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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon a case of campus vandalism.
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new video of the young men that caused damage at the university. and another candidate drops out of the race for the white house and we have the latest in the race. and heavy rainfalls across the region today. live look from sky 6 hd showing you the philadelphia international airport it's already been a damp morning and we are expecting heavier downpours coming in later this afternoon and the possibility of record high temperatures today. david murphy is tracking the latest from the big board. >> we are beginning into the afternoon hours to see the heavier rain highlighted in yellow coming in north and west of philadelphia, a little of this is the last 10 or 15 minute, managed to push into northern buck county and northern montgomery county and harrisburg and gettysburg but the yellow line will start to push closer to us and we'll start to churn up some pretty
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decent downpours later on this afternoon and this evening. it's a large system too, the frontal boundary to the west still has to come in. and ahead of that a surge of mild air coxs in, the first thing going on is the heavy rain and then the warm air that could bring record highs. and the third issue is that it will get windier and windier in the region. the flood watch kicks in and stays until tomorrow afternoon. mostly in counties where there is unmelted snow and cities with creeks here and some cases hilly terrain and we need to be careful of the somebody's of some street flooding especially where there is snow melt adding to the runoff. if you get a heavy downpour not much going to the ground it staying on the surface. two flooding issues then late
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this afternoon some streets with snow pack nearby will start to flood to some degree and small creeks could rise a bit too and we are expecting minor flooding out of that and the entire schuylkill basin and tributaries could rise a bit. you will want to keep your eyes on it and we hope for minor flooding, poor drainage areas too and we'll talk about the rain's approach and how it goes into the evening. and we'll talk about how much rain we are expecting. >> thank you. as this wet weather rolls in and the temperatures change, stay with for the latest from accuweather. can you view the forecast and see stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. and bill cosby back in court for a second day in montgomery county. his attorneys are trying to convince a judge to dismiss a sex assault charge against him in 2004.
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they say that cosby was granted immunity from prosecution, katherine scott is outside in norristown with the latest. >> reporter: today the defense called their send witness, a long time cosby attorney, and his testimony when through the last hour and proceedings are still underway in the courthouse this noon. corporate lawyer, john schmidt who represented cosby for decades on a variety of legal matters. he became of wear of the andrea constand allegations. and took over on phillip's behalf who died the previous year. it was resolved in february of that year when then district attorney, bruce caster found insufficient evidence to charge cosby with the crime.
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and that caster was not going to prosecute. he arrived at that understanding from a press release by caster saying he would not prosecute and through verbal assurances he got from caster, that is why he allowed cosby to give testimony that led to an undisclosed settlement. the district attorney kevin steele had them reed from the press release, that they would reconsider the matter should the case arise and that was in the context of the press release and any rhetoric that could potentially taint a jury and not to reopen the case. schmidt shout the criminal case was closed. the proceedings are still going on and the judge says there is no plan for how the day will go but hopes to read a decision
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later today. >> katherine thank you. from katherine with have another crew inside of courthouse right now, you are looking live as the hearing continues behind the closed doors, it's going on all morning long and john rawlins is listening to the testimony now and we'll bring you the latest once the judge reaches a decision and it is expected today and can you get updates on our website at it was a scary morning commute for dozens of septa riders. their taxi stopped right before the tracks. annie mccormick is at the scene. you spoke to the cab driver as well as the passengers on the train? >> reporter: sara we did. and as you can see in a moment. trains are again running smoothly and everything is back to normal but we spoke to the cab driverer and she said she
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drove up here when it was dark and the car behind her was honking and she made a right on the train tracks and called 911, when she looked up there was an on coming train heading right for her. >> the cab is a piece of crumbled metal after being forced by the train for an entire city block. it's hard to believe nobody was seriously hurt. >> we heard this bump and thought they ran over a tree or something. >> passengers had no idea what they hit and when they realize tropical disturbanced -- realized it was a vehicle they were scared. the cab driver told us when she got stuck on the tracks, she call 911 and saw an on coming train and left the car and ran.
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three crew members were on board the train, and they will all undergo medical screenings and septa investigators were on the screen collecting interviews from the crew and the recorder, the case remains under investigation. back out here live, one the trains just went through here about an hour or two hours ago things did get back to normal. according to conshohocken police they do not believe the cab driverer was under the influence but will receive several citations for her driving. annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the search continues for a hit and run driver who struck a mother and her two children in south philadelphia. police say that a red honda accord hit the family along south broad street and dickinson yesterday afternoon. the woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition and her children 5 and 6 months
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were taken to the hospital. they recovered a passenger side mirror from the suspect's car. this video shows five men walking into the building on 8th and broad street. they spray painted the walls and stole computers. anybody with information is asked to call philadelphia police. another candidate is dropping out of the race for president. republican, rand paul, releases a statement saying it's an incredible honor running for the white house. he failed to make a splash with republican voters and plans to concentrate on his senate re-election campaign. and now the candidates are in new hampshire which holds its primary next week. look for live reports from anchor monica malpass starting
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this sunday. a possible cancer scam involving a well known organization. and the mystery sounding an explosion around a commercial flight. what investigators are saying about a blast that left a hole in this plane. "action news" is sponsored by the association for cancer reap search.
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folks down south are picking up the pieces after severe storms spawned tornados, a meteorologist in alabama captured video of a twister moving through albertsville. and tornadoes touched down in mississippi, knocked out power and trees there. and no reports of injuries. officials in somalia say they found no evidence so far of a criminal act after an explosion ripped a hole in a passenger plane. this is cell phone video showing the inside of the plane after the blast. it happened just minutes after takeoff yesterday it made an emergency landing and a
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preliminary report is expected later this week. the susan g. komen foundation is questioning money raised by a well known council action visit who fakes being sick. tracy presented herself as a cancer survivor and her team in seattle raised more than $400,000 and last week her family contacted the komen organization that her cancer was a lie. they found out when she was admitted into the hospital for another health condition. a person is texas has contracted the zika virus by having sex with someone that was recently in venezuela, the center for disease control is working on new prevention guidelines. president obama is visiting a u.s. mosque today during the
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first time in his presidency, he is visiting the muslim centerer in baltimore. this after a number of muslims are facing an increasing level of bias. and he will speak out about bigotry while talking about the contributions of muslim americans. a 9-year-old girl jumped from a burning building into the arms of police officers. the fire spread quickly and left the girl trapped on balcony and she had no choice but to jump. >> i didn't know what to do and they just listened to them and i just jumped. because there was no chance. >> she was the most confident brave little kid i ever met. she put complete faith in us and when she jumped back we caught her. >> lucky nobody was hurt. there is a lottery mystery
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in california, someone was a winning ticket worth $63 million and they have one day left to collect their fortune, lottery officials say it's one of the biggest unclaimed lottery jackpots in history, the person bought the ticket back in august and have until tomorrow to cash it in. officials say the single biggest loser bought a ticket in england worth $100 million and never claimed their prize. coming up oscar winner, richard dreyfus takes on the role of bernie madoff, his ponzi scheme effected thousands of people, he bilked billions off investors and his victims still feel the impact of his lies. >> you go through the steps like they do in mourning. >> i can't live with being angry
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and certainly i don't forgive bernie madoff. >> how did these men wrapped in madoff's web of deceit and did they get an answer as to why it all happened. and you can catch the new madoff series tonight on abc it premiers at 11:00 p.m. and coming up a hiring spree that could mean jobs for people, what national chain is now hiring in philadelphia. and the trouble continues for chipotle, how they are expanding their probe into the company's safety.
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the equ e. coli outbreak lid to chipotle has them losing money in the third quarter. and previously the federal investigation only involved one california location linked to a norovirus outbreakover the summer. it's that time of year for home depot, the nation's largest home improvement chain is at a massive hiring spree for their busy spring season. they plan to hire 1500 people in philadelphia. the company estimates that half of the temporary workers will stay on for permanent employment. turning to health check,
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former president, jimmy carter says his test results look promising as he continues to battle cancer. his torso shows no signs of melanoma, and doctors discovered it in his brain over the summer. he is optimistic about the results but his doctors remain cautious and plans to continue treatment next week. the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is in the newsroom with a preview. >> reporter: coming up today at 4:00 in big talkers, utah police officer goes behind the call of duty taking on the role of babysitter and video of him entertaining the little girl has gone viral and they play games and get a drink of water and even play cartoons. we'll explain this situation. and we have a pizza diet success story. yes pizza. find out the secret to eating
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one of america's favorite foods without packing on the pounds, it all gets started at 4:00 and take us with you on the go with our 6 abc news app. that pizza is music to rick's ear. >> and the pizza smoothy. ever had that? yummy. >> very to work on that. accuweather is coming up.
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meteorologist, david murphy is here now with the good, the bad and the wet. >> basically yes. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you that we are well into the rain now in the northern and western suburbs, if we go in closer, philadelphia still with the moderate rain and some breaks around the city. but i'm focusing on areas like norristown, pottstown and
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reading and we are mixing the greens with the yellow and the yellow is the steadier rain and as long as that is coming down this afternoon and this evening you are looking at the potential for ponding and puddling and the storm drains could back up and make things difficult in spots and look for flooded roadways and high creeks. and eventually this line pushes through philadelphia and straight to the shore. as we take a look outside we have sky out of penn's landing ahead of the main body of rain and it's damp in the morning and gray skies are dominating the picture when it isn't raining, very mild across the region and winds from the south at 15 starting to pick up a bit, a warm and blustery and wet
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afternoon. 56 in trenton and 61 in wilmington and 40s in the northern and western suburbs, and this is mild enough to prevent icing up there, it's all rain up north and down south and the middle of the region. future tracker 6 showing you between now and 3:00 it looks like the heavier rain activity pushes close toward philadelphia and gets past the city by hopefully 6:00, this is a brand new model run, it's possible to see a wider spread of rain at 6:00, the models go back and forth here, the idea is valid. during the afternoon and evening hours we get an evening downpour to exacerbate the problems. would not be surprised to hear a rumble of thunder too. and most of the this rain is over by the shore at 6:00 and by midnight tonight it's just a few sprinkles and showers around. and what do we expect rainfall wise? the latest model is
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suggesting .75 inch to inch range. what is pretty much what we are expecting. downpours are possible for a time this afternoon and this evening. snow melt? definitely with the warm numbers and rain. and flooding there is a high risk of that but we hope that creek and stream flooding stays on the minor side. but keep a close eye on this and it's a great day to have the storm tracker app on your phone. wind damage and moderate chance of that, we are looking at good gusts over 35 miles per hour at times and lehigh valley, 59 degrees and cloudy and rainy and flooding can continue after the rain is over with more and more runoff getting into your creeks and streams and 59 at the shore and today's high in philadelphia, 64 degrees, the other part of the story is the high temperatures, that is a new record for this date. your seven day from accuweather,
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today's high 64 and a couple of records are possible across the region and the big issue is rain and snow melt. and breezy and cooler and 52 degrees, only 46 on friday and the wick doesn't look too bad and up near 50. the next issue may be next tuesday, and if there is a coastal storm it could bring us snow, that is tuesday, not all the models are calling for it, a week out i would not get excited about it. >> we were not getting excited. >> we were getting fearful is what we were getting.
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hello again here are the stories we are following for you now on "action news" at 12:30. flooding is a concern for parts of our region as the heavy rain pulls through and david murphy has the latest from accuweather. bill cosby back in a pennsylvania courtroom for day two of the sexual case to get thrown out. and the u.s. has the first transmission of the zika outbreak. >> and accuweather continues to track rain moving across our region and is expected to get heavier as the day continues, and the rain will help to melt the snow from the blizzard of course, b


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