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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 22, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., friday, january 22. within the last half-hour a blizzard warning has gone into effect. all right, let's go over to take a look at double scan radar, tracking the elements look at what's coming up from the south. looks like they will be coming together for a crippling blizzard-like event. the storm will cause flooding along the jersey shore. i don't like the snow. >> reporter: highway and airport officials are gearing up for the storm, thousands of flights have been canceled in anticipation. we have live team coverage from all angles. katherine scott has roads and flight canses and annie
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mccormick has -- cancellations and annie mccormick has the update on the crews for the winter storm. >> reporter: we have former blizzard watches upgraded to warnings. this is pretty much in line with what happens when you expect these conditions to come. in all these counties highlighted in orange, this is the blizzard warning. in allentown to down the shore. even in areas outside the blizzard we're looking at heavy snow and significant travel problems. in the middle of the area, that's the heaviest snow bands with the strong winds coming in we are expected to see poor have i bet that will be part of the package there. nothing showing on double scan live right now, though, which is good. and i am real quick going to take something out here and then add something else in for you, i apologize for that. we'll get the right stuff on there.
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there's the blizzard warnings we talked about. now as we go on to the other issues we're looking at, a high wind warning in effect through the day on saturday where trees and wires could come down in southern delaware and cape may county along the atlantic city coastline of atlantic county. there's the coastal flood watch saturday into sunday, at times of high tide we're going for the possibility of severe flooding and beach erosion, especially at the shore where the winds are coming off the ocean. there's the storm right now, the area of low pressure defined by the comma shape and a band of snow is pushing into virginia. it will not be here until later on this eveniing but it's obviously on the way. we'll start out with sunshine before the clouds get thicker. the snow starts to pull in this evening. 23 degrees in philadelphia. 17 in allentown. 21 in millville. not a lot of wind on the bus stop or heading out the driveway, but you'll need to
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dress warmly with the temperatures in the 20s. temperatures climbing to 23, clouds increasing this evening. future tracker 6 plotting this. >> reporter: i hoped the storm would change its mind. unfortunately, no. happy friday along i-95 so far so dry looking. no overnight construction by cottman no southbound delays. the vine is open overnight. locust is blocked after the big fire from the other day. in wynfield heights monument road is closed at ford road that's on going construction that gave us problems yesterday and likely problems this morning. and problems in east whiteland chester county, a downed pole closing 401. stay on swedesford road or use 29 for your travels 202. upper providence 422 eastbound there's a crash between
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royersford and 29. traffic is getting by at this point without too much of a problem. overnight construction in jackson township. 195 westbound for great adventure, 42 overnight construction has cleared, no delays at this point heading toward 295. "action news" reporter, annie mccormick is live at the penndot yard in norristown, montgomery county. annie, we know at least the salt is plentiful. >> reporter: oh, yeah, plenty because we had such a mild winter. they have 130,000 tons of salt available. this will be one of the busiest salt yard for penndot in the five county area they cover including philadelphia. the city of philadelphia has been preparing all week for the impending storm, but they are harshing out the details for the final plan. penndot began road preps this week by brining area roads. it will prevent like during
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bigger events when we have heavy accumulations it prevent the snow from bonding to the roadway. >> reporter: inside the control center 300 cameras will track plows and salt crews, since the snowfall is on a weekend, rush hour will not be a problem. anticipated rate of snowfall and blizzard-like conditions have officials asking people to stay home. at city hall just a couple weeks into the job as mayor, mayor jim kenny announced all the central personnel are on standby. they have not declared a snow emergency, but may announce one this morning. the only reason for waiting we have a responsibility for our citizens and visitors in philly to make the best digs from available information and we'll get our last good information tomorrow morning. >> reporter: next expect multiple township and counties
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to announce their plans for the intending storms. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." power companies are being pro active trying to prevent as many power outages as they can. peco contractors were cutting are tree limbs away from power lines. coastal flooding and high winds are major concerns with the storm. front end loaders sealed off beach access in ocean city, new jersey, to keep the tide from breaching the dunes and flooding back bay streets. the city is moving vehicles to higher grounds and recommend residents do the same. many stores on as asbury avenue prepared for the snow. i don't think we'll be here on saturday with the storm coming. >> reporter: ocean city high school is on standby as a
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shelter. military surplus vehicles are ready to roll if rescues become necessary. the coming storm is having a major impact on travel, the roads rails and in the air. let's go over to katherine scott good morning. good morning, tam, a lot of airlines have canceled flights not only out of philadelphia, but along the east coast. people are trying to get out. they are focused on getting out before the snow tonight. american airlines has already canceled all flights in and out of physical tomorrow. the airlines do this to avoid having airports full of stranded passengers. in addition to snow they are worried about icing and wind gusts. if you're traveling contact your airline. it is likely you can rebook without penalty and many have. some we spoke to planned to leave this morning and they
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couldn't be happier. a couple of years ago we were going to florida, the thing happened with our friends and we had to cancel the trip. this time we're getting out in time. >> reporter: amtrak will be operating a modified schedule in the northeast. acela compress -- express and will be operating with modified schedules. there are several schedules on national services to and from the east coast. septa is making preparations for the winter storm and planner -- plan to announce what their snow plan is at a press conference this morning. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." "action news" wants you to be part of our snowstorm coverage send us pictures and videos from your yard or driveway or you and the family huddled around the fireplace.
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e-mail us at join the action at storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us we are dry, you can get stuff done ahead of the storm this evening. as we look outside, conditions tranquil at the river rink and elsewhere, it's cold, but there's not a lot of wind just yet. a decent morning in advance of the changes coming later. 17 degrees in allentown i should say. 23 is your temperature in philadelphia, and we're still in the teens in wilmington, 20 in trenton, 21 in millville. dress warmly this morning obviously. looks like we'll get early sunshine, but only a little bit of it. through the morning in the afternoon the clouds get thicker. there you can see the leading edge. storm coming up from the south. in allentown, dry, 32 degrees, increasing clouds and cold conditions obviously. at the shore not too wind right now.
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38 degrees later on, increasing clouds, chilly, the winds will have a tendcy to pick up owe later today and tonight. in the daytime, winds will pick up in the evening hours. snow arrives, as well. 4:30, p.m. the latest run shows snow in central delaware, dover might see this, might see flakes in wildwood, as well. 67:30 it is starting to fill in by dover and millville, maybe snow showers beginning to develop around philadelphia. this is not the heaviest snow, though. you get up to 11:00 p.m. you can see the deeper shades of purple, we're starting by 11 to see snow in philadelphia. the heavier stuff as we go into 8:00 a.m. saturday morning, this is the heavy snow. going through the afternoon on saturday there may be breaks here or there, but at times you'll have heavy snow bands windy conditions right in here
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is where we are expecting blizzard conditions at time. 20:10 at night, decent snow you can see this wrap away toward the ocean later saturday night and early sunday morning looks like things are tapering off probably before sunrise or shortly after. what to expect on the ground by the time all is said and done. in the poconos, 3 to 6 inches. allentown has a chance of 6 maybe more, we're still looking at the central portion of the region that could go anywhere from a foot to a foot and a half, couple of spots higher than that. down the the shore, wind gusting at 60 miles per hour. major coastal flooding. high tide will be the worse. in atlantic city, high tide is 6:43 on saturday, 7:00 p.m. sunday evening and 7 5:00 a.m. sunday -- 7:30 a.m. sunday
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morning. this is when the flooding will be at its worse. 34 is the high, clouds increase and snow moves in this evening. blizzard conditions overnight and much of saturday at times. we're up to a blizzard warning in the center portion of the region. looks like the snow end early on sunday, it's cold high of 34 degrees and sun returning later on. we moderate the temperatures in the beginning of the week. 38 on hundred, 43 on tuesday, 42 on wednesday. the next precipitation event's to be thursday, it's not -- event appears to be thursday, it's not going to be big, but it will start out at snow. washington, d.c. is taking steps in advance of the blizzard we'll tell you how next. >> reporter: before the storm rolls in, so far so good at painters crossing at 202 and
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yellow, green, red, that is down to our south, but it will be making its way here over the next 24 hours. that's what accuweather is watching. to your right that's the platt bridge. everything is quiet for now, what a difference it will be this time tomorrow morning. expecting a regular commute everybody going to work and school today. >> reporter: that's right, i want to invite you all to join me at the gas pump today. gas up the cars, make sure the fuel tank is full. check the tier pressure, wiper blades and prepare a car emergency can it that we talked about which includes phone charger, snacks, water, scraper, brush, shovel just in case you get stuck. another good idea if you get stuck rock salt or kitty litter to throw under the tires to gain
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traction. coming out of the burbs this morning it's an okay idea use 309 in montgomeryville by the mall. traffic is moving just fine. we'll have some crack sealing going on between walsh road and line lexington road. a crash in abington township geneva avenue. downed wires because of an earlier crash in east whiteland chester county closing 409, swedesford or 29 is the alternates. delaware, 202oncord pike we have no problems elsewhere in
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new castle county. the impending winter storm has led to a shut down of all federal offices in washington, d.c. the winter storm could be worse for the metro washington, d.c. area than us. it is being stormed with criticism how it handled two inches of snow two days ago. the officials have declared a state of emergency. delaware will get the most snow in the region. state officials say they are prepared for whatever comes. deldot will have 450 salt trucks and plows on the highways on i-95 and routes one and 13 and other major roads. private contractors will be called in as needed. officials say they have salt and road crews at the ready. we might not get to your road or area right away, we have to focus on the interstate and the primaries and the secondaries after that. deldot unveiled an app to
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allow drivers to see the location of the plows. many have posted a code blue warning because of the dangerous cold. it's a dire situation for the homeless. call (215)232-1984 to get help for the homeless. we posted code blue information at other news this morning, police say a man was murdered execution style in the west oak lane section of philadelphia. it happened on the 1900 block of he elston street at 2:00 a.m. they found 8 shell casings near his body. a man who was shot twice in center city is fighting for his life this morning. action cam was at 15th an chestnut after the gunfire erupted. witnesses pointed to a possible suspect found near 1st and
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don't get stuck, stay home on that couch if you can. this morning, we're watching a crash on the schuylkill expressway involving a tanker truck in the westbound lanes approaching 30th street. traffic is getting by, but people are tapping brakes on the westbound of 76. katherine has been telling us this weekend what's happening on mass transit, but so far this morning everything is on time. >> reporter: matt we're in the 20s, bundle the kids up. noon, 29 degrees, clouds increasing. no snow until this evening. at the airport, no major delays, although we're starting to see snow pop up in atlanta, actually
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rain right there right now. the farther south you go, that's where the precipitation is right now. if you're traveling into virginia and places like that look for delays later on. nothing major right now, tam. every year 200,000 people get hurt shoveling snow. start clearing snow when there's a little on the ground gradually try to keep up. push the snow rather than lift it, bend your knees and use your legs, finally be sure to listener to your body. the key don't overexert yourself more tips at [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard.
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accuweather team and some of our web producers got together to do a snowspective, the top storms in the last 25 years. back in 2010 we had two back-to-back blizzards in one week. ment snowiest winter we had in the last 25 years or the biggest snowstorm was january 7,
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january 8, 19196. philadelphia saw more than 30 inches. snow. go to our facebook page 6abc "action news" you can see the video we put together and leave a comment. we'll see where this ranks when it is all over. still ahead on "action news," snow preps are underway for the impending blizzard. meteorologist david murphy is taking a look at storm tracker 6 live radar right now as are we. "action news" continues. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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accuweather is watching a weekend storm as it perhaps to turn up the coast and come our way later today. parts of the delaware valley will be under blizzard warnings through sunday, plans are in place to keep you safe during a dangerous mix of high winds and heavy snow. good morning, 5:30, friday, january 22. we have team coverage of the weekend storm. annie mccormick has the
5:30 am
run down on road response for the city of philadelphia and penndot. scott so -- katherine scott is e at philadelphia international airport for travel plans. >> reporter: matt pellman has his eye on traffic, but first up we'll go over to david murphy for all that all-important call of accuweather. >> reporter: just before we went on the air, our blizzard watch was upgraded to a blizzard warning. a winter storm watch has been upgraded to a winter storm warning in the northern and western suburbs and allentown and down the shore. at the coast you'll get a lot of rain mixing in. everybody else has the potential of a lot of snow. in the central portion of the region, the reason it is a blizzard warning here, the snow will be windy blown enough where visibles will be low programs under a quarter mile. we have a high wind warning posted from atlantic city to cape may


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