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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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have pockets of heavier rain and all the rain is moving from the southwest to the northeast and the front is slowly moving to the east and i think a bigger problem than the rain falling is the visibility. if you look at this it doesn't look that bad we have pockets of very dense fog, trend reporting a third of a mile and lancaster a half mile and millville 2 miles, we have the warm air over the cold surface of the snow and that produces the fog and that has been with us all day long. philadelphia 55 and we hit 62 degrees today than ties the record high. as we head through the evening this is what to expect between now and 6:00, heavy rain and street flooding especially across south jersey and delaware, the steady rain is heading out about 6:00 and we watch for the runoff for the creeks and rivers and fortunately the rain is hitting
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quickly and it should stay below flood stage, but the schuylkill river minor flooding at chester one foot above flood stage. and the front moving through though could cause problems on friday morning talking snow in parts of our region and i'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. the team coverage continues now with nora muchanic live in trenton with more on the flooding concerns. >> we are in mill creek park. the assunpink creek, one the creeks we are keeping an eye on over the next 24 hours, as the snow and rain combine to put much of our area on flood watch. >> you glad to see the snow melt? >> yes, but i'm sure it will be back soon. >> expect to see soggy conditions overnight and rain was pelting the capital city at lunch time and the thermometer
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topped 60 but people were clutching umbrellas to stay dry. >> indian summer in winter. >> i love the heat and warmth and everything. yes. >> this is the assunpink creek moving along at a good clip and parts of our area are under a flood watch and concerns where drainage is poor but not expected to be anything like what hit cape may county during the blizzard two weeks ago that storm sent ice chunks floating through the streets causing damage to homes and businesses, this may melt the snow pile off the building in trenton. some hope this will put an end to the pile of snow left on some streets. >> i'm excited it's going and we had a nice, mild winter to begin with and that snow was a
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surprise. >> i have to walk and jumping over snow puddles and snow dunes, it's just obnoxious. >> as for the ice on the delaware river a couple of weeks ago it's all but gone. they are sorry to see the remnants of the blizzard disappear. >> i'll miss it but it will be back. >> that is hard to imagine when it's so warm out. this is the assunpink creek, there are concerns of street flooding and creek flooding over the next 24 hours as this rain system moves through our area. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. our team of meteorologists are tracking this afternoon storm all day long for you posting updates on our facebook page and you can see the updates on your feed as you put up liking "action news" on facebook. just search 6 abc "action news."
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>> it's day two of the attempt by bill cosby's lawyers to get the sexual assault charges thrown out. lets go to morristown. bill cosby arrived at 8:00 this morning and the door is still shut and the hearing is underway at this hour. >> for more and the day's developments lets go it chad pradelli outside of the courthouse tonight. >> reporter: yes rick prosecutors spent the day driving home the point that there is no written non-prosecution agreement in this case and if a previous district attorney declared a verbal one, including those of the alleged victim knew about it. >> montgomery county district attorney kevin steele argued that the previous d.a. had no authority shielding bill cosby from sexual assault charges and that the government was not put
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in writing and a misuse of authority. a secret agreement that provides a wealthy defendant to buy his wait you of a criminal case is not right. they contend then d.a. bruce caster's 2005's decision not to prosecute bars his successors from filing charges. caster testified that the case had serious flaws and hopes that the none prosecution agreement would compel cosby to testify in a civil trial which he did. >> there was a promise made 11 years ago upon which he relied and the sovereign must live up to the promise. the cosby case was unsealed this summer and fueled new charges against the comedian. he testified he gave constand three blue pills and there was sexual can't but insisted it was
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consensual. and his attorney said that he did not freely testify in the case and had to be compelled by the judge and that his attorneys knew about an unwritten process not to prosecute but that she was never told anything about such a deal. >> reporter: about an hour ago the judge on the case said this hearing will go into the night and will be concluded and then he'll make his decision. i'm live in norristown, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." new at 5:00 tonight a cumberland county teacher was arrested and charged with child pornography. 52-year-old david rodriguez is a biology teacher in bridge andton, according to police he used a cloud service to upload videos and photos of children in sexual acts. he will appear in court tomorrow. to politics now and then
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there were nine, the field of republican candidates shrank again today. first kentucky senator rand paul dropped his push for the white house and wants to focus on his senate re-election bid now and rick santorum put his campaign on hold and is expected to endorse another candidate tonight. i will also be traveling to new hampshire to cover the country's first primarily election of 2016. you can watch for those reports starting sunday night here on "action news." > democratic national convention committee is joining forces with google to help small business owners in the philadelphia area. the first workshop kicked off at the kimmel center and idea is to boost their online presence during the convention. frustration over the drinking water crisis in flint,
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michigan boils over today on capitol hill. >> the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. this is not a third world country! >> the town's toxic water supply was the subject of a house oversight committee, flint witched water supplies to save money and that exposed residents to led. and now they are making a direct plea for help. >> urge you to help restore some of the trust lost and protect all the citizens in the united states but never allowing this to happen again. >> some lawmakers took aim at michigan governor, schneider, he did not testify but spent the time in michigan to outline a $30 million plan to help the residents. the fbi has since launched their own investigation. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is in the traffic center wednesday night.
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>> rick is back. hope you got some of that barbecue i told you about. >> more than i needed. >> we have lengthy travel times and wet roadways and low fog as well as we look live at the schuylkill expressway near the conshohocken curve, traffic is moving slowly in both directions. the westbound travel time 37 minutes, that is more than a 20 minute delay as you head out toward conshohocken this afternoon. another portion of 76 the pennsylvania turnpike portion the eastbound left lane is reopen approaching reading and the right lane is blocked approaching the accidents and the traffic is squeezing by unlike earlier. buck county by the wawa blocking durham road a possible alternate and a couple of crashes in del coy one by the middle school on hickory lane at 225. we'll check it again rick and monica again in the next half hour. >> thank you. more ahead on "action news,"
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a history making trip for president obama. ahead at 5:30, the distorted impression the president was seeking to change marking a milestone during his time in office. and a convicted murderer back in court. the added sentence for the surviving escapee after the jail break in new york.
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david sweat, one of the two convicted murders that broke out of a prison last year. is he he is sorry for the fear he created. and he will spend life behind bars and is already spending life behind bars for a murder conviction. tonight the red cross make a move to protect their blood supplies from the zika virus. after officials weigh the impact of the first case spread person to person in the u.s. ali gorman is live at the big board. >> the fda is still considering making changes to its policy but the red cross is moving forward, the red cross is asking people to wait 28 days to donate if they are in certain regions with the zika virus. mexico, caribbean and central
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and south america. if a donor develops signs of the zika virus within two weeks of donating the red cross wants to be notifying. the risk of spreading the virus through blood donation is small but wants to be sure that the supply is safe. also, we are learning more about a case in texas where the zika virus was spread through sexual contact, this is the first in the u.s. in someone that has not traveled and one of only a few cases spread person to person. the world health organization says it's almost always spread by mosquitos, but until we know more, travellers to latin america and south america should take precaution. >> they should use condoms for their sexual contacts until they are well beyond the period where they could have inquired it and transmitted it the incubation is
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one to two weeks if are you back four weeks you are probably not at risk any longer. you should look for signs like fever, pain and red eyes. also today for those of you that suffer from spring time allergies, you should start to prepare, even if you are allergic to grass. the groundhog says spring will come early but if you have grass allergies and want to try a new therapy, you need to start it three months before allergy season kicks into full gear, what is a tablet that is placed under the tongue every day and helps to build up a tolerance against grass allergens. that is a prescription medication you need to see and be followed by an allergist. >> thank you. they formed a giant heart in
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cherry hill today in honor of healthy heart month. the teachers at the early childhood center were there for the event and this parade is one of many to promote heart health through february. coming up tonight on 6 abc, academy award inner, bernie madoff steps up to the role for a two night event. it has been eight years since police arrested him and madoff is sitting in prison now and his victims still feel the impact of his lies. >> you go through the steps probably like they do in mourning. >> i can't live with being angry and certainly i don't forgive bernie madoff. >> how did these men find themselves wrapped up in madoff's web of deceit, we ask them if they every find out how it happened. that kicks off at 8:00 followed
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by our special report at 11:00. and coming up at 5:00, the search for a vandal on temple university campus.
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wall street staged a turn around late in the day due to a surge in the price of oil. oil jump 8% today sending stocks on the rebound, the dow jones closed up 232 points and the s&p gained 9.5 points on the day. home depot is looking to hire 80,000 workers nationwide for the spring season and plans to hire 1500 of them in philadelphia. more than half of the workers are estimated to stay on for permanent employment. and the chamber of commerce hosted the economic outlook conference, and it shows that business conditions in this area improved last year compared to 2014 and more than 44% of
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business owners say that they expect to high more full-time employees this year. ben and jerry's are launching a new ice-cream. made with almond milk, ben and jerry says they are asked for years to make none dairy ice-cream but making flavors that meet customer's expectations was the big challenge. taking it live outside, sky 6 hd philadelphia international airport it's a wet day for the most part. cecily tynan has your exclusive accuweather forecast. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you
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meteorologist, cecily tynan, has everything, the good the bad and the soggy. >> more than an inch of rain reported in quakertown and live-the focus is north and west and we have generally light precipitation norristown and jenkintown and philadelphia a break in the action but mainly this is light to moderate rain, as we head farther down to the south, this is where we see the pockets of yellow, the heavier rain and one moving into cape
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may county and tuckahoe and esoil city and more towards baltimore and that is moving into south jersey and baltimore as we head into the next couple of hours, this is the wide view, this shows the entire front moving across the entire eastern seaboard. this is the same system that caused the tornados in alabama and mississippi, fortunately we are not getting the severe weather just the rain but this will stall off the eastern seaboard tomorrow night and that could bring a period of snow east of philadelphia on friday morning. pretty hard to believe when you see the temperatures today. tying a record high of 62 degrees in philadelphia. allentown 55 and millville 60 and trenton 59 degrees, with the warm air over the snow pack we are dealing with dense fog. we have minor flooding but fortunately all the creeks are
5:26 pm
above flood stage, the neshaminy, perkiomen, schuylkill will be a foot over flood stage tomorrow morning. this is future tracker 6 at 8:00, this is where the steady band of rain is working over the eastern seaboard, we see sunshine early in the morning and already 48 degrees in philadelphia, a mild day and perhaps a few lingering showers along the coast and then as we head into thursday night and friday, this is when ront retro grades, it's cold enough to get light snow along the front and the big question is how far west will the front move. we'll keep you posted. the five-day at 5:00 showing you a nice day, morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine and high of 52 degrees, friday
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we watch the possibility of snow and mainly east of the philadelphia, 44 degrees and the weekend is looking beautiful, saturday sun with a few clouds and a high of 50 degrees, on sunday mostly sunny and warmer with a high of 52, and then we have big changes as we head into next week the jet stream takes a huge dip to the sound and that brings in cooler air on monday and lots of clouds with a high of 44 degrees. and looking at the potential for a coastal storm and tuesday questions on how strong it will be and where will it track coming up in the full accuweather forecast. lots going on in the next week. before we head to break we want to update you on the bill cosby case. we have heard that the testimony is ended but the proceedings is still underway, the judge wants to wrap this up before the evening is over. and judge steven o'neil says instead of one day hearing it has taken two days, they want to
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, and monica malpass. >> here is what is happening on "action news" wednesday night. from twitter tantrums to political punks, the political race took several turns today. and more questions surrounding the major blast on board a somali jet liner what the pilot thinks happen. and the thief who is terrorizing people across the region is heading to prison. we have rain in our region and melting snow from abnormally high temperatures is causing a fear of flooding. the airport is experiencing some delays due to the weather if you fly out or pick someone up, please check with the airline. now lets head to meteorologist,
5:31 pm
adam joseph. >> the rain is breaking up north and west of philadelphia and pockets of rain northern and central new jersey, and delaware taking a closer look a batch of heavier rain route 1, oxford to chadds ford and wilmington and newark getting steadier rain here the same for philadelphia and southern parts of new jersey dealing with rainfall and pops of yellow from tuckahoe, this area did not see rain tomorrow, they can handle the heavy rain passing through and another good sign here is visibles starting to bounce back up, from allentown reading and lancaster, down from a quarter mile this afternoon from the heavier rain and wilmington and trenton still visible from a half mile or so. from now until 6:00, heavy rain continues with flooding and at 10:00 the rain moves out and we'll watch the creeks and
5:32 pm
rivers in the overnight hours. now, lets check out the traffic scene with matt pellman with an update. >> lets set the expectations nice and low for the drive home. it's very wet and a ton of accidents and now a disabled vehicle on 95 in the work zone at cotman avenue, contributing to the heavy delays on the northbound side. it continues the whole way up to this point at cotman being down a lane doesn't help us out. northbound on the vine the crash on the shoulder and one on spring garden at 24th and green and one on the ramp on the schuylkill and passyunk and doylestown area at people hill road. and a tree came down in middletown township delco, near durham road close to the wawa. in chester county a vehicle ran
5:33 pm
into a building along main street near bridge street and a crash along 401 near saint matthew's road. in downingtown look for a crash at boot road and chester street. ton of them out there this afternoon take it easy as you drive home. >> as the wet weather rolls in the wet temperatures are changing stay with for the latest from accuweather. there you can view the latest forecast from stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. now the race 2016. the republican field is getting smaller, rand paul is suspending his campaign and former sources say that senator rick santorum is dropping out as well. we are getting new polling numbers from new hampshire voters, on the republican side an average of polls collected
5:34 pm
show donald trump with a double digit lead of 33% and ted cruz 11.7% and then a tie between john kasich and marco rubio. >> and bernie sanders holds a lead with 55.5% and hillary clinton has 38% support and these numbers are the average of polls collected by real clear >> speaking of the the democratic candidates, bernie sander lashed out at hillary clinton saying she is progressive quote, some days, and she lashed back saying that was a low blow. and donald trump took to twitter to blast his opponents and accused ted cruz of committing fraud. well, the gloves are coming off on both sides before next tuesday's primary in new hampshire. and abc's marcy gonzales is live
5:35 pm
in manchester with more. >> reporter: hi rick. yes six days to go now before the primary and you said it all. things are getting really heated here on both sides. today donald trump once again on the attack. tweeting ted cruz didn't win iowa he stole it, calling for a new election in iowa after the cruz campaign sent out this to voters falsely suggesting that ben carson was leaving the race. he plans to file an official complaints. >> it's a total voter fraud when you think about it. that is why the polls were so wrong. >> no response from cruz, he tweeted that bernie is contesting iowa results, maybe donald should go back to iowa and join the democrats. after coming in .2 points behind
5:36 pm
hillary clinton. >> secretary clinton won here in 2008. so you know we are taking nothing for granted. >> as clinton says she is pushing forward despite the challenge she faces here. >> their argument is look, you are behind here, i am. you are in your opponent's backyard. i could ever skip new hampshire. i cannot even imagine not being here -- >> reporter: and the democrats are face off in a town hall tonight and the republicans will meet for their first debate saturday night here on abc. we are live in manchester new hampshire, channel 6 "action news." >> and monica malpass reports from manchester starting this
5:37 pm
sunday. thank you, president obama is calling on the country to stand up and support muslim americans, he spoke at the islamic society of baltimore today, his first trip as president to a u.s. mosque and started by thanking muslim americans for all that they do. >> thank you for serving your community and lifting up the lives of your neighbors and keeping us strong and united as one american family. >> the president is working to fix what he calls a hugely distorted impression of muslim americans, he has spoken to teenagers who fear they will be rounded up and kicked out of the country. we have new information tonight about the midair scare on board of a somalia airplane, the pilot has come forward saying he believes it was a bomb that created a gaping hole in the side of the aircraft but investigators maintain they are still not sure. and we get a look at the minutes
5:38 pm
following the mystery blast, one of the passengers took this cell phone video and people are bunched in the back of the plane somewhering is oxygen masks while the pilot is making an emergency landing. he heard a loud bang at 11,000 feet and that is when the copilot found the damage. world news tonight with david muir has more on the midair scare as well as the upcoming new hampshire primary. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. in other news, philadelphia police are hoping that surveillance video will help them catch a group of boys that vandalized temple university. it shows five boys walking into a campus building back on january 9th and once in side they spray painted the walls and floors and broke mirrors and computer monitors, anybody with information is asked to call police. authorities are looking for the man that held up a pharmacy at gun point in port richmond this
5:39 pm
shows the ordeal at rite aid on franklin avenue. the robber pulls the gun on the female clerk and reaches around and grabs cash from the register, are you asked to call philadelphia police if you recognize the suspect. >> we have an update to ar story, the armed robber that wore an inspector clue sew mask. he is stepsed to 384 months in prison, he was found guilty of a series of holdup in yaden and darby bureau and springfield and wilmington. authorities took him into custody after they learned that the mask maker only made 17 of those. and coming up tonight he is in a class all by himself and we get a rare look at him in action. we'll tell you what is so special about this jaguar. and a group of montgomery county students dressed up as
5:40 pm
their heros to teach the class about history and we'll show you. a record tying high in philadelphia as well as the poconos and really warm air, it will stick around and the warmth sticks around and a little for some in the accuweather forecast. and sports coming up.
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the italian coast rescued migrants off a greek island. four children were among those rescues and they were immediately wrapped in thermal blankets. they could not confirm the nationality of the migrants. they have release the only known wild jaguar in the u.s. they are collecting data on him for the past three years, watching the animal on remote sensor cameras outside of tucson, arizona, they hope to gather a better understanding on
5:44 pm
how to manage endangered cats. a beauty. >> i used to drive a jaguar, a nice car. >> different. that one will eat you up. >> i don't see a door there. >> jeff is here with sports. >> vinny curry is thrilled to be an eagle long-term, he would get texts and calls asking about trade rumors, and he won't hear that for a while. he wanted to re-up for all of that green but a candid curry says he would not have resigned had the eagles not switched their defense to a 4-3 scheme. he signed an extension worth 47 milli million, he believed he will get a commitment in playing time and has not started a game in four years. but did not want to test free agency.
5:45 pm
>> believe green did not want to push it to the limit there. like i'm telling him, get used to him all over again. i know the majority of everybody in here by first name and half of you all got my number, have you to do that all over again and it's not worth it. >> super bowl 50 is just days away and starting overall number one draft picks go head to head and peyton manning is one of the best qb's to ever live. >> he scores touch downs that other people don't the way he throws the ball and he is a tremendous player with a tremendous career. >> peyton is capable of doing everybody he needs to do. >> national signing day can make or break a college football program and penn state scores a big one landing one of top running back in the entire
5:46 pm
country, miles sanders is among their four star recruits. temple basketball, among their top signings, anthony russo, a quarterback from warminster. russo had interest from lsu but is staying home like many others. >> recruiting is so often about what conference are you in, uniform you have. but we focus on family and the things when you are older you say boy i miss my mom and sisters and younger brothers and that is with the local kids we say you can do all of this great college football stuff and be a part of your family. >> what a day at camden high school, five high school players are heading to division one programs, including brad hawkins who signed a letter of intent to
5:47 pm
play at michigan. joined by ron johnson also heading to michigan. villanova and la salle and st. joes all in action. and the sixers. jessie vittles time with the phillys over. he is traded to the pittsburgh pirates for 27-year-old right hand reliever, he pitched for the cubs and mariners, the 27th overall pick just did not work out. >> thank you jeff. a requirement that pennsylvania students pass the keystone exams to graduate high school is on hold for two years. governor wolf signed the bill until the 2018-2019 school year. governor wolf says that more time is needed to fix imitation issues and fine the best ways to
5:48 pm
reach achieve many. we are following the latest developments in the bill cosby case, he has gone back in the courtroom. the judge says we can expect a decision before the night is out. we are looking live from norristown there hour and once the decision is announced we'll bring it to you. i do everything on the internet but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here. (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios.
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students packed the jim in collegeville to learn about historical and important people. this one dressed up as sally ride and even peyton manning. and this class took time to write valentines for the nuns. and adam joseph is here now with a closer look at the soggy forecast. >> the heavy rain is continuing in philadelphia south and east and watching the creeks and rivers and sunshine is back tomorrow, as we look at double scan live radar north and west of philadelphia and light showers overall, and continue in the state of delaware, double scan live radar showing right along the store the pop of yellow and heavy rainfall and sea isle city and long beach
5:52 pm
island, general light rain, philadelphia and center city and the state of delaware but will yellows blossoming in the state of maryland -- we are going back to rick and monica. >> we are taking you back to norristown montgomery county where judge o'neal made a ruling, the motion to dismiss his case has been denied. he will have to face trial in montgomery county. >> this was the second day in montgomery county, things just ended. the court proceedings. the testimony ends a few minutes ago. but the judge, steven o'neil ruled in favor of the prosecution that the sexual assault charges will proceed toward trial against bill cosby. the comedian and actor is still in the courtroom, he just heard the news. he is there all day yesterday and today. we are waiting for his exit from
5:53 pm
the room and building, so far we know that this was filed at the last minute before the state out of limitations ran out on the case, that occurred reportedly 12 years ago against andrea constand, an employee of temple university. bill cosby was on the board of trustees and she filed the case within a few days of almost missing her chance to file and the filing was that the former d.a. made a deal with bill cosby so he would not have to face criminal charges at that time and make a separate deal asking mr. cosby to testify in a civil suit, that he thought was stronger. >> the judge has to decide if the concern prosecutor, kevin steele will have to move on with
5:54 pm
his case to prosecute bill cosby but the decision coming that the case will move forward. bill cosby's attorneys trying to get the case thrown out because of a verbal agreement that bruce caster made with cosby a decade ago. he said he did not think it was a strong can case more than a decade ago and the victim waiting for more than a year to come forward and lived in canada and got an attorney and now we look at bill cosby as he is leaving the courtroom. >> that is tape from earlier. >> we saw cosby back and forth a couple of times throughout the day leaving the courtroom and going to the restroom and going back and form with his attorneys and handlers there and this is not good news for the comedian because the case will go forward. >> we are still waiting for his
5:55 pm
exit but it's happening in montgomery county because it happened at his home in cheltenham, and only case of the 50 accusations, that still has legs because the statute of limitations has not run out.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
one against a montgomery county judge denied the question to drop sex assault charges against bill cosby we are following this story next at 6:00 with jim gardner. i'm monica malpass have a good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers cecily tynan and jim gardner. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news in the bill cosby case. judge steven o'neil just made a decision whether cosby can stand trial for the drugging and sexual violation of former temple employee andrea constand or if cosby as immunity from prosecution. john rawlins is live at the courthouse. what did the judge decide? >> reporter: it came down 10 minutes ago and the judge said there was no basis to grant the ending of the trial at this point in time. it will go forward. the defense asked that --
6:00 pm
because of an earlier government in 2005 not to prosecute. but the judge says there is no basis for that. a lot was riding on this for mr. cosby and his defense team. bill cosby's defense team wants the judge to put a halt against the criminal charges against the comedian. it was alleged that at his montgomery county home assaulted former temple employee, andrea constand. and they contend that caster the da. made a bining promise he would never be charged in the case and they argued that he could not make such a promise. caster indicated that the no prosecute agreement that was never put in writing was in part


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