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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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cosby. heavy rain makes way for decks -- dense fog, accuweather and more next. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. there is no immunity for bill cosby. one of america's best-known all be it tarnished entertainers left the montgomery county courthouse tonight after a judge refused to throw out sexual assault case against him.
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cosby will be back here in a month. wednesday night, the big story on "action news" tonight is another day of courtroom drama in norristown. it did not end well for the 78-year-old cosby. "action news" reporter is live at the courthouse in norristown tonight. >> the judge did not elaborate how it came to the ruling, but a clear win for the prosecution and one that cosby's attorneys say they will be appealing. bill cosby kept quiet, only waving to fans outside of the montgomery county courthouse after nearly two days of testimony, arguments, the judge denied the defense motion to throw out the sexual case against the 78-year-old comedian. >> how are you doing? >> accused of assaulting andrea constand in his home in 2004. cosby claims it was consensual. and his attorneys argue that he
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had a verbal statement not to prosecute. and the case is moving forward and they say it is bias and are using cosby as a political football to get elected. and that cosby is not asking for special treatment, he is asking for a prosecutor who abides by the rule. and they shot down the accusations saying the office can't do this is an attempt to pick your prosecutor and you don't get to do that. and the judge ruled to keep steele on the case vowing no professional misconduct. the crowds flanking the courthouse sidewalks reacted. >> i just don't believe it at all. it shouldn't have been brought up years later since it happened years ago, it should have been brought up when it happened. >> preliminary hearing set for march 8, that's when another judge will decide if there is enough evidence to move forward with the trial. reporting live in norristown for channel 6 "action news," jim?
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>> thank you. the massive system bringing us all rain is hovering off the coast, but it left the region with a lot of water. monitoring potential flooding problems all day. and meteorologist cecily tynan live at the "action news" big board. cecily, it looks like most areas will dodge a bullet. >> jim, that is certainly the case. minor flooding but nothing really more than that. and this is a quick hit of rain. the rain exited the coast right on schedule, but we have a couple of areas that i am matching we have currently flood warnings. brandywine creek in chester county, minor flooding there, likely continuing until 3:00 in the morning. in hunterdon county the neshamic river. and the bigger issue is the fog. a lot of dense fog and it is warm air infecting or moving over the cold ground. and this is the dense fog
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advisory. a chester county, montgomery county and becks -- bucks county and details for what it means for the morning commute, and then tracking chance for snow friday morning for parts of the region in the full accuweather forecast. jim? >> and need we remind you, the "action news" morning team is starting at 4:30. we will be monitoring flooding conditions overnight and any impact on the commute from wet roads. two small children, a 5-year-old and 4-month-old are still in the hospital tonight after being struck by a hit-and-run driver in south philadelphia. the surveillance video from broad and dickinson hospital. and dann cuellar, what is the latest situation there? >> well jim, the woman who was struck tells us she is grateful to be alive tonight, along with letter two daughters. she and her husband spoke with us about the hit-and-run accident that landed them in the hospital. >> good.
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sore, but i'm good. >> 30-year-old stephanie mcmillan spoke with us outside of children's hospital where they are two daughters were treated. she had a black eye, confusions and monitored for a concussion like illness. >> my 4-month-old is fine. the 5-year-old in surgery. broken femur and swelling. >> and stephanie and her two girls why crossing the street at broad and dickenson and cameras caught it as a red honda accord struck them. too graphic to show on television. the driver did not stop and render aid and kept going east on dickenson. >> i don't know exactly what happened, i just know my husband came and says babe, you're in the hospital and that was it. and i saw my baby. and her face was all messed up and stuff. >> the police retrieved the car's passenger mirror but not captured the hit-and-run driver.
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>> the driver is a coward to hit someone and go off like that. what is wrong with you? to -- no common sense or decency. >> and the mcmillans are pleading with anything. >> if you know something speak up. we are not trying to attack you or anything, just speak up and let us know who did it. >> i prefer everybody who saw something, pleas go out and tell the police what you saw. i understand you don't want to snitch and all that, but there are babies involved, innocent bystanders. it is not gang-related, it is innocent women and children. >> the red honda accord should miss the passenger mirror and information should be reported to the accident investigation decision of the philadelphia police. outside of children's hospital in university city, i'm dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, dann. a freight train struck a car
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tonight in gladwin. officials say the vehicle stalled on the tracks at waverly road. and the occupants got out in time before the train hit. fortunately, nobody was hurt. that was the second time today a train struck a car. it also happened in conshohocken this morning. here a septa regional rail that slammed into a taxi mangling it and pushing it the length of a city box. the taxi driver exited after she was stuck. not clear why the septa train did not stop in time. a youngster from philadelphia is recovering tonight after being shot in the face last night with a bb gun. he still has an operation ahead of him. can you believe it, the irony here, the family just moved two weeks ago looking for a safer neighborhood. monica malpass joins us live
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with more on this. >> well jim, 7-year-old sahladen figueroa still too frightened to go outside after his horrible nightmare. he heard voices and simply opened the backdoor to see who was out there. that's when he was shot by a teen who pointed a gun right at him. it happened here in the 3200 block of tyson treat about 500 yesterday. sahladen saw seven teens shooting cans off a fence next door, and that's when one teen heard the door open and made sahladen the target. >> and i got hit and i got shot right here. >> and he ran upstairs with a towel full of blood screaming that he was shot in the face. >> sahladen fast bb in his face along the jaw line. the emergency room doctors were afraid to remove it and want a plastic surgeon to look. and he is afraid the teens can come back and hurt his two older brothers or mom. >> and i don't know who the kids
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are. if they are our neighbors it is scary, they could live within close area. >> and checking camera footage from the nearby 7-eleven. if you have information the detectives would like to hear from you. word that pennsylvania students will not need to pass the keystone exams to graduate high school the least the next two years. and the bill was signed and passed the legislature unanim s unanimously delaying the requirements until the 2018-2019 school year. he call the system, at best, incomplete. he did indicating officials have six months to present alternative methods for measuring student proficiency. the philadelphia mayor jim kenney met with the school principle palls at city hall and they shared what resource asks staffing they need for their schools.
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kenney said the meeting was a good opportunity to hear what the schools need from those who know best. he says he gave them his personal cell phone to keep the lines of communication open. still to come on "action news" tonight, the latest from the campaign trail. amid new controversies, endorse ma endorsementes and candidate dropping out. and new video from inside of the participating plane moves after a hole was blown in the side. that's not a parking spot, we will show you how a car ended up on top of a roof. and how they got it down. cecily? >> the rain moved on and the fog lingering. this will return friday morning in the form of snow for parts of our region. i explain in the accuweather seven-day forecast. and after we watch tonight's prime time drama, two local bernie madoff victims are speaking out about how the biggest ponzi scheme in history
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affected their lives. and ducis rodgers with the sixers and college basketball when "action news" continues tonight.
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tonight, actor richard dreyfus into the shoes of made madoff for a mini-series event. the show is giving viewers an inside look into madoff's life and the possible motivation behind the largest ponzi scheme in history. but even after all this time, the focus should also be on his victims who are trying to recover. and chad pradelli live in the satellite center, and you recently talked to two men caught in madoff's web of lies. >> yes, jim. madoff left a long trail of victims, many of them high-profile complaints like stephen spielberg and kevin bacon but some middle-class families here. >> it is virtually impossible to violate rules. >> bernie madoff, go for it. >> it's been eight years since the authorities arrested bernie
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madoff for bilking millions. and among though left empty-handed and a financial blow forcing her out of her house into a retirement home where she died in 2012. >> i can't live with being angry, ok, and certainly i don't forgive bernie madoff for that. >> this was surreal. i would not leave that i was even involved with something like this. >> dr. grossman started investing with him 25 years ago after his father-in-law, a savvy investor waited two years to get in with madoff. and he was a modest investor, he will not say how much he entrusted the now-imprisoned 77 year old. >> it was nice to know that no
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matter what happened you had a financial future, which was wiped away overnight. >> and the special on madoff unravelled the ponzi scheme he perpetuated. not clear how long he operated his scream but thousands were never suspicious. >> there were regular checks of reasonable returns. >> his parents received receipts like this one, stacks of them every month. dr. grossman can't say the same. he never saw a dime. >> it was all paper. >> fortunately, he diversified his investments and the loss was not a devastating blow. they learned about their sudden miss -- misfortune until it hit the air waves. >> i remember thinking i can't wait until i wake up, this can't be real. >> and you can see an interesting exchange between one of our victims and the actress
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who plays madoff's secretary in the abc special. when he would call madoff's office it was his secretary with whom he would speak. chad pradelli for channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you. police in a suburb of los angeles are trying to figure out exactly how this happened. a car crash ended with a vehicle on top of an attached garage. they think the lexus driver went off the road, down a neighbor's driver where it launched off another car. the driver suffered only bumps and bruises. a crane had to be brought in to lift it off the roof. seeing first-hand what it looked like in a plane moments after an explosion that blew a hole in the cabin. this happened just after takeoff from somalia yesterday. the pilot was able to return to the airport. it is believed one passenger was sucked right out of that plane. a man's body found a short distance away but they can't
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confirm if it was the missing passenger, although the suggestion is that it is. the pilot believes the explosion was caused by a bomb. >> the government broke it, the government must fix it. >> a frustrated representative from maryland among the lawmakers with hearing the first test on flint water crisis. the key officials from flint didn't show. the city's water is toxin since 2014 when they switched water sources to save money. ♪ on monday night, donald trump seemed to be gracious in defeat. today he accused the iowa caucus winner, ted cruz of fraud and tweeted that he stole the contest. trump came in second to cruz and claims that cruz committed dirty tricks by telling ben carson
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supporters that he dropped out, which he has not. and he is calling for a do-over in iowa. and crews campaigning in new hampshire is saying that donald is having a trumper-tantrum saying he is losing it. and tonight the former pennsylvania senator rick santorum ended his bid for the white house after a dismal second-to-last showing in iowa. in 2012 if you recall, santorum won the iowa caucus. and he threw his support behind senator marco rubio, and senator toomey endorsed him today. and rand paul today dropped out of race and running for re-election in the senate. paul says he doesn't have an answer for what happened with this election, but he does not plan to endorse another candidate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders now focused on next tuesday's new hampshire primary where sanders from neighboring vermont has a big lead.
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sanders's strategy is apparent saying he is the only reliable progressive and that clint can't be a moderate and progressive at the same time. clinton responded with the words "we've been fighth progressive fight and getting results for people for years." "action news" on the ground in manchester for the primary and monica malpass's live reports will be here on "action news." waiting for the massive system, which is lingering over the coast of new jersey, to move out but apparently not going anywhere. >> it is going to come back and bring a little snow friday morning. >> is that called a retro -- >> retrograde, jim is listening! when it moves west instead of east, i am so impressed. and showing the system that jim was discussing moved off the eastern seaboard and taking the rain with it. again, it is going to be coming back to haunt us a little bit on
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friday morning. tonight the real concern is not the flooding, it is this, the fog. brian posted this on my facebook page and a beautiful shot. this is like from yardley, bucks county. and you see the inconviction fog, when the warm air is evekting, a fancy word for moving over the snow and that is creating the fog and we have a dense fog advisory. and the visibilities tell the story. the areas seeing the fog, the areas that still have snow on the ground. north and west suburbs. and also to the west in wilmington, visibility a half mile there. and trenton 1/3 of a mile. and allentown .8 of a mile. the areas under the dense fog advisory until 7:00 in the morning. the national weather service extended that into mercer counties. and after about 7:00 the atmosphere should begin to mix up and we should be getting rid of the fog. part of the reason why the warm temperatures, it's 55 degrees in philadelphia down from the high of 62. that tied the record high for the date.
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and the average high this time of year is 41. allentown 46, and wilmington 49. and satellite 6 and radar showing the front. just limping off the coast. not moving much. it is going to be stalling there tomorrow. tomorrow morning for the morning rush hour, be careful early-morning northwest suburbs could have patchy fog. temperatures mild, 6:00, 49. by 8:00, 48 degrees. heading through the day we will see the return ever -- of sunshine. and the coast, temperatures in the 50s. and the cloud fill back in as it begins to retrograde and futuretracker getting a handle on this. it starts as some rain and then colder air moves in. that will be changing the rain over to some snow. but not everywhere. really right along the coast is a knevent that will cause snow along the coast early in the morning.
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and pretty nice day tomorrow, breezy and mild. 52 degrees. friday, the morning snow again east of philadelphia, 44 degrees. we are looking at the wet snow really no accumulation. and the few grassy services along the coast. and good weekend. and 50, and then 52 on sunday. and the jet stream takes a big dip to the south pulling in the colder air. 43 degrees on monday. still watching the potential for a coastal storm on tuesday. right now it looks like it may target new england more than the mid-atlantic and keeping you posted. wednesday partly sunny cold high of 39 degrees. and home 52, mostly sunny, pretty nice day. >> thank you. after seven years on the run, milo the cat is finally home. he escaped from his family's home in scranton seven years ago. they thought he was gone for good, but recently received a call from the montgomery county spca.
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somebody found milo and brought him in. he has a mike yo microchip so tracked down the shelter and the family that adopted him. and milo is 18 and gets to spend his golden years at home.
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almost past the mighty golden state warriors, no where to be found tonight. sixers and hawks. in the third quarter, the jurisdicti sixers a little sloppy. and look at that. the threat of, and they commit 24 turnovers tonight. later, deja vu all over again. and the hawks with eight players in double-digit scores and the sixers lose by 38 points. no smiles there. nova in action the first time since ranked third in the notion hosting creighton. tight in the first half, not so much in the second. reynolds inside the high-percentage shot and nova rolls 83-58 st. joes and st. bonaventure. and into the paint, and the hawks with the first loss of the month 83-73 and they lost the last four meetings with the
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bonie's. and trying to end the six-game skid. and la salle loses. and the eagles defensive end vinny curry talks about his deal. and big day for local high school football recruits. flonase allergy relief nasal spray.
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eagles defensive end, vinny curry is talking a day after he signed a new five-year $47 million deal to remain with the bird. curry said there is really only place he wanted to be. >> i told my agent i am like look, find out the market, you know, and i am like at the end of the day, like i said i bleed green. penn state does well on national signing day. ranked 23rd in the nation.
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and franklin lands six four-star recruits and she on the offensive line. and temple's big scorer, the edefensive lineman 4-star recruit choosing them over south carolina. and they will land russo, a quarterback that is big with a big arm to match. and high school -- i can't read my own writing here. a banner day, sorry about that. 11 players gathered to signed letters of intend including the running back going to temple and tony, a linebacker who committed to penn stays. the phillies pulled the plug fully on jesse biddle and the draft pick traded for a pirates reliever. the nhl hit back and dennis wideman suspended 20 games for cross-checking a linesman during a game. the second longest suspension in
11:34 pm
nhl history for abusing an official. it will also cost wideman about half a million dollars in sal y salary. 20 games. the community of st. andrews in drexel hill broke bread together to celebrate catholic's school week. and they hosted a spaghetti dinner and students served the meal. and catholic schools week the celebration of catholic education in the united states and it runs through saturday. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards. matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. >> "action news" is sponsored in part by --
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- channing tatum, from "american crime" regina king, long island medium teresa caputo. and music from kopecky, with cleto and the cletones and now, no kidding, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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