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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news prprogram. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday, february 3rd and here's what's happening. >> the search goes on for the driver who struck a mother and her two young children in south philadelphia. we've got a live report on the latest. >> decision day. a judge could rule on bill cosby's bid to toss the sexual assault charges he faces in montgomery county. >> rain and record warmth could cause some flooding today in our area. accuweather of course is tracking the very latest. >> let's get you ready for it with meteorologist, david
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murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> and i want to give you another closeup look at that storm tracker6 live double scan imagery of rain starting to push into parts of new castle county delaware and into south western chester county. oxford beginning to pick up some steady stuff. this is one first band that will sweep through early and later on today especially in the afternoon and this evening we'll get heavier stuff sweeping down from the north and pushing in through the shore but you can see that right now most of the rain is out to the west. we're just getting that one little prong coming in for the morning. as we take a look at the flood watch that's still in effect across the region there's a concern starting at noon extending through thursday afternoon that the bands of heavy rain coming in later today combined with melting snow could produce some poor drainage area flooding especially on some roadways where there's a lot of leftover snow, mostly in the northern and western portions of the region would be that issue and maybe some small flashy streams producing some minor flooding in most cases. be careful that of as you're
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driving around. 40 in philadelphia, we're starting out mild. 42 in wilmington, 39 trenton, 38 in allentown and on the bus stop or heading out to the drive way this morning it is going to stay mild. by 6 o'clock, 40. there is the possibility of morning showers in parts of the region especially out west as you just saw. some of that might sweep in through philadelphia as well. the heavier rain probably builds in later this afternoon, though and it will be mild. 59 degrees by noon, 63 by 3 o'clock and your high today will be late in the day, 64 degrees probably around 4 o'clock or so with rain building in intensity and getting rather heavy in time for the evening commute right in the i-95 corridor. we'll have more on how much rain we're expecting and a little bit more detail on the flooding issues karen, that's coming up. >> all right but mostly an issue for the afternoon commute. and the morning commute so far the schuylkill is dry and those temperatures dave showed us really important. yesterday we had a lot of areas of black ice north and west of the city and this morning temperatures above freezing there so we do expect extra volume in this area of the schuylkill near the boulevard and that's because people are struggling here
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with the falls bridge. this is the first week in it's closed until april 1st so it's going to be awhile we have to deal with that. stick to the boulevard or use the city avenue bridge as your alternate to deal with that but that's been causing extra congestion. in bala cynwyd we had a disabled z it ha vehicle. it has cleared. a northbound ship making its way through the tacony palmyra bridge in about another seven minutes you'll see a closure. stick to the betsy ross bridge instead and continuing with the bridges we'll check out the ben franklin bridge. looking good so far. that's your westbound traffic coming into the city. no delay and the ben is still dry, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. a mother and her two children are on the mend this morning after a horrible hit and run accident in south philadelphia. the ordeal was caught on camera. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live for us now at the scene of the crime in south philadelphia with the latest. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam. and that hit and run happened here at this intersection in the middle of the day in broad daylight.
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there were many witnesses and they say the car was going fast. it would be hard to believe they say if the driver did not realize that they hit someone and now police are releasing more surveillance video hoping that people can call with some tips that they he recognize the car. surveillance video shows the vehicle wanted by police in tuesday's hit and run. look here as the three family members are seen crossing moments before impact. police believe the striking car traveled east on dickinson towards broad and it was at the intersection of broad and dickinson when the car hit a woman and her two children as they headed north on broad. after impact, the car sped off going east on dickinson and according to witnesses, it never stopped. >> it's no reason for you to hit someone and keep on going. >> the mother suffered critical head injuries. her five-year-old has a broken leg and the six month old has scrapes to the head. all were transported to area hospitals. you can see on the video multiple witnesses ran to help.
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reverend paul earthquake moore was one of them. moore stopped his sanitation route immediately not realizing at first what he saw. >> little girl had abrasions on her face. a whole lot of them. i was like oh my god but the little one right here, the mother, the comfort, the mother is on the ground. my name is reverend paul. wake moore. i want to take the baby out the harness so you won't roll over and suffocate the baby. >> reporter: police continued to look at surveillance cameras they found from multiple cameras. the red car seen there is the one they want. and police say that red car is a two-door red honda accord. remember, it is missing the passenger side mirror. of course, if you have any information you are urged to contact police. for now reporting live in south philadelphia, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." >> thank you, annie. comedian bill cosby he is expected to return to a montgomery county courtroom today. cosby's lawyers are trying to convince a judge to dismiss
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the philadelphia native's sex assault case. the temple employee accuses him of molesting her at his cheltenham home more than a decade ago. the defense says cosby made a deal with former district attorney bruce castor that he wouldn't be charged provided he testify in his accuser's civil lawsuit in 2005. castor testified yesterday that he didn't file criminal charges because of a lack of physical evidence. a trial date lab set for embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. it will begin on august 8th at the montgomery county courthouse. kane is fighting criminal charges of perjury along with suspension of her law license. the state senate is also considering removing her from office. kane has denied any wrongdoing and indicates she might run for another term this year. >> erin o'hearn is here with two warnings that could end up costing you. >> one is soft mail room mayhem, guys. and matt -- one of the first concerns is your mail. as many as tens of thousands of pieces of mail including
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bills and parking ticket citations were never mailed out on time from the city of philadelphia. the city controller laid out the results of an investigation of the mail distribution center in center city. investigators found bins of mail sitting 10 days after they were dated. that means hundreds of residents were fined for late payments. the controller's office is now compiling a database of people affected. and several restaurants in our area are among those hit by a nationwide data breach. the cyber criminals stole credit card information from chains in the landry company between may fourth 2014 through december 3rd of last year. some of the eight places hit locally include mccormick and schmick in center city and cherry hill, morton's in center city and the golden nugget casino. we have a break down of details and what to do if you're affected on >> thank you for that, erin. council president of norristown issued an apology to residents for failing to put together a snow plan
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despite plenty of warning about last month's blizzard. it's been more than a week since 30-inches of snow fell in norristown yet some of the streets there remain covered in snow. can you imagine? residents expressed their outrage at norristown borough hall last night. >> somebody said state of emergency. your government gets on tv and says there's a state of emergency. what does that mean? that means that you obviously need do something and we didn't do a thing. >> municipal administrator crandall jones says they have not found a director to head up the department of public works. they're now trying to come up with short term solutions phil they find one. i guess mother nature hopefully will help them out, david. >> that would be a short term solution right there. >> all right, well, rain is the issue today. not snow. although he some snow melt in some areas could get involved in some problems. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan we're already seeing rain out to the west of us and if we go in closer some of this is beginning to overtake parts of our region, the southwestern portion of chester county,
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oxford all the way up close to chadds ford in delaware county getting wet. wilmington picking up the first band and this is just one thin band of rain that's coming through fairly steady. then you get a break after, that the heavier stuff coming in later this afternoon as we take a look outside we have dry conditions over the ben franklin bridge and along i-95 for now, although it does look like we're go together get at least temporarily wet a little bit later on this morning. 44 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia, 42 in wilmington, 39 in trenton and even up in allentown 38. so, fairly mild, well above freezing across the entire region and no problems with icing out there. the issue will be the rain and again the main batch of it after we get a little bit during the morning hours will be sitting out to the north and west of us at noon getting ready to pull in through the region. as we go through the afternoon right up to 5 o'clock, it does look like that heavy band pushes straight into philadelphia. there could be some rumble of thunder. it's going to get very windy and gusty as this thing comes through. even by 9 o'clock even though
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the heavy band now pushing off the coast we still have significant rain in the southeastern portion of the region. by midnight it may be still trying to clear the coast based on model runs. how much rain? new models coming in. we are looking at about an inch or so on most models and keep in mind that that combined with snow melt in areas where we haven't already lost a lot of snow could exacerbate some flooding problems. late this afternoon we're looking at streets with snow pack to start experience something poor drainage flooding. that could be something that you run into as you're driving along across the region especially north and west but really just about anywhere where the snow pack is still an issue. small creeks may also rise because of the snow that hasn't totally melted getting washed into the creek basin. we expect mainly minor flooding but if you live in a flood prone area or you're driving around in some of those low lying areas be cautious about that. then tonight into thursday the schuylkill river basin in general is expected to see some residual flooding as the runoff continues to work its way into the larger creeks and
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streams. in most cases the flooding should be minor but again, if you encounter flooded areas behind the wheel do not drive through them. up in the lehigh valley cloudy and rainy today, flooding is possible. especially where that snow pack is still higher in those northern and western areas. then heavy rain down the shore, windy conditions and a high of 59 degrees. in philadelphia, a high of 64 degrees this afternoon, cloudy and wet, especially during the afternoon and evening hours. flooding is a potential problem and there are those winds getting gusty later at 35 miles per hour. another part of the issue here is how mild it's going to be. we may see he some records fall. not sure we'll get that record in wilmington. we'll be close. allentown also probably falls short. philadelphia has a great chance of surpassing the old record of 62. trenton also is going to be near and mount pocono has a shot at that 52-degree high. and then 51 is your overnight low, rain ending late tonight as you just saw on future tracker6 but it will still be cloudy. at least it stays mild tonight. your exclusive accuweather
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7-day 64, rain combined with snow melt could produce flooding. tomorrow breezy and cooler 52 degrees, still not too bad and then we go down to 46 under the sun on friday. for the weekend 49 with a few clouds on saturday, 51 mostly sunny on sunday and then more clouds building back in ahead of the next frontal boundary on monday and on tuesday we'll be watching the coast. there could be a coastal system that forms. we'll see about that and if it did it might bring us a little rain or perhaps a little snow he. >> thanks, david. 5:12. "action news" is coming back with more stories you didn't see last night. health officials in dallas confirm the zika virus was spread through sexual contact. >> caught on camera. the road rage incident that became extremely close to escalating with violence. karen. >> tacony palmyra bridge coming back down after a bridge opening its a northbound ship. we expect the burlington bristol to be affected in about 30 minutes. details on that one and we'll take a live look in bucks county, see what's going on
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>> ♪ >> 5:15. taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. some rain is coming. it's going to wash off all that salt caked on the roads and get rid of some of the snow piles but it could also cause flooding.
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>> let's heads to karen rogers see what it's like if you're trying to commute for work, for school. good morning. >> good morning. we don't have any big problems just yet. i think the afternoon commute will be more of an issue with the heavier rain but the roads will get a little wet in the morning as well. this is i-95 in bucks county and here we are at the scudder falls bridge. no problems yet as we're looking here between mercer county and northeast philadelphia. if you're going to travel in that area, i-95 not showing an issue just yet and we have other problems though around the area. mostly just some construction on the northeast extension. it's northbound between the mid-county tolls and lansdale. we've got crews out there. they're blocking the right lane. but we see speeds of 54 miles an hour so not a big deal yet. they're blocking the left lane here if you're heading southbound between lehigh valley and quakertown. let's go to storm tracker6 live double scan because with our street level view we can show you exactly which roads are getting wet. so here's a first band of rain that's coming through. most of the heavier rain is well out to the west and that will be an issue for us a little later on but the roads are going to get wet and they're already doing so in
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chadds ford on baltimore pike, in wilmington on i-95 you can see in it downingtown, route 30 in coatesville and honey brook on 322 and in some areas you see the yellow indicate something heavier rain. so, it's going to be moving through. this is lifting up to the north and east so it will be hitting media malvern and norristown shortly so we'll watch for that. it's more of an issue later on. yesterday we had lots of icy roads in the northwest. now we're looking a the 40 degrees in reading well above freezing. allentown 38, 44 philadelphia, 45 in millville so the ice isn't an issue this morning. and that's much better. a high of 64, record high today, matt. >> thanks, karen. >> ♪ >> flipping me off. i didn't do nothing. >> i can honestly say i didn't think that i was going get a gun put in my face for going um to the guy's window. >> this confrontation on a desert road in nevada is making waves online. go pro video shows a group of
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bikers riding in henderson. it appears the driver of the red truck flipped off the bikers. the man behind the camera confronts the people in the truck and that is when things escalated. henderson police say the driver who was seen pointing that gun is cooperating with the investigation. it is unclear if he will face criminal charges. this is also new. federal health officials have confirmed that a texas case of the zika virus involved sexual transmission, not a mosquito bite. it is the first known case of the virus being locally acquired in the continental united states. the virus has caused infected pregnant women to deliver babies with birth defects. they are born with abnormally small heads. the world health organization estimates up to 4 million people across the americas will be infected with zika in the next year. >> new this morning, there's several reports that dozens of cadets enrolled in the pennsylvania state police academy in hershey are under investigation for cheating. investigators say as many as
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40 cadets shared tests or were given tests by former cad developments the cadets are the part of the class that began in september scheduled to graduate in march. it's unclear if any cadets will be expelled or if current troopers who participated in sharing the tests will be fired from the force. >> eagles and defensive end vinnie curry agreed on a five year contract. the deal reportedly worth $47 million with $23 million guaranteed. the 27-year-old curry had three and a half sacks last season and nine sacks the season before. the eagles have also resigned core players zach ertz, brent celek and lane johnson.
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road. fine here but southbound near 295 construction on the shoulder until 6 o'clock and that may cause you a little bit of an issue. northbound past lower landing road the construction there is cleared. so much construction on 42. i guess we're getting used to that, dave. >> first bands of showers moving up on storm tracker6 live double scan from baltimore, they're now into wilmington getting close to philadelphia, karen. that's just one prong, though. later on this afternoon we'll see more steady rain. so, dress the kids perhaps with an umbrella this morning but certainly this afternoon as it will be coming down after school. it's going to be mild today. by 3 o'clock we're up to 63 degrees and we're actually going for a high of 64 which would be a new record in philadelphia. we'll hit that around 4 o'clock this afternoon but as we go through the day the rain gets worse and worse and this afternoon it will be heavy. down at the airport any major delays just yet? no. as we take a look down in atlanta we're already seeing rain from that system that's headed our way. everybody else is try. matt. >> thank you david. oscar winner richard dreyfus steps into the shoes of bernie madoff tonight for the first of abc's pliny series event on
5:23 am
the convicted swindler. his ponzi scheme defrauded thousands of people including some in the delaware valley. authorities arrested him for bilk millions. he remains in prison and vest the say they're still feeling the impact of his lies. >> i think you go through the steps probably as they do in mourning. >> i can't live with being angry, okay, and certainly i don't forgive bernie madoff. >> find out how these investors found themselves wrapped into bernie madoff's web of deceit and how they have recovered in our special report tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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parts of nebraska. wild weather plus local news when "action news" comes right back. [coughing]
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>> now on "action news" a bands of heavy rain is moving into the region. it has parts of the delaware valley under a flood watch. >> decision day a montgomery county judge lopes to rule on whether or not bill cosby's criminal case can hold up and go forward in court. >> faking it. a man posing as a priest is charged with carrying out a lucrative scam that involved pope francis' visit to philadelphia. >> good morning, it's 5:30 now on this wednesday, february 3rd. let's head on over to meteorologist, david murphy and to karen rogers to look at your weather and traffic. good morning. >> all right everyone we're already seeing the first up and down of rain this morning pushing up toward philadelphia and entering south philadelphia at this point. starting to push away from wilmington already and this is just one initial band that's going to pop through. after that we'll get into a generally drier pattern for several hours. maybe a couple of sprinkles behind this and then later on we start to see


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