. >> a. >> neki: bishop was left without his license for nine months. he fought back and won his appeal dm scrrks said he were just following protocol. >> todd: and we're just start can our weekend morning news grie that's right. we have to follow our protocol. saved from a stranger. a man and daughter rescued after their car crash flooz this ca flavment wrieks yieks. sharing their story with local 10. >> todd: and a former employee complained about racist and offensive signs on the wall. >> nekek and more historic change for cuba with you this
6:56 am
the new agreement that opens up cuba to the europe. that's head a@ 7:00. >> todd: that's right wee jur just getting started here.
6:57 am
6:58 am
alert. cc1 test message >> neki: right now on dleenl news at 7:00. trump forced to cancel a rally after an out break from protest. >> todd: and a father and daughter nearly drowning after crashing into ghaivment they were saved by a self less stranger and this mornini they are spheect one and only. >> neki: and a broward veks corrections officer under fire after video sur faces of her abusing an inmate. >> todd: and cuba and surrounding relations with
6:59 am
states. we'll te but deal struck between the island nation and european union. >> >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> >> neki: good saturday morning every one. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: i'm stodton gone. thank you for wake up with us on this saturday, march 12th. we want to get to jennifer correa for a check of the weekend forecast. >> jennifer: good morning todd and neki. we'll see that and feel that once you step out the door but breezy out there. beautiful skies. mostly sunny across the area. just a few clouds out there. if you want to make it a beach day, you can with you be careful out there. mie rip current risk will subside down to a moderate risk so. that's de imreetion. the surf is de creegz. so are the seas out there. small craft operators exercise the bays with a moderate chop. temperature. out there. keeping us at a mild start but still nice out there with that
7:00 am
in fort lauderdale. southeast in key west. no rain on the radar. before. high pressure in control today. changes coming our way starting tomorrow. i'll have more on that coming up. neki. thanks a lot jennifer. developing news out ochicago tonight. donald trump post poang his event after a rash of violence broke out before h arrival. protesters qulark supporters leading to at least five arrests. this video showing one police officer injured in the chaos. plairnt hit in the head with a beelt. he needed stitches but showbd k. another officer a a two civilians were injured. here's what trump had to say over n nht. i think we have a very divide countrynd it's been that way for a long time. it's hard to see. it's divide add among different groups and frankly it's terrible. >> i don't take responsibility. no one has been hurt at our rallies.


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