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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  February 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sun take night, several local parishes will soon find out whether they will be forced to close their doors. also police officers shoot a dog that attack a girl in west philadelphia. >> but the big story on "action news" is rescue of three boys who fell through the ice in bucks county. >> that is right, youngsters
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were on a retention basin when ice gave way, 2b came trapped on a great until rescuers arrived. "action news" reporter jeff cher co is live at the scene in chalfont with much more, jeff? >> reporter: walter, the pond behind me is quiet but just after 2:00 it was scene of frightening moments as neighbors and rescue crews came together to save the lives of three, 12 year-old boys. another video shows dramatic moment as divers rescued two boys from an icy pond long piper's place in chalfont. the just three minutes earlier, three friend were playing on the ice, when neighbors david bennet heard screams for help. >> i saw someone trying to break the ice down, there was one kid that was just screaming he could not swim. yelling at him hold onto the bars. >> reporter: bennet and two neighbors pulled one boy to safety. this photo shows two others stranded on the grates, waiting for chalfont fire department. >> we were trying everything. they were trying a bunch of different ways to get them in, and nothing was working.
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and, then the dive team, arrives. >> reporter: dive teams loaded boy on the the live raft and held him to shore. >> they were fine. they were alert. they were conscious. and they, were hopefully okay. >> reporter: and warned about skating or playing in the upon. christine landis says her son and two other boys have hypotheria but will be okay. >> the boys could not feel anything, hand, feet, nothing, and they just thought it was going to end. >> reporter: landis says boy who could not swim apparently had backpack on and he was starting to go under until her son actually pulled him out and on to the grates. new her son has been released from the hospital but the two other boys are still being treated, at abington memorial hospital. we are live from chalfont, jeff chirico for channel six, "action news". >> jeff, thank you. no surprise that ice was melt to go day. given how mild it has been over past few days. all and all, decent weekend for february but it is still
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winter. snow is expected this week. the meteorologist melissa a magee over at the -- well, at the wall over there on your first check of your accu weather forecast, hi there, melissa a. >> hi there karen. we have change these week. mild finish for our weekend in february with ice today in the upper 40's. the right now in philadelphia 41. forty in wilmington. millville as well. thirty-nine in dover. 36 degrees in the poconos. here's some changes coming, overnight tonight into monday. storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d showing you a coastal will low an area of low pressure forming off the coast of north carolina. this coastal low later tonight and into monday will continue to move to the north and east but the western fringes of this storm could brush coastal sections of new jersey, overnight tonight. and that is first storm system that we will be tracking and another one right on the heels. future tracker six showing 11:30 tonight a large storm and precipitation mainly staying off shore but as we go throughout the overnight the hours and early tomorrow morning we will notice light
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precipitation, east of philadelphia so we will, look at the time line here and what we are breaking down. the there is a coastal flood advisory and coastal flood watch for moisture moving in overnight tonight and into monday. this is from ocean county, down to cape may county and, west ward into delaware. minor flooding is concern at time of the high tides. talk about what we can expect. overnight tonight into monday, light rain and snow showers are likely, especially east of philadelphia. coastal flooding is a concern with wind gusting anywhere from 30 to 40 miles an hour as this storm system works its way up the coast and eventually pull is a way. then monday night into tuesday we are tracking a system a approaching from the west, light accumulation is expected with that. so, slower commute is possible into tuesday morning. the just how much snow is on the way for tuesday? well, we will go for totals with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast, walter. >> talk to you then. a allege drunk driver is accused of dragging a philadelphia police officer with his car overnight. it happened at 2:00 this
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morning near the intersection of 61st and lancaster, in the cities overbrook section. police officer pulled over a car and was traveling with the headlights turned off. after pulling over the driver suddenly accelerated but officer just outside the driver's side door. the officer was dragged for a short distance but then let go before falling to the ground. the suspect was quickly captured and now facing several charges including dui. a police officer in philadelphia shot and killed a dog, in west philadelphia, late last night, after an attack of the local teenager. just before 11:30, officers were called to the 5700 block of west pemberton street for reports of the person screaming. there they found a 14 year-old girl who was bleeding from her face, arms, and feet. she told them that she was bitten by a dog that had escaped from a lock basement nearby. officers went in the home and say the dog then charge at them. they opened fire killing the animal. girl is hospitalized in stable condition. now an update to a story we first told but last night,
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montgomery county health officials have tracked down two men who helped the young girl who was being attacked by a rabid racoon. the girl was walking home from school on thursday in gladwynn when she was attack. officials wanted to locate the good smart tans who helped her they were concerned that the men may have come in contact with the animal's saliva but both men told them they have in the. five parishes in the philadelphia archdiocese will face evaluations and will determine their futures. saint rita cash ace one of the three in south philadelphia under consideration for, pastoral planning. the pastors and parish leaders must show the archdiocese that they have the financial and community support to remain opened. there could remain unchanged, merge with another parish or partner with other parishes sharing priests and staff. in addition to saint rita's, saint nicholas, assumption bvm, sacred hearts and saint charles baromeo in drexel hill are under review. local servicemen is returning home after, serving
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in afghanistan and just in time for the super bowl. the "action news" reporter christie lleto is live at philadelphia international airport with the story, hi there, christie. >> reporter: hi there, sarah, emotional moment when staff sergeant, and his fellow soldiers with the delaware air national guard. they recently landed at philadelphia international airport and they got a reception they won't soon for get. >> i have been away from my family for seven months now. i'm glad to be back with my family. >> i have never been apart from him this long. >> reporter: t-shirts, posters and tears of joy in terminal d as families rushed in the arms of their heroes, husband and fathers serving as soldiers in the delaware air national guard. they spent four months in afghanistan and 125 away from their family including thanksgiving and christmas. and jenny says this was her husband staff sergeant paul
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saddleburger's first deployment since getting married, having her son and could not be more excite to have the ten year veteran philadelphia police officer back home, i appreciate him, a lot more, just daily living is different, you don't realize how much they do will until they're not there. >> reporter: now for some of these soldiers this was their third, maybe even fourth deployment. these families say it doesn't get the any answer yes, sir. reporting live at philadelphia international the airport, christie lleto for channel six "action news". thanks, christie. ♪ >> here you see bagpipes leading the way beneath stars and stripes asiana attach of delaware's national guard returns from the horn of africa. the these eight guard members logged over 300 missions and 1100 flight hearst during their nine month deployment transporting fellow military members and supplier. welcome back from a job well done. we're just two days away
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from the new hampshire primary and candidates are busy making round trying to win last minute votes in the state. all except hillary clinton that is. she went to flint, michigan to speak out against cities water crisis. the clinton demanded congress approve 200 million-dollar in emergency aid. the clinton is trailing in the polls in new hampshire to vermont senator bernie sanders. sanders meantime is making his way through the state, even though he he holds a will solid lead over clinton n recent polls there. he took his campaign to saturday night live last night making two brief a appearances on the show. on the republican side, donald trump says he doesn't need to win new hampshire but he'd like to. he currently sits on top of the polls in new hampshire. today trump doubled down on the call for u.s. to reestablish water boarding as an interpretation technique. marco rubio was on the trail in new hampshire down playing a lackluster debate performance last night. ted cruz is hoping for another win after taking iowa, but he still is lagging in the polls.
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"action news" anchor monica malpass is covering the new hampshire primary. the she's there in manchester. watch for her live reports starting tonight at 11:00 o'clock. 2016 philadelphia auto show rolled in the record books today. tens of thousands got the to sianni touch cars and trucks, ranging from vintage models to concept cars during the eight day show. some of the vehicles were even available for test drives. from dream cars, to vehicles, just to get around town auto show offered a little something for everyone. much more to come on "action news" tonight, an important initiative on the heels of friday's fatal fire in norristown. what having oz are doing to try to make sure everyone stays safe. plus how students in new jersey are using hoagies to help local families. super bowl 50 is just minutes away and it could be last time one of the league's greatest players in uniform. jeff skversky has that and more in sports when "action news" comes right back.
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the american red cross and fire fighters visited homes in one norristown neighborhood today. spreading word about fire safety. they made their way long the 1,000 block of markly streets where 12 year old sanford harling died in a fire on friday. the volunteers and fire fighters talk with residents about fire prevention, and hand out a checklist they can use to make sure their homes are safe. there is a huge turnout today to help support a montgomery county teacher who is battling a rare disease. the students of the vanessa, a teacher at children's house, came to the mckirk's bar and grill. they showed up with their parents since they are only two and three years old. they are there to raise money for her fight against catasill which causes strokes. a church received an award for commitment the with parishioners with disabilities. st. johns's in walling forward received the open doors award. that award recognizes parishes that go above and beyond, a
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welcome of those with disabilities. two members of the delaware national guard were honored today for their superior or for being superior role models. jewel till man and senior air man victoria rodriguez received colonel duncan leadership award. as a civilian tillman is a construction manager for verizon but over 15 years with the guard has been in iraq and afghanistan five times. rodriguez is a specialist in the air medical evacuation unit currently working on her nursing degree.
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is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. jeff's here with sports. big weekend for flyers but turned out to be a disappointing afternoon. >> it was really depressing about the super bowl, the fact that our philadelphia teams are no where near close, to a championship. >> yes. >> so much for capitalizing on a crucial weekend. flyers were four points out of the playoff spot come into
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play. they could have gained ground with wins begins two teams in front of them in the standings. instead, they flipped, further back. flyers in washington, wayne simmonds despite getting kicked out yesterday. flyers up by one. end of the second. they allowed two goals in a minute. alex ovechkin his 30th we're tied at one. minute later dimitri, right here, after steve mason. the flyers fall behind, by one. less than a minute in the third how about nick schultz, his first goal in more than a year. tied it the at two. but five to go in regulation, and the capitols beat mason. the flyers lose three-two. they only pick up one out of the possible four points this weekend. the flyers slip to five out of the playoff spot. well, we are 15 minutes from super bowl sunday. payton manning nearly teared up giving his team speech to the denver broncos last night. perhaps payton got emotional
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because super bowl 50 could be the last game future hall of famer ever plays what a story line this could be, manning going out on top as oldest starting quarterback in super bowl history at 39. he is just, to say either way tonight he has yet to say whether this will be his last game. manning will face sean more der moth's defense. broncos d will have their handful with carolina quarterback cam newton. the guys under center will be center of attention in super bowl 50. >> it the is a great match up between two great football teams and the broncos and panthers. that is where the match up is. talking about cam newton, as you said he was a number one pick a couple years ago. he is off to an incredible start. >> it means the world for us. you know, everybody that has tagged along with this organization, for so many years, and as a organization, we have yet to win a super bowl. so if we win it, would it mean a lot to so many people. >> last time they were there,
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they beat eagles in the the nfc title game to get there. it has been 11 years since eagles last super bowl appearance and they are still searching for another franchise quarterback. sam bradford is due at least for now. eagles and bradford have not been able to work out an extension and the eagles do not plan to use the franchise tag on bradford, according to an espn report. eagles remain interested in bradford but he will be a unrestrict free agent next month unless they can work something out. as reported, the franchise tag, they could do it at anytime between next tuesday, and march 1st, again, reportedly, they are not planning doing that. espn reporting that the eagles want to get interested in rams quarterback nick foles, do you remember him? he played for eagles coach doug pederson as a rook any 2012 when eagles quarterback coach but among the iron news trading for foles his salary, cap hit and that brute willal season he had a year ago, when he lost his starting job. well, philadelphia native and former roman catholic star
6:20 pm
marvin harrison found out he scored a spot in the hall of fame last night former eagles star terrell owens will to have wait. to missed out on becoming a first ballot hall of famer even though only one receiver in nfl history has more yard and five guys have more catches, then to, they are all in, difficulties a appointed, says he felt disrespected but one day he will get in. much more tonight on "action news" sports sunday. >> thanks, jeff. meteorologist, melissa magee has your exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, up next. sky six in high definition taking a live look at commodore barry bridge. peaceful shot there. mild one. we will be right back. lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c.
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volunteers spent this super bowl sunday making and then, selling thousands of hoagies, from mullica, new jersey this was clear view high school's second annual hoagies for hope fundraiser. proceeds will go to three local families with children, battling life threatening diseases. top members hope the team members hope to top last years total of $10,000. time for a final check of the accu weather forecast. >> yeah, walter, sarah pretty nice mild february weekend but we have changes on the way. we are tracking some snow. there is one system that moves in later tonight into monday. then a secondary wave that moves in monday night into tuesday. we will talk about the details. storm tracker six live double scan radar showing you you no issues with precipitation but overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning especially for locations east of philadelphia, you could get brushed with a light rain or snow shower, we will talk
6:24 pm
about the details with that as well. the high today in philadelphia, certainly not bad, 46 degrees, average for us this time of the year is 42. so 4 degrees above normal. the it looks like it stays mild throughout the start of the workweek on monday. the currently 40 in millville. thirty-nine in dover. thirty-six in the poconos. forty-two in reading. forty in lancaster. a along the coast in beach haven 42. in wildwood sitting at 39. here's satellite six with action radar. we have a mostly cloudy sky across the region. we will look down to the south, why those clouds are starting to build up and thick's cross delaware and lehigh valleys. we will look at what we are tracking is an area of low pressure forming off the coast of the carolinas. it is a big coastal low. this storm system later tonight will race off to our north and east but the bulk of this precipitation stays mainly off shore. the west ward side of this storm, however, could brush coastal sections of new jersey as we go truth the overnight hours tonight and into early monday morning.
6:25 pm
so, the call from accu weather over next 12 hours is mostly cloudy, stays chilly, 28 in the suburbs for overnight low and 33 degrees in philadelphia that north westerly wind at ten to 20 miles an hour and higher gusts as well throughout the overnight hours and the area of low pressure gets closer to our region. future tracker six timing out precipitation for you two. 30:00 a.m. during overnight hours you you can see bulk of the precipitation staying off shore. as that advances through 7:00 a.m., on monday, we will notice light snow showers approaching areas in new jersey andes specially locations east of philadelphia. this precipitation will continue to about one or 2:00 in the afternoon. so a couple rain showers, snow showers are likely, worst case, a slushy coat ago cross coastal sections of new jersey. that storm system departs. then we will await a second feature that moves from the west to east direction, monday night and into tuesday. future tracker six showing you you 11:30 tonight that precipitation arrives from the west/east direction close to that midnight hour and it will
6:26 pm
continue as we go throughout the day on tuesday afternoon with some light snow showers, across the region. so we will talk about what we can expect for the event on tuesday. light to moderate snow is possible, slow travel, big concern, especially for the commute, on tuesday morning, and something to keep in mind is that temperatures ahead of this system will be relatively mild and bulk of the the precipitation will be falling during the day on tuesday with the secondary feature that will move on through. road look to be mainly wet. overall we are calling for a general one to 3 inches of snow and there could be a spot had pick up locally higher amounts then that. we will keep you posted if there is any change in the track or intensity with this area have low pressure coming in by tuesday. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you tomorrow, shower mainly east of philadelphia otherwise mostly cloudy, breezy too, up to 43. then areas of light snow throughout the day on tuesday, general one to three on the way and at 39, and flurries will linger on wednesday, with a high of 39, and much colder, on thursday, and in at
6:27 pm
34 degrees. friday, brisk and cold, just 35. arctic air arrives as we get into next saturday, look at the that high of 27, cuddle up with your sweety on sunday, for valentines day, a high temperature of just 24 degrees. so we're tracking early snow and bitter blast by end of this week, guys. >> oh, boy thank you. you can find the seven day forecast and live look at storm tracker six live double scan radar anytime of the day on our web site just go to six abc world news sunday is next on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we're right back here on six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, melissa magee and sarah bloomquist i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock.
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welcome to "world news tonight". just two days till the new hampshire primary, and that fiery republican debate. tonight, the aftershock. can rubio rebound following that bruising night? >> he doesn't have the experience to be president of the united states. >> and trump trying to silence jeb. >> let me talk. quiet. >> who will survive this critical primary? all out. the democrats on the move. hillary clinton in flint. bernie sanders, live in new york. terror scare. the double-decker bus. and the explosion on a london bridge. who didn't get the warning about this movie moment? senior scam? the hunt tonight for two young women targeting retirement homes, claiming to be raising funds for a school trip, and getting away with stacks of cash. and, on thin ice. the lakeside


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