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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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tomorrow, we are live in des moines next on "action news". what he begin tonight with breaking news out of cherry hill where a juvenile is facing charges in connection with the threat against his school.
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>> that is right, investigators say a threatening text message involving cherry hill east was circulated on social media police tracked down origin of that message and charged a young store with making a false public a alarm. we are told there will be extra police presence at the school tomorrow as well as continued police presence at all schools in cherry hill. police say it was members of the community who tipped them off to the message. and now, with less than 24 hours until the start of the voting in iowa the candidates for president make a final push. with the polls closer than ever, experts say turnout will be essential. the count down is on to the iowa caucus. >> campaigns are pulling out all of the stops in the final push to sway those undecided voters. a "action news" reporter rick williams joins us live from des moines with the very latest, hi there, rick. >> reporter: hi, guys, that is right. the final hours are here. this time tomorrow, tomorrow evening, central time, various gymnasiums, meeting halls, classrooms, and first votes
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will be cast in this presidential race. as for the candidates, this was the final night of campaigning and they were out in full force and with the race as tight on both side, well, candidates we have covered this evening all sounded upbeat. at a public meeting west of des moines we joined hundreds of people who wanted to hear new jersey governor chris christie. it was a busy day of campaigning for the governor but this was his last stop just hours to go before the iowa caucus. despite latest poll numbers, governor christie sounded optimistic. >> we will be out of your hair come tomorrow at least until august. then we will be back as republican nominee work hard to win the the swing state of iowa to make sure that the republican party is restored to the white house, sanity is restored to united states of america. >> reporter: donald trump held a afternoon rally in council bluffs. he bragged about his lead in the poles and acknowledge one category where he is in the doing so well. >> only thing i was than the number one on, personality. can you believe it, they said
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i'm not a nice person. i'm a nicer person then all of them. >> reporter: much like yesterday marco rubio focused lesson his republican challenger then on the democrats and current administration. >> i will swear before my creator and the eyes of this nation to protect, defend, up hold the constitution of the you had and unlike barack owe bam a will mean it. >> reporter: it was a similar tone from ted cruz, even though he is pulling behind donald trump he whipped up this excitement in this iowa city crowd with promises of taking the white house. >> all across the state of iowa and all across this country people are waking up, and i'm here to tell you held is on the on the way. bernie sanders will benefit from by a large turnout tomorrow and he is confident that he will be there. >> i will see our message and our energy will drive a very large voter turnout which will mean, not only that we retain the white house but we will regain the senate. we will win governor's chairs
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all over this country. >> reporter: hillary clinton made several stops including this one tonight the in sue city, iowa called the get out caucus event. >> please, get out caucus tomorrow night. the storm is not coming until after midnight. plenty of time to caucus. we will get all of the votes counted. >> reporter: that is right, hillary mentioning a snowstorm. forecasters are keeping an eye on the possibility have of significant snow, coming into the the centrally was area tomorrow evening. not expected to impact the caucus because it will arrive late but everyone is keeping an eye on it. typical iowa weather. so enjoy warm temperatures back home. by the the way as the results come in tomorrow evening get the the latest on "action news" at 11:00 and on line at six walter, czar, back to you. we will see you tomorrow. rick williams will continue his reports in iowa through tomorrow's vote. you can see his next live report tomorrow evening. he is also tweeting, and posting more about the sights
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and sound from iowa on facebook. good smart tans in bucks county held down a man after police say he tried to attack and rob a woman outside a shopping center. "action news" viewer, captured this video of the incident. it all happened yesterday outside the queen ann shopping center in bristol township. tonight, 60 year-old george blackwell faces several charges including aggravated assault and robbery. a suspect has been charged with the stabbing on board a septa bus last week. "action news" has learned that it was the the suspect's fat shore urged him to turn himself n "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at northeast detective with the full story, tonight, jeff? >> reporter: just hours after police released surveillance video of the stabbing they say they have their man. they have in the the released his name just yet but they tell "action news" that he is, from the north east and sources say that he has in criminal record. however, now he faces serious charges including aggravated assault. sources say that the 30 year-old man seen in this
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video turned himself into police early this morning. he was escorted by his father who urged him to do so after seeing his son on the 11:00 o'clock news. the break in the case comes one day after police released surveillance video of the stabbing on this septa bus. it happened on the 4100 block of torresdale avenue friday afternoon. police say that the suspect was unable to pay the the fair and refused to get off the bus. another passenger, upset about the delay, pushed the suspect out the door but he returned and police say attack with a knife, stabbing the victim multiple times in the neck and body leaving the victim in critical condition. sources say that the man stopped short of confessing to police but he admitted to being there and investigators found clothing at his northeast philadelphia a home that matched what is seen in the individual ohio. as we expect to learn much more about this suspect tomorrow, once he is formally charged. now as for the victim we have just check with police and
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they tell us he is in critical but stable condition the at temple. we are live at northeast detective, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> jeff, thank you. police in delaware say a pedestrian is dead after being hit by an on coming car. it happened tonight right around 6:00 on philadelphia park -- pike near harvey road in claymont. police say that the car did remain at the scene, the the driver of the car d investigators shut down the road for about three hours to piece together the the collision, but it is now reopened at this hour. another fatal accident involving a pedestrian, this one in camden county. it happened just before 8:00 on the white horse pike at bishop avenue in stratford township. police say pedestrian was killed at the intersection. driver of the vehicle stayed on the scene, no word if they will face any charges. fire broke out in a popular dell any camden county tonight. they broke out inside a deli on white horse pike in oaklynn just before 9:00 tonight. fire fighters needed an hour to bring this one under
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control no injuries were reported. tomorrow we're expecting to learn more about what caused a a deadly amtrak derailment the last year. investigators set to release new evidence eight months after the train crash. eight people were killed and more than 200 injured. initial reports released by the the ntsb revealed that the train was going more than 100 miles an hour as it approached a curve, with a 50-mile an hour speed limit. to accu weather now what a difference a week makes. the last sunday we were digging out from a blizzard. today sun was shining with temperatures in the high 50's. we will take it. meteorologist melissa magee over at the big board to let us know how long this great weather will last, melissa. >> yes, sarah we were over a achievers across the delaware and lehigh valleys today. high in philadelphia, 58 degrees. the currently at this hour still pretty comfortable, 44 in the city, and average for thus time of the year is 41. still well above the mark. sixty to the south and west in charleston, west virginia.
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9 degrees warmer in philadelphia then it was this same time yesterday and 20 degrees warmer in buffalo then it it was 24 hours ago. couple changes for our workweek, storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d showing us low pressure over great lakes and trailing cold front, currently across the the ohio valley, this will work east, as we go throughout the afternoon hours, come monday. so we will talk about what we can expect, patchy fog, as we go throughout the overnight hours with the southeasterly wind and snow pack on the ground and mild though for the first week of february, temperatures, in the 50's, and 60's, and we're also tracking some rain first opportunity, comes tomorrow, and second chance, by wednesday, we will take a closer look with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast, and back to you, walter. with weather like that it is no wonder so many people decided to get outside today. "action news" reporter christie lleto is live in center city with much more, hi there, christie. >> reporter: hi there, walter. it is hard to believe just last week were hammered with
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snow. people were out and about, some even wearing t-shirts taking advantage of that winter warm up. >> we rode around the city all day. we did not have our jackets on the entire time. it was great. >> reporter: it might be last day in january but mid 50's in the the city felt more like spring. >> it ways nice to be outside with just a shirt and pants on. >> reporter: rittenhouse square people kind outside as they strolled through the park in, fairmount. >> they are dressed for winter. we are staying warm. eating ice cream. >> just weather, weather is just we are. >> i had scarves on and a hat and fighting the wind and now we're out here in the park. >> reporter: it was a week ago mother nature hammered the delaware val which record breaking snow that left many digging out for days. >> i know people would kill us for saying that but i would not mind seeing another blizzard. yeah, i know. we miss it. it was just, you got to have that one good snowstorm. >> reporter: the park in
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franklin square was packed. >> it the is like spring again. >> yeah. >> reporter: and just looks like it will through the rest of the week. >> last week to this week, seven days, macing difference. >> reporter: with that warm week ahead that melissa is talking about signs of the last week blizzard and the snow we have been seeing on streets and sidewalks will likely melt away. reporting live, christie let the owe for channel six "action news". >> christie, thank you. black clergy of philadelphia, installed new leadership at a ceremony this evening. reverend jay broadback took over as president, during a ceremony here at the african methodist church at forty-first and spring garden. philadelphia mayor jim kenney was also in attendance. much more to come on "action news" tonight commuters who take falls bridge to work will have to find a new way to cross the river starting tomorrow, the the the bridge is shutting down for a few months. we will tell you why coming up. plus a quick killer whose story is at the center of the
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netflix series gets the a new lawyer. what he is planning to do to try to clear steven avery's name. and jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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for punching three philadelphia a police officers outside during a mala outside of a bar. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. outside good life lounge on bustleton avenue. a security guard called police after the the fight broke out. one man reportedly came at the the officers with his fists raised and he was pepper sprayed. a woman then jumped in and punched the officer. she face is a salt charges, two others were a arrested. also in the bustleton section two men posing as police officers robbed a business last night. investigators say that the men entered dtms detailing on geiger road and identified themselves as police. one of the men was arm with the gun. they forced an employee to the
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floor, sip tied his hand and took $400 from his wallet. they told the man he would get a warrant and then took off. anyone with any information is asked to call philadelphia police. convicted murderer at center of the netflix series making a murderer has a new attorney. she says she's optimistic she can clear steven avery's name. kathleen zelnorris a high powered attorney from chicago known for overturning wrongful convictions. she's launching an independent investigation on the dna evidence found in the murder victim's car. >> i want to examine what was not tested in the car that should have been tested. since 2007, there have been significant advances in forensic testing. >> reporter: she says that she even purchased the same model car for further tests. two virginia tech students are under arrest in the connection with the death of the 13 year-old girl who disappeared from her home last week. nineteen year-old natalie keepers is behind bars on several charges including improper disposal of a body.
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eighteen year-old david eisenhower is locked on first degree murder. nicole madison lovel disappeared from her home in blacksberg, virginia on tuesday. her remains were found today 100 miles away from home. today search and rescue team combed the pond on the the virginia tech campus, but no word tonight, what exactly they are looking for. tomorrow, the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting to discuss how they will deal with the zika virus. they could decide if the zika out break could be classified as a public health emergency of international concern. virus most commonly spread by mosquitoes has spread to five countries, including here in the u.s. experts believe that the zika virus contributed to more than 4,000 babies being born with ab normally small heads in brazil. the falls bridge will be shut down for at least two months starting tomorrow for some much needed repairs. that is going to make for a tricky commute for drivers who
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usually travel the road over the schuylkill river. "action news" reporter trish hartman has more now. >> reporter: thousands of drivers used the falls bridge to cross the schuylkill river every day. but as of machine the bridge will be closed to vehicles for repairs, the work is expect to be completed by april 1st. >> it is inconvenience but it is what it is. i read they are fixing it. >> reporter: while the bridge is closed crews will fit special brackets under the bridge strengthening the steel beams beneath the road surface. city inspectors found rust, corrosion late last year prompting the emergency repairs. here in east falls, folks are bracing themselves for congestion that will come with the detour. city officials are instructing drivers to use city avenue bridge instead. >> it will be crazy. traffic is crazy in the morning, coming accredits here and it will be like hell. >> reporter: city official announced closure in december and as you can see at entrance to the bridge is there a sign posted as well, still we managed to find folks who
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hadn't heard about the the repairs. >> what will you do instead? >> i don't know. i have to figure that out now i guess. >> reporter: while drivers will to have find another route, bikers and pedestrians will have access to the sidewalks, so, if you use the bridge recreationally we are happy to hear about the repairs to the 121 year-old bridge that is a fixture in fairmount park. >> the the environment is incredible, atmosphere is incredible. this is a good place to train. this is a good place to work out. >> reporter: city officials hope this round of repairs will last until a full restoration can be done in five or six years. >> it need it the when you see the underside of the bridge. it need a good, good solid foundation underneath it, so it will last another 100 years. >> reporter: reporting from east falls, trish hartman channel six "action news".
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city today. orchestra is made up of mostly inner city youth who demonstrated musical talents and interests. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa a magee feeling springish. >> springily, springish. >> spring-like, whatever you want to say. >> i'm making up word. >> it won't feel like february , guys. the here's the the details. here's storm tracker six double storm radar. we have no issues with precipitation. but as we go throughout tomorrow afternoon and check milder air for first day of february, there will be a threat of the couple have afternoon showers. we will talk about that in just a moment. we will show you just outside, sky six live in hd looking at philadelphia international, on this sunday. it is partly to mostly cloud a cross the region but temperatures are relatively mild for this time of the year. we were over a achievers today, highs across the the area, atlantic city 64. that was a record for you today. dover 59. philadelphia a 58. fifty-seven in phoenixville. up in the poconos in at 54.
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current at this hour is 44. keep in mind average for this time of the year is 41. still well above that. forty-four as well as in the poconos. thirty-eight in lancaster. fifty-four still in dover. forty-nine along the the coast in atlantic city. here's satellite six with action radar, partly to mostly cloud a cross the region. keep in mind today we have been trapping in the southeasterly wind that will continue tomorrow. there is also a lot of snow pack on the ground, so we have low level moisture that warm air, convex with that southeasterly wind. there is a concern for areas of fog throughout the overnight hours and as we wake up tomorrow morning. looking to the west on satellite six this area of low pressure over great lakes with the trailing cold front that will work east as we go throughout tomorrow have afternoon. not expecting a whole lot of precipitation, perhaps a tenth of an inch or less of precipitation on the the way but keep umbrella close just in case. future tracker six is showing you it is all about the numbers. forty-five at 6:00 a a.m. forty-five in the poconos.
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thirty-eight in lancaster. fifty already in wildwood. by 11:30 tomorrow morning, numbers along i-95 corridor are in the upper 50's. fifty in reading. 57 degrees in wildwood. ren we are tracking that cold front for the front, moving through as we go throughout monday afternoon into monday evening and then by tuesday, not much in the way of cooler air with temperatures in the upper 40's, lower 50's by then. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you a areas of fog tomorrow and then afternoon showers but enough sun to get our numbers up to 59. foreground hog day on tuesday mostly sunny, nice, in at 51 degrees. witt, windy on wednesday with a high of 63. record of 62 in 2006. future tracker six showing us the the possibility of soaking rain by then. this is a concern because there will be a issue with localized flooding in those poor drainage areas and especially with the snow on the ground. the thursday, sunny and cooler, 48. friday it is mostly cloudy,
11:26 pm
42. we are watching the coast but it looks like the storm we're tracking stays mainly off shore at this point. sunshine and clouds on saturday and 44. on sunday rain and snow possible, with a temperature of 46. first few days of february, no the bad at all. >> not too bad. >> thanks, melissa. find the seven day forecast and live look at storm tracker six double scan radar anytime of the day on the web site at six a >> up next on "action news" jeff skversky has sports. >> eagles every back on the field, some of them at least, pro bowl took place in hawaii tonight. highlights when "action news" comes right back.
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eagles safety malcolm jenkins a late arrival to the roster and just a little late there picking it off in the first. andy reid making his fifth trip to honolulu calling plays for team rice. andy has a trick up his sleeve. how about a fake punt. gets them the first down. reid cannot stop there second quarter darren sproles up the middle, two guys, 29-yard touchdown catch. sproles, only had one of those over the last few years in the regular season. sproles and jenkins and company hell team irving win 49-27. super bowl 50, it is a week away from tonight. today both denver and carolina a arrived in santa claire, california where they will practice and prepare for the big game. perhaps final one for payton manning. check out panthers quarterback cam newton rocking skin tight exotic versace pants. they retail for $849. i don't think i can pull those off. >> i don't think you


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