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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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snow and rain is falling across the delaware and lehigh valleys. we're helping you a through a slushy slow commute. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar shows you we are in the thick of it. accuweather will tell us how much longer the snow is expected to last. all schools are opening on time, we do not have any schools on our schools closing list. we'll keep an eye on that and see if that changes. a lot of kids will be going nah, you got to get up and keep
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going. this is county line and doylestown road the commuters are making their way through. let's go over to david murphy good morning. >> reporter: the storm is causing mainly wet roads this morning the snow fall will put accumulations on grassy surfaces sidewalks, as well. if you're driving around and you see slush developing slow it down. every now and then you get a viability problem. this will get closer to the shore and you'll get more snow along the coast. the snow gets off the coast around 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. temperatures are above freezing, 34 in millville. 33 in trenton. 33 in wilmington. there will be close enough where there's slush on sidewalks and
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perhaps road surfaces, with yesterday's warmth and the cool temperatures you're looking at mainly wet roads. the areas where you see the cooler temperatures is the best chance of slush. cloudy skies between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. rain and wet snow. mostly wet snow across the region right now. 35 degrees by 6:00. 34 by 8:00 a.m. winter weather advisory expires at 10:00 a.m. by 10:00 a.m. this should be pretty much done in philadelphia and maybe lighter trailing stuff trying to get off the coast, low impact and the temperatures are coming up, too. 34 by 8:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m., 36 degrees with that snow winding down maybe even before then in the city. 41 by noon. this afternoon we'll see the return of nice sunshine and we'll get a high of 44 later on. i'll show you how much snow we're expecting on the grass later on when this is all done. we're track the departure of this on future tracker 6 that's coming up. rvelgt i --
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>> reporter: i have to say it looks kind of pretty. this is the border of bucks and montgomery counties. you can see the flakes are melting on the surface of the roads here. we have warm temperatures the last couple of days, we're seeing ponding and puddling be careful as you drive doylestown and county line road. i-95 southbound at cottman, a little harder to see from this vantage point. we have the light snow falling, again, it's just melting on the roadways. quite wet. this happens to be wing bowl you'll see people up early on the roads when you have precipitation, that's never too easy. glenside road is blocked at beacon hill road because of a downed tree. poor house road will get you around that. be careful of hydroplaning,
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because there are big puddles along the roads. katherine scott is in hammonton, new jersey, had i, -- hi, katherine. >> reporter: hi, matt, we have snow not sticking to the sidewalks, is if you look at the grassy areas it's starting to stick to mail boxes and surfaces like that. we're standing along the white horse pike in hammonton, not too many cars going through right now. it's early, we have not gotten any complaints from drivers yet. since the temperatures are around freezing you might see snow or slick spots on the roads. you want to be careful as you head out the door this morning. overnight it was a lot of rain, it was a wintry mix in spots. by the time it hit the ground it pretty much melted. you meant to watch out for pooling on the roads.
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i know karen mentioned that. if your tire hits the pooling on the way, you could be in for danger conditions. be careful as you head out the door this morning. we're not expecting a whole lot of accumulation, there's enough slush it could make for a longer ride, but it could be a nuisance. so far we're not hearing any complaints from drivers. i was surprised, first i thought it was rain and then i realized it was snowing. >> reporter: no problems on the roads. i'm going to stay in the house near the fireplace all day. >> reporter: i mentioned pooling before, you can take a look you can see a big puddle on the side of the road near the white horse pike. most of the roads look good. if you look at the surface of the roadways, some of the wet snow is starting to stick a little bit, so, again, there could be slippery conditions we'll keep an eye on conditions here and let you know what we see, live in hammonton, katherine scott channel 6 "action news."
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let's shift over to ocean county, new jersey, mobile 6 taking a travel on route 9 in little egg harbor township an area where we are seeing the changeover from rain to snow. if you're along the jersey shore you realize you'll be seeing that soon. let's look at the city, annie mccormick has the conditions in south philadelphia with some of the tight streets down there, good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam, you're talking about the transition from rain to snow. i can tell you here whatever the wind picks up, you're starting to feel like little bit of ice are pelting at your face. you can hear them hitting your jacket. if you want to take a look up there in that streetlight you can see it looks pretty, looks kind of the rain is coming down, but it looks like a mix of flurries, take a look at the video this is giving you an idea of what we're seeing overnight. it's nothing dramatic, but it's a nuisance, drivers are telling
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us, a you're driving it's coming down and puddling, you have to watch for hydroplaning. it's on and off when you see flurries and rain. penndot has 180 trucks on the roads ahead of time to make sure they are ahead of this, doing everything they have in the past, brining and salting and they will have plows on standby today, here's what they had to say. we'll have trucks out overnight monitoring the paimplets and -- paimplets and e temperature -- pavements and temperatures and if it's slushy, we'll use the plows to get the slush off the roads. >> reporter: we'll have more coming up in the next half-hour. live in south philadelphia, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." matt and tam. this new video in from old city, the action cam was along
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market street early this morning just as the changeover from rain to snow started. as the snow falls check for the latest from accuweather you can final storm tracker 6 live and follow our team on facebook they are posting changes throughout the day. where are you seeing the snow? >> reporter: it's close to the shore. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we have wet snow across the region. in some areas it's highlighted in shades of lavender, that's heavier bands of snow. in all cases as we take the two dimensional view we're looking at mainly wet roads. we were in the 50s a short time ago and last evening. the road surfaces have maintained that warmth. we're getting closer to the freezing mark along the i-95 corridor and south jersey, in most cases you're looking at wet road surfaces. i would be careful beneath these
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bands of slush developing. sidewalks and be careful if slush under foot. it's pushing closer to the shore, but you're looking at rain at the shore at this point. up north, not too much impact up here, quakertown has seen lighter snow. allentown the same story. we're still above freezing, probably wet roads for the most part, not a whole lot of snow accumulating in the lehigh valley. of course if you have been watching the forecast in the last day and a half, precipitation wants to push farther to the north and west, now as it turns out we have made it to the lehigh valley although the bigger impact in the i-95 corridor. outside we have cloudy skies with wet snow falling in philadelphia. chilly out there, too, temperatures in the 30s in most cases. in philadelphia we're sitting on 35. so a little bit above the freezing mark. in wilmington we have hit 32,
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the freezing mark right now. that would be an area where maybe sidewalks are starting to get a little slushy. be careful in any of the areas where the numbers are close to freezing in case slushy coating begins on the road surfaces. we're looking at wet roads across the region. karen rogers will be on top of that if it changes at all. in terms of the snow, by 7:30 looking at snow in and around philadelphia although it is getting lighter. fairly significant down the shore. by 10 or 11:00 a.m. this is pushing away from the region maybe residual snow shower activity. looks like the big errs impact period of -- biggest impact period of this is between 6 and 9:00 a.m. by 10:00 a.m. not only is there less snow, but the temperatures will bounce back up. we can check that on future tracker 6. you can see between now and 8:00 a.m. we're around the freezing mark from philadelphia
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to the shore. by 11:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m. we're starting to bounce back up. low impact system, most of the accumulation on grassy surfaces. one to three inches on the grass around the i-95 corridor. there's a bullet area we could go 3 inches or more from hammonton to lakehurst and new york city. allentown, light snow early, very light up there. nice afternoon, though, high of 42 degrees. 42 is the high, a snowy start we'll see afternoon clearing. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high this afternoon of 44 in philadelphia. we dump the snow early and we get sun back. for the weekend partly sunny saturday, 47. milder on sunday, 53 and then we cool to 42 on monday, tuesday's high, 40. it's looking likely we'll see some snow on tuesday. i just finished going over all the latest model runs i've got
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at my disposal that cover tuesday's time period. looks like a low-impact storm. a coastal storm that millses us on monday, another -- misses us on monday, another one that forms organ tuesday, it will give us a bit of snow on tuesday during the day, something to watch. team coverage of the snowy and winter storm continues. we're taking live look looking into hammonton, new jersey. the roads are slick according to our katherine scott. she said they are starting to see accumulation on the grass and mail boxes. let's go over to karen with the latest from her. >> reporter: because we've had mild days, the last couple of days, the snow is meting in this shot. the snow is starting to accumulate we'll take a camera tour and show you what it's doing to the roads when "action
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news" comes right back.
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welcome back you're taking a live look bear, delaware, deldot camera, route 1 and route 40. inin some places we have slick roads, but there they are getting more of an accumulation it's sticking in the middle of the street. >> reporter: you're seeing a variety of conditions in the traffic camer. >> reporter: yeah, you have to be careful as you head out, there's a lot of water on the roads and that alone could give you problems. front street conshohocken at fayette street. it's snowing down here, pretty steadily. the roads are wet at this point, not seeing people slipping and slide as they drive along. i had a few issues where we were hydroplaning a little bit where the roads are wet. we had significant ponding and puddling on the roads. we have a downed tree that's
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causing a problem here in west bradford township chester county. stick to delong drive as the alternate to that one. this is the vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill expressway. hard to see that the snow is falling, but it is. it's melting on the road surface. the vine is open and moving just fine at this point. let's go to storm tracker 6 live double scan around the region. we can see most of the area has transitioned now from rain to snow. some of the areas highlighted by lavender showing it's coming down pretty good at this point. in wilmington, along i-95 that's the area where you have lavender, snow throughout much of the region. in glass borough, elmer, along the coastline and the garden state parkway it's raining. the area of blue near that is showing the transition. as the temperatures drop that will change as well. in hammonton, if you're in hammonton where katherine scott is reporting live, you have to
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find her and wish her a happy birthday, i think she is turning 21, but i'm not sure. taking a look at visibility reports that's an issue, not only do you have the precipitation falling, the roads are wet, but visibility is down with the precipitation coming your way, tam. heavy flames shot from the windows during a two-alarm call in camden overnight, 200 block of landsdown avenue. the fire break -- broke out in the back of one how's. one house was occupied the other was vacant. nobody was injured. meek mill is expected to be sentenced for violating his probation from a 2008 drug conviction. he traveled to out of state concerts. he talked to the senior class at the charter school yesterday. whitman park tiger youth football organization in camden
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launched a campaign to select donations of battled water from residents of flint michigan. the team plans to drive to flint and delivery it. flint residents have been dealing with lead contaminated water since 2016. let's look at route 9 little egg harbor, ocean county, new jersey. katherine scott is over in hammonton she is starting to see a little accumulation of snow starting to build up. david what do you have? >> reporter: most of the snow will be on grassy surfaces. warn the kids with temperatures in the 30s there might be slick spots on sidewalks. roads are wet. this afternoon it will be better, it will be blustery but we'll see the sun come back, i'll have the day planner forecast coming up next.
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welcome back sky6 live hd taking live look across the delaware into camden, the view of the adventure aquarium. you can see a little wind out there, depending on where you are, we're getting a little bit of steady snowfall accumulating on grassy surfaces and karen saying we have puddling, so be
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careful. >> reporter: that's right, slow it down as you head out. it looks pretty in some spots. i think it does. this is fort washington 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike. you have to look up to the lights to see that it's snowing out there. the snow is coming down, the roads are wet on 309. you're moving okay. i meant to warn you about the area bridges we're seeing 35-mile an hour speed restrictions on the ben franklin bridge, not seeing slipping or sliding, just melting on the bridge. nonetheless they want you to slow do it un. commodor barry bridge, walt whitman bridge and betsy ross bridge. >> reporter: we have snow coming on a day after we hit the mid 50s, the warmth in the asphalt is still there and melting the snow, be careful if it gets slushy. sidewalks might be slick in spots. the snow tapering off or winding down in allentown and pottstown. snowing pretty well in wilmington and trenton. we have the changeover to rain
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down the shore. this will clear the coast around 10:00 a.m. this morning. in the northern suburbs, temperatures are close to the freezing mark. maybe slick spots on sidewalks and smaller roads, down in south jersey, the closer you get to the coast, the warmer it is. so you've got the rain there. a few spots getting close to the freezing mark, be careful of that. as we look at where temperatures are going, the snow ends quickly and we get into the 40s today with a high of 44. two nypd officers are recovering from being shot while on patrol in the bronx. they came face-to-face with two people in a stairwell. one pulled a gun, one male officer was shot in the head a female in the torso. they found the gunman dead an hour later, it is said he took his own life. the officers are expected to fully recover. sky6 live hd looking out after the airport.
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we continue to have wet, slushy snowy conditions we'll give you the latest when we come right back.
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4:56, and sky6 live hd taking a live look at penns landing. we have snow coming down, not enough to get the schools closed, i guess, because the school closing list is empty. everyone going in on time. 37 degrees on city avenue. luck has run out for a lottery winner in california.
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the owner of a winning ticket had 6 months to come forward and claim the 63 million-dollar prize, but never showed up. the deadline was 5:00 p.m. yesterday. one person has filed suit claiming he did submit the winning ticket but refused the prize. if no claim is verified, the jackpot goes to the state schools. uber driver's last fare of the day turned out to be the best fare of the day. he picked up four men. they were upset that the other driver refused to pick them up. it was the night of his life with one of his favorite bands. he said i'm going to the show later. blue route, delaware county, where it's slushy and wet and snowy. the commute could be problematic this morning, we'll take a look at that when we come right back.
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good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., friday, february 5 we're tracking snow and rain falling in the region right now. we're keeping on eye on double scan radar. we have snow right there, we could get a couple of inches, bus stop it could make the morning commute a bit of a mess. we have team coverage as the snowstorm picks up steam.


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