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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning, it is friday, january 22. and much of the area is under a blizzard watch crews have been salting the roads preparing for the snow that will start falling tonight. winds and coastal flooding are concerns at the jersey shore, where workers are trying to seal off the beach. philadelphia police use hip hop that it is illegal to save parking spots even if you cleared it of snow yourself. good morning we have live team coverage as we get ready for the blizzard. david murphy is tracking the winter storm, matt pellman is in
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for karen rogers he has traffic. annie mccormick is live and katherine scott is live at the airport where the weather is impacting travel. >> reporter: we'll start with breaking weather news that came into ten minutes ago. a blizzard watch has been bumped up to a blizzard warning. the warning is in the i-95 corridor and all these other counties highlighted in orange. outside of that you have a winter storm warning that's been bumped up from a watch in these aerials outside the heaviest snow bands you're looking at significant snow and travel problems starting tonight and into saturday and saturday night. there's a high wind warning that's been posted in southern delaware, cape may county and along the coast in atlantic city, this is for saturday when the wind gusts are expected to
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go up to 60 miles per hour. saturday you have the coastal flood watch in place because of the strong coastal flooding we're expecting and beach erosion as well saturday and saturday night as the storm goes past us. the area of precipitation and low pressure is clearly forming to the south. the early snow band pushing in our direction, won't be here until this evening, but eventually when we get that coastal low forming when we go past as a nor'easter that's when things get dicey with higher winds and snow bands. temperatures are cold, 23 degrees in philadelphia. 19 in allentown. 14? millville. not much of a windchill fortunately. on the bus stop clear skies to start out. we'll get to a high of 34 setting the table nicely for the snow arrivalling later tonight. the eight -- snow arriving later
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tonight. >> reporter: lots of people are focused on tonight, but first many of us have to put in a work day, let's get you to work so far so good i-95 at girard avenue, overnight northbound construction between girard and allegheny have cleared out. no work on the vine street expressway. all lanes open in both directions at this point of the schuylkill expressway and broad street. stick with chestnut or pine street. ford road construction gave us problems yesterday and we expect them this morning near the five points bar. we have a downed pole near spring valley road stick with 29 as the alternate around that. 422 there's an accident near royals ford not impacting speeds a whole lot, but something to
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watch out for. icy conditions in pottstown, avoid the intersection at saint clair street. we'll help you get ready for the big storm on the roads as the morning progresses. let's turn to annie mccormick live in norristown where the crews are ramping up for the snow emergency, annie. >> reporter: matt, it is a little quiet, but tonight this will be an active spot because there is where crews pick up their salt. we were over at penndot yesterday inside the control center, 300 cameras track the salt and crews. they starting pointed brining area roads. since the snowfall is on a weekend, rush hour will not be a problem. blizzards conditions have officials asking people to stay
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at home. over at city hall, mayor kenny announced all central personnel are on standby, the office of emergency management have not declared a snow emergency yet, but they may announce one this morning. the only reason for waiting we have a responsibility to our citizens and visitors in philly to make the best decision based on on available information. we'll get our last information tomorrow morning. >> reporter: area counties will be updating people about the plans they have, that includes the city of philadelphia, they are expected to have a news conference at noon today. reporting live from norristown, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." the jersey shore may get less snow this weekend, if only it was going to keep looking
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like that. officials in barnegot township are recommending wrnts get out of town -- residents get out of town evacuate by 6:00 p.m. front end loaders were working on the beaches in ocean city. officials warned residents to move their cars to higher ground before high tide tonight. some say the threat of the storm will not scare people away. i think people are curious about the storm, they like to come up on the boardwalk and look at the ocean and see what's going on. >> reporter: ocean city high school is on standby as a shelter in case hurricane force winds knock out power. governor tom wolfed declared a state of emergency. that frees up money and resources to deal with the snowstorm. wolf urged everyone to use common sense and be prepared and
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look out for one another during the storm. if you can take the time to look after your neighbors and family, elderly family members and elderly neighbors have everything they need all the food that they need, they are warm and ready to go through whatever this weather give us. penndot crews have been out on the roads pretreating them with a layer of brine. katherine scott is live at philadelphia international airport, katherine, the major airlines are already making preparations. >> reporter: yeah, people are trying to get out before this storm hits, they are expecting a very busy day at the airport. people are already here at check in at american airlines. they have scrambled to change their reservations to today. american airlines has canceled all flights in and out of philadelphia tomorrow and expect to see cancellations with other airlines, as well. they do this to avoid having airports full of stranded passengers.
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if your travel plans are impacted contact your airline. american will start reducing operations tonight and plan on resuming flights sunday morning. on the rails, amtrak will be operating a modified schedule in the northeast. passengers are urged to take -- make changes also ahead of time. septa is making their own preparation for the winter storm. they plan to announce them this morning. we'll have a better idea on septa's plans when they have the press conference at 9:30. tam. stay tuned to "action news" throughout the impending storm we'll have constant updates on
4:39 am and facebook and twitter. our coverage of the approaching winter storm continues, up next we'll check in with road crews in the state of area. from rock salt to groceries we'll tell you what you need to have for the weekend. >> reporter: if you're dressing the kids, dress them warmly, we're in the 20s right now and going up to the freezing mark this afternoon. the arrival of the snow and departure coming up on future tracker 6. we'll give you the expected snow totals coming up.
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4:41, we are taking a live look at storm tracker 6 live radar, you see the storm has begun to form in the south and parts of the midwest. it is heading our way tonight. on the right, a live picture of center city philadelphia. officials will decide today whether they declare a snow
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emergency. i think that is probably likely. that's probable because of the news you've just gotten in on the blizzard. >> reporter: it's a blizzard warning now they post that in a 24 hour period when they expect the snow to arrive, 13, 14 hours away from the first flakes down south. storm tracker 6 live double scan, there's no snow to worry about this morning, as we take a further look on sky6 live hd, we are looking at the river rink. it is feeling like skating weather this morning as we are off to a colder start across the region. 23 degrees, the air is dry for now. the wind are out of the north at 6 miles per hour. the windchill is 16 but not that much different from the temperature. as we look at satellite we'll start out with sunshine and you can see the wave of clouds coming up from the south along with related snow that is our
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impending snowstorm on the way for later this evening. 24 degrees by 8:00. 26 by 10. clouds gather and get thicker as the day goes on, 29 degrees at noon. 34 is the high at 3:00 p.m., below freezing at 5:00 p.m. well in advance of the arrival of the snow. high temperatures above the freezing mark in in allentown. as well as down in cape may. everybody else somewhere in between. future tracker 6 shows there's very little cloud cover around. the clouds get thicker, but probably by 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., we might have light snow showers beginning to develop in and around the city. the heavier stuff holds off until 10:00 p.m. in philadelphia. northern suburbs like allentown may not see a whole lot by 11:30 tonight. overnight into the morning, we are looking at the heavy snow arriving and continuing through
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the day on saturday. expected snowfall we're still going for the potential of a foot or a foot and a half in the central portion of the region. 6 to 1 in allentown and down -- 6 to 12 in allentown and down the shore is enough to give you a headache. down the shore we'll have less because we'll have more rain than snow along the coast. as we look at snowfall rates, 1 to 3 inches an hour at the height of the storm. the worst of this will be at 5:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. possibly power outages because of the heavy snows piling up on wires, 40 to 60 miles per hour down the shore. most roads at this time will be impassable or difficult to get through, because the snow will come down so quickly, the plows will not have a chance to get back through the same areas until it's piled up a little bit. more rain down the shore,
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highest wind gusts at the shore. moderate to major flooding possible. high tides in the morning between 6:30 and 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. those are the periods that the flooding at the shore is at its worst. 34 degrees with clouds building as we head toward the snow. blizzard conditions on saturday, 33 the high there. looks like the last of the snow showers pulling away from us will be done 6 to 8:00 a.m. on sunday, it's windy and chilly high of 34. mostly sunny, monday, 38. we're back in the 40s for a couple of days tuesday and wednesday. next chance of precipitation thursday, 39 degrees the high there. maybe changerring over to rain. always has the latest weather information for you, we have it online and your storm tracker 6 live app as we go through the weekend and endure the storm. i'm ready. i'm ready. we'll be here tomorrow,
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too, right? in delaware, officials are preparing and pretreating the roads before the storm hits. the state department of transportation has ample salt supply and equipment to plow the snow. officials say it could be a few days before they get to the secondary roads. rock salt and ice melt sold out. fairmont hardware estimates it sold 8,000 pounds of calcium chloride alone. in which he is peak virginia, stores limited the amount of supplies per purchase. you might have stocked up on ice melt and groceries, there are other things you might want to put on your store list, medications if you're do in a few days, pick them up now. if you lose power your mobile
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devices may be the only way to receive updates about the storm. check on your elderly friends and neighbors, make sure they have everything they need to ride out the storm. bring your pets inside don't leave them out there too long. the weather could be dangerous for them, as well. you can be in for a big fine if you leave your pet out too long. philadelphia police make a popular music video as a snow announcement. uber is told how much it can charge in a snow emergency.
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i've always wanted to go to college. that helps you evolve as a person. i just feel like that's my destiny. my name is queen, and i am your dividend. giving you a live look there the admiral wilson boulevard in camden, new jersey, all clear now, but it will tell a very different story. officials will do everything they can to clear primary roads. you should be prepared to be hunkered down for a good time this weekend. in the meantime, we have a dry commute this morning, and should be a good commute weather wise. >> reporter: hopefully everybody is stocking up, and the road crews are resting up. i didn't see them along city avenue like i usually do in the
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morning. on 76 it is nice and dry and volume is nice and light. crews put down salt at pottstown an icy patch at saint clear street. use that intersection. on 422 eastbound there's a crash between royersford and route 29. speeds in the mid 50s in upper providence. east whiteland we have a downed pole from an earlier crash shutting down 401, conostoga road short stretch between spring road, use 29 if you're getting over to 202. delco, route 1 media bypass, construction near the blue route, they shall be 0u69 area in ten -- out of there in ten minutes. city of philadelphia has a word of caution for residents
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who have dug out a parking spot it is illegal to save a spot. police stressed everything found saving a spot will be confiscated. they put out a catchy warning on facebook. it's a parody of hot line blink. ♪ you need to to call us from your cell phone. police want residents to report people who are saving a spot you can call them or reach out from twitter. love it, very creative. some people who don't like driving in the snow what about ride services, don't forget surge pricing, that can make the cost of the ride triple. uber said when the state declares a state of emergency, a cap is placed on the surge pricing. the major stock indices saw
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gains, the dow was up 116 points, this morning futures are pointing to a high open. finally there's no longer a need to lug around the huge bottle of is a -- is a -- sriracha. it's kind of like bacon. see how crews are preparing for possible power outages. a person in nebraska is not letting his use of a wheelchair stopping him from plowing snow. a city council wants the
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philadelphia school reform commission to add two muslim holidays to the school calendar. curtis jones won a resolution yesterday that calls for holidays for city workers. he said those who practice the religion feel marginalized and want to feel inclusive. the impending winter storm has forced a delaware county school to cancel its s.a. t.s this weekend.
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upper darby township where the school is located is under a snow emergency. an iraq war veteran in nebraska has created one of a kind snowplow. he took his wheelchair and put a snow blade on it. he wants to make sure the passers byes especially students can get through the neighborhood safely. he said he is happy to clear the snow since his community has been so supportive of him and his medical struggles. more winter storm coverage is next. communities are preparing for the largest winter storm to hit the area in many years. live team coverage when "action news" comes right back. good morning, it is
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5:00 a.m., friday, january 22. within the last half-hour a blizzard warning has gone into effect. all right, let's go over to take a look at double scan radar, tracking the elements look at what's coming up from the south. looks like they will be coming together for a crippling blizzard-like event. the storm will cause flooding along the jersey shore. i don't like the snow. >> reporter: highway and airport officials are gearing up for the storm, thousands of flights have been canceled in anticipation. we have live team coverage from all angles. katherine scott has roads and flight canses and annie


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