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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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lehigh valley and it's bad time for the evening rush hour and the heavy rain and warm temperatures and the melting snow where there is snow on the ground reducing visibilities. we look at live double scan live radar, doylestown, you see the brighter colors along route 1 as well as the new jersey turnpike, this is moving through quickly. again, dropping heavy rain briefly in that area and we are also dealing with the heavy rain that extends in southern parts of wilmington and southern new jersey and pops of yellow here and there and overall it lasts an hour or two, and continues the journey off the coast and the flood watch continues in effect until 5:00 p.m. on thursday. until 5:00 p.m. thursday, and it ends this evening. we'll watch the creeks and rivers north and west of philadelphia, under this flood watch to see how they respond
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with that melting snow pack and the additional rain falling. visibilities down to a mile and a half in millville and 5 in reading and 0 in lancaster and 6 miles in philadelphia really slowing the traffic down and trenton, visibility near a quarter mile. from now until 6:00 p.m. we have heavy rain and street flooding and the steady rain ends and showers and overnight we watch the creeks and rivers to see how high they go. we have some projection for the creeks coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. as the wet weather rolls in and the temperatures change, stay with and the lake-effectest from accuweather, you can few the latest forecast and radar for yourself. a police vehicle taking two people to the hospital ended up
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crashing. it happened at grays ferry, a nearby officer ended up taking the victims to the hospital. we are working to find out what caused the crash and get more details about the shooting. bill cosby was back in court today for another long day of testimony in the sexual assault case, a judge is still trying to decide if he will stand trial on the charge. john rawlins live now. the prosecution started making their argument that the case should move forward. >> the two sides going at each other and the prosecution alleges it is illegal because of the promise made by bruce caster decades ago. and some deal that was hatched a decade ago should have no bearing on justice in 2016. >> reporter: bill cosby is charged with indecently
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assaulting andrea constand in 2004. and they called it illegal because of a promise made a decade ago by then d.a. bruce caster that the county would not charge cosby in the constand case. he testified yesterday yes he made a pledge and long time cosby attorney, john schmidt was in court backing up caster's claim and they argued that caster as the d.a. in 2005 did not have the authority to make a binding pledge. we found no support. caster claims the unusual promise was made in an effort to compel cosby to testify in a civil suit so constand could get some kind of justice and money. and to buy himself out a prosecution is not right but cosby attorney fired back that
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he made the promise never to prosecute and it is enforceable. and there was a promise made upon which he, cosby, relied and the sovereign must live up to the promise. >> reporter: well, the d.a. made a motion to dismiss the defense's efforts to kill this. and the judge took this under advisement and consideration and did not rule on it today and he put it on his case and the judge told the courtroom that he wants to get this hearing finish today even if it has to go into the evening hours. live at the courthouse in norristown, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> a day far from over thank you john. meantime, a taxi driver was in a terrifying position today when her cab somehow became stuck on the railroad tracks in conshohocken and there was no stopping a septa train barrelling toward it. annie mccormick has the latest.
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>> reporter: this is what a septa train versus a taxi looks like. it's a crumbled piece of metal, after being pushed by the train an entire city block. >> we heard this huge bump and i thought they ran over a tree or something. >> this happened on the manayunk norristown line in conshohocken. when the passengers realized the train hit a vehicle, many feared the worse but luckily nobody was inside of the taxi. people on board the train complained of minor injuries. >> if someone was in that vehicle they would be short of dead the way that cab is. >> reporter: another sign of the impact is pieces of the cab and door and top of it that remain over there. the cab driver says it was here where she got stuck on these tracks and they immediately called 911 and then saw an on
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coming train coming towards her and the 911 operator said get out of your car and run. >> the cab driver will receive several citations for her driving according to septa three crew members were on board and they will all undergo medical screening and a full investigation is underway. turning now to the race for the white house and the republican field of presidential candidates got a lot smaller today. within the last two hours, rick santorum revealed he is ending his bid and he was seen as the dark horse candidate this time around after winning the iowa caucuses in 2012. he will endorse another candidate when he makes his announcement later today. and rand paul is suspending his campaign as of today. he finished fifth in monday's iowa's caucus, and most polls
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found him to finish out of the top five in new hampshire. paul is still in campaign mode running for re-election to the senate this year as well. and meantime the democratic candidates will take part in a town hall meeting tonight in new hampshire. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will not share the stage but answer questions separately. polls show sanders with a sizable lead in new hampshire. "action news" has special coverage of the new hampshire primary, monica malpass has special reports starting monday here on 6 abc. home depot is hiring tens of thousands of workers nationally and today we learned that hundreds of those jobs are here in our region. the big box retailer is gearing up for spring. they plan to hire 80,000 people to keep up with the demand and 1500 of those jobs will be right here at home. with home depot looking to fill
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positions in 33 of their local stores, they range from sales and cashiers and online fulfillment positions. time now for the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is standing by and rain typically means a slow go. >> as we look outside on this tuesday at wednesday, it's hump day afternoon. we are live along the schuylkill expressway, and this is south street where a fender bender just cleared out. the second accidents of the afternoon on the schuylkill. both crashes are now gone and the delay certainly isn't and you are crawling along from city avenue to this point on south street. and in delco a crash just cleared here at the end of the ramp at chichester avenue in the southbound lanes and traffic now moving in both directions but with the wet conditions we have seen a bunch of accidents, have to take it easy if are you
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heading out this afternoon, this is 95 northbound approaching the off ramp and it's extra slow coming north of washington avenue and we have a bunch of accidents this afternoon on the pennsylvania turnpike. lancaster avenue the eastbound lanes are shut down, use 322 or 30 as alternates. a crash involving a pedestrian in cheltenham on glen side avenue and there is always a downed tree in bucks county blocking durham road. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. someone talk about a vehicle fire on the blue route but the traffic is jammed in that area. we'll check it again in the next half however. still ahead on a wednesday, the water crisis in michigan takes center stage in congress and there was fireworks as angry lawmakers demanded answers. plus, how do you punish a
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man that is in jail for the rest of his life. as an escaped prisoner that set off a manhunt in upstate new york comes back to court. and one of the biggest financial crimes of all time and features a local actress, we'll introduce you to the woman in tonight's special, "mad off".
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a congressional hearing over the flint water crisis turned into an angry blame game, angry officials fought over who is responsible. the epa said that michigan state leaders ignored advice to treat the city's water after taking it from the flint river. congressman elijah cummings was outraged when he saw the led in
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the water. >> we are not defending anybody we are the last line of defense, if we don't do it nobody is going to do it. >> flint's state appointmented manager says he was unable to attend the hearing. and michigan's governor rick schneider was not called to testify today. a convicted killer says he is sorry for the fear he caused when he broke out of a new york prison last year. david sweat apologized at a sentencing today. he was already behind bars for life but a judge gave him additional time, and they killed the other inmate that escaped with him and sweat was ordered to pay $80,000 in restitution. and looking at closing numbers, the dow up 283 points and the nasdaq down 13 and the s&p 500 up 9.5 points on the
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day. the toyota is discontinuing the zion after years of slumping sales, they aimed it at younger drivers and sales dropped after the recession started in '08 and never recovered. most of the cars on the skyon brand will be -- tonight on abc richard dreyfus steps into the role of bernie madoff, and one of his costars a delaware county actress that getting a real inside look at how the ponzi scheme plays out. >> it's interesting playing a real character, being someone that is alive. and that someone is bernie madoff's secretary, annette bon joran oh. and there was just one little problem. >> when i realized the real
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annette bon joran oh. and i said i am a foot and a half taller than this woman and they said i don't care. >> she is from howard beach, new york. just lightning the screw you attitude. >> if susan looks familiar, she has been on other tv shows. >> what do you think i am? cecily tynan. >> annette is behind bars in federal prison so susan's information came from court documents that offered a glimpse into the inner workings. >> the 19th floor is where they did legitimate stuff and the 17th floor, was the mysterious dealings. >> nobody but nobody comes down here without my permission. >> you needed a key card to get in and it was hush hush. that is how the ponzi scheme
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continued. >> but no matter how you feel be prepared. >> you feel yourself feeling sorry for him knowing what he did, you wonder how can i feel sorry for this guy? >> it's the premiere of original movie "madoff" and stay tuned for a special report. "action news" reporter, chad pradelli, sits down with local victims of madoff's ponzi scheme how did they get involved and did they get answers on how it all happened. some fascinating stuff buckle down starting at 8:00 p.m. >> i read just about every book published on this, because i condition get enough of it. look forward to watching this thanks alicia. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets head to adam joseph with the latest on the forecast. >> we see pockets of moderate to
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medium rainfall, west of philadelphia we start to break some of the rain up as the heaviest is now pushing to the east and we close in closer to double scan live radar along 206 north of trenton and pennington a wall of heavy rain and it is brief as it passes through, and doyles toub and quakertown and the northeast extension to the lehigh valley. and around center city philadelphia, light showers here it was heavy 45 minutes ago and a break through parts of delaware county and coatesville and chester county and lancaster county a little yellow popping at times, but the heavy rain is ending from the west to the southeast. salem, fortescue and dover, you can see flair ups of the intense rain heading into new jersey.
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all roads are extremely wet but the good news here is that most of the heavy rain is subsiding into the second part of the evening rush and evening hours. high temperatures today we hit a record tying high in philadelphia of 62 degrees, record tying in the poconos of 52 degrees, 55 in allentown and 60 in millville and 60 at the shore, and that is really doing a number on the snow pack north and west. and that is why we see so much fog where you see the snow because that snow is melting and you have the warm temperatures in addition to the rain than is leading to ponding on the roadways as well. as you look at snow and rain a ribbon of moisture down i-95, and it stalled off the coast and a break here tomorrow and a wave of low pressure will development off this boundary and pull precipitation into eastern areas on friday morning but the evening rain tapers to on and off showers overnight. 42 in allentown and warm
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overnight in millville with a temperature of 50 degrees. the runoff will pull into the rivers and streams. these are forecasted crests, only these four. they are expecting to get close to flood stage but just below. theneshaminy, perkiomen, schuylkill and brandywine. again norristown minor a foot above the flood stage and by 1:00 in the afternoon tomorrow, expect it to go back to below its flood stage. as we look at future tracker 6 tomorrow morning sunshine is breaking out and temperatures in the 40s and 50s to the south and sun and clouds and mild day tomorrow with temperatures near 50 degrees and then we'll watch that wave of energy, this is 5:00 in the morning on friday,
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so the morning rush on friday, there could be a brush of either wet snow mixing with rain especially philadelphia to the east along the shore, something we are watching popping up on the models. we look at the four day at 4:00, breezy and mild and 52 degrees, and friday we watch for the period of maybe morning wet snow in eastern areas. right now west of philadelphia it is dry friday and no matter where you are sunshine returns and 44 degrees and saturday into sunday looking good and sunshine and clouds and well above average with temperatures in the 50s. we have the seven-day forecast for you guys coming up in the next hour. coming up president obama does something he has never done during his entire time in office. and a group of vandals cause major damage on a local college campus and police want your help to track them down. >> and coming up in big talkers -- that looked good and
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you'll be happy to know it's part of a diet. how pizza helped this guy lose 101 pounds.
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police are looking for a people that vandalized the building on temple university's campus, they gave us this surveillance video showing the group as they broke in on january 9th, the group of boys got in the building and spray painted floors and walls and broke mirrors and computer monitors, police want anyone that recognizes this group to please contact them. the democratic national convention committee is kicking off a series of workshops to help small business owners, it was held at the kimal center, they are joining forces with google to boost their profits from the democratic convention from july 5th until the 28th if you miss it's workshop more will
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be announced. a camden city postal worker got special recognition, christopher mcgraph joined thousands of employees that have driven more than 1 million accident free miles. he received his award during a ceremony at the carrier annex on mown ephraim avenue and he did it by using turn signal tales and by turning off the cell phone while driving. 50 students were welcomed to temple university business school this morning. it featured candidates from 29 countries and many were joined by their families today. some students in may fair are learning about life as a reporter, our own trish hartman spoke to students at blessed trinity catholic school today and answered their questions and talks about the different type of stories she covered including the blizzard of 2016.
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there is still more ahead on "action news" at 4:00, it may not be a real emergency but a utah police officer's act of kindness saved the day. more on this video coming up in big talkers. and anyone thinking of tying the knot we have expert tips before picking your wedding location. we'll show you how to save big in what is the deal today.
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nd it's a pizza diet success story. yes, you really can eat one of america's favorite foods without packing on the pounds, the secret recipe revealed coming up in big talkers. >> first at 4:30, flooding concerns are impacting much of our area now. sky 6 hd giving us a live look at the ben franklin bridge as the heavy rain moves through the day and for the evening commute. lets head over to adam joseph at the big board. >> we complicate things further and the snow pack is leading to
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reducedib reduced visibility because of fog and we are starting to break the precipitation up north and west of philadelphia and the heaviest rain over there now sliding to the south and we'll see the trend continue as we go through the evening hours. in fact as we take a closer look at double can live radar, you see the holes developing after most of the atmosphere's energy is pushing to the east or breaking things up and dealing with light showers during that evening commute in and around many of those major thoroughfares moving out of the city of philadelphia and double scan to the south in new jersey and delaware you see yellows in fortescue and dover and millville, those move from the southwest to the north and east. and we put that in and show you it's north of hammonton and now it's ending in the lehigh valley and approaching pottstown and we'll watch that progress over the next couple of hours from the west to the east.
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as we take a live look at cam pel back mountain they had record tying highs, the fog is there 51 degrees with winds out of the south at 14 miles per hour. quakertown an inch of rain and reading .84 and near a half inch in wilmington and philadelphia and the same for trenton, thankfully we are not seeing extremely high totals to add to major or moderate concerns, but that flood watch will continue until 5:00 p.m. on thursday even though the rain is ending this evening especially areas northern and west of pennsylvania, we'll watch the smaller streams and creeks and rivers. but at this point most of them expected to crest below flood stage that is good news there. we'll talk about this system and maybe some wet snow for some early on friday morning coming up in the seven-day forecast. among those most concerned about the possible flooding are folks in the lehigh valley and they are keeping a close eye on
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creeks and streams as it rains and the remaining snow melts. walter perez is live in allentown. >> reporter: hey brian, as adam mentioned right now a lull in the action, overall a rainy, gloomy day and across the lehigh valley, here at trout creek in allentown neighbors here is an it's running deeper and faster than usual but still in check and that could change as the rain continues combined with unusually warm temperatures for this time of year. it's a week and a half since the lehigh valley received a record breaking 41 cinches of snow today most of that snow is gone but the snow pack that remains combined with the inch to inch and a half of rain plus a high temperature near 60 as prompted the national weather service to issue a flood watch for delaware and lehigh valley county.
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the concern is for local creeks and streams. scott the director of services says that the other concern is poor drainage areas. >> we don't want to see in the course of this storm today and into tomorrow morning, should there be any ponding of water on roadways if people try to drive through them. >> reporter: the flood watch remains in effect until 5:00 tomorrow evening. people are just glad that all of this rain is not snow. >> i am happy i just got my license and i don't have to drive in the snow anymore. >> it's nice to have the snow go away. >> reporter: back out live the flood watch clues lehigh valley and northampton counties and the flood watch remains in effect until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> walter, adam tells me you
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shouldn't see anymore rain where you are. stick with, to view the storm tracker 6 radar. held at gun point and robbed that is what police say happened to a woman in south philadelphia, two men allegedly flagged her down while she was in the united gas station on bust avenue on 9th street, they got in her car and pointed a gun and forced her to drive away and they demanded she hand over cash and her cell phone and i.d. after getting what they wanted they got out of car and ran from the scene and they were caught on surveillance camera and police hope that someone sees the video and recognizes them. a thief was caught on camera in the city. this man stole cash from a
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person outside of ozzie's pizza. firefighters battled a fast moving fire in camden as firefighters worked to put out the flames and it took almost an hour for crews to get this under control and the home on north 34th street has a lot of damage and nobody was hurt here, the fire marshall is working to figure out what caused this fire. neshaminy high school's basketball coach plead guilty to knocking over a referee. the school board voted to remove him from his role with the boy's varsity team after the physical confrontation caught on camera last month but was allowed to resume teaching special education. the owner of a deli damaged by fire is asking customers to keep their donations.
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flames ripped through amato brothers deli in west lynn. owner michael amato are touched by the outpouring of support, all donations will be returned. >> we can't tell everybody how much we appreciate it, people have to work for their money and i don't want to just have someone hand out money to me and things like that. >> well, there is the explaining a, they are working to reopen at another location in the next week or two while the old one is being renovated . concerns over the zika virus has health officials putting vacationers on high alert and everyone needs to be prepared. rick williams is in our newsroom with the details. >> hi brian, thank you. that is right, at first officials thought that only pregnant women should be concerned about the zika virus but this new alert affects
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everyone. coming up on "action news" tonight on health check, what you need to pack to protect yourself from the zika virus. and ben and jerry's is taking the cream out of ice-cream, why the dessert maker is launching a line of vegan products years in the makele sounds tasty. maybe. brian back to you. >> welcome back. >> thank you. some preschool and kindergarten students are taking part in a service project this week part of catholic schools, students are collecting different coins each day and today they collected and sorted coins and pennies and all proceeds will be donated to the leukemia and lymphoma society in pennsylvania. meanwhile kids in montgomery county were busy with a project of their own. they partnered with the florist
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to create an elementary school flower show. the students created unique floral arrangements and they look great. the horticultural society will judge these arrangements tomorrow and that will be a tough job. >> they look butte. still ahead, president obama spent the afternoon visiting a mosque and asking for tolerance, and hear the strong message to our country coming up. and a police officer in uniform comes to a father's rescue as a baby sitter. and he did a darn good job, the story is ahead in big talkers. adam joseph is ahead with the full forecast from accuweather and when the rain is moving out of our area.
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in a historic first president obama wanted to give a
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message. >> we have heard rhetoric about muslim americans that has no place in our country. >> the president's visit is scene as a long awaited gesture by muslim advocates that say they face increased vitriol across america. he says the acts of a few are playing into the hands of extremists and he met with muslim american leaders from across the country. eating fish could help people with alzheimer's disease lower their chances. a long range study of college able adults that ate fish once a week had less than the brain plaques associated with als heimer and whether the mercury in fish offsets the benefits. >> the increased levels of
4:42 pm
consumption increased levels of mercury but did not appear to have an impact on brain health. >> but it did not lower the risk of other forms of dementia only als heimers. talking going beyond the call of duty, a video of a police officer is going viral because in uniform he takes on the role of babysitter. pretty cool stuff here. this camera captured the moment that the officer gets involved watching a very active toddler, most toddlers are active all right. he is stepping in to help out her dad in traffic court and she couldn't go into the courtroom with him. and boy did 2-year-old abby keep his busy, he takes her to get a driven of water and they watch cartoons on his phone and officer kevin norris says hey he is a dad he get its.
4:43 pm
>> i have kids myself and i know what it is to have rambunctious kids, it's hard to take them anywhere. >> he even got her to nap. when dad got out of traffic court, he is grateful and now the 6 foot tall officer will be known as the big friendly babysitter. love that story. she is an artist and a mom, so brigitte bordeaux came up with a unique thing to freeze time with a frozen memento. she is creating pearls out of breast milk, she takes real breast milk and adds preservetives, you can take it out and mold it and shape it and add design and sparkles, some people wrote on her facebook page this is unsettling or strange, her jewelry line is
4:44 pm
exploding with many people helping her with dealing with postpartum depression. and it's one of america's fivity food. pizza! the saucy cheesy slice can help you slim down. it's called the pizza diet. and one chef cracked the code. he moved here from italy two years ago, and his 6 foot frame soared to 267 pounds, he was so uncomfortable he could in the play with his son at the park and his doctor warned he may have a heart attack. and he got to work, his key to shedding the pounds was his beloved pizza. a homemade margarita pizza. >> it comes from the mediterranean diet and makes me
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happy and i don't have to give up. >> his homemade pizza basics and homemade ingredients, and basil on top. hello. >> i expect that will be really popular. >> wildly popular and hopefully effective for everyone. >> thank you alicia. lets get a check of the roads right now. >> we are trying to slice through low fog and we wish we could slim down the delays, an opening at the tacony palmyra bridge, the ship headed northbound in the delaware river, a cool shot with the fog hanging over the delaware river. expect an opening at at burlington bristol bridge coming up in just a little while. this is the schuylkill expressway since last we spoke there is another issue, a broken down vehicle under 30th street
4:46 pm
station and westbound is still extra jammed coming out from there to the vine and eastbound remains solid from the roosevelt boulevard into south street but earlier eastbound accidents are gone. big puddles in the typical spot like the ramp from the schuylkill eastbound to passyunk and northbound to broad street. and the crash on 95 northbound on the vine is off to the side but looking at 15 miles per hour. and the overturned vehicle crash on grays ferry near washington avenue and darby fourth and main is an accident scene heading westbound and several accidents on the tun pike one is blocking the lanes. and there say crash in upper motherland to watch out for at cheltenham road. i'm ready for rita to open her doors again. >> a sure sign of spring. matt thanks. meteorologist, adam joseph, standing by with the exclusive
4:47 pm
accuweather seven-day forecast.
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the creeks and streams overnight as we look at double scan live radar it is breaking apart, wilmington and trenton to the north and west and still rain and pockets of moderate rain and some areas in maryland that we'll watch and try to go into our southern zones here in the next couple of hours. as we look at double scan, rain in fortescue and cumberland county and slides into the central and southern parts of cape may county and mays landing
4:50 pm
seeing steady and moderate rain at times and west of 301 south and west of middletown, delaware, we'll watch that as it pushes to the north and east and overall center city philadelphia scattered light showers around and the steadiest of rain for all of southwestern pennsylvania is over at this point and drying up north and west of green lane and with the rain letting up and wind starting to kick in the visibilities are starting to improve across much of the area. as we take a look at the record watch for today in wilmington, the high was 53 degrees allentown 55 and philadelphia 62 and trenton 59 and mt. pocono 52 degrees. if we look at the records way off in wilmington and a record tying high set in 2006 for philadelphia and the same for mt. pocono record tying that was set back in 1973. presently 55 in philadelphia and 56 in millville and 50s to the northern and west and the
4:51 pm
numbers will remain on the warm side and may even go up during the overnight hours tonight as we wait for the cold front to slip through. as we look at this line, it extends all the way over the eastern seaboard. it stalls right off the coast and then waves of low pressure will develop that can kick some precipitation back here early on friday. for tonight the steady rain will end and a few showers later tonight with overnight lows between 42 and 49 degrees, most of our waterways are going to handle the snow melt and the rain we saw today but these particular waterways will come close to flood stage but expected right now forecasts to stay below flood stage? >> the neshaminy, the schuylkill, brandywine and the perkiomen. no warnings are issued at this
4:52 pm
point, but a forecast for norristown along the schuylkill river, the crest could be around 14 feet a foot above flood stage and if it does reach that it is minor flooding and back below by tomorrow afternoon. a left over shower at the shore and 40s north and west where we see sunshine breaking out and into tomorrow afternoon. another pretty mild day with temperatures in the mid up toer 40s to around 50 degrees and then as we get into friday, we get into the wave of low pressure and you see precipitation along the shore this is 6:30 friday morning with a mixture of rain and snow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, breezy and mild tomorrow and 52 degrees and the round of wet snow tomorrow early friday morning and eastern new jersey, there could be accumulation again, new jersey especially along the shore, southern parts of delaware and it's brief and something we are watching and on saturday and sunday looking good and 50s for highs and sun and clouds and
4:53 pm
turning cloudy and cooler and 43 and we watch the coast early next week for a possible storm to develop because colder air is coming in and the latest information shows the storm developing off the coast in the sea but too close to call. something to watch. places to have your wedding we have tips coming up in what's the deal?
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whether you are considering a destination wedding or one here at home. before you book check out the list of the best and most affordable cities to say i do, the and the worst too. the average couple spends $26,000 on their big day. but there are ways to save if you get the location right. they surveyed the 150 biggest cities weighing everything from the cost of the venues and the
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available of hotels and vendors, here is the top five, orlando, florida, las vegas, atlanta, springfield, missouri and tampa, florida. you get the most bank for your buck and the weather sending them to the top spots. the bottom of the list, here is where you will spend the most. anchorage, alaska, worchester, massachusetts, newark, new jersey, and yonkers, new york and where does philadelphia land? 123 out of 150 not so great. we are not saying don't get married here but budget a little extra. >> anchorage alaska i guess the most expensive. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for brian taff, sharrie williams and adam joseph.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. looking live at double scan live radar tonight it's a wet
4:59 pm
wednesday across the delaware valley, right now soaking rain and heavy downpours are moving through the area. >> we are going live outside sky 6 hd showing you a dreary center city skyline and all of this rain may be a more welcome sight than snow would be flooding is a concern in the tri-state area. wednesday night and the big story is the flood watch in effect and the efforts to make sure that left overs from last week's blizzard don't cause problems this evening. nora muchanic has more from new jersey but first to meteorologist, cecily tynan, watching double scan live radar from the big board. >> it's a miserable evening commute the combination from the rain and fog and localized flooding, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have light rain in philadelphia, if you look at the northwest suburbs we have drier air and the focus of the heavier rain over about the next hour across south jersey and delaware we
5:00 pm
have pockets of heavier rain and all the rain is moving from the southwest to the northeast and the front is slowly moving to the east and i think a bigger problem than the rain falling is the visibility. if you look at this it doesn't look that bad we have pockets of very dense fog, trend reporting a third of a mile and lancaster a half mile and millville 2 miles, we have the warm air over the cold surface of the snow and that produces the fog and that has been with us all day long. philadelphia 55 and we hit 62 degrees today than ties the record high. as we head through the evening this is what to expect between now and 6:00, heavy rain and street flooding especially across south jersey and delaware, the steady rain is heading out about 6:00 and we watch for the runoff for the creeks and rivers and fortunately the rain is


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