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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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good afternoon, rick is on assignment, in the news this noon it is the first test for the race for the white house.
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the presidential candidates paycheck their final push hours before the iowa caucuses. the falls bridge is shut down, emergency row pairs will have it closed for week. the big news on "action news," two investigations involving amtrak. federal faicialts will release -- officials will release new information on the deadly derailment that occurred last year. and what caused damage to the train last night in bridesburg. >> reporter: keep in mind these trains undergo rigorous safety testing ballistic testing is standard in the event something happens. we don't know what the objects were that struck the train, but it happened on the eve of the ntsb's plan to release a large amount of data from last year's
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fatal derailment. the asell -- acela express train was passing through bridesburg, several unidentified objects struck the train heading to new york city. none of the passengers on board were hurt. at 0th street station passengers say they are trust that the trains are built and reinforced to be instruct by smaller objects that may strike weather accidentally or on purpose. i think they do as much as they can. >> reporter: last night's incident took place not far from the site of the train derailment last may that killed 8 and injured 200 you. today the n tsb is releasing data that could provide insight to the crash. in the days and weeks that follow feather investigators worked to determine if a projectile hit that train.
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other trains reported being hit by rocks that night. investigators determined that the train was traveling twice the speed limit when it entered the curve at frankford junction. i do know that the acceleration that happened, that had to happen between here and the curve they took was rather high. it will be interesting to hear what happened. the train's engineer hit his head in the crash and told investigators he doesn't remember what happened. he turned over his cell phone and investigators said there was no indication he was using it. the engine was new and appeared to have been operating normally. no anomalies were found in the tracks or signal boxes. and what's being released today is not the final report, it's gust a lot of information. what comes next is the analysis of all that evidence and information. then the ntsb works on putting together a final report and include safety recommendations from this happening again.
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live from 30th street station, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." extra police are patrolling cherry high school east today after a threat was made against the school over the weekend. police say yesterday they were notified about the threat circulating on social media. officers say they traced it back to a juvenile who is charged with making a false public alarm. students we talked to said they feel safe. i heard it was a list of names of kids who were targeted by this one student, but i feel safe about going to school because of the increased police. >> reporter: the superintendent of cherry hill school sent out a letter last night to notify all parents in the district about that threat. on the campaign trail this noon, the presidential candidates only have a few hours left to sway voters before the iowa be caucus begin toned. lan -- begin tonight.
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>> reporter: good afternoon we are hours away. 7:00 p.m., iowans get one shot. they will gather together and determine their nominee for president and set the tone for every other state. after some 1500 rallies and $33 million spent it is decision time in iowa. a new quinnipiac poll out today has donald trump widening his iowa lead. you have to be a little nervous, you know i like to win, and i want to win for the country. >> reporter: a third of voters say they are undecided or may change their mind. that's bad news for cruz who was sliding in the polls and with hours to go is being criticized for sending out this mailer saying voter violation. marco rubio is hot on the campaign trail trying to lure voters away from the other candidates. someone going to the caucus
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site tonight and there's a candidate you don't think they are making it to the finish line, caucus for me because we can win. >> reporter: armies of volunteers are fanning out across the state. our message is resonating throughout the country. >> reporter: 15,000 supporters in iowa. the clinton campaign stayed it knocked on 125,000 doors. all the contact with iowa voters hillary clinton says has formed her candidacy. i think the months i've spent here listening to iowans will make me a better candidate and president. >> reporter: whether or not the voters turn out is whether trump trurp -- donald trump or bernie sanders walk away with a win for iowa. it was an upset when the iowans handed president to then senator
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barack obama. rick williams is in iowa will report live through tonight's vote. he is posting updates on twitter and facebook. turning to accuweather now, the first day of february, feels like spring today. going live outside, sky6 live hd the ben franklin bridge a little bit of cloud cover there, but very mild conditions. fewer more on that let's check in with david murphy. >> reporter: the clouds have gotten thicker sarah. there's a little bit of drizzle on the terrace right now. taking a wide view you can see the main shower activity is well to the west falling apart before it gets here, but we could see showers before we are done. the closer view on storm tracker 6 live double scan giving you is a nice live view of where the showers are right now. again, they are very light. if you get anything that is actually putting a little bit of moisture on road surfaces it will not last very long. this is just the beginning later on today, on future tracker 6, we've got a better chance of
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pronounced showers. by 3:00 p.m., the the latest molgtdz -- model run has these west of philadelphia and moving through philadelphia and over to south jersey along the coast at 8:00 p.m. and soon after that getting off the coast. 56 degrees in philadelphia. 43 in allentown where we have been lagging behind temperature-wise for the morning and now in the afternoon. 48 in reading. 56 in trenton and 53 in wilmington and 60 in millville and at the airport in atlantic city. we expect to ton at 58 degrees well above the average high of 41 and 35 the chillier overnight low. speaking of record highs before midweek is over we may have one in the books in philadelphia. i'll talk about that and give up the next chance of precipitation which is more than what we're seeing today. for now, mild, sarah.
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the falls bridge is closed to all vehicles. crews are making emergency repairs after city inspectors found rust and corrosion over the bridge it is a big inconvenience for the thousands of drivers who cross the schuylkill every day. they will have to use the city avenue bridge instead. work is expected to be done by april 1. 13 people are nursing minor injuries after this crash with a septa bus and school bus. the crash took down a pole around 6:00 a.m. the people hurt from the septa bus were treated at einstein. the collision caused a backup on nearby broad street. investigators in camden county say there's nothing suspicious about last night's fire that badly damaged a popular deli. an "action news" viewer captured smoke pouring from the deli on the white horse pike in oaklynn.
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version into the cause remains open. there were no injuries reported. two virginia tech students appeared in court to face charges in the death of a 1-year-old girl. vehicles are set on fire at a jewish center and police and fbi are trying to determine if it was a random case of vandalism or something worse.
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ask your doctor about stelara®. some winds are slamming california as a powerful winter storm moves out. one man was killed when a tree was knocked on his car in san diego county. the storm is packing heavy rain and snow. police had to shut down an interstate leading to los angeles county because of icing conditions. two virginia tech engineering students charged in connection with the murder of a 13-year-old girl. police arrived 18-year-old david eisenhauer. natalie keepers is accused of helping to dispose of the body. nicole disappeared from her home on wednesday. her remains were found 100 miles away. news of lovell's death spread
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moments before a candle light vigil this weekend. it's a sickening feeling knowing that she wouldn't be coming back. police have not repleased a motive but say eisenhauer used lovell and used the relationship to his advantage. both suspects are being held without bond. fbi has been notified of an arson at a jewish cultural center in tennessee. someone shed fire to two cars in chattanooga ga. chat newing. investigators are trying to determine if this is hate crime or random act of vandalism. facebook and instagram are banning private gun sales. some people have been using the social network as a forum to get guns without background checks. individual sellers will be blocked. licensed gun dealers and gun clubs can maintain facebook
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pages. miami police are investigating after a woman turned the table on a speeding police officer. the reason i'm pulling you over today and i am asking you to have a conversation i saw you since miller drive when you were jumping on the palmetto, you were pushing 90 miles per hour. claudia said the squad car was going to fast it shook her far when it flew by. she followed the officer until she got close enough to get him to stop. he said he was on his way to work and apologized for speeding. miami police say the incident will be investigated. some airlines are bringing back the perk for passengers in coach. indict chaining can reduce the risk for breast cancer later in life. details of the new study next in "healthcheck." toyota will take the
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unusual step of spending vehicle production for an entire week in japan. that's because of a parts shortage caused by an explosion last month at one of its field suppliers. the shutdown will affect all of its assembly plants in japan next week. u.s. airlines are making record profits and some of them are restoring the small perks for passengers flying coach. next months american airlines will offer free snacks on select routes. united announced the return of free snacks starting in teb. february. delta never got rid of them even
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in bankruptcy. world health organization is holding an emergency meeting to discuss how to deal with the zika virus to see it should be a pub health crisis. experts have linked it to severe wirgt -- birth defects. high fiber diets in high school led to a lower risk of developing breast cancer before menopause. researchers found the benefits in women who ate 28 grams of fiber a day. those who want to participate in the blue cross broad street run can sign up today. you need to register in the lottery. it's a lottery system so everyone has an equal chance to
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win a bib. the "action news" team is in the newsroom working on stories at 4:00 p.m. >> reporter: we've heard about love at first sight, what about love at first click. the leap of faith happened on instagram now she is getting married after meeting her man once. shopping with a lot of the perks find out how to get exclusive sales and cash back while helping out a special charity that's all ahead in what's the deal. don't forget you can take us with you on the go you can watch our newscast streaming live on your smart phone or tablet. see you then sarah. accuweather coming up when we come right back.
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david back indoors with us now, you only needed a light jacket today. >> reporter: no kidding for the first time in a while. we have rain out to the west of us toward harrisburg that's on the way later on this afternoon. right now there's scattered showers creeping through the northern suburbs. philadelphia got clipped with this a little while ago. chester county and southern montgomery and bucks county and around chestnut hill. this first batch is moving through quickly with low impact. this will be coming through the this afternoon doesn't look that bad. action cam in fairmont more of the snow melting over the weekend and this afternoon, as well. we'll see temperatures well
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above freezing. 56 degrees winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour. a comfortable day to get out there. of course you might have a sprinkle or shower to deal with. 56 in the city. 53 in wilmington. 56 in trenton. the northern suburbs have been hanging on to the 40s and 30s through most of the day, allentown is up into the 40s, at 43. 48 in reading, the farther south you go, 41 in millville. 65 currently at the airport in lunatics, nice numbers overall. future tracker 6 shows you the next round of more pronounced rain comes in between 2, 3, 4:00 p.m. into the evening it may begin to reach into the northern suburbs before sliding through philadelphia and by 8:00 p.m. it's centered over south jersey and moving off the coast after that. lehigh valley allow for passing shower, otherwise clouds and sunny breaks can't be ruled out and high of 52 degrees. mild down the shore, as well. 56 degrees clouds and sunny breaks possible and you have the spotty shower chance.
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down the shore it's closer to the evening hours versus the afternoon. philadelphia, clouds and sun, 58 degrees is the high and the afternoon shower not a big deal, but something that might slow you down or keep you from your walk for maybe an hour or something like that. winds out of the west at 8 to 16 miles per hour this is an after or evening where it's great to have storm tracker 6 live double scan on your smart cell phone that's a free app, you can download it at any time track the rain as it's coming through. 51 degrees by 5:00 p.m. evening commute doesn't look too bad. 6:00 p.m., 49 degrees, 7:00 p.m., 46 degrees. overnight tonight we stay above freezing even though it will be cooler tonight than the past overnight. 35 is the high, mostly cloudy an evening hour and drying out with the winds overnight. tomorrow we have a warm front from the south. above it it will be cooler with the front coming in with the showers. we'll get up to 51 degrees for the high on tuesday.
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wednesday on the other side of that front we'll get up to record territory and hit records. the trades off it could be a damp day, showers in the morning and heavy rain and thunderstorms coming through on wednesday afternoon and evening. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 58 degrees, a spotty light shower, tomorrow, lots of sun, groundhog day, we'll see what phil says 351 degrees still above average. 63 degrees if we hit that on wednesday it will be a record by one degree in the city, but rainy. cooler behind the rain on thursday, 48. friday, 42 we're keeping our eyes on the coast, but most models have a coastal storm so far out to sea it doesn't give us anything more than cloud cover. saturday, sunny, 44 and sunday, 46 and rainy. a surfer was riding a monster wave when he was knocked off his board he dropped 40 feet
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through the air and plunged into the water. he walked away with a stiff neck. hawaii has been hit with enormous waves all thanks to el nino. there's much more ahead in the next half-hour of "action news" at noon, legendary singer carole king's biography is being shared on tour in philadelphia. and we have local students learning the important of the special olympics those stories and more, next.
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hello, again, rick is on assignment here's some of the stories we're following on "action news" at 12:30. the iowa caucuses are only a small part of the race for president, but a win is huge leading into the new hampshire primary. we're live with the latest from des moines. plus, amtrak officials are trying to determine what kind of mysterious objects struck a train in philadelphia. at 5 years old, a boy finds his true love and proposes. turnout is expected to be high for the iowa caucuses. republican donald trump and bernie sanders hope to ride
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voter energy into victory while ted cruz and hillary clinton are banking on sophisticated get out the vote operations. diane gallagher joins us live from des moines. die -- diane. you know they say it's all about the turnout, they are hoping that's what's going to happen. looking live on a donald trump event in waterloo, iowa. candidates are holding rallies like this one and meeting voters and attempting the last ditch effort to get out the vote. they spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars here and it's go time. for the first time in the presidential election voters have a say in who stays and goes. polls and party members have had the most influence in who remains a viable candidate. even though the road to the white house begins


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