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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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because of an earlier government in 2005 not to prosecute. but the judge says there is no basis for that. a lot was riding on this for mr. cosby and his defense team. bill cosby's defense team wants the judge to put a halt against the criminal charges against the comedian. it was alleged that at his montgomery county home assaulted former temple employee, andrea constand. and they contend that caster the da. made a bining promise he would never be charged in the case and they argued that he could not make such a promise. caster indicated that the no prosecute agreement that was never put in writing was in part a goodwill gesture to constand
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improving her chances in a civil lawsuit and i hope i made her a millionaire. but constand's civil lawyer delores testified today that caster never mentioned the no prosecute promise to her. but caster said he made the promise and argued that a district attorney's promise never to prosecute is enforceable. it was made 11 years ago upon which he cosby relied and he must live up to the promise. >> the judge did not see it that way, and did not see anything underpending the argument of the defense that this was an illegal prosecution and should not go forward so the case will go forward against mr. cosby, there are other arguments tonight and other efforts to stop the use of
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information at the trial. but at this point the efforts to stop the trial in its tracks failed. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> there is a second motion being heard that has to do with current district attorney, kevin steele, tell us about that. >> there is a motion to disqualify mr. steele and his office from prosecuting this case in part because of some of the political mash nations that when on during the last campaign here for the district attorney's office, we understand that the judge will hear arguments on it but it's unclear if he will decide on ta set of arguments tonight. >> thank you. john rawlins reporting from the county courthouse in norristown. other news the ongoing flood watch forever the tri-state area, we are keeping an eye on creeks and streams and rivers.
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and this is the assunpink creek in trenton and smaller tributaries will crest just below flood stage, this is the way it looks in allentown and the rain bined with the snow melt to put a lot of water in the streets. lets get to double scan radar and cecily tynan. how long does the rain continue? >> the steady rain moves out in about two hours. our far west suburbs, the rain is over there and the focus of the steady rain is across south jersey and delaware, we have an area of steady rain working off the garden state parkway pushing to the east and out to sea. the next area is moving out of maryland and this is pushing just east of i-95 corridor over the next two hours but that is really the back edge of it, that is moving out quickly, the problem tonight is we'll still be having patchy dense fog.
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the rain ends from the west to the east at 10:00 tonight and we are lingering showers overnight and the morning rush lingering clouds and mild. we'll be seeing minor flooding and most of the streams and creeks are forecasted to crest just below flood stage and the exception is the schuylkill river at norristown, this is expected to crest 14 feet one foot above flood stage, and then drops down below flood stage by 1:00 on thursday. this is a localized flood event. i want to point out the temperatures it's very warm, 56 in philadelphia and we tied the record high of 62 and the problem with the warm air over the snow pack, even though the snow pack is melting it creates patchy dense fog and overnight lows are mild and we don't have to worry about icing and i am tracking the potential for snow and icing and parts of our region is related to the front moving through and we'll talk
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about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> as the rain moves through and the temperatures change, we ask you to stay with for the latest from accuweather and you can view the seven-day forecast at any time and of course stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. and the police vehicle transporting two people to the hospital ended up in a crash it happened near grays ferry and washington avenues, another officer took the shooting victims to the hospital and nobody was hurt in the crash. a taxi driver got out of her cab just before a septa train struck the vehicle this morning. it happened at 6:25 at the manayunk norristown line in conshohocken. the driver said she tried to move out of the way of an impatient driver when she got stuck on the tracks, passengers on the train did not know what they hit. >> we heard this huge thump, it jarred the train and i thought
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they ran over a tree or something. >> the train pushed the cab nearly an entire city block before coming to a stop of the 55 passengers on board two complained of minor injuries and the driver will receive several traffic citations. >> a 7-year-old boy is recovering after being shot in the cheek last night by a b.b. gun and "action news" reporter, sara bloomquist is live at the boy's house in the may fair section of philadelphia. the injury could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: jim he is very lucky, this little boy just moved here to mays fair from north philadelphia with his mother and two brothers two weeks ago. mom thought they would be safer here and early last evening a teenage boy pointed a b.b. gun right at this child and fired. >> want to stay in the house. >> 7-year-old soldine figueroa
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is afraid to go outside after being shot in the face with a b.b. one is still in his face because they were unable to remove it. >> it went in through here and it's up here and it's difficult for them to try to get it out because it could do more damage, so he has to see a plastic surgeon. he heard the voices of young people out in the back of his home and he went to have a look and opening the back door peek out. >> where were the boys? >> standing rye here. >> all of them right here. >> he saw a group of about 17 teenage boys shooting cans off the fence next door and one of the teens pointed a silver b.b. gun right at him and fired off a shot. >> i heard something and i went inside and i looked behind me and i got shot here. >> he came upstairs full of
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blood screaming he got shot in the face. >> she is feared that he will come back and harm his brothers and worried about his mom. >> don't want my mom to get shot. >> she hopes neighbors will call the police with information and perhaps someone caught the group on a surveillance camera with a b. bill clinton gun. >> don't know anything, that is the scariest part, they could live within close proximity. >>. >> reporter: and police do plan to be back in the neighborhood looking for any surveillance video, if you can help police figure out who did this, contact northeast detectives. live in may fair, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> coming up on "action news" tonight. a cat finds its way back to its owner seven years after it goes missing. we'll have the story of millo's journey ahead. and the eagles agree to a
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contract with defensive end, vinny curry. >> and the heavy rain continues to slide to the east and then it stalls and moves to the east and that means there is snow possibly in the forecast.
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fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. so his name is actually millo it's story of a cat that made a reappearance eight years after he took off on his own and gray hall has the story. >> reporter: if cats could talk
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milo would have quite the tale, he went missing from his home eight years ago. his owner mary remembered the day he first got him. >> my son had a kitten that died and we took him to the humane society. and he picked out a kitten. >> he took him in after graduating from college, the happy home was short lived and repair workers left a door open and milo escaped. years later they found him on the streets and brought him to the spca. the hunt was on to find the owner. >> i couldn't believe in my wildest dreams that milo was elected alive and well. >> keep in mind that hilo was missing for almost eight years and some how managed to make it back home and his owners say he definitely has 10 lives.
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>> he is home. >> milo was microchiped and never registered. after tracking down the original shelter the spca was able to track down his family, they had admittedly lost all hope of ever seeing him again. milo was now 18, 90 in human years, when they got the call he was found and in shock and disbelief. they were glad he was found. >> he is here with his family for however how much time he has left. >> he was in good shape and no word on how milo ended up on that montgomery street and where he has been all these years. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." there is a major story tonight on the labor front, the long time head of the philadelphia carpenters union is on the outs and a major
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reshuffling of carpenters unions in the east. maryland, delaware and new york and pennsylvania are creating a new council with 30,000 members. the member that led the local for 44 years is no longer in charge. the new council of carpenters will be headquartered in edison, new jersey.
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switch to better. switch to fios. eagles continue to sign up for future another one today. >> the money is burning a hole in their pocket. vinny curry says he cannot see himself playing anywhere else. he met with the media talking about his five year $47 million deal. there are $23 million in guarantees. he had nine sacks in 2014 but only three last season. he has never been a full-time starter but is now paid at one.
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>> every year i tell myself i'll be a starter this year, i'll be a starter this year. so i'm saying it again, i'm going to be a starter this year, that is my goal, that is the way i prepare and that is the way i train. >> four days is all that stands between now and super bowl sunday. the panthers are dealing with their media obligations. >> the ultimate goal for the sport is to win the super bowl, you win national championships in college and that, and you want to be drafted to a team that puts you in a position to win a super bowl. >> no doubt you play in a super bowl you play for your teammates, and the broncos organization but you are playing for your family and friends and home town. >> college football penn state comes out as a whipper. head coach franklin lands 20
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recruits including four, four star recruits. >> would say that for a good portion of our recruits, it was going in and spending time with the families and having fun and laughing and enjoying ourselves not really selling penn state they were already sold. >> temple did a good job in landing anthony russo, lsu was hot for this quarterback. >> we try to give kids a decision in recruiting, we don't tell them. we say we want to you come to temple if they want to come great. a lot of parents were so relieved when their kids signed today. camden high school is proud themselves, the panthers saw five players sign letters of intent. receiver brad hawkins is also
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headed to the wolverines. jessie biddle is traded to the pirates for a reliever. the hawks are looking to extend their winning streak to eight games, they are 17-3 and 7-1 in conference play but flying underneath the radar. >> we are a hungry team and i feel like when he nation doesn't pay much attention that motivates us and we work hard. i feel like we just keep winning games and doing what we are doing and there is no choice but to notice us. the nhl hits back. remember this hit last week on an nhl referee, dennis is suspended for 20 games and costing wideman a half million dollars in salary. that was ugly to see. a 20 game suspension.
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cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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still a wet mess in most of the tri-state area, lets get the latest from cecily tynan. >> we are one more round of rain before we clear out. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing the northwest suburbs that the rain has shut off. you see the areas of yellow one across the shore and one moving into newcastle county and chester county. live zooming in south of mays landing, atlantic city a batch of heavier rain and this over wilmington, this is what i showed you at the top of the newscast closer to the top of
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baltimore and once this moved through it shuts off and causing problems, the national weather service issued a flood warning for the christina river the latest is a foot below and when it crests a half foot above. and should drop in the overnight hours. another problem today not just the rain but the rain over the snow causing this, the fog. jennifer posted this on my facebook page and this is overlooking a field in perkasie, buck county. we still have some dense fog. storm tracker showing you an inch of rain and the i-95 corridor a half inch and it lessens towards the shore and that is the focus of the steadier rain over the next two hours. temperatures show you a taste of spring, 56 degrees in
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philadelphia and tied a record high of 62 and allentown 56 and poconos 52 and atlantic city airport 57 and wilmington 51 and temperatures remain mild overnight, we don't have to worry about icing, that is good news. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a conveyer belt of moisture and that is a cold front that stalls off the eastern seaboard and a wave of low pressure develops along that, and pulls in moisture and that could mean it actually has a little bit of snow east of philadelphia friday morning. we get rid of the rain and steady rain at 10:00, a few showers late and 42 in the suburbs and the overnight low actually warmer than our average high for this time of year. future tracker showing us at 9:00 a few scattered showers we clear out in the morning rush hours, a few lingering showers.
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temperatures in the 50s, north and west of philadelphia, a lot of clouds to the south and east. the exclusive accuweather forecast for tomorrow breezy and mild and morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine, a high of 52 degrees, friday though that is when the wave of low pressure svel developments along the front than means snow is possible and it's more the timing than the amount. a brush of snow and the best chance is east of the i-95 corridor, looking at wet snow on the grassy surfaces and could cause problems for the morning commute in south jersey, sunshine is back and a few clouds and 50 degrees, sunny and mild with a high of 52 degrees, i do believe we have breaking news right now jim? >> we do cecily. here we go, we'll recap the big story and even breaking developments as this is a live picture now of bill cosby
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leaving montgomery county court in norristown. this is live. we can tell you that the sex assault case against cosby will move forward. and just a few minutes ago we learned that district attorney kevin steele will stay on as prosecutors. earlier the judge refused to toss the case sweeping aside claims that former district attorney, bruce caster, had granted bill cosby immunity. the case goes to a preliminary hearing march 8th, we are looking live at bill cosby leaving montgomery county court and the preliminary hearing will be on march 8 and, to see if there is enough evidence to see if he drugged and violated former temple university employee andrea constand in 2004 and the wheels of justice continue to turn and cosby could get 10 years in prison.
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and world news is david murphy is next on channel 6. with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rogers at 10:00. and in light of abc's mini series, "madoff" "action news" visits two local men that were victims of his ponzi scam how did they get entangled in his web of lies and how did they recover. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, donald trump's new charge. arguing ted cruz stole iowa with dirty tricks. up will hear from trump right here. plus, ted cruz going off on trump. >> he's losing it. >> all just three days before the big republican debate. plus, hillary clinton tonight, arguing she's now on bernie sanders' home turf, hoping new hampshire surprises her again. also breaking, a major storm hitting from florida to maine at this hour. at least six confirmed or the nay domes now. blizzard conditions and blinding rain. breaking news involving the zika outbreak. florida tonight declaring a health emergency. and in dallas, growing concern after person to person transmission after sex. the horror on board. the passenger pulled from a jet in midair after an explosion. the other passengers witnessing it all. and somewhere in


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