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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 5, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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good morning, it is 4:00 a.m., friday, february 5. we're on the air early to get you ready for the snowy and rainy commute. let's take a live look mobile 6 is in absecon new jersey, along route 9. they are expected to get the brunt of this 3 or 4 inches. we have a rainy commute in this location. in other places we're seeing snow. let's talk about the team coverage we're taking a live look storm tracker 6 live double scan radar.
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in they are, team coverage, david murphy and karen rogers. we have katherine scott and annie mccormick. we start with david. >> reporter: i see snow over katherine. we have wet snow over the central portion of the region. if you've been following this forecast over the last day and a half it's getting farther and farther inland and more snowy. it is wet snow accumulating 1 to 3 inches as we go between now and 10:00 a.m. by then it should be off the coast. the closer you are to the shore, more rain you have. but we expect a change over to snow from the northwest to the coast later on. mainly wet roads. as we look at current temperatures there are spots getting close to the freezing mark. trenton, millville, 34. in some areas we may develop
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slush on the roads the longer this goes on. a word of caution, hopefully this is a minor impact event. on the bus stop, cloudy skies, rain and snow. 35 degrees in philadelphia, by 6:00. 34r by 8:00 a.m. be careful on sidewalks and driveways. the winter weather advisory goes until 10:00 a.m., by then the snow will be pushing close to the coast and the temperatures will be rising to a degree where we should not have any problems lingering. 42 degrees by 1:00 p.m. high this afternoon of 44 degrees it will be blustery, but we'll see the return of sun. karen rogers more on how much snow to expect, future tracker 6 shows the departure that's coming up. >> reporter: we see the snowfalling, this is the schuylkill expressway we have the changeover from rain to
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snow. westbound traffic heading toward belmont. hardly anyone out there. but you can see with the shot with the warmth temperatures it's melting on the actual road surface that's been treated as well. on the grass you're seeing the snow. we're watching traffic moving just fine in this camera shot. the vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill expressway, the snow is coming down. the roads are wet. coming in from new jersey, even though the roads are wet, there's a decent amount of water on the roads, i could see people doing hydroplaning. although not slick you have to be careful because of the all the water on the roads. broad street, the roads are wet. insist i-95 at broad street northbound traffic heading toward the walt whitman bridge, a little bit of light snow. expect extra traffic because of the wing bowl. you've got wing bowl and wet roads anticipate snow coming down and that could spell
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traffic trouble. annie mccormick joins us live from 18th and oregon avenue in south philadelphia with a look at the conditions there, good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, matt, leaving center city around 2:00 a.m. you saw heavy rain. then when we got to the station we began our treck to south philadelphia we started to see when you're looking into the light you see light flurries. take a look at oregon avenue, we're seeing puddling. flurries are coming down. it's a wet, slushy snow. people should be taking their time. talking to penndot today they are telling us they have 180 trucks out around the district trying to stay ahead of of this being prepared of whatever comes their way. they have a lot of salt left over, because we've had a mild
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winter except for the blizzard, they have 100 ten thousand tons of salt. we have our antiicing operations. our trucks sprayed the assault brine on the expressways, primarily in the eastern part of the region, the indications are that it does snow, it may snow the heaviest. >> reporter: now, penndot has plow trucks out, why they are out right now, even though they are not seeing any accumulation, there are slushy conditions that form, the plow trucks are on standby. really what you're seeing right now is concerns about puddling you heard karen talk about hydroplaning, we saw that on 76 and the larger roads and oregon avenue. reporting live in south philadelphia, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." now it's time to check in with "action news" reporter, katherine scott live along the white horse pike in hammonton, atlantic county. new jersey expected to get the most of it, how is it looking
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right now? >> reporter: right now we're seeing a changeover. wet snow is falling in hammonton. nothing is sticking to the ground that much. we're just starting to see a little snow sticking to some of the grassy areas on the side of the road. if you take a look at the sidewalk or the road here at white horse pike it is wet, but it is mainly clear we're not seeing the coverage or the buckets of snow like the storm a few weeks ago. right now it's mainly slop. the temperatures are around freezing what's falling is not sticking, but it could make for slippery conditions. as we see the changeover we could see a little bit more accumulation. overnight it looked like a mix of rain and snow, but by the time the hit the ground it melted. we're seeing it look like snow in hammonton. the temperature have been so mild, so the ground is not that cold, so again, that accumulation of a couple weeks ago that's not what we're
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expecting today. there could a lot of slush. i want to use caution. another thing you have to look out for, i heard annie mention it and karen mention, we saw it in new jersey, pooling on the side of the road. on the way here we ran into that, if your tire touches it the wrong way it could be dangerous. white horse pike in hammonton looks clear. the traffic is getting along just fine, we'll keep an eye on conditions here, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." thanks, katherine. this is a live look at philadelphia international airport on sky6 live hd rainy mix right there. this could impact air traveling. if you're heading to the airport check on the status of your flight. call 1-800-phl-gate. we want you to be part of our snowstorm coverage, send pictures and video at join the
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action or #6abcaction. fire crews say the blaze break out after 3:00 a.m. on landsdown avenue in camden. one home was occupied. the second one was vacant. look at how big and bright the flames are. fortunately everybody in the situation made it out safely. no word on what sparked the fire. how will this play out throughout the morning, david? >> reporter: looks like it's mainly wet roads, temperatures will get close to freezing in spots. be careful of slush on sidewalks and parking lots and places like that and roads. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you the snow across the region. not doing much in allentown. down closer to philadelphia, jenkintown, malvern. not only do we have the wet snow snowing some cases highlighted
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in lavender chadds ford and media, and parts of south jersey. that's steadier snow coming down. it is beneath these i expect to see a little bit of slush developing. again, as we go up to the northern and western suburbs after the sleet finishes there's not as much as an impact in places like pottstown, is doing fairly well. if we go up to quakertown and allentown this is a low-impact situation with lighter precipitation. you see that. let's go down to the shore, we have rain mixing in at the shore. we expect cooler air to drop down from the northwest and change this over to snow all the way over to the coast later on. there's the wide view. heading outside we have cloudy skies and wet snow falling in philadelphia. currently sky6 live hd the waterfront and penns landing looking gray down there. temperatures right now is still above freezing in philadelphia. 36 degrees, so the chances are
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good in and around the i-95 corridor you have basically wet roads and most of the accumulation will be on grassy surfaces. wind out of the north at 9. so it's a little bit on the windy side. 7:00 a.m. it will be snowing in philadelphia and heavier stuff along the coast. we get 10:00 a.m., 1 is 1:00 a.m., this is wrapping off the coast. we are expecting 1 to 3 in philadelphia. some areas might go higher than that. this will be mainly on grassy sure faces as we take a look. the heavier area north of atlantic city and the jersey coast. i want to show you the snow with the temperatures placed on top it, as well. notice from now until 8:00 a.m. we have temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, so slush is possible on the roads. after the snow gets done we get
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above freezing quickly. in fact we go through the rest of the day in philadelphia, by noon, 41 degrees and 3:00 p.m., 44. that's the high with a fair amount of sunshine. later this afternoon with sun returning high temperatures everywhere getting up to the 40s. had a in dover. 42 in allentown. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we've got a few hours of this wet snow this morning, but after 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. it will be done over by the coast and sooner than that in philadelphia. 44 is the high with the sun returning. tomorrow, 47. for the weekend we're looking milder on sunday. 53 degrees and 42, chilly again on monday. we're watching tuesday, we're looking at a high of 40 degrees, it's looking more and more likely we'll get another round of snow, perhaps a couple of periods of it, depends on the track of a coastal storm. we are hoping it's a fairly minor event we hope it has the potential of being warmer than
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that. tuesday is the day to keep an on eye. we'll dry out after that. police sting force forces a massage parlor to shut down. >> reporter: mid county tolls wet, we have a disabled vehicle on the side. we'll take a camera tour with the wet snow coming down. it's the friday before the super bowl, you know what that means, we have video from the overnight on wing bowl preparations when "action news" comes right back. 4:41 a.m.n
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mobile 6 new jersey, along route
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9. it's raining, a changeover where katherine scott is in hammonton, atlantic county. no schools on the school closing list, everybody on time at this point. it could be a rough commute depending on where you are, let's head over to karen rogers. >> reporter: the temperature is in the process of dropping. you'll see that in the changeover. 42 northbound traffic at creek road, the roads are wet. it's been mild the last few days, we're benefiting that on the roads. there's a lot of water on the surface. it's hard to see from this shot, you can see awe -- all the spray coming back as the cars go through. i-95 at academy, you can see under the streetlight it's changed over to snow. the roads are wet, as it continues we'll get a slushy
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build up. it's melting on the roads on i-95. expect be extra traffic because it's wing bowl people will be up early and coming in and traveling in this precipitation. west bradford township an issue with a downed tree in chester county. glenside road is blocked at beacon hill road. storm tracker 6 live double scan, most of the area we're getting light snowfall right now, even areas of lavender near the city, showing heavier down pours with the snow. along the garden state parkway it's rain, an area of blue newer that showing an icy mix. let's show you the temperatures, 38 in martins creek. barely above freezing in coatsville, in philadelphia, 36. 34 in hammonton. 33 in vineland. 34 in dover. the precipitation is meting as
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it comes down with the wet snowflakes on the surface and the grassy airs are starting to see the snow lay there. a main line massage parlor was shut down because the shop was offering more than back and body rubs. police raided zen massage parlor last night. risque advertisements is what alerted police. it's not something you sigh on the main line, especially not in radnor, it's insane, actually. i'm shocked. police trying to determine if this could lead to a larger sex trafficking operation, so far no charges have been filed. there's been an increased police presence at abington high
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school for five fights in the last several days. "action news" obtained video showing two girls fighting as school officials and wree -- resource officer tried to break it up. there will be severe sequences for anyone involved including suspension. new jersey democrats want to raise the minimum wage. they agreed to tie it to the inflation rate, since it remains low it has not risen much. governor christie calls it a job killing bill. coverage of the snowy and rainy conditions continues on. looking live at the platt bridge, we have snow and slush
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coming down, david. >> reporter: be careful of slush on sidewalks and road surfaces as this continues. we're dressing the kids warmly with temperatures in the 30s, this afternoon the sun comes back and things get better, we'll have the details in the seven day and the latest on the snow with live radar coming up.
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welcome back taking a live look through sky6 live hd at penns landing, the roads are slick and slushy and wet. in some areas we're seeing a changeover to more snow. wherever you are take extra time to get where you're going. >> reporter: fortunately it's been to mild we're seeing it melt for the most part on the road surfaces. let's go outside live east falls atmosphere fox street. we have light snowfall coming down. as the car travels through, you can see the spray it leaves
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behind it. there's a lot of water on the roadway. i want to switch to the ben franklin bridge where we are seeing traffic moving fine. we have 35-mile an hour speed restrictions in place at the betsy ross bridge, walt whitman bridge, and commodor barry bridge. dave everybody wants you to slow it down, that's good reason. >> reporter: wet snow across the region pushing closer to the coast. there's a slightly heavier band pulling into philadelphia most of us this is accumulating on the grass, as temperatures drop a little bit and the heavier stuff comes through you might see slush on sidewalks and side streets and secondary roads. for the most part this will act like rain. 35 degrees by 7:00. 9:00 a.m., 35 degrees, a couple of spots going closer to the freezing mark. as karen mentioned, it was mild, so the road surfaces are maintaining the warmth. it will be snowing at 9:00 a.m. in philadelphia.
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and 10 and 11 along the shore. 41 by noon, 3:00 p.m., 44 with sunshine returning. if you're flying today i don't expect the snow to have a major impact at the airport. we have no major delays. we're looking at wet snow in philadelphia, a bit more in boston and actually it's rain up there and jfk rain, snow mix. a york county woman is charged with concealing the death of a child. the remains were found in a shoe box. she gave birth last year. she said she was alone the infant wasn't breathing and she panicked and put the baby in a shoe box. it is unknown if the infants was born alive or stillborn. an 8-year-old is accused of holding up a florida store with a loaded handgun.
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he walked up to the cashier and pulled out a gun and demanded money. the child's mother said he stole the gun out of her purse, neither the boy or his mother has been charged. batman is known for fighting against evil, but sometimes he turns to the dark side. a man robs two stores, he walks in decked out head to toe in a costume, no word if he escaped in a bat mobile. happening today, a wing bowl a tradition that started because the eagles fans were wary of the eagles not making the super bowl. things have not changed. this is the wing bowl's 25th 25th -- 24th year. 30 competitive eaters hit the
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scales overnight. more live team coverage of the snow and rain at 4:30. taking a live look from our temple uniformity camera looks like north broad street looks like snow, other places have rain, it could change, forecast when we come right back.
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welcome back taking a live look here sky6 live hd out across penns landing, 4:27 a.m., 37 degrees, in in some places we getting a slushy rain and other places turning to snow. the accuweather team is here to help you through it. a thief stole money at saint martha's school walking into the parish hall. the woman took the lock box with $1,000 inside.
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if you have any information or recognize the woman in the video call police. a new jersey coast guard crew was at the ready to save an injured fisherman and the dramatic rescue was captured on tape. this was barnegot light on wednesday. the 49-year-old fisherman severely injured his hand. he was taken for treatment at a hospital in atlantic city. action cam catches flames shooting from a home in south jersey overnight. firefighters strike two-alarms. let's take another live look as we look at the intersection there, sky6 live hd showing buses and traffic making their way down slushy wet roads. we are told there are puddles you need to aware of and there could be snow especially if you're in jersey. we'll give you the latest when we come right back. now on e
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snow and rain is falling across the delaware and lehigh valleys. we're helping you a through a slushy slow commute. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar shows you we are in the thick of it. accuweather will tell us how much longer the snow is expected to last. all schools are opening on time, we do not have any schools on our schools closing list. we'll keep an eye on that and see if that changes. a lot of kids will be going nah, you got


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