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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 4, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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it tarnied entertainers left the montgomy couy courthouse tonight after a judge refused to throw o sexual assault case against m. cby wilbe back here a month. wednesday night, t big sto onactnews" tonight is anotheday of courtroom drama in norriswn. idid not end wl f the 78-ye-old cosby. at the courtusen norriown ve tonight. >> the judge did not eborate w it came to t ruling, but and one tt cosby's attorneys say they will be appealing. bill sby kept quiet, only waving toansutside of the ntgomy county crthouse after nearly two days of ttimony, arguments, the judge denied the dense motion to throwut t sexlase ainsthe 78-year-old comedia >> how are you doing? >> accused of assaulting area
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nstand in his home in 2004. cosby claims it was consensu. and h attorneys arg that he had a verbal stateme not prosecute. and the case is moving forward and they say it is bs and are using cos as a political football to get elected. and that cosby is not aing for for a prosecutor who abidesy the rule. and ty shot down the accusis sayinghe office can't do this is an aempt t pick your prosecutornd you don't g to do that. and the jge rul to keep stle on the case vowing no profesonal misconduct. the crowds flanking the courthouse sidewalks reacted. >> i just don't believe it at all. up years later sincetappedught yrs ago,t should ve been broughtp when it happened.
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>> pliminary hearinget f rch 8, that's when another judge will decide if there is with the triao moveorward reporng live in nristown for channel 6 "action news," jim? >> thank you. t msive system briing us a rain is hovering off the cst, but it left the region with a lot of ter. monitoring potenal flooding problems all da a meteorologist cecily tynan live at the "action ns" big board. cecily, it looks like st areas will dodge a bullet. >> jim, that is certainly the case. minor floodg butothing rely me than tha a this is a quick hit of rain. the rain exited the coast rht on schedu,ut we have couplef are that i am mati weave currently flood warnings. brandine creek in chester county, minor flooding there, likely continuing until 30 in the morning. in hunrdon county the neamic
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river. and the bger issue ithe fo a lot of dense fog and it is wa air iecting or movg over the cd ground. and this is the dense fog advisory. a cheer county, monory couynd becks -- cks county and details for what it means r the morning commut and then tracking chance for snow region in the fullccuweather he forecast. jim? >> and need we remind yo the "action news"orning teams starng at 4:30. we will be monitoringlooding conditions overnight and any impact on the comte from wet two small children, a 5ear-d an4-month-oldre after being struck by a t hit-and-run drir in south the surveillance video from oad and dickinson hoital. a dancuellar, what is the latest situation there? >> well jim, the womanho was struck tel us she is graful
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to be alive tonit, alongith letter two daughters. she and her husband spoke with us about t hit-andun accident that landed them in the hospital. >> good. sore, but i'm good. >> 30-year-old sphanie mcmillaske with us outsi of chdren's hospil ere they are two daughters were shead a bla eye, cfusis and monitored for a concussion like illness. >> my 4-month-old is fine. t 5-year-oldn surgy. broken femur a swelling. >> and stephanie and her two gis why crossing the street at broad and dicnson and camer caught it as a red honda accd struck th. too graic to show on telision. the driver did not stop and nder aid and kept going east on dickenso >> i don't know exactlyhat happened, i just owy husnd came and says be, you're in e hospital and thawas i
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and i s my baby. and h face wasll messedp and stuff. >> the police rrieved the car's passg mirror but not captured the hit-and-run driver. >> the driver is a card toit someone and go off like that. what is wrong with you? to -no common sen or decency. >> and the mcmillans are >> if you know sething speak up. we are not trying to attack you or anything, just speak up and t us knowho did it. >> i prefer everybody who saw something,ls go out and tell theolice wtou saw. i understd you d't want to snitch and all that, but there are babs involv, innent bystanders. it is not gang-related,t is innocent women and ildr. >> the red honda accordhould miss the passenger mirrornd information should be reported decision of the philadelphia
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police. outsi of children's hospital in uversity city, i'm dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >>hank you, dann. a freht train suck a car tonight in gladwin. officials say the vehicle stalled on t tracks at werly rd. and the occupantsot o in time bore therain hi ftunately,obyas hurt. that was t second time today a train rk car. it ao hapned in conshohocken here a sta regional rail that slammed into a taxi mangling it and pushing it the length of a city box. the ti driver exited after she w stuck. not clear why the sta tra did not sp in time. a youngster from philadelpa is rovering face last night with a bb gun. he still has an operaon ahead
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of him. can you believe it,he iro here, the family just moved two eks ago looking for a safer monica malpass joins us live with more on this. >>ell jim, 7-ar-old sahden figueroa still too frightened to go outsidefter his horrible he hea voices and simply opedhe backdoor to s who waout there. that's when he washot by a teen who pointed a gun right at him. it happened herin the 3200 block of ton treat abo 500 yesrday. sahden saweven teens shooting cs off a fenceext door, and that'shen one teen heardhe door open and me hladen the targ. >> a i got hit and i got shot right here. >>nd he ran upstairs with a towel full of blo screaming that he s shot in the face. >> sahladen fast bb in his face alghe j li. afraid to rove it d wt a s were
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plastic surgeono look. and he is aaid the teens can come back a hurt his t older brotheror mom. >> and i don't ow who the kids if they are our neighrs it is sry, ty could live within close area. >> and checking camera footage from the nearby 7-eleven. if y he infmation the detectives would li to he from you. word that pennsylvania udents will n need to pa the keysto exams to graduate high school the leasthe nt tyears. and the bill was signednd paedhe legislature unanimo unanimously delaying the reiremts until the 2018-2019 school ar. he call the syem, at best, incomple. he did indicating officials he six months toresent alternative methods for measuring student priciency.
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the phidelphia mayor jim keey met with the school principle palls atity hall an they shared what resrce asks stfing they need for tir schoo. kenney said the meeting was a good opptunity to hear what the schools need fmhose who know best. he says he gave them his personal cell phone to keep e lines of communication open. > still to come on "acti news" tonight, the latest from the campaign trail. amid new controverss, endor ma endorsementes and candidate dropping out. and new video from insidof the participating plane moves ter a hole was blown ithe side. that's not a parking spot, we wl show you how a c ended up on top of a roof. andow they got it down. cecil >> the rain moved on and the fog lingering. this wi return fridayorng in the form of snow for par of our reon. i explain in the accuweather seven-day forecast. nd after we watch tonight's
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tonight, aor richard eyfus into the shoes of made madoff for a mini-series event. the show is givingiewers an insideook into madoff's life and the possibleotation behind the largest ponzi scheme in history. but even aer all this time, the fus shod also be on his victimshare trying to and chad prelli live in the sateltcenter, a you recently talked to two men ught in madoff's web of lies. >> yes, jim.
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madf left a long til of victims, many of them high-prole complaints like stephen spielberg and kevin bacon but some middle-class families here. >> it isirtually iossible to vlate rules. >> bernimadoff, for it. >> is been eight years sce e authorities arrested bernie madf for bilking millio. and among though le empty-handed and a financial bl forcing her out of her house into a retirement home where she ed in 2012. >> i can't liveith being ary, ok, and ctainly ion't forgi bernie doff for that. >> this was surreal. i would n leave that i was
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even involvedithomething like this. >> dr. gssman started investinwith him 25 years ago ter h fath-in-la a svy iestor waited two years to get in with madoff. de was a modest inveor, he will not say how muche entrusted the now-imisoned 77 year old. >> it w nice to know that no matter what happened you had a financiafuture, wch was wiped ay overnit. >> and the speci on madoff unravelled the ponzi scheme he not clear how long he opeted his scream but thousands were never suspicus. >> the were regular ccks of reasonab returns. >> his paren receivedeceipts like this one, stacks of them every month. dr. grossman c't say the same. he never saw a dime. >> it was all paper. >> fortunately, he diversified his investmen and e lsas
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not a devastating blow. they learned abt their sudden mi -- misftune until it hit their waves. wait until i wake up, ts can't be real. >> and y can s an interesng exchangeetween e of our victims and the actress wholays madoff's sretary in the a special. wn he would call madofs ofce iwas his sretary with whom he would speak. chad pradelli for channel 6 jim?ion news." >> thank you. police in a surb of los angelesre tingo figure out exactly how this happen. a car crash ended with a vehicle on top of an atthed garage. ty thinkhe lus driver went off the road, down a neighb's driver wheret launcd off another car. the dver suffered only bumps and bruise
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arane had tbe brought in to lift it off t ro. eeing firshand what it looked liken a plane moments aftern explosion that blew a hole in the cabin. this happened just aft takeoff from somalia yesterday. theilot was ab to return to the aiort. is believed one passenger w sucked right out of that plane. a man's bodyound a srt distance away but they can't confirm if it washe missing passeer, although the suggestion is that it is. was caud by a bomb.osion >> he govnmt bro it, the governmenmust fix it. >> a frustrated representative from maryland among t lawmakers with hearing the first testn flint water isis. the key officialsrom flint didn't show. the city wat is tin sce 2014 when theywitched water sources to save money.
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♪ on monday nit, donald trump seemed to be gracious in defea today he accused the iowa caucus winr, ted cz of fraud and tweedhate stole the contest. trump came in second to cruz and cims th cruz comtted dirty tricks by telling ben carson suorters thate dropd out, which he has not. and he is calng for a dover in iowa. and crews campaigning in new hamhes saying that dald saying he is losing it.trum and tight the fmer pennsylvania senator rick santorum ended his bid for the white use after dismal second-to-last showing in io. in 20 if y rell, santorum won the iowa caucus. and he thw his suprt bind senator mco rubio, and sator
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toomey endorsed him today. a rand paul today dropped out of race and rning f paul says he doe't have an answer for what happened with this election, but he does not plan to endorse another candida. hillary clinton and bernie sanders now focused on next tsday's new hampshire primary whe sanders from nghbori rmt has a big lead. sanders's strategy is appent saying he is thenly riable progressivend that clint can't be a moderate and progressive at the same time. clinton responded with the wor "we've been fighth progrsive fight d getti rults for people for years." > "actionews" on t grod in manchester for the pma and monica malpass's live reports will here on "acti news." waiting for the massive system, wch is lingering over t cotf new jery, to move out but apparently not going anywhere. >> it is going toome back and
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bring a little owriday morning. >> is that called a retro -- >> retrrade, jim is listening! when it moves west instead of east, i am so imessed. and swing e system that jim was discussing moved off the eastern aboard and takg the rain with it. again, it is going to be cing back to haunt uaittle bit on friday morning. tonight the real concern is not the flooding, iis this, the fog. brianosted tsn my febook page and a beautiful shot. this is like from yardley,ucks county. and you s the ionviction fog, wh the warm air is evektg, a fancy word for moving over the snow and that is ceing t fog a we have a dense fog advisory. and the visibilies tell the sto. the areas seeing the fog, the areas that still have snow on the ground. north and wt suburb and also to the west in wilmiton, vibility a half mi there. and trenton 1/3 of a mile.
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and alleo .8 of a mi. the aas under the dense fog advisory until 7:00 in the the national weather service tendedhat in mercer counts. and aft about 7:00he mosphere should beg to mix up and wehould be getting r of the g. part of the reason w the warm temperatures, it's 55 degrees in philalphia down from the high of 62. that tied the record high for the date. of year is 41.high this time allentown 46, and wilngton 49. a satellite 6 and rad showing the front. just limping off t coa. not movg much. it is going to be slling there tomorw. tomorrow morning for the morning rush hour, be careful earlyorning northwest suburbs uld have patc fog. temratures mild, 6:00, 49. by 8:00, 48 degrees. headi tough the day we will see the return ever -- of and the coast, temperatures in the 50
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and the cloud fill back in ast begins to retrogde and futuretracker getting a handle on this. ittarts as some rain andhen colder air moves in. thatill be chaing the rn over to some snow. but not everhere. reallyight along t cst is along the coast early in the w morning and pretty nice day tomorrow, eezy and mild. grees. fday, the morng sw aga east of philadelphi 44 we are looking at the wet snow rely no accumulaon. and the few grassy serces along t cot. and good weeken and 50, and the52 on sunday. and the jet stream takes a big dip to e south pulng in the colder air. 43 dreesn monday. still watchinghe potential for a coastal sto on tuesda right now it loo like it may target new england more than the mid-aantic and keeping you
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wednesdayartly sun cold high of 39 degrs. andome 52, mostly sunny, pretty nice day. after seven yea on the run, milo the cat is finally he escaped from his family home in santon seven years ago. they thought he was gone for good, but recently receed a call from the mtgomery county him in.y found milo and brought he has a mike microchip so the tracked down the shelter and the family that adopted hi and milo is 18 and gets to snd h golden years at home.
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ixers facing a tough team at home, but you mig have thought ty would do just a tad better. >> t sixers are not toh, let's put it thaway. the sixers team they have got almostast t mhty golden state warrrs, no where to be found tonight. sixers and hawks. inhe third quarter, the
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juriicti sixers a little sloppy. and look at that. thehreat of, and ty commit 24 turnovers tonight. later, deja all over again. a t hawks with eight plars in doubleigit scoresnd the sixers losey 38 points. nomis there. nova actn theirst time since rked third in the notion hosting creiton. tight in the first half, not so much in e second. reynolds inside the hi-rcentage shot and nova rolls 83-58 st. joes and st. boveure. and into the pain and the month 83-73 and they lost the last four meetings wh the and trying to end the six-game skid.
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and la sae los. > andhe eagles defensive end vny curry t
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eagles defensive end, vinny rris talking a day after he sied aew five-year $47 milliodeal to remain with the bird. curry saidhere is really only place hwanted to be. >> i told my agent i am like look, find out the market, you know, and i am like at the e
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of the y, like i said i bed green. pn state does well on national signg da rand 23rd in the nation. and franklin lands six four-star rruits and she on the offense line. a mple's big scorer, the edefensive linan 4-star recruit choosinghem over sou carolina. a they will land russo, a quarterback that is big wh a big armo mah. >nd high school -- i n't ad my own writing here. a banner day, sorrybout that. 11 players gathered to sned letters of intend including the runng bk going to temple and tony, a linebacker who committed penn stays. the plliesulled the plug draft pick traded for a pires
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rier. the nhl hit bk and dennis widemanuspended 20 games for cross-chking a linesman during a game. the second lonst suspeion in nhl histo for abusingn it will also cost widan aut half a milli dollars in sala salary. 20 games. the commuty oft. andrews in drexel hill broke bread gether to celebrate catholic's school week. and they hosted a spaghti dinner and students servedhe meal. and cholic soolseek the celebration of catholic education in the united states and it runs through saturday. "jimmy kimmel live" nextn annel followed by "nightline." "acon news" connues at 4:30 with tamala edwards. mato'nnell, meorologist for cecy tynan, ducis rodgers andhe entire "action news"
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team, i'm jim ganer. good night. >> "action news" is spoored i part by --


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