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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. breaking right now chopper 6 hd is live over a three alarm house fire in montgomery county. >> that is right the flames
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broke out in the last half hour. this is the 300 block of greenwood avenue. firefighters say the house was empty when the fire broke out. we are also following breaking news in philadelphia. thomas edison high school is on lockdown after records of a student with a weapon. so far no weapon has been found but police are searching the building right now as we look live from chopper 6 hd and we are working to find out more information and we'll bring you updates on air and online at and more breaking news now in new jersey, a collision involving a school bus left one person dead and several students injured. the driver of a toyota was killed, the bus flipped and landed against a utility pole. it happened in fairfield township, cumberland county as the students were headed to school. katherine scott is live at the scene now with the latest.
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>> reporter: rick, crews towed away the school bus and the rav 4 in the last hour and now the road is clear and open and this investigation continues off site, there is no word yet on what led up to the crash that killed one driver, and injured several more people. britney heard the horrifying crash at her home just before 7:45 this morning. a school bus and a toyota rav 4 had collided on the 800 block of east commerce street. >> like metal hitting metal and then screeching and drag and i'm going to assume that is when the bus turn over because it was loud and painful. painful to hear. >> reporter: she went running in time to see children climbing out after the bus flipped on its side. >> they were scared and shaken but there was to much help here.
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>> she was in shock or something and they brought her in the stretcher. >> a whole bunch of people were just standing around the kids and then more cops started to show up. >> the driver of the toyota was pronounced dead at the scene and one adult bus passenger was taken to the hospital with several injuries, several children were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. it was difficult to witness. >> they are scared and someone lost their life. >> reporter: and back here live where the road is open, and the vehicles are gone, you can see where the bus crashed through the fence this morning. the students age ranging in age from 7 to 14 years old. we are live in fairfield township, channel 6 "action news." >> philadelphia police say that robbers are targeting people on the schuylkill river trail. there is three different
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incidents over the past three days. >> annie mccormick is live along the trail where the first attack was reported on sunday night. >> sara and rick, a 16 and 17-year-old was arrested and charged. but police say that more arrests could still come. these three recent cases they believe all are related. about seven young men are traveling together and using a b.b. gun that looked real. >> three robberies on the schuylkill trail has police on the alert. >> we have three or four males on bikes and approaches a person walking or running along the trail and they approach the individual and display a handgun and demand items. >> a brazen group approached two
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males separately and displayed a gun and demanded cash and cell phones and then monday night they approached another man and showed what looked like a weapon and this time the victim refused to unlock the phone and things got violent. >> this male handed over his bag and a laptop or something and then refused to unlock the phone, and they began to punch and kick the individuals. >> officers jumped into action arresting two in the group of the crime. >> it's not just been happening, this has been happening for months now. >> this group of runners we spoke to today said they have issues with kids on groups on bikes, they have never been robbed but they are always aware of their surroundings. >> i will not run alone, i have my posse. >> reporter: the two juveniles were arrested and they found on
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them a b.b. gun and items they believe were stolen from the two men last evening. >> annie thank you. police are trying to find the parents of a little boy found wandering the street alone in southeast philadelphia this morning. a woman found the child and brought him to a day care on south 56th street and the day care called police. an officer was there as they carried the boy from the day care to a squad car, the boy did not have shoes or a jacket. the child is taken to special victims unit while police try to identify his parents and learn his identity. as we look live from sky 6 hd, showing you the center city skyline, it's a mostly cloudy afternoon and the warmer temperatures are sticking around and with more on that meteorologist, david murphy is at the "action news" big board. >> hey rick, we had rain around
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this morning and fog that had related drizzle and that is all gone, we are watching a system down to the south however that looked like it would stay far off the coast we wouldn't get precipitation from this but the low will be close enough where we'll get a brush of precipitation starting at rain and changing over to a bit of wet snow before it books it pulls out early tomorrow morning irk the thing about that is that temperatures are very mild. the areas we are talking about potentially seeing snow like philadelphia getting a touch of it, it's really down through south jersey, where we expect the bulk, right now 52 at atlantic city and temperatures are so warm that by the time the snow tries to turn over it will be on grassy surfaces and not so much on roads. 54 is the high today well above the average high of 42 and 36 degrees tonight. above freezing and as you see
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that rain coming in later on tonight cooler air does come down from the north and west and again the areas affected by this probably just wet snow on the grassy surfaces. and i'll have a map showing the detail, and how much snow to expect and spots that could get slushy trying to dry things out. i'll have more on that coming up. >> david thank you. we'll check back in with the breaking news in philadelphia, the lockdown has just been lifted at thomas edison high school, there were reports of a student with a weapon. we know at this point the lockdown is lifted at edison high, no injuries were reported there. detectives are investigating an ambush shooting in the frankford section of philadelphia, they say that a man walked into a house on fillmore street and opened fire,
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andre adams was shot twice in the head and died just before 11:00 last night. investigators say he was a guest in the home where it happened . on the campaign trail, the two democratic candidates left standing will face off in their first one on one debate tonight. bernie sanders is favored until the new hampshire primary but hillary clinton says she is more capable of implementing progressive change and on the republican side marco rubio is gaining ground now in second place behind donald trump. and "action news" is on the ground in new hampshire for the primary and monica malpass's live reports start sunday night here on 6 abc. still to come on "action news" at noon, a former ceo faces congress, he is known for dramatically raising the price of a life saving drug. what happened when lawmakers tried to question him this morning. and what police believed
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caused this dramatic accidents when "action news" at noon continues in just a moment.
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we are back with an update on the breaks news in montgomery koibt. chopper 6 hd over a house fire that now reached four alarms, the fire happened at green wood avenue in cheltenham township. officials say the house was empty and there are no reports of injuries. we are continuing to monitor the situation and we'll bring you the latest at 12:30. police in california believe the driver of this car had a medical emergency behind the wheel. the lexus landed on top of a two story house yesterday and smashed into five parked cars before it some how launched on to the roof. crew his to bring in a crane to bring the car back down. the pharmaceutical chief who is revialed for raising the price of a live saving drug did not say much on capital hill.
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lawmakers grilled him for raising the price by more than 5,000%. >> these companies did not raise funds to research or develop these drugs, they bought them and jacked up the prices and took as much money as they could out of the money of patients and hospitals and others -- >> his lawyer calls it unfair that his client is called out he is charged with fraud at another drug company he owned. an owner could face charges for a costly prank, a man pretengding to be from the fire department called the restaurant and said there could be a gas leak and pretended to be from the fire company and told them to open the windows and that is what they did. >> in my career nobody has seen
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anything like this. an extensive amount of damage was done. >> it cost the restaurant 35, 0 $35,000. it could be the largest lottery prize ever forfeited in the history of california it was sold in los angeles county back in august, the money would we given to public education. coming up on "action news" at noon, cut down on the clutter, three easy tips to organize and stop looking for things you miss placed. and the convenient and affordable way to stay in shape. details on this exercise program for local seniors when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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an irs computer glitch is affecting taxes. it hit a glitch and had to stop accepting electronically filed returns, the outage could affect refunds about 90% of taxpayers should get their refunds within three weeks. a warning for the millions of americans that plop down at a
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sofa after sitting at a disc all day, sitting for an extra hour each day was tied to a higher risk of diabetes and prediabetes, that includes more abdominal fat and bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. it's hard to find the best place to exercise, but not too tough. fortunately there is a program for seniors that is often right around the corner and often times free. >> reporter: years ago these men and women may not have considered going to a gym that was before silver sneakers went to the ymca in media. it's a fitness program for older adults and comes with most medicare advantage plans, it's availableable at the ymca and
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many clubs and gyms nationwide. there are classes like this -- and ones in the water and boom is geared towards baby boomers and includes yoga and pilates. >> you can actually add years to your life. >> dr. stephanie says that when exercise goes up, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure goes down and so does the risk of falls. >> i come here for the heart rate and the balance and the well being. i have lost a few pounds. >> harriet comes every week not just for silver sneakers but other classes as well. >> aside from feeling fit she has more energy. >> she does the lawn and other home chores and to be connected to others of all ages. >> better than taking a walk in the park or something. some silver sneaker locations
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have other perks. >> setting up with a personal trainer and saying lets set some goals. pam says the class it a highlight of her week. >> it's a joy to see what this program can do. tamala edwards, channel 6 "action news." >> i saw you moving there. >> i can do some of those moves. "action news" is working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is here with a look ahead. >> hey guys coming up in what is the deal? we are are talking about dinner, you know the prepared meals you find at the grocery store they may look convenient and healthy but you may want to think twice many are loaded with calories and also expensive. we'll show you which options are worth buying and an armed robber targets a gas station and what happeneds when he meets up with
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an iraqi war veteran. you can watch our newscast streaming live on your smart phone or tablet and speaking of dinner, coming up we'll take you to a brand new restaurant in old city all about stick to your ribs southern comfort food. >> all right great. thanks alicia. accuweather is coming up.
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don't wait. call now. meteorologist, david murphy, is here now and tracking a little bit of snow. >> you almost hate to say it. >> this is tonight and it doesn't look like a big deal. it's rain at the outset and only a fraction of the viewing area that sees it. we start with stormtracker 6 live double scan we have no precipitation currently and as we look at the action cam the clouds are hanging tough, that
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is wilmington delaware this morning and the breezes have picked up too right on schedule. it's breezy and cool out there but you know what? early february we have had a lot worse. 51 degrees, at the noon hour we are 9 degrees above average. it's a bit breezy and winds north-northwest at 15 miles per hour at the time and could go as high as 18 miles per hour later on. 49 in trenton and 49 in wilmington and cooler in the northern and western area like allentown and trenton and reading and northern bucks and montgomery county. coat weather and breezy and lots of clouds but not bad for this time of year. we are watching cloud cover on satellite probably remaining dominant through the afternoon and we can't rule out sunny breaks. and rain is tracking close to the coast and it looks to clip parts of the viewing area and that is the source of our rain
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perhaps a little wet snow by the end of it. i'll show you more on that in a moment. the lehigh valley looking cloudy today and still on the mild side with a high of 52 degrees, down at the shore a bit milder and 58 for the high and breezy along the water. in philadelphia we'll go for a high of 54 degrees, which is well above the average high, 12 above to be exact. mostly cloudy and mild and there is the wind at northwest at 8 to 16 miles per hour, for the evening commute no big issues, cloud cover and you may need your shades in this time period. 51 by 5:00 and then down between the upper 40s by 9:00, 10:00. if you are watching adam on phl 17 or cecily at 11:00 they can show you some of these showers beginning to built in and in the overnight hours, it looks like they filter in all the way up to
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philadelphia. watch what happens after 3:00 if the morning as we head to 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 a.m. and cooler air comes in and changes the tail end of the precipitation and wet snow, in is 7:00 in the morning and gets off the coast in the morning. we are only expecting a coating to an inch and could go 1 to 2 inches down toward atlantic city and wildwood. future tracker 6 covering it the same time period. it looks like we stay above freezing and the effect on roadways is wet roadways and surfaces and the best chance is down by the coast, mostly cloudy and wet snow and east of philadelphia 46 and the weekend looks good on saturday and sunday and monday down to 43 and we are watching monday and through the day on tuesday there are a couple of waves of low pressure along the coast and the first one misses us and the next one may be closer and most of
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the model runs suggest some snow and not a whole lot. that could change if the next coastal low comes closer. >> thank you. another half hour of "action news" when we come back.
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"action news" continues. hello again, here are the stories we are following for you
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at 12:30. still developing at this hour, the driver of an suv is killed after colliding with a school bus in south jersey, we are live at is the scene. and two teenage suspects are in custody after three separate robberies along the schuylkill trail. and researchers may have come across a cure for juvenile diabeteses. we begin with a news story, chopper 6 hd live over a house fire in montgomery county. this is the 1,000 block of greenwood avenue, you can tell by the flames and billowing smoke that things are not yet under control here. >> the fire is intensified. you can see the flames and it's up to four alarms, we are told there was no one inside of the residence at the time of the fire when it broke out. firefighters there on the scene of this four alarm fire, we'll continue to monitor this and


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