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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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moving through or area right now. for many that is a welcome change from all that wintry weather. monday night, rick is on assignment, brian taff joins us and the big story on "action news" is some green here on our double scan radar. >> lots of it. meteorologist cecily tynan standing by live at the big board with the first check of the accuweather forecast. hi, cecily. >> hi, brian and monica. it is bad timing for the evening commute because this is slowing things down but double scan live showing that we do have a band of some rain moving across our area. this is ahead of a weak cold front that's pressing in and closer up on double scan slowing that the steadiest rain right now has slid east of the new jersey turnpike from salem glassboro heading towards berlin and medford lakes and you can see how this is all advancing up to the north and the east and what this will do is bring us slightly cooler air tomorrow. today we had a taste of spring in the upper 50's. right now it's cooled off a bit but temperatures generally in the mid 40's to mid-50's, so no chance of any icing with this event and this is kind of an appetizer before the main event that will move through
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on wednesday. double scan live showing this is the system, this is low pressure that will really form blizzard conditions across the upper midwest as that low pressure trex to the great lakes and what that will do is bring us some rain on wednesday and record warmth, so a flood watch has been posted wednesday at noon until thursday at 5 o'clock. we'll talk about how much rain to expect and record warm temperatures in the full accuweather forecast. guys. >> cecily see you in a little bit. thank you. after months of campaigning the presidential hopefuls first test is upon us. we're less than three hours now and countering until the iowa caucuses and candidates have beeny have been crisscrossing the hawk eye state all day long to rally every last vote they can. tonight all eyes are on iowa then as voters there get the nation's first say in who should be the next president of the united states. >> "action news" anchor rick williams is live in des moines for us at the caucus media hub and he has more on today's rush for support. hi, rick. >> reporter: hi, monica, hi
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brian. that's right. thank you. we are live once again from the media center where we'll watch the results can come in tonight 7 o'clock central time when the caucus officially gets under way. we expect to start seeing numbers a couple hours later at 9 o'clock. speaking of numbers, let's take a look at these latest figures from the quinnipiac university poll just released this morning concerning tonight's iowa caucus. it shows that donald trump has a healthy seven-point lead over ted cruz and marco rubio is back in third place. on the democratic side, this is new tonight, bernie sanders holds a 3-pointer lea three-poir hillary clinton. and that is why hillary clinton is making a last minute push to get her supporters out in force. after all, she came in as ah surprising third place in the 2008 iowa caucus. this morning she and daughter chelsea stopped off at a bakery to encourage voters to
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get out tonight. she has a caucus viewing event this evening which she's hoping will become a victory party as well. bernie sanders on the other hand had no scheduled events today just a watch party this evening. >> ♪ >> reporter: donald trump is not taking his lead for granted. he was back out this morning in waterloo his wife and daughter joining him on the stage and we've just learned his children are expected to appear at various caucus locations tonight as well. >> this is our final stop on caucus day. >> reporter: ted cruz had a couple of stops today. his goal also to get supporters to the caucuses tonight. by the way, these last minute stops of course wrap up what has been hundreds of days of campaigning throughout the hawk eye state and get this? collectively the candidates have made some 1300 stops in iowa leading up to tonight's caucus. of course, they will now sit back, wait and watch the results come in and so will we. and coming up on "action news
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tonight at 6 o'clock we'll tell you why this folksy little caucus here is really a big time high tech affair. back to you guys. see you at 6:00. >> sounds gm thank you so much. rick's reports from des moines continue all night long right here on "action news." we'll also have realtime updates from iowa on as well as tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> today the ntsb released its complete findings on last year's deadly amtrak derailment in port richmond. it included more than 2,000 pages of information photos and video. investigators said they took a close look at the locomotive the tracks and the signals and found no evidence of a failur failure. john rawlins has been combing through the data dam he'll have more on what investigators found regarding brandon bostian the man behind the controls on that train coming up at 6 o'clock. meanwhile we're getting new information on another scare for train passengers as they were traveling through philadelphia. something hit a window on an amtrak acela train bound from washington to new york not far frofarfrom the site of last yeas
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derailment. investigators say it might have been a rock that caused that damage. >> reporter: that's right, brian, amtrak just told us that the damage is consistent way rock hitting the window of acela express train 2222 last evening. that train passed through 30th street station en route to new york last night. we talked to two passengers who were in that very train car. they describe for us what they heard and saw when the window of the train car shattered. >> all of a sudden there was a really loud boom. >> reporter: taylor lawrence of brooklyn posted these photos on social media last night moments after something hit the window of the amtrak acela train car she was riding in smashing the glass. >> when it hit, it was sort of a -- it almost sounded like somebody had slammed down a tray table really hard or dropped a stack of books. it wasn't really clear what it was or where it came from. >> reporter: the train with 201 passengers on board was
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traveling from washington to new york when a projectile hit the glass just before 7:00 last evening. nobody was hurt. at the time, the train was traveling through bridesburg, close to where the amtrak train derailed in may killing eight. reginald osbourne of harlem is the man in this photo. he was sitting right next to the broken window. >> it cracked it. it didn't shatter it but you could see where it was just -- like it left an imprint of like a bullet. >> reporter: amtrak told us today that the train car windows are reinforced to meet the specifications of the federal railroad administration's regulations. at 30th street station today, riders said they consider the train safe and such incidents are not something that will keep them from riding the rails. >> you really can can't live your life worried about such things and the probability of things happening like that tend to be so small, i do feel very safe. >> that are things that are just out of everyone's control so hopefully people understand that and don't cause too much
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of a fuss. >> reporter: now, the passengers who were on the train last night told us the conductors on board explained to them that this does happen from time to time, that things are thrown at passing trains. acela 2222 stopped at the metro park station for about a half an hour after the incident. there was a quick inspection and it moved on to penn station where it arrived around 8 o'clock last night. again no, one was injured. live at 30th street station, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news. >> thank you sarah. few at 5:00 a former philadelphia funeral director found with 3-d composing bodies sitting in her garage is now facing more charges tonight. "action news" first told you about her back in august. today slaw charged with more counts including theft and deception. daily's funeral director license has been revoked by the way. and also new at 5:00 from our new jersey news room a corrections officer at the
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camden county jail is facing serious charges after he allegedly kicked and stomped an inmate. officials say surveillance shows 43-year-old john sti there. sman going on the attack. he's also accused of lying on the incident report. he's free on $50,000 bail. >> the service employees international union held a rally to endorse katie mcginty for united states senate. they gathered at love park to say mcginty is right for the job baseless on the side of working families. mcginty has gotten support from pennsylvania governor tom wolf. two others are fighting to go up against senator pat toomey. mayor michael nutter has yet another new job just one month out of office. nutter will join cnn as a commentator according to the network's media correspondent. in the past month, nutter has also taken a teaching job at new york's columbia university and an advisor role at the
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u.s. department of homeland security. >> all right. time right now for a check of the "action news" traffic report monday night. >> all right, rain complicating things outer there. matt pelman standing by in the "action news" traffic center with an update. hey, matt. >> definitely a little bit of a soggy commute on this monday afternoon, start avenue new month as well and the brand shrine knee new month not going so well on a couple of front. the falls bridge shut down, the first day of about two months of the closure. city avenue bridge and roosevelt boulevard twin bridges are going to take extra traffic. expect that if you're traveling in that area and expect speeds in the teens if you're traveling home this afternoon on 422 westbound just 18 miles per hour as you round that saint gabriel's curve, 17 as you pass oaks. it's an accident on route 29 talking out the left lane contribute to go what would be normal afternoon volume. crash on route two kirkwood highway at delaware park drive. i'd stay on seven, bear corbett road to get around that. in pennsville salem county
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wires came down following a crash so 130 northbound is shut down. if you want to stay over on 295, it's wet but no delays at this point. we'll check it again, monica and brian, in the next half hour. >> all right, matt, thank you. we've got much more to come right here on "action news" at 5:00 tonight with all eyes on iowa this evening, we're taking you inside the caucus process ahead at 5:30 "action news" breaks down what you'll see on television tonight and how it translates into support tour can candidates. >> but first, strong words from the world health officers about the spread of the zika virus. ali gorman explains about this international emergency that's now in effect when "action news" comes right back. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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>> we are watching a developing story tonight and global concerns about the mosquito borne zika virus took a step forward today. the world health organization declared it a an international emergency. >> ali gorman live at the big board to explain this move and what it means ali. >> guys, this is the agency's highest alert levelly we don't have the science to prove zika virus causes birth defects and temporary paralysis but there's enough of a red flag. officials say the virus
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spreading in south america could pose a threat to other regions. this declaration will bring more resources to help contain it. >> we are dealing with a disease that we have no information about. >> a little more than a year latin america has gone from its first zika case to thousands of them and in brazil more than 4,000 babies have been born with micro cephaly abnormally small heads. doctors don't have proof deek pa is the cause but it's an sos to free up money to prove those lynx and fund the effort to stop the outbreak. it's designed speed up research into possible treatments and vaccines. the effort now is on controlling the type of mosquito which carries the virus. right now the species isn't in our area but some have turned up in southern california and gulf states. so far they don't carry the virus.
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this is the world health organization's fourth global emergency. the last was in 2014 for ebola virus. one was also called for a polio outbreak in africa and asia the same year. and the first was in 2009 for the h1n1 flu pandemic. public health officials in our area will start testing movin mosquitoes in the springtime. >> there's new information tonight about those three dangerous inmates captured in california. authorities say the trio planned it for six months and they did have help. they allegedly abducted a taxi driver to flee from orange county 350 miles to northern california. on the way authorities say inmate hussein nahyer repulled a gun on the taxi driver. bac duong got into a physical fight with nahyer re. they were at odds over whether to shoot the driver.
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my yeah reand the third escapee were captured. also authorities arrested an accused accomplice. >> we filed charges against one defendant lock what nguyen. >> the fourth suspect gave them a nye. nguey. e was not a inmate jail jail worker or visitor. >> a man in massachusetts may have a guardian angel. he was saved by a nun after he became trapped under a tree. the nun heard the man shouting but realized she couldn't save him herself so she ran back to the abbey and called 911. the man had been pinned under the tree for nearly two hours before firefighters freed him. he said the tree fell on his leg while he was cutting it. the nuns at mount saint mary's abbey said the they were glad to help. >> philadelphia getting a visit from caitlyn jenner
5:17 pm
weeks after she was parodied by the mummers.
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>> mixed but no means dramatic day on wall street thanks to a drop in oil and photographer
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in gas prices. dow finishing down more than 16 points the s & p finished down by less than a point. according to the center for disease control and prevention it's safe to eat at chipotle again. the cdc announced the e. coli outbreak appears to be over. 50 people across 14 states were sickened. investigators have not been able to identify the ingredient responsible for the contamination. yahoo cutting 1600 jobs roughly 15 percent of its work forms the announcement according to the wall street journal will come tomorrow. several oversees analysis were also close. yahoo's stock has tumbled. >> state representative and congressional candidate dwight evans got an insides look at how philadbundance is helping provide food to families in the area. evans toured the food warehouse in philadelphia. he's fighting to end what he
5:21 pm
calls food deserts and wants to make sure everyone has access to quality quality food. former olympian and reality tv star caitlyn jenner can coming to philadelphia will speak at the university of pennsylvania two weeks from wednesday. bissinger wrote jenner's coming out story for vanity fair last year. jen inter's visit to philadelphia comes weeks after she was parodied by the mummers you may remember. many called that act offensive prompting city officials to consider changes to next year's parade. >> still to come right here on "action news" at 5:00 tonight we get a check of the accuweather forecast. >> sky6 hd showing you a wet i-95. it is slowing things down. meteorologist cecily tynan with the exclusive accuweather five day forecast when we come right back. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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>> time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> meteorologist cecily tynan here. folks are getting a little bit wet in places. that we have a round of rain moving through right now. also a weak cold front pushing east so double scan live showing the northwest suburbs right now, the lehigh valley and the poconos, northern bucks county, you're beginning to dry out and that round of the steadier rain i've been tracking top of the newscast continues to push to the east moving through burke into gloucester county, medford lakes, berlin. it's just over glassboro right now. crossing route 55 and this will continue to push to the east and we will be drying out
5:25 pm
so we've got another about two hours before it clears the coast but right now temperatures on the mild side. 50 degrees in philadelphia. we were up in the upper 50's earlier today. 55 in millville. even areas to the north where you have a deeper snow pack still in allentown it's still relatively mild, 46 degrees and lancaster currently 42 degrees. so, satellite6 along with action radar showing here's the cold front that's pressing through right now that's bringing us kind of an appetizer to the main event. there's more rain on the way on wednesday and this is all associated with that low pressure that will bring a snowstorm to rick williams in iowa and what that will do is press across the great lakes. so we'll be in the warm sector of that storm so not only will we get a round of heavy rain, we'll also have record warmth on wednesday. tonight once the showers move out, it will be cloudy, it will be chilly but temperatures actually above normal for early february. 33 degrees in philadelphia. above freezing. allentown, though, down to 27. trenton 29. the boardwalk in atlantic city 36 and reading 28 degrees.
5:26 pm
so, future tracker showing the rain really pushing off the coast right between about 7:30 and 8 o'clock tonight and then tomorrow morning loads of sunshine and already about 35 degrees at 8 o'clock and then temperatures will make it up into the upper 40's to around 50. by 4:30. so cooler than today but still very mild. and then that round of heavy rain arriving on wednesday. wednesday morning just some light rain. the steadiest rain still to our west. it looks like the heaviest rain will be here right in time for the evening commute with a pretty good line could have a gusty thunderstorm with the and we're looking at about an inch of rain. a pretty good agreement. the problem, though, is when you have that record warmth you have that snow melt in that could cause localized flooding so we have a flood watch posted for wednesday. the five day at 5:00 tomorrow ground hog day sunshine and colder 50 degrees. still that's mild though for this time of the year. wednesday will be when we get the gusty winds, the showers and thunderstorms especially the second half of the day 63 degrees.
5:27 pm
then temperatures stepdown lined that system. 50 on thursday. friday 42 and saturday mostly sunny with a high of 46 degrees. there is a possibility of some snow with a cold front on sunday. adam will talk about that in the accuweather 7-day forecast. guys. >> thank you cecily. >> thank you. >> much more to come in our next half hour. the wal-mart truck driver who was behind wheel during a crash that critically injured comedian tracy morgan appears in court. >> and a championship surfer catches a huge wave in the middle of a storm and then something goes terribly wrong. we'll show you this incredible video coming up. those stories and much more when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again. rick will be along at 6:00 tonight way live report from the iowa caucuses. brian taff joins us. a murder mystery in virginia. it has two communities in shock after a little girl is found murdered and two college students are implicated. we're less than three hours away from the i a iowa k
5:30 pm
caucuses. >> 18-year-old. abc's megan hughes live in washington tonight. megan you have the details. good evening. the suspects won't appear again in court until late march and a lot of questions remain about how the victim and the suspect knew each other. 18-year-old virginia tech engineering student david eisenhauer appeared in court today charged bit premeditated murder of 13-year-old nicole lovell. >> they were acquainted prior to her disappearance. eisenhauer used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and kill here.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: 19-year-old natalie keepers arraigned today is facing charges of transporterring or concealing a dead body. after police arrested eisenhauer saturday morning for abduction they found lovell's body 80 miles away in north carolina. her family said she pushed a dresser against her door and possibly climbed out of her window wednesday. lovell's mother told the washington post her daughter was bullied online and at school. she was a liver transplant recipient who needed daily medication. >> she was always the cutest little thing. >> reporter: the investigation continues with police searching a pond on the virginia tech campus for a seconds day. in court documents eisenhauer reportedly claimed i believe the truth can set me free. eisenhauer was a high school track star with big aspirations. his high school principal is shocked. >> very pleasant young man but very goal driven. focused on his academics but he was very focused on running. >> reporter: eisenhauer's parents live in a quiet maryland neighborhood. neighbors say they moved to the area from washington state within the past few years.
5:32 pm
>> surprising when you hear something terrible like this. >> reporter: now one outstanding question tonight, how was lovell killed. court documents indicate that a firearm was not used. in washington, megan hughes, channel6 "action news." >> i'm here at the "action news" big board with the first real test for the 2016 presidential candidates. the iowa caucuses. democratic voters are gathering literally in churches, rec centers even some private homes to decide which candidates they will support for the nomination. now, the republican caucus is much like a traditional primary voting process. voters gather and immediately choose their candidate. some caucuses use a printed ballot. others use just literally a scrap of paper with the candidates' name on it. each campaign is allowed to make a final plea for support before those secret ballots are cast. but the democratic caucuses are much more involved. voters literally divide up into different parts of the
5:33 pm
room depending on who they are backing. the uncommitted groups also gets together to listen to last minute pitches and then there are two votes using a head count. after the first vote any candidate with less than 15 percent support is declared not viable and stripped of their votes but those supporters do have the option to join a different can candidate's group or just to abstain. then there is that second vote. and those are the results that are final. that are forwarded to the iowa democratic headquarters. it is not by the way a winner take all for each caucus. the caucuses officially start at 8:00 p.m. our time but the voting happens after campaign supporters deliver speeches to drum up last minute votes and our "action news" anchor rick williams lab in iowa for us since last week. he'll show us how technology will make a big difference once the voting itself is done and that's coming up at 6:00 p.m. the iowa caucuses have history of making or breaking presidential candidates.
5:34 pm
it's not always the front run here's come out on top and go to the white house. in 2012 rick santorum edged out former massachusetts governor mitt romney in iowa. truly as you can tell it's anybody's game tonight. brian. >> it is a fascinating process monica. thanks very much. french president francois hollande and raul castro met in paris today. both are calling on the u.s. to lift the economic embargo against cuba. during a joint appearance hollande said president obama has made numerous gestures towards cuba and must now follow through and allow this vestige of the cold to end. castro went on to say that the u.s. embargo is the main obstacle to the development of his country. france has also called for the lifting of those sanctions since 1981. the truck driver accused of crashing into a limo van carrying comedian trains morgan has pleaded not guilty. police say kevin roper was driving a wal-mart truck in
5:35 pm
2014. that crash killed one person are seriously injured morgan. during an arraignment roper pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide and aggravated assault. police have charged william smalls with stabbing a plan on a septa bus. the stabbing happened on the route 56 bus on the city's frankford section friday afternoon. police say smalls was unable to make the fare and refused to get off the bus. another passenger upset by the delay and pushed him out of the door and that's when police say smalls stabbed him. the victim remains in the hospital in critical condition. >> a wilmington police officer's memory led to the arrest of a wanted robbery suspect. normal nan stanford is accused of robbing a 25-year-old man at gun point yesterday on north harrison street. a few hours later an officer saw stanford and she noticed he matched a description that was broadcast to employees. stanford is facing numerous charges including first degree robbery. meantime from our new jersey news room tonight investigators in berlin camden county release this surveillance video.
5:36 pm
take a look. they released it today of a driver wanted in connection with a deadly hit and run. it happened near tansboro road and gardens avenue friday night. the pedestrian was reportedly hit not by one but two vehicles. the driver of the first vehicle did stay at the scene. however, the driver of a dark colored sedan took off. if you have any information please contact authorities. >> an out of control driver slammed into the side of a south philadelphia business this morning. this was the scene outside the cms rivers band drug and alcohol treatment center just after 8:00 a.m. you can see the car punched a hole into the side of that building. examiners with licenses and inspections deem that that property is safe. it's not clear right now if the driver will face any charges. >> all right, time to get a look at the traffic story for you monday night. >> matt pelman keeping an eye on things for us as always and my, oh, my, it's a lot of red lights there. >> looks like fun, doesn't it? >> no. >> not such a great situation. traffic has really gone south since we started at 4 o'clock this afternoon and now brian
5:37 pm
and monica, if you're trying to go east or west on 422 you're encountering problems. all the taillights are headed westbound by phoenixville and collegeville route 29. one accident off to the side. looks like we might have another one in the distance. eastbound an accident as well by 29, just the shoulder squeezing by. you got them both directions on 422. the worst delays at this point are on the westbound side which is the way most people go in the afternoon. speeds just in the teens. you might want to think about using ridge pike as you head out this afternoon or you could use 23 but there's a crash along 23 in king of prussia at moore road. also have an overturned vehicle crash on the ramp from the turnpike eastbound to valley forge. traffic just barely squeezing by that. by the ram's diner west chester watch out for a wreck along high street at spruce avenue just north of 202 and 322. have some downed wires in cherry hill giving us problems along haddonfield-berlin road near walt whitman boulevard. burnt mill road an opisthion get around that. pennsville salem county downed wires following a crash
5:38 pm
continue to block the northbound lanes of 130 broadway. stay over on 295 to get around that mess. monica and brian, back over to you. >> thank you, sir. all right, still ahead on "action news" tonight californiaians are dealing with the aftermath of a monster winter storm that brought strong winds, heavy rains and snow. >> and could it be a turning of the tide for the sixers? ducis rodgers has more from players about the future following last week's near-victory over golden state. adam. >> and brian we're tracking two systems, the present one here with some light showers that are passing through and another one developing in the nation's heartland that will bring the possibility of some flooding on wednesday. i'll have all those details can coming up in accuweather. >> those stories and much more when "action news" comes right back tonight. >> ♪
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>> the michigan department of environmental quality is proposing a five part strategy to determine whether flint's water is safe to drink. now the strategy at homes school and restaurants in addition residents will get blood tests and the entire water distribution system will be monitored as you know flint switched its water source from detroit's water system to the
5:42 pm
flint river back in 2014. they were trying to save money. back here in new jersey an effort has been launch toads prevent childhood lead poisoning. a coalition of housing and community development groups is pushing hard to get governor christie to fund $10 million for the effort. the money is supposed to be in the state budget each year to help relocate and clean up homes like this contaminated with lead. >> you know there there's 11 cities and two counties here in new jersey that have a higher rate of elevated blood lead levels in 2014 than flint had in 2015. >> reporter: that list of cities includes trenton and atlantic city as well as parts of salem and cumberland counties. the group plans to send the governor more than 3,000 handprints representing the number of children they say were needlessly poisoned by lead last year. a spokesperson for the state department of community affairs says childhood lead poisoning is an important health issue saying "new jersey's gout ahead of the majority of states in that we
5:43 pm
continue to regularly and systematically inspect multifamily housing for led based paint ha hazards." heavy rain and gusts whipping at almost 70 miles an hour lashed southern california. some flooding is lingering. about 140,000 people have lost power but crews have restored most of the outages. a foot of snow is possible in the mountains of los angeles county and parts north. and check this outs. a professional serve's freefall caugh -- surfer's freel caught on video. tom donovan plunges 40 feet from the top to the bottom that of wave. incredibly he's okay, just escaped with a stiff neck. he says the sea spray blinded him before the wipeout many el niño storms are causing those huge waves in maui of course that's driving all kinds of
5:44 pm
surfers to want to check it out. >> sixers showing new signs of life. >> all of the sports teams are down. if you look at the big picture the sixers might be the team in a couple years that might get to altogether. sixers weren't expected to do much this season. to be frank they have not. the sixers next play wednesday at home against atlanta. this is a young team with improving players like nerlens noel and ish smith. they nearly stunned the reigning champion golden state warriors saturday night. despite the seven and 41 record the players can sense the fans are still very much behind them. >> no, that's the loudest i've ever heard. i think the fans have been great. that's how it was back in the days, the old a.i. days so hopefully we can bring that electricity back. >> so much energy in that arena that helped us and really willed us back into that game and it just brings us all together to know that they appreciate us going out
5:45 pm
there and playing as hard as we did and being relentless. you know it really shows a lot and we appreciate that. >> showed some fight. let the hype begin. it's super bowl week sunday evening the carolina panthers and denver broncos meet in super bowl 50. two teams arrived in northern california yesterday. payment and his broncos are six and a half pointer underdog. cam newton turned heads and helped to recalibrate tv's with his versace yoga pants. flute ton is the guy people love to hate. >> i love playing the game of football and i want people to see it and it's not fake and for me to be playing -- or being in this position playing in super bowl 50 it's going to be a dream come true. >> philadelphia native corey brown set to play in the big game. panthers wide receiver attended cardinal o'hare are a high school. jaime apody will chronicle his journey to the big stage. when you're a kid you dreaded these words winter
5:46 pm
break is over. flyers back to work following the all-star break. they are preparing for a tough stretch. their next five games against teams with winning records in fact nine of the next 10 are. steve mason and sean couturier back in practice. both battling injuries. having them back should help along with the rest the team has gotten. >> such a long year that if you can get a little bit of a time away, recharge the batteries, you can kind of get ready for this home stretch here, it's important for sure. >> sometimes it's good to get a little r and r, a little mental break, physical break and come back rejuvenated. we're going come back strong and we have faith in all the guys in this room here and we're ready to make a playoff push. >> finally john scott was an unlikely all-star and most certainly an unlikely all-star game m.v.p. journeyman nhl enforcer made to the game as a write in can candidate. they tried to talk him out of attending because they didn't want a goon on the biggest stage. he played anyway and scored
5:47 pm
two goals and snagged that m.v.p. award. what a night for him. >> it's been just kind of like i said a dream almost. you can't really write that stuff. to be able to come to the game first of all and meet all the guys and have them kind of accept me and have that warm embrace by the fans and to go out there and win the tournament and named m.v.p. it's just crazy. >> wow. >> power of the internet. again he was a write in candidate but people got behind him on the internet, social media got in the game and made the most of it. >> good for them and good for him. >> ducis thanks. >> much more "action news" when we take a break and can come right back. i do everything on the internet but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here. (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable.
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>> federal appellate judge guido calabrese se was a guest t the national constitution center. the judge has a lot to recollect. he's 83. he taught law at yale university since 1959 to present. and he even taught two of the current members of the u.s. supreme court. he could talk and tell you some great stories. >> i'm sure. >> accomplished guy. >> yes. >> meteorologist adam joseph out there tracking some lingering showers tonight. >> yeah, they're not going to last very long we dry up here tomorrow before the next round of rain comes in on wednesday afternoon. >> okay. >> as we take a look right now double scan live radar it's beginning to break apart already from philadelphia to the west. a little steadier and more put together south and east into southern new jersey and
5:51 pm
especially near long beach island. as we close in a little closer on double scan live radar starting to see holes developing around center city, points to the west even around coatesville a little pop of yellow there but overall we'll start to dry the atmosphere out over the next hour from the west to the east. while in new jersey it's going take a little bit longer and we're still dealing with heavy rain especially near the split of 70 and 72 and that extends down to the atlantic city expressway. all area roadways very wet here for the evening rush hour. temperature-wise 50 right now in philadelphia, so still pretty warm. 55 in millville. 57 at the atlantic city airport. mid 40's to the north and west where we saw a lack of sunshine today as the clouds pushed in a little bit quicker and you have a deeper snow pack. there's the system. it's a weak cold front that is sliding through and again most of the rain will be off the coast between about 8:00 and 10 o'clock and then the next system is setting up which will bring blizzard-like conditions for five states which includes iowa, very popular state right now and
5:52 pm
we're starting to see the precipitation inch into the southwestern part of the state there but that low cuts to the north and west but first we'll time future tracker with the present system at 6 o'clock this evening with the showers ending to the west. still raining through much of central and southern new jersey but by 9:30 it is all off the coast and even the clouds will start to break apart here overnight tonight and that will send the temperature down to 29 in the suburbs to around 33 degrees for center city with those drier northwesterly winds, six to 12 miles per hour. high pressure is in control. pretty strong high over new england for tuesday that will bring us a lot of sunshine, a few clouds, a high temperature at 50 so it's a tad cooler than today but well above normal and there's that powerful low cutting across the great lakes sending the warmth our way. near records here if not records being smashed in many locations on wednesday. also bringing a round of heavy rain and the possibility of flooding and that's when a flood watch will go into effect at noon on wednesday,
5:53 pm
lasting until thursday. we'll get about an inch of rain or less. you add the snow melt record warmth and some of the streets which are clogged by some of that snow and the streams along 95 and further west could see minor flooding wednesday into thursday. the exclusive accuweather forecast sunny tomorrow, 50 degrees. warm wet and windy even a gusty thunderstorm is likely. the issues here the near record warmth heavy snow melting, bringing street flooding and gusty thunderstorms. the rivers and creeks that we'll watch is any of the schuylkill points or any of the streams that flow into the schuylkill 'cause that's where the biggest snow pack is right now and then beyond it 50 degrees not bad thursday as we dry out. sun and clouds friday, 42. mostly sunny saturday and it could be a brief rain or snow shower on sunday, nothing big at 44. we dry out on monday, guys. >> thank you so much. stay with as unseasonably warm weather
5:54 pm
returns to our region. storm tracker6 live double scan radar will help you stay ahead of the rain and any other changes just as they start to happen. >> the new york stock exchange had a rather special guest this morning. she is perhaps the most popular celebrity pig. yes, miss piggy there was right there to help ring the opening bell today. this is part of the kickoff to this week's premiere of the new season of the muppets on 6abc. we are not quite sure if she invests in the stock market. we can safely say probably not in pork futures and you can watch the new episode of the muppets of course right here on 6abc tomorrow night at 8:30. and coming up tonight on 6abc watch two hours of the bachelor kicking off at 8 o'clock. then it's the bachelor live at 10:00 and that is followed by "action news" at 11:00 with jim gardner. >> ♪
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
>> college in jenkintown montgomery county hosted a discussion on the instability in ukraine. pro-russian rebels are occupying territories on the eastern sides that of country. former congressman curt weldon and a ukrainian businessman an defense contractor in ukraine provided insight today on that crisis. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news team standing by with these stories and much more next at 6:00. iowa voters set to caucus tonight. rick williams live in des moines with the first electoral event of 2016. ntsb. >> drivers who use the falls bridge in fairmount park will be detoured for the next few months. those stories and more coming up. for rick williams adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody brian taff the entire "action news" team. i'm monica malpass. the "action news" team at 6:00 is next. have a good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> monday night a former reading city council president is sentenced in a bribery case. and a projectile strikes an amtrak train traveling through philadelphia. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the presidential campaign. for the first time tonight we will actually hear from voters as they hold their caucuses in the state of iowa. and that will happen in the wake of a new quinnipiac poll that has donald trump leading the republican pack with 31 percent of the vote. ted cruz and marco rubio are two and three. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton 49 to 46 percent.
6:00 pm
live in des moines tonight is rick williams and rick, for the candidates it's about meet organize exceeding expectations when you think about it the same is true for the media covering this big event. >> reporter: jim, that's absolutely right. there's a lot of expectations going into tonight's caucus especially among candidates who have been there before. like hillary clinton who obviously lost to barack obama in 2008. she's hoping for a better showing tonight and on the republican side, candidates like mike huckabee or rick santorum who won their respective caucuses but did not secure the nomination. what is new to the caucus this year is the way the results will be shared or transmitted. among the media and the public. over the weekend members of the media from around the country and the world converged here on this small town of des moines and most of them will be working from here, this high tech broadcast center where the caucus results will can come in throughout the night. this huge electronic billboard will display voting results


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