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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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you through a slushy, slow commute. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar shows we're in the thick of it right now. "action news" tells us how much longer the snow will stick around. philadelphia schools are opening on time, we have a few suburban school districts opening on delay they are running at the bottom of screen and available at good morning, 5:30, february 5. we have team coverage. snowy commute. katherine scott is live in hammonton, new jersey. annie mccormick is watching the roads in university city. . let's go over to david murphy with the latest from accuweather and roger roj has traffic. >> reporter: -- karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: it's been snowing for two or three hours, we have snow pushing toward the coast, you'll get a changeover there if yoot not seeing that. -- you're not seeing that. we have bands bringing in cooler air and putting slushy
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accumulation on the road surfaces. temperatures were in the 50s, so the asphalt takes longer to give you mean the warmth in the roads. we'll have that pushing toward the coast around 9:00, 9:30. it will clear around lunchtime down the shore. we're at the freezing mark in wilmington and close to it in millville and trenton. 32 in dover. 33 at the airport in atlantic city. these numbers are close enough to freezing despite the warm air yesterday, the slushiness may be developing in spots, so you want to take it slow if you see that, i think cruel get around fairly well today. clouds early on obviously, rain and wet snow, mostly wet snow across the region now. between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. 35, 34 degrees, a tad cooler in the suburbs.
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winter weather advisory expires at 10:00 a.m., the numbers will be coming up. most of the area will be saying goodbye to the snow, the exception being the coastal counties. this afternoon we'll get the sunshine coming back, 44 degrees, we'll melt this stuff as it settles on grassy surfaces. this afternoon it will be blustery and chilly so you'll need a coat. i'll track this when i come back, and hutch you accumulation on grassy surfaces. >> reporter: bad timing as people head out to work. montgomeryville underneath the lights at the intersection. you can see the steady snow it's accumulating on the sides of the road. we have an accident in langhorne, bucks county. route 1 northbound, maple
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avenue. we have a tow truck on the scene off to the right. traffic slowing on route 1 northbound we're not looking at snow on the main road here, but nonetheless an accident, and water on the roadways. this is i-95 at cottman, speaking of rain out here, prior to it changing to snow, you can see the splash back. here we are in south philadelphia, we've got flooding problems in the right lane, police and penndot on the scene blocking the right lane, i-95 northbound at packer avenue as you head toward center city. of course this is a day where you have a lot of extra people for wing bowl. we have the snow falling and in spots we have rain falling that we have flooding issues. katherine scott is in the area that could see the highest of snow totals in the region, she joins us live in hammonton, new jersey.
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hi katherine. >> reporter: hi, matt, the snow is coming down for a little while, probable sticking more to seem to me than when it hits the grounds. when it hits the roads the not cold enough for major accumulation. it's slushy. on the grassy areas and the sides of the roads you can see there's some accumulation. white horse pike, you can see it's sloppy and slushy and messy in spots. we have seen salt trucks come through. be careful as you head out, because you could see slippery spots on the roads. overnights there was rain it turned into a wintry mix, by the time it hit the ground, it pretty much melted and we started to see the changeover around 4:00 a.m. there's been wet snow coming down in hammonton. as far as traffic coming through here, not seeing any major problems, people have been
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coming along just fine, they say, especially those with four wheel drive. they say there's been no problem. there could slick spots, leave extra time when you head out the door today. it started snowing like late, a lot came down that quick. be careful driving like everybody's if you don't have anywhere to go stay home and relax, go get bread and milk. what is it with the bread and milk. >> reporter: french toast. how about the butter? >> reporter: i know. korea, bread, butter, scrambled eggs it's all tastes good on days like this. you can see the ponding and pooling on the sides of the road that karen has been talking about. it's been raining and now it's snowing and the snowstorm from the last couple of weeks, we have melting so you could see wet spots as you head out the
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door. you could see slush and mess and ice and slick spots and pooling, so, again, leave extra time are be careful everybody, live in hammonton, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." thanks, katherine. now let's get annie mccormick in university city, good morning. >> reporter: you left out ice cream and chocolate, a few staples i have in my house whenever it snows. looking live at the schuylkill expressway this is the first time in the city we're seeing snow, it started with rain and icy snow and slush, now we're seeing big flakes as people are heading out to work. a lot of them taking their time on the schuylkill expressway. this is overnight when the precipitation started overnight, like we said it was rain and sleet. penndot has been ahead of this, as they usually are. they had 180 trucks out overnight putting brining solution on the roads making
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sure the snow and ice doesn't stick. they have plow trucks out today in case any accumulation happens or slush happens they will move the snow off the road. we talked to a number of drivers today to see what they think about it, here's what some had to say. what do you think? i think i'm tired of it. >> reporter: are you seeing snow or rain? i'm seeing snow right now. i love it, it's beautiful. i love the snow. >> reporter: are you hoping we get a little more snow. i think 6 inches would be nice. >> reporter: and back out here live, i think people are used to getting 22 inches since the only big snowstorm we had so far that blizzard, definitely not the accumulations we'll get today. as you can see we're starting to see cars with snow on top of their roofs as you wake up and head out take time to brush off your car. it looks pretty, it's the big,
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thick flakes wondering how long those will last in the city. reporting live in university city, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." now let's take a look at video, the action cam caught the wet slushy snow coming down in springfield, delaware county. a light coating on trucks parked near route 1 and 320. go to storm tracker 6 live with the latest from accuweather, follow our team of meteorologists on facebook for updated info. school closings about 10:00 a.m., widespread across the tri-state area. we're looking at mainly wet roads, our sky 6 cameras are showing snow developing on secondary roads, this would be a potential on sidewalks own driveways and things like that. those -- there's a future
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tracker 6 image i'll go back to in a second. by 10:00 a.m. things will be moving off the coast. we have a break up in allentown. by in the center portion of the region we have decent bands of snow highlighted in lavender. this is where the slushiness could occur. when the snow is heavier it draws cooler air down from aloft and that's enough to have an impact on some roads. in most cases, main hey -- highways are wet, and karen rogers will update us on that. this is wet snow mostly nuisance snow if you encounter any areas with slush take it slow and you are going to be okay in all likelihood. as we go to the north, we're transitioning into the darker grade in pottstown, boyertown that's getting close to quakertown, as well. macungie allentown, all this starting to break up, the darker
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gray is the lighter snow. down the shore we're looking at rain holding out, it's closer to the coast you're looking at the wet snow changeover. it will last longer and pile up more although most of the accumulation will be on grassy surfaces, we'll cover how much in a couple of seconds. let's gets you outside, where it is snowing and you have slush on some roads, as we look at sky6 live hd, most of the main roads very passable this morning, just wet as this acts mainly like rain. you have to be careful like slush on the shoulder. it's hard to see what we're looking at temple university, i think it's the top of the liacouras center. 33 in wilmington. in some cases be the temperatures have dropped close to the freezing mark. these are areas where i could see slushiness developing on
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some road surfaces. through the philadelphia area we're above freezing where we are mainly looking at wet road conditions. future tracker 67 showing i between now and 7:30 we're looking at snow beginning to get lighter in the northern and western suburbs and through philadelphia. it will be a little bit on the steadier side toward the shore. we roll this over by 11:00. most of this is lightning up and pushing away from our region. so winters weather advisory today expiring at 10:00. you can see why the snow will be diminishing by then and temperatures will be coming up. between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. that's where most of the impact will be, most of that will be a little bit of slush on road surfaces and sidewalks. by 9:00 we're seeing the snow diminish a little bit ascertain 10:00 a.m. things are getting better across the region. by 8:00 a.m. we're looking at what we've got now around the
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freezing mark. as soon as 12 or 12:30 everybody is above freezing. in terms of what we're looking on the ground, 1 to 3-inch. in the i-95 corridor a bullet area that could 3 to 4 inches hammonton to long island new york and areas like lakehurst most of us the accumulation is on grassy surfaces. allentown, in the lehigh valley look for improving in the afternoon, blustery, the sun is coming back, down the shore, 42 degrees, a snowy start but we'll see afternoon clearing by the shore. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high in philadelphia, 44 degrees again sun coming back later, it will be blustery and chilly afternoon the snow ends quickly this morning. for the weekend partly sunny on saturday, 47. milder on sunday, 53. monday, chillier 42. tuesday is the day we're watching. it looks like a coastal storm might be close enough to dish a couple of periods of snow on the
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region. all the models are calling for a moderate snow, i don't think we get hammered like we did before, but with the coastal storms, a slight change in track one way or another could push the numbers up or down. tuesday is the day we're watching. for now i hope it's not a big hit. me too. 5:43. our coverage. winter weather goes on. looking live at the philadelphia international airport. we have one hundred cancellations in the new york and boston airports. be aware of that. >> reporter: you can see the fluffy stuff falling at doyle and county line road. we're seeing the snow landings and sticking on some of the roads we watched the car moving through okay, it didn't do slipping and sliding. we have a spinout accident to talk about when "action news" right comes right back.
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6 out there along the move the atlantic city expressway. hammonton, new jersey, the flakes are coming down, but they are not sticking. let's turn to karen rogers and the traffic report. >> reporter: we have an interesting mix of problems,
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west conshohocken front street at fayette street. you're saying the snow is coming down and it's melting on the surface. the trouble is before it changed to snow, so much rain came down, we have ponding and puddling. some areas are slick and slushy. other areas you're driving through the water. the water is coming out right here, it's easy when a car travels through, i'll go in tighter to this, so much water it's running off the road. the snow is coming down and creating wet conditions for people. there's a plow going through. he is spreading salt there, as well, which is much needed to coat the roads. here's route 42 northbound traffic at creek road showing some building volume here, northbound at black horse pike we have a spinout accident blocking the right lane. that's causing problems, as well. you're seeing issues with that. looking live in langhorne, bucks
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county, route 1 at 213, we had an accident blocking the right lane that cleared a second ago. we're talking about a spinout on 42 northbound an accident we had here in bucks county where we're not seeing snow on the main road, but nonetheless a little bit of water and it's slick enough to create problems out there. let's go live to storm tracker 6 live double scan, you can see in double scan not only is it snowing the areas of white. look at the areas of lavender that has increased in spots. it's coming down more intensely. we're seeing that in willow grove and jenkintown and i-95 in woodbury, new jersey, along the new jersey turnpike you're seeing the brighter areas. medford lakes, berlin, route 30. it's in browns mills and wrightstown. a quick look at the temperatures. many areas the ground surface
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showing it's melting, but coming down steadily enough it's creating problems. meek mill is scheduled to be sentenced for violating his probation from a 2008 drug conviction. he is accused of traveling to out of state concerts. he talked to the senior class at the latin charter school. the court imposed several restrictions on his movements and activities since december. wing bowl 24 kicks off at the wells fargo center. 30 competitive eaters will make their entrance on floats. the top prize is 2016 marley davidson motorcycle and ten thousand dollars in cash and wing bowl ring. i'm going for the black widow. more and more schools are
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announcing delays at and the tv. let's get a live look out across university city. the snow is coming down and the roads are slushy david. >> reporter: the roads are slushy. as you dress the kids warmly with the temperatures in the low to mid 30s, reminds them they want to watch out for sidewalks for the slushiness and slipperiness especially if they are going up an incline. things get better in the afternoon.
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on. >> reporter: this is upper state road, the snow is falling steadily. we're watching traffic no slipping or sliding, but the slush is sticking on the roads in some points. because of that we have speed restrictions at 35 miles per hour on the ben franklin bridge, walt whitman bridge, the commodor barry bridge, betsy ross bridge, in this area the bridge are just wet. slow it down. >> reporter: we have wet snow across the region, main roads wet, snow beginning to taper off in the lehigh valley and berks county. this will be sliding to the coast by lunchtime. in philadelphia we'll see the worst of this over by 9:30 or 10:00 a.m. the winter weather advisory expires at 10:00 a.m. across the majority of region.
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temperatures in the northern and western suburbs are close to freezing, slushiness possible. the reason we're not getting all the snow on the roads is because we were up in the 50s across the region and the roads are warm. 42 in south jersey. be careful of the slushy roads. in hockessin delaware we're around 34. sky6 live hd camera we showed you the intersection in bear, delaware that had the tire marks, so be careful. we'll be drying out, 44 is the high, 3:00 p.m., lots of sun. the only bad thing later on tam, it will be windy and blustery. it doesn't appear that the sika virus will dampen the nonstop party in brazil. despite warnings to cover up and put on repel many will party
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in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware we're seeing snow and we have a few school delays, as well. we'll be b right back. conspired
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good morning everyone, it is 6:00 a.m. friday, february 5 we're tracking snow that's falling in the region right now. and we're keeping on eye on storm tracker 6 live double scan radar you're taking a live look at it right now. we are expecting just a few inches, but it could make the mormon commute a bit messy. there's


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