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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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in the final push for vote tonight, as the presidential hopefuls count down to the iowa caucuses. the it is a vote that could set the the pace for the republican, and democratic presidential nomination. saturday night, i'm walter perez. the big story on "action news" is nation's first vote for impending presidential nominations. this coming monday the people of iowa will cast their ballots in a variety of ways from writing names on scraps of paper to declaring their
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preferenceness front of the whole town. "action news" anchor rick williams is live where candidates are vying for those last minute votes all across the hawkeye state. hi, rick. >> reporter: hi there, walter. there is new developments tonight. results are in from a long awaited much anticipated poll conduct by des moines register, one of the more prominent newspapers in the state. according to that poll it goodies news for hillary clinton and donald trump. hillary is leading bernie sanders by two points. trump is leading ted cruz by five points. when those numbers, still no rest for the the weary today. as, check these numbers out, 13 different candidates, crisscrossing the hawkeye state making close to 60 stops in some 33 cities and towns. "action news" was outside hillary clinton's des moines hotel, as she, her husband bill, and daughter chelsea, hit the the road this morning. hillary was heading to aimes at an event with former congress woman and shooting victim gabby giffords.
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>> it is time, may friends to stand up for common sense gun safety measures, to stand up against the the gun lobby. >> reporter: democratic rival bernie sanders was a couple hours away in manchester encouraging his grass roots support tours get out monday night. >> i believe that democracy is one person, one vote, not billion airs. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie held four town hall is a cross the state including this one in cedar rapid in which he criticized his rivals and taughted his new jersey roots. >> the the reason help don't have a plan because they are a afraid to get you angry. i'm from new jersey i'm he in the afraid to get angry. >> reporter: ted cruz was also in aimes and struck out against marco rubio whom he is trying to characterize as a washington insider. >> if you see a candidate who washington embraces, run and hide. >> reporter: in council bluff, marco rubio turn his focus against hillary clinton citing
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her e-mail controversy. >> she puts stuff on her e-mail server because she thinks she's above the law. the she's not above the the law. i guess she's count consumer if she wins the election she can pardon herself. >> reporter: then there was donald trump who arrived aboard his private jet liner and spoke at a hanger. he used that plane as an example of how he will not be behold even to anyone if elected. >> when i fly on that big plane i'm paying for it. i'm not having goldman sachs pay for it. i'm not having lobbyist and i'm not having citibank and i'm not -- i fun it myself. >> reporter: so, it is the final push, one more full day of campaigning tomorrow, and we should mention that there was, one candidate not in the state today. ohio governor john kassig chose to go to new hampshire to campaign there ahead of that state's first primary. the country's first primary on february 8th, 1 week after the iowa caucus. that will do it from the the hawkeye state, walter, back to
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you. >> rick will continue his reports live from iowa through monday's vote. you can see his next live report monday night. rick is tweeting, commenting on facebook from iowa. police in bethlehem say two teenage boys were shot while walking down the local street there. it happened at 6:30 this evening in the 1500 block of east sixth street. police are only identify victims as a four and a 16 year-old. both underwent emergency surgery at st. lukes hospital. at this hour one is listed in critical condition. the other is in serious condition. so far, no arrests have been made. at this hour police in philadelphia continue to search for the the man who stabbed a fellow passenger on board a septa bus. the it happened yesterday, in the city a's frankford section as the whole thing was caught on camera. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at temple hospital where the victim is recovering tonight. jeff? >> reporter: hi walter, police have not released the victim's name but they say he is in critical but stable condition.
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meanwhile detectives hope releasing that video from inside the bus will drum up lead, to track down that knife wielding attacker. >> nothing at this point. that is why we putting this video out. >> reporter: detectives say this is a a man they want for a staning for a brawl on the september bus had spilled out on to a city street. it happened on the route 56 bus friday afternoon, a passenger boarded on torresdale avenue but could not pay the fair. when he wouldn't get off at the next stop the the the bus driver waited for police. >> he was upset about that because he arrived. >> reporter: surveillance cameras shows people exiting the stopped bus to catch another but one passenger wasn't a as patient, and push the bus hopper out the door. he jumped back in and attacks. >> during the the course of what looked like a fist fight, but it turns out he had a knife. he stabbed the victim several times in the neck and body area. >> reporter: the subject took off. he is described as 5-foot
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seven, 30 years old and wearing a dark jacket the and dark hat with fur. lieutenant denes royce evenbaum asked anyone who recognizes him to call police. he points out stabbings could have have been prevented and asked other septa passengers not to take the law in their own hand. >> let the police handle these things. septa has a police force. we have a police force. septa police did get there in a timely fashion but just not fast enough to get there to catch the perpetrator. >> reporter: we're told the victim did undergo surgery at temple university hospital harrison barnes but has been unable to talk to police because of his injuries. if you recognize the man in those images police urge you to call 911. all tips will remain confidential. we're live at temple university hospital, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". walter. >> thanks, jeff. police in delaware issued a a warrant for arrest of the five two-year old gregory park inner connection with the murder in new castle. shawn spence was found dead inside parker's home thursday night.
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investigators think the two men knew each other but still no word on a possible motive. if you know anything about this case please call the police. well, friend and family gathered tonight to remember a pregnant teenager who died last weekend while shoveling snow. it happened last saturday morning in pottstown. officials say that brianna girloff was eight months pregnant and suffered from a heart defect that can result in the dangerously wrapped heart rate. the official cause of death has in the yet been determined. tonight the her loved ones honored her memory by holding this vigil and lighting candles. police in philadelphia have made an arrest in connection with yesterday's shooting inside ben franklin high school in the spring garden section of the city. youngsters identity has not been released in, fact there is no confirmation he was even a student. it was just before noon time yesterday when police say a fight broke out inside a school hallway. investigators say the the suspect fired a gun, luckily though no one was injured. tonight a woman from mercer county is behind bars accused of beating her mother-in-law to death. the woman was arrested, late
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friday, at a a casino in at atlantic city. police say it was back on tuesday when she killed, her mother-in-law inside the home of a home they shared in east windsor. an autopsy revealed that the seven three-year old victim died of blunt force trauma to the head. in word on a possible motive tonight. on monday investigators are set the to release evidence that could reveal why that amtrak train derailed last may. eight people were killed, you may remember, and more than 200 injured right there in port richmond. the release of this information constitutes the first major development since the the national transportation safety board, pointed to excessive speed as a key factor. investigators say the train was going more than 100 miles an hour, as it approached a curve, with a 50-mile per hour speed limit. the two remaining fugitive from his a jail break in california are back in custody tonight. the orange county sheriff said a tip from an observe ant woman led to the recapture. officials say would the man called when she saw a park white van that resembled the
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one that police say the fugitives had stolen. sure enough police arrived to find the two suspects, inside. the the third inmate, also turned himself in yesterday. police in denver, colorado say one person is dead and seven others were injured after a shooting and stabbing at a motorcycle expo there it happened at 1:00 in the afternoon at the the the national western complex where the colorado motorcycle expo was being held. of the injured, authorities say three were shot, one was stabbed, and the other sustained injuries from the fist foot. investigators say it started as an altercation involving two biker clubs. no arrests have been made but police are also speaking to a person of interest. the the expo has been since canceled for the rest of the weekend. the 2016 philadelphia auto show is now underway, and thousands have already flocked to the pennsylvania convention center, to check out this years hottest cars, and trucks. from the bentley's to maserati's and vehicles for the the rest of us, the the
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auto show offers something for everyone. if you prefer two wheels over four, they have those too. there are games so little ones can go for a test drive themselves. we will have have much more coming up at is 11:30 tonight. much more to come on "action news" tonight, johnny foot the ball's off field antics landed him in hot water once again. a police department in texas had to launch their hell cooperate tore try to find him. plus this used to be a home that a man bought a few you months ago, we will tell you why it had to be torn down, melissa. and walter, it is partly cloudy, pretty comfortable tonight the but we have got a warming trend in time for the second half of our weekend. we will talk about the temperatures with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast. thanks, melissa. and cole hamels comes back to philadelphia for a project near and dear to his heart. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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♪ ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. home in san francisco today after it was discovered slowly sliding down a hill threatening the houses below. the owner had just bought it a a few months ago. he didn't even move in just yet. engineers made the decision because five other homes were in its path. those homeowners will have to have inspections down there as well to prove their homes are not sliding as well. browns quarterback johnny manziel is in trouble once again. this time he is being investigated for possibly assaulting his ex-girlfriend.
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police in texas had to launch a chop tore try to find him early this morning. fort worth police texas, were called to ab apartment complex at the 2:00 this morning to investigate the possible assault. there they found manziel's ex-girlfriend who told them they had a fight and was concerned for his well-being after he fled the scene. they finally found him with the help of police questions and questioned by police. this is second time in two months that manziel has been investigated for domestic disputes. it has been one year since a young man from our area was shot and killed and tonight his mother is coming to you to help find his killer. here is rick williams with tonight's crime fighters report. >> reporter: crystal wright says her son paris was finding his way in adulthood when his life was cut short by two men. it happened on thursday, january 29th, 2015. >> they had been in a car all day with them. >> reporter: that day wright says her 21 year-old son was
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with three others driving around in a minivan. she said she texted paris urging him to come home. >> you shouldn't be riding around with those guys. >> reporter: those were her last word to her son. a at 2:46, police were called to an auto accident along 5500 block of north american street in philadelphia's olney section. officers found paris dead from a gunshot wound to the back of the head. the driver, was also the shot, but survived. wright said the driver spoke to her about what happened. >> he said as soon as we got off of rising sun avenue, gunshots came from the back of the car and i crashed it. he said only thing i can remember i looked over and paris was, slumped over, and i heard them say run, run. >> reporter: wright says the driver talk to the police about the shooting but did not make it to court. >> before the hearing he was gunned down. >> reporter: the city of philadelphia is offering up to $20,000 as a least ward for information leading to the a arrest and conviction of those
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responsible. all you have to does call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> and i know, i know for sure that people know. i know. they are scared or they are not coming forward. >> reporter: for crime fighters i'm rick williams for channel six "action news".
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the cold weather did not stop hundreds of people from putting on their swimsuits and jumping in the delaware river, anymore. they held special olympics
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polar plunge. more than 600 souls, jumped in to the the frigid water in support of nearly 20,000 special olympians. each of these swimmers was asked to raise a minimum of 50 bucks. cold. >> yes. pretty cold. >> time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. the it is cold but could than worse. >> very true, we could be talking about another blizzard. >> no, let's not do that. >> we are waving our white flag, go on and wave it. storm tracker six, live double scan radar, you can see it is dry, quiet, no issues with the precipitation tonight. in fact, not bad today. gets even milder in the second half of our weekend. we will show you the the picture outside. action cam was outside earlier tonight there in center city on broad street looking at city hall, we have got a partly cloudy to mostly clear sky overhead. really comfortable numbers especially as we get into sunday afternoon. high today in philadelphia a in the bad right where we should be for this time of the
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year, 41. forty-one is average. sunrise tomorrow morning at 7:11. sunset tomorrow at 5:17 in the evening. outside at this hour, 35 in philadelphia. thirty-three in the poconos. twenty-nine in allentown, lehigh valley, a along the the coast in sea isle silly, 39. lower 40's for beach haven. twenty-seven out to the west in lancaster. looking at the wind speeds. they are calm across the region. the sustained from 3 miles per hour, in allentown, six in the city, and nine for both atlantic city and sea isle city. lot at wind particles they are coming from the south/southeasterly direction. wind chillies the name of the game as we get in the overnight hours and second half of the day come tomorrow. here's satellite six with action radar. high pressure is dominating much of the eastern half of the u.s. this ridge of high pressure moves to the east tomorrow. we will tap into that return flow with that southeasterly wind which is a warmer wind. it the looks like we have got comfortable weather on the way tomorrow. the disturbed weather stays out in the northern plains and across the west coast.
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check out the numbers. it is currently 35. still 44 in cincinnati. fifty-seven at this hour in st. louis. sixty-two in memphis. we will tap in the piece of the milder eras early as sunday. call from ago you weather tonight, partly cloudy, comfortable, 25 in the suburbs. thirty-three in philadelphia for the overnight low. the the setup for tomorrow showing you a few high cloud around, high pressure to our east, high tomorrow, near 50 degrees. we are tracking this cold front, currently across the great lakes in the midwest. this will head our way, in the tomorrow, but as we get into monday afternoon with a threat of the couple spotty showers. future tracker six showing you the numbers. at 8:00 in the morning tomorrow 35 in the city. forty in the poconos. forty-one in wild wide. i'll advance this at 2:30 tomorrow, 50 in philadelphia lower 50's for allentown. forty-eight in the poconos and 56, in wildwood. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, sunshine and cloud tomorrow. mild, get out, enjoy it. up to 50 degrees.
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morning fog is likely on monday and then warmer by the afternoon with snow slow melt happening. high of 56. and slightly cooler in the wake of the front that moves through by tuesday, foreground hog day. high up to 49. it is windy, warm and wet, by wednesday, in at 63, we have some localized flooding, that is a concern and soaking rain by wednesday, otherwise in the wake of that sunny and cooler thursday, 48. forty-two on friday. next saturday, walter, high coming in at 44. not bad tomorrow. >> not bad. >> okay, thanks, melissa. >> you got it. remember you can get the seven day forecast and check out storm tracker six radar any old time at six up next on "action news" jeff skversky has sports and it turned into a a barnburner tonight at the the wells fargo center. sixers took warriors to the brink. that and more when "action news" comes right back.
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on sports. sixers putting on a show. >> for just a second time all season, it is sold out at wells fargo center. they are going nuts tonight, down to the wire, and look, on paper the sixers they don't stand a shot tonight. come on, worst team against the best. the difference in the sixers and warriors winning percentage is the largest in nba history. having said all that, how about this, nicki minaj, put down the phone. watch this crazy finish. sixers fight back, down bias many as 24. final minutes. steph curry the three, sixers down 13. they fight back. ish smith for nerlens noel, part of the 90 run. sixers down six. thirty-eight seconds left, how about isaiah cannon, three abe a foul. four-point play. sixers within two. what a turn off events. they give the ball right back, ish smith, the slam, we are tied at 22 seconds left.
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now the warriors get the ball back they can win it, with one last shot. harrison barnes, with no time left, sixers lose 108-105. golden state is 43-four. best start by a nba team since the sixers 49 years ago. >> for us to be down by 24 and find a way at home to not roll over, not be all caught up in the moment and find a way to give something back to our fans who are fantastic. it is a great thing for our young team. >> we're disappointed with how we played but we have to win. we have to come through these situations and keep winning. >> so close. tough one. it is not all about hockey in the the nhl all-star game this weekend for flyers captain, claude giroux. yesterday g visited the set of the abc tv she nashville to hang out with their stars.
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tonight g among the stars showing off in the nhl skills competition. how about giroux are, right on in the accuracy shooting challenge. he goes through the obstacle course and then of course, shoot-out. pksuban with the cool stick handling. how about chew back a and company, they will play in the all-star game, tomorrow, which featuring three on three hockey. you know the saint guess motto, the the hawk will never die. and their winning streak, better in the the die as well or their tournament the hopes will die. st. joes lost only ones and they need to keep that it way. st. joes in road island tonight. phil martelli, he will clap for this. how about this, second half, deandre bembry slams it down. double/double for him. hawks up four. they do in the let road island fight back. the st. joes wins 64-55. they are 18-three. they have won 14 of their last 15 games.
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lasalle, drexel and penn hi lights all coming up next. still to come in sports, cole hamels, back in town, why the former phillies star is in town this weekend, we will tell you you when we come right back.


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