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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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roof of a house and ended up killing a 77-year-old woman. "action news" reporter gray hall is live at the scene. gray, you've got the details. >> reporter: right, jim, horrific and heartbreaking time for the family as you mentioned that 77-year-old woman lost her life in her home right behind me. her 79-year-old husband right now, he's recovering in the hospital and dealing with the loss of his wife. >> i was absolutely in shock. really good, good people. >> reporter: friday morning this broomall neighborhood was gripped with tragedy. a tree collapsed on this home trapping an elderly couple. sadly one of them did not make it out alive. family and friends are heartbroken. >> it's going to take awhile to get -- wrap around -- wrap my head around this. the victims have been identified as 79-year-old alan cooper and 77-year-old wife marjay. >> it's a freak accident. most people walking around here today are reminiscent of
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watching their backyard thinking oh my god i got a tree like this. >> reporter: the call about the couple's home on james road came in about 8:20. firefighters believe they were asleep at the time and may have been trapped for up to two hours before the call for help came in. >> the tree was physically on them. >> reporter: family members were overcome by emotions and not ready to talk. mg tree service says the 90-foot tree slammed into the home with ferocious force. >> i think the weather had a factor with this heavy snow lost of times can push these trees over. >> reporter: firefighters and those living in the area say downed trees are a constant problem for the township. >> doesn't take much. if that tree was ready to go, gets a little bit of snow, little bit of weight it's coming down. >> reporter: it took crews about an hour to remove the tree. the rescue process was slow and precise as workers used extra caution as the 79-year-old husband recovers in the hospital, family and friends are reflecting and mourning the loss of his 77-year-old wife. >> i certainly hope that mr. cooper gets better and
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deals with it the best he can. >> reporter: and at last check that 79-year-old victim is listed in good condition at the hospital. as for this home, workers are repairing the hole in the roof. there is some concern about the structural integrity. live tonight in broomall, gray hall, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, gray. the pennsylvania supreme court declined to reinstate the law license of attorney general kathleen kane today. today's ruling puts kane's job in further doubt as she fights criminal charges that she leaked confidential grand jury information to a reporter. the state senate said last week that it would wait for the court's ruling before deciding whether to vote on removing kane from office. kane's spokesman says the attorney general is disappointed but not surprised. fire brought tragedy to markley street in norristown this morning and the victim was a 12-year-old boy. let's go to the scene live with "action news" reporter vernon odom.
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vernon. >> reporter: jim, the deceased child being called heroic here in norristown is sanford harling the third. that's according to his family. the official identification has not been released yet by the montgomery county coroner. as darkness falls there's a quiet sad necessary here on markley street. this is viewer video as flames and smoke raced through the home at markley and wayne avenue. >> the flames were ridiculously intense. >> reporter: tree alexander was on her way to yoga class this morning just before 9:00 when she came upon this three story twin home going up in flames. she called 911, then took these cell phone pictures. she saw resident of the house most of them churn jumping out of windows to escape the inferno. >> they came from the basement all the way up to like the third floor. you could see the flames shooting up. the firefighters could barely get in there but they did try to get into that back window to see if they could find the
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person. >> reporter: the children's woman dana henderson got five children out alive but one of her youngsters 12-year-old sanford harling charged back in refusing to let the smoke and flames stop him. he was searching for his father who he believed was trapped on the second floor. >> once he got out we were under the there was the that her husband, his father, was still in there. his father just had hip surgery so he can't move around and man-man ran back in there to help his dad. father ended and jumping out the second floor window. man-man got caught up in there. >> reporter: what a cruel fate manhattan th man-man suffe. >> he was good kid. law real good, helpful little grandson, very helpful to his grandfather and his family. >> reporter: the fire marshal will resume the investigation in the morning. in the meantime, the red cross is caring for the family which lost so much in this fire.
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jim, community leaders here in norristown have launched a drive to raise funds for sanford's family who is in addition to losing this heroic child lost everything in that devastating fire this morning. reporting live from norristown and quince dentally we'll have n our 6abc web site about those fundraisers. reporting live from norristown i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news. >> thank you vernon. a plan who pleaded guilty of a kidnapping of a jewelers' row in philadelphia will spend the next 30 years in prison. prosecutors say salahudin shaheed was the ringleader. he and two other men forced the would. who a van and beat her when she couldn't provide the code to her employer's safe. one accomplice basil buoy received a 15 year sentence t the other kay gay is awaiting
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sentencing. the search is ton or a gun plan who turned a 7-eleven in upper darby into a house of horror. live there is trish hartman and trish what happened there last night? >> reporter: well, jim, the manager of that 7-eleven says this is the victim's first month on the job. police say he was shot in the leg and now they're looking for the shooter calling him an urban terrorist. police believe the suspect waited until the store on long lane was empty. the 31-year-old clerk was at the counter and his coworker was stocking the freezer. cops say when the man about 5-foot seven with a stocky build showed a handgun and demanded money, the clerk refused thinking it was a pellet gun. that's when police say the suspect fired and ran. >> in this particular case the victim is lucky he only got shot in the thigh. >> reporter: upper darby police chief michael chitwood is asking for the public's help as detectives are looking for the man he's calling an urban terrorist. >> they're urban terrorists because they put the fear into
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the victims that they're going to hold up, stick up, shoot. >> reporter: he also says there's an investigation to see if this suspect is connected to other similar crimes. on january 22nd police say two men robbed this 7-eleven in broomall at gun point. that same night police responded to another armed robbery in tredyffrin township. on january 29th this suspect showed a happened gun and stole cash and tobacco from this 7-eleven in bryn mawr. many folks who frequent the 7-eleven in upper darby were surprised to hear about the shooting. >> that is shocking. i used to always say to myself when i went in there they need a protective glass. >> used to be quiet over there. the cops stay over there a lot and everything. that's cave crazy and weird for me. >> reporter: others say they've seen criminal activity here before. >> problem at the 7-eleven is long lane and now it's the neighborhood. the community needs to get -- they need to stick together. >> reporter: police say that
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victim is in good condition. if you recognize that suspect, upper darby police would like to hear from you. live in upper darby, trish hartman, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, trish. the building at 47th and walnut in west philadelphia was once home to west philly high. it will be convert need apartments. that word came today. a brooklyn based developer has secured a loan to turn the building into nearly 300 units. west philly high school opened in 1912. 99 years later in 2011, students moved into a smaller state of the art school a few blocks away. construction on this is set to start next year. three men who spent their lives serving the public were recognized for their dedication in west chester today. i'm sorry, let's talk about a piece of trenton history. i think we can camp up here. demolition at the old trenton center high school is nearing completion. today the iconic clock tower
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above the school's entrance was taken down by ropes and a crane. the school opened in 1932. demolition is set to be completed in april. then construction of the new $130 million high school will begin and the new school is slated to open in 2019. coming up on "action news" tonight, philadelphia rapper meek mill is sentenced for parole violations and he could be the face of temple football in the future and he grew up right here in the philadelphia area. ducis rodgers with his story coming up. >> the storm that brought us our morning snow continues to pull away off the new england coast. i'll have details on what this means for the weekend and track our next chance of snow in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪ ♪
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>> the issue in court today was this. would philadelphia rapper meek mill avoid having to go to jail? "action news" reporter john rawlins was in philadelphia common pleas court where a judge answered that question. >> what would anybody's reaction be not putting their hands in handcuffs and going back to the cell room. >> attorney frank desimone is talking about his client a plan known to his fans as meek mill. to the court he's robert williams. today the 28-year-old rapper dodged a metaphorical bullet. williams faced a possible four to eight years in state prison for his latest probation violation but witnesses pleaded for leniency. after agonizing the judge decided a punishment which means williams will have houssay left for now. for the first 90 days he'll not be able to work but only
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leave the house for community service. prosecution defense agreed it's a fair decision. >> i think it's a fair decisionly i hope the defendant takes the excellent opportunity the judge has once again given him and proves her correct in her vision of his career. >> probation officer said eosin zero, he's turned his life around. i think he is. seems to be that way. >> williams is to start his house arrest on march first. should he cooperate with authorities and not violate any of the rules, he could begin performing as meek mill as early as the 91st day. on the other hand, should he violate his probation it would appear he could end up behind bars for a very long time. in center city, john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> employees and visitors of the burlington county courthouse today had a chance to hear a firsthand account of a seminal moment in civil rights history. bobby battle was one of the first to take part in the
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sit-ins at the woolworth lunch found in greensboro north carolina back in 1960. at the time the restaurant had a whites only policy. the sit in started with four men. by the third day more than 300 people were taking part. the he protests spread to lunch counters of course throughout the country. three men who have spent their lives serving the public were recognized for their dedication in west chester today. this is the story there i started to tell you earlier in the newscast. james veto who recently retired as chief of the chester county detectives was honored as detective of the year. chester county district attorney tom hogan also handed out commendations for prosecutor of the year and law enforcement officer of the year.
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>> time to put ducis on the spot. the final score of the super bowl will be? >> wow i haven't thought about this. i'm going say carolina 30,
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denver 20. 30 to 20. >> 30 to 20. >> yeah. >> we'll mark it down, see what happens. >> i'm together to be right, yoi'm going to be right.if eithe not ready shame on them. long awaited long behind super bowl is two days away. sunday at 6:30 this is what the broncos and panthers will be playing for. this could be peyton manning's final game. the soon to be 40-year-old is seeking his second super bowl title. this is cam flute ton's first appearance on the big stage of the the two weeks leading up to the super bowl can be both stressful and fun but now it's time to get down to serious business. >> there will be plenty of fun to be had afterwards. we've worked our entire season multiple seasons get to this point. >> study our plays like taking a test if you study enough for that test, if you cram on friday, saturday, you not going to feel that good about that test but if you been going at that test since tuesday or wednesday and by
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sunday, you feel pretty good about the information, man you going to be confident in your work. >> needed to hear that some 30 years ago. flyers feeling pretty good last night. team announced center sean couturier will miss four weeks with a lower body injury. flyers four-point out of a wild card spot. they beat the predators last night. wayne simmonds scored two game for the second straight game. claude giroux had a two goals as well. flyers back in action tomorrow at home against the new york rangers a team they're chasing in the standings. >> they've been playing some good hockey and we're trying to catch up to the rangers right now so playing at home against them obviously it's going to be pretty intense. fans are pretty loud usually when we play the rangers. it's games like that that you get excited to play and it should be a good game. >> temple scored a major coup this wea week.
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jeff skversky finds out why. >> reporter: archbishop wood quarterback anthony russo could not pass up a shot to play at temple after he decommitted from rutgers last month. >> growing up i tell everybody being able to sit in the linc and watch games at eagles games, now being a able to play in that stadium is something that i'm real excited for and being able to walk out the stadium have my family and my friends everybody there. >> reporter: family played a big role in his decision claw not easy especially way college football power house recruiting him. lsu coach less miles took russo out to lunch in warminster three weeks ago but in the end the 6-foot four, 230-pounder felt more comfortable throwing his future into the hands of temple's matt rhule. >> coach rhule is one of the best college coach in the country. it's a program on the rise and it's a great opportunity for me to play there so that's more of why not temple. >> anthony got here and saw the plan we had here for him saw the things we were doing. felt like this was a good fit.
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>> reporter: russo has won four catholic league titles and two state claims here at archbishop wood and expects to win at temple, too. even though that is not always been the case on north broad street. >> the way this program is going and the way it's rising in a couple years we'll be right up there with alabama and lsu and those top schools in the country. when he gets to run temple's offense is up in the air. russo who threw 35 touchdowns as a senior atwood will find out this summer if they'll redshirt his freshman year. jeff skversky channel6 "action news. >> good one. >> russo might end up red shirting. pj walker going back for a seen sore season. we'll see. >> faculty at north penn high school in lansdale is backing the denver broncos in the super bowl this weekend. and that's because alumnus brandon mcmanus is playing in the game. here's a picture of the staff sporting their orange shirts in support of the broncos kicker. mcmanus started his football career at north penn back if 2005. proceeds from the sales of the
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>> the all important weekend accuweather forecast. cecily tynan. >> first weekend of february super bowl weekend and the weather is looking really, really nice. >> so everybody can stay inside and watch the game. >> i know, we can get outside during the day. storm tracker6 live double scan slowing that the snow has left the region and the action cam taking a look of today and a beautiful shot showing the clouds breaking for some blue skies and sunshine. also showing it's been quite breezy but the winds are diminishing now that the sun has set. as far as the snow totals this
6:24 pm
was mainly a storm about timing. the timing during the morning rush caused some problems. philadelphia pretty modest 1.2-inches, exton 1.4, wilmington one and a half, pitman 2.8 and toms river ocean county this as expected bore the brunt of the storm system here with 6-inches in toms river. right now still some melting going on. 41 degrees in philadelphia. trenton 37. wildwood 39. allentown 36 and wilmington 37. temperatures will be dropping below freezing tonight so do be careful. anything that melted that didn't dry off on the roads, untreated roads will be freezing. so satellite6 along with action radar showing the players on the field. there's high pressure that will dominate our weather and there's also low pressure moving into texas and that will have a big impact on our potential snow maker next week. so, let's talk about the weekend. it is going to be beautiful. tomorrow good amount of sunshine, some high thin clouds late in the day. the high 45 degrees. you want it a little bit warmer you got it on sunday, 50 degrees.
6:25 pm
i think we'll see he a little bit more in the form of clouds but still a good amount of sunshine. so, let's talk about the potential for snow next week. i want to show you the 500-millibar chart because this is about 20,000 feet in the atmosphere. this is really where all the magic happens. there is going to be a very big storm forming off the coast of florida on sunday but that storm system ots, out to sea. that will not be having an impact on our weather directly but what happens is when there's a second storm really right on its heels, that first one robs the atmosphere of a lot of energy, it takes away the moisture. so this storm cannot really explode into a monster storm. that being said, i think we will get some snow. so, it's not going to be a major storm, very disorganized. we're looking at light to moderate snow monday night through tuesday, could cause some potential travel delays at this point. the tuesday morning commute i think that will be the biggest problem. depends on the timing. we'll keep you posted as we head through the weekend. so, the exclusive accuweather
6:26 pm
7-day forecast, beautiful weekend. 45 degrees tomorrow, lots of sunshine. bump it up to 50 degrees on sunday. on monday increasing clouds with a high of 44 degrees. monday night some of that snow arriving and again a period of snow light to moderate on tuesday with a high of 39 and look at what happens for the temperatures. it's 39 on wednesday but the high on thursday only 32 degrees. wind chill in the 20's. and friday it stays cold with a high of 34 degrees. i will have an update on the chance of snow on "action news" at 11:00 i went through a lot of stuff so i'll be discussing it on a live facebook video chat at 6:45. you got questions? bring them. >> social media, you know, it's a tremendous purveyor of information. >> and it's nice because we can have a nice quiet discussion. >> right. which happens all the time. >> yeah. >> abc's world news tonight with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam
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joseph and duci ducis rodgers. then joh join us for troubleshooters. nydia han investigates. >> consumers tell me they gave big deposits too local home improvement company and got nothing in return. the "action news" troubleshooters fight to get are money back and while we're hot on the owners trail so are the authorities. what do you have to say about the charges against you? do you have anything to say to your customers? when are you going give them their refunds. >> it's a special hackie "action news" troubleshooters tonight an "action news" tonight at 11:00. >> for cecily tynan ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, the deadly crane accident. crashing down in new york city. a construction crane plunging onto a busy street, killing a man. the race to save victims trapped in crushed cars. breaking news in new hampshire. the new polls on the eve of abc's big republican debate tomorrow night. is there a shift in the race? the deadly winter storm this friday. drivers losing control on ice. hundreds of crashes. a foot of snow in some places. and tonight, the new storm we're tracking for the weekend. the major new concern. the zika virus now turning deadly. and the new warning tonight about the disease and sexual contact. a health emergency declared in parts of the u.s. and tonight, investigators now asking, was it a bomb hidden in a laptop that ripped a hole into that jet? a passenger blown from the plane. and tonight, with the super


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