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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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suspect good morning, 6:00 a.m., thursday, february 4. we have breaking and developing stories. the hunt is on for a killer who gunned down a man in a living room in front of several people. the sexual assault case against bill cosby will move forward. warmer temperatures and melting snow pack is creating foggy conditions across the delaware and lehigh valleys. david murphy has weather and karen rogers is looking at the morning commute. >> reporter: all right, guys we are off to a foggy start across the region. as we look at storm tracker 6 live double scan we have showers popping through, but they are
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very few and far between. where you don't see the grown you have -- the green you have mist on the windshield. everybody toward allentown and reading is looking at that. mild today, high of 56. there's a chance of wet snow developing, rain first down the shore overnight and changing over to a bit of wet snow tomorrow morning with smaller accumulations. when i step back inside we'll talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. karen, what are roads looking like early? >> reporter: all right, we're looking live, and checking out the fogging dave. reduced visibility on schuylkill expressway westbound traffic it's slowing westbound watch for the fog reducing visibility in areas north and west. let's check out i-95 i-95
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between cottman and academy we have a disabled vehicle northbound off to the right side. it's southbound where we see the heavier volume approaching cottman and girard at this point, but no major delay just yet. douglass township, montgomery county we have an accident involving a pedestrian. watch for police on the scene philadelphia avenue at montgomery avenue. also flooding a concern in new jersey, this is princeton, mercer county. they shut down quaker road and close i had it between be province line road and mercer road. stick to principal son pike. police investigating an accident a vehicle off the roadway on the garden state parkway waretown road. expect slowing, part of the entrance ramp is an issue. we have a breaking story, a gas leak that forced nearly a dozen people out of their philadelphia home overnight has been capped. it happened on the 7200 block of
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north 21st street in west oak lane section. when crews arrived their meters detected high leaves of natural gas, so they evacuated a number of neighboring houses as a precaution for three hours, some of the residents are back inside their homes. developing overnight a gunman walked through an unlocked door in a philadelphia home and started firing away with a dozen people inside. one man was killed. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is live outside police headquarters with the full story. katherine? >> reporter: matt, the victim was a 30-year-old man he was visiting the home when he was shot. it's unclear if he was the specific target of the violence. this remains under investigation with detectives at the homicide division. let's go to video of the scene in frankford on the 1800 block of philmore street. police say there were a dozen people inside the row home including four young children
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when it happened around 10:30. police say a man walked up opened the unlocked door and reached inside and fired three to five shots. one man was hit in the head. he collapsed on the living room floor and pro pronounced dead a short time later. the man took off on foot. he was wearing a dark jacket with white writing on the front maybe a north face jacket and white sneakers and dark jeans. the crime scene unit recovered two shell casings fired from a semi automatic gun. all adults were taken to the homicide division as witnesses while the investigation continues. we don't have a motive, but the intersection is known for street level narcotic sales, so in addition to having numerous witnesses that were inside the house we found numerous cameras right outside.
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nchts that's right, police say there were a number of cameras in the area and police have rereviewed surveillance footage, they have the suspect walking up to the door and walking away. they have not relosed owe released it. a judge threw out the dismissal of the sexual assault against bill cosby. he is accused of accidently assaulting andrea constan a temple staffer. crowds outside the montgomery county courthouse reacted. i don't believe it at all. it should have been brought up years later, since it happened yesterday ago, it should have been brought up when it happened. a preliminary hearing is set for march 8.
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that will determine if there's enough evidence to move forward with the trial. bill cosby's attorney say they will appeal. redevelopment plans to save the ss united states from the scrap pile will be unveiled. the historic ship has been docked on the delaware river for two decades. it will be moving to new york. the ss united states group will have a news conference at the mann -- manhattan terminal. let's go over to maribel aber good morning. >> reporter: toyota is doing away with the scion grand after 13 years of production. they failed to catch on with the younger car buyers. cars will be folded into the overall lineup starting with the 2017 model. the late session gain
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erased earlier losses and sent stocks higher. the pentagon will start freezing the sperm and eggs of military men and women as part of a pilot program to make military service family friendly and keep people in service. the hope is that the program will offer piece of mind to troops if they are injured they will have children and another goal is to encourage women to stay in the military rather than leave to have a family. it's a recruitment tool facebook is offering it to their female recruits. that's interesting. what's going on with the fob, david? >> reporter: still foggy in spots. we'll check visibility in a second. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing there's a little bit of rain out there. as we look he the two mentional view it's pin wheeling off to the north and east.
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you could see smis and drizzle on the -- mist and drizzle on the windshield. we have fog in center city as we peer down from the height of the society hills towers. it's not that bad in philadelphia, the traffic on the ground getting by pretty well on the highway. 53 degrees is the current temperature. in the mid 40s in the northern and western suburbs. cooler up north from areas close to i-95 and south you can kind of ease back on the gear a little bit this morning. here visibilities, these are improving in spots. reading coming up. still below a half mile visibility in trenton. half mile in philadelphia officially, but we're seeing improvement out there with the fog and dozens fog advisory is expected to be lifted at 7:00. satellite and radar shows you the rain getting out of here, a lot of clouds around for a while. we could see sunny breaks today. i think it's going to be a day
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that features a fair amount of cloud cover. we'll call it cloudy and sunny breaks in the lehigh valley. mild, high of 52 that's not bad. down the shore, mild, 58 degrees. mostly cloudy breezy at times today, but not too bad. in philadelphia, 56 degrees, the average high today is 41. well above average again, mostly cloudy, still mild, winds out of the northwest 8 to 16 miles per hour. tonight we'll dip down to 36 degrees. we'll see sprinkles and showers begin to develop later tonight into the overnight hours and east of philadelphia. by morning that will change over to flurries and brief period of wet snow down by the shore. small accumulations on grassy surfaces, but nonetheless something to keep in mind. future tracker 6, rain through most of the period between 10:00 p.m. anne 4:00 a.m. as cold air marches in we get a brief period of wet snow. 7:00 p.m. it's happening, by
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9:00 it's over. this is a small accumulation on grassy surfaces, there's rain ahead of it and mild air in place. it won't stick to road surfaces. 56 today, morning flurries and sunshine. saturday, sun to clouds on saturday, 49 degrees, sunday, partly sunny, 51. monday, 43 degrees, tuesday, we have snow off the coast and there may be a feature interacting with it, there's a possibility of small accumulating snow monday night into tuesday. if the coastal storm shifts closer to us, it will be a bigger deal. we'll keep watching it. there's new uncertainty about the summer olympics now that the zika virus has been
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declared a global emergency. >> reporter: this is the mcdade boulevard not much of an issue here. get your morning buzz on by wearing a bracelet. see the jewelry that's juiced with caffeine.
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welcome back you're taking a live look here, the action cam is there in king of prussia, taking a look at the foggy conditions. we have snow banks out there, as they melt along with the warm weather creates the rise of fog. depending on where you are it could be hazy getting to work today. what's going on karen? >> reporter: we have a new accident you can see the flashing lights. it's a slow go right here. this is falls township bucks county route 1 northbound approaching route 32 police here and here it is in the right lane with the accident scene traffic slowing northbound on route 1 in bucks county. a new accident coming in right here. roads are wet. in some areas we have problems with fog. it's not bad in this shot.
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let's show you the latest visibility reports. .3 in trenton. philadelphia.half a mile. in some areas the fog has improved. when we were showing you this shot earlier it was .3 in many other locations. it's improving out there. let's go to the maps for some of the issues. shoppers lane at washington lane we have an accident there are injuries cheltenham. watch for that. northeast extension we have another problem a disabled tractor-trailer blocking the right lane. southbound past lansdale expect slowing here. we had an earlier accident at a similar location on the northeast extension that has cleared now a disabled tractor-trailer. we have an accident involving a pedestrian it just cleared traffic moving better, douse lag township philadelphia avenue. ocean county they are doing an accident investigation and that's on the garden state parkway northbound at waretown
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road. looking live at 42. the fog is not too bad, but the roads are wet. watch tore that, traffic is moving okay, building volume, temperatures well above freezing, matt. it's mild, wet, but not icy. we have an update on the armed standoff at the wildlife refuge in oregon. they still refuse to leave. ammon bundy was arrested and asked the holdouts to go home. concern about the zika virus could be an issue for the summer games in brazil. the international olympic committee insisting that the venues will be safe and inspected. authorities say there is no risk for anyone except pregnant
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women. it's affects prenatal women causing their babies to be born with small heads. next in "healthcheck." biotech scientists think they might be closer to finding a cure for a type of diabetes. >> reporter: we're easing back on the gear this morning for the kids because it's mild with the temperatures in the to 50-degree range. we're coming up from there. i'll get you to the airport. >> reporter: in tech bytes, internal revenue service efile system has been down because of a computer hardware failure. the where's my refund feature was not working. the tax agency doesn't think the problem will delay your refund. google engineer put his own spin on the concept of a smart path room. he posted these images of the hitech bathroom mirror that displays the date and time and weather forecast and news headlines. if you need caffeine to get
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through the day or night, this wearable will put the drug into your blood. there's no need to run to the coffee maker. you have to be 18 to buy one and not be availability until this summer. those are tech bytes.
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lgdle lings himling nlle his sdz us. a postal worker a worker inn 1 million miles without a wreck. he joins 9,000 employees in the nation that reached this milestone. here we are the schuylkill expressway at city avenue look at the westbound traffic jammed
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from the boulevard to gladwyn. we've been talking about fog in spots, you can see from this shot it's not a problem, but the roads are wet. it's damp out there this morning. we have construction from 7:00 to 3:00 p.m. mount laurel road is closed near main street doing paving. stick to martyr avenue. cherry hill route 70 is block at cuthbert boulevard. we have sprinkles left over a band of them pushing east of philadelphia. out to the north and west anywhere you see fog and there's some of that lingering cruel -- you'll get drizzle on the windshield. 51 by 7:00 a.m. 49 by 9:00 a.m. back up to 351 by noon. we jump up to 56 for the high. well above the average high which is in the low 40s. looking at the airport we
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transition from fog to light rain. not enough to cause delays. clear sailing in most of other commonly traveled destinations. johnson and johnson and biotech company are testing possible cure for type one diabetes using stem cell. if it works as well in patients as it has in animal it will limit the need for bloody sugar testing. more than 1 million americans have type one diabetes. atlantic city is on the brink of bankruptcy. "action news" went under cover to investigate claims a city leader abused his position to take advantage of a personal perk. wendy saltzman has a preview. >> reporter: the state is planning on taking over atlantic city accusing official ofmiscrur
6:23 am
funds. see what happens after we confront the councilman. wemed like to speak -- weld like to speak to you, please. i'm wendy saltzman i'll have that exclusive hidden camera investigation coming up on "action news" tonight at 11:00 p.m. go get 'em wendy. we're following breaking news from philadelphia west oak lane section. be annie mccormick is live where a gas leak put crews on the street. >> reporter: a scary morning for residents in west oak lane. they were woken up in the middle of the night for a gas leak, there's good news they are going back in, we'll have the details next.
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you his the the
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authorities believe a missouri couple that is suspected? several robberies and kidnappings down south are on the their way to florida to get married. they say the two robbed and abducted a convenience store clerk. authorities are offering ten thousand dollar reward for information leading to their arrest. a bomb threat was called into a wisconsin sheriff's office prominently featured in the making the murder netflix series getting quote justice for stephen. his eviction in the killing of
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teresa harbaugh gathered national interest because of the netflix series. after inspection nothing was found. we have fog and david murphy and karen rogers are helping you through it. >> reporter: a family experiences an unspeak ablg hit-and-run, speak exclusively with "action news." of match 6, 500,000 wins cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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neighbor smells gas and calls for help that forces several people out of their home for hours overnight. much of the delaware valley is under a dense fog advisory that will last through the morning commute. a pilot takes passengers on a bumpy ride while trying to make a safe land on two flat tires. go to work, 6:30,
6:30 am
february 4. let's turn to david murphy and karen rogers for weather and traffic. >> reporter: a little bit of mist on the terrace, storm tracker 6 live double scan guys, we have a sprinkle left over from the rain that's pushing east of philadelphia. a bit more in ocean county. these almost done. cloud cover behind that rain. that will be part of the package this morning. this afternoon probably mostly cloudy skies and sunny breaks. dense fog advisory has been lifted across the northern and western suburbs in areas north and west of reading and berks county and lancaster county. we're seeing visibilities improvement. 55 degrees currently in philadelphia. still just 45 up in allentown. 44 in reading, maybe you need an extra layer up there. in most cases this is a mild start and staying mild today, too. 49 degrees is the possible drop by 9:00 a.m. 50 by 11:00. 352 by 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m., 56 degrees mostly cloudy skies and breezy but not
6:31 am
too bad. we have the chance of wet snow down the shore by tomorrow morning. i'll have the details on that with future tracker 6 and we'll giving you the weekend call that's coming up. as we look at the camera shots it's not hard to see why the dense fog has been lifted. nonetheless you see the jammed traffic the roads are wet, you want to slow it down. it's a 25 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. i-95 southbound jammed from cottman to past academy and allegheny to girard. we have damp roads, route 1 near 276. not much fog, but wet. we had an accident, but that accident clear. we have an accident here in cheltenham there are people injured on the scene we have emergency workers and police on shoppers rain at washington lane. an ambulance has come to the
6:32 am
scene, as well. a disabled tractor-trailer blocks the right lane northeast extension southbound approaching lansdale. watch for this, we have police on hand and we're seeing speeds in the 40s as you come down from quakertown on the northeast extension. we have breaking news, a gas leak forced evacuations has been fixed and people are getting to go back home. annie mccormick is live where this going on in west oak lane good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam, imooz -- good news for the residents who woke up in the middle of the night to learn they had a gas leak in the neighborhood. the majority of them, 12 of them had to leave their homes for a period of time. there are only a couple of crews on the here as they work on the finishing touches getting everybody back inside. this happened at 1:00 a.m.
6:33 am
it was a four inch main found on north 21st street in the sidewalk and the lawn. the fire department and pgw and peco responded. crews found high leaves of natural gas. neighbors say the smell was obvious when they evacuated. the fire department say someone noticed the smell and called them. they say that was a great help. once i got out of the house i smelled the strong smell of gas. at this time everything work out pretty good, nobody was hurt. the main was capped and we're going to take readings to make sure there's no natural gas in the homes and everybody will be allowed to go back in. >> reporter: back out here live, people are i loud back in their homes, pgw is coordinating with
6:34 am
peco. there was a person who was taken to the hospital they felt dizzy and nauseous and exoacted to -- expected to be okay. we're following a developing story coming to us from philadelphia's frankford section. police are looking for a shooter who burst through an unlocked door to gun down a man in his own living room. this happened late last night. four young children were in the home at the time. nobody else was hurt. two tires on a plane deflated during a land at lehigh valley international airport. it aircraft stopped on the runway. 152 passengers were bulled to the terminal. it's the -- were bussed to the
6:35 am
terminal. it is unclear why the tires went flat. a cumberland county teacher is due in court on child child porn charges. he used a cloud service to upload videos and photos of children enstage gauging in sexual agents. the search goes on for a hit-and-run driver who struck a mother arena two young children tuesday afternoon and the driver never stopped. the 30-year-old and her husband spoke with "action news" last night. as you can see in this video she suffered a black eye. she is being watched for concussion-like symptoms. her 4-month-old daughter was released from the hospital. but her 5-year-old daughter has a broken leg. everybody who saw something
6:36 am
go out there and tell the police what you saw. i understand the whole you don't want to snitch all that, there's babies involved. it's not like this was gang affiliated or something, this is innocent women and children. if you have info, philadelphia police say reach out to them. 6:36, senator pat toomey is one of two pennsylvania republicans throwing their support liendz marco -- behind o rubio. rick santorum ending his own bid for the white house yesterday. while back in 2012 he won the iowa caucuses. republican senator rand paul suspended his campaign. donald trump accused ted cruz of a fraud by telling benefit carson supporters that he was dropping out, which he is
6:37 am
not. cruz said donald is having a trumper last night hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off during a for jump in the town of derry. they sparred over who was a true progressive. sanders listed a series of issues where clinton seemed out of step with liberties and their -- liberals and their party. i am a progressive. secretary of state said i'm a moderate and say i am a moderate. you can't be a moderate and progressive they are different. >> reporter: clinton edged out sanders in the iowa caucus. the vermont senator is helping for a different outcome. tonight the two will be on the same stage at the same time in a debate.
6:38 am
"action news" will be on the ground in manchester for the new hampshire primary. live reports start sunday night on 6abc. turning to accuweather, the fog dissipating? >> reporter: it's getting better, we've seen the dense fog advisory drop across the region. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are looking at a sprinkle and shower in the central portion of the region. if there's any lingering fog you'll get mist and drizzle out of that. it is the last of the line of rain and pushing off toward the east. we have cloudy skies and it's damp from the rain yesterday and the spritzing we had this morning. you can see the gleaming surface at the airport. that's what the roads will look like, too. temperature 56 degrees, it's mild out there this morning. winds are out of the west/northwest starting to pick up at 1 miles per hour which is one of the factors that's
6:39 am
breaking up the fog. as we look at the current visibility this is vast improvement over the last few hours, visibility in trenton, one-third of a mile. up to 1.7. cloud cover is an issue even after we get rid of the morning sprinkles, it's fairly cloudy, we'll transition to a clouds and sun mix, but overall mostly cloudy forecast that idea seems to be on track. 51 by noon. i may be undercutting the numbers a little bit, we may stay in the low 50s, it will be on the mild side today. high temperatures across the region up over 50 in allentown and reading. mid 50s in trenton and wilmington. upper 50s in millville and dover has a shot at 60 this afternoon. mild air still in place. there was a coastal system that looked like it was going to miss us off the coast.
6:40 am
now it looks like late tonight we'll get light sprinkles and nuisance rain. in the overnight hours it will become pronounced. the bigger story as cold air comes in during the morning hours we may see a changeover so brief wet snow especially close to the coast and then it's off the coast at 9:00. we're looking at a big impact from this, because it's so mild most of this should melt on road surfaces, there's a possibility of a small accumulation in the coastal areas mainly only grassy surfaces. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 56. mainly cloudy, tomorrow, morning flurries and wet snow and sunshine returning during the day and high of 46. weekend looks okay, high around 50. dry both days, 43 cooler on monday, later on monday night in through tuesday we're watching a coastal storm most models have it far enough off the coast there's no major impact.
6:41 am
we have to allow for small accumulations of snow monday night and through the day tuesday. if the coastal storm gets involved it will be a bigger deal. it's possible it will go away, too. models have not been consistent on it, but tuesday a day to watch. 6:41. brand new stories are up next, including the fire so interns look at that you can see it from space. hear about a whopper of a prank at a burger king it left the place in shambles. >> reporter: the 30 bypass, crowding up up. a snake usually found in the rain forest was found hanging out in a woman's backyard in florida. we'll show you the snake when "action news" comes right back.
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king of prussia, pennsylvania, the action cam giving you a look at the roads out there. it's not foggy here. the roads are wet. a lot of people trying to get to the mall, karen what are they 0 fiengd when they get on on -- what are they finding when they get on the roads. >> reporter: the kids will be late there's a disabled bus.
6:45 am
westbound is jamming to yufort yufort -- university south street. we have a disabled tractor-trailer that's causing delays, as well. this is southbound approaching lansdale. look at the speeds dropped down to 13 miles per hour slowing coming down from quakertown on the northeast extension. police have arrived they are helping with that. other issues around the area. i'll take you to pottstown this is new hanover street at queen street flooding is problem princeton ton, mercer county. stick to princeton pike. the roads are damp. earlier we had problems with fog. we were .3 in a lot of areas. now ten mile at philadelphia international. 3 miles in trenton and allentown
6:46 am
lancaster and millville. just a little below that in atlantic city and wildwood. it's a bit damp out there, but it's mild, 5 degrees -- 55 in the lehigh valley. 48 in millville. a massive fire that burned for days at a landfill in india grew so large it could be seen from space. nasa released this image above mumbai. the investigation continues into what sparked it. officials suspect juveniles torched the dump. a well-known activist for the black lives matter movement is running for mayor in baltimore. the baltimore native took part in the demonstrations after the death of freddie gray. he competes with 12 other candidates. incumbent mayor has opted no to
6:47 am
run. a melbourne florida woman got a surprise when she let a dog out in the backyard. she spotted 9-foot anaconda sunbathing in plain view. she ran next-door to the neighbor to get help. you should have seen the look on the woman's face and see the big snake. i never dealt with anything like that. a neighbor held it down with a shovel handle and put it into a container. florida tech professor identified i tell as a green anaconda that can grow 20 feet in length e length. they are scanning it for a micro chip to see it is a pet. find out how a prankster caused a problem at a fast food
6:48 am
restaurant by lift ago phone. >> reporter: we're in the 50s and staying there this afternoon. i'll have the day planner forecast and let you know what the sky conditions will be that's coming up next. >> reporter: good morning,
6:49 am
6:50 am
everyone, the fog is not a big deal, but the roads are wet. let's show you what it looks like live on the ben franklin bridge. that's westbound traffic coming toward you. starting to slow down on the downside swuk into the city on -- as you can into the city on ben.
6:51 am
a new accident grant avenue. white marsh montgomery county flourtown root at josh with a -- flourtown road at joshua road. >> reporter: we have dense fog in lancaster county. it's mild, temperatures in the 50s, looks like we stay there through the day. in the afternoon we have a chance getting up to 56 degrees for the high. we're on or about that now. we may slip close toker to 50 -- closer to 50 for a while. but the sprinkles and showers will be over quickly. police in a los angeles suburb are retracing the steps of this lexus that landed on the roof. it went off the road and down a driver way and launch off another car and ended up on top of the attached garage. a large crane was brought into lift the car from the roof. prankster in california
6:52 am
could face fell knee -- felony charges for convincing burger king worker to smash out the windows, he claim there was a gas leak and to smash out the windows in order to ventilate the building. so that's what they did. in my career and other crease have not seen anything like this, the expensive amount of damage that was done. the panicked workers costed restaurant $35,000. (vo) beyond natural grain free pet food
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walked through an unlocked door in frankford and start firing. one man was killed, 12 people were in the home at the time. police are reviewing nearby surveillance cameras. a gas leak forced people out of their homes in west oak lane. a montgomery county judge refused to throw out a sexual assault case against bill cosby. a preliminary hearing is set for march 8. look at the speeds, 12 miles per hour on the northeast extension past
6:56 am
lansdale expect slowing coming down from quakertown. police are on hand. honeybrook we have an accident at beaver hill. we have a disabled school bus off to the side schuylkill expressway expressway south street. somebody will be late for school. >> reporter: fog has dissipated. we have showers moving east through south jersey. we'll have temperatures in the low to mid 50s during the afternoon, cloudy skies and sunny breaks. we'll be back in 30 minutes for updates hopefully it will be clearing. i did notice that the snow was gone. that's nice. for karen rogers, matt o'donnell, david murphy, i'm tamala edwards. have a great thursday.
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>> stay with us for "gma." good morning, america. tornadoes tear through the south overnight. >> oh, my god. taking the roof off houses. >> are we going to die? >> sirens blare as twisters rip through homes and destroy cars. rain from nashville to atlanta. flash floods sweep up drivers, now the major storm heading east. overnight, an air scare for donald trump. forcing him to make an emergency landing. >> we have an inbound emergency. >> the gop front-runner now safe and launching a new attack on ted cruz. >> what he did to ben carson was a disgrace. >> the senator striking back. >> donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum or if you like another trumper tantrum. >> as the deadlines take a turn in the hot seat. just days to go till new hampshire and the campaigns are reaching a fever pitch.


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