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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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6:00 a.m. on this thursday, january 21. we are bracing for significant snow. this just in, new models showing the latest track of the winter wallop making its way here. penndot truck drives are not wasting anytime, road crews were out all night helping you from slipping and sliding all weekend. are you planning on
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traveling this weekend, we have airlines that offer travel waives for flights. let's go over to david murphy and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: we are expecting the potential of heavy snow starting friday evening after the rush hour and continuing saturday night and perhaps into early sunday morning. there's a coastal flood watch because we have onshore strong winds as the nor'easter goes by on saturday. that will create major beach erosion and lunar high tide and flooding down the shore. we have clouds breaking up a little bit and we'll get early sunshine. 27 degrees is the current temperature, 24 in allentown. the winds are light, we'll not bother you with windchills it's only 4 or 5 degrees cooler than the temperature.
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27 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m., 31. high of 38 mostly sunny skies, a good day to get shopping done and get supplies before the snow arrives. i'll have details on how much snow is coming. we have an expected snowfall map, matt that's coming up in 20 minutes. some people are excited about this, some of us not as much. we saw the penndot crews come through i-95 at the penns landing tunnel and take down the ice as i as i from overhead. everything is zipping along northbound from the vine street expressway. coming southbound on i-95 you'll see volume at cottman and girard. on the big picture, the speeds are holding up nicely on i-95 and the schuylkill expressway. we have construction on wynnfield heights blocking money meant road at ford road at the
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five points bar, in new castle there's there's an accident blocking 273 stay on churchman's road to get around that accident. emergency construction on 295 southbound approaching 42, 76, the north/south highway, we could expect delays as the morning progresses. let's go outside to annie mccormick on the schuylkill expressway with more on how penndot has started to get ready for the week's winter storm. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right they have already started, more than 500 penndot employees will be a part of the weather event. they are on roads brining in order to get the brine down.
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they have to start at least 48 hours before the weather event happens. this morning penndot began treating area roadways here they are around 3:00 a.m. brining parts of montgomery county 476 and traveling towards philadelphia taking care of 76. this morning crews will cover a large portion of the area ahead of the storm and expect to see penndot trucks full of pounds of salt ready to go. preparations are on the roads and inside area stores. last night this was the scene inside lows where people packed bags of salt and shovels into shopping carts. snow blowers are selling out. we've sold ten to 15 snow blowers last night plus an additional five or six over the internet in the last 36 hours. >> reporter: at the cherry hill wegmans shoppers packed aisles and cleared shelves of what people need. bread, milk, eggs, butter,
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cheese. they didn't have the milk i wanted, it's plain skim milk. >> reporter: that's terrible. i know, what are you going to do? >> reporter: back out here live, as for penndot don't worry they have plenty of salt because we've had such a mild winter they have 130,000 tons to be more specific. riding along 76, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." let's take a live look at philadelphia international. up to two feet of snow possible in the northeast, airlines are planning ahead. all major airlines have i should waves for travel over the weekend. they are allowing passengers to rebook on earlier or later flights without a penalty. american is allowing customers travel running through nine airports through philadelphia and southern virginia to change their flights without a penalty. customers have to fly between today and sunday to be eligible. if a travel alert affects you, you may be able to change your
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trip online tore -- or make a call to american airlines. look for constant updates and "action news" facebook page and twitter feed. police wants temple university students to be on alert because of an armed robbery. a man approached a woman who was not a student and he took her purse and cell phone, but did not hurt her. new on "action news," trenton police are investigating the latest homicide. they tell us gunfire erupted after 8:30 in the 100 block of walnut avenue where a man was found dead. he was shot multiple times. there's no word what sparked the shooting. a philadelphia police officer crashed his cruiser while chasing a suspected carjacker in mantua section of
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the city at 39th and haverford avenue. the patrol car slammed into an unrelated vehicle. officials say no one was serious ly injured. those who hold stocks in 401s don't look at it. >> reporter: blinders, right, stocks ended lower in a trading session with the dow down as much as 565. futures are pointing to a lower open. we have a report on weekly jobless claims. cardon industry will layoff 1400 people. the layoffs are scheduled for may. one of the fiats that pope
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francis usedded is up for auctions. it will be auctioned off on january 29 at the philadelphia auto show. proceeds benefit the children's hospital of philadelphia. that's the latest in business from nasdaq, back to you matt and tam. you've been watching the models coming in, what can you tell us? >> reporter: it still looks like snow, the question is whether we get an extra bullet of snow. i'll show you the snowfall map in a second. storm tracker 6 live showing we are dry after a couple of flurries and light snow showers that came through last night. we take a look outside, we have the ben franklin bridge. we have clouds overhead and they are starting to break up a bit. any early cloud cover should give way to a decent amount of sunshine. 24 in wilmington, as you survey the numbers, the winds are not all that strong single digits in
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most neighborhoods. a morning for coats. satellite shows you the break up in clouds, there are more clouds to the west, overall we have a tendscy to break up enough to brisk us a decent amount of sunshine. in the lehigh valley, chilly, high of 35, but better than the last couple of days. down the shore, the same story, sun and clouds, 39 degrees the high, almost 40 at the shore. in philadelphia, high of 38 not far below 40. winds out of the northwest at 8 to 16 miles per hour. breezy at times, mix of clouds and sun, chilly conditions, decent weather to get stuff done. 30 degrees by 10:00 a.m. you can see how we spend the afternoon above the freezing mark with the high of 38 around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. we fast forward to friday evening. it does look like friday will be a day that features increasing clouds, but by 6:00 p.m. we'll be dry across the region.
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snow will gradual push up to philadelphia by 11:00 p.m. accordingly to the latest model run it will continue to snow saturday morning. the question is how far the rain band pushes in which diminishes the snow down south. it will stay there until 8:00 p.m. at night. some models keep the snow all the way down into millville and dover for most of the event. i'm not sure we'll get the lessor amounts that this would imply. what we can see past midnight saturday into sunday morning, we have the storm in place, the last snowflakes and rain drops won't be out of here early sunday morning. what to expect, a general 6 to 1 inches along the shore where well get rain and sleet mixing in it will be less. the question i have is the bullet area. if everything work out just right we could go 12 to a foot
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and a half of snow. one thing i could see changing maybe we'll shove the heaviest snow band back to the west. you plan for 1 inches of snow, if you wind up with 18 it doesn't make all that much difference it's a lot of snow on your lawn and all be glad you made all the precaution conditions ahead. the winds as the nor'easter passes down along the shore the winds will be up to 60 miles per hour. tomorrow, dry during the day, high of 36 more clouds. you saw the snow arriving during the evening. saturday the big ticket day, snow throughout the day, some of it heavy at times, windy, as well. we could see drifting snow, i think this will be heavier wetter variety. that snow continues into the nighttime period. sunderland morning we might have light snow showers, but i expect that to shut off quickly, but
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sunday becomes a dry and windy and chilly day with the plows and salt trucks riding around. sunday, windy and chilly, 37, and monday, 38. areas to the south could get much worse than us, and the store shelves look like it. a snow boarder's 15 minutes of fame could backfire. >> reporter: we have an issue at the i-95 ramp we'll have more on this. a welcome back, you're taking
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a live look here, the action cam at the schuylkill expressway where penndot has been busy putting down the brine. it needs 24 to 48 hours to do the job, which is a good thing, because david murphy says coming this this weekend there's going to be a lot of snow out there. i was out hours last night buying snow boots. why did you wait until
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january? how long have you sat next to me. true. >> reporter: maybe you need to get to the grocery store to pick up granola bars it is national granola bar day and squirrel appreciation day. looking live bucks county neshaminy, there's going to be construction northbound lanes from 9:00 a.m. and work southbound from 1:00 p.m. northeast extension northbound near lansdale, right lane is out of commission. westbound turnpike, near 29 and easy pass lane right lane is blocked there. bensalem, we have an accident
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along street road at i-95 northbound side of i-95 to go east on street road that truck having a hard time making the turn because of the police and emergency crews on the scene with the accident. traffic is able to squeeze by the crash in east direction along street road. it is something to watch out for. very slowlily he'll able to do that. an accident in newscast -- new castle county, suv burst into flames, instead of 273 use churchman's road. there was a mad dash for people in the grocery store in southeastern virginia. the bread and milk aisle were sparse yesterday. store manageers say they stocked the shelves full on tuesday. the texas teenager who used
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the "affluenza" defense could be back in the u.s. in a few weeks. his lawyers have -- alleged he crossed back into mexico in december while his lawyers say he didn't violate his probation. we're dressing the kids warmly. winds are not that bad. we have temperatures in the 20s and going into the upper 30s this afternoon. i'll be back with the day planner forecast essentially those of you -- especially those of you heading out to get the shopping done ahead of the snow friday night. >> reporter: a recall by microsoft involving power cords for surface tablets they may
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overheat or catch fire. details how to exchange the cords for new ones will be released soon. samsung galaxy 7 will feature a 5.1-inch screen. it is expected to be unveil next month. vufer dreamed of taking a -- have you ever dreamed of taking a private tour of buckingham palace, it can be viewed on your smart phone or pc. look at those halls absolutely beautiful. those are tech bytes. have a great day.
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seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. philadelphia native will smith is joining his wife's crusade to improve diversity at
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the oscars. all 20 nominees in the acting category are white for the second straight year. you can see what smith has to say in his exclusive interview with robin roberts. >> reporter: it's not a terrible morning on the roads, but we are looking at a couple of accidents now. bensalem a crash on street road and i-95. it's causing a problem on the i-95 off ramp to street road northbound. valley forge road at skippack pike. falls bridge work starts next week on monday, that's not when it closes. it closes february 1, that's the following monday. watch out for added traffic along the city avenue bridge and the boulevard twin bridges. >> reporter: snow is coming but not until friday. 26 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 27 by 9:00 a.m.
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noon, 34. this afternoon we'll be milder high of 38. winds light to moderate and fair amount of sunshine. if you're heading to the airport traveling no major delays at any of our most commonly traveled destinations, we have developed rain in the dallas fort worth area. 12 degrees in o'hare, remember couple of days ago it was 1 degree at this time. the nfl has its first female coach full time, buffalo bills hired katherine smith. she started as a scouting intern with the jets. the nfls hired their the first female scout in 1986. penndot is putting down the first layer of production getting ready for the weekend storm. annie mccormick is live along the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: it's all hands on deck for penndot getting ahead
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of the weekend events. we'll have that coming up in a live report. d a
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benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle. one day after endorsing trump trump, sarah palin spoke out about her son after being arrested. she said he suffers from ppsd. she said the president deserves the blame for the psychologic
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conditions of veterans. a california ski resort is pressing criminal charges against a ski boarder, he was snow boarding when an avalanche hit. he took a tumble down the hill. he ended up buried about chest deep and climbed out. the resort said that mountain was closed to the public since 2010 and claims he was the one two triggered the avalanche. new info came in over the path of the weekend storm, david murphy has it next. when the snow starts falling, penndot has a way to keep track of its progress, you can track its plows road by road.
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now on "action news," penndot adds some tlc to the roads overnight in preparation for the weekend storm. accuweather is fine tuning the totals of the snow as new models come? city council in allentown demand the mayor's resignation. good morning, 6:30, january 21, time to talk about the storm, david murphy has the weather and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: we have storm from wildwood to the poconos as we expect heavy snow across the region. we have a coastal flood watch saturday into sunday, the nor'easter gets past us, we'll be looking at beach erosion and major possible flooding. move the cars and take all the recause of actions. satellite and radar shows us how
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we have snow shower activity, it didn't last long. now the clouds moving along we'll have decent amount of sunshine to start out. 27 degrees, cooler in the outlying suburbs, but overall not too bad, dress pra -- appropriately. 9:00 a.m., 27. 11:00 a.m., 31. this afternoon we'll have a fair amount of sunshine and milder high of 38 degrees a good day to get out there and get stuff done ahead of the advancing storm. we'll have the latest snowfall projections for accuweather and time line on how this will arrive and depart on future tracker 6 that's ahead, matt. >> reporter: good morning drive, good conditions to get to work on this thursday, at least it's dry. a little busy along i-95 and the southbound lanes approaching cottman, on the breaks again southbound from allegheny to girard. northbound on i-95, exiting at street road exit a little
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slower, there's an accident. police are on the scene. traffic is squeezing by in each direction, doing so slowly on street road, itself by i-95. there's a crash close to worcester elementary school at valley forge road at skippack pike. watch out for emergency crews and lane blocked there. we have emergency construction in belmawr 295 southbound as promised we're seeing slow speeds 13 miles per hour approaching the north-south freeway. southbound new jersey turnpike might be a better bet. christiana road at prams lane. stay on churchman's road instead of 273. tam you have footage of that. fiery crash that closed 273 this new castle delaware.
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when you look at that you see why. look at the destruction to the car. this happened a half our ago before 6:00 a.m. two suvs collided and burst into flames. the good news everybody got out of the vehicles, still three people had to be rushed to the hospital and two of them are in serious condition, one other is stable. all lanes of route 273 are closed as crews stay on the scene. penndot trucks have been out already treating the roads in preparation of the snow that will start falling friday night. annie mccormick is live along the schuylkill expressway with a look at how things are going this morning. >> reporter: expect to see penndot crews during the morning commute. they have started brining ahead of the weather. penndot crews are rolling out and ready to go, here they are at 3:00 a.m. brining parts of
6:34 am
montgomery 476 and traveling towards philadelphia taking care of 76. this morning crews will cover a large portion of the area ahead of the storm. the sight of penndot trucks like this full of pounds of salt will become a fixture on the roads today. last night at the cherry hill wegmans shoppers packed aisles and cleared shelves of eggs butter and milk. supermarkets like we wegmans ext to keep restocking. >> reporter: you're batting down the hatches. i am for good. >> reporter: last night this was the scene inside lowes people packed shoves in shopping carts and snow blowers have sold out. john counts himself lucky he ordered online when he did. i'm ready i hope it snows a lot after i paid for it.
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>> reporter: there's nothing like letting it sit there and not get any use out of it. >> reporter: we'll get plenty of use out of it this week. penndot says they have 138,000 tons of salt ready to be used. reporting live along the schuylkill expressway, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." this year track penndot snowplows in your area to find out if the roads are safe to drive on. active trucks in your area show up in real time. >> we have equipped the trucks with tracking devices so the public can see where the trucks are, it gives them an option of a 2 hour cookie trail so you can see where the trucks were in the last two hours. 20 out of the 64 trucks in
6:36 am
berks county have the tracking technology. you can find more on our "action news" facebook our team of meteorologists are pricking the snow predictions throughout the day. nypd are questioning a man who they think is an isis sympathizer. an anonymous tipster putting in a call to new york and philadelphia police. detectives say they are erring on the side of caution, but add the tipster could be a gang rival trying set someone up. it was unanimous mouse allentown city council voted for a no confidence vote for the
6:37 am
mayor. three city leaders pleaded guilty to federal crimes. in a written statement he called the actions a stunt. you purchased all the radar equipment, great stuff. it's good to use it this winter. >> reporter: double scan will come in handy during the storm because it has a unique rain way tracking where the snow/rain line is we'll track the storm saturday and sunday morning. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are dry after a couple of flurries and light snow showers overnight. those are gone and the clouds are doing a nice job of breaking up over the airport. so i think we'll get a fair amount of sunshine early and probably stay with mainly sunny skies through a good portion of the day. 27 degrees cold on the bus stop, but not as bad as recent days, with winds only running northwest at 7 miles per hour you got a windchill of 19, not much different than the temperature and easy enough to
6:38 am
take if you dress appropriately. there's the snow showers they were a bigger issue in washington than locally. there were some areas, like cape may county that did get a little coverage. slow it down when you see that. the day planner showing 26-degree reading at 8:00 a.m. 30 by 10:00 a.m. noon, 34. we're going for a high of 38 at 3:00 p.m. pretty nice, winds light to moderate. not a bad day to get things done. 35 degrees in allentown. that's the high this afternoon, 36 in reading an trenton. 38 in wilmington, 37 in cape may. chilly, but not too bad overall. there's the low pressure center that will be moving by friday afternoon into areas by huntsville you can see the frontal boundary extending ahead of it, creating the snow shield. eventually the low gets over toward our neck of the woods, forms a coastal low that
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develops as a nor'easter. that shoots past us on saturday, obviously you can see the results of that. by 6:00 p.m. on friday, looks like the evening commute is a-okay. after that the snow pushes up into philadelphia by 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. adam and cecily will be on top of this friday night showing that progression through the afternoon and evening. and then we get into the overnight hours it's more snow at 7:00 p.m. saturday the question becomes at that point what happens with the rain line. during the day, the rain pushes into south jersey and delaware and creates mixing in philadelphia. this is 2:00 p.m. saturday afternoon. we go farther into the evening 8:00 p.m. the model run wants the progression of rain. i'm not sure that's going to happen, because there are some models that keep the snow closer to the coast. either way the snow is active by 8:00 p.m. saturday night. let's advance it. we go past midnight to 2:00 a.m.
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sunday, the snow and mix and the rain wherever it sets up is still here. it won't sweep east until sunday morning. it's a long-range event friday into sunday morning. 6 to 12 inches is likely from allentown to the shore. there's a foot to a foot and a half of snow through the center portion of the region. if the low does not intensify, or takes a different track i could see taking this heaviest band and pushing it to the west. if you're planning for 12 inches of snow and wind up with more, the end effect is not much different. you'll be glad you took all the precautions. overnight friday it arrives, daytime saturday we get the heaviest snow and strong winds gusts and saturday into sunday, the precipitation moves to the
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east. the big issue at the shore is the wind gusts coming off the ocean, 50 to 60 miles per hour that will cause major coastal flooding and beach erosion that's the story at the shore with the storm. mostly sunny, 38 degrees. friday, snow arrives 36. saturday, windy chilly and snowy, 34 degrees. looks like the rain could hug the coast basically. sunday, windy and chilly, leftover snow shower early. monday, dry, 38. back in the hos on tuesday and wednesday -- back in the 40s on tuesday and wednesday and get to work melting that snow. a dusting of snow crippled the commute around the nation's capitol. don't mess with mama, see how a woman foiled a carjacking.
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>> reporter: platt bridge westbound side an accident, emergency crews on the scene. we'll talk delays and another crash in delaware when "action news" on this thursday morning. if this is what two inches
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of to show does to the washington, d.c., wait until the weekend storm. police responded to 100 traffic accidents in the area and reports of stranded drivers. even the press van part of president obama's motorcade
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skidded on ice. we hope that woman is okay, she lost her footing on the snow-covered roads. let's head over to matt pellman, they are putting brine down now, hopefully it won't look like around here. i've received remarks from people on facebook saying the drive on the beltway took hours and hours. if you're trying to get to the airport for a flight this morning, this is not the way to go, platt bridge over the schuylkill river most of the traffic stopped in the westbound lane heading toward i-95 and the airport. for a while they were letting traffic by in the left lane getting around the accident. now the emergency crews are on the scene, i think they have most of the traffic blocked off. the platt bridge heading toward the airport. not the way you want to go. i would use the girard along i-95 where speeds are in the mid 50s. speeds not that great on other portions of i-95.
6:46 am
24 miles per hour southbound by cottman. same as you head toward girard. 20s and 30s on the schuylkill expressway. wynnfield highlights monument road is blocked for construction by the old pathmark. that will cause problems if you're coming away from channel 6. issues this morning by worcester elementary school a crash at valley road and skippack pike. we have a crash street road and i-95. they were sweeping up the debris a few minutes ago, looks like they got that out of the way everything reopened along street road. new castle delaware, the action cam was on the scene an accident involving an suv, the suv burst into flames. 273 is blocked by the pep boys and the crab house stay on churchman's road. belmawr, certainly have i construction -- belmawr,
6:47 am
emergency construction 295 southbound. 2122 locust street is caked in ice, the weather is delaying investigators to get inside safely. while they wait, crews are sorting through frozen equipment cruised to battle the fire. an ice logged ladder had to be sawed in two. the city ordered a partial demolition of the buildings while they await the assessor assessment. david murphy has more on the weekend storm. >> reporter: dressing the kids in the extra gear, temperatures in the 20s, later on upper 30s not bad. we have the snow arriving friday evening. more on the day planner forecast ahead of this coming up.
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would be carjackers in florida targeted the wrong woman. two men hopped into the red vehicle where a woman was inside, rather than let them take off she ripped a ski mask off and dragged one of them out to the pump. police arrested the men nearby. glad it worked out like that. >> reporter: mama becomes aggressive when the kids are involved. looking at the platt bridge when things are looking better. police in the distance they have the crash pushed off to the
6:51 am
side. heading to the airport, traffic is getting by again just doing so a little bit slowly. getting slow on 42 northbound heading toward 295. the sizable delays are on 295 itself heading toward 42. emergency construction there. no delays on mass transit. >> reporter: it's a good day to get the errands done before the arrival of the snow friday night. especially in the afternoon. 34 by 2:00 p.m. high of 38 degrees is around 3:00 p.m. a fair amount of sunshine. new models that have just come in on future tracker 6 we're high and dry on friday at 6:00 p.m., so the evening commute is okay. the latest run holds the snow off until midnight on saturday. we go overnight into saturday morning it's snowy. see how the rain is trying to run up. the last rain had it all the way up into philadelphia, i told you
6:52 am
it wasn't going to make it that far. the new run has the rain farther to the south and keeps philadelphia in the snow all the way until 9:00 p.m. saturday night. sunday at 4:00 a.m., you can see how the intensity of this is breaking up, we don't have the bright purple colors. the heaviest snow is during the day friday an wraps up sunday morning. 6 to 12 inches. now i know the weather for shoveling on sunday. we've been telling you about the rush to stock up on food and supplies. some people are doing that at this early hour. katherine scott is live at a bustle home depot in south philadelphia. >> reporter: people are here stocking up on salt. some people wanted to grab it before work and others grab it before it was gone. it's a slow winter in the snow department. now it's time to get ready with the forecast. here they are at the home depot on columbus boulevard on this
6:53 am
fine morning. the store opened less than a hour ago, people are carting out shovels and salt they wanted to make sure they got the splice before it ran out because the storm is coming. we're sold out of salt. lowes is sold out. i don't know where everybody will get salt. >> reporter: good thing you got here early. it's going to be another busy day at the home depot. we'll take a short break and come back to the top stories.
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welcome back here the top stories, road crews are out there treating the roads ahead of the major expected snowfall. penndot is out there brining and salting. >> reporter: we have 20 minute delay on 295 southbound approaching 42. head to the southbound turnpike or 130 or kings highway as alternates. >> reporter: we're in the 20s, 38 is the high, clouds and sun, winds not that strong. the snow arrives saturday evening into saturday, it doesn't wrap up until early sunday.
6:57 am
the bullet area of 12 to 18 is possible. snow totals maps available at check them out. for matt pellman, tamala edwards, david murphy, i'm matt o'donnell. "good morning america" is next.
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i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home.
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good morning, america. blizzard watch. a massive storm heading to the east coast. the nation's capital paralyzed by snow and ice right now causing wreck after wreck on the road. drivers stuck for hours. even the president's motorcade trapped by gridlock. schools closed with more than two feet of snow expected in some areas. breaking right now, pointing the finger at putin. the russian president accused of using a radioactive poison to kill one of his most famous critics. will he be charged with murder? take a look at this. a pickup truck out of control on the highway rolling over and sending a passenger flying into the air. how he walked away from this frightening wreck. and an abc news exclusive. will smith speaking out for the first time this morning about the backlash over the oscar


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