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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., friday, february 5 we're tracking snow and rain falling in the region right now. we're keeping on eye on double scan radar. we have snow right there, we could get a couple of inches, bus stop it could make the morning commute a bit of a mess. we have team coverage as the snowstorm picks up steam. our katherine scott and
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annie anne mccormick are on the roads. first up, karen rogers and david murphy we have light snow in allentown and reading, it will be clearing these areas first. we have slightly heavier bands in and around delaware county and over parts of camden county, burlington county, new jersey, and gloucester county, salem affected by that as well. temperatures right now are warmer at the coast, so we still have rain there, but we are expecting a changeover as we get into the morning. temperatures across the region, currently are still above freezing in philadelphia. that combined with yesterday's warm temperatures are making for wet roads here. down in wilmington we have slipped to the freezing mark and we're close to it in trenton and millville and a couple of hero spots. again, if you happen to see
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slush don't be shocked and react intelligently. on the bus stop, cloudy skies, and wet snow in most neighborhoods. 34 degrees by 8:00 a.m. the winter weather advisory goes until 10:00 a.m. most of the snow will be over by the coast and thinning out, tempts will be high enough any problem that may have developed will be over by then. 39 by 11:00. after the wet, snowy start we're looking at a better afternoon. 42 by 1:00 p.m., the high today. karen i'll track the snow and let you know how much will wind up on the ground. the the -- >> reporter: looking live at the schuylkill expressway westbound traffic is moving just fine as you head toward belmont avenue.
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you can see the snow melting on the road surface, but on the sides of the road and the median we're getting the grassy accumulating just beginning. on broad street we expect the people to be out and up early given the weather conditions for wing bowl. this is i-95 heading toward the walt whitman bridge. you can see ponding on the roads. this is 202 parkway, this is a better shot to see the fluffy snow, this is 202 parkway at bristol road. we're seeing the snow coming down and ponding and puddling on the roadway, give yourself plenty of room to stop. lionville chester county, route 100, 113, we have reduced visibility with the snow coming down steadily, hard to his as
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you head out. let's head over to katherine scott in hammonton, atlantic county along the white horse pike with a live look at the conditions there, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam, it's kind of pretty when you look out the window, when you direct your attention downward you can see it's starting to be a mess here. take a look at the white horse pike in hammonton. you can see the slush that's appearing on the roads. we're not seeing a whole lot of coverage here at this point, except for on the grassy areas. the sidewalks and the roads are starting to see -- you can see the wet snow that's sticking to some of the spots. we're hearing about slipping and sliding on the roads. let's go to the videos so you can see the wet snow that's been falling in hammonton for the last hour, hour and a half or so. again, there's not significant coverage on the roads, but we're hearing it's slushy. we have seen the salt trucks come through, as well. the side streets where you see less traffic they may have a little bit more coverage, as well. mainly the snow is sticking to
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the grassy area and the shrubs, the sidewalks and the roads are not too snow covered yesterday. another thing to look out for is the ponding and pooling on the sides of the road. we have seen that on the way here we ran into that, as well. it was raining most of the night, obviously some of the melting we had from the storm a couple of weeks ago could make for dangerous conditions on the drive in. temperatures around freezing be careful there are slick spots out there. left a half-hour early, better to be safe out there. >> reporter: leaving extra time is a good idea this morning. back here live as you take a live look at the white horse pike in hammonton, there's not much traffic yet. but we are starting to see the wet snow stick to the roads, the salt trucks have been threw. we have not heard any major complaints from drivers, but we're hearing about slippery
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spots on the roads, go a little slow this morning leave a little extra time. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." thanks katherine. let's head out to ocean county near you where we have mobile 6 taking a ride on the garden state parkway, statford township. this is the area where we have the bubble, where you could see more accumulation, 3 inches or more. the snow coming down not sticking to the road surfaces there. the snow could cause delays for travelers coming in and out of philadelphia international if you have an early morning flight. you have a view of the tarmac, it's a good idea to call ahead to 1-800-phl-gate or flight tracker that way you know what you're in for. "action news" is all about interaction with you, follow us on social media for the latest headline county the exclusive
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accuweather seven-day forecast and breaking news, or community with us, we're "action news" on facebook and twitter @ "action news." time to join david murphy. it will be better by lunch. >> reporter: most of the snow will be pushing off the coast. it's so mild it's melting on road surfaces. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows a snowy image this morning. you can see in the center portion of the region. we are looking at the snow showing up in shades of lavender back around media and west of philadelphia. as i start this up, this is the steadier to heavier bands coming through. visibility will be poorer beneath these heavier bands. if you get slush on roads or sidewalks, it will be likely under the heavier bands, because the temperatures might dip a little bit as the heavier bands
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draw down the cooler air to the surface. we're not seeing an impact in kutztown and allentown. this is lighter snow and not having much of an impact. down the shore we go, we have a changeover to rain. it's getting closer as the snow is getting close to the immediate coast. it will overtake atlantic city, sea isle city and cape may, for now you're holding on to the rain. as we step outside, we have cloudy skies it is snowing out there, wet snow, even in the parking lot in the for foregroud it's damp road conditions even in the lot where there's not a lot of traffic we're having a hard time getting the snow to stick. wind out of the north at 8, not all that strong just yet, they will get bluster as the front clears and get through, we'll have northwest winds blowing in.
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future tracker 6 shows up until 7:00 a.m., we have the snow slacking off. it's light down the shore, we move up to 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., around noon it's getting off the coast at that point. what do we expect to be on the ground. the next bullet area north of atlantic city we could see anywhere from 3 inches to 4 inches on grassy surfaces. it's 1 to 3 in the i-95 corridor. the bullet area mainly on grassy ask surfaces. taking a look at the quick recovery from this, i'm showing you the same storm tracker 6 live imagery with snow, but i'm superimposes the images over it. look at how by noon, the numbers start to pop back up, that's why the winter weather advisory
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expires at 10. there will be improvement. this afternoon we'll see a return of sunshine high of 44 degrees, it will be blustery but an improvement over what we've got right now. so today's high in the seven-day forecast is 44. we have a snowy start with basically nuisance wet snow. be careful if you see a little slushiness developing in parts of the region. a nice finish. the only negative today is that we are looking at blustery winds gusting as high as 25 to 35 miles per hour you'll need your coat today partly sunny on saturday high of 47. sunday looking good, milder which has been the word of the winter, much of it anyway. 53 degrees is the high. monday, chillier air pushes back in, 42 is the high. tuesday is the day we're watching. looks like it will be cloudy and we'll see periods of snow through the day, coastal system is what's getting involved in the draft there.
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the system itself looks like it will be weak enough and far enough off the coast as of now, most models are suggesting moderate snow under 6 inches in the worst-hit places. as with any coastal storm this far out, a shift one way or the other could bring the numbers way down or pop them up. tuesday is the day to keep your eyes on and we'll do just that for you. "action news" is getting you ready for a snowy slushy rainy commute. as a matter of fact our mobile 6 is on the parkway in little egg harbor township ocean county. you can see the wet slushy snow is coming down. karen. >> reporter: we're live in the wissinoming sex of the city. this is hard -- section of the city, this is hard harbison avenue. we have a new accident coming in it's in the our camera view
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5:14, it is friday, it is snowing in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware where we are looking live right now from a traffic camera. speaking of traffic let's go over to karen rogers she has the latest as you make your way to wherever you're going. >> reporter: we have an accident you can see the flashing lights route 1 northbound at 213, maple
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avenue. price off to the side. it's hard to see the snow coming down, but it's coming down, the roads are wet. there's a lot of water on the roads. this is one of the things you're dealing with. you think it's okay, the roads are not slick they are just wet. we have ponding and puddling. bring the speeds down a notch, this is an example live on route 1 in langhorne, bucks county. we have a downed tree blocking blends road near beacon hill. stick to delong drive. this is delaware county the blue route at i-95 we're having problems on the blue route. we're seeing snow coming down in areas that's causing problems right here. you can see a different scene we're starting to see the accumulation on the median, even on the sides of the roads. can you see that white area right here. even on the sides of the road,
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you're getting small accumulation. under the streetlight it's steadily coming down, the flakes are coming down. roads are mostly treated and wet at this point. something to be careful about. storm tracker 6 live double scan looking through the area. we not only see the areas of white blanketing the region which is snow, we're seeing the brighter shades of lavender indicating it's coming down pretty good. that's heavier snowfall falling in norristown and 422, willow grove, jenkintown, near the city we have heavier bands through media and chadds ford. on the new jersey turnpike you're getting hit with the heavier bands in glassboro and route 30. white horse pike in berlin. looking at the coastline, what a change we've seen in the past half-hour. earlier we were looking at the rain blanketing the garden state parkway. the snow is pushing in as the temperatures are dropping. the surface temperatures are well above freezing that's why
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it's melting. massive flames erupting in camden county damaged two homes in south jersey. the fire broke out at 3:00 a.m. on the landsdown avenue in camden. one house was occupied, the second house was vacant. everybody got out safely. there's no word on what sparked the two-alarm fire. a main line massage parlor was shut down because the shop was offering more than back and body rubs. police raid the the massage parlor along sugar town road in wane. under cover detectives were offered sexual services in exchange for money. so far no charges have been filed. there's an increased police presence apt abington high school after five days of student fights over the last four days. social media is spreading the
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announcement under #abington fight week. it's all over social media, that's where i've seen most of this. >> reporter: what are you seeing? it's ridiculous, everyone is fighting for no reason. >> reporter: the school district said it's been trying to quell rumors of fights on social media and throughout the school. they are warning students there will be severe consequences for anyone involved. competitive eaters are getting ready for the messy contest in the area. action cam at this year's wing bowl. in just a few hours, 30 participants will shove as many wings as humanly possible down their gullets. this is the 24th year of the event. we're looking live at one
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of our traffic cameras i-95 by the airport, the roads are clear, but they are slick and wet, be careful. >> reporter: david. >> reporter: we'll have sun back and in the 40s, be careful because you could have slush under your feet on the sidewalks. we'll be back and talk about the snowy conditions out there. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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at road conditions at foulke and silver side road. deldot will be out to treat the roads as the snow falls this morning. in delaware, route 273 had traffic on it in newark. traffic is moving nicely, but it will likely back up as the morning commute approaches. snow is accumulating on the sides not on the the surface i
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felt. if you're traveling in bear, delaware. take it easy on routes 40 and 1. they say a light covering of snow on the road, not a lot but enough to cause slipping and sliding. >> reporter: i think it's tricky in addition to the snow falling we had rain prior to that, you have a few reasons to be careful on the roads. here's another shot, lansdale, route 63 main at walnut. you can see how the snow is coming down sticking to the sides of the road. there's slush on the roads itself. for the most part it's been treated and wet in the area. we have not seen a lot of slipping or sliding, you need to be careful as this continues. we have 35-mile an hour speed restrictions on the ben franklin bridge, the betsy ross bridge and walt whitman bridge and commodor barry bridge. >> reporter: wet snow has been falling for a couple of hours across the region.
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as we showed you while the main roads are wet, we are seeing slushy accumulations on the shoulders and secondary roads. the intersection this wilmington we just showed you had a fair amount of slush on it. be careful don't go too fast if you're run into the slushiness. tail end of the snow will push through philadelphia by 9:00, off the coast at 10:00, 11. some areas could see it until about noon. temperatures will be rising. we have 35 degrees in philadelphia right now. this afternoon we'll see the sun return and get into the mid 40s, but it will be blustery so you'll want a decent coat on. nydia han has another episode of "action news" troubleshooters tonight at 11:00 p.m. she traction down a local business owner asking tough questions for our viewers. >> reporter: buyer beware. the other than in business is
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philadelphia homicide detectives are investigating two murders this morning, the first one a deadly stabbing in ogontz section. it happened at 8:00 p.m. a man in his 40est was stabbed multiple times inside his home on 16th street. gunfire rang out in feltonville section. police say a 20-year-old man was shot in the head in either case has a suspect been identified. 5:27 we're getting you ready for a snowy and slushy morning commute. david murphy is monitoring storm tracker 6 live double scan radar, that's what's looking at right now. we'll give you more on the timing of the storm coming up next.
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now on "action news," snow is falling across the delaware and lehigh valleys we're helping
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you through a slushy, slow commute. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar shows we're in the thick of it right now. "action news" tells us how much longer the snow will stick around. philadelphia schools are opening on time, we have a few suburban school districts opening on delay they are running at the bottom of screen and available at good morning, 5:30, february 5. we have team coverage. snowy commute. katherine scott is live in hammonton, new jersey. annie mccormick is watching the roads in university city. . let's go over to david murphy with the latest from accuweather and roger roj has traffic. >> reporter: -- karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: it's been snowing for two or three hours, we have snow pushing toward the coast, you'll get a changeover there if yoot not seeing that. -- you're not seeing that. we have bands bringing in cooler air and putting slushy


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