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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 25, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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good morning, it is 4:00 a.m. monday january 25 we're coming on the air early to get you ready for another day of digging out. the snow emergencies are erngd, -- ending, but the cleanp is just beginning. crews in center city and across the tri-state area are trying to get things read as some prepare for their workweek. and jersey is preparing for the valuation of flood damage and beach eerosion at the shore.
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we've school closings at bottom of the screen. we have live team coverage on the cleanup from the blizzard of 2016. david murphy has weather and karen rogers has how traffic will be impacted. katherine scott is in chester. annie mccormick is in mount airy section, but we start with david. >> reporter: guys, we have good news to start out, that's if there is no precipitation out there and we'll get early sunshine and clouds will mix in. looks like overall it will be bright today with occasional sweeps of clouds, but overnight after a lot of melting yesterday we have seen the temperatures plunge below freezing. 22 in philadelphia. 12 in allentown. 16 in wilmington, 17 in trenton. not much wind out there, so we'll not bother with windchills this morning but black ice
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forming across sidewalks and streets that were not salted. 18 degrees by 8:00 a.m. mainly career and cold if you're heading out or among the unlucky whose school is still open. you'll be facing cold temperatures as we start out. 11:00 a.m., 39. 32 by 1:00 p.m., the high 34 at 3:00 p.m. a little above freezing enough sun out there, in areas where you hover around the freezing mark you'll get melting and more refreezing tonight. temperatures will get milder we have more shots of precipitation through the week and the weekend, karen rogers i'll have that coming up. >> reporter: all right, dave let's see what the roads look like. exton route 100 at commerce drive you can see the snow in the turn lanes and the median there will be slick spots with temperatures in the teens, we're watching live, seeing that cargo
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by probably a little bit too fast, but just fine in areas. let's go over to bucks county, upper state road at bristol road. again one of the areas the road is not entirely clean, but snowfall out there, but it hadn't been causing too many problems. let's switch to the schuylkill expressway as we check out traffic there. we can see things there are moving okay. most of the roads are clear, but patchy ice. new jersey turnpike, northbound exit 3 a jackknifed trailer. you want to watch for that. i drove in from south jersey, the main roads are in good shape. you want to expect slick spots, but side roads are different story. regional rails will resume services expect delays. septa bus routes 68 different
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routes have been suspended and they are still suspended. new jersey transit returning to normal. i'll throw it back to you. this proves i'm always listening to you. >> reporter: i like that about you. annie mccormick is in the mount airy section of the city with more snow cleanup. >> reporter: this is something you'll see in a lot of sections of philadelphia. when you look down here, a lot of cars did dig out, there's so much snow there's nowhere to go. this road on emerald is icy. this street is clear, which is a good thing, so people can get through. this is something you'll see in parts of the city as they work to get back to normal. >> reporter: across mount airy snow covered cars and unplowed streets are a common sight. many residents did not wait to clear their cars and spent
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sunday digging out. this man worked to move snow off his vehicle in spring garden. the city of philadelphia kept the 24/7 operation going. the snow proved dangerous in some parts. in malvern piles of snow lined neighborhoods and main roads and snow covered medians took drivers by surprise. people are driving over medians thinking they are not medians, but they are. >> reporter: and back out here live, if you live in the city of philadelphia, you wake up this morning, you're like where is that plow, my street didn't get one. you can call 311 beginning at 6:00 a.m. today to let the city know you need a plow to come out. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." tam. thank you. philadelphia officials have already announced there will be no trash or recycling pick up for today because trash trucks have been called to duty to
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clear out the streets. the action cam caught the trucks along chestnut street last night. let's go over to katherine scott at the septa station in paoli, chester county. good morning, cath -- katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, keep in mind this is a fluid situation. septa is reminding people to use extra patience. the regional rail is expected to resume, we don't know how smoothly, there's snow everywhere here. it's been an enormous effort for crews who have been at work all weekend across the area. septa has heavy duty snow removers and rail amounted blowers to honor -- monitor the
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tracks. 35% of city and suburban bus routes are operating. superviseors have been out reviewing the routes. the market frankford and broad street line will be running, the norristown high speed line will resume service from 69th to bryn mawr. it is limited because they are working to clear snow from the third rail in spots. regional rail, septa will work with amtrak, service on the west hill line is expected. there could be hiccups. it will be a slow start. we have not operated the trains for a couple of days now, we are bringing people in early to make sure they will operate. it's going to be a slow start. >> reporter: one thing to keep in mind the parking. parking spaces will be limited,
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35% of them are unavailable because of the huge pile of snow in the lots. septa will truck out snow from the lots today. that's one more thing to keep in mind as you head out the door this morning. live in paoli, back to you. residents from the jersey shore continue to clean up from destructive flooding, power crews restored power to customers in cape may county. the storm erosed -- eroded the beach at 96th street. there was more debris than there was from sandy laying all over the streets. powerful waves crashed on the beachfront property in atlantic city tearing up the sidewalk and tossing a deck yards away. the back breaking cleanup is beginning at the gym at 10th street in north wildwood, water
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reached a foot deep. let's turn to david murphy a lot of folks will be cleaning up today and wond areering whene weather will be like today. >> reporter: it will be dry, looking live on sky 6 there's i-95. a lot of main roads looking better. 22 degrees currently in philadelphia, though, so we are on the cold side, wind are light, however, five miles per hour and probably not going much higher than that during the day. the windchill is 16 basically cold air so you won't have to hunch your shoulders against strong winds. we'll get sunshine and clouds looking like a bright day. on the cold side, but with light winds not too bad.
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sunshine, 22 degrees, 10:00 p.m., 26. noon, 31. the high today is 34 at 3:00 p.m. with the sun and clouds mix a few clowth and sun at times -- clouds mixing with sun at times. 35 in trenton. 38 in cape may. and 38 this atlantic city. it is going to be cool, but with light winds not too bad. tomorrow we start out with sun and clouds, up until lunchtime that's what we're dealing with. as we go through the afternoon particularly later in the day, there's a chance of pop-up shower around, the model wants to put this up until 5:30, north and west of philadelphia, eventsly we'll see this drag through the city and down the shore. it's not a big deal, it is rain and not snow because we'll be milder. in the days ahead we'll see afternoon highs above freezing, causing melting of the snow, of course, it will take days to get rid of it all.
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at night we'll have below freezing temperatures and you have to be careful of black ice on the sidewalks and side streets. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 34 is the high, light winds and cold, milder on tuesday, 43 degrees and late showers around. overnight low in philadelphia, 33 just outside the city we'll get down to the freezing mark and again there could be refreezing. wednesday morning, fog, cloudy otherwise, 40 degrees the high, dropping down to 20. partly sunny, 35 on thursday, friday we're watching the coast. some of the models have a coastal low forming. some of it has it offshore it won't affect us, if it did, we'll watch it for friday. we're mild for the weekend. saturday, 42. sunday, shower around, it definitely will be rain the afternoon high will get in the neighborhood of 50, we'll call it 47. eventually it will all
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melt. we have much more coming up. next a look at how much the snowfall is affecting transportation in the state of delaware. temple's gymnastic squad is back home following their snowy and longer ordeal on the pennsylvania turnpike. karen. >> reporter: we're live in tacony torresdale and princeton avenue. we can see the snow mostly off on the turn lanes. we'll look at the main roads schuylkill expressway and 309 when we come right back. and we'll look at how amtrak is operating after the blizzard when "action news" comes right back.
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just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at a live look here, out across philadelphia international airport, shut down when the placider hope a lot of folks today will get hopefully where they want to go. 34 degrees is the high. karen i noticed when i came
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in the highways look good, there's no shoulder because they had to put the snow there. >> reporter: in some spots there's no turn lane, either. i've been talking to people on social media over the weekend. it depends on the neighborhoods. looking live here, it's looking good, how about the crews looking live in montgomeryville they are out there shoveling at this hour, 309 at dekalb pike. the crews are clearing the snow they have the front end loordz they were doing this in the -- front end loaders, they were doing this in the parking lots, too. there's a few slick patches not that bad. the schuylkill expressway nice and clear, hardly any snow at all on the schuylkill expressway. the ramps are hit or miss at this point.
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this is what it looks like on i-95 near allegheny, northbound traffic mostly wet with slick spots. look at the ramp you have shiny areas with temperatures so cold it could be slick there. if you take it slowly you'll be fine. i know i was, the trouble comes when somebody starts driving a little crazy and you know they do that. northern turnpike northbound exit 3, we have a jackknifed tractor-trailer on the shoulder. 12 in allentown. 22 in philadelphia. 7 in millville. we had the melting yesterday, because of the temperatures we have the refreeze. be careful walking to your car, matt. amtrak will operate on a modified schedule in the mid atlantic region following the winter storm, that includes acela and other northeast services between washington, d.c. annie mccormick -- and
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boston. amtrak said it will announce its plans tomorrow later today. para transit in delaware will operate with possible delays as crews make progress to clear the road in delaware, residents in elsmere spent the day shoveling the day -- their driveways and sidewalks, and hope to see grass soon. if this is it for the year, i'm happy. the action cam caught up with the senator tom carper. he told us he likes to exercise everyday and doing that counts as a workout. temple university women's gymnastic squad went through an ordeal on the pennsylvania turnpike. only "action news" was there when the lady owls arrived in philadelphia last night. the team was heading to
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pittsburgh for a tournament when they got stuck in a huge backup on the turnpike. they were stranded on the bus in somerset for 30 hours. they kept in touch with their home base and 6abc through social media. severing a learning lesson and letting them understand we can't control every situation all the time that's something we learn from being student athletes you have to make changes when changes occur. more than 500 cars were stranded on the turnpike. the turnpike ceo mark thompson is out doing an expensive review on investigation and response. it started when trucks couldn't get up the hill. how the blizzard delayed progress upon capitol hill. the winter storm is blamed for dozens of deaths across the country including three from our area. >> reporter: 43 degrees is the high for our -- 34 degrees is
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the high for our area, the low is 28 so we'll have refreezing and black ice you out there. we'll have the day planner forecast when we come right back.
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we also want them to maintain independence and quality of life is so important. from our temple university camera. no school for lots of people out there, but there's a lot of people who have go to work and school so that's why we're on early. >> reporter: why not we are. >> reporter: we're we're looking live on at the platt bridge, you're seeing a few slick spots in this shot. the ben franklin bridge it is mostly wet, traffic is moving just fine not too many slick spots. speed restrictions still 25 miles per hour, though.
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a lot of information coming at you with mass transit, septa regional rail service suspended except for the airport line. it will room september except for the trenton and cynwood line. patco running on a special schedule, new jersey transit returning to normal. >> reporter: saturday we sat inside the snow was falling. sunday we got out and did shoveling and sledding. today is the day you go out to the grocery stores and get supplies. you can do that very well if the streets are negotiable. 29 degrees by 11:00 a.m. if you wait until the afternoon we'll be above freezing. 31 by noon, 2:00 p.m., 33. 34 around 4:00 p.m. 4 that's the worst three you've ever seen. 4:00 p.m., 32 degrees. you can get out there if the roads are okay. no precipitation. if you're walking your cats or dogs, dogs probably, make sure
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you protect their paws, you want to wash off any salt they pick up off the sidewalks, because they can lick that stuff off when they get inside. we'll talk about walking the cats later. washington, d.c. is digging out from the snow. district officials say it was 17.8 inches. according to the washington post that number falls short. reagan national airport lost their snow measuring elements midway through the blizzard. in washington, lawmakers were supposed to vote on the override of the president's obama care repeal and iran sanctions. in harrisburg, state offices will be closed today. an officer with the uunited
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states capitol police died of a heart attack while shoving snow at his home in kent county, delaware. a man from allentown, collapsed and died while shoveling snow. a man from berks county died when he became trapped inside his vehicle by a passing snowplow. it blocked the exhaust pipe. another man discovered the man's car buried underneath. 4:24, the afternoon -- archdiocese of philadelphia has announced changes in the port richmond area. a police officer and several children come together after a noise complaint in florida, we'll explain this next.
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welcome back taking a live look there one of the tennis
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courts at temple university. there will be no doubles today they had to get that cleared out, but it's probably low on the priorities after getting the main streets and secondary streets plowed out, that's what's going on in a lot of neighborhoods today. 4:27, 21 degrees out there. archbishop charles chaput will merge our lady of help into the nativity next june next year they will merge with mother of divine grace and saint george. each parish will remain open, but be serviced by one pastor. a police officer in florida had a heartwarming response from a noise complaint of kids playing basketball.
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when bobby white responded to the call, he joined the teenagers in a pick up game instead of shutting down. after seeing dash cam video shack decided to take part in the pick up game himself. high tide at the jersey shore brought more flooding, "action news" continues in just a moment. good morning, 4:30 on this
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monday, we begin with team cleanup from the blizzard of 2016. we have katherine scott and annie mccormick standing by, but we have david murphy and weather and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: all right, guys we have satellite and we have sunshine across the region and clouds sweep through, but the day will be dry. 22 degrees in philadelphia. 12 in allentown. 20 in reading, 16 in wilmington, 17 in trenton. the good news winds are light this morning, even though it's cold you don't have any really alarming windchill


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