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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 2, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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of a north town courtroom at this hour. former district attorney, bruce caster is defending his investigation into a 2004 sex assault investigation against the comedian. and people living in one california town are digging out sand after a powerful storm pulls through. and the son of a veteran philadelphia congressman is sentenced to five years in prison after being found guilty of fraud. vernon odom was there for the sentencing and joins us live outside of the courthouse. >> reporter: five years in the federal penitentiary that is his fate. he is already in federal custody, the son of chaka fattah sr. was convicted on 22 charges
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of corruption. the 33-year-old son of the veteran congressman was convicted back in november of bilking banks, business clients and the philadelphia school district and the irs out of more than $1 million over a seven year period to support his lifestyle. his father chaka fattah sr. was in court for the sentencing, he too is facing charges. he says his son is railroaded and will appeal the entire conviction. >> i believe in our system and i thinks extremely important and be able analyze this appropriately whether it's a first set of charges. >> fattah jr. asked for leniency and told the judge he never intended to break the law. the judge said he grew up with advantages and opportunities
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that most people dream about. >> i assume that the judge believed and we believed that the sentence of this magnitude will deter other people from committing similar conduct. >> reporter: sara in addition to the five year prison term, the judge ordered restitution totalling nearly $1.2 million. live at the federal courthouse in old city, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. developing news now as bill cosby's attorneys try to get sexual assault charges against him dropped. this is a live look from inside of the norristown courthouse, the courthouse in norristown where people are milling about and just now taking a break to have some lunch. here is what is happening today. cosby's attorneys say the charges against him should drop because of an agreement that cosby made a decade ago.
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the comedian arrived this morning for his second appearance before a judge and former district attorney bruce caster took the stand and is being questioned why he did not bring charges against cosby in 2004. caster says one main reason is he found inconsistencies in former athletic -- he would not be charged if he testified in her 2005 civil lawsuit. but newly elected district attorney steele used the testimony to file charged just before the statute of limitations expired. now to the race for the white house, senator ted cruz was the republican winner of the iowa caucuses, he will not be another victim of the iowa conservative curse, he has the
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finance strength and broad appeal and grass roots support, unlike past conservatives that won the contest and then fizzled out. >> everyone in this field i like and respect and we have to make it known we can't have another campaign conservative. >> donald trump and marco rubio in good nights with second and third place finishes. as for the democrats hillary clinton's campaign has declared a victory despite a razor thin margin. monica malpass reports from manchester new hampshire, starting this coming sunday. turning now to your accuweather forecast, sunny skies today and it will be dry and changes are coming, lets look live at sky 6 hd a bright shot of penn's landing and the delaware river but get ready accuweather says that heavy rain is coming into our region
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tomorrow. david murphy is at the big board with the full details. >> for now we are tranquil that sky picture mirroring the picture on satellite and clouds north of scranton and pittsburgh and we are looking at sunshine as we build into the afternoon. more of the same along the eastern seaboard, more in washington where they have a bit more cloud cover and more cloud and 48 we are right in the zone and cloud cover getting thicker out by pittsburgh, a nice afternoon ahead though, we get up to 52 degrees for a high at 2:00 or so. it looks like we slide but not all that much. the reading is not all that much below the average high. and the mild air is in place today and creeping up pretty fast again tomorrow ahead of an approaching cold front. we have the issue tomorrow though, a flood watch in effect across the region away from the shore, this is where most of our
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remaining snow exists and rain is coming through heavy at times tomorrow afternoon and that combined with the melting snow we fear could give issues for flooding roadways and creeks and streams as well. a remainder when are you out and about, it's never a good idea to drive through flooded areas, and it could happen fast in cases and you don't want to drive in flooded areas, turn around don't drown and only a couple of feet of water could move a car or truck and get you into trouble. 50% of flood deaths do occur with people in vehicles. the actual system causing this trouble though is well to the west of us by chicago and dishing a lot of rain there and it will push toward the east, a warm front and then a cold front and a big line of rain coming through late in the afternoon tomorrow and in through the evening, i'll have another look at all of that on future tracker 6 coming up sara and a cool down for the weekend.
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>> thank you. with flooding rains in the forecast, keep open on all of your devices, rely on the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan radar to know when and where the heaviest rain is headed. other news this noon, this time from the philadelphia's frankford section, a young man was shot twice and made it on his own to the hospital. bullet shell casings littered the 2800 block and the 24-year-old victim was shot in the thigh and buttocks this morning and got himself to the torresdale area hospital for treatment. three people survived this early morning crash in prices corner, delaware, police say the driver of the car lost control on faulkland road, and the driver had to be rescued and is hospitalized in serious condition and two passengers are also being treated for their
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injuries. police need your help finding a man that broke into a philadelphia home and stole cash it happened on the 400 block of fitzgerald street. video shows the man going through the front door and taking $1500 and taking off. there is much more to come on "action news" at 12:30, for years people have used eagles to hunt down prey and now police in the neth landers and now they want to use drones. and coming up how body consulting technology is changing lives.
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now officials are considering eagles to snatch a drone out of the sky.
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the eagles are trained to believe the drones are their prey and get a reward if they catch one. the officials will make a decision later this year. a boston marathon bombing survivor is ready to reclaim the finish line. adrian lost part of her leg, she is training to compete in the boston marathon in april. if has does her photovation is simple to one for those that cannot. for people on a diet, running is a way that doctors recommend keeping your health in check. but abc news reporter marcy gonzales tells us about a procedure fairly new called body sculpting. >> for some of us this, and this, and this never seems to go
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away no matter how much you diet or hit the gym. but doctors say that losing is stubborn fat from the problem areas is as eaglesy as this. with some cool new technologies. heating up the body sculpting industry, some freezing and others melting away fat cells with no surgery and no pain and procedures so fast they can be done during a lunch break. >> i can go on to my daily activities afterwards. >> she lost a hand size after one sculpture treatment and is back for another hoping to firm up even more. >> it's life changing and boosts my confidence. >> it's only available to september and dr. bass says his patients both women and men see huge results that last. >> we heat the fat up enough to
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make the fat cells miserable and that is removed from the body in a month or two. >> those fats cells are gone for good? >> they are gone. >> and another non-surgical treatment called cool sculpting, that destroys the cells by freezing them. >> fit into the pants better and it's pretty amazing. and this isn't just for the waistline. >> this is a great way to improve the look of your profile. >> pricing for these hot and cold treatments generally start at around $1,000. and jen ashton says since these are fda approved treatments the risks are minimal, but they are not for weight loss but body shaping. >> take your time do your research and most of all have realistic expectations. but patients that tell us their expectations were met are ready
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to trade winter coats for bathing suits with only one complaint. >> why not 20 years ago we had this? that is what i want to know. dozens of high school students spent this morning entertaining people at a nursing home in southeast philadelphia. the girls from halhan high spent time with the residents of holy family home. they served coffee and performed a variety show.
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and the caucuses ended in iowa and then the snow storm moved in, there in the distance is the capital building in des moines. no sand or snow for us be we have rain. >> it could be heavy enough to combine with snow melt to give us flooding. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we are giving the radar a break today as we look outside, a nice day to fly. there is chopper 6 hd over valley forge national park in valley forge, pennsylvania, a lot of snow continuing to melt and enough of it on the ground we could combine that with rain tomorrow and give us some trouble. a nice day to get out and get things done ahead of the rain if you so choose, a comfortable afternoon and satellite again showing you the lack of cloud cover and later today there is cloud cover streaking in over pittsburgh and it starts to filter in and we get more of a
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milky white sky. 47 degrees in allentown and 48 in reading and up to 50 in trenton and 51 in millville and sticking in spot as long the coast but not a big difference, here is how the number goes, 51 by 2:00 and 51 by 4:00, we are back in the mid-40s tonight and only stopping at 41 for an overnight low but not all that bad. first of all ahead of a cold front we get mild, the 63 you see there is unseasonable and in fact a new record for this day. 62 was in 2006 and we'll see if we get that. but the big issue is this line of heavy rain developing ahead of the cold front in the afternoon and evening and could produce flooding issues. future tracker 6 showing you how the rain evolves, this is a brand new model run and it holds back the sprinkles and showers
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during the early morning and by noon it puts damp conditions into the northern and western suburbs and sprinkles down into philadelphia, there is the heavy stuff on the way and later in the afternoon it comes plowing through. in the northern and western suburbs at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00, over by the shore by 8:00 or 9:00 that should be the independent of the heavy stuff and it's so warm and the melting is going on and we have wet, saturated ground over the last several days, we experience the potential for problems and it's not calling for all that much rain and others around a half irnlg, i think pockets could go from an inch to inch quarter and one model calling for over an inch of rain in allentown but there is more snow in allentown than could exacerbate the problems. and tomorrow with the flooding this kicks in during the afternoon and goes into
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wednesday night and all wait through thursday afternoon. poor drainage area flooding is the biggest issue as the heavy rain is coming through in the afternoon and streets could be effected by that, and all the runoff into the creeks and streams, some smaller flashy creeks and streams in the flood prone areas could pick up some flooding. the schuylkill river has a chance to take the water and melted snow from the creeks and streams and rise a bit. we are looking at moderate to minor flooding on the schuylkill. and today no problems, a good day to get stuff done and 52 and phil did his job this morning for us. and tomorrow a potential record setting high of 63 but not a great afternoon with the line of rain and thunder coming through, and the rain and snow melt. on thursday we are going to be dry turning cooler and some sun coming back and friday we cool down even further, 44 is the high.
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coastal storm is well off the coast and sun on friday and saturday and sunday we are in the mid-40s and monday is the next chance of rain and that looks like it's mainly going to be rain. >> thanks david. the carolina panther his 60-1 odds and the denver broncos were missing their star quarterback and now both are in the game and the match-up for super bowl 50 brings together two quarterbacks with different styles but uncommon greatness. >> let the games begin -- super bowl 50, just days away, and star quarterback peyton manning of the broncos and cam newton of the panthers ready to role. >> want to win just one, just this one. >> the pregame circus known as
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opening night both reaping praise on each other. >> you don't go 17-1 as a starting quarterback without being awesome. >> peyton manning will always be one of the all time great. >> a five time mvp and super bowl champion, playing in a game that could be his last. >> this could be it, i'm aware this could be it. he is taking on newton, a dancing dual threat passing with accuracy and running with ease and making big plays and fashion trends. like the vibrant versace pants going for about $800. but also known for his big heart. michael orr found himself without a team and he texted him asking him to protect his
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blindside on the field. >> but the success of all the players on the broncos and panthers sitting on their quarterbacks in the biggest game of all. on the people scene the stars came out in los angeles for the premiere of hail caesar. the film that stars george clooney follows a single day in the life of a studio fixer with plenty of problems to fix. also channing tatum and jonah hill star. >> i must have done something stupid or evil because they keep sending me scripts going here is another numskull and you are the guy for it. >> it opens this friday february 5th. a look now on what is coming up in an all new prime time. fresh off the boat at 8:00 and the muppets at 8:30 followed by
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an hour of marvel agent carter followed by what would you do and watch channel 6 "action news" with jim gardner at 11:00.
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david with a final check of the temperatures and they are mild. >> and the potential of flooding tomorrow, lets take a look and remind you what we have for you. wednesday at noon continues through thursday afternoon, heavy rain and snow melt could give us flooding especially on streets and we'll see about the creeks and streams, 48 in reading and a lot of upper 40s in the western suburbs under the sun and not much wind, a lot of spots getting into the low 50s and 50s in millville and dover and upper 40s at the shore. >> thank you. a look now at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00, we are following new deal
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developments in the case of two virginia tech students accused of kidnapping and murdering a 13-year-old girl. how one woman used peanut butter and jelly to honor a family member. that does it for "action news" at noon, for rick williams, david murphy and the entire "action news" team i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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