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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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thursday, february 4 snroosm -- we're following breaking news. a gas leak forces people out of their homes we're live on the scene. presidential candidates have tough words for each other as they face each other in a debate today. philadelphia airport showing the fog, it is widespread and twif -- trillion an impact on the -- it will have an impact on the morning
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commute. david murphy has more on the fog and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: we have fog and shower activity i'll let it lambs for you, it is gliding through. the fog may be producing drizzle on your windshield. doesn't look like it will be hang in there that long, but it will be an issue for the morning commute. main body of rain is pushing away from us a lot of clouds to the west. we expect a mostly cloudy day and sunny breaks. the dense fog advisory is in areas outside of philadelphia. i did drive into work through delaware county and areas on the edge of city border at 6abc. there was patchy dense fog near low-lying areas near creeks and streams. 54 degrees and mild as you head outside. 45 in reading. 53 in trenton. 56 in millville. warm numbers out there. we have clouds at the backup,
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fog and drizzle. 52 degrees by 6:00. 8:00 a.m., 50 degrees. as we head through the day, mostly cloudy all the way getting up to a high of 56 this afternoon. not climbing all that far, starting out fairly mild this morning. there's a little thing that popped up on the model tomorrow morning. indicating wet snow in the morning especially by the coast. i'll have more with future tracker 6 showing you that, karen. >> reporter: we'll be dealing with that tomorrow morning. right now the big issue is light fog in fort washington, traffic not having a problem seeing right here. this is 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike, light volume heading out, you can see the fog you can see from the shine on the road it's damp. we have an early morning accident moyer road at ridge road another coming in in pottstown town farmington avenue the evans road.
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vine street expressway you can see the fog, that's westbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway, eastbound just a few cars. no overnight construction everything is open. watch for the fog as you head out, tam. thank you, karen. pgw and peco are on the scene of a gas main break that forsed people out of their homes. let's go over to annie mccormick live on 31st street. >> reporter: the good news crews say they have located the gas leak and break it is something they are working on right now. it should be fixed in a matter of time. in the meantime residence out here this area of north 21st street are staying warm at a restaurant nearby. you can see the crews out here and the tape that is up. the crews have been out here since 1:00 a.m.
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the four inch broken main was found 7119 north 21st street. pgw and peco responded at 1:00 a.m. when the crews came out here you can the meters detected high levels of natural gas. they had to locate the source which took a lot of time. an alert neighbor coming home smelled the gas and called for help and authorities say they are glad she did. take a look at the high levels of natural gas in the atmosphere, it appeared to have a main break in front of one of the problems 7200 block of 21st avenue. we evacuated four homes and staged the people away from the incident, stretched line make sure if something went wrong if we had an explosion we were prepared to go into action.
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>> reporter: and back out hear live, you can see down the street there, that's the center of the area where they are having problems. like i said they did locate the break, now they are working to put a clamp on it. it should only take two hours to get it under control. ten people are displaced. they are staying at a local restaurant that has opened up for them so they can stay warm. luckily, the temperatures are nothing like they were last week which could be much more uncomfortable. there was a person who was dizzy and nauseous that was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. reporting live in west oak lane, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thank you, annie. we're following a developing story in philadelphia's frankford section. police are looking for a shooter who gunned down a man at the front door. this happened in the 1800 block of fill more street. the victim collapsed on the living room floor. 12 people including four young children were in the home at the
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time. we'll hear from police and live report from the scene of the deadly shooting. a south jersey teacher is due in court facing a charge for posing child porn. police arrested david rodriguez at his home yesterday. according to police he used pa cloud cover to upload photos and videos of children engaged in sexual acts. a red honda accord hit a mother and her two children tuesday afternoon. the driver never stopped. 30-year-old stephanie mcmilan suffered a black eye. her 4-month-old was released from the hospital. 5 her-year-old is still in the
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hospital with a broken leg. they have not captured the driver. i prefer everybody who saw something tell the police what you saw. i understand what you don't want to snitch, there's a baby involved. this is not gang affiliated, this is women and children. if you have any information philadelphia police would like to hear from you. happening today, presidential candidate hillary clinton and bernie sanders are scheduled to debate in new hampshire. on the republican side donald trump is disputing his second place finish in the iowa caucuses. >> reporter: the democrats lay out their differences in new hampshire. there's more excitement and energy in our campaign. >> reporter: bernie sanders
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argues he is more electable than hillary clinton. you can pay a little bit more in taxes but no longer have to pay private health insureds premiums. we'll have healthcare for all people. it's hard toddes how any of his proposals could ever be achievable. >> reporter: clinton fights back against sanders charges she is a moderate not a progressive. i'm going to break the hardest and highest glass ceiling. >> reporter: the leading republican in a new battle. ted cruz fires back after donald trump accused him of fraud after sending this e-mail suggesting ben carson was dropping out of the race. trump tweets ted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it. cruz accuses trump of a
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nasty temper. i don't know anyone who would be comfortable of someone who we behaves this way and has his finger on the button. >> reporter: the republican field is smaller this morning with both rick santorum and rand paul dropping out. abc news, washington. and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum has endorsed marco rubio. pat toomey said he is backing rubio, he said his decision resolves around his ability to win an election and do well in the oval office. "action news" will be often the ground in new hampshire for the primary, monica malpass will have live reports starting sunday night on 6abc. more "action news" still ahead. the former pharmacy c. he o who wasville fifed for
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hiking drug prices is expected in a hearing today, but don't expect him to talk. >> reporter: i'm putting lighter jackets on the kids it's not that cool out there, we're up close to 50 in a lot of neighborhoods right now. mid 340s in the lehigh valley. winds not that strong. there's fog around near the bus stop in spots, so be careful of that. i'll have the latest on how the afternoon will roll out and possibility of wet snow down along the shore tomorrow morning and another system coming in next week. i'll have the details coming up.
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my low the cat is home -- milo the cat is finally home after seven years on the run. the family thought he was gone for good. someone found mi.lo and brought
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him. because he had a micro chip was found. milo is 18 years old now. do you remember the movie about milo. it was a movie when my kid was a kid years ago. storm tracker 6 live showing we're mainly dry this morning, as they wheg in closer to the immediate region, we have springles and showers popping through. all the flooding issues are over at this point. we have fog around the region. i'll talk about that in a moment. let's get you outside we'll see if we see any fog. let's take a look from temple uniformity camera. high atop morgan hall looking toward at this time and having difficulty seeing it because of the fog. temperature is mild, 54 degrees in philadelphia.
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the cooler spots would be mid 40s in the northern and western suburbs places like allentown and reading. winds are light out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour. so things are looking good out there, temperature-wise. here's the fog, north and west, in and around philadelphia and back in through delaware county there are areas that are looking at fairly low visibility. below a half mile in trenton, lancaster and wilmington the farther north and west you go the better advance you have of seeing the fog. dense fog advisory this morning. a lot of cloud cover out there today. and perhaps sunny breaks. 50 degrees by 8:00. 59 by 10:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., we'll see a high of 56 degrees clouds dominating with some sunny breaks. highs across the region. 52 in allentown. 54 in trenton. 54 in wilmington, 56 in
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philadelphia. a little bit milder the farther south you go, upper 50s down the shore and 6 in dover, delaware this afternoon. the mild air in place. overnight tonight, a coastal system that looks like it would be far enough off the coast it wouldn't affect us. it might move back in tonight. we'll start out with light sprinkles and rain. by morning, there's a chance it extends into philadelphia. it looks like it may change over to wet snow as we head through the morning rush hour in coastal counties as we take a look by 9:10 it's off the coast. a little bit hint of rain changing to wet snow. looks like fairly small accumulations, that's early tomorrow morning, it will be over quickly down the shore. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we're going for a my of 56 degrees this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies and tomorrow morning flurries perhaps around philadelphia, wet snow down the shore, not much.
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it is done quick and then we get a high of 46. for the weekend, sun and clouds on saturday, 49. 51 degrees with partly sunny skies on monday. monday, high clouds chilly high of 43. we're keeping our eyes on tuesday into wednesday there's a feature that might sweep through, a clipper type thing that could give us relatively light snowfall tuesday into wednesday, highs of 40s, doesn't look like a coastal storm missing us off the coast, but it's a time period we're keeping our eyes on. when you're not on the air catch up with the latest weather by going to for the latest information on what's coming. and what's going. happening today, the former farm -- pharmaceutical ceo will
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face a congressional committee. congress subpoenaed the 32-year-old but his lawyer says he plans to invoke his fifth amendment rights and not answer any questions. mayor kenny will join governor wolf at the west philadelphia community center to discuss plans for the early childhood education. principals brought him up to staffing they need in the district. he hopes to keep the lines of community open and shared his personal cell phone number with them. time to take a look at business, toyota said they are getting rid of the scion meant to appeal to younger drivers. sales dropped during the recession and they never came back. a computer glitched forced the internal revenue service to
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stop accepting electroniccal filed tax returns. you can hit send it will be held in the system. 90% of the people will get the refund within three weeks. the major stock indices were mixed yesterday. the dow gained 182 points this morning looking good for a start pointing to a higher open. major transformation of pharmacies inside target. cvs will be running them inside target nationwide. cvs paid 1.9 billion dollars to acquire the business. a philadelphia boy shot in the face by a bb gun speaks to "action news" as police try to find who fired the weapon. police are trying to figure out how this car landed on a roof in california. details on that when "action news" right back.
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have a couple of early-morning problems, you can see the flashing lights i-95 676 northbound heading toward girard avenue. it's blocking the left lane. police on the scene. light volume not causing a delay. you want to watch because the
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roads are wet and we have fog. we have an accident involving a tractor-trailer blocking the northeast extension southbound past lansdale. i told you about an accident in upper salford that has cleared. we're replacing it with an accident upper pottsgrove township farmington avenue at evans roads. mercer county, quaker road is shut down at providence lane. police in los angeles in a suburb trying to figure out how that happened. a car crash ended up with the vehicle on top of the attached garage. the driver went off the road and down a neighbor's driver and launched off another car. the driver suffered bumps and bruises and a large crane had to be brought out to lift the car
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off the roof. a 7-year-old boy shot in the face by a bb gun has an operation ahead of him. he said he heard voices outside, opened the back door and saw a teen pointing the gun at him. i got shot right here. he still has the bb fizz face along the jaw line. doctors were able to remove it, saying a plastic surgeon has to do that. police are checking a surveillance camera from a nearby 7-eleven store to see if it captured the shooting.
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an italian actor is in a coma after a hanging scene during a performance that went wrong. he is performing in an experimental production. a member of the audience noticed the rope around his neck was so tight it was choking him. the woman and another audience member rushed on stage to help him. he is in a coma. several burger king employees in california smaked up the workplace on monday leaving $35 of damage behind. yet none of them are facing charges. police say someone tricked them into thinking their lives were in danger. a man pretending to be from the fire department called the
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restaurant and told them there was a gas leak and instructed the worker to smash the windows to ventilate the building and they did. whoever made the call could face felony charges. a melbourne florida woman got a surprise this week when she went to let the going on out in the yard. a 9 footage condidnda was in the yard. a florida tech professor identified the snake. the florida wildlife commission is scanning the snake for a mike row chip to see if it is somebody's pet that managed to get out. the u.s.s. united states may use again. it has been tossed a life preserver. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly ambush,
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we're live with the latest.
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good morning, 5:00 a.m., thursday, february 4. we've got several breaking and developing stories. deadly ambush, the hunt is on for the killer who gunned down a man in his living room in front of several people including children. the sexual assault case against comedian bill cosby will move forward a look at what happens next. the warmer temperatures and the snow pack is conspiring to
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