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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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community in shock and also in disbelief about what happened to this elderly couple tonight. that husband is recovering at the hospital but also dealing with the loss of his wife. >> tree was physically on them 'cause when we picked the tree up with the crane we had a sigh of relief from the guy. >> reporter: friday morning fire crews responded to a tree onto a house at this home on james road in broomall. when they arrived they discovered 79-year-old alan cooper and his 77-year-old wife marjay were trapped tragically cooper's wife did not survive. >> it's a freak accident and i would say most people walking around here today are reminisce center of watching their backyard thinking oh my god i got a tree like that. >> reporter: the 911 call came about 8:20. firefighters believe the couple were asleep at the time and may have been trapped for up to two hours before the call for help came in. crews say alan cooper was able to talk and desperately wanted to be freed. the ship commander recounts cooper's urgency.
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>> get me the hell out of here. >> reporter: family members arriving to the scene were overcome with emotion and too distraught to talk with reporters. tree service workers say the 90-foot tree slammed into the home with tremendous force. they used a hundred foot crane to lift it and say it was a slow and delicate process. >> it was one fatality. he was directly under the tree. we had to be careful in every inch we moved the tree. >> reporter: the tree workers believe the weight of overnight snow likely caused the tree to collapse. those living in the area say they're concerned about i was the trees but never imagined a tragedy like this one. >> i did not expect to hear that something happened to the lady. it's a shame. >> i'm still in shock tell you the truth. i mean, it's like wow. >> reporter: back out live you seat workers here they are repairing a gaping hole inside the roof of this home and tonight they are concerned about the structural integrity of the home.
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i can also tell you at last check 79-year-old alan cooper is listed in good condition which of course is some good news and coming up tonight at 6 o'clock you'll hear from a neighbor who knew this couple real well. live tonight in broomall gray hall. >> gray thank you. a montgomery county family says a child was killed when he tried to save his father. the flames broke out on markley street in norristown. five people made it out including 12-year-old standard harling who was known as man-man but his grandfather says harling went back inside because he believed his dad was still in there. >> once we got out we thought that her husband, his father was still in there. his father just had hip surgery so he can't move around and man-man ran back in there to help his dad. father end up jumping out the second floor window.
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man-man got caught up in there. >> "action news" reporter vernon odom is following the investigation into the deadly blaze. he'll have a live report at 5 o'clock. >> ♪ >> breaking right now the pennsylvania supreme court has refused to reinstate attorney general kathleen kane's law license. that move puts kane's job status in even greater doubt as she continues to battle charges that she leaked confidential grand jury information to the news media. the state senate said last week it would wait for this court ruling before deciding whether to vote on removing kane from office. kane's spokesman says the attorney general is disappointed but "not surprised quite quite b." police are looking for the man who shot a man during a robbery. they gave us surveillance pictures from inside the 7-eleven on long lane. the suspect slot a worker in the leg last night. he ended up leaving the store without taking anything.
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police believe he could be behind several other crimes in the area. "action news"'s trish hartman will have new details in a live report tonight at 5:00. >> it is time for a check of the accuweather forecast. it was a snowy start to the day but it got sunnier after the morning commute was over. >> yeah, places closer to the shore saw the heaviest snow this morning. the action cam was in ocean city. you can see the boardwalk was covered in snow but we still found a few folks out there enjoying a walk and why not? of course this is nothing compared to what we saw just a few weeks ago and in most of our area the snow is already gone. >> let's head outside to meteorologist adam joseph and you've got the details on the weekend call from accuweather. add cam. >> yeah, that sunshine came back late morning into the afternoon melting that snow away and that storm is racing away into new england presently on double scan live radar they got even more snow than we he did in parts of boston cape cod and northern parts of maine getting over a half a foot of snow with this
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coastal storm that scraped philadelphia especially to the south and east. they were light but a nuisance event for that morning rush this morning. about an inch and a half in northeast philadelphia, wayne coming in at 2-inches, wilmington 1.5 and over in new jersey, those are the higher amounts as expected 3-inches in mount holly and toms river coming in with 6-inches of that wet snow. presently we're 42 in philadelphia, 39 in allentown, 40 in wilmington and near 40 even in southern new jersey and delaware so those temperatures did respond with that sunshine but we dealt with a northwesterly wind through much of the day. i can still feel the it right now and those dropping wind chills into the 30's area wide. it's friday night. if you're heading out on the town for a dinner date or whatever 7 o'clock 38 degrees. we cleared the sky, the clouds really collapsed, 35 at 9 o'clock, 10 o'clock 35 and by 11 o'clock, 34 degrees. and we look at that accuweather forecast. we'll talk about a beautiful first weekend of february ahead for saturday and sunday. we are tracking some more snow into early next week and then temperatures take a bit of a
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dip in that seven-day forecast. i'll let you know just how much snow roughly what we're looking at here for early next week in that full accuweather forecast. sharrie. >> adam thanks. the no, sir was heaviest today the farther east you went. that left new jersey taking the brunt of it in our area but after the blizzard of 2016, today was no challenge for most people. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic continues our coverage live from trenton. hi, nora. >> reporter: hi there, sharrie. this giant snow pile behind me has some new white snow on top of it tonight but it may be here for months before it actually melts away. but it didn't take more than a few hours for what fell this morning to disappear. we he checked conditions in mercer and burlington counties. >> easy cake walk compared to, you know, what we previously had done had. >> reporter: yeah, a couple weeks ago in the blizzard. >> yeah. >> reporter: this morning's snowfall in mount holly dumped two to 3 inches on this man's street which required some minor shoveling to clear the sidewalk. sue had to work a little bit
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harder to clean off her suv. >> it's a mess. it's wet, heavy. >> reporter: but compared to -- >> compared to the last one it's great. >> main roads are okay. side roads a little bit slushy. not too bad a drive. >> reporter: plowing the parking lot at the first united methodist church was a whole lot easier than it was after the blizzard. >> we were out here for days doing the snow. this is nothing. we're just pushing the slush around. >> reporter: today was an unexpected snow day for special education teacher theresa nicholl but she planned to keep busy. >> i'm going food shopping make some ban flan nap bread give my dogs a bath and then relax. >> reporter: the snow that clung to the tree branches was melting away by noon. >> it was a joke. it was nothing. i mean when i got out it was on my car but -- >> reporter: in hamilton township route 33 was cleared right down to the pavement. the only serious snow left was these piles in the parking lot of the mercerville shopping center. >> i got up at 8 o'clock and it was snowing like crazy and
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by 9:30 it stopped and 11 o'clock it was gone. >> got warm, the sun came out and it was a wet snow, there was rain underneath it and that was it. it just went away. >> reporter: bye. >> bye. >> reporter: see ya'. lack live now looking at the gigantic snow pile left over from the blizzard it is impressive but i'll take the kind of snow that we got today, pretty to look at and then it just disappears. live in tren tornado - i'm nortrenton, i'm noramuchanic chn news." >> be sure to stay with as we move throughout weather. you can get updated forecasts from our team of meteorologists any time anywhere. >> some call it revolting, others remarkable but one woman calls it redemption. molly skylar regained her crown this morning winning wing bowl 24, two years after her first win. skylar took down 429 wings during the competition today. that's averaging 14 wings per
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minute. her motivation she says winning that harley-davidson. >> i wanted that bike last year. i wanted it the year before. this is the best dave my life. >> there you have it. skylar said she didn't really have a strategy this year but wanted that motorcycle so badly she was "willing to eat the bones." no reports that she did in fact. she beat out last year's winner to regain the title he downed 19 fewer wings than she he did. look at that. >> i tell you just to be clear, this is male-female all at once. she beat everyone. >> she beat them all. >> i was going have wings this weekend but suddenly i don't want them. >> second thoughts. >> yeah. >> give it a day or two. >> okay. >> time for the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pelman standing by in the "action news" traffic report center with an upday. hey, meh. >> those that call it revolting just don't get it. >> that's true. >> it's a blessed event . >> [laughter] brian and sharrie, hey, no bones about it we definitely
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have some traffic troubles out there as you head home this afternoon but go ahead and wing it, it's not as bad as some friday afternoons. if you're traveling through bucks county they're patching some of the potholes. those potholes are starting to pop up and lucky they're patching them on the southbound lanes of 95 approaching 413. penndot crews roving along in the right lane so with just the left lane squeezing by you can expect some slowing as you come down from business one lincoln highway. to center city we go, this is the vine street expressway westbound side backing up headed toward the schuylkill and expect the vine and the local city streets to be busy throughout the weekend as the auto show continues. just a few days left. 95 typical northbound slowing by the betsy ross bridge, just 14 miles per hour. on 295 there's a crash that just got pushed to the shoulder southbound past the white horse pike. speeds in the teens there. and in clementon a crash is shutting down the white horse pike this afternoon at new freedom road there by catering by us. berlin road a possible alternate for you this
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afternoon. let's grab the ipad to the commuter report on this friday in clerical on 70 east by cuthbert boulevard still have that construction zone taking out a lane. last we heard they're supposed to clear out of there by 5 o'clock so 50 more minutes to deal with there one. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> the end is it in sight matt. thanks very much. he was there for one of the most iconic moments of the civil rights movement and today he used that story to inspire local students. >> plus, a crane collapses in the heart of new york city. what we know about the deadly accident that rocked one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in manhattan. >> and security already tightening around levi stadium in california. coming up here today what federal state and local agencies are doing to make sure this year's super bowl is a safe one. >> ♪ where should you start when you're
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appointments available now. >> ♪ >> devastating video here that you're taking a look at. a huge construction crane
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collapsed on a new york city street today. crews were actually trying to secure it when it toppled over. cell phone video shows the red metal boom crashing down. it landed across an intersection in there tribeca neighborhood. it smashed parked cars killing a man who was standing next to one of them. workers were in the process of lowering the crane to protect it from gusty winds but investigators still aren't sure why it fell. >> this is a very, very sad incident. we've lost a life. but if you go out there on the street as i did and see what happened here, thank god it was not worse. >> in addition to the one death, two other people were seriously hurt. the city has ordered all mobile cranes to be moved into secure positions. >> the denver broncos iny and caroline that a panthers face off on sunday in super bowl 50. even though we're two days away from kickoff security is already working around the clock to make sure the big game is as safe as it can be.
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abc's brandi hitt shows us what they're doing. >> reporter: a massive security presence is in place for super bowl sunday. trained swat teams on the ground. the coast guard in the san francisco bay and eight aircraft watching from above. >> air space around the super bowl area. >> reporter: this intense operation involving the fbi and homeland security took two years to plan. >> we know of no specific credible threat he directed at super bowl 50 or related events. >> reporter: still, they're not taking any chances especially following the recent deadly terror attacks in paris and san bernadino. >> the achilles heel for us is either an active shooter or a lone wolf terrorist event. >> reporter: these machines are now standing every truck delivery for explosive and radioactive material. >> it's an x-ray machine that lets us look right inside see what cargo is inside the containers. >> reporter: radiation sensors are posted at train stops. >> i welcome the security.
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anything to make us more say. with bomb sniffing dogs and undercover police, everywhere. >> there's so much going on behind scenes that nobody's going to see. >> reporter: brandi hitt abc news, los angeles. >> u.s. employers added 151,000 jobs in january. that is a steep drop from the past few months. and well below expectations. the labor department says the slow down in hiring reflects the uncertainty still plaguing the economy. most of that is due to global issues and the up and down stock market. retailers and restaurants led the way in hiring last month and the gains were fluff to drop the unemployment rate to 4.9 percent. that's the lowest it's been in eight years but speaking of the up and down market down today and significantly. the dow off 212 points today. the nasdaq down 146. the s & p 500 also off 35 and a half points on the day. >> tonight at 11:00 nydia han has another installment of "action news" troubleshooters. she tracks down a local business owner asking the
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tough questions for our viewers. here is a preview. >> reporter: buyer beware of a local co-op rating from new jersey into pennsylvania. the owner still in business and taking new work is facing criminal charges for allegedly failing to do work for some of his proofs customers. when you took deposits from people were you planning on doing the jobs or ripping them off. "action news" troubleshooters are fighting to guilty your money back. before you pay a local business to make improvements to your home, you need to watch our special report tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:00. >> the snow is out of here. it's lots of sunshine out there and all in all a pretty nice day right now. >> yeah as we head into the weekend let's check in with meteorologist adam joseph. >> very different scene this afternoon. right now live on sky6 overlooking the commodore barry bridge from this morning when we had that snow falling. now you see that crystal clear blue sky. a few puffy cumulus clouds drifting through the region but those clouds will continue to fall apart once that sun sets. as we look at the numbers for snow early this morning in
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philadelphia, that very wet snow, 1.2-inches officially at philadelphia international airport. chadds ford 1.7. newtown bucks county a little more than 3-inches of snow and in the state of delaware, smyrna and port penn between 1.2 and 2.2-inches and the numbers a little higher in parts of new jersey as you are closer to that coastal storm, 2.8 in hammonton and that's in atlantic county, lindenwold 2.2, williams one to 3-inches, manahawkin and brick township in ocean county the higher numbers between four and as high as 6-inches in some locations. the snow is gone, the sun is back and winds continue to drain in out of the northwesterly direction at speeds between about 12 to as much as 17 to 20 miles an hour and that's dropping those wind chills presently into the 30's. in fact we take a look at those wind chills. it feels like 32 in the lehigh valley, 28 in lancaster, 30 wilmington, 33 in millville and right around that freezing point at the shore but the good thing as we go into the overnight hours, we'll start
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to really ease that wind. satellite and radar, there goes the storm really kind of hammering eastern and southern parts of new england right now. we've got a couple of scattered showers with those northwesterly winds wrapping in around that low but those clouds will fall apart and you can see he nothing but clear skies to our south and west. so, overnight tonight, with that little crescent moon clear and cold as those winds relax, 20 in allentown, 21 reading, 24 in wilmington and even below freezing from philadelphia to the shore. as we get into the first part of the weekend, this is the first weekend of february, at 9:00 a.m. on saturday morning 32 allentown, 35 in philadelphia, 35 for millville and in the afternoon tomorrow just some high clouds around and temperatures going above average, low 40's in the lehigh valley, 43 philadelphia and if you are heading to the poconos to ski a perfect weekend. it will be dry and temperatures there right around 35 degrees. your four day at 4:00 forecast will show again the weekend setting up to be really nice. 45 degrees here on saturday.
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just some high clouds on super bowl sunday and mild at 50 degrees and then we step it down a little bit as clouds increase late on monday of 44 degrees. and it looks like there will be a period of snow kind of pulling through here on tuesday. temperatures above freezing at 39 so it's another wet snow event and a at this point does not look like a big storm. it will just be some energy passing through. i will chat more about that particular system coming up in the next half hour, guys. >> all right, adam, thank you. >> uh-huh. >> up next here today the woman accused of going on a crime spree he that targeted local hospitals. >> philadelphia rapper meek mill heads to court do find out if he'll go back to jail. what was we'll have a live report on today's hearing.
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>> a philadelphia woman is accused of stealing from doctors and nurses at hospitals across the region. 21-year-old nashia barns was
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in court today. police say she's responsible for thefts at pennsylvania hospital jefferson doylestown hospital paoli hospital and chop both in university he city and king of prussia. police say she would steal phones cash and credit cards then buy whatever she wanted on the doctors' and nurses' accounts. tonight on 20/20 a woman is caught in the middle after her friend confesses to a road rage shooting and she opens up about the moment he showed up at her front door asking for help. >> he's your friend. >> uh-huh. >> and you called the police on him. >> i felt that i had to. >> were you conflicted? >> absolutely. >> 20/20 airs right here on 6abc. then of course stay tuned for "action news" at 11:00. >> he set up for fairness and equal rights and now this activist is sharing his story during black history month to encourage others. bobby e. battle was a thriving college student when he he decided to join the sit in
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protests happening at segregated lunch counters at woolworth's stores in north carolina. battle spoke at the burlington county courthouse in mount holly today. he talked about making the decision to put his own life on the line to ensure that black people would be treated with dignity and fairness. >> you don't focus on yourself anymore. your vision is way beyond yourself. you're looking at the end results, you know, and as we would march downtown we were singing we shall overcome. it's about overcoming. >> battle continued to take on discrimination later becoming a colonel in the u.s. air force and the director of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action for the new jersey state courts. >> young wrestlers are take over wildwood this weekend. today the national youth challenge duels began at the wildwoods convention center: the three day event features
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more than 1500 wrestlers. more than 40 teams across the country are here competing. >> there's still much more ahead on action news. a young worker caught sleeping on the job. to make matters worse, he's an intern and his coworkers aren't letting him live it down. the story ahead in big talkers. >> breaking news coming in about rapper meek mill. "action news" reporter john rawlins will be live with the judge's sentencing in just minutes. >> blank
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with a look at how the region cleaned up after this morning's snowfall. >> and a man convicted as the ringleader of a high profile kidnapping that rattled jewelers' row learns his fate. "action news" has details about his prison sentence. >> plus a montgomery county student is honored for helping save her mother's life. hear from both of them talking about this experience coming up. >> but we begin at 4:30 with breaking news today. philadelphia rapper meek mill is escaping jail time for his parole violation. a judge made that ruling less than one hour ago. "action news" reporter john rawlins was in court today for the sentencing. he joins us live with what comes next for the popular rapper, john. >> reporter: hi, how are you doing? well, the judge, judge brinkley seemed to really agonize over what to do with meek mill. she considered then she said
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this publicly about giving him a state prison term of four to eight years before repeatedly violating his probation from a 2008 gun and drug case. supporters however spoke up in behalf of him including some of the folks that worked with him within the system here saying he had been making progress so the judge decided on a less severe punishment. the legal decision seemed to be sanctioned to keep performer meek mill whose real name is robert williams under tight control. the actual sentence was six to 12 months in county jail plus six years of additional probation. the judge then immediately ordered the jail time to become house arrest. a further requirement for the first 90 days the 28-year-old rapper would not be able to work professionally. he would only be able to leave his house for charitable efforts limited to help feed the homeless, meet and help veterans ordeal with organizations like habitat for humanity. he will not be allowed to be used as a role model for students or children as he did yesterday when he answered questions for students at
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philadelphia's boys latin high school. now meek mill was allowed to leave court today with his significant other nicki minaj after the judge spoke with the couple privately we don't know what they said. meek mill is to report to his house arrest situation on march first. he'll have to go up and report to authorities there. we're told he could spend between 24 and 48 hours as they iron out the system to make sure that the house arrest bracelet will be operating at the house where he will be staying for at least the next 90 days. live in center city, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." back to you all. >> all right, john, thank you. a 35-year-old man was sentenced to spend the next 30 years in prison for kid -- prosecutors say sal heed sheen was the ringleader. the victim was eventually freed but was badly injured.
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one of shah heed's accomplices received a 15 year sentence. another is waiting to receive his punishment. >> video showing smoke and water from a fire hose coming from one of the upper windows right there at bartram high. chopper 6hd was overhead as firefighters responded. the fire was in the third floor bathroom. no word on how it started. school was evacuated and good news here no one was hurt. let cross helping a family from camden who lost their home in an early morning fire. flames were shooting from the roof as fire crews arrived on the 400 block of lansdale avenue about 3 a.m. a couple and two young daughters managed to escape in time. a second vacant home was also damaged. >> surveillance cameras recorded an armed robbery in plymouth meeting. you can see the man walking to the -- into the american gasoline station on east ridge pike. police say he then pulled a
4:33 pm
gun on the clerk behind the counter telling him to open the cash register. you can also see the suspect grab cash and then run away. all of this happened tuesday night. the robber is still on the run. a pemberton new jersey police officer was involved in a minor crash this morning. it all happened while he was directing traffic around a tree that fell onto pemberton-browns mills road. a black sedan rear ended his patrol car around 10 o'clock. both vehicles were damaged but everyone is okay. road crews chopped up the tree and got all the debris cleaned up about an hour later. >> it was by no means a blizzard and certainly not like the one we just lived through but we did see snow in parts of the region today. this is what they woke up to in hammonton new jersey. it came during morning rush leaving roads wet and slushy. many people were annoyed that they had to clean off their cars before heading out. >> ridiculous. i have so many errands to do today. it's my only day off and this is horrible.
4:34 pm
i can't believe it was 60 degrees two days ago. >> it was slushy and i drove 25 miles an hour from atco here. >> well, in the end it was nothing more than a nuisance but people are already preparing for the possibility of more snow next week and among those preparing -- >> i think we've been spoiled pretty much. >> yeah, we have. we had that one big storm but otherwise, the temperatures have been running way above normal. >> that's right. >> this entire winter season search it's going to go above normal again this upcoming weekend. the snow is gone. it has melted away since this morning. take a live look at sky6 the ben franklin bridge, a lot of sunshine is back, the temperature 42 but it only feels like 34 with that wind out of the north-northwest at 17 miles an hour. spring mountain a place that loves to see that fresh snow a couple skiers and snow borders there, 39 degrees with the wind chill presently at 31 degrees and speaking of skiing, if you're heading to the poconos saturday mostly sunny, a light wind out of the southwest and not bad,
4:35 pm
38 degrees and as you get into sunday, very mild for february. a very small taste of spring skiing there with more sunshine and your temperature coming in at 42 degrees. we he will chat about the possibility of that snow next tuesday and i kind of break it down exactly what's going on in the atmosphere in that seven-day forecast for you guys. >> all right, adam thanks. >> uh-huh. >> meantime construction is expected to start soon on a long awaited road project in delaware. today governor jack markell joined other state lawmakers for the groundbreaking of the u.s. route 301 main line. the new toll road is expected to ease traffic congestion and create thousands of jobs. as if you didn't know but the super bowl is just two days away and for many sunday is as much about the food as it is about the game. "action news" anchor rick williams is in the news room, i'm sure you might agree with this one with more on how to cut back on the calories this weekend. >> good luck with that sharrie thank you. here's something that you
4:36 pm
probably didn't know or maybe you d the average person eats more than three days worth of calories on super bowl sunday alone. i eat that much during half time show. coming up tonight in health check ali gorman shows us some healthy twists on super bowl party favorites that cut back on calories without cutting back on taste. also coming up tonight at 5:00 a change in policy from apple when it comes to swapping out your iphone. the leeway apple is giving its smartphone users if they're looking to trade up for new technology. apple says if you have an old phone it's probably the pits. sorry. those stories and much more coming up on "action news" tonight at 5:00 brian, back to you. >> you're for given. >> okay. >> an eight-year-old in cheltenham township got a big honor today for possibly saving her mom's life. on december 29th 2nd grader jayla martin called 911 after her mother became very sick. emergency responders said during the call jayla was composed and extremely helpful. and one of the officers who responded was so impressed she said the young girl should be
4:37 pm
recognized and that's what happened today at myers elementary school. jayla had no idea she was getting an award but toll us how she felt about it. >> surprise. proud. happy. >> i'm very proud of her. i don't think i could ever express to her how proud i am of her. >> good kid. and so whole composed. lieutenant jessica barto described jayla's actions as amaze and during the other presentation she talked to other students about the importance of 911 calls. >> great work by that little one. >> absolutely. >> still ahead on "action news," a week long crime spree comes to a violent end in florida. we have the very late of the about the couple known as a modern day bonnie and clyde. >> and ahead in big talkers these clearly are not your average footballs. they're made of sterling silver and dripping in gold. combining football and fancy fashion ahead of the super bowl. >> and meteorologist adam joseph will be back with the full forecast from accuweather.
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for your weekend when "action news" at 4:00 continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> the manhunt for a couple suspected in a multistate crime spree is now over. it ended with an early morning police chase an shootout in florida. blake fitzgerald was killed and his girlfriend, brittany harper was wounded. authorities have linked the pair to several robberies and abductions in alabama and georgia along with a gun theft in missouri. harper is now hospitalized and is under police guard. the founder of wikileaks is declaring victory against british and swedish authorities. julian assange stood on the balance couldn't flee of the ecuadorian embassy in london this afternoon to talk to his supporters. he says he feels vin dick kayd after a un panel ruled he has been arbitrarily detained. authorities say he has chosen to stay at the embassy since 2012 to avoid extradition. investigators in sweden want to talk to him about a rape
4:41 pm
allegation. >> pope francis will be heading to cuba for an historic meeting next week. the pontiff will sit down with the head of the russian orthodox church. it will be the first time these two figures have ever met. christianity split between east and west a thousand years ago. the two churches have disagreed on a number of significant issues ever since. >> turning to the race for the white house of 2016. democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders battled it out during last night's debate. both are back on the campaign trail isn't no, sir what was new hampshire today. and the republicans are getting ready to take the stage tomorrow night. their next debate only a day away. coverage begins at 8 o'clock saturday right here on 6abc. and "action news" will be in new hampshire covering the primary next week. watch for live reports from monica malpass from manchester starting this sunday night on "action news." >> ♪ >> all right, the big talkers now. over here at the big board and
4:42 pm
some fancy footballs are commemorating a big weekend. the 50th super bowl. the nfl asked some luxury fashion designers to give a traditional pig skin a bit of a makeover and they really lived up to that request. tiffany's designed this one. it's made out of 12 pounds of silver with yellow and gold accents. not a bad football. here's look at some of the others. plenty of glitz and glamour. gold leaf tassels metal spikes and other extravaganted editions. the minimum starting bid is $500 and proceeds will go to the nfl foundation which helps several causes. all right. this is not what you would call making a good first impression. the picture shows a young man sleeping on the job and his coworkers making sure he would absolutely never ever live this down because you see the guy sleeping is an intern. and this was his first day on the job.
4:43 pm
here's the picture up close. easily a dozen workers at a tech startup photo bombin bombie dozing dilatant. then it got photoshoped assuring the intern will never nap again anywhere. turns out his bosses have a heart. they did not fire him for this temporary lapse in consciousness. it's not clear, though, whether they'll hire him when his internship ends. that poor kid. >> yes. we would never treat the interns here that way. >> no. >> but 33 wouldn't nap, either. >> i don't think so. too busy around here. all right, brian. let's get another check of the roads this evening. of course matt pelman keeping an eye and has the update on this friday. >> yes, i am awake at the moment which is saying something because i'm pretty dog gone tired by this point in the week. we're watch something accidents so we have to stay awake this afternoon sharrie. in the frazier area of chester county southbound side of 202 approaching the route 30 bypass.
4:44 pm
have a crash right in the work zone along 202 but it's off to the side. police are on the scene as you can see as is penndot. two lanes are still getting by headed towards 30 but it's an extra slow go from approaching 29 through this point approaching the bypass. elsewhere in chester county in pennsbury township a tree came down this afternoon along parkerville road by baltimore pike. that's just east of longwood gardens. probably a good one to avoid. a crash we're watching in abington township. it's along tennis avenue at jenkintown road. little bit of slowing there on the eastbound turnpike passing fort washington but overall that's not so bad. this isn't so good but it's for a good reason. they're patching some of the 309 holes along 95 southbound in the work zone by 413 in bucks county so just one lane is squeezing by which means it is extra slow. jammed solid in fact as you come south of business one on 95 in bucks. i would use route one southbound in bucks county instead if you're headed out in that area. on 295 in camden county, crash past the white horse pike is cleared. still some slow speeds there
4:45 pm
by 561. and in clementon we have that crash shutting down the white horse pike at new freedom road by catering by us. i would stay on berlin road by clementon park and splash word. washington township close to the high school a wreck along hurfville-cross keys road at ganttown road. we'll check it again sharrie in the 5 o'clock hour. >> matt thank you. if you noticed a lot of people are actually wearing red today. you may have taken notice of that also here at "action news" and it's not a coincidence it's national go red day for the american heart association. the group is working to raise awareness of the tolls heart disease takes on women. it also wants people to donate to help fund research. the american heart association says a woman dies from heart disease or a stroke every 80 seconds but the vast majority of them are preventible. >> such an important message and an easy way to send it. >> yes. >> still ahead here on "action news" it is freebie friday. we'll tell you about a fun event for the whole family.
4:46 pm
>> stepping outside, the is unis out, the skies are blue. sky6 hd looking live at the ben franklin bridge. meteorologist adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast next.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
>> ♪ >> we're just talking about our super bowl menus for the weekend. >> chilly. >> yes. >> beer. >> beer in the chili. >> sounds great. >> people if they want to spend some time outside. >> perfect for saturday and sunday especially for february standards and coming off that little bout of snow we had this morning. as we take a look at double scan live radar, all is quiet across the region, the sunshine returns this afternoon. melting much of that snow that fell early this morning but again, there are some patches of water that hasn't been completely evaporated yet so
4:49 pm
judge watch those as the sun sets and temperatures drop below freezing. 39 in allentown, 40 right now in reading, 42 in philadelphia, 41 in millville, 40 in wilmington and right around 40 at the shore with that ocean still running way above average this whole winter season right now sitting at 43 degrees. but we're dealing with the wind there continues around 20 miles an hour out of the northwest and that's pulling those numbers down so it feels more like 34 in philadelphia, near freezing in allentown, below freezing in reading at 28 and lancaster, dover 34 degrees and up in the poconos it feels like 18. as we look at satellite and radar, lamp high pressure coming in behind this low he that continues to pull up into the eastern and northern new england and towards halifax but this high will be our friend setting up shop for saturday and sunday before some energy starts to pull in from the north and west to develop. a couple of storms here early next week off the coast. as we look at the weekend, though, saturday 45 degrees, just a few high clouds in the
4:50 pm
afternoon. lots of sun. southwesterly wind at five to 10 miles an hour and that southwesterly wind will pull those temperatures up to near 50 degrees on sunday with a few high clouds as well as a touch milder but overall these numbers are running close to four to as much as 9 degrees above normal. then we're tracking the energy. this is a snapshot of the atmosphere, about 18,000 feet above the surface and this is where everything kind of gets together to develop storms. anywhere you see these bright colors, that is almost a bowling ball type of feature of energy that will develop something. this is sunday at 5:00 p.m. and you can see this area down to the south. this is going to develop a massive storm but it stays off the coast and it moves out to sea. that storm is going to be so big that it's going to rob the atmosphere's energy and another storm, another piece of energy tries to rotate through on tuesday but the atmosphere is so overworked
4:51 pm
because of the first one that as this one pulls through, it is really not going to develop a big storm but as it passes by and develops a storm east of new england, we'll get a little round of snow coming in during the day on tuesday but at this point no model has yet ever to slow a big storm here on tuesday. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, sun, a few high clouds on saturday 45 degrees. high clouds and mild here on sunday of 50. clouds and sun, pretty nice on monday of 44 degrees and it stays near 40 on tuesday and we are calling a period of snow and right now it look to be anywhere between a light to moderate amount and that can be anywhere from a coating to a few inches but again, it's too early to tell but we'll get some kind of snow to pull through here and then wednesday rather cloudy, 39 and we really drop the temperatures the second half of the weekend, blustery and cold with temperatures only near the freezing point come thursday and friday, guys, but until then enjoy this weekend. >> yeah, will do adam. you, too. thank you. we invite you to stick
4:52 pm
with through the weekend. rely on constantly updated forecasts from our team of meteorologists 24 hours a day. >> ♪
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
>> let's celebrate. it's friday and we have freebie friday for you. the first one is for the parents out there. amazon is offering free down loads of special sesame street episodes. elmo, big bird, oscar and the grouch and all the friends of course will help kids learn about eating healthy, getting ready for school and planning for an emergency. >> with valentine's day coming up next weekend, yeah, guys, next weekend, mr. food is offering a deal to help you get ready. you can download a free recipe book filled with 14 different sweet treats for your sweetheart. and if that's not quite enough, for your sweet tooth, you can grab a free diet coke next time you fuel up at any
4:55 pm
local speed way. all you have to do is play the company's scratchoff game on are smartphone. you have 24 hours to redeem the coupon. >> and finally if you're looking for something to do with the family this weekend, you can head over to reading terminal market tomorrow. there will be live music art and performances to celebrate the chinese new year. different events run all day long starting at 10:00 a.m. to see the full schedule and find out more information on all of the freebies head to our web site students in delaware will the privilege of torturing their principal today and it was all in good fun. take a look. students at smith elementary school in newark held a fundraiser for patients and students raising money for pennies for patience. their goal was to raise $1,300 and if they raised more than that, well, they could tape their assistant principal to the wall. well, as you can see, they exceeded their goal and this is their reward for their good deed.
4:56 pm
the money will be donated to the leukemia and lymphoma society. >> man, they really taped him up there. >> they had been planning that for weeks. >> good. that will do it for "action news at 4:00 for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. hope you'll begin me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at what's coming up at 5:00. hi, guys. >> hi. coming up next at 5:00 friends and family are mourning the loss of a young hero who died trying the save his own dad from a raging house fire. plus, police are looking for this man in connection with an attempted armed robbery in upper darby. the other holdups in the area that officials are now trying to link him to. >> and a 62 and a half million dollars ultimatum. why one atlantic city casino says it won't pay taxes until the city forks over some serious cash. those stories and much more coming up next on "action news" at 5:00.
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4:58 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> the flames were ridiculou ridiculously intense. if you weren't getting out
4:59 pm
then i don't know where you were getting out. >> a montgomery county family is mourning the loss of one of their own. a young boy killed in a raging house fire this morning after he ran back into the flames to save his father. tonight he's being remembered as a hero. friday night. the big story on "action news" is the investigation now under way into how that house fire started. >> the flames broke out about 9:00 this morning in the 1000 block of markley street in norristown. it took crews an hour to get this fire under control. vernon odom live on the scene with the latest on this investigation. vernon. >> reporter: good evening. no official ruling on the cause of this deadly fire so far tonight and no official identification of the victim. but we have spoken extensively with his family who identified him for us as 12-year-old sanford harling. this is cell phone video of firefighters rushing to the flame engulfed home at mark lee and wayne avenue this
5:00 pm
morning. moments after the fire broke out as fear and desperation reigned here in norristown. 12-year-old sanford harling perished in the horrific fire that erupted at his three story twin home this morning just before 9 o'clock. at least four other family members were able to get out alive through windows this witness told me. >> the family was jumping out the like back window. at one point they realized somebody else was in there and they turned to try to run back in and they -- you know, the neighbors were actually pulling them back to keep from coming in because there weren't any cops here. >> reporter: one family member did get back in. sanford harling thought his father was trapped on the second floor. the 12-year-old nicknamed manhattan looked for his dad only to suffer a cruel fate. >> once we got out we thought that her husband, his father was still in there. his father just had hip surgery so he can't move around and man-man ran back in to hel


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